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Thursday, October 4, 2012

[WoWP] New Teaser

Below is a new World of Warplanes teaser released Moscow-based Igromir game expo.

Being based on in-game content, it doesn't feature actual gameplay.


  1. Replies
    1. the trailer does not represent any bit of how WoWp plays and has absolutely nothing similar to the engine
      this trailer is pure fiction in both areas

      it is the same category as the WoT trailers; except for the fact is has planes/tanks in it, it does not represent the game

    2. Regarding the first part,

      the video doesn't represent the actual gameplay in terms of pace and mechanics indeed, however all footage is game-based ie game content is used, only special effects are done separately.

      Regarding the second part,

      correct, it's a teaser. And it does not necessarily have to represent the gameplay.

      All in all, it's hardly fake and not gay at all. Or prolly you meant gay as cheerful.

    3. "fake and gay" is a YouTube expression

      in the case of your "teaser", ya it's fake
      quote: "all footage is game-based" .. please, do you play your own game?! who do you try kidding
      the gameplay is snail paced and nothing to do with what is shown the video
      in fact, WoWp is the most boring airplane combat game I ever played in my life, EVER! it reminds me of the ZX Spectrum days
      but that was the technology for that "era", what's your excuse?!

      this trailer is what I call "false advertisement"

      btw, your trailer is closer to WarThunder World of Planes than World of Warplanes .. go figure
      you sure what game you promoting?! cuz I'm confused

    4. You seem to be selective noticing only what you want to see.
      Gameplay-wise (mechanics and pace) video DOES NOT represent the game, while all the content is 100% authentic and taken either from current version or from backlog.

      Go see some other trailers before making groundless accusations, it will give you better understanding of how many of them use actual gameplay footage.

      WarThunder? Never heard of that.

    5. groundless accusations and yet "Gameplay-wise (mechanics and pace) video DOES NOT represent the game"
      I'm laughing so hard right now, you can't even imagine

      as for WarThunder, you know about it since it's your main competitor
      and if you truly do not know about it, let me enlighten you:
      all of this is done with the game engine, no extra CGI work and special effects

    6. PS: overlord, you lie thru your teeth about not knowing
      before WoWp was called World of Warplanes, it was called World of Planes
      but guess who had already registered than name? Gaijin, for War Thunder: World of Planes

    7. Glad you had fun after all.

      Still you are comparing apples and oranges all the way through.

      And I suggest you get overserious of what you read in this blog, I'm keeping it clean from marketing/PR bull..it, you could at least respect that.

    8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    9. zMe ul its not a GAMEPLAY Teaser and there for dos not have to be 100% correct its only meant to give you an IDEA of how the game is.

      Have you even played higher tiers planes then tier 1? because at tier 5 and up the gameplay can be pretty fast especially at vary low altitude!

      and by the way tone down the aggressiveness of you're post's it makes you sound really stupid and arrogant!

      ps. for a Teaser i like it. but if you lock at it all the planes bing shoot down is German why? do you hate the Germans so much? and bring the FW 190 into the game!!!

      keep up the good work:)

      (i deleted the last post to correct some misspelled words but there are probably more)

    10. marketing?! I'm not working and/or affiliated with WG, Gaijin or any other gaming company, publishers, or press

      I compare the 2 games from a purely stand point of a gamer and a person who has access to both products

      if you fail to see that, I'm truly sorry

    11. @minihak
      one word for you: Daikatana

    12. you may not be working for any one game company but you are posting about other games in a forum meant ONLY for WG games.
      plss do all youre compareing in another forum/place!!!

      and wtf do daikatana have to do whit any thing???

      get it together you seem to be losing it!

    13. U'r confused
      this is a blog, open and available to everyone not a private forum; it doesn't even require registration
      freedom of speech is also in effect, you want to silence me? go ahead

      as for Daikatana, if I have to explain it to you ........

    14. @Overlord

      "WarThunder? Never heard of that."

      And yet still I recall you posting how the devs tested "WT". Not sure if you are serious, or just making an ass out of yourself.

      For reference, here's the quote.

      "I can assure you that many of the team have been playing WT for quite a while." - Overlord

      Also, I should mention that the agreement for beta testing WarThunder says that you may not be a game developer and test the game. How's it going with Gaijin anyway Overlord? Have they... contacted you? ;)

    15. I didn't want to bring that up since the whole discussion was on an NDA side of the forums
      oh well ...

    16. You are blind with anger, one shouldn't take video games that seriously :)

    17. DaReaperZ,

      you can just purchase beta access there, once you paid, how can you resist? :)

    18. Did you read the contract you agreed upon when starting beta testing?

    19. @zMe ul

      What do you mean by that? ;)

  2. When's the nearest convention we can expect World of Warships to attend?

    1. Definitely nothing this year (actually nothing major left apart from G-Star). We need to start alpha first.

    2. and idea when the WoB alpha will begine? Q1, Q2, Q3 or Q4 next year if even next year?

    3. It's not clear yet. Plus there is no fixed OBT date for WoWP yet.

    4. damn.. i had hoped for a little in site into when we could see some gameplay. maybe a gameplay Teaser showing the concept of WoBS?

      plss we would love it so much:P

  3. Splendid video!
    Overlord, I regularly check your blog daily. Keep up the excellent work mate.
    Greetings from Canada.

  4. LoL , With all of these effects fire and smoke bullets and all the background , The game still looks very boring for me .. I got no sense for airplanes only tanks battleships or some tactics games , At least not WW2 Airplanes . Probably this game will not receive so much player as WoT got .. Just saying my opinion .

    The best thing WG can develop is an expensive huge project for complicated RTS map game from WW1 to Cold-war , based on history , Clear challenging hard tactics game with politics warfare and industry , moving Divisions Corps and Armies on the map like a fuhrer , conquer the world and making the history again from small duchy to great empire ..

    Much better than a warplane MMO .. such a waste of money and time for you WG .. find some else projects to do .. FPS is not the only one genre in the world .
    you completely forgot RTS and Tactics genres ..

    1. RTS and tactics...

      if you mean MA times, they are left far behind. Classic RTS is almost dead now, imo. One needs to have a nice blend, mixture of several genres with a strong online component to succeed.

    2. you mean whoring Electronic Arts style ... oh god!

    3. StarCarft is classic RTS and it's not dead at all , And also was very successful .

      But i am talking about Map game , its called "Grand-Strategy" .. who loves history , would like to play this genre . Especially in Multi-Player .

    4. StarCraft is different because of two things at least:
      1) it used loyal SC1 audience that would try practically everything (eg if we do WoT 2, we are likely to get the same results)

      2) Blizzard is not good example, those guys are unreachable for the majority.

    5. Electronic Arts style is

      - buying other devs with their own IPs
      - releasing new versions/sequels within strict schedule

      That's definitely not the way we are going to work, though they are free to choose their own business model.

    6. You are going to mix WoT and WoWP and WoWS some day ? I want to see how tanks landing from Airplanes and Transports on the sea and bombers bombing everything and arties will strike the Battleships and Tanks , Fighter airplanes will counter the Bombers and Warships while the tanks capping bases or just fighting in great tier 10 meetings , Can you imagine all this battlefield ? 100 Players each battle , 5 Warships each team , 15 Warplanes and 30 Tanks for each team , with Bombers , Arites , Tanks , Scouters , Battleships , Submarines , OMG this could be awesome battlefield .. And with the physics LoL Omg on huge maps 10x10KM .

    7. Only if they change the engine to something that could handle such traffic^^
      With the current one, this won´t be more than a wet dream of yours! :)

  5. WoWP is so much behind WarThunder....

  6. The trailor really does look fantastic in my opinion, of course the graphics are far better than the ones in game but it doesnt say ingame trailor now does it?

    I tested wowp for some time and I really liked it, the only thing that made me stop playing were the controls.
    I wanted controls similar to the ones in Battlefield 1942 were every mouse movemet was directly transferred to the planes movement.
    I loved flying in that game and somehow wowp didnt give me that feeling.
    There was no option back then to change the controls, maybe it changed now?
    I will give it a try again soon.
    greatings from Germany and continue developing beautiful games!
    (I love wot)

  7. Is this the preview for the long-awaited "World of Trains"?
    What do you say about your biggest rival, the yearly new " Train Simulator"?

    Will there be planes in World of Trains which start from Planes and attack other trains?

    Will we have a nice Cockpit-View in World of Trains?

    What is your next project? World of Programming, where you have to choose between the Techtrees of C++ and C# at first?! :D