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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

[WoWP] Upgrading Your WarPlane. How Easy It Can Be (Featuring Bf-109E)

Messerschmitt Bf-109E (Emil) was main German fighter of early WWII. Bf-109E has provided success for "Luftwaffe" in flights above Poland, Scandinavia and Northwest Europe during the period between September, 1939 and June, 1940. 

In real life Bf-109E has seen a number of modifications, stretching from E-0 to E-9 with different airframes, armament, engines, and bomb racks, etc. 

The Bf-109E we have got in game is placed at tier 5 of German fighter branch, following tier 4 Bf-109C and leading to tier 6 Bf-109G. Its draft module layout is represented below.

As you might know, the following main modules are currently upgradable in WoWP:
  • airframe
  • engine
  • armament
Only three groups all in all, but they provide a lot of room for various combinations (much more than in tanks, cause the links and dependencies are far more complicated), especially keeping in mind that the "Armament" group includes wing and main guns, bombs, and unguided missiles. 

So for the aforementioned Emil it would like the following:

Two pairs (airframe+engine) and lots of armament options. For this particular plane we have predetermined the following presets (upgrade options):
  • Bf 109V14 (stock - 2x7.92 MG-17, and 2x20mm MG-FF)
  • Bf 109V15 (getting an extra 20mm MG-FF)
  • Bf 109E-3 (2x7.92 MG-17, 20mm MG-FF, and 20mm MG-FF/M)
  • Bf 109E-4 (2x7.92 MG-17 and 2x20mm MG-FF/M)
  • Bf 109F-2 (2nd engine, 2nd airframe, 2x7.92 MG-17, 15mm MG 151/15)
  • Bf 109F-4 (2nd engine, 2nd airframe, 2x7.92 MG-17, 20mm MG 151/20)
Manual module change is also possible and intended mostly for those who know exactly what they are doing or ready to experiment and eventually (in case of bad luck) get a weird setup. It's rather obvious that you can pretty much trade speed and agility for fire power and vice versa, you can get even more options playing with bombs and rockets. That's why in many cases you can end up with not one but two or three top configurations that suit different playing styles.

Which one should be broken down next? P-51?


  1. Who cares if it was a good plane,when your done with your ner....i mean balancing it will be a piece of shit.

    1. Will you say that for the German tanks and your Biased Russian Charts you call "Credible?"

  2. Yes, the P51 would be nice. Curious as to how you'll present it.

  3. ... the German machine guns were in calibre 7,92 mm, not in 7,62 (.30 ) like for an example the Russians.

    1. Sorry, fixed that in the text. The pic is correct.

  4. Next, how about the Spitfire? Hurricane?

  5. >Which one should be broken down next? P-51?

    Yes how about the P-51...

    P-51s in game currently are far from accurate from a stats perspective.


    How very coincidental that the Bf-109E was covered first in this break down. Last I check there was nothing but Bf-109Es flying around and a few hard heads in the P-51s wondering why the Cadillac of the sky turned into a Yugo.

    1. In-game we have got 3 P-51s, stretching from tier 6 to tier 8.

  6. I like this new approach for plane research.

    I tried out the setups at tier4.

    You can go full firepower but you will lose agility and top speed, or you can go with less or smaller guns and get the best speed.

    For me manuver > firepower. Or a good balance.

    I would like to see something similar for WoT in the near future.

    Maybe include gearbox as a new module and there you would be able to set or tune the tank to have better acceleration or better top speed, or something in the middle of the two, to fit your play stile.

    For example: Tiger H with a gearbox setup would be able to reach the historical 38km/h but would lose its great acceleration if you chose this and turn rate.

    More optional guns for tanks, so it would channge from last gun is the best to a more variety. (I know some tanks have some option but only a few.)

    What do you think Overlord? Would this be possible to implement in wot too? (like the gearbox example)

    1. The Tiger was made to go 38 km/hr If you wanted to upgrade it would need to be able to go faster than 38 Plus with physics, Tanks can break their speed limit if going down a hill, What I think would be nice is to get rid of speed lmit altogether and let tanks go as fast as their power/weight ration allows them :D
      Here comes a Maus...
      Outspeeding that T-50-2...
      Going 1000km/hr...
      At me....
      wakes up in a pit with a few other tanks
      The Tiger is just one of the other German tanks i'm annoyed with the nerfing... The tiger has no comparable armor... Great acceleration... Powerful Sniper... Designed to fight Lighter tanks, But the armor thing makes it so much worse than other things so It needs to be able to go historical speed

    2. The M48 could do 60 km/h on roads. 48Km/h on all else. They should really change it by altering the passability numbers.

    3. And IS-7 could go 60km/h, and IS-4 - up to 42km/h.

      Btw speed limits will be affected by the new physics. Some were able to reach 90 km/h using Hellcat.

  7. Replies
    1. No it's not.
      Its still in beta and its already P2W.

    2. Better optymalisation, better graphic, better modes and better steering - yes it's better. It's no shame that rivals are better, WG must simply improve defecting things especially steering.
      Same voices (about P2W) I have heard about WOT so you can put that opinion in your shoes.

    3. WoT, by all means, is not a P2W game, even in its current state. And we have got planes, how to improve the situation by a mile (spoiler!).

      As for WoWP vs WT, always eager to listen out the feedback on both. :)

    4. ähm planes or plans?

      important fact here ;)

      i´m active wowp player and got into beta on warthunder too. in some parts it is really better, especially graphics!
      but gameplay is easier and more arcade in wowp what fits for a wider player base, war thunder is pretty strange to fly with joystick (wowp was tough to setup also) but in wowp youve fast pacing action, in war thunder you fly 2min till you see a enemy from close and then you get oneshoted ;)

    5. We have got both plans and planes. :)

      Thanks for the feedback.

    6. @naiboo " in war thunder you fly 2min till you see a enemy from close and then you get oneshoted"

      Yup, luckily it's balanced (at least in arcade mode) with WT's analogue of garage battles :) So you got 6 min of flying and you're oneshotted 3 times :P

      @overlord "As for WoWP vs WT, always eager to listen out the feedback on both. :)"

      Glad to hear that :)

      My statement about WoWP vs WT wasn't intented to grumble about WoWP, it's really nice game but steering makes it's more difficult to beginners, thing which not happen in WT.

  8. Hey Overlord,

    When can we expect a new beta build to hit the servers? I am hoping for a few changes to the flight model based on the feedback we gave.

    Thank you.

    1. There is a minor delay with WoWP 0.3.3 update, we expect it to arrive in approx 2 weeks from now.

    2. hey overlord

      ppl are eager to know if there will be a wipe at that patch.

      also we would love to have some patch note to prepare us for whats coming, would that be possible to get soon in the appropriate forum section?


    3. No wipe upon this update. Ok will do.

  9. you planning on making the possibilty of mounting a radial engine ( i believe they fitted a BMW 801 or smth. like that in one 109)?

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