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Friday, September 7, 2012

[WoWP] New WoWP Interview

Maybe you will find something new over here.


  1. Nice interview. But i still think, that noone can compete you in tank game same as you cant compete gaijin.

    1. Thulle is right, played both games and decided that ultimate winner is Gajjin's War Thunder instead of World Of WarPlanes. I am a World of Tanks Fanboy but didnt want Wargaming to loose but still Overlords a lott need to be done on World Of Warplanes . Its an imature game.

    2. The two games are at totally different stages of completeness, it's no wonder the one more polished can look prettier. There is still lots of work ahead of WoWP prior to OBT, and we are aware of that.

    3. Love to wait for World Of Warplanes to be polished i want it to be success because based on its success other nice game will be arriving in near future from wargaming

  2. My frustration with world of warplanes is that the way the aircraft moves (dynamics behind the flight of aircraft) based on mouse is deeply flawed. It is a headache. Playing this game needs 2 things 1) Control the shaky aircraft 2) then aim and pursue ur target. Its a game with no fun and again the same accusation biased . I find WarThunder more suitable appropriate.

    The only solution is to send wargaming devs as tester of war thunder.

    1. I can assure you that many of the team have been playing WT for quite a while. Think vice versa as well.

      This helps get better understanding of whats and hows.

    2. Nice to hear that, i have noticed crashtailspin as a dev playing war thunder, i am sure they will be able to take note of everything

    3. Overlord, developers playing another game from a "competitor" is not allowed. They even state that before you sign up for the beta. You're basically spying on them.

  3. Overlord I know u love to hear feedback about War Thunder vs World Of Warplanes, Soon i will post clear picture. But For now Handling aircraft in War Thunder is far far better than in WoWp, No Doubt that Gaijin Entertainment have extensive in making flight combat simulators.

    1. Kk, waiting for expert and clear picture from your side.

  4. War thunder is far better than warplanes...I do not know why they continue to invest in this game, War thunder is not a accurate simulator, but still have much better fligh models than any arcadish game, War thunder is a mix of simulator and arcadish game, but thats why I dont like it too much, in flying machines I love the hardcore simulators like Il-2 Cliff of Dover or Il-2 1946

  5. Have the game makers got something against the British or something?

    Why arent there British planes in WoWP from the start?

  6. This is a bit of a plea.

    I have been an avid simmer ( Flight Sims, mostly WW2, mostly Japanese and Geman planes ) and in comparison: War Thunder allows me to fly a realism switch ("simulator mode") :

    ( Max Realism, no external views allowed, manual engine maintenance and trimming, no assisted aim - etc )

    If no such "Full Realism" mode is added to WoWP - I will have zero reason to play it upon release.

    Thus most of my flying activity still remains on IL2-1946 servers set on max realism - because I love the fact that I have to identify the enemy based on their markings and the design of their plane - and having studied their planes prior.

    In War Thunder "Arcade" mode combat is utter crap - it's "point and shoot" - in a sense that no pilot in assisted mode flying ever pulls an actual maneuver to evade or gain an advantage. They simply use the "better" plane to their advantage.

    However - with (allowing) a full realism environment (mode) - combined with a good knowledge of both plane and tactics , maneuvers will give a pilot a good advantage - placing a higher emphasis on actual air combat skill instead of the plane.

    So any chance we would be allowed a full realistic game mode or at least a "pro" mode with the following?

    - NO external views whatsoever
    - No aim assists or "shoot here" markers
    - no icons identifying a plane in a "historic" battle mode (ETC Germany VS UK )
    - Icons that only identify "team" but not plane type in Random encounters (non historic game modes).

    - Realistic Mode pilots should not combat in the same battle as "carebear (easy/arcade) mode" pilots - only against other Pro mode pilots.

    - engine and oil temperature limits
    - Accurate "boost" types (Meth/Water and endurance/limits)
    - Superchargers behaving correctly at low and high altitudes
    - Mixed ammunition types ( Fighters often mixed HE, Incendiary , Explosive , Ball, and Tracer ammunition in the same belt - variation configurations )

    - If "Mouse" control is used by pilots who don't own Joysticks - do NOT allow them to bind Mouse X-Axis to Rudder - they otherwise spend very little time rolling and instead simply point and shoot at long range, which defeats "skill based" flying and maneuvers.

    Perhaps even allow an XP or credit incentive to encourage pilots to learn how to fly pro mode - and thus gaining extra experience or such in an "unassisted" flying environment. - in order to promote the use of real time tactical thinking and use of the plane's intended capabilities.

    The majority of Sim-Pilots who fly only "Full Switch" that I know have already stated they WILL NOT under any circumstances fly WoWP unless full realism becomes an available option for them.

    Until then - most of us have remained in IL2-1946 actively for several years - and are not likely to change anytime soon. If we do - War Thunder has better option for those so far who wish to fly full-realistic modes and Axis versus Allies historic battles.

    However others have also switched to IL2: Cliff of Dover ( however broken it may be at this time ) because it really is the only real alternative we have.

    Such implementation I believe will have a higher chance to bring more Hardcore sim pilots to the WoWP.

    This is a plea of sorts really.

    BTW I am a big fan of the FW190 - (A9 when ambushing , G8 when attacking ground targets)

    And most importantly I have a love for the amazing agility of the A6M2-21 model (squared wingtips) - fighting with almost no armor is the best fun you can have when you rely entirely on the agility of the plane to win - even if your enemy is faster.

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