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Thursday, August 9, 2012

[WoT] Major Update is Coming

"We've been working hard on implementing new physics for the game for quite some time," says Sergey Burkatovskiy (aka Serb), Lead Producer of World of Tanks. "This update is a huge milestone for the team. The improvements and enhancements will really change the way players experience World of Tanks."

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  1. It's time to dust of the good old T-50-2 :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. nice trailer! good work guys.

    Hows the planning? Release more likely in the end of aug or end of sept?

    1. oh i forgot:

      hows about the XP? If i tend to ram ppl down a cliff, do i get a kill or even XP for it? due to i "killed" a tank.

    2. In RU portal : it is announced for september.

      From last update pace, i have high hope that it will be updated in the beginning of the month but with New graphics and Physics, tons of "bugs" may appears and could be pushed further.

      Really eager to test one important version of this game.

  4. Hi Overlord,
    When will the patch 8.0 public test begins?

  5. Im Proud closed Beta tester ;)

  6. overlord, are there any easter eggs to be found in wot? i always like it when someone leaves a small joke in a game somewhere to be found

  7. @easter eggs

    wot: wowp billboard(s?) and wowp planes
    wowp: there are nda nda on nda ^^

  8. no mention in anywhere but is there going to be a multicore support? if notm like do we get it ever ?

  9. we have any chance to see 8.0 test today? :-ss

  10. wait, so if i carelessly leave my tank running forward, is there a chance that i go lemming and fall off a cliff?

  11. maybe this week will happen this big event