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Friday, August 10, 2012

[WoT] Dusty Shelves: Gameplay Screenshot

Below is one of the earliest screenshots of World of Tanks. This version was intended for the initial focus-testing, press meetings during KRI (game expo in Moscow). Check out the brutal UI and "3rd personish" controls.

Funny thing that the player - http://worldoftanks.ru/community/accoun
ts/453-genrikh/ , is currently lead level designer of WoT. He was one of the few people, who discussed the prototype of the future game on December 29, 2008.


  1. Cool it looks like u could only take 4 crits then die? And only 200 health? Or we're the shot not a powerful?
    That would be cool 4 crit hit then dead to the body of the tank... Bc that happens to me when I shoot other tanks I will get about 3 -4 Curtis hit with no seen affect on the enemy and all in different spots so please that would be fun.

  2. Still a better lovestory than twilight :P

  3. I miss the dogs barking whenever you run over a doghouse... I wish theres a mod for that to make it come back

  4. Nice to see a SS from ealier stage of the game concept.
    Didn't remember well but it was fun to see the Ensk map with simple texture in test mode (alpha or beta) and was compared with new clean high texture.

  5. Many thanks Overlord. It's amazing to see how the game has progressed over time. I have many wonderful memories of the Beta days.

    1. Glad you, guys, like the old stuff. Will try to dig up some more

  6. Tears of joy, i still remember playing with my on-board graphics during OBT. Everything was gray except a couple of trees, some houses and my tank. :P lol. Thanks OL, would love some more of those SS :P

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