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Monday, June 23, 2014

[WoTB] 3 Days Remaining

World of Tanks Blitz is going live worldwide for iOS later this week on June 26 with 1.1 update.

Some major things from 1.1:

  • Ability to view other player's profile/stats via chat. 
  • New post-mortem camera
  • Ability to upgrade GameCenter account to full WG account.
  • Graphics improvements - new lighting effects on tanks, water shader (mostly for new devices).
  • Audio improvements - new sounds for both battle and UI.
  • Friend invitation from Facebook.
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements.


  1. Replies
    1. Finalizing plans now.
      Looks like preparation will take a few months

  2. Hi Overlord!

    Some additional feedback to 0.9.1

    - Charkov: worse than avg performance FPS wise on that map. Usually I have 60FPS+ with my 3570K and GTX570 on the old render @FullHD. On that map my FPS often drop to the mid 40s. For most games ~45FPS would be fine, sadly WoT belongs to the minority of games were less than 60 FPS feel choppy ( personally I m also sensible to SLI/CF microstutters).

    - Historical battle Tobruk: doesnt work balance wise. Armor on british t4 monsters is to strong. Either increase the amount of APCR for PIII, rework HE mechanic so that StuG and PIV can be effective HE spammers (old HE mechanic - I know big chance), limit the number of Maltildas or introduce a fixed ratio of Matilda to PIII with APCR. Atm its just wasted time.
    Furthermore the german side doesnt have appropriate "scouts" - the t4 meds dont have the viewrange and get outspotted by 20-30m by t5 british Crusader and have "only" equal viewrange to the other british tanks. So the option to win by outspotting the brits also isnt available.

    - Marks of Excellence: have to revise my first assessment. They arnt implemented half-hearted, but are a total fail!!!
    Instead of using avg damage, it seems to be the ratio between damage dealt and damage received which is total nonsense. This BS promotes heavies and TDs camping behind arti the whole game, because if I dont take any damage and just dealing 2-3 shots of damage myself will still get me a better ratio than the KT who dealt 2K damage on the frontline, while receiving 1100 damage himself. This nonsense has to go. We already have a camping meta game, thanks to your TD madness you guys unleashed over the last 1.5 years (the removed camo bonus wont change much).

    - Camo bonus for prem TDs has to go

    - rework the viewranges for all TDs including low and mid tier TDs. How am I sopposed to spot in a medium at t4-5 with a viewrange of 330-350m, when same tier TDs have base viewranges up to 400m and are sitting with activated binos and a camo rating of 20%+ in some bushes. This and the obscene penetration values of most TDs especially in mid and low tiers prevent active gameplay. That s fucking boring have to sit aorund in my heavies and meds having to wait for TDs to move first, because otherwise I get sniped to death by TDs. Atm TDs can force a draw on every map that is at least half open, because I m unable to advance forward with my meds and heavies.
    This kind of boring gameplay will cost you guys revenue in the long run.

    1. "Instead of using avg damage, it seems to be the ratio between damage dealt and damage received which is total nonsense."

      That's only our guesses, though, to me nothing indicates as such so far. Though I admit I haven't followed the statistic sample for that (following all stats on a vehicle since the start).

      Also, I am amused by the "nerf TDs" parts - especially sinc eit's exactly what was predicted to come after arty nerf. So after TDs it will be heavies, yup.

    2. When artis got the nerf hammer, which btw was as precise as a T92 and in some cases undeserved, TDs at the same time got two big buffs:

      - sigma change
      - camo bonus after shoting was increased

      Also introducing TDs that even in low and mid tiers that have up to 400m viewrange is total BS - it destroys the game.

      On one side u nerf arti on the other side WG introduces arti in form of TDs with much higher pen, acc and better aimtime and comparable damage (just AP instead of HE) ... nonsense.

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