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Thursday, April 17, 2014

[WoT] First-hand Feedback on WoT 0.9.0

The latest major update 0.9.0 (New Frontiers - yay! major updates now have names) for World of Tanks is now live for EU and NA servers. What are your first impressions?

  1. FPS and general performance
  2. Graphics improvements
  3. Turrets!
  4. New HD models for some tanks
  5. Historical Battles mode
  6. Reworked maps (Severogorsk, Pearl River, Malinovka, and Serene Coast)


  1. T54 looks absolutely beautiful.

    FPS dropped by 20 on average, never seen 38 FPS on my screen before with my i5 3470K, GTX 660 2GB and 8GB RAM.

    Yet to see a turret blow off in 27 games today!

    Only tank I have available for historical battles is Tiger II, gave up waiting after 3 minutes.

    I like the cover additions on the Malinovka map on or near the hill. Can't say I noticed anything massively different on the other maps.

  2. Didn't play that much so far, but I noticed:

    1. Notable FPS drops (about 10 FPS less than 0.8.11).
    2. Some Lags on EU Servers, at least more than 0.8.11
    3. Graphics (on maps) at some point to "shiny".

    1. "3. Graphics (on maps) at some point to "shiny"

      What maps and how "shiny" exactly?

    2. I guess that he reffers to the fact that grass on Westfeld "upper terrace" reflects sunlight like it was covered in cooking oil ;)

    3. About Point 3:

      I switched the Color Filter to off and the game looks perfectly fine for me on most maps but on Swamp/Slough everything is extremely bright.
      I liked the "old" dark look of the map better. It just felt like swamp somehow, but now this map is horrible in its looks.

      And this is with Filter "off". With 1940s or deep or any other filter its even worse.

    4. Thanks, so these are default settings for you?

    5. Yes. That is default, everything is on maximum, Color Filters OFF. Swamp seems to have no shadows at all, while it works just fine on every other map.

  3. 1.
    My FPS finally increased, at least one patch did not cause a drop! :)

    Graphics are somehow screwed up.
    - Everything is to bright by saturation (NOT gamma!) even without filters on.
    - All fenders have now Japanese drift-tuning tining neons that give backlight to tracks even if there is no direct light on them (that is super weird!)
    - "Shaded" side of a tank is still to well lit as if shadows were tuned down to like 20% or something
    - British and many US tanks look like they had an accident with a truck of flour (Crusader SP is white like a fridge !!!!)
    - Tank elements dont stop other tank elements from "shining" despite casting a shadow (extremely weird!!)
    - Where does that "all over the place" FOG come from? It's denser than before and absolutely does not fit to sunny maps making them feel unnatural :(

    On the upside of graphics:
    - All tanks look "smoother" in terms of geometry (good job!)
    - Cammos now look like they are really there and not just "10 years ago maybe they were" (awesome!)

    Seen a turret fly off ONCE, and it looked pretty sweet, i like it :)

    In general - pretty nice, but:
    - On T-54 HD model the gap between the fender and tracks somehow is bigger and looks like inscriptions will now go between the track and fender :D
    - "HD" is extremely disappointing as all lights and visors are not made of transparent glass with anything behind it (is BigWorld incapable of doing that? there is also no glass in buildings that evidently should have it)
    - They look like they're "glowing" as if being in shadow did not entirely block the sun anyway (a bit less visible on not remade tanks, but present there as well)

    Historical battles are fun for me as I only have two german vehicles and one russian that can be used (why SU-85I is not there? It should be usable wherever there is both PZ IV and SU-85 available I guess). The problems are:
    - NOBODY wants to play US in Ardenes
    - The game crashes to desktop on every historical battle I participate in and does not let me log in untill the vehicle is back in the garage.
    - It takes from 10 to 20 minutes to find a game
    - My M4A2E4 Sherman can not participate in any of them :( (just a personal problem, not an issue with the game mode :P)

    I played malinovka 5 times already, and not a single time on any of the other maps, but as far as I see we have one thing I noticed:
    - Despite changes in "tiny spotter" positions by the water on malinovka to add some space on the nothern spotting position, there is still an issue with the fact that the northern spotting point can be easily covered with arty, and the southern is still pretty much arty-safe.

    1. Oh ... one more thing:
      Where can I toggle that green bottle on my visor ? :(

    2. Are you running standard or improved graphics?

    3. Can you post some screenshots.

    4. http://pasteboard.co/2fQM3tax.jpg

      I call this one "a thousand suns"

    5. Default settings and filters off?

    6. Yep- had the game recommend me the settings, and gamma was at normal
      (Turning gamma down doesn't fix the brightness/intensity)
      Changed the settings afterwards to different things to see if anything could fix it.
      Filters on/off didn't make too much of a change, had them off when I took the screenshot

      No idea what is causing it since I play wot since 2012, first time this happens.

      And since I don't intent to play with sunglasses on I will unfortunately have to wait till it gets fixed...
      Playing now only gives me a headache from the strong lighting
      But I can't afford buying a new rig to fix it that way :p

      A shame, really, I do enjoy playing WoT :(

      Kind regards,

  4. 1. FPS and general performance

    Maps are loading for me much slower, it was ok in previous iterations, now I am usually 30 sec after battle start. FPS are ok, although I have minmal settings (very old PC ;) )

    2. Graphics improvements

    Maps are for me much nicer and those on which I have played so far looked much more natural.

    3. Turrets!
    Well, only a couple of battle so were not lucky enough to see it :)

    4. New HD models for some tanks
    Very nice. M103 is most impressive. Although I am afraid about client size with 200+ tanks in that quality :)

    5. Historical Battles mode
    I think you will here lot of negative feedback. It is very early version with many drawbacks. Played with Pz IV on Kursk - in Soviet team was no T-34. Half of team were Su-152, rest KV-1 and Churchills. It was hard even penetrate something and when I was finally discovered I was oneshoted by SU.

    Ardennes - no Pz IV in German team. (Tiger II, Jagpanthers and M10/Panther). US team was composed mainly from Hellcats.

    When tried to play Ardennes second time there were in queue 2 US tanks and 22 German. Resigned at once

    Also tried to play Balaton with Tiger II. Twice was thrown away from queue after 5 minutes of waiting.

    So currently it is rather not funny and not so historical (no T-34 at Kursk or Pz IV in Ardennes...).

    No doubt that there must be done smth to make some vehicles more popular. I hope that limited respawning will help, also with some changes in tank stats and income.

    6. Reworked maps (Severogorsk, Pearl River, Malinovka, and Serene Coast)

    Haven't seen any. But Serene in 8.11 was really much better then the first Serene Coast year ago.

    I have played only a couple of battle so maybe add some more feedback in 2 days.

  5. I am extremely dissapointed with technical quality of the 9.0 patch. Specifically the performance and graphics. I have a fairly high-end gaming PC, which does not have any troubles whatsoever running titles like Crysis 3 or Battlefield 4 maxed out:

    Core i5 4670K @ 4.2Ghz (current latest generation - Haswell)
    16GB RAM
    GeForce GTX 670 @ 1150 Mhz (performance between 680 and 770)

    I am running the game at maximum settings (except effects and grass in sniper mode) at 1680*1050 resolution. I have to report that on this computer my framerate went down noticably. Roughly 20-30% performance decrease based on the situation. Its still mostly running 60+, but tends to drop to around 40-45 FPS when overviewing the entire map, or when looking at an entire city. Cities have been an issue since 8.11 for me, as performance there took a hit first.

    Still, CPU usage is ~30% and GPU usage around ~60-70%, which means that the game is completely failing to properly use the resources of my computer. I suggest you hire some people who actually know a thing or two about programming and optimizing the code, because performance now is really catastrophic.

    Also, there is WAY too much contrast in the game right now (again, maximum settings, no image filter). The colors look weird and unnatural.

    1. To more accuratelly illustrate the sceneries I was talking about, you can take a look at these pictures and notice the crappy framerates:


    2. @Also, there is WAY too much contrast in the game right now (again, maximum settings, no image filter). The colors look weird and unnatural.@|

      Which maps?

    3. Will be working on performance fix.

    4. IMO the contrast is OK, but saturation is way over the roof.

    5. I am not sure it is a map issue. Might actually be the camo paint - I played with my Stug III on Redshire and the camo paint colors were very aggressive (too much saturated). Same thing with IS-7 on Prokhorovka, except even the grass looked strange on this map (completely yellow, like otherworldly looking). On the other hand, Steppes with VK3001P looked alright, but I dont use camo paint on that one.

      Another thing: Are you aware of game crashes? Storm confirmed it in Q&A, but they are not related purely to Hellcat. The game crashed for me a couple of seconds after I was destroyed in my Stug on Redshire. I launched the game again and it crashed AGAIN within 3 seconds after loading into battle. So I launched the game again and the same thing repeated YET again - another crash within 3 seconds after loading into the battle. Does the game create any logs during crashes? I would like to help in identifying the cause of this, but I dont exactly know how.

    6. Yes, aware of the crash thing.

      Check python.log file in your game folder.

    7. 45 FPS isn't bad at all... It is a big drop though.

  6. 1.- FPS and general performance: Horrible, I hated the update I lose like 10-15 fps If I maded it playable before at 45-60 fps now its unplayable at 25-40 without taking into account the insane stutter we have on this game, I cleaned the cache folder and starded all over again, then I put the same settings as before... big dissapoint.... All running high by the way, I tested all the options and for my surprise the lower the settings the worse the FPS? LOL

    2.-Graphics improvements: Do we really had a graphic improvement? for me the game looks worse, tanks are too darks, american tanks looks plastics, 8.11 was much better eye candy.... DUnno what you did guys but the job was horrendous.

    3.-Turrets!: nothing to add here, just saw 1 flying and was meh.

    4.-New HD models for some tanks: I thought the HD models will be much more impressive in live but no, just more complex but something is missing, light I don't know.

    5.-Historical Battles mode: No tested yet.

    6.-Reworked maps (Severogorsk, Pearl River, Malinovka, and Serene Coast): Played 2 of 4 maps (Pearl river, Severogorsk) and both are better now, less camp, more push.

    In overall I was waiting for the biggest patch ever, but was really bad my rate: 3/10, it needs a lot of work, a game like this (very poor performance) should raise the FPS with each patch, not worse! in special if we have the same graphics.

    1. Are you using standard or improved graphics?

  7. 1. FPS the same as last update.

    2. Only graphical improvement is the garage.

    3. Ammo Rack is so difficult to destroy this improvement doesn't mean anything. Ammo racks have to be easier to destroy.

    4. New HD models: They look pretty but the Pz IV with side skirts still feels like one shot from anything large will kill it.

    5. Historical Battles: haven't tested it yet and probably won't because it is still far (billion miles far) from historical.

    6. Reworked maps is a good improvement but so many players are still afraid of pushing or are too courageous and make the team lose.

    Overall I thought this was a considerable negative update for me mostly for the reason that the few asap commercials/videos I saw stated there was the "destructible terrain" didn't see that. If destructible terrain was in I probably would've spent money on wargaming instead of the other company but there is much that is needed to be done for WoT to get my money again.

  8. FPS and general performance
    Really bad QA. On my main PC it went from ~60 FPS to 50 at max quality. On my 2nd machine the game recommended max settings and no matter what setting (max, high medium), the FPS is sitting at 20-30. Seems like you (Wargaming, most likely not you personally) added a bottleneck somewhere which kills the performance.

    Graphics improvements
    On my 2nd machine the game seems to be only playable with standard render and that looks shit. So no graphic improvement, more of a down grade, at least on some machines.
    And no idea why you tempered around with the FOV settings, it was just fine before, but now the tanks looks somewhat distorted and stretched if looked at at a low angle . That was not the case before the patch

    Few dozen matches since the patch, didn't notice it

    New HD models for some tanks
    They look pretty good

    Historical Battles mode
    I have no idea why you (again, Wargaming, probably not you personally) spent 3 years on developing this mode and made it such a failure. Where should I start with what is wrong it.
    First, how many tanks can't participate in it? 90 %? So only one of 10 tanks qualifies for the mode. All tanks in my garage (except premiums) are there either because a) they are fun to play or b) I still have to make progress on them (unlock next tank, etc). I'd guess, that is the case for most players. So, unless I'm a player who just happens to have the tank in my garage because I like it or because I want to unlock the next tank (chance 1 in 10), I'd have to buy the tanks specifically for the HB mode.
    But then the key question is, why the hell should I do that? For a little more xp or credits? The xp is useless for anyone but those who don't have the tank on elite. And the credits make hardly a difference.
    In the end, I can see absolutely no incentive to participate in this game mode. I'd have to buy multiple tanks I'd otherwise wouldn't drive that block garage slots for fun or progress tanks, spend gold or credits to give them proper crews only to get back the credits I spent to get the tanks? And then every update or so the battles change, the tanks become useless and should start this all over? No, thanks.

    Reworked maps (Severogorsk, Pearl River, Malinovka, and Serene Coast)
    Haven't seen much of it, but what I saw seems to have been an improvement.

    1. In 9.0 we changed the way the game manages multiple cores, now the game tries to run on a different core, not together with OS. You might try the following:

      1. Download the archive here - https://disk.yandex.ru/public/?hash=WihF/ubNVtjKpNtvbnHb%2BoAsGqrYFqdTSR1Uoz4YWlE%3D (there are 2 files - old and new)
      2. Place engine_config.xml file into /res folder
      3. Check your performance

    2. On HB. The mode hasn't been in development for 3 years. I'd say 6 months top.
      The main incentive for any mode should be fun it brings, not some credit/exp bonus you can get there. Personally, I wouldn't expect that any tanks apart from real historical ones could participate in it.
      I think the mode is ok for the first iteration and has some potential for further improvement. Definitely, it's always better to do exceptional things from the first try, however it doesn't always work out.

    3. Already tried that. The load spread changes, but not the performance.

      Of course the main incentive for any mode should be fun. But where is it in HB? There is this hassle to even get a tank that qualifies to participate. And then everyobdy wants to take his Tiger there to kill low level tanks. Why should any low level tank want to participate there and fight Tiger, Tiger 2, etc all the time if he could as well play randoms, where he has the chance to fight T3 tanks and can fight with his friends in a platoon.

      If this mode is not supposed to become dead on arrival you seriously should consider to
      1) Hand out free tanks for the mode, like Karl. Or add free special garage slots where you can only pick tanks for the current active HBs
      2) Make those HB tanks work like premium tanks, where you can put any crew without retraining
      3) And then of course, offer serious rewards for people to participate, especially with low tier tanks. Not +20 % credits. But gold, premium account time, garage slots, premium tanks, etc. Something that would really make people want to fight in HB.
      I don't see how else you could make people participate in HB.
      Well, except for those who are looking forward to kill low tiers all the time with their Tigers. But even those will pretty soon be really pissed off by the long waiting times, because all the other people want just as well only participate there with their Tigers.

  9. I redownloaded it just for HB. After like 20 battles i must say, i expected much more from HB. Playing old maps the same way as always against teams of kv1s and SU152s, being only tier 5 tank in tiger2 vs IS battle or seeing the most famous ww2 russian tank once per 5 battles... meh...not a historical mode for me... not a game for me. other updates are nice but nothing groundbreaking. Still no turret traverse sounds. Meh. where is that delete button...

  10. I quite like the update, but Historical Battles suck for 1 reason: You can't play them!

    Out of roughly 20 attempts I was able to play only 2 battles....

    I know that the reason for that is that you need special tanks and that everybody wants to drive German tanks, but then you have to make changes so that this play mode is more appealing.

    1. Let me guess - you were queuing up with Tiger / KT / Ferdinand. Try KV-1S, SU-85 or T-34 and let me know how that works for you.

    2. Why would anyone constantly want to fight T7 tanks with a T5 tank if he could just as well fight T3 in random?

    3. Because he spent an hour in the queue doing nothing? I would rather play during that hour.

      But that is the biggest issue with historical battles - you can choose whether you are going to be top tier or not. Naturally everybody wants to play top tier vehicles, which is why its so damn hard to enter battles with them. I think this needs to be changed, we will se what the respawn system does when it is introduced.

    4. Ondřej Sobek

      Yup, right now it's an issue.

  11. Well I noticed one thing, game crashes. A lot. Same for my friends who run totally different machines so...

  12. FPS and general performance

    FPS has, strangely, remained the same, although I do see changes in graphics on my low end pc (used for gaming and overall destructive use), however, I have seen less lags generally caused by my pc, not the ping-lags. Some how, the game does seem much smother, even when I hall into a low-fps part of the map (any map). I may ged 12 fps, but, unlike 8.7-8.11, 9.0 continues to renred the game with a little bit more ease than it did before. Defragmenting also helped on 8.11, but it seems unnecessary in 9.0.

    Graphics improvements

    Since Im not a fan of high graphics, to begin with, U tend to remain on standard render of the client, however, there are also visible improvements in standard mode. Namely, the lighting seems to be much easier to render by my weak GPX, plos, the new light looks much better.


    I have seen a few flying off, but, as I said, Its not really my thing. In not into beauty aspect of this game. The extra effects are all turned off, and I play the game on weak PC exactly because I dont want to improve the graphics by my stronger machine. Its more of a toy-like thing, which is not my cup of tea.

    New HD models for some tanks

    HD models, although they sound interesting, were disappointing, to be honest. They are too beautiful and unrealistic. They look like plastic toys. All ironed and glossy, without a scratch on them. I really wish there was an option to turn that sh1t off, because I got some plastic toy-tanks at home, and even they look better than these, straight from the wash-room. Ridiculous really.

    Historical Battles mode

    Historical mode, although promising as well, was a bust for me. I expected some more action, more maps, but all I got was an awful wait-time and very boring setting. I fought on 1 and the same ma every single time, and everyone seemed to be hung u on german tanks, which is why I have to wait approximately 2 mins for american or russian tanks. really a pointless more at this stage, IMO.

    Reworked maps (Severogorsk, Pearl River, Malinovka, and Serene Coast)

    The mas, I never see any improvement in reworking old maps. A map which I would like to see gone is Hidden Village, because it offers so little playable space to play on and is so predictable and unplayable for certain types of tanks, that I feel I wish I could just log-out of that battle, every time I get spawned on it.

    Pearl river has been improved a little, but still unplayable for arty and and some nice scouting. one of more pointless maps (there are more).

    Severogorsk has also been drastically changed and nor offers more confrontation and more opportunities. It seems a little more interesting to play, even though, I dont like winter maps.

    Malinovka - it will always be the same, no matter what u to to it.

    Serene Coast... No

    1. Oh yea - PS, FPS STILL drops when entering sniper mode by 5.10 FPS. This is fixed by a mod, but there shouoldnt be a problem with sniper-mode-FPS-drop in the first place. Its really embarrassing for a company this size not to be able to fix such a problem. I play heavier games on my PC and I dont get such ridiculous problems. Only on WOT do I see the problem. And thte worst thing is - Im not the only one having that problem. There is a big percentage of ppl having the same problem, and WG simply refuses to fix it. Dont get me wrong, in the end, we all can quit playing the game (and I DO thing no body here wants that, since we all get something out of it) but lets be honest about it, WG is always on the losing end with every single player quitting, because even the non-paying ones bring profits to WG by entertaining the paying players, and as a paying player/ customer, I would expect s more serious approach to a problem of thousands if not millions of players.

      Anyway, cheers, and thanks for your interest in feedback.

  13. I have been looking forward to the patch for a long time and I guess I am dissapointed... The few HD models are nice, but crashing mid-game stinks, the new sniper overlay causes lag and stutter everytime I zoom in and that annoying lamp in the garage really has to go please!!!

    1. Crashes are annoying indeed. Does it happen to you only during battles?

  14. ad1 Framerate seems to be a bit more unstable, but generally alright. However when I started the game today I got below 20fps and freezes all over the place especially with new sounds getting played. That gradually gets better over the course of several battles. Not sure why this happens, but it's by no means an acceptable state of things.

    ad2 Generally I like the new graphics more than I thought I would - even many old models look great thanks to improved lightning and somehow the tanks actually feel less like toys. However, the water shader looks pretty lame, it should be reworked, generally the water surfaces could use some extra detail and polish, hope WG will get onto it along with vegetation/map rework.

    ad5 I only got to a match twice so far. Not many people seem to play it. Game mode selection could use some more obvious UI elements. I woder if most people even noticed there is a drop down menu under the battle button.

    ad6 The game crashed on me 3 times in a single battle while playing Birch Gun on Serene Coast.

  15. FPS and general performance:
    i have a very weak computer, so i was relieved to find that at least the update did not make the game unplayable. now that ive turned everything to minimum, the fps count is mostly similar to pre-update levels. however, sometimes(usually at the starts of matches) freezeups happen that were not present before. thankfully i have not been crashing, at least, but with the way the computer freezes up, i bet it was close to crashing. also, going into "sniper view" zoom causes unpleasant fps drops that make it difficult to take shots, but thats hardly a new problem.
    Graphics improvements
    as i said, i have a weak computer, so graphics are not my priority.
    the turret blowoffs are a good feature!
    New HD models for some tanks
    i can't really appreciate hd models, sorry. it also appears you haven't yet put in a way to switch hd models off and use the old ones, which disappointed me significantly, as i was expecting this feature to be present. if i am mistaken please spread instructions on how to disable hd models..
    Historical Battles mode
    ive tried to get into them a few times, in a mere little su-76, but the 5 minute waiting period expires every time. maybe ill get a chance in the next few days.
    Reworked maps (Severogorsk, Pearl River, Malinovka, and Serene Coast)
    the map changes seem okay to me, i havent examined the maps closely. the changes to malinovka in particular seem positive.

    1. "New HD models for some tanks
      i can't really appreciate hd models, sorry. it also appears you haven't yet put in a way to switch hd models off and use the old ones, which disappointed me significantly, as i was expecting this feature to be present. if i am mistaken please spread instructions on how to disable hd models.."

      We will make them optional later on. When we have more HD models.

  16. A few niggles.

    Messing again with the right click of crew menu, please its not hard to make it easy to transfer entire crews between tanks.

    Whose bright idea was to combine the notification and invite buttons together? Why its really annoying.

    On the colour filter option why is the drop box above the image? When it does down it covers the image your trying to compare put it below it or even better have 2 images.

    The patch seems good but I don't know why you were rushing to get it out, could have waited and test more for fewer GFX bugs and more HD tanks.

    Also the small rocks next to the covering boulders in the centre of serene coast are floating have you been watching avatar to much?

    Finally a bit more info on the setup of historical tanks would be nice, esp the ones you don't own, - pen and damage important.

  17. letsee my opinions so far is that this was a 2.7GB download for nothing:
    1) Historical battles: don't care about them, will never use it
    2) HD Remodels that barely touched tier 8 which is the MOST prominent tier(as evidenced by it being used in esports), not a single tier 8 tank was ported to HD...
    3) performance: foliage KILLS your FPS now, they need to change this renderer ASAP or you will have people using agent orange mod left and right..., on murovanka forest i have 30fps standing still, that's with quality med and density med

    1. Also,
      HD suspension detail is horrible, the roadwheel hubs are HEXAGONS, an hexagon IS NOT A CIRCLE, the return roller insides are dodecahedrons.(specially noticeable in the M103, but also all other HD tanks).

  18. FPS and general performance
    Personally, my FPS stayed the same so yeppy? I am planning on upgrading my HD 6770 (overclocked to 960 mhz) to a GTX 760. Hopefully then I can max out settings

    Graphics improvements
    HD tanks, nice. Love the individual suspension.
    The new gun effects and other smoke effects are amazing. Love it. Now it feels less like im shooting a BB gun and more like a 150mm tank cannon.

    There seems to be a weird glow on the edges tank parts that are in the shade. Looks kind of weird. (ex. One side of the tank is facing sun. Other side has shade. There is a weird glow around of the edges of the tracks and wheels)

    Cool. GJ.

    New HD models for some tanks
    Already mentioned

    Historical Battles mode
    Have not tried. Could not queue up even though there were like 40 ppl on each nation. Kind of strange. Battles literally started faster in the test server even with there being like 10 times less ppl.

    Reworked maps (Severogorsk, Pearl River, Malinovka, and Serene Coast)
    Nice. Especially like Pearl River. The new route is great for mediums.

  19. my FPS in 8.11: 50 with WOT Tweaker, in 9.0: 90 with WOT Tweaker, hell better but that is in lowest setting (off everything, not the default minimum of WOT), no crash so far (about 10 battles). I am using Laptop Lenovo W530 with 8 GB Ram, no external graphic card

  20. First off heres my system specs.
    Asrock Z77 mortherboard.
    Intel Core i5 3570 @4ghz oc (stable tested in manny games + worked fine in 8.11 and earlyer)
    2*8gb dual channel 1600mhz CL9 DDR3 ram/mem.
    EVGA GTX670 SC 2GB
    NZXT HALE90+ 850watt highend psu.
    Corsair H100 cpu cooler
    Running newest official(non beta) drivers on everything including the GPU.

    , preformance drop around 20-40% = much more unstable fps after 9.0
    + Game Freezes randomly now, and makes my computer lagout/go into a mega freeze.
    Resulting in having to restart it. It happens completely random, and not even every game session.(can play for 1-2 games and it can happen) or sometimes 20 and it dosnt happen.

    Normal 9.0 Game crash, where you cant log back in without crashing completely again.
    + More pingspikes and lags, i know i cant expect perfect ping since i live in Denmark and play on US server, but lately@last ½ year this has been way worse, and in 9.0 it seems even worse again. (not sure if related)

    2: I like most off the improved grafix, BUT there´s bugs/and glitches (take a look at the japanese tier5 prem, its to darn shiny now, crasy look).
    HD parts are not all of them that pretty, some are ok tho, but new render is awsome and looks good.

    3: Have not seen it/them fly off anything yet.

    4: Overall ok, but some looks way better than others(maus and tortoise dosnt look that good imo)

    5: Cant get into them waiting time to long, only been able to get in them once and it took ages, I only have the KV1s in garage of the needed tanks (plz make the crews from other tanks usable in the historical battle tanks, so i can get more tanks without having to grind all new crews).

    6: I love the rework of the maps, They seem WAY better now, at least when/in the tanks i have tried them in/with.

  21. Queue is very bad in historical battles. Hardly anyone plays this mode and even if there are any most of them queue up as the Germans instead.

    As of now, players are allowed to choose which map they want to play on. IMO this is a big mistake, as majority seem to prefer playing Kursk, whereas Balaton and Ardennes are virtually nonexistent. But even with 40 queueing up as the Soviets and 40 as the Germans, no battle is even being created!

    Instead, wouldn't it be better if players select their tank but the MM randomly chooses the battle for them, just like Random Battles? This should especially be possible for tanks like the StuG III and Panzer IV which are eligible for all three historical battles. If everyone can be allowed to choose which map they want to play on, then why not do this for Random Battles as well (e.g. players only want to play on Ruinberg)?

    Please ease up on the MM restrictions. I honestly don't care if there are 15 Tigers on one side, so long as players are getting into games fast without waiting. Win or lose doesn't matter at all, because playing HB does not even affect our service record. I even saw a Tiger get 9 kills but earned no medal whatsoever. And that is good because this discourages seal clubbers and stat padders.

    I really want to stay on HB indefinitely and never have to go back to the nightmare of Random Battles again. To play with historical modules in random is just unforgiving, except for the IS and Jackson which use their top guns in HB.

  22. really great patch, my fps has increased, yes my fps has increased because I increased my graphics settings and as they optimized them game both looks great now and with better performance.
    Finally my panther/m10 find some use in game, historical battles are great, I would like to see more of them like first stages of ww2 where germans and french fought, but there is a problem whenever I enter a historical battle in erlenberg my game crashes to desktop and I cant get back to game by logging in it keeps crashing until the match ends. I will download the new install file and re install the game cause during patching it gave an error about diskspace.

  23. The performance is terrible, at most I can only manage to obtain around 40fps on maximum settings and it usually drops to 20fps in close combat scenes. I just can't understand why this Big World engine fails to properly use the available resources that are otherwise wasted. As a matter of fact, BF4 runs without a hitch and stays above 50fps and my 4 cores don't even spike above 50% unlike with WoT.

    As someone said above, please do hire some capable developers who actually know how concurrent programming and modern engines works. By modern I'm referring to Frostbite, Unreal, CryEngine etc.. that naturally deliver more than WG's outdated thing. You guys know the engine is terrible, yet no decision about replacing it or upgrading it to modern standards is being taken.

    1. @By modern I'm referring to Frostbite, Unreal, CryEngine etc@

      Those are good when it comes to visuals. Not as scalable when it comes to network.

  24. This patch is total piece of shit, epic fail, retarded wg

  25. What I've seen so far in 9.0:

    -Lowered FPS.
    -Darker tank models, harder to see them. They attempted to fix this by making the environment/sky brighter, but tanks still look very dark and hard to see.
    -Sluggish feeling tanks, it feels as if they are slower to traverse and drive compared to 8.11
    -Weird FoV changes again, even though they let you adjust FoV.
    -New improved sounds don't sound as good as the old ones.
    -All mods will be broken once more.


    -Hopefully 8.11 lag issues are fixed.
    -HD Tanks textures on certain tanks.
    -Turrets that blow off when a tank is ammo racked.

    Map Changes:

    Pearl River - The changes made seem to create more action and new routes to engage. -Good change IMO
    Severeogorsk - The changes made now make the map 1 sided, only the North has a snipers ridge, the south gets a brawling lane and no snipers ridge. -Bad change IMO
    Malinovka - Certain sniping spots have been nerfed. -Bad change IMO

    Sacred Valley - I wonder if this map will come back? It was a pretty decent map that was taken out of rotation in 8.11.

  26. I'm suffering from the following problems:
    - FPS decrease (but not FPS drops)
    - Crash to desktop
    - Game hangs when returning to hangar
    - Game hangs when swithing server

    I have the following mods installed :
    - J1mB0's Crosshair Mod & XVM Config
    - Session Stats
    - Damage Panel int centered and vanilla
    - XVM Mod
    - Active Dossier Uploader (ATR & BTR)
    - Multilined TankCarousel by 4lCapwn and CS2001
    - Radial Menu
    - SafeShot
    - 6thsense-audio

    My computer is the following:
    OS: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate N 64-bit SP1
    CPU: Intel Core i7 2600K Rev D2 @ 3.40 GHz (OC'ed to 3.8 GHz)
    RAM: Corsair Vengeance 16GB (4x4GB) Dual Channel DDR3 Memory Kit (CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9) (Running at 800 Mhz 9:9:9:24 2T)
    GFX: Point of View GeForce GTX680 GPU 2GB (VGA-680-A1)
    HDD: C: - Corsair Force GS 128GB SSD CSSD-F128GBGS-BK (SATA 6 Gbit/s) - "Windows/Paging/World Of Tanks"
    D: - Western Digital Caviar Black 500 GB SATA Hard Drives D5002AALX-00J37A0 (SATA 6 Gbit/s) - "Other games/Virtual machines"
    E: - Maxtor 6B160M0 (SATA 1.5 Gbit/s) - "Music/Pictures"
    PSU: Corsair TX750W (750W on a single rail at 60 amps)

    And I'm using NVIDIA's 337.50 beta driver.

    Regarding the issues:

    Its important to emphasize that I do not have any of these problems on the CT client, and I've installed the same mods on my CT client to check if they were causing the problems.

    FPS decrease
    Its strange because on 0.9.0 CT I have between 60-96 FPS, where the median is around 72 FPS. With the released game I have 30-60 FPS where the median is around 45 FPS.

    Crash to desktop
    This is particular annoying because if you jump the game just crashes again. Although playing about the whole day yesterday, I only started having this problem yesterday evening. The only change on my part was that I had my platoon mate sitting next to me, and my network is NAT'ed so it appears that we both coming from the same IP (I doubt its relevant, but I still feel that I should point it out). Both my platoon mate and I both experienced this, and my platoon mate doesn't have any mods installed.
    Around 23:00 CEST I copied the engine_config.xml from the CT client to the 0.9.0, and since then I haven't had a crash to desktop. I'm not sure why it would be related, and the absense of the issue could just as well be due to the dropping number of players online.

    Game hangs when returning to hangar.
    This could just be because of BTR, Session Stat, or BTR, but it happens only once every 10 game or so, so its not a biggie.

    Game hangs when swithing server
    It seems to be an overlay that doesn't disappear, because everything is dimmed. I can move my mouse around, but I can't click on anything, and have to press ALT-F4 to exit, and restart the game. It happens quite often, an is really annoying if you have to quickly swithc server between CW battles.

    1. I forgot to mention that copying engine_config.xml from CT also gave me another 10 FPS. So my FPS' are not as good as on CT, but still better than the vanilla.

    2. Nope, just had a crash to desktop even with the engine_config.xml from CT.

      Also the FPS' keep going up an down even on the same map, when I sit still in a bush, and camps with a TD. What gives??

  27. 1. FPS and general performance - in 8.11 i have 30 - 50 fps, now its 20 - 40 and i have massive fps drops sometimes, less than 10 fps, Engine fix dont help me. Changing graphipc settings has practically no impact on my fps.
    Map loading time is longer and game is stuttering when someone was spotted, died or shooting.
    My english its not perfect, sorry.

  28. 1. FPS and general performance: FPS remains the same but the game crashes some times when in game, and when you get in again, it crashes again.
    2. Graphics improvements: like them, no comments about it.
    3. Turrets! love to se them blowing off, but it isnt that spectacular, but it might be because i put some settings to medium or low.
    4. New HD models for some tanks: also no comments about it.
    5. Historical Battles mode: have yet to play it.
    6. Reworked maps (Severogorsk, Pearl River, Malinovka, and Serene Coast): and again no comments about it.

  29. One more thing! when i close the game it remains open in task manager while the garage sounds continue playing, meaning i need to end process it in task manager. this is a new problem that only began with this update. ps. if wot tweaker is a legal mod, why not implement some of its features into the games regular settings menu for all to have access to?

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. I am new to World of Tanks. I only have 6139 battles fought. I "lived through" patches 0.8.7 to the latest, without any system related issues. (My system is relatively stock: Z77 chipset MB, i5-370K processor, 32GB RAM, GTX 780 Ti graphics on a HP 25xi display.)

    1. FPS and performance:
    I did a clean install of 0.9.0 (wiped 0.8.11 completely before installing)
    I went with the recommended settings - maximum settings.
    I run no mods - no xvm, no nothing. I like the game as is.

    I have experienced no frame-rate issues - (in fact I have a slight increase in frame rates.)

    2. HD Models and graphics.
    I read through the posts about issues with contrast, saturation, lighting, etc, and can relate to some of them, but all. Mostly the graphics is stunning, and I really like what I see. The only place I have problems with the lighting is Ruinberg on fire - there are places in the city where you cannot see a tank in front of you due to the glare from the fires.

    In some games my Chi-Nu-Kai is completely "chromed" (shiny mirror-like finish) - on others, it's fine.

    3. Effects and Explosions: Great stuff, and really well done. HE shells no explodes and AP kicks up dust. Tank "cook-outs" looks really great. My own IS3 blew it's top - frightening...

    4. Historical Battles: I played many on the test server - everybody was running the "biggest guns" since they where free. On the live server it is more even. Not everyone have all the biggest guns. The spread of tanks is much better than on the test server - still don't see a lot of T-70's though, which is a pity, since the Russian tank lines are relatively "blind" when it comes to the big TD's and bigger tanks. They need light tanks to spot for them. German and American mediums and TD's do better in the vision department (especially with binocs) so they can control (and abuse) the vision system better - altogether a lot of fun to play. I agree with the sentiment that the battles should be more "historical" - make the next generation of maps to historical battle areas, for instance Kaserine Pass, Gazala, El Alamein or whatever - give more battle space (larger maps) for maneuvering. Remove consumables - a dead engine on a battlefield was a dead tank - a dead driver on a battlefield is a crippled tank - a T-34 sneaking up on a Tiger and immobilizing it, will be much more gratifying than a Tiger with a 2 second repair pack that continue to chase you down and kill you any way. People will play the "under powered" tanks if the can also "1 Shot" a big tank with a single shot.

    My main issue is the crashing - every second battle - it is so frustrating..... looking forward to a patch soon.

    Really love this game.

  32. My computer crashes only when I play my M10 Wolverine (my only TD class of vehicle). When I try to return to the game, it continues to crash before completing the load of the game until that particular game is over.

  33. Not a fan of the new Severogorsk, started a forum post here to discuss it: http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/351320-new-severogorsk-not-as-good-as-old/

  34. fps:
    I had average 30 fps with 8.11 but after i patched the client it went down to 10. So i tried reinstall but only got 15 fps with it, but Storm's fix from FTR (multicore disable file) fixed it to the old 30ish. I had a few crashes but that's gone too with the fix. I use low graphics so i didnt see the hd stuff. (athlon2 x2 4800 radeon hd4870 2gb ddr2 ram)

    When i launch the game the first battle loads for ages, i mean the i only get into the battle after the first 15-20 seconds are elapsed. After that it gets better but it lseems to me that it depends on the map. For example i got into a highway match 20 seconds before start, but in a live oaks i only saw the clock when it reached zero. I got into the matches 15-20 secs before start in 8.11.

    EU2 has lag issues for me and for all of my friends/clan mates.

    Ardennes with pz4 is fun unless there is 2 tiger2 which ends in 6 vs 12.
    I gave up on the other HB maps tho, after i waited 4 mins in the queue and there was only 7-8 russian tanks.
    New pearl river and severogorsk are much better then the old ones.

  35. So far I have been able to use all the mods I want along with playing the game just fine while leaving the graphics set to "standard" mode. Crashes / freezes and black screens start to show up in random intervals once "improved" graphics is activated. The crashes occur with or without mod's being present and thus far most of the suggest community fixes have no long term effect on the CTD's. What does immediately effect the CTD's is abandoning the "improved" graphics and returning to "standard" graphics. This is saddening but sadly necessary with the current patch for a number of players. I have my slider for 3D at 100% and all other sliders maxed as far as they will go and I can move FOV slider without issues too. If I go back to "improved" though I find no amount of fiddling with the settings stabilizes out the game.

    Hopefully some time soon the dev's responsible will have a fix for what is very obviously an issue with what ever has been added to "improved" that's not present in "standard". Side note too once the 3D slider is at 100% you can still see the very nice HD models and predicatbly they don't crash you out in "standard" mode. So I see no correlation between the models and the CTD's. Same seems to hold true for the maps, played them all numerous times now since the patch and no crash related to them yet.

    Good hunting tankers :)

  36. BTW - didn´t WG notice that about 50k players left after 0.8.11? So this so called "update" will cost them another 50k players. As soon as WT GF goes "open" another 50k will leave.

    1. Just 50k left? Not even millions of them?

    2. LOL - every evening the total has been about 200-250k active players on eu1/eu2 together - now we are at 150k - so what?
      What this game desperately needs is better gameplay and better performance on multicore cpus.

    3. Spring is here. Statistics in the whole internet goes down.

    4. ROFL - Joke of the month goes to you!

    5. Well, if you think that every month people spend the same amount of time in the internet, then you are very wrong. Nicer weather = less people online. In some cases drop can be really high. I have seen on some websites I worked for even 50 prc. less people on summer comparing with winter.

      Btw, I have seen in last 3 years many doomsayers claiming that WoT is losing popularity. Some even claimed that in 2012 WoT will be history. They all were wrong. And I think you will join this group.

    6. Dead_Skin_Mask,

      it's true that internet/game usage is affected by seasonal fluctuations. Usually it starts declining in May and lasts until late August-early September.
      Moreover there are other cycles - e.g. weekly. Yesterday EU had 205+k

    7. Usually this is true - but I regret to say not in this case. I´ve been in the games business for about 25 years - and I rarely was wrong. WG should open their eyes - it is easier and cheaper to hold satisfied players than to aquire new ones, Right now the tide has turned. More "old" players are leaving or inactive than "new" ones are arriving.

      I´ve been playing WoT since closed beta - and there are really many players who quit or play less because of all these nice gifts for "newbies" or "challenged ones" - like RNG and "no skilled based MM" - which lets them cloak all sort of strange things happening. BTW I once had a nice little chat with one of WGs employees which was very enlightening. Make real & official skillbased MM and get rid off all the statistics for players, especially the winrate and all could play happily ever after.

      PS: I know spring came early this year LOL

    8. @netwulf: Couldn't agree more.

      @Overlord: WG should have the money to hire some gfx engine coders that are actually worth the money. Those you have are *not*. Just to let you know: I have been a professional software dev for 25 years (now doing project management), and while I did not do it professionally, I also have some experience with graphics and game programming.

      The job WG is doing with WoT is horrible, and the real problem is your company culture, where you

      a) Consider yourselves the demigods of game design apparently
      b) Consider your players and customers as clueless idiots all the way

      This is so hilarious because WG is constantly proving the opposite. Two examples:

      a) The 8.11 FOV desaster. How in all the world can any even minimally experienced gfx engine coder do/acknowledge such bulls?
      b) Map design by players. Uh oh, WoT map design is a complicated process taking months and months. Did it ever dawn on you that the actual problem might be your map designers? I mean, three years of WoT and half of the maps you produce still are complete bollox? Now WG has finally changed their stance on this, and here comes a guy who somehow got hold of the BW map construction kit and built something in like a week?

      WG's attitude and behaviour towards your players and *customers* is catastrophic, and WG completely failed to see and exploit the potential slumbering in the WoT community. Instead they keep p*ssing them off with stupid technical decisions, lackluster software implementation and a stubborn insistence on them knowing everything better that is just breath taking in its lack of sober and realistic judgement.

      I could not agree more to netwulf's comment on RNG and skill based MM. WG's WoT design decisions show a weird tendency of being based on thoughts of domination over others and of p*nis comparison. Just look at the reasons given for not offering skill based MM: Skilled players should be rewarded for their skills." This is bullsh*t all the way. Skilled players are rewared by their skillful play already. MM getting totally f*d up by platoons of such players makes things worse. I am not a bad player, but such super platoons usually dominate matches with nothing that could be done about it - except balancing them with skill based MM. What I however do believe is that your coders also lack the skill to devise and implement a highly performant skill based match maker.

      Honestly, in my eyes coding wise WG are the noobs, the tomatoes everybody who knows the coding business frowns upon. You guys suck at what you are doing. This is so much more of a sad thing as WoT has a solid foundation and great potential.

  37. FPS and general performance:
    FPS is good(50~65fps), but with or without mods I end up crashing...

    Graphics improvements:
    Is definite a improvement, even running on low settings have improvements

    New HD models for some tanks
    HD is great.....but for some tanks is a armor nerf, my Centurion 7/1 can't hull down like a boss as it was; but the model is accurate to the real Centurion 7 and onward models.

    Historical Battles mode
    Waiting time is way too long, especially in Krusk; even worse the gameplay is quite campy, since most people use TDs

    Reworked maps (Severogorsk, Pearl River, Malinovka, and Serene Coast):
    If there's no arty, all the maps are fine.....And better than Komarin, Swamp and El Halluf for sure

    1. Oh, Komarin and Swamp are now much better then before changes :) I hated Komarin as hell long ago. It was mega campy and boring map. No doubt worst we had.

    2. I wasn't playing WoT at the time of previous Swamp and Komarin....but current state still unacceptable in my standard.

      p.s I'm currently playing on the ASIA server, maybe is better on the other regions (?)

    3. No, it's the same for all regions

  38. Update works fine for me for some reason. Guess im one of the few lucky ones. Id like to talk about the maps tho. I didnt particularly like Redshire before, but now it is so horrible that I have the urge to quit to garage when i see it loading. I despise that map with a passion. Severogorsk was and still is too small. Rearranging heightmap does not help, that map is not fun for me.
    Id like to recommend a few things if I may:
    1) when creating maps, please consider the majority of your playerbase. These are people who dont know what a map is. Reworked Severogorsk is a good example. There is no way even a platoon can save 12 donkeys because of the layout. And that creates frustration.
    2)Please implement a map filter for player. You will get your data very quickly which are the most hated maps. After all, you are creating those maps for us to play on

    Not related to the patch but I really like Siegfried line and Steppes maps. Please dont change them :)

  39. I generally like your map reworks. But this time, with Severogorsk, it got worse.

    1. I agree - Severogorsk is right now the worst map even worse than all already removed maps.

    2. I highly disagree, that rework is awesome and made the map playable. Unlike what it was before.

      same goes for all the maps that got reworked this patch.

      Now if they would just completely remove Komarin again, or redo it to make it playable.

  40. The minipatch didnt seem to fix it for me, i am still having very odd fps spikes on improved grafix, and its so bad that i am forced to using the old render on my relative fast gaming pc (GTX670/I5@4ghz) as mentioned earlier on posts. I had hoped for the 0.9.1 mini-patch to have an effect, but so far i havn´t noticed any improvements at all. Game spikes way to much at improved render, no matter what else i put the settings on. I fear this is CPU multithreading + maybe Nvidia drivers related (even tho i have tryed both 335.23 drivers and 337 beta once). Or maybe just poor optimization of the game render engine, resulting in terrible preformance even on newer relative strong gpus. Anyways, plz put out more minimpatches to fix isues as they get fixed in your office/testbench Overlord.
    BTW, just a non negative opdate as well, THX so much for fixing/changing the maps in this patch, those maps that got changed are SO much more enjoyable to play now, less camping and enoying gameplay, and much more fun. Thx for that. Now if you would just some of the arty and Tds more, it would be great (arty seems as strong as before arty nerf) did they get ninja buffed lately ? .

  41. So this amazing HOTFIX - will cost you at least another 10-20k player in the prime time. WG should allocate all their resources - if there any valuable at all - at WoT 2.0 (64bit, real multicore support) and abandon WOWP and even the Battleship Project.
    The players out there want tanks - nothing else but tanks.Haven´t you realized it yet, have you? The game gets worse with every so-called update - and still the players desparately try to play it, but how long will your luck continue? Consider!

  42. The fps is lower and this was bound to happen as you keep adding graphical features and higher fidelity to what is quite frankly a very old and badly optimized graphical engine.

    The new textures and HD tanks do look great though even though the HD tanks stand out a bit among the rest.

    Turrets blowing off is a nice feature but very rare as in hundreds of games I have only seen it happen 3-4 times.

    The historical mode was an interesting idea but one people quickly abondoned and queue times are becoming too long on them. The problem is we can not play in platoon and I understand that would casue balance issues and we are also forced into "worse" version of tanks we already play. I would say take the game mode out and perhaps try again at a later point. Or work within the same queue as assault, encounter and normal and add more here,

    The reworked maps are much improved and I hope the rest of the maps gets the same treatment.

    ps. please remove Komarin once and for all.

  43. hopeless game patching will lead to more players leaving this game and looking for other games, beware!!