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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

[WoT] Update 8.8

What's your opinion on the newly-released 0.8.8 for World of Tanks? Online numbers, CCUs and such stuff across all regions, were a good indicator that the update was well received, however the devil is in details. What you liked and what you didn't?

  • New mission interface in garage
  • New statistics tabs
  • National voiceovers
  • Tundra map
  • Redesigned Komarin, Swamp, and Serene Coast
  • New Soviet medium tanks
  • New German tanks and rebalanced VK30.01 and VK36.01
  • New Chinese tanks (anyone?)

Anything else?

PS: I'm in Japan now, expect some interesting pictures and breaking news.
PPS: Rolling out 0.5.3 for World of Warplanes for RU/CIS region. EU and NA to come.


  1. Let's see :-)

    New mission interface in garage

    It's a great addition overall, but I would love it to track progress or times completed on all missions (some of them just doesn't show the progess, e.g. wrecking steel sections did not show the amount of vehicles destroyed). Probably due to the way the missions are added?

    New statistics tabs

    Haven't looked at it that much, but the presentation is good.

    National voiceovers

    This is a big one for me and I really like them. Is it just me or do the Chinese voice use Japanese emphasis? :) Jokes aside, los gehts!

    Tundra map

    Have only played a few games on it, not bad, but I'm sure people will find a way to turn it into a campfest as usual.

    Redesigned Komarin, Swamp, and Serene Coast

    It's fun to watch players trying to apply the same tactics on drastically changed maps, isn't it? :)

    New Soviet medium tanks

    Haven't fought against them, certainly not going to restart the levelling halfway through T-43 though, which is a hard but fun tank.

    New German tanks and rebalanced VK30.01 and VK36.01

    Tried 3001 H but didn't like it, probably will give it a go later on. 3061 looks okay, although I don't think it really needed to be changed. The 3002M is... a Panther! That's probably all I need to say about it.

    New Chinese tanks (anyone?)

    No "kash" no "tonk" sorry ;)

  2. Logged only to sell SP and haven't played cause I am still tiered with those random teams (but not so much as month ago so maybe soon come back to playing).

    Missions interface is great idea and very usefull. I also love that icon in garage :) I have very good opinion about whole missions feature. Sad that they came so late, when I got tiered with the game.

    I checked statistics tabs, interesting although I am so accustomed to old ones that I felt strange, but this is probably question of time. In awards there is one problem. The most important medals - the epic ones (like radley-Walters) are too low, they should be first, not third. Awsome that there are progress bars in medals :) Also nice to see some new stats added.

    Can't answer on other questions cause haven't played WoT since mid-august spending my game-time in the game which has PvE content.

  3. Like the new service record and sort of like the missions screen but I wish the mission rewards per battle were on a separate tab, like the team score and detailed results. Also some missions like the Churchill / Type T-34 / Stug one at the weekend are missing individual progress bars.

    National voiceovers are brilliant, I can't understand a damn thing they're saying but it all adds to the game atmosphere.

    BUT WHERE ARE THE BRITISH VOICEOVERS? Feel very short-changed by that.

    Haven't seen Tundra or reworked Komarin, but new Swamp and Serene Coast are great.

    The only new tanks I've seen are the A-43 (but he was dead so quick by my SU-152 that I couldn't tell what he played like) and the VK3001H and VK3002M, both of which have been raved about as excellent sniper / all round med by platoon mates. One thing though: I've set both of them on fire very, very easily.

    1. I also miss British voiceovers, going to clarify if there is an intention to add them eventually.

    2. Get Brian Blessed to do the voice overs. That was the general feeling on the EU British forums.

  4. Japan? Looking forward to the news :)

    As for the patch: I have... mixed feelings.

    Positive: mission interface (there were so many missions before 8.8 it was very hard to find out what's active), improved anti-aliasing (instant 10FPS boost for me), free tank yay, new German T6 is awesome.

    Negative: some players started having serious lags that have nothing to do with connection (including me, unfortunately, my connection is fine, yet I lag a lot (that never happened before 0.8.8). It makes the game almost unplayable for me, it's very annoying. The new Service record seems really chaotic to me.

    I disabled the national voiceovers (it's nice, but I prefer the old system when I immediately know what's going on). Old reworked maps are great, but I hate the new Tundra map (too many access points).

    1. We are investigating network issues. They can be triggered by a lot of things, however there is a non-zero possibility that this is related to the update itself.

  5. High ping and random lags are curse after 8.8 went live. Voiceovers and missions are great, but counters are not working for most of them. Censorship is crazy, in every sentence I get *****. Chat is useless now. Panther 2 is so slow now I sold it. 3601 is not terribad, but not fun either. Konish was better before change. Another tank to sell. 3002m worse than 3001d and has zero advantages over it. (+1 rof?) Rest of german rebalance is okish. Maps are fantastic but it is very bugged patch.

  6. Overlord,

    A question: Why is there such battle ending as "Draw" if in the statistics only counts Draw as lost match?

    Draw should be taken out from the game and it should be "Defeat" for the team which has less hp all together OR inlucde draw in the statistics... "Draw" is not a lost match and I don't want more drop in my statistic because of this "new feature".

    What will happen with regading this?

    1. Not sure what will happen to this. My opinion is that like in sports (football/soccer, etc), draws should be tracked separately along with wins and losses.

    2. That is my concern as well. it was handled separately before 8.8. now it is a loss. which is not "fair". I am glad that you see it as me. Please try to do somethign for it!

    3. Ok. I understand where the roots are, though. Tracking draws as defeats is intended to promote more active gameplay.

    4. For example today we had a battle. On our end we had an amx 50 120, and isu152 chasing a fleeing isu152 on 10!hp(from the enemy team), amx was on 23%hp and was reloading when the timer went down to "Draw". Enemy was outnumbered and was feeing and it counts a lost battle to us ? - see my point? This is not fair. We did everything we could and still it is a lost battle, since the enemy is hiding and fleeing.

    5. Overlord - any comment on this? What do you think about this "Draw"/Defeat?

  7. Overall i think its a good update...
    fortunately i dont have those lag issues a lot of people complain about. The bugged Chat is very annoying though.

    In my personal opinion the german rebalance is a great success. Low accelaration/higher topspeed feels way more realistic.
    tiger is now the masssive firepower beast it should always have been, very nice.
    with the 3002m we finally have a relistic panther. vk 36 is as good as ever.
    the Tier 5 heavy seems not very likeable, but i dont like T5s anyways.
    i cant say much about the Medium changes, but the overall opinion is not so positive.
    Outstanding work on e75 imho. It lost only some acceleration and hill climbing, but gained very awesome topspeed and turning speed, very nice balanced.
    Jagdtiger is nerfed a little bit, but honestly its barely noticeable.

    The new and returned maps all look very good and fun to play.
    But i think 4 maps in one update is alittle to much and overcharge the majority of players. Its like always when theres a new map out there, people dont know where to go/what to do. not a problem with one "unknown" map in the queue, but with 4 it gets frustrating if everyone is more or less clueless.

    As for the soviet meds, can u tell us if u can unlock the 2nd Tier 10 med via t54 permanentely? If not, for how long?

    1. No changes planned in the near future. But, you know, we can always come up with smth.

  8. Let's see...

    Mission interface: Could be a bit more organized, but it's much better than none at all.
    Tundra map seems fairly nice, still getting used to it tho, so can't quite comment.
    Love new Serene Coast, but haven't gotten on Swamp or Komarin yet.
    Can't comment on new Soviet tanks.
    New german tanks: the D.W.2 is a sick joke. Two nearly useless guns (unless firing Premium ammo), no mobility, and armor that will get penned by autocannons at its tier. Even the 50mm is a lie, large parts seem to only have 35mm. The VK3001 H and VK3002 M both seem decent for their tiers, tho it's a strange feeling to move up a tier and not get a gun upgrade.
    Also, frustrating to have half a dozen cross-connections between various German tank trees and not one that leads to the Panther/E-50M line from anywhere.

    And boy oh boy, do I look forward to the Japanese tanks! Just make them better than the Chinese ones ;)

  9. -new mission interface is nice, but some missions dont have progress indicators...as the TD ones (60 frags with TD (realy hard to keep track w/o progress indicator), 10 wins with TD...pretty annoying :) )

    -new statistics are a bit more detailed but there is room for improvements

    -national voices are not usefull at all ( who understand all the english, german, russian, chinese AND japonese?) , maybe with english sub (or your interface language of choice) the realism added will worth for some players

    -Thundra, Komarin and Swamp seems ok to me, Serene Coast doesn't seems balanced

    - new soviet mediums are kinda' crappy except the tier 10 Object 140 (which is pretty similar to the T-62A so nothing really new here) but I may be wrong...only tried them on test server.

    - VK3002M and VK3001H are decent, DW2 is bad, VK3601H was one my favorite tanks, but is crap now as HT ( lost mobility without improving defence capabilities, gun choices is very bad, especially with the konisch nerf, a gun with higher alpha and less rof will be a better choice for a HT, maybe a 250-300 damage with 150-160 penetration to put it in line with the other tier6 HTs will make it appealing again;other tier6 HT have way better gun options: 390+175,300+167,700+110,240+160,240+212).

    - I tried the new chinese premiums on test server; seems decent as performance but not worth buying, especially if you already own an tier 8 credit maker. T-34-3 is worse then Type59 and way overpriced taking into account that many had the choice to buy the better version for less money. 112 is nice, very good brawler better then IS-6 (superb front armor design, very efficient if you know what you doing) , but having to use gold ammo too often kinda negate his purpose as a premium ( credit maker ? )

  10. New mission interface in garage - I like it, but some missions don't show full progress in it (EU: you can see how many victories do you have, but it don't show - how many kills and victories you have with TD) so its good start.
    New statistics tabs - little more stats then before, but its looks nice, jus need to get use to it.
    National voiceovers - don't use it... If it were Enghlis with strong acent I will use it ;) because when Chines crew talking i dont get eny info from that.
    Tundra, Komarin, Swamp, and Serene Coast - I like it. Need time to get uses to them.
    New Soviet medium tanks - First day i get new obj. 140 in my garage next to T-62A.
    New German tanks and rebalanced VK30.01 and VK36.01 - Past them maybe mounts ago, so I really don't care that match.
    New Chinese tanks (anyone?) - Don't have it, and they don't kill me more then usual tanks so maybe 112 have little to good armor...

    At the end, nice update, only bugs makes us unhappy with it...

  11. The 3002M is a nice little tank. The Armour is a bit random, sometimes you can bounce shells like a hail storm. Other times its made of marshmallow. But its a medium, so I guess that's ok, it'd just be nice to be consistent.
    Mobility is good, I even managed to get some air, inadvertently, on one map.
    The gun, ahh yes. I had one game. 54 shots fired, 47 hits, 11 penetrations. If you're in a Tier 8 tank with that thing, don't even bother shooting, play active scout.
    Despite all that its a nice tank, I like it!

    New maps I've only seen Tundra twice. Serene coast and Swamp once each. So I can't make a call on either of them.

    The Mission journal is nice, but needs some streamlining and tweaking to present the information in a less clunky way.

    I do like the new service record. Although its vehicle breakdown has highlighted a real oddity in my stats.

  12. New mission interface in garage - few quirks, some missions that have kill count don't display it
    New statistics tabs - meh ...
    National voiceovers - interesting but not usefull
    Tundra map - horse shit
    Redesigned Komarin, Swamp, and Serene Coast - shit maps polished, still shit

  13. VK30.01H is a good addition to the tier 5 heavies. It has unique characteristics, good and bad, which makes it interesting and balanced. It's definitely viable option for hull down tactics in coming CW campaigns.

  14. Serene Cost seems really good now and why Komarin and Swamp had to be reworked I never understood.
    There are maps that are far worse balance wise: Highway, Mountain Pass and Lakevile since its rework. And Munich is also one big fail - the rework and tier limitation didnt change that.

    The new service reocrd? The old one with mods was better than the new one, now I have to klick around much more.

    Mission Interface is ok.

    But what really pisses me of are the lags u introduced with 0.8.8. For me the game is unplayable most of the time - I had to stop playing CW and even have problems clubbing seals in t6 and below. Wtf did u do there - I mean I can play WoWP just fine (the server is at the same location) but WoT is a fucking nightmare. And ofc there is no statement (as always) from WG regarding that issue ... .

  15. If it wasn't for the retarded lagspikes all over the place the patch would be really good. I am however dissapointed with lacking UI improvements though Im not disliking the statistics tab...

  16. Mission interface - great thing, need only detailed progress for some mission.
    Service records - old with XVM stats was much better, new one is to complicated, to many tabs.
    Maps - great all, especially like Swamp and KoSmarin. (:
    National voiceovers - OK, but this can be much, much better. Pay some actors, it's not like you don't earn enough money.
    Germans tanks - E-50 fills like driving a boat (WoWs test?), don't like new lower hull armor, anyone can pen you... rest - OK, mostly.
    Soviet mediums - very good, Obj.140 needs some tuning.

    Arty - seams better now... hitting more often, much more. But, still needs buff and numbers restriction to 2 max per side.

    Lag problem - 100k+ players per server is way to much. Time for new server, skill based one, too many new too young players.

    One question... Any plans for nerfing gold ammo pen? It's ruining the game. Best option - remove it from game.

  17. Pretty much everything is good about this patch...Except my mods do not work. I know you guys will be adding something official that will help with mods. I really look forward to that.


  18. Hmm. I don't think you can possibly have information from ALL regions. They only just took down the servers a few hours ago to start patching for 8.8 in Asia. We have yet to even see 8.8.
    Estimated time for the servers to come back up was <2 hours ago, but its going to be 6-7 hours before most people get home to start downloading the patch, and get a first look at it. Far too early to pass judgment about our CCU etc!

  19. New mission interface in garage: I don't use it.
    New statistics tabs: Hmm ...
    National voiceovers: I play mute.
    Tundra map: Only tried it once ...
    Redesigned Komarin, Swamp, and Serene Coast: Nice redesign!
    New Soviet medium tanks: I don't play Russian tanks.
    New German tanks and rebalanced VK30.01 and VK36.01: Not my Tier...
    New Chinese tanks (anyone?): Nope, don't play Chinese tanks either

    1. Too much lag :(
    2. German tank engines, especially Panther II, burns after first hit (or I'm just very unlucky)

    As usually, see you again after the next patch!

  20. Hi Overlord!

    New mission interface in garage: Good info on missions, but why can't all active missons count the progress, especially those requiring to kill lot of tanks?
    New statistics tabs: Looks OK, don't use them much.
    National voiceovers: Turned off, got used to the english ones.
    Tundra map: Played only once, visualy nice.
    Redesigned Komarin, Swamp, and Serene Coast: Haven't seen yet.
    New Soviet medium tanks: Not interested.
    New German tanks and rebalanced VK30.01 and VK36.01: Finally almost regular panther, me likes. 36.01 agility traded for HP, fits the hvy role. is OK.
    New Chinese tanks (anyone?): T8 prems 2 expensive 4 me.

    Additional: Laggy as never before, "minilags" after 2,5 years of relatively smooth play? C'mon! Garage carousel stuttering is anoying, better tank filtering missing...


    1. "New mission interface in garage: Good info on missions, but why can't all active missons count the progress, especially those requiring to kill lot of tanks?"

      True, at the moment you have to do the counting yourself.

      Overall i really like the missions enu, but there is really some room for improvement ;)

  21. for missions with a lot of tanks (like all meds) you need to scroll down a long list to read the information below the tank list, why not put it before it?

    on the end battle screen: please make a sub heading with a short mission description ("top 3 dmg dealer per team: 2x crew xp" or so)

    idea: if your master tanker todo list is down to 30 (20, x%, whatever?) targets create a mission out of it
    maybe for all/some achievements: checkbox to tick (or context menue) to create a mission, or a setting to create a mission for all achievements if they com into x% of completion

    1. Or why not just write "All (non-premium) Medium Tanks" instead if writing down this awful long list?

      ANd yes, put the win-information on top!

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. IS it just me or do shells once again go to the outside of the aiming circle 50% of the time? This was fixed in 8.6 and seems to have reappeared.
    Had some issues with lag and overall lower FPS.
    Like the new map and love the changes to the old maps, these are enjoyable to play now.
    Haven't tried any of the new tanks yet except on test server.

    1. Do you experience any connection issues? High pings, lags? Could be the reason.

  24. Overall another good update!

    Statistics are a nice feature. The Personal Rating is fail (see on ftr for detail). Some missions do not count the kills, like the TD missions now. That should change.

    When comes a better tank selection in the garage?
    I wait for that since ever.
    Make a clickable tab for every nation where you get those listed. The normal tank selection just sucks if you have 20+ tanks.

    New and redesigned maps: Awesome!

    New tanks:
    The tier 8 soviet medium seems interesting.
    Premiums are cool, but i already have one.
    More tanks is always a good thing.

    National Voiceovers:
    Dont care personally, but those details are always good.

    Experienced minilags only on server 2.

    1. Why exactly the rating is bad? Can you give the link?

    2. "OverlordSeptember 19, 2013 at 1:49 PM

      Why exactly the rating is bad? Can you give the link? "



  25. http://ftr.wot-news.com/2013/09/12/new-wg-personal-rating-analysis/

    I think most people's problem with the rating is that it takes battle count into effect. So the more games you play the better your rating.

    In reality it should probably be the opposite: the more games you play the better you are expected to be, so a high battle count should issue a tiny penalty. That way someone with 51% win ratio and 20,000 games could be seen as more of a noob than someone with 51% ratio and 5000 games. Really at 20,000 games you should be performing much better than that, because of your vast battle experience. You should know many tanks and maps inside out.

    Either that or just remove battle count altogether.

    1. Not only that. Every part of the rating has to be carefully balanced.

      100 Damage have a 1.37% influence. Thats not enough. By far.
      Its what every good player is looking for, and damage influence in rating is a main reason why WN7 is as successful as it is.
      Damage is the main indicator if a player is good or not (if they are not playing scout all the time). And when i am at it:
      Why dont you give the information out about spotting damage?
      Ratings could be MUCH more accurate with it!
      An agressive player that scouts/spots the shit out of the enemy, but cant shoot much by himself doesnt get the credit he should get from ratings. He does indirect damage, and this is often very crucial for winning.

      All in all, I think the WG-rating is not needed from playerside, since we have good addons and sites to get most relevant player info. But if you want to make this thing seriously good and used by someone, you have to work on it, and make it better.

  26. http://ftr.wot-news.com/2013/09/12/new-wg-personal-rating-analysis/

    I think most people's problem with the rating is that it takes battle count into effect. So the more games you play the better your rating.

    In reality it should probably be the opposite: the more games you play the better you are expected to be, so a high battle count should issue a tiny penalty. That way someone with 51% win ratio and 20,000 games could be seen as more of a noob than someone with 51% ratio and 5000 games. Really at 20,000 games you should be performing much better than that, because of your vast battle experience. You should know many tanks and maps inside out.

    Either that or just remove battle count altogether.

    1. "the more games you play the better you are expected to be"

      Absolutely agree with this. People who have upwards of 20, 25k battles and shit stats should not be given a pat on the back.

  27. Oh man ... where to start?

    First of all: It's been a while since I last posted here anything at all, so hello again :). In terms of all the subjects in question here:

    New mission interface in garage
    FAIL - the window is tiny again (Why does the interface not scale with the resolution after two years?), and in it all the rewards are at the bottom, so in many cases You need to scroll down to even se if a mssion is worth it, a very bad way to do tings. Another issue is that progress bars do not scale witht he resolution as well, so I get those tiny tiny green lines that are only size of my two mouse pointers (22 inch screen), so my question is: WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU DO THAT? :(, and the final complaint ... there is almost NO progress tracking, as the thing can only count EXP and victories, which is not ideal as there was 30 mods athat can do that for last 2 years. No tank or class specific missions are tracked at all.

    New statistics tabs
    Not bad ... but again: no scaling up with the resolution, so i get sea of black on my screen :(

    National voiceovers
    Great, but it appears that UK is a nation without any language - extremely disappointing, as british english is so much pleasant to the ear. They use different pronounciation, and often different words for the same thing, as US english, so not making these crews speak their own language was one of the biggest disappointments ever :(

    Tundra map
    Awesome, well designed :)

    Redesigned Komarin, Swamp, and Serene Coast
    Swamp - pretty good, Serene coast - awesome now, swamp - totaly IMBA, south team wins 90% of battles

    New Soviet medium tanks
    Nice targets. Except that - no idea yet :P

    New German tanks and rebalanced VK30.01 and VK36.01
    This game needed one more Tier 4 HT, nice.

    New Chinese tanks (anyone?)
    Nope :P

    1. Redesigned Komarin, Swamp, and Serene Coast
      Swamp - pretty good, Serene coast - awesome now, swamp - totaly IMBA, south team wins 90% of battles

      swamp - pretty good or totaly imba?
      from one of this you mean tundra?

    2. Ouch :D ... komarin is IMBA of course :)

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. Please remove Mountain pass new battle mode! The team which is starting from the middle is already in a beaten/cornered position... looses 90% of the time. More than unfair...

  30. New mission interface in garage - better than none.
    New statistics tabs - totally unnecessary, the old one is better because seen at a glance, only the filters were needed.
    National voice overs - totally unnecessary
    Tundra map,Redesigned Maps,New Soviet/German/Chinese tanks - all good
    Rebalanced tanks - Why did the Panther have to lose short 88?

    Note: why too much lag with 8.8? now that is bad for me

  31. I have the same lag issues as plenty of others and I (now) know that you are investigating it. Why not post that on the homepage rather than letting us players have to search in forums and in your blog for example. I think what pisses people of the most is the lack of information, at least I'd be more tolerate if I know there was something going on!

    1. By posting it onthe main page they would admit that their server/main connection has the issues. This way they can say to anyone that go and chek with your local internet service provider because we found nothing.

  32. I have both 112 and T-34-3.

    112 seems fairly well balanced. Very tough front armor unless the enemy knows to just shoot underglacis. On balance I would say it's about the same as the IS6. Only real problem is the HEAT shells which are in all honestly about the same as the IS6's APCR in real terms, taking into account normalisation issues - real hideous problem is their ineffectiveness vs tracks. It's at a point where I'd rather engage an IS-3 head on, where I have clean armor plate to shoot at than fire flat on perpendicular at his side. where it's all spaced armor and tracks. Not sure if that's working as intended to be honest!

    T-34-3 is an extremely difficult tank to play well. It's near- crippled by lack of gun depression, hideous aim time, hideously poor accuracy AND the shell dispersion seems almost 8.6 in nature - very random in placement. It also suffers from the poor penetration and HEAT issues which compound these problems. There also seems to be a second delay between stopping to aim and the aiming process starting.

    My normal win-rate with mediums is 55 - 60%+ and my typical WN7 is 1650+ - first 80 odd games with T-34-3 I had a 43% win rate. I started from the viewpoint that it had it's own playstyle, certainly nothing like a type 59. In order to make the tank work, I had to use Improved Ventilation, Enhanced Gun Laying Drive, Vertical Stabilizers, AND put Smooth Ride and Snap Shot as my perks - 5 modules / perks to make the gun remotely usable. On the plus side, when the RNG smiles on you, the gun bites enemies wonderfully hard.

    The T-34-3 can be played effectively, but not in the hands of the average player. It really could do with a gentle buff to the gun and particularly to the depression to make it more user-friendly.

    1. Just checked noobmeter, according to that (performance statswise) it's the weakest T8 medium tank on the EU server. Given WG don't release the tanks' performance stats, playerbase has to use such tools :(


  33. Really quite annoying that NA server keeps getting these patches a week after everyone else—I mean what is the reason for it? Obviously the patch is ready since it's deployed to the other servers, and localization can't be an issue because the EU version should already be localized for english.

    Not something I lose sleep over obviously—it's just a game—but it leaves the impression that we on NA server are not very high in WG's priorities. =/

    As for the patch itself, it's mostly good stuff. Nice new tanks, and enjoying the other features as well. Speaking of quality-of-life improvements, it would be quite nice if the garage slot scrollbar got some love; for people with over 20 slots it can be a bit of a faff to navigate.

    Negatives? The smattering of bugs here and there that have been mentioned—stuff like the chat censor, etc.

    1. Oh, as addendum: Object 140 is much too similar to T-62a. It reeks of redundancy, to be honest. And now I hear rumors we're getting a third tier 10 med in the Russian tree? Really hoping it's not a repeat of the 140/T-62