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Saturday, September 21, 2013

[WoT] JWoT 2

This is going to be even less about tanks and WoT then the previous entry.

Today was the first public day with lots of visitors and cosplay festival. To the pictures!

Japanese are queuing for WoT PC and Xbox 360

WG booth staff

One of Girls und Panzer gals is playing WoT


Now to the cosplay!

Funny creature!

Sad creature..

It was the device that got my attention. 360deg tablet holder


  1. "It was the device that got my attention. 360deg tablet holder."

    Sure.... It actually was the cute asian girl in her lovely costume which got your attention, right? ;)

  2. ahh japan, what a magical land where everything that's good is concentrated there!
    even when nyan-blue-tube guy was hilariously disturbing :D

  3. Why would i care what happens in Japan? I wont play with them anyway. I'm stuck with my neighbouring countries because its a MMO in the age of globalisation...

    1. Not satisfied with your neighbours, huh?

    2. Its not specifically about my neighbours or WOT, its about this trend im seeing in online games that instead of puting players together and make a multicultural experience, they regionalise everything defying the purpose and possibilities of the Internet.

      Im sick and tired of the people around me, at least online i can experience something different.

      Imagine a boardgame event or a lan party in a huge hall with people from all countries. Would you play with people from your country or with someone from the other side of the world? Maybe they have diferent play styles? Try to make new friends, exchange some thoughts, see if they commit hara-kiri if they lose?

    3. I'm pretty sure they're working on globalising the game by allow players to pick a cluster to play on from a drop down list at the login page (Soon™ ).

    4. Hard to sing kumbaya when everyone's speaking a different language...

    5. Collision,

      at least roaming feature that will allow temporarily play on a different server is to come relatively soon.

  4. http://cdn.memegenerator.net/instances/250x250/14174532.jpg