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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

[WoT] Will The Tanker

Not a big fan of Sims-series, enjoyed Spore though.


It's even better than Golden Joystick, I think.

Thanks, Will. :)


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  2. Will there be a new normalisation nerf in .8.6 or is it just for APCR rounds. And does that include the tier x medium tanks.

  3. Surprised you liked Spore, I thought it was rather disappointing, it had a great concept and a lot of potential, but rather lackluster game play, maybe if there had been a Spore 2 Will Wright could of improved upon that, but I guess the numbers did not stack up enough after all the hype and the rather poor reception.

    Still if Will had been around at Maxis/EA today perhaps SimCity would not have ended up being the debacle that it is.

    I wonder if he dislikes arty as much as everyone else seems too.

    1. Not everyone hates arty, maybe he has half a brain and stays arty safe. I’m getting tired of the arty hate now. I don't play arty and I'm not sticking up for them but the whingers are ruining the game. L2P

    2. Recludere,

      to some extent Spore was disappointing, however I liked the concept of it. Never liked city builders though.

      Well, I like arty by the way.

    3. I would have nothing against arty if it was AI controlled fire (even without SPG on map, just shells coming from outside the map hitting more or less randomly at some sector, for example at sector with most tanks), but I somehow do not like idea that there are guys camping far away in some bush and shooting at me using unrealistic satellite view and they see every my move, they know were I go and they ruin my fun without any need for skill. They do not have to think about taking cover, about angling, about positioning, they do not have to know weakspots, reload times and many other things that decent tank player should know. They just sit in a bush and push a button oneshoting from time to time tank spoiling someones fun in one second. So for me SPg deserves every possible nerf and if I would have power to decide SPG would be removed.

      And tank game in which most damage and frags are done by howitzers is... strange. And such situation we have in higher tiers since autumn or maybe even summer (in autumn I stopped playing tier IX and X after a few arty party battles in a row).

    4. That's going to change in 8.6.

    5. I hope so. I am waiting for this patch impatiently. Many important and long awaited changes.

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