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Friday, May 17, 2013

[WoWP] Planes Need Some Love

Do you play World of Warplanes closed beta? Why? Why not? Will you join open beta once it starts?

What do you think of the current attack planes role in combat? If it's not ok, how would you change it?

Do you happen to know that NDA has been lifted?

Share your thoughts!


  1. I'm just honestly more excited for World of warships...or is it battleships now?

    1. Not you alone. It's World of Warships.

    2. WoWp meh at best, want to battleship :)

    3. So far I love the progress WoWS is making, however 2013 will be the year of WoWP for us.

    4. Only thing I have wrong with WH games is the lack of help for the free customer they allow gold in game as though everyone can afford 4000 a shell or make it wherethe skill of a player is now gone. They listen to the 13 year old that has no idea of game or the fact that tank sin real life arnt invulnerable or even planes. WoWp put a very taste in my mouth when I wa skicked couse I report the fact that whent hey do not fix things thatare reported they lose customers so what they do instead of fixing the issues they kick the customer. SO Warthunder with better graphics and better flight sim and better eceonomy is my choice once they release tanks.

  2. i was super excited when i got my invitation to closed beta, long time ago
    i installed the game and played a some matches
    waiting times were pretty long so the enthusiasm went low in short notice (i am not whining, just a fact)
    switched back to world of tanks to get my dose of quality gaming
    once in a while entered the game to do some air fighting
    logged off after a maximum of 3 battles
    heared news about about and decided to try it
    played it non stop for about 5 hours straight
    got back to wowp: "OMG how can it look/feel so bad?!?!"
    long story-short, the competition has a way better product, and if i would ever get back to playing an airplanes game (because i quit playing both of them) i'll definitely not choose WoWp

    1. ERATA: heared new about you know which game

    2. Have you played version 0.4.2?

    3. I was also full of doubt about this game becoming as good as WoT, especially when it comes to casual Players.
      The controls had gotten better for me, but they still felt wonky before 4.2.
      But now ...it's fricking awesome!!! Even good a friend to play it with me, despite him not really liking fly sims and not liking a previous Version of it (4.0. I think).
      We played it for three days in a row, not playing more than a Hand full of games in WoT.
      Not everything is perfekt, it's really hard sometimes to see wich plane you have targeted and/or target the plane you want, but the main problem just desolved because the controls are rock solid now, even the joystick controls!

      Now I can truely recommend the game to anybody, before that I always had to add warning labels ^^

      Give me a more detailed statistic and you could almost release it for all I'm concerned ;)

    4. Thanks for positive feedback. We need it.

  3. At the moment I don't play WoWp because War Thunder is more fun. It seems to be a bit closer to release, so everything is a bit smoother and more polished. That's the main reason why I prefer it at the moment. I will definitly give WoWp another try when it's a bit older.

    1. Hm, can't edit my post?
      I forgot to mention that planes are not my favourite stuff. But I am really waiting for the battleships. That's my thing, besides the tanks ;)

    2. You can say that WT is already at release since they are charging real money.

      Nope, you can't edit posts here.

    3. speaking of charging real money during "open beta"

      i really hope you do not plan this for WoWP. At least not for the first time. I would prefer a proper hard wipe after beta.

      Any word on this matter overlord?

    4. No plans for it. Open beta is for testing the game not for earning money. Hard wipe will follow.

    5. Mass respect for WG's stance on this. Paying to play in the beta is ridiculous.

    6. @ Draco

      I know games which are in open beta for 2 years and have buyable content all that time (and some people spend there lots of money). But of course, they do not plan any wipe, when beta ends.

      And when I take that game and compare with WoT, then their open beta is the same as released WoT. You can play, have fun, but some promised features are still not released and bugs can happen. And I think it is normal in F2P model, there should be never such moment as "finished game". Changes and new features refresh game and makes people come back to it.

    7. Well that's true, however on a psychological level such notions as beta (not finished) and money should not go hand in hand. Of course, in f2p case there is minimum shippable quality thing: your game is never finished until it dies, and the thing you need to decide on is when you are ready to push it to commercial use.

  4. I never play Beta (open and closed), regardless of the game (at least till now).

    The reason is, i want to enjoy the game to full extend when it comes out (that is, when its all new and shiny), i dont want to grind hours over hours, just to lose all the effort in the end for nothing, and there are normally "hordes" of people that like to test, so my opinion is not really necessary to make a game a success.

  5. have been playing wowp since alpha. What I like about wowp compared to Wot is that classes are less rigid, different trees have there own classes of planes. i.e the Soviets have ground attack and some excellent fighter, the USA and japan have both fighters and carrier launched planes that do double duty of aa and ground attack, the Germans employing heavy fighters + light interceptors. This is faithful to real world doctrine, not as in WOT where RL tank roles are forced into sometimes awkward game roles.

    What I don't like so far: graphics have heavier/more stringent demands on my pc, as with WOT, WG is square, I hate SQUARE maps, they also feel too small.

    Specifically to ground attack planes (you do mean that right?): too many objectives dispersing the fight, and so i worry that after beta, once wowp goes mainstream, randoms will make us all cry, and those famus soviet ground attack planes will become obselete. Sad because they are currently my beta favourites.

    summary, keep Wowp supple, don't over emphasise plane classes, as in real life many were multi-role (hurricane for example even though not in game yet). DIversify objectives, include bomber escort/intercept in all maps, giving fighters something to worry about while their ground hugging cousins get on with their own job. Players would more instinctively rally to game objectives.

    1. Yup, meant attack planes. Fixed.

      GA is the only class that might require some extra attention, since they are mostly not capable for aerial flight.

    2. that's why you need to seriously buff ai / or add possibility for multi crewing, seems that recent patches have nerfed ground attack defenses. OFC someone will complain :)

    3. on lower tiers russian ground attack rear gunner seems almost useless, offer very little defense. The tsh series of planes are designed as pure ground huggers, that and their rear gunners are vital s a defensive mechanism. At the moment no one hesitates to take them on from the rear and slightly above because the rear gunners dmg is restricted to sniping. I seem to remember when I started playing alpha the rear gunners on IL and Tsh series were much more powerful. Strange to say but Russians need a buff :)

    4. No.. I don't think the AI is the issue since 4.2. The range of being able to fire accurately only needs a slight adjustment. The AI on the tail gunner is fine. We can aim it (and should have to..) if we want to survive... by rear view or snap-to-target- viewing the enemy.

      However the tail gunner's ability to fire accurately even while aimed, beyond 1000 ft. (310m) is horrid. I'm not saying make us uber.. the midline accuracy goes out to about 1500 ft. (an extra 155m) but enemy fighters can literally fly straight behind at 1700 ft. and kill any IL except for the 20/40.

      The 20/40 are the only ones with really decent tail guns, and don't need a change. .. in my opinion.

      The others, however, can't hit a darned thing past 1500 ft.

  6. No, I don't, the game is much worse than War Thunder, in my opinion. Besides that I've actually grown to dislike Wargaming.net in a whole: I don't like its "arcade is fun everything else is an obstacle" approach, I don't like its unfair competition with Gaijin via paid slander comments on youtube, finally I don't like how Wargaming treats its russian-speaking players.

    1. You are obviously getting a wrong impression of how things are and who is paying for what. WoT RU community is one of the best in online games, and it is treated with respect as the core audience and core region should be.

    2. Huh? Paid slander comments? Do you have any proof for that, thefarthestshore, or are you just making it up?

    3. Overlord, I was experiencing that for like year and half but you've convinced me with mere words, ha-ha. Nevertheless, I do hope WoWP will become better than it is now — Gaijin should have a competitor (not to become Wargaming.net v2).

      Frank Davis, what kind of proof do you expect me to have? Go to youtube, find some "fly with WoWP developers" video and read the comments, if you know Russian — some of them are just so stupidly positive towards WoWP and offensive towards WT it's hard to believe they are written by real users. I do understand it's not something one could take to a court, and I had no intention to prove anything when I mentioned that: one can just tell apart advertisement-like messages from real criticism (even an uneducated one).

    4. We have never practiced dirty advertising in relation to any other games, including WT. To get a better picture, you might also want to check WT forums and livejounal. Surprisingly WoWP is mention waaay too often there.

      Not to mention patent infringements (remember the battle button).

    5. Overlord, to me it's understandable, I guess a large portion of WT players are WoT runaways, and usually you don't quit something you enjoy. But, to be honest, I don't read stuff from LJ group or official forum, so it's just my guess.

      > Not to mention patent infringements (remember the battle button).
      I thought it was a joke actually, ha-ha-ha, and you did patent that button indeed! Oh, Wargaming... Wargaming never changes.

    6. battle button is a patent infringement .. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    7. LOL Overlord .... Battle button? C'mon! Man, if you have to resort to that means you are really worried...

    8. It's a legal way to protect ones IP and it's better than dirty advertising you are accusing us of. It's not the button itself ofc, but the entire lobby UI layout.

    9. The lobby UI,seriusly?This is just a pathetic try to use the "copyright" excuse.

    10. pathetic WarGaming.Net is - Master Yoda said

      he also said:
      he'll shit some samples and patent them, so whenever WarGaming employees shit similar to Yoda's, he'll drag their asses to court for patent infringement

    11. You havent done any serious business in your life , have you? Try following apple and their patent strategy for a change.

    12. are talking Apple or are we talking WarGaming?

      the hangar menu WoT uses is not an invention, it's a sum of elements already used in gaming or software industry in general
      the "carousel" isn't even original, same goes for the "research tree"

      wonder if someone has a patent for a "play" button

    13. We are taking about lawful and legal practices of defending ones IP. If concept has been patented at the end of the day, it means that the company had every right to do so in the first place.

    14. same with Yoda's shit

      MicroSoft patented the Start Menu with taskbar since Windows 3.1
      and that did not stop Linux various desktop environments to have a similar menu in function, neither did Apple for their OS

    15. People, please understand that the Hangar layout can be patented the same way you can patent a decorative pattern or an artistic work. It's not the technology but the arrangement they're patenting.

      Overlord: How did the legal battle work out? Is WT still using a WoT-replica hangar UI?

    16. Exactly. It's only, and usually it's this way, that you patent source code or tech. One can also patent design decisions: arrangements, layouts, schemes, etc

      I believe, after they changed the layout of their hangar, moving some things, it's settled. At least I haven't heard the opposite.

    17. yeah right, so this is why all FPSes don't look the same (HUD wise) because someone patented it
      oh wait .. they do look the same

      if it's 1 to 1 exact copy - that's a problem
      if not ...

      so, overlord, why WG didn't patented all of WoT's inner workings? in fear someone might copy it or to protect your work
      the best way to protect your work is not to patent it

    18. When it comes to visible design decision, it's better TO PATENT them, since they are open to public. As for architecture and tech, it can be wise NOT TO DO SO in order not to disclose information on ones inner stuff.

    19. Oh, I see a lot of people with law master degree here indeed.

      But OK, I sincerely believe that all these persons here who are against patents (in fact it is not patent, it should be called "design" or "industrial pattern") will - after(and if) they will spend dozens of manhours and thousands of $ on developing (or designing)something new - give it to everybody else for free.

    20. The may spend dozens of design hours coming up with something, but quite often just natural ergonomic design win often lead to the same conculsion, the fact you can patent something so obvious is odious.

      The battle button? Really? Somethng you want people to notice and is oft used. Make it large colourful and put it top centre of the screen? Wow thats original.

      The garage caracel? That's totally new, and has never been seen before in say fighting games, some older RTS's etc.

      It's a little unfair on wargames as they have to use the crappy legal systems we've got, but still trying to protect such minor increments of systems lets say borrowed from other programs come on.

    21. @Overlord

      "WoT RU community is one of the best in online games, and it is treated with respect..."

      I am sure having Storm and SerB frequently call them retarded, stupid and bad players is regarded as treating someone with respect. Now, it would be great if you could all have your talks in russian and nobody else could understand, unfortunately for you, that is not the case.

      The sheer amount of arrogancy with some of the devs is amazing. Oftenly insulting many players and well, thinking they're untouchable. Basically, you could say they've become internet douchebags. I hardly believe they'd call someone retarded to their face for giving a suggestion they'd love to see in a game they obviously like. Both Storm and SerB should both not be allowed to answer questions in those "Ask the devs" events. SerB especially seems to be extremely narcissistic and prideful, almost a megalomaniac you could say, he wants to control everything and sees himself like some kind of übermensch. Not that different from a dictator.

  7. I don't preffer to play WoWP, because War Thunder is better.
    Better controls, better gameplay etc.
    I'm more excited about warships.
    I'll always play WoWP, but I'll (maybe) never think that it's a good game like WoT.

  8. Never been a big fan of plane games, spaceships oh yes, but planes, nah. World of warships I am most definitively looking forward to.

    War thunder also nailed the mouse based flying to an extent I have never experienced before, I'm not a fan of warthunder atm (when tanks/boats come, maybe), but wow they nailed the mouse controls! warplanes didn't nearly match up to that sadly.

  9. I start playing closed beta WOWP a day before I started WarTh. Coming from WOT which was very well done by wargaming I really tried to like WOWP. But was just impossible to control the plane and shoot somebody. And then I started WarTh and was just wow, better controls, lots of planes.

    I tried every update of WOWP and I really see progress on mouse aim, but to be honest is very hard to come back as I am used with the controls from WarTh and they still have lots of planes and different cool playing modes. They have weather which wargaming said is impossible to implement.

    As a programmer I understand that features like weather, lots of users in the same battle are very hard to develop and balance, but seems that at least somebody is trying to implement them and is not wargaming.


  10. I got into alpha, the game was clunky (alpha after all) but the bad part was waiting for matches. I probably got 20 flights in during the time I was in alpha, but I liked the game enough to buy a joystick. When beta came around it still took forever to get a match and I eventually stopped playing because the few matches I did get were not very much fun. I remember there were times that I just dove into the ground rather than finish a match just because I was tired of being chased in a circle. I pop in from time to time to try it but it still doesn't seem like much fun. I tried out WT and had a lot more fun flying in arcade mode was easy, the garage battle format means that if I get shot down in the early in the game I can still keep playing rather than having to go sit in a queue waiting for another match. The maps seem bigger and more varied and the match types extend beyond, 15 on 15 death match. While I think WoWP will do ok when it goes live I don't think it does nearly the justice for it's subject that World of Tanks does.

  11. Been having much more fun with War Thunder, so I uninstalled WOWP. Gaijin has a few problems of their own, but the overall game is more suited to what I desire out of a combat flight sim.

    What I'd honestly like to see is WOWP try to deliver something more unique. For example (and this is only speculation), it seems to me that once WT has ground forces, their gameplay will differ considerably from WOT - which is more arcady, with shorter ranges, fast-paced action, hitpoints, etc. I'm speculating that WT tanks will have longer ranges, probably lack a hitpoints system, likely have none of the paper-prototype tanks, and have other elements of the gameplay dynamics that make it fundamentally different.

    So I guess what I'm saying is, I'd like to see WOWP lean in a different direction than the fairly realistic simulation game WT is. WOWP already has hitpoints, so shooting for a more arcade-like game (like WOT) seems a good direction to go. But last I played WOWP, it just wasn't getting that "arcade" dynamic quite right, and seemed a bit of a mess.

    I'm waiting for WOWP to come along a little further in development before I come back to it and give it another try.

    1. To continue...

      I think, for starters, WOWP needs as good a mouse-control system as the one in WT (which is pretty brilliant, even if it's still slightly unfair to joystick users). Something that the average gamer can pick up instantly and fly with, which the system in War Thunder does fantastically well.

      I also feel WOWP needs to quicken up the game pace considerably, perhaps by cutting down on map sizes or some other measure. And, I feel WOWP being an air-combat game lends itself to more objective-based game modes; Something like one team leads a bombing run, the other tries to defend. Stuff like that makes for an immediate goal that all players are drawn to, and makes for quick and action-heavy gameplay.

    2. "likely have none of the paper-prototype tanks"

      There are only real life tanks (and armored cars) in published trees with exception for 3 prototypes (Black Prince, Panther Aufs F and Panther II)

    3. @ petuko
      Did you Play 4.2? Because the maus conrols are awesome now!
      I only think they should put roll on A and D by default, but the rest is a great change. I played WT and while they only use planes that were actually used in combat, their game modes include "land your plane on the enemies runway to capture it" nonsense!

      @ Dead_Skin_Mask

      The Black Prince (both of them actually) are real life prototypes. The Tier 7 one still exists, just type "black prince bovington" into youtube.

      There are a lot of tanks in the game that never made it past the drawing board (E50, E75, AMX M4 1945, Jagdpanzer E-100 etc.).
      But having only tanks that were used in the war is just a
      quality you can like or not, it's pure personal taste.
      I like prototypes and can't wait for the second German TD tree.

    4. @ Snortsch

      Please, do not explain me things that I know. In my comment I meant that all tanks in War Thunder (according to leaked trees) are real life production vehicles, with exception for 3 prototypes (there is no other prototypes - no T29, no T20, no Maus, no VK's and so on, only tanks that were used by armies).

    5. mouse controls are far from awesome
      0.4.1 - 330ms input lag: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iq8gvsfsinQ
      0.4.2 - 500ms input lag: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AL9EBGyFVY4

    6. Median input lag since 0.4.2 is 290ms. On a large scale it was significantly reduced in 0.4.2

    7. significantly reduced?!?! the fuck!
      290ms input lag is 200ms+ too much

      when I play with 30ms ping I expect to have no more than 60ms input lag, taking into account server-client data stream
      not 200, not 290, not 500ms

    8. Not saying its perfect now, but there was an improvement

    9. Still this kind of input lag is unacceptable in such fast paced games.

      In all honestly just get rid of this terribad serversided control system.

  12. Long ago I've decided not even to try WoWP (and War Thunder without tanks).


    1. Planes are too fast for me. My main strong sides in WoT are strategic thinking and terrain use, while my reflex and coordination suck a lot.

    2. I read long ago, that teamplay is more important in WoWP then in WoT. We have no teamplay in WoT, so I know that battles in WoWP will be even more terryfing experience. And due to [censored] teammates in WoT I was many times close to quitting and I had to make some longer pauses from playing recently, cause I was fed up with those amounts of pure stupidity we see now in every battle. In WoWP it would be even worse.

    3. I like tanks much more then planes.

    So I will not take part in open beta for sure. But I would love to take part in WoWS alpha (and betas too :) ) I would also love to help in making WoT Blitz (although I am afraid that smartphone will be too small for having fun).

  13. Well i started playing it more this week and i must say game has gone a long way forward since alpha. What i would like to see and i did post a topic on forums is dive bomber SDB Dauntless :)

    Two or tree months ago i would say War thunder is much better but now not so sure, WoWP is much much more user friendly especially if you played WOT and majority of players as now as well in future will be WOT players, keep it like that.
    Attack planes depend on support from fighters witch is lacking atm at least in games i played. That is player problem not game mechanics.

  14. I played WOWP since alph test. But it was not the game I expected before. In fact, it was not finished on that time.(I am not talking about tech trees. Control, graph,every ting are not good enough). Well,I donot want to be rude. But if another game can make me feel better, why I have to pay my money on this? I think this game still need to be improved .I love WOT,and still play tanks almost everyday. but I think air fight is totally different from ground. So , I think maybe u should change something from beginning. Wish to see u in WOWS. GL and HF

    1. Have you tried later versions, 0.4.x series? From your reply I tend to say "no"

    2. Not yet,well, cause the first experience is really important , ^_^,for example,one player is not satisfied with the game at first glance, then it is hard for him to continue. After one or two hours learning, he give up, and tell his friend the game is bad. That was always happened in this game. So I think u are enough succeed in WOT, WOWP is famous from beginning, that also means bad news goes faster either. I will try new version these days. Wish u have a good time

    3. Indeed, first impression is really important, however with F2P game is never finished and is constantly evolving.

  15. I played WoWP for a bit, and now after the 4.2 I tried it again.
    Well...the controlls where terrible, now they are less terrible, but still a long way to go if you want to make the game fun for keybord+mouse.
    The engine is just not good, not even close as pretty as the competions and much less optimized, tho that could change since its only beta. (not the engine unfortunately)
    While I like to see some prototypes here and there WoWP's line up is just epic joke...german tree has way to many "blueprint" planes while missing out some serious historical masters (no FW190, realy?...)

    So all in all, while its not a bad game it has some serious flaws and its just simply not as fun as the other, and at the end of the day FUN is what makes a game succesfull in the long run.

    1. Played it with a friend of mine who only played Wing Commander and other space shooters years ago and yet can hold his own very good at this game. I think the mause controls are on par with WT.

      It has always been a thing in WoT, that you have a lot of prototypes and even paper tanks it still has millions of subscribers that don't think that this is a joke.

      There is a historical reason, why the planes actually produced in Germany can't compete with planes from the Korean war and that is it's defeat in WW2. ;)

    2. You missunderstood me. I don't hate prototypes, but they shouldn't be the majority of a nations tree and in WoWP almost every nation has them more than 50% of all their planes.

      Controlls might be personal, but majority of the players I know, and most of the youtubers think its still far away from being fun. Btw holding your ground doesn't mean the controlls are any good, it only means that they are bad for everyone ;)

  16. Waiting for ships more than planes. WoWP will likely succeed because of its easy to pick up gameplay, but I personally don't like arcadish flight games with HP systems. Not my thing. In tanks it works, but with planes it feels wrong.

    Tanks and ships. Tanks and ships! Not interested in planes.

  17. First some back story:

    Any flight sim I touched as a young boy made one thing abundently clear.
    I don't belong in the sky.
    I remember playing one of the very early games in which you flew biplanes in world war I that allowed me to atleast fly, however when trying to hit something the only the only way to hit a target was by ramming straight into it.
    Btw the target I hit is mostly called "ground" by people.

    Hence one might say I'm a total scrub when it comes to flight sims,
    but rejoice Warthunder has an arcade mode and WoWP is an arcade game.
    I had heard alot about WoWP, and when I finally got into the closed beta I actually enjoyed it, it was clunky, it had a lot of issues, but it was playable.

    The controls allowed me not only to fly, but also to shoot, and actually be useful as a pilot.
    That's something only two other games actually managed to do between crashing in flight sims as a young boy and flying around in WT and WoWP.
    (BF1942 and HAWX)

    However due to having a life I had to cut my time for WoWP, after all I am more of a tanker anyway, and having to choose between the "kinda working" WoT and the "rollercoaster ride" that was WoWP at the start I chose to spend the few hours I had each day on WoT and the usual gaming pile.

    I returned a couple of updates later when WT opened it's doors for everyone, only to be welcomed back by utterly bad controls, a nonexistant population, and some of the issues that I parted with some time ago.
    Well, wanting to test the interesting aspects of the game, hence the grind I decided to fly each plane with a stock setup, instead of using the stockpile of free exp to rush to a shiny jet.

    Quickly I found out that a plane without any upgrades encounters the same problems as a tank without any.
    The only difference is that the problems weight more.
    Enemies would take almost no damage (Hitpoint system I salute you) and that's only on the few occasions I could actually shoot them, because even fully upgraded heavy fighters would easily outmaneuver me.

    So I was now facing the worst controls of the world, the same annoying techtree (must free exp modules to be useful) syndrome from WoT, and a hitpoint system that reminded me more of an RPG than an action game.

    At this point I remembered that WT was finally open for everyone.
    I registered, installed, updated and played.
    I kept myself away from the WT forums, since I wanted to make up my own opinion and even the most neutral person of the world atleast keeps other people's opinions in mind.

    Short version:
    I was mind-blown.
    Smooth controls, no techtree that kept the big guns away from me until I could get enough experience, no bloody hitpoint system that made shooting a bomber like fighting your typical jrpg boss, and most important... people to play with!

    1. Although it had it's downside, like a none-matchmaker that suddenly thought it was a genius idea to put my biplane against a Me-262 and a MiG.
      Or the crazy economy patch.
      However the silly economy patch atleast sorted out the matchmaker, not to mention that I actually shot down a Me-163 with a lvl 1 biplane before the matchmaker was changed, and it 1) felt great and 2) rewarded me with tons of experience.

      In all honesty, by that point I had forgotten that WoWP even existed.
      My mind had thrown away the garbage and any memories of WoWP were washed away with it, until the new shiny WoWP patch came online and I read about it here on the blog.

      It's actually a simple thought process that led me to play WoWP again:
      If WoWP get's the curve and finally becomes better, I can enjoy it simply because I can use the same account as in WoT.
      I am a tanker at heart so flying would be more like a addition than another game to play, and getting some credits/free exp while doing it sounds good enough.

      So I updated the client and started again.
      Long story short, after 5 battles and about two hours of trying to get the keyboard+mouse controls to work I ragequit in the middle of a battle.
      I was extremely frustrated by not being able to get the controls to work.
      No fine tuning, no adjusting my mouse or keyboard settings could help, no matter what I did, precise movement was not possible.

      I think that was the first time for about 8 years that I alt+f4 out of a game, because I was sick of it.

      Come to think of it "sick of it" is an interesting phrase.
      I don't know what especially it is, maybe the FOV (I have a big problem with low FOV in games, one of the reasons I keep myself away from WoWP's and WT's zoom in feature), but after playing for about 10 minutes I had a nice and annoying headache.

      In my opinion WoWP is a trainwreck in full motion the only difference is that I'm still standing on the train desperately thinking about what will be better:
      1) Waiting to see if the train catches itself somehow
      2) Jumping off and never looking back while I hopefully survive the impact...

      I would be one of the first to yell out to the world:
      "World of Warplanes has finally got it! It's not only playable, it's also a >fun< game to play"

      But as long as I have Warthunder in which I can take out a jet in a biplane, cause luck+guts+no &%"$ hitpoint system, without being
      the 45 years old guy who has been playing Jane's flight sim since it's first installment.
      And as long as WT actually let's me walk away from my PC after a couple matches with a smile and a few nice memories instead of a headache and the notion of wanting to jump of a cliff. (Just to test if the real life flying controls of my falling body are better or worse than WoWPs)
      I can't do that.

      I love Gaijin for being a competitor for Wargaming.
      You might not like to hear this, but as a customer I know very well what happens when developers think they are almighty and have nothing to fear.
      Now the problem is that Warthunder greatly outshines WoWP gameplay-wise.

      The only thing that leaves a nagging bit in my mind about WT is the current economy system, but if they actually change it and make it work WT will easily outrun WoWP.
      And from there on it's an open battlefield.

      Simple example:
      If WT Airforce stomps WoWP into the ground Gaijin will be pretty much free to mess with their playerbase.
      On the other hand if WT Army comes out and turns out to be a complete gargabe product, WoT will stand without any competition and Wargaming can do whatever they want to do.

      Competition is the most important thing in the gaming industry, it's one of the major core mechanics that keep the industry running, otherwise it would have died a long time ago.

      My hope is that WoWP will become better, it's free2play so I will check out every future update, but the light at the end of the tunnel is small, and it's flickering...

  18. I love WoWP since its more balanced then WT, atm i have been playing both and i can say that WT need serious blanceing wich WoWP already have.

    I cant wait for WoWP to hit the real servers and get out of the beta phase

  19. i played WOWP with great joy, but with 4.2 update i got serious fps drops in random moments, especially when aiming at enemy, so i stopped to play recently. i got laptop with core i3 and geforce 610M. i have no such problems in WOT

    1. WT has shitty UI but it works much better on my computer, so i have no choice what to play.

    2. Going to push hard on performance and bugs during open beta.

  20. The ping is still a big problem ( I am from HongKong and play in NA) , if I got high ping in WOT, I can still calculate the deflection shooting time
    But in WOWP, I can't do that, planes are too fast for me to calculate

    So I have 2 suggestion:
    1) Open new server to support the different region, especially in Asia
    2) Totally change the calculation of hit targets, not in the WOWP server but in client

    or it will be a big problem for us to play and get interest in WOWP

    1. Sure thing we will launch WoWP in other regions, just like WoT, at a later stage.

    2. I want to use my NA account but play on a server somewhere closer to Australia. I have too much invested in that account to create a new one since I know its planned to link gold and free xp across games.

      While I'm here, WoT generals alpha just started in Russia, will NA have an alpha chance soon? Also, why no BT-SV in the NA server. I want one. :D

  21. To be really honest, I play WoWP closed beta in the hopes that testers will earn a beta plane, like how WoT awarded testers with rare tanks for their help. Don't get me wrong though, I've been actively playing/testing WoWP as time allows me to. But you can bet that I will give that beta plane a whole lot of love. Otherwise, for what it's worth, it has been a real pleasure being given a chance to try out the game before it goes live =)

  22. Well OL... I think all those Plane-based MMO are too slow in pure gameplay. I mean World of Tanks has some speed in actual battles, whereas WoWP is just TOO DAMN BORING. It's like "Oh, i'm flying, Oh enemy, Oh i shot, Oh i died." Nothing special about empty skies... And to add i'm also not WarThunder fan-boy. Sorry, but this kind of games make me sick. When i played closed beta of WoWP i felt like there was no physics, planes like toys, i couldn't feel real horsepower of their engines and speed avg of 400-500. Pretty lame ;/

  23. IMHO, WoWP is better for pretty casual players and WoT players that never played flight sims, and WT is better for all the rest.

    My big criticism (?) for WoWP is the lack of depth: almost all the battles are the same, including a big furball. Well, that and the stupid tracers.

    For WT, their eco is stupid; also, IMHO, their tech trees haven't any logical behind, they look like "hey lets put together all this planes and lets see..."; the joystick has terrible problems; the mouse aim waters down the game to almost a shooter; and the experience systems is too complex.

    Still, I find myself playing more and more WT. Even a loss is funny because you get some really nice combats.

    My concern for both games is that I think that planes have not the grinding push that tanks have: after all, the play with a low level tank and a top one is almost the same. So you want grind new tanks to get just a bigger gun.
    But biplane play, and jet play it is not at all the same. So probably I'll stick in certain planes and not worry about finishing trees. After all, I like more early war planes that the jets.
    Although that's not a problem for the player, it could be a concern for the company that wants make money making easier the grind.

    Sorry for the WoT (wall of text :D)

    1. Will be fixing stupid tracers in the upcoming update.

  24. I played WoWp (Battles Participated: 577), but since 0.4.0 I can't play with medium graphics setting because my RAM is just 4Gb, and I don't want to play with lower settings.

  25. In my opinion every 3.+ patch just ruined the game more and more for me.
    When I started CBT I loved wowp, it was more enjoyable than now.
    I was amazed this morning when I still got 20fps with medium settings, remembering how you said that performance is gonna improve.
    All battles are the same now - literally

    I also don't understand peeps who say that wowp is for more casual and faster play, kinda like just log in and get into battle - which they say, is somehow different from WT ( WTF HAVE THOSE PEOPLE BEEN SMOKING )

    In WOP vs WOWP, wowp is the underdog. Gaijin has several flight sims(arcades), and WOP feels like *wings of xxx* with just little tuned down graphics, but still better than wowp.
    Their game engine is clearly better, they have experience creating enjoyable arcade flying model, connection is more forgiving and game experience doesn't suffer with high ping.
    In fact you could say world of planes is a better product.
    What has wowp to offer then - well besides WG uniqe way of dealing with customers not much.
    People that are not interested in flight arcades will play wowp only becasue they play WOT, you won't attract new players.

    Wows is beeing developed by Lesta so I have high hopes for that, was big fan of PSA.

    If WT ground based game kicks off with similar play stile like wop ( huge maps, loads of units, fast combat, realistic damage/armor models, enjoying one battle with several different/or_even_same tanks ) I'll be hooked.
    When that happens I'll have 15 tierX tanks and I'll be playing CW only, so I hope you have something good for CW coming up soon and not next year.

  26. No I wont,because Gaijin did a 100X better job at doing a flight MMO

  27. I've signed up for the closed beta but haven't been invited yet...

    I got really into WarThunder at some point, but my enthusiasm for it quickly disappeared - and I don't really know why specifically. I hope WoWp has more staying power when I finally get in on it.

    (...although I have higher hopes for WoWs!)

  28. Hello! I'm extremely interested in the relative hardware requirements of WoT and WoWp. WoT needed extensive modding to be played at a constant 40fps, so I wonder if WoWp (with less performance mods available) will run worse or not at all.

    Thanks you.

    PS: I can post my equipment if it is relevant.

    1. Generally speaking WoWP requires a bit better equipment, going to finalize the requirements during open beta - this is the stage when we are going to work hard on performance.

    2. Thank you for your answer.
      I see WoT has already included some level of dual-core compatibility. Will this technology be further developed for WoWp or will other mean of enhancing performance be included?

    3. Both directions actually.

  29. I dont really like wowp or wt, mostly because Im bad@planes, everytime I try to attack someone it just ends up in flying circles after each other untill one gets killed by someone else

  30. Same here, keep ending up turning circles....
    The game just doesn't catch me like WOT does.
    I also have troubles to feel the differences between the different type of planes. Think I'm just a tanker and no pilot, I don't expect to play it when it will be released.

    Sigh, getting sick of them captcha....

  31. Sadly I cant play any more, cuz after 0.4.2 I get maximum 10 fps on my single core p4, 4 when shooting at some one...
    The other game with planes runs fine (20+ fps minimum) at higher settings than wowp at minimal.

  32. I just can't believe that the Brits wasn't one of the first nations to be introduced!!!

    1. They game is quite far from going live, so it's not going to be the same as in WoT.

    2. Yes but Britain had one of the biggest airforces in the world at that time and how can you introduce a WW2 flying game without the spitfire and hurricane etc. WG didnt need to follow the same way as WOT by introducing the Russians, Americans and Germans first

    3. All of those were great air forces as well. My opinion was that Brits had to be added 4th, however guys decided to push them to 5th position. Still we have enough time to add them before release.

    4. Ok, well it is nice to see that they will be added before release :)

  33. There aint an SEA server :( Don't feel like creating a NA account.

    Don't want to think about the possible latency anyway.

    1. There will be one for release or even open beta.

  34. You want to know why I quit closed beta, and why I will never play WOWp again?

    answer is simple, because WAR THUNDER is 3-4x better!!

    and if they do same thing with tanks they will jump 1 step in front of WoT too, only difference will be that WoT got more players, which is not strange when is 2 y old,but even that will change with time so dear Overlord open your eyes and start listen players that want to make your games better, dont continue this crapy politic '' we dont listen players because they whine'' which is obviously not true,there are manny players which want to improve ur game, but you dont care !! all in all, fate of your games is in your hands! GL!

    1. I play WoT more then 2 years, I am also watching forums and Overlord blog since then. So I see, how many players suggestions were listened by WG. Some feedback was taken into account very fast (like changes in capping time in encounter mode made during public test after players complained that fast capping by scouts ruins that mode). Other suggestions are introduced after longer time, like MM flattening or worsening SPG power and economy (done already at least twice after EU/NA release).

      The problem is that some people do not understand that devs can't listen to everything and everyone and that some ideas can ruin some elements of the game (for example hardcap can ruin MM). I have seen the same day posts: "IS-7 is OP" and "IS-7 needs buff". Tell me, how would you listen to such feedback?

      I have also learned that sometimes it is WG who is right, not players. I was very sceptic about T34 nerfing, when he was changed into premium and moved from tier IX to tier VIII. In last iteretion of public test, after third or fourth series of nerfes, it seemed to be useless crap wothout any chance to survive in fight with mediums of even lower tiers. But when patch went live and I played a few weeks with T34 premium I realised that he is well balanced for premium and server wide stats confirmed it, although I still do not like this tank and stopped playing him many months ago (but I generally don't like sluggish tanks with slow aiming and low rof).

    2. Dead_Skin_Mask,

      thanks for the support on the subject.

      Adding more to the points above, I'm TOTALLY for listening to player feedback and adjusting the game accordingly. HOWEVER, it should be done using proper research, that we have started doing recently, not based on few forum comments from a particular player group which may not and most likely is not representative at all.

      ' we dont listen players because they whine'' is by all means not the way we work. True that F2P games are often surrounded by lots of negativity, and we are listen to it as long as it doesn't cross the line and contains some constructive elements.

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. Well, I haven't played WoWP. But I have played WT. And it bored me to tears most of the time. I think the game mode where you capture the three airfields was the only one that didn't involve me alt-tabbing out for a moment to read my twitter feed.

    I do read the comments about WoWP, and I think if you sort out your control and performance issues you might have something there. So long as you can make it as immediately "pick up and put down" as WoT is. The greatest thing about it is realising your train isn't for another 20 minutes and killing the time with a match.

    WT is pretty. And the controls are "not bad". You're definitely going to need to contend with that. But the other things people complain about aren't totally relevant given the markets the two games are aiming for. I should really point out that I've played all the Sturmovik games and I like Gaijin's work overall. It's just the WT really didn't catch me. At all.

    1. I do admit that they have done a good job with WT in general btw. And from a consumer's perspective, it's always great to have competition on the market. These days we are focusing hard on WoWP to bring it to open beta in a good shape. Controls and performance, along with adding new features and functionality, are the top priorities.

  37. Tried it and didnt like it. WT is better and more playeble for me.

  38. I only played once, months ago.
    After half an hour of it failing to find a match i settled for the tutorial.
    All the time i was wrestling with the plane to try to at least aim it in the general direction of my enemies, to no avail. I was using joystick, also tried the mouse - even worse)
    As I'm not a hardcore plane-sim fan that experience was enough to shut down any enthusiasm for WoWP. I MIGHT try it when it comes out.

    1. WoWP is not a sim. Tho when speaking of our games I prefer not to use words arcade and sim. We are making games, hopefully fun ones.

    2. Well i know that, I meant plane games in general.
      I prefer games where what matters is what you decide to do
      and not how well you manage to execute said plan trough control wrestling.

  39. WoWP was really, REALLY bad back in the day which i think scared off a lot of people early in the alpha/beta. the most recent patches have generally made things better tremendously, seeing as the controls are generally great (still a few ergonomics tweaks needed) and certain planes no longer fall out of the sky.
    some slight tweaks still need to be made, for instance some of the 20mm cannons overheat too easily to be useful, so planes mounting them often find that most of their damage output in extended dogfights comes from their MGs. .50 cal machineguns are noticeably more effective than 7mm machinguns at tiers 4-6 so a little balancing there is required.
    some of the 'muscle planes' like the P40 warhawk can't dogfight due to their nose heavy nature and cant really do the high speed dive engagements like the did in real life, some adjustments to make these planes feel a little more viable or unique in play style would be a good idea.
    AA guns and tail gunners are now perfect, no adjustments needed there aside from needing to add muzzle flare to tail gunners, otherwise you can never tell if your gunner is actually doing his job or not.
    some more battle types would be nice, also some sort of incentive to encourage players to play their aircraft's role, like attack aircraft get bonus xp for destroying ground targets and fighters get bonus xp for engaging other aircraft and such.

    compared to the game's biggest competitor (War thunder) it definitely feels less polished and feels much smaller in scope and to a lesser extent ambition, however WoWP has been getting better and doesn't share all of the issues that have arisen in war thunder so far (such as one shot deaths, ramming and fighters stealing all the ground targets from the bombers)

  40. I have been playing WoWP since Alpha. I like it a lot and there has been many positive changes.
    I hope developers will introduce moving targets in game (armored trains, vehicles, tanks etc).
    Also, it would be wonderful if ground attack targets could be randomly placed on the map so they are not always on the same location (repetitive and a bit boring).
    Airplane engine sounds are lovely. On that note, I really hope the tank engine sounds will be changed in WoT. They are very bland and sound the same.
    Not asking to change the engine sound for every tank. Introducing more variety would be splendid. That has been my #1 complaint about WoT since Open Beta.
    Anyway, WoWP is still in Beta. There are many changes that will happen before the final release.
    Keep up the excellent work Developers.

    P.S. Please change the tank engine sounds. :-)

    1. Thanks, actually ground targets are randomized at this stage. As for tank engines sounds, going to update them a future.

  41. I don't play WOWP because:
    1.I'm not much into planes.
    2.War Thunder looks better anyway.

    I am, however,am old Navyfield player and am looking forward to WoWS!

  42. I used to play bea, but there is such a significant delay between my controls and plane reaction, that i just quit ... it's infuriating.

  43. I played the tutorial + a few matches before 0.4 and I could not stand the controls so I stoped.

    I updated it today and played a few matches.

    What I think now is:
    Controls is better but still bad. Input lag and to simple to control a plane.
    It does not feel like the plane does what I want.

    Air combat is boring, it's ether go up high and dive on an enemy or chase each other in circles. Not much of a strategy like in tanks with positioning and use of terain. It's also harder to keep track of the minimap when you have to focus on the plane all the time, less strategy there to.

    And the time to get in and fight it to long. Start with 30 sec matchmaking (if it's fast). I got a good computer so I load in 5 sec. Then wait an other 45 sec for every one eles to load and the timer to tick down. Now spend 1 min flying to the enemy and if you are lucky you have 2min of fun.
    I could do more hit and run but that means spending 1min climbing to altitude before diving again.

    All in all it's mostly waiting and very little actual fun fighting.
    In WT you got garage battles with 3 planes that allow you to spend more time fighting and having fun. If you want me to play WoWP you need to cut down on the waiting times. If I have to wait or do boring things for 2 min to have 2 min good fight it's not that fun. In tanks you have more like 4-6min of fun for every 2min waiting. In WT it's 10+ min of fun for every 2min of waiting.

    If it was 30 sec from clicking battle to seeing the first enemy WoWP would be more intresting. But as it is now I do not have fun playing it.

    1. Waiting times will go down in open beta by a mile.

      As for garage battles, if you are unlucky (which is roughly 50% of all times), you have to struggle like 20 minutes. Or just suicide all your 3,4,5 etc planes.

    2. More players will only remove 30 sec MM time not the load times of all the slow computers + 30 sec timer. Then you got flight time to the enemy.

      Do you plan on changing those to?

  44. Note: This isn't payed slander, that's a ludicrous idea.

    I'm personally enjoying Warthunder due to it's attempts at something approaching historical accuracy, the excellent engine and control scheme (mouse control works PERFECTLY, considering getting a joystick, and the game runs at 70 FPS 90% of the time at max on a budget rig), and most importantly: Historical/Full Real battles.

    Warthunder also has it's downsides, notably an economy that's almost as bad as WoT's at T10 for some nations, however, it starts to get horrifically bad at levels8-9 (out of 20), which is aggravating, especially for a mainly HB player as we pay much higher repair costs. The flight models on some aircraft are completely broken, notably on the allied fighters, meaning that they perform like crap compared to german aircraft, and that's no fun at all, especially when HB is infested with Fw190 D-13 premium aircraft booming and zooming everywhere.

    WoWP, while it arguably possess the more forgiving economy and a functional module choice mechanic (something that Warthunder could use), is just all too arcadey, and difficult to control to boot with a mouse.

    I've played perhaps a dozen hours of WoWP compared to hundreds, if not thousands, of WoT, and nearly a hundred of Warthunder.

    It's just not worth it to play WoWP as is, and you should work on getting WoWS out as fast as possible. WoT's gameplay would translate well to battleships and other naval units, but it's completely horrific when applied to aircraft.

    I wish you luck, Overlord. Perhaps WoWP is still worth saving. I only play now to get free gold in WoT.

    Warthunder also has more planes on that note, but work seems to be slowing down massively, as they've shifted efforts to the ground combat component of the game. It's still a very unbalanced experience, however, so WoWP has a chance to grab the players leaving Warthunder due to imbalance currently.

    Honestly, Overlord, I feel that if you had access to a competent engine designed from the ground up for use in flight sims, and a team that has made them before, Wargaming could create a good product.
    However, you're up against a simulator engine and a team with experience from Wings of Prey, a reasonably fun flight game which had it's engine ripped and assets reused to boost Warthunder to playable in a few months development time, compared to the years it's taking WoWP to get to "fun" levels.

    Please, for the sake of whatever community WoWP has, start working on cockpit views and a functional Historical Battles mode.

    1. It's worth not saving, but further development and polishing. :)

      I don't think we should compete with WT on their ground (cockpits, hardcore historical battles, etc). It would be much better to go our way here, making the game more appealing to those who have little or no flight game/sim experience.

    2. I had no experience with flight games until I played Warthunder, only played it as I was waiting months to get into the Wowp beta.

      Funny thing is that the apparently sim game - Warthunder - is so much easier to play. After one game I was getting kills and helping the team.

      Why did ye make an arcade game that is harder to fly (and less fun) then a realistic/sim game like Warthunder.

    3. Free gold for WoT from playing WoWP? What? How does that work?

    4. this was a rather lengthy way of saying you prefer flight sims. Well, let me tell you some of the failings of War Thunder....

      Like you have many planes that can't even be in one pass brought into any kind of historical accuracy OR even in balance if their attempt was to make such a thing as balance. Constantly nerfing/buffing entire countries just to mess with people. Piss poor community...

      Planes that can't even pitch.. or if you pitch up 15 degrees, you lose all airspeed altogether.. Yeah, that's any more real than WoWP?

      Don't get me wrong.. I love both games very much. But if WoWP had even half a campaign mode as WT, I'd never touch WT again except for when my friends in CLX are there.

  45. World of Warfaile!!! not Warplanes. the Controlling is fail

  46. Just got into closed beta and played a couple of rounds after I read some introductory posts. I'm not a big fan of airplanes but World of Tanks was in my opinion a huge success (first tank game with fun!). So I tried WoWp, worried that it too much like a simulation, which I never liked.

    Controls are quite good, I do not have any problems with them. Fun factor is present. A bit too much information in the UI at first, but you get the hang quite fast and ignore informations you don't need. Will test the game from time to time and give feedback so you can make it better.

    The garage view is quite bulky for instance, especially the modules view. It's way better in WoT, no useless clicking. Oh, and please make the scroll bar for finished battle informations a tad bit larger, the thin scroll bars look cool but can be tricky to click at.

    NDA lift means I can also post screenshots from the game whereever I want? Maybe I would do a small After Action Report if I'm allowed to.

    A little selfish question at the end: does WG plan to reward all alpha/beta testers, or only those that contributed most the game? Heard contradictory reports about WoT beta testing (some getting a load of gold while just having played the game, others getting nothing whilst having also just played the game).

    1. Combat UI is a bit messy right now, hoping to nail it down before open beta starts.

      Yes, you can post about the game whatever you want.

      Well that's not true. In WoT we rewarded all those who have played 1000 (if I remember correctly) battles in closed beta, they got a prem M4 tank. Alpha testers got Pz V-IV alpha. In WoWP you can expect a similar approach.

    2. And we didn't give out any gold in bulk, only to a very few contributors (active community members, moderators, etc)

  47. today i figured out that there are 2 mouse options: "mouse" and "mouse 0.4.1"
    "mouse 0.4.1" is unplayable compared with "mouse" in my opinion.

  48. I was really enjoying WoWP before 0.4.0 came. Since then it's getting progressively less fun.

    First of all there are mouse controls issue- since 0.4.0 players have been pointing out that coming back to 0.3.5 mouse would be wonderful. Unfortunately that's not what's happening. With every new patch we're getting mouse controls kinda upgraded, but it's happening way too slow.

    There's also this one other thing regarding Tech-Tree and Module Configuration. When I first saw Module Configuration solution in WoWP I was really psyched about it, and was hoping (haha, silly me) that WoT devs would implement such system in their game. The thing is that with giving players ability to combine different modules for different outcomes good in one field, worse in other one is making the gameplay incredibly more interesting. Whereas in WoT we have only 1 configuration that is usable and it's the one most expensive credit- and experiencewise. Module Configuration system merged with Tech Trees (recent WoWP solution, and all-time WoT solution) is oversimplifying the process of customizing your machine. I guess that it's more-or-less acceptable with tanks that rely mostly on gun and armor and rarely on speed, but with planes that rely on firepower and speed that should be taken into consideration. Whether you want a fast, nimble plane but with little armament or slow, sluggish one but with ability to rip your enemies in one burst.

    1. A bit surprised that you are having issues with the new mouse. General reception was rather warm. Any particular complaints?

    2. I believe general reception was lukewarm at best. Of course I'm talking about EU feedback - http://forum.worldofwarplanes.eu/index.php?/topic/10556-patch-042-control-changes/#top

      My personal thoughts on the controls is that deadzones are still too small, and it causes a plane to fly kinda "wobbly" when you try to shoot stationary or not manouvering targets. This got fixed to some degree since 0.4.1, but is still an issue. Again- I believe that not-ice-cold reception was caused mainly by the fact that it went from bad to worse in 0.4.0->0.4.1 transition.

      The Tech-Tree thing is what's really bugging me. You had a mighty interesting solution there, and yet you decided to follow the simple and easy steps of WoT's Tech-Tree.

      But, to sugarcoat this a little: You did a great job with improved graphics and performance optimization. That went a lot better (in my eyes) than the WoT's graphics "upgrade". Big high-five to you all for that.

      Also, some minor things:
      -Crew voices are corny as they can be ;) but I guess that's WIP, so that's not really a complaint
      -A long time ago we had much more info about the plane in the hangar GUI. I know that WG developers care about not overwhelming us with information, but maybe you could ease up now and then.
      -There would be nice to see basic ammunition, consumable, equipment and module display in the Main page of the Hangar.

    3. turning using mouse does not work as it should/ought to, a continuous turn with mouse is not possible unless you have endless desktop space and a 50ft arm. This gives a huge advantage to Joystick users (I know have tried both).

      Mouse should work as a yoke, add an interface overlay to show position of yoke and all would be fine (well better).

      keyboard controls are even worse as they are not incremental, i don't always want/need 100% rudder/elevators, they need to be incremental too, (based on time keyboard button pressed down). Current control setup makes me feel i'm flying a yo-yo not an aeroplane.

      i could carry on moaning but i won't as their is plenty to like (and to prefer over the competition)

      btw I think we are missing Serb trolling in WOwp beta !

    4. Michał Rojczyk,

      was talking about entire 0.4.x series, not only the latest update.

      WoT-like tech-trees are easy to navigate and understand. Those factors were decisive.

      In UI we adhere to multi-layer UI concept. Novice players don't need much info, experts will find / turn on what they need easily.

    5. Maybe I missed my point there. Tech-Trees themselves are OK, since they've been WoT-like since I've joined Closed Beta at end of july 2012.

      I'm concerned more about the module configuration system. One you had before was, let's say, separate from tech-tree. It was still easy to learn, was reasonably logical and offered much more diversity. Of course there were some changes in modules themselves like removing of Bf. 109F, for example.

      I really think that this is a gameplay hindering move and if World of Tanks had such system it would that game even more successful, as it would give players possibility to suit their tanks more-or-less to their liking or try different configurations like tough turret armor + worse RoF as opposed to weaker turret (also, lighter) but higher RoF. That's just an example, but I believe you see what I'm getting at.

  49. This comment has been removed by the author.

  50. I've been in closed beta since just after the game got to that point, but only started actively playing a cuple versions ago with the introduction of "WoT Mouse". The old controls were completely unplayable and very buggy when I first tried.


    I'd prefer to be able to use a gamepad to be able to use my manueverability to the fullest, but aiming is just to hard that way compared to with a mouse. Very important with shot dispersion combined with generally short firing windows in air combat and HP pools to go through.

    When can we expect an official statement on a CBT aircraft for WoWP, if any, and its limits? It's clear that some sort of reward will be there for beta testers, but I'm worried that with as little time as I've been playing, pulling OT for 2 months now, and still trying to play WoT I won't hit the expected 1k battles in CBT. CBT and OBT no problem, but maybe not in CBT alone.

    GA aircraft are fine in role, but the bomb costs ruin them since they are more reliant on them to do thier job AND get much less reward for damage dealt to ground targets than you get for air targets.

    Additionally many of them lose far too much altitude in turns, often droping the nose going into the turn with the mouse controls compared to fighters that will raise the nose with the same commands given. I will often have to turn with my screen pointed as high in the sky as I can to not lose altitude while turning. Since GA aircraft tend to fly close to the ground, this is a serious issue.

    Overall I'm enjoying the game. There have been some missteps, like much of the recent UI changes, but feedback is gathered proactively and listened too and the game is being continually improved even in a short time. I'm excited to see what it ends up being by OBT.

    1. My biggest complaint on ground attack aircraft is that the amount of Advantage points you can gain at a time from ground targets is capped, and there is no reward for eliminating all ground targets.

      I've been on a number of teams playing GA (or faking it as a bottom tier Heavy) where we have gotten 10-15 advantage lead from destroying all ground targets, once eliminating all of them as best we could tell, but it didn't matter because our fighters couldn't kill anything. The enemy could shoot down one of us, or blow up an AA gun, to reset half the advantage counter to guarantee we never won despite the massive advantage we (technically) had. In the end the last 2 of us GA had to go air to air to try win. (We'd already seen the other 2 get hunted down and killed and they'd found us.) As expected, it didn't work, we died, and they won. All while we still officially had more Advantage points than them.

      We literally did everything possible to secure our team victory, according to the scoreboard that should have been a lopsided win for us, but it wasn't, because you can't win by the GAs dominating alone. You CAN however win by fighters getting air kills alone. It was a very "I call BS!" moment.

    2. Afaik, the beta gift stuff requirements have been already announced.
      100+ battles until open beta to get smth, 700+ battles to get a better reward.

    3. What do we get for 11,000 + battles? A "Get a Life" decal for the planes? HEHEHE..

      Seriously, though, I am still loving this game. Some good and some bad things, often perceptual and varying between hundreds/thousands of players...

      But this one is making more good updates than the competition. And fewer bad ones, although frustrating as they are..not as bad as WT still can't even get some planes to have pitch control.

  51. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  52. I tried out WoWP early on; I found the controls bewildering, the gameplay alienating, and the combat interface incredibly hostile to colorblind players. It had none of the things that made even early closed beta WoT fun and approachable, and that really drove me off.

    From time to time my friends will suggest I come back and give it another shot, but... why? If I feel like flying, Star Conflict (for all its flaws) is worlds better in every regard. I love planes like anybody else, but atmospheric flight holds no more allure for me. WoWP was a harsh reminder of that.

    I'm keenly interested in how world of boats turns out, but until I can play that... I'll stick to my tanks.

  53. I have been playing both WT and WoWp, before 0.4.0 WoWp was unplayable to be, and I am an mouse + keyboard user only. At those times enjoyed WT more, but I was missing something, that feeling of progression and being useable to the team. In WoT there is almost every battle I have big influence to it, cus of my skills and map knowlegle, and love to unlock new tanks, have feeling of researching new modules and making my tank stronger... then WoWp 0.4.0 arrived and I finaly enjoyed it, played over 800 battles and being able to shot down 6 enemies every second battle, I liked it, i liked to unlock new things and progres up, and platoon up with friends. Then 0.4.2 happened and I can barely run the game with 20 fps on my highend gfx AMD 7950 OC and 8GB ram, also it's crashing a lot, so I stopped to play, yet I have to will to go back to WT. I thing WoWp has it's potential, just need more features, stability and all should be fine. Cant wait for further updates.

  54. I have not as much as touched 4.x, WoWP has managed to fend me off. Major disadvantages from that period:
    # [Unforgiving] Ping has a tremendous influence on the gameplay. Precision shooting all the time makes the game tiring. Not intense - tiring, as all I did was struggling to get the enemies' leading circles into my aim display.
    # [Monotonous] Maps are nothing more than terrain textures and different AA gun locations - all the game happens in the air, and nothing changes there. Games are repetitive.
    # [Chaotic] [Tiring] For a newb (100 battles or so - I could not stand more) the game is a pure chaos bundle. I had no idea where is everyone apart from the guys I was tailing or was tailed by. It had happened frequently that teams had mid-air collisions (good indicator of player's awareness on the battlefield btw. - you should look at these stats).
    # [Chaotic] [Monotonous] [Unforgiving] There is no way that in the chaos - mentioned above - a beginning player can anyhow cooperate with somebody else in a positive way. As a matter of fact, the only way that a beginner can try to cooperate - i.e. go and tail the same enemy, can easily end up with are collision or hitting an ally. There is no team vs team, but 15 vs 15, or 1 vs 29 if the ari collisions are included.
    # [Unforgiving] [Tiring] The game does not forgive and does not reward. Ping, a little lag, losing focus for a second and you are a goner. There are numerous ways to die quickly here. And I have you know that I have finished Dark Souls, so I know something about how a game can be unforgiving in this matter *spongebobmeme.png*. DS, however, is an example that rewards one's accomplishments and valiant efforts...
    # [Monotonous] [Unforgiving] Once you have somebody on your tail - this is it. Either you have better stats and you escape or you are a goner. There are no advanced maneuvers, no map obstacles to hide behind, your teammates likely have no idea what is happening either. All you can do is escape until the battle resolves itself.
    # [Monotonous] Your role in the battle is decided at the very beginning - wither you tail, or are tailed. I WoT I can defend, shoot back - this game does not offer such options.

  55. I was excited and tried Alpha - but it was fail. No decent controls on keyboard, lagggg, chaotic gameplay. When tried WoT in alpha I knew this is something, WoW - meh.
    Overlord - I'm reinstalling it right now and will give 2nd chance.

    Also, I have question about WoT - what the *** happening with game? EU forum no decent answers on any issues. Buff/nerf without order and on the end - ignoring the issue fir nr of arty in game. I'm med driver and WoT makes me sick. After I earned Wot laptop, played 10k+ battles if something is not changed - just will uninstall. Community is buffing games but when starts going down - no parashutes.

  56. pre 4.x the controls where not good but atleast it didn't have input lag atleast for me.

  57. 1. Bad control.
    2. Engine game is not efficiency.
    3. You're trying to make the game a little resembling WOT, and partly not - odd combination.

  58. I've used to play WoWP since Alpha, but latest patches made me stop. Game's performance dropped so tremendously, that slideshow is all I get now. The game used to run with decent speed, but obviously somebody considered it to be an issue and fixed it. Not to mention some other nuisances, like changing all setting to default with every patch (even if changes has nothing to do with a given setting).

    Therefore I fly WT, where I don't have such problems.

  59. in comparison to War Thunder it sucks in every aspect

  60. Isn't WoT still technically in beta - ie - it's at 0.8.5 at the moment? Anything below 1.0 is normally considered beta?

    1. No it's not, the numbering is irrelevant here. We could as well name it v.1.0, 2.0, 3.0, etc.

      We are accepting real money, it's no beta anymore.

    2. Shit really? Oh shit I still thought it was beta......considering.

  61. I really did try and like this game but its just no good sorry. After playing Warthunder it really does show how far behind ye guys are in terms of polish and game design.

  62. I'm curretnly active in both WoWP and WT. I vastly prefer the game mechanics and flight model of WoWP (caveat: I only use a joystick). At the same time I like the scope of WT better.

    I've tried every config I could to get a joytick to work in WT to no avail. Planes wobble like mad in the best case and become completely unflyable in the worst. I can take up a P-39, do a loop and the plane pitches up and down so badly I may as well be driving a jeep offroad. The game is not made for joysticks at all. WoWP works fine. I feel like I am actually flying the plane moreso that in WT my feeling is that I am giving commands to a radio-comtrolled model. Oh, and both games need to address proper hat-switch settings.

    The scope of WT is much more to my liking. Very large maps, ground targets that are doing their thing (tanks and halftracks rolling towards the enemy and attacking other ground units!) artillery bombarding strongpoints, these are awesome. I can fly true bombers, sneaking down canyons or riverbeds or making high altitude attacks on the enemy airfield. (Ok, landing on an enemy field for a second to "capture" it is kinda lame).

    I like both games but I have about given up on WT due to an unusable control scheme. Its joystick or bust for me.

    1. Nice to hear another joystick player speak up!

      I just cant see myself flying without it, its just so much worse.

    2. Thanks for the feedback, Airacobra

  63. I am in the WoWP closed beta. I have played about 600 games or so. I like the game fine but it just does not seem as compelling as World of Tanks (WoT). WoT has the strategy, twitch play, and overall MMO progression that is compelling for me.

    I think WoWP is missing just one or two elements. Maybe the strategy aspect I am not sure. I wish I could tell you. I also have tried WT and do not like the "feel" of it. I think WoWP is superior just because I am used to the Wargamming "feel". However, I just do not think I will be playing WoWP much in open beta or live. Although you never know, I may. I will remain a die hard WoT player however.

    So for me you guys are competing with yourselves for my time and money. Maybe that is not so bad.

    1. It's definitely not bad. You will have choice what to play based on your preferences, mood, etc.

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  65. WOWP is very poorly done, the control plane is hilariously bad graphics under each quality, playability no. War Thunder has surpassed you in everything. Have, the best handling Aviñón mouse, the graphics even by me and better than WOT, the game engine is far better. Come and their tanks, and judging by the graphics and how to play with their planes, it seems to me that their tanks will be much better.

  66. WarThunder is a better game simply because of their approach in realism.

    I wish some planes where in WarThunder that are in WoWP but, what I would want to make WarThunder more enjoyable is to make it slightly more realistic, right now it's like a stiff flying game, airplanes doesn't move realistically. They are to slow

    1. Because of more realism? This is an extremely narrow approach.

  67. I am not a supporter of the plane, because we are such games have never liked, but War Thunder has a much better control of the airplane with the mouse. Graphic is much better resolved destroy aircraft, targets, etc. Even pilots and gunner much better and more realistic look. In WOWP gunner seem to hold a broom instead of machine guns.

  68. Not sure how this became a War Thunder discussion...

    WoWp and WT are two completely different games, striving for two completely different things. The only comparison between the two is that they're both plane games and "MMO's" (although they're not really MMO's - that's a misnomer and is creating problems with advertisement for WG in the U.S. at least, for WoWp and WoT, because when we think MMO's we think Orc's running around in PvE - not tank or fighter combat), that follow the similar matchmaking formats. Otherwise... they're totally different. War Thunder does some things better, WoWp does some things better.

    That being said, one of War Thunder's largest faults is arcade rounds are decided largely by who has better bombers, and more of them. Arcade rounds are generally a series of suicide runs by bombers, that respawn, and knock out ground targets. Whichever team does this more efficiently, wins. Fighters can only do so much in WT arcade, and because rounds are won most of the time by ground attack, so a lot of players feel they contribute more to the team wins when they just start playing, because its really easy for them to do so.

    WoWp relies mainly on fighter versus fighter combat, with ground attack playing a secondary role. Most victories are won by the air-to-air battle, and most victories by Supremacy are only because the timer runs out before the final planes on the losing team can be mopped up.

    How to fix ground attack in WoWp? That's a loaded question... Generally, larger map edges (like War Thunder has) would go a long way. Attack aircraft can run away easier, and attack ground targets farther away from the fighter battle. Removing the ability of AA guns to spot planes was a good step in helping GA planes.

    I know you guys are adverse to speeding the game up... but this would also help. Planes shooting at other planes would become harder, and it would take more time to get air-to-air kills. It would be harder for fighters to shoot down GA planes, and the increased difficulty in fighter-to-fighter combat would make it so fighters were 'pinned down' from going after ground attack planes in the middle to late round. Shooting at stationary ground targets would not really get more difficult at all with a faster game.

    Also bringing more GA planes into a round per round might help. They can help defend each other, and it would get harder for the few fighters defending the base to knock them all out before the enemy fighters in the area could get on their tail, or scare them away.

    Further refinements to destroyed GT hitboxes would help. I still sometimes crash into destroyed, invisible towers or ship masts.

    I'm still waiting for tail gunner crew skills to come into play before really making any firm suggestions on how to fix GA planes. The increased accuracy of better AI rear gunners earned through experience might be enough to stop GA planes from getting eaten at the beginning of rounds. Not sure... rear gunner skills is such a game changer for aircraft with tail guns that its hard to give good suggestions without seeing what rear gunner skills actually do for these planes.


    1. Being MMO with planes automatically means inevitable comparison, and that's ok, we can live with that.
      Technically, we are MMO which is massively (thousands of concurrent players!) multiplayer (sure thing!) online (only!), not RPG ofc. :)

      Going to introduce crew skills in the veeery near future.

    2. Well from a marketing standpoint, it gets people to simply notice it because MMO & "World of" sounds familiar to people, but it creates the impression that these games are something they are not, and it gives the games lots of social baggage that they doesn't deserve. A lot of people who would be interested in the game shy away from it because they think they'll be driving around in a tank doing quests. The average gamer in North America wouldn't make and distinction between an MMO and an MMORPG, these acronyms mean the exact same thing.

      Most people play FPS' over here and not MMOs. MMOs have a stigma in the U.S.A. (see the South Park episode parodying WoW), and if you ask the average American gamer what they think of these two genres, you would likely always get these responses:

      MMO: Dude sitting alone in his parents' basement, alone, playing super nerdy computer games.
      FPS: Destroying other people with guns, playing with your buddies online for hours and hours, having massive amounts of fun.

      WGNA has given WoT this social baggage in the region by using identical marketing tactics that work well in the EU/RU, but don't work over here. If it was labeled primarily as a shooter more than anything, then the NA region wouldn't be comparatively so small for the gaming population base.

      Adding the acronym of MMO to any advertisement or description for this type of game in the U.S. is just a BAD thing. It should just be a "Free-to-play Massive Online Vehicle Shooter." If you guys want to describe the aspects that make it like an MMO, then it should be mentioned in descriptions that tens of thousands of players are logged on to fight one another in 15 v. 15 battles. WoT would have probably triple the revenue in the NA if it never had the phrase MMO anywhere near it.

    3. Actually, don't even put "Massive" in the title for NA either. Just call it a "Free-to-Play Online Tank FPS." Put first person view back into Warplanes and call it a "Free-to-Play Online Warplane FPS." Even if it has more in common with being an MMO than an FPS, the sales and interest generated in North America would be much higher...

    4. Thanks for your input. Taking the description from the portal:

      "World of Tanks is a team-based massively multiplayer online game dedicated to armored warfare in the mid-20th century. Throw yourself into epic tank battles shoulder to shoulder with other steel cowboys to dominate the world with tank supremacy!"

  69. Hi Overdose...

    just tried both and its like this Overkill, i don't give a rats ass to any of those arcade flight sim since theres enough of it to play, long time ago. The main issue with them is the lack of strategic component. Both are no brainers dear Overrated. It's simply shoot and fly away from getting shot dear Overacting. As i told you before, Overcooked, bet on ships and forget planes. Anyway WG will buy or be bought by Enjin and then you can make a fusion.

    By the way Overgrown, your updater makes my computer break while it's doing it's job, WT updater don't.

    Captcha sucks bigtime.

    Bye and have fun Overburned.

  70. Hi Overlord, I'm an old WoT closed beta player. I'm still playing it as much as I can, squeezing time from where there isn't any real time to squeeze into it.

    I was really excited when I got the email with my invitation to WoWP, and I went straight home from work, just hoping to download the client in that very same night just so I could try it out ASAP. I did, played for about 2 hours... but by the end of it, I was just sad. Sad about the fact that the game was not what I expected.

    My main point of concern were the controls, after those 2 hours, I still couldn't make the controls work the way I wanted them to. I mean, I tried keyboar+mouse for about 1 hour, playing with the settings trying to make it work. Then I figured the game was not meant to be played that way, so I took my PS3 controller and set it up in my PC to play. I tweaked the settings for another hour after that, but still, the planes moved in such a strange way that I couldn't even make a simple maneuver without problems.

    I even made a post in the WoWP forums, in the controllers subsection called "A brick with wings and a propeller" (or at least I think that was the name).

    IMO, all of this was quite some time ago. I kept playing for a couple of days, trying to get over the issues, thinking I just had to get used to them to enjoy the game. I didn't. So I quit playing, thinking WoWP was just not meant for players like me (whatever that means).

    I have yet to go back and try it again. I see from your posts here that many things have actually changed in the controls side of it. I'll give WoWP another try this weekend... I'll get back to you on this by next monday. Hope my old views are just that... old.

    1. Here, I found the thread:


    2. Thanks. Give current version a try, there have been some really massive changes (though 0.4.3 will be even bigger hit).

  71. I think WT is a better game. I got into closed beta in the early days of WoWP and dint really like it. WT is simply better, got a better engine, better controls, look better and so on. So I think I will stick to WT.

    But one thing WT cant do is balance their planes. All stats are meant to be historical, and I think you guys should play on that. If you make your game 100% balanced and find a way to make it fun, then you might have a chance to stay on the market.

  72. I played since the end of alpha, I absolutly loved it. Then with the last few updates the joystick controls have gone wacky, I lost all my planes awhile ago (it happens) War Thunder is very fun, and has the planes that I've always wanted to play. The flight models seem to be lacking, I'll keep playing it over the summer and see what you'll be able to do.

    1. And thats where I stand on it. I like it but it's not delivering in the areas that I feel it needs to. To be sucessful I find that the more iconic (actual) warplanes should be added before odd prototypes, controls need to be simple and useable by joystick and mouse/keyboard players as well.

    2. On review I actually think that the joystick controls are heading in the right direction. I've just updated and flown a few matches. Still needs a bit more tactically aproaches rather than fly in boom boom boom win or die trying. Heading in the right direction though.

    3. Thanks. Mine overall impression is that we are now on the right track with the recent changes.

  73. I dont play it wowp anymore, 1st reason is your Philosophy or rules concerning team dmg etc. example: I was hit by another player while I was in combat he ran into me and he died and I survived and I got credit for a team Kill these rules in which you have need to be takin out. The same with WOT I dont play wot as much as I use to because player dont play as smart as they did before 8.0 Equipement you give to players for remming etc is to encouage players to ram and smaller tanks will ram you and u get stuck with the bill. Planes if a plane flies in your LOF and you dmg him you pay for his stupidity same as in wot.
    So until these rules change I will stay away WT doesnt have those kinds of rules
    Flight controls especially Joystick needs a lot of Love.

  74. I could see alot more play from me and my clanmates if Wargamming would go ahead and allow clans in the closed beta

    1. Clan registration will start during open beta when it would be possible to play with your WG-account with no limitations.

  75. Overlord, if you want my 2 cents contribution, here it is:

    I don't like plane games because I suck at them, I suck at them because the controls are hard to get used to and they feel like work.

    From the comments above I can see that many other players don't like playing planes, I'm not a mind reader, but I think it's due to a similar reason.

    When I first heard about WoWP I was excited, because I saw what a good job you did with WoT and the fact that you could make the game have 30 buttons like other "tank games" but you made the controls simple and straightforward. It was easy to learn, easy to get into and easy to enjoy casually.

    I assumed WoWP is going to be the same, only it wasn't, completely the opposite - bad controls, bad controls, bad controls. It automatically reminded me why I hate flight games and even hate piloting planes in combined arms games.

    That said, there are ultra casual flight games (single player) games which I enjoyed some years ago, you have to fly thru hoops and you have some low level fighting capability, they usually look very colorful and childish.
    BUT their controls are AMAZING FUN - these games are the definition of casual flight.

    As I see it, you have only one way of beating WT - let them keep their spot of a semi-arcade semi-flight simulator controls and don't try to fight 1:1 as you already lost.
    WoT is about casual players, look in the comments how many people don't like "flying"...

    The only way for WoWP is to make it heavily more arcady and neglect any realism or simulator aspect of the game, make the game easy to handle and easy to fight... I know it won't be "historically accurate", but in the end of the day what you want is users...
    The older the users the more money they'll pay... old guys can't handle simulator controls, but might do fine with 100% arcadey ones.

    Wanna save WoWP go outside the original concept, don't chase WT, be different and you'll find an audience.

    That's just me.

  76. One more comment, this is something small but it drives me crazy.

    I just HATE the color scheme of WoWP, the buttons, the menus.

    Also that Hanger sound! Jesus... I don't know why but being in the hanger makes me all twitchy, If I'm not in battle I can't even look or hear the hanger for 2 seconds before I want to alt+ctrl+delete.

    Sorry about small rant, but really, fix this.

  77. Anyway WG really needs to focus WoWP on an e-sports scene right of the bat. It's got everything needed for a great e-sporst scene both for viewers AND players. All it needs is a fully functional spectator camera view and advertising like live tournaments on big events like PAX in NA and Gamescom in EU etc.

    Learn how to advertise your game properly from Riot Games and please stop being stupid with the gold prizes. Get it to micro-transactions you'll get a hell of a lot more money out of it... I see ppl having camouflage all over the place, but only once seena Lowe tank (because it's 40 fkin USD that's why) take a look at riot games, they have far less champions, skins as camo.. far less stuff to make money from / get people to spent their Riot Points on, yet they make so much more money because it's like 10USD a new tank with 100% crew, camo and all the stuff you can get on it, and that's how it should be. Get rid of 'premium tanks' and make all tanks available for low gold prizes. Just make sure someone has at least 1 or 2 tanks of a tier grinded before he can buy a tank in the same tier with gold for example to prevent complete ~$!^!#$^driving around in tier 8 or w/e.

    As far as I can judge so far, WG seems to think everything is Russia, well it's not. NA is not Russia, EU is not Russia, so don't market there as if it's russia, don't be ignorant, change your marketing systems, alter the way you test based on the region it's played/tested in. Take in to account that different parts of the world just react differently. LIST EVERY SINGLE CHANGE MADE in balancing, don't make us spend hours after each patch trying to figure out WTF you did, just tell us (like Riot Games) and then at least it becomes a far better experience to be a part of the WG community.

    And e-sports, I mentioned that already? GET IT GOING:)

  78. A little late but:

    - I definitely think you should introduce, just as in WoT, individual crews, theirs skills and their xp levels etc. It's just a detail but it's part of what makes a game more engaging, you know that little micro-management of your crews, you imagine them, their history, managing your baracks, you even end up feeling as if they were real and you knew'em.....aaaand WT doesn't have it, it just has an ugly "crew X (enter number)" system, which is a little "boring" I would say..