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Friday, April 12, 2013

[WoT] 2nd Anniversary WoT

It has been 2 years since World of Tanks went live on EU and NA servers on April 12, 2011 starting with update.

Not going to do deep retrospective, no doubt that lots of things have been changed, improved, and added since then:
  • ~3 times more tanks and maps (6.4 - 8.4)
  • Multi-cluster support, camos, replays (7.0)
  • French tanks (7.1)
  • Economy overhaul (7.2)
  • Encounter battles and Assault, transmission change for E-50 and E-75 (7.4)
  • Tier 10 meds (7.5)
  • New renderer, physics, emblems and inscriptions, horizontal tech tree (8.0) Well, 8.0 was a big hit :)
  • British tree finally, prem shells for credits (8.1)
  • Chinese tanks (8.3)
  • Combat tutorial (8.4)
  • Platoons of 3 and companies for standard account, prem consumables for credits (8.5)

And many more are planned for future.

What are you most memorable moments and personal milestones of World of Tanks? Let's recollect together.

What are the things that have kept you playing for so long (based on the current the majority are playing more than 1 year) and what are you looking forward to in future? Particular features, modes, content, overhaul of the game, etc?

PS: how do you like the specials, hangars, and other anniversary celebrations? 


  1. My garage is heavily prepared for the Historical Battles game mode! I have every module on several

    I shall remember March 26, 2013 as the day I bought my Maus, and the day that I first had a Pz I, II, III, IV, V (Panther), VI (Tiger), VII (Löwe), and VIII (Maus) in my garage at the same time!

    Speaking of the Pz I, I would really like to see the turret and armament that it saw combat with....

    1. Well, we will need infantry for that.

    2. It wouldn't be the only 7.92mm machine gun in the game, considering the Pz I Ausf. C. If anything, it seems as if the incredibly low penetration would act more as a balancing factor, considering how rapidly the gun(s) can fire!

  2. Memorable moments... driving each tank for the first time I guess.

    Personal milestones...
    I once started with the motivation to get all the tanks that are ingame, that was before I realized that there will be way too many.

    What kept me playing?
    The community, hence I left the EU server a year ago even though I'm in germany, cause the community there... I'm trying to find a diplomatic way of expressing my opinion... ...

    Let's use an example.
    Those always work right?

    I played on a different account on the SEA server, so before the latest server transfer I played once more on EU.

    Let's just say the battle chat was mainly used for one thing.
    "Go play mario noob team"
    " siemka team"
    And so on and so forth.

    The SEA community has some downsides, too, mostly the language barrier, but it's better than EU... by a country mile.

    Aside from that... WT army is supposed to come out this year.
    And in all honesty?
    I'll check it out and if it's better my time and money will sink in there.

    Working good, on SEA there was not a single instance of "Omg I didn't do well in this battle and it's x3 exp for the first win! Better suicide and try to make my team loose"

    I have my own, and I prefer to look at that instead of what the devs come up with :3

    1. Interesting it deleted the < in sult > in front of the " siemka team"
      What I meant to write was: "(in sult) siemka team" not "siemka team",
      cause I don't mind people greeting each other in their own language.

    2. Hm ... an interesting hanger indeed. Thanks for honest feedback.
      Even though I do agree on some of your thoughts regarding the community, I think in WoT it's far above avg - I play a lot of online games to compare.

    3. the big drawback on the EU-Server are the million different languages on it

    4. Right. Can't fix it though.

    5. Personally I enjoy playing with people from all sorts of different countries and seeing/reading other languages. It makes it more interesting in my humble opinion. But, in the end this boils down to personal preference.

  3. Hmmm, in last weeks I play WoT very rare. Biggest problem for me at this moment is very low average skill level. Today I've played first time since probably a week or maybe even more (my first such pause since I started playing the game 2 years ago). After my 7th battle today I had enough of those... low experienced players. Well, tbh I started to rage a little.

    It really stopped to be funny, when I see ... [decided not to end this sentence to keep post civilized]. I have seen in those 7 battles terrible things, in almost all cases those strange players were guys with 46 win ratio. Record guy had 43 win ratio and 0,1 frag per battle! Behaviour of those players ruin battles outcome, ruin fun, and they do not listen what people write on the battlechat. This game became too popular to be funny. This is disaster in last months. I really stopped to think about humans as an intelligent species, seeing what they do in this game. This are harsh words, I know, but this is what we have in randoms.

    I do not want to play Wot in some elite e-sport or Clan Wars, but I am really tired with those hordes of below average players in my teams.

    So I am afraid that I badly need good PvE to have fun in WoT again. Or at least players below some stats should play in other league (kindergarten, world, whatsever). Cause they kill my love to this great game much more then never build tanks that you introduce all the time (my second biggest problem) and those sci-fi, satellite view, mega precise SPG (third biggest fun spoiler).

    All other things are great, even Tiger ;)

    You made great game, but I became tired with people, who play it. Both in games (low skill, no brain) and forums (it is hard to read the same whines for 2 years ;) ).

    1. Fair enough. Got some idea on how to upgrade standard battles making it somewhat less random.

    2. ill per battle is extremely overrated. One moron that only waits to finish a tank (remember HE is waiting, so in other words - not doing any damage) wil have a lot of kills per battle, but extremely low damage per battle as well. And this is the real factor that indicates a good player, how much damage he's doing. And it's as simple as that, because if You somehow mage 4k damage in a battle, but have 0 kills, it means that You made at least 3 tanks dead in support role, and not as the kill taker.

      This could be counted as assist when You do over 50% of damage on a killed tank, but that's just MOOOOOoooooooore stats, that WG servers would have to process.

    3. Why not, assists are not smth that we object to. Added them in WoWP already.

    4. From my experience kill per battel is good stat and I do not remember seeing stats of a player, who had high kill ratio, while other stats bad.

      Frag hunting is not so easy as some people think :)

    5. Seriously Overlord. This guy is saying exactly what I feel too. We need a skill based matchmaker. I already rage quit the game ~12 months ago because of the aweful players ruining matches for the people who actually try to learn how to play.

      I came back because the game is so deep but it still really brns me. I hate winning because the enemy top tanks a 45%ers who just die right away. I hate losing becase my team are terribles. At least 20% of matches are wrecked like this, its a frustrating waste of time.

    6. Case in point. I just had 6 friendlies die within 2.5 minutes. This meant that my good position was all of a sudden way over extended leading to seven deaths in 2.5 minutes.

      I just bought the KV5 and Type 62. I want to play them. I want to play your damn game. But I'm too frustrated to play right now because of the total failures wrecking games.

    7. Skill-based matchmaker for standard battles is not a panacea.

    8. So the reward for being skilled is having to carry horrible players? The only way they win is when someone else wins it for them.

      Why are you guys so against this? In addition to not annoying good players it lets the baddies shoot each other and feel like they're achieving something. Surely thats good for buisness both ends. I genuinly don't understand WG's resistance to the concept. Its used in plenty of other games that hit eSports long before you did.

    9. The problem with skill based MM for random battles is that there will be quite a LOT of ppl that would get stuck in the "noob and bot" group, but think of themselves that they are some sort of WoT gods. Unfortunately at least half of the players that are "OMG LOL, my team is soo bad" have actualy no idea how this game is played, and what they should be doing.

      As an effect we have a LOT of players that deserve to be dumped into that "pretty terrible at this" group, but are hining about MM and other "noobs" anyway. In the end we would get a giant rage war between players with overgrown ego and incorrect understanding of the game, and devs that would desperately try to explain that this is how it works. In most cases all the rage "masters" would feel insulted bu their classification as BAD and awful players, and rage quit the game.

      I don't think tht's the way. We should rather seek out ways to educate them and ways to force into their heads, that what they think is a "perfec tactic" will not be a good idea after all, instead of getting rid of them. I have nothing against playing with noobs as long as I know they will get better with time, and that they have tools to help them with that.

    10. We're talking about people with 5k+ games. They don't want to get better, they want to mess around in tanks and shoot things. Not everyone takes the game seriously enough to put the effort into improving so there is no hope of educating them.

      As for people whining about people with bad rank who complain, who cares? They happily play the game right now with a rotten win rate. They are clearly willing to be objectively bad at the game with public stats that prove it. They haven't rage quit and contine to buy premium tanks so there is no reason to believe that a ranked match maker would make them leave.

      It should make them stay longer since they will actually blow more tanks up per match, thus salving their egos.

    11. Happy 2nd Anniversary to WoT in EU and NA. Thanks for a great gaming concept and continually trying to find ways to make it better.

      I like reading and watching WW2 documentaries that's why I somehow liked WoT - from then til now. I played the CBT (or was it Open Beta) when there were only Russian and German tanks but stopped because too laggy since I'm playing from SEA. Only started playing again when there was the SEA server. One thing I really liked about WoT is that it is "server side" and so not easy to cheat, but it seems the greedy cheaters ALWAYS find ways.

      I have a question - is it possible that some "pro" cheater groups are using alt/troll/junk accounts to intentionally lose for "whatever" reasons - manipulating the game result one way or another? (TK,AFK,move some then AFK,push you while you're aiming,blocking your shot,not capping/resetting, or if theyr teamed up/opposed to certain player/s they would deliberatley lose,etc...) Sometimes it is so obvious that your own team mates TRY SO HARD TO LOSE! WoT is the first ever game I have played where I have to worry more about my own team mates than my opponents!

      It has happened before in other online games that "mafias" of players have manipulated results(i.e. by cheating - in various ways) and messed up/trolled other players in-game so maybe this is now happening or has been happening in WoT. Maybe these are competitors of WG trying to make WoT ugly? if so, this would'nt be the first time competing games have tried to sabotage each other. Now all this is of course is just about impossible to prove. Add to this the
      "bizarre" lopsided battles that aren't fun either way.

      I dont demand much from WoT just more mature players who respect other players and play "for their team" and not be traitors - now that is plain and simple, but "impossible"! Efficiency based MM "might" be a solution. Right now I've decided to wait and see before spending any more on this game, seems its becoming too manipulated or there might be just too many "newb" players (which I doubt) more probably veterans pretending to be newbs.

    12. In general, such manipulation on a large scale in standard battles is not possible. However during the times of low CCUs, it's possible to get into the same battles by joining the queue simultaneously - happened before on all servers.

    13. As far as skilled based MM is out of discussion (I am no fan of that anyway), I would like to present my Idea of a Mentor-System inside WoT. Just make all the players a little better to help yourself.
      I do this in the german community by myself since a year now with very good results. Of course we are a few and what we do is a drop of water on a hot stone. But if WG starts to implement this into the game, you can reach ALL players.
      It would be an easy system, very few WG staff needed, all development and teaching could be done by the community.
      If you are interested in more details, I can supply Overlord.

  4. the most fun I had playing WoT was in CBT, OBT and retail not so much
    0.8.1 was the final push that made me quit WoT, without regret

    I spend quite a bunch of cash on WoT, and sincerely I wish I hadn't, but what's done it's done and served as a lesson for future

  5. Congradulations on 2 years! It has been a great ride. My best memory is getting my first "End Game" tank. It was the T-54 (before the T10 Mediums came out). The good part of this game is that it is easy to play but hard to master. That is the sign of a great game and has kept my playing.

    The only problem I have with the game is that the Match Maker does not balance random matches based on skill. Unicum platoons are unstoppable. It is a guaranteed loss when you see it in XVM. The Match Maker needs to account for XVM-like skill of the players.

    As it stands, a platoon of 3 new player with 0 games can buy 3 IS6s, or Lowes, etc and ruin every match they participate in. I understand the need for you guys to make money on premium vehicles but being on the wrong side of a lopsided XVM match is simply not compeling gameplay. As a matter of fact balancing the actual tanks are almost secondary to balancing the player skill based on XMV type stats.

    1. Its not the Unicum-platoon that ruins the game, but the hordes of noobs messing up every second game.

    2. I was in a match last night versus a 'unicum' platoon, and half my team were crying and whining about getting slaughtered. My own platoon ended with 9 kills of the opposite team, the unicums got 2.

      Don't let purples cloud your vision when it comes to a game.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Well, after two years I am still around despite the fact I wanted to quit several times already (and I am sure a lot of people would be happier if I did :) ). Personally, what kept me in the game (apart from the improving engine optimalisation, which is appreciated) are the various historical obscure vehicles (I love finding out more about those), but I think I am not alone being very tired of on one hand the developers promoting historical realism (like "we can't implement that and that, it wouldn't be historical") and on the other hand making tanks up from scratch and pretending they existed.

    I mostly love the historical part of the game. I learned a lot while during my time around WoT.

    Otherwise it's all good I'd say. Game's improving, we'll see how the 8.6 looks.

    1. I wholeheartedly agree, that this pseudo historical behaviour makes me sick.

      Its just laughable.

      Either be, historically correct, and then be it, no mather what, or have the game balance as priority focus, but than stay to it, and balance the game, according to it.

    2. Beware, historical behaviour also means no hp pool and that every tank stops after first shot.

  8. --Multi-cluster support, camos, replays (7.0)
    Yeah, I guess camos were something game changing, and multi cluster suport is great, but at the same time ... You have multi cluster support since 7.0, and still no mechanism that would utomaticaly transfer You between servers when You join a company/platoon/CW that are on the other one. And it's not that it's space technology, just a matter of automatic relog trigger with slot reservation and no garage files unloading from RAM.

    --French tanks (7.1)
    Having first tanks with clips and armor made of carboard was something new, pretty game changing in terms of how CW was played as AMX 50B was capable od doing both: a scouting role, and a pretty nice DPS as well. Now we have T10 meds and T10 destroyers, and all these AMXes are now standing in teir garages, and waiting for a ime when they will be useful. MAYBE bigger maps with strategic point FAAAR much more away, than what we have now ... MAYBE that will make AMX 50B usefull again.

    --Economy overhaul (7.2)
    Just balancing, pretty much irrelevant to the way battles are played. Whoever missed the news could probably not realise that there were any changes made.

    --Encounter battles and Assault, transmission change for E-50 and E-75 (7.4)
    Encounters are OK (not great, but OK), assault is an extreme failure without maps designed in a way, that they have one defensive positions and a LOT of ways to get there and attack. Without new maps made for bot of these game modes, and dliberately DESIGNED to play hem as encounter battles or assault battles - these will still remain a middle to no-fun at all.
    E-50 and E-75? If that's historical, than it was not much of a change, but more like fixing an error in the game.

    --Tier 10 meds (7.5)
    That changed the gameplay a lot, heavy tanks stopped beeing capable just to push forward, and with the penetration values You guys put on these med tanks, heavies are no longer suited for agressive play with hard pushing tactics, but more for positional play and defensive in many cases.

    --New renderer, physics, emblems and inscriptions, horizontal tech tree (8.0) Well, 8.0 was a big hit :)
    Cosmetic changes. Only physics allowed some durreal maneuvers like pushing tanks up nearly vertical slopes by other tanks in the team, so that they can attack from sides that are not available for individual tank. Horizontal tech trees are very chaotic and look stretched. I guess many players use large monitors (20+ inches), and these tech trees have no scroll in that case, so we all get these loooong empty spaces on the top and bottom.

    --British tree finally, prem shells for credits (8.1)
    Brits did not introduce anything new, mire or less they are just new models with new shapes and colors. Still they are a nice addition for people who have (more or less) all T10 tanks already researched, and are looking for a new branch to make. Prem for credits - I guess that's a pretty nice compensation for having no ability to aim for weak spots - most likely there are a lot of ppl that benefit from that ;)

    --Chinese tanks (8.3)
    Same as brits, but with less individuality, extremely similar to russian tanks, so in many ways ppl already knew what to expect. Pretty irrelevant patch for the gameplay.

    --Combat tutorial (8.4)
    That's something to start with, keep tutorials and "informative content" comming, but instead of new training missions, ppl need tools that can show them where to aim and how are exac tanks built with pretty big freedom of viewing that content just like You can view Your tank in the garage.

    --Platoons of 3 and companies for standard account, prem consumables for credits (8.5)
    A small step forward, nothing revolutionary

    1. Things missing except what I mentioned above:
      - Interface scaling with resolution in the garage (it's not a console game to fix the size!)
      - Moveable HUD elements (make it grid based if free positioning is to CPU/RAM consuming) or HUD layout presets.
      - Alternative crosshairs that are more readable and clread.
      - Alternative icon sets for bot player list, and the bottom bar (transparent, non transparent, smaller/bigger for personal preference and resolution matching)
      - Alternative maps (like topographic with simple outlines and height lines, or simple plans)
      - Game modes that are not just "reskin" of existing maps
      - More interactive map elements like tank traps destroyable only by tanks heavy and powerfull enough etc.
      - CW interface in the actual game
      - Strategic map screen for commanders in CW that he can either draw, or place some markers.
      - Tanks placement on spawn before the battle starts on CW - VERY IMPORTANT (pre-made spots, just tank selection)
      - Ways to utilise odd tiers (3,5,7,9) since only even tiers are used anywhere (CW-10, Companies-10,8,6).
      - Translations of insriptions available before placing them on tanks (so that we do not place something dumb not realising what it is :P)

      These, and the ones posted in individual comments for each patch, are my main issues with WoT for the moment. And probably some other features, that I just do not remember ;)

      If that is any useful - I am glad I could make give this review ;)

    2. Yes, it is useful, even though I don't agree that all the points are of high priority.

    3. Yes, I kinda mixed up some higher and lower priority points, but it's up to You as a company to slowly introduce at least some of these :)

      And ... again: happy 2nd anniversary ;)

  9. Transmission change is not what I would call a milestone :p .

  10. Specials - especially the 6mil silver 6k gold, are awesome.

    Hangar - sucks arse. Don't like it at all. Now, if you let us PICK what hangar we want to see (i.e. a desert, a forest, a city, etc.) now THAT would be cool. But this special hangar chugs my machine badly and shouldn't. And it's boring.

  11. Heh, I started writing about the thing, which spoiled my fun today and I forgot to write about most important changes IMO.

    1. Game optimalisation

    2 years ago my already then old PC had huge problems with WoT. I was usually able to fight 30 sec after battle started or even one minute. Now I am always many seconds before battle beginning, while I have still the same PC.

    2. Physics

    Hanging on cliffs was one of my greatest WTF! in first battles :)

    3. MM spread change (-2/+2)

    I think that it was best change made in those 2 years. Great decision, which made many tanks much funnier to play with.

    4. Premium ammo for credits.

    Although I would prefer no premium ammo in randoms, I think that it was very important change, because it removed biggest p2w element in the game.

    1. 3. MM spread change (-2/+2)

      Well, yes, forgot to include that. THx

    2. Why not make it +1/-1 after the Artypatch? :-)

    3. Fairness and overall fun.

      Its mostly not fun to play as lowtiered tank, and it never was.
      Especially as stock, since its not calculated in the MM.

      When tanks have a pretty bad MM-rating, many people sell them because of it, even if hes decent. Just watch MM discussions on the forum, when they talk about tanks.
      MM-rating is a VERY important tank stat.

      If we have only one tier difference, more tanks would get played regularly, and MM-rating wouldnt be so immensely important.

      Some people care more about it then others, but when you play against tanks two tiers above you, they have a pretty big advantage, and you are often not able to perform well, even when you know how to play and what to do.

      I think the less tier-difference between tanks, the more fun it gets. Everyone should have relatively similar chances.

      One tier difference would be perfect imho.

    4. Can seriously undermine diversity though and lead to overall tougher competition in every given battle.

    5. -2/=2 spread is descent and will be with arty patch.if the spread changes then people will get less xp per battle.I always try to get some damage on tanks that are 2 tiers higher then what I`m playing.

    6. I think 3 Tierlines is pretty much diversity, thats around 100 different vehicles you can be matched with in each battle.

      So, thats not a valid standpoint for me. Not really reasonable.

      Sure, for bad players it will become harder to "own" others when they never have the advantage of being two tiers above others, but i think they still have one tier advantage to rely on, and in games where they are lowtier themselfes, they have no chance whatsoever.

      I am pretty sure the majority of players would love that change.

    7. Oh, i vote for a poll to find out what people think.

    8. Poll here wouldn't be representative.

  12. Hello Ovi

    about the hangar... i dont like this one... my eyes... my eyes burn...

    but i liked the hallowen and the cristmas hangars... they where cool stuff.

  13. I play since CB. What keeps me playing is that it is very casual friendly: I can play a match while I sip the coffee before going to job, or have some matches after job to relax.

    And I think that's the big assest of WoT: mature player with job and family duties can play, and you don't need uber reflexes not big gear to have fun.

    Worst thing: ppl. I try to play like if it was a solo player with 29 other bots. In fact, is XVM what allows me to keep playing without getting angry: I see low eff, I know I can't expect anything from that player.

    Ah... and last two hangars sucked....

    1. @And I think that's the big assest of WoT: mature player with job and family duties can play, and you don't need uber reflexes not big gear to have fun.@

      Glad to hear that, because that's what we were initially aiming to. Ofc, nowadays things are different and playerbase is more diverse.

    2. Yeah, but these mature players with jobs, and reason are insulted by kids only because they have 2k or 3k battles, and that kid has a count of 40k and thinks that only numbers allow him to insult other that play casualy, instead of grinding day and night.

    3. I fall into the specs of late 30/early 40-something, job, family, etc. I don’t quite understand why people get so worked up about when someone immature starts the “name calling” thing. Yes, it is not very polite, but:
      A) As much as I like it, it’s just a game.
      B) Have a little self-confidence and class and stand above the name calling.
      “I apologize if I mislead you to believe that I cared about what you think” ;-)

    4. Well, yup it might be difficult sometimes, however personally I try to disregard such behaviour.

    5. Love, "hey, overlord, do I get gold for killing you" though

  14. First of all: Happy 2nd anniversary!

    I am playing since open beta and I have to say that this game gets better and better each day. There are problems, yes, like in every project of this size but I find the enjoyable parts to be even more powerful than the problems.

    Why I like the game? It's tactical and I like to think what happens after I open fire on X tank. It's not as fast as a common shooter where reactions matter more than strategy! Also, the this game opened my interest for certain parts of history. I like to study what I play. I've also been part of a good clan for more than a year and CW was very entertaining.

    My current objective is to get all tier 10 vehicles that are in the game and for that I'm grinding a lot of lines at once. It goes slow but I like diversity.

    My expectations for this game are high but not impossible:
    1. More vehicles! (Japanese, European, World Wide tech trees!)
    2. More maps! (preferably city maps, like Ruinberg or Himmelsdorf, not like that piece of **** Westpark or what's its name)
    3. Night battles with fully functional headlights and improved spotting system.
    4. Changing weather.
    5. More camos.
    6. Competitions like the ones held by ESL BUT incorporated in the game. I will elaborate a bit on this point:

    For example, I remember the 1v1 Funcup where players were using tier 4 tanks in a 1v1 battle. You had to enter their site, confirm your participation, post screenshots whit your victory and then you'd move up to the next stage... All this should be automated. A player should only enter WoT site to access the competition. Then, at a certain hour, a battle will appear (like the CW battles that appear in the game). Players enter the battle, play the game and then they move to the next stage or out of the competition but the results are processed automatically.

    About the hangars: Someone came with a good idea but the implementation of that idea turned it into a mess. You should have used all the European flags instead of just a few of them repeating or non-European flags. The other garages were cool.

    1. More certain on 1, 2, 5, 6. 3 and 5 are a bit vague atm.

  15. Well, what i liked and disliked since the Release:

    + The big choice of maps and the gamemods(i want a new one!)
    + The new physics
    + New tanks and trees
    + Goldammo and consumables for credits
    + The new mod folders

    - NERVING PREMIUM TANKS this was the only moment where i thinked about to stop the game, i payed for my old typ and not for the tank that i have now.
    - Removing swamp and komarin
    - Nerving the germans too much (gears in front, P4 turret)
    - The communitiy support on EU server, well nice guys but the informations on the NA and RU are so much better and faster, for some things i have links on the other servers.
    - EA T4-cup..all get gold...some get gold for sure...gold ran out...

    Why i played this game since two years only?
    I worked for years on an anti-cheater team, this game is cheater free, i like it so much, no rootserver, configuration, etc. I have a bad Internet, so its a good game for bad ping and playing mobile with stick.
    I see in this a good management and a future in the next years.

    What did i think about the the specials, hangars, and other anniversary celebrations?

    The specials all over are since more or less an half year very good, but at the birthday special i miss something for clients who pay, the T5 100%bonus with the 1day free prem is damn good for free players, but why not 20% more credits for the premium-tanks or more free xp for prem- account users on this weekend.
    Im not interested in cups and printing birthday cards, but for other ppl, surely interesting.
    The hangar skins...not a bad idea, but first fix bugs, then repaint ;)

    My personly wish for the future:
    Less penetration for all tanks to make the game more difficult to aim and penetrate...but i think it wouldnt come, so let me dream ;). Also a dynamic terrain will be fine, but this is too difficult to realise.

    So i hope i didnt bore you with my long text and i wish you a happy 2nd birthday ;)


  16. Congratulations on 2 years. Milestones for me:

    The Awesome:
    Finding those Nuffield designs and getting them to you. Then seeing the first one (AT-15A) appear in game.

    Getting Dig for victory published:

    The Important:
    The German 75mm L70 getting its penetration buff.

    US tank overhaul.

    The bitter/sweet moment:
    British tanks being introduced, especially after all the agitating I had done for them. Then finding out they weren't historical, were less than competitive in many respects and felt rushed as a tree.

    Anyway good luck!

    1. No worries, got rewarded for my time. But seeing it in game was a far bigger buzz.

      Its like another project history project I'm working on, I recently saw the PDF's for the book before its sent off to the printers and its a big grin moment.

      Shame I couldn't convince WG on other things, like the Churchill's... ;)

  17. Overlord, Any idea what is the current record for players on-line for the EU server is? (Both Servers Combined)

    1. I saw 207k yesterday while playing. Which is awesome! THanks everyone.

    2. Do you find time to play? Sir, you're awesome!!

    3. Can't miss the current x5 - played like 40 battles in 3 days - quite an achievement.

    4. Do you have to play to get xp?!?!???! An employee?!??!?

      Cheap boss.

    5. I believe that's one of our advantages on the market - the majority of our employees are playing the game and grind like everyone else. We are not riding any kind of superior vehicles or smth. The only advantage is employees do get certain fixed amount of free gold per month which is not that significant. So, yes, starting from regular employees and up to our CEO, we all play the game to unlock tanks and get fun.

    6. I agree that this is a pretty good idea from your company.

  18. Been tanking since Closed Beta 2010. Liked this year's Holiday hanger and the 2nd aniversary one is nice. Anything is better then Christmas 2010 hanger that hung around until mid Feb 2011 I think. THAT was the worse.

    5 Most memorable moments?
    1)Still remember my very first battle on Pagorky (now Mines) and how clueless.

    2)The first time I saw a T44 and got my ass handed to me by it. I knew I had to have it.

    3)When the T54 (Still Med boss of boss tanks) was released and how they just ate up EVERYTHING.

    4)8.0 Best thing since sliced bread.

    5)Standing in the middle on Red Square as a member of the 1st Ural Steel winning NA teams. WIll always be greatful to WG for that opportunity.

  19. 2 years and still no Sherman Firefly. Sigh...

  20. still shitty MM, especially with platoons. One side gets top tier platoon, other side gets low tier platoons. MM weight of teams is far off in that cases. Worst encountered was all tanks tier 7, except for the 3 tier 5 that were in one platoon... and that after we waited for over 45 seconds. Waiting time is a good tell off, the longer you wait the worse the MM becomes.

    1. Yeah, MM has serious issues.

      Sometimes i think some devs want to troll us.
      And i dont mean that as a joke.

      I often have games where one team has 3 more tanks of the toptier.
      Thats ridiculous in terms of balance. And there are enough weird games everyday.

      Like this from today:

    2. checked the link and must say I have never seen that before in my 5000+ matches

      if this is real, it must be very rare

    3. Discussed the setup - indeed a very rare case of MMing.

    4. What about the platoon MM I described I can give you at least 10 screenshots that have that the distribution I described.

  21. More decent British Tanks. And tier 10 British medium(s) and Heavy.

  22. no Multitturrets, and my M3 Lee Suggestion is still in the waiting line :P

  23. And 10 times more people on line the when we kicked off :)

    BTW i was watching stream last night on Twitch from NA server people they did a nice event giving gold GPU's Mice Keyboards T shirts.... any chance our EU stuff doing something at least half entertaining in future?

    Not to mention Rampage TC Friday nights on NA server. We have 10 times more people and 10 times less activ stuff.

  24. Man this anniversary event is what i've expected! Wargaming knows its clients! Dont stop surprising me - a simple man :3

  25. Congrats are in order for the 2 years. And yes u have come along way since beta.I was privileged to have started Sept 2010. And have witness some good changes. One milestone tho and that was The new physics, that really began to keep me a while longer. I have taken a few months off at different times

    I remember that you once brought the attention of 2kx2k maps, this kept my interest for sometime now and still wandering if it will ever happen. I would to take issue with the MM there really hasn't been much improvement there. Example: Its base on tiers, it has no way of distinguishing the difference between TD's and Tanks med and heavies its just not a sophisticated program, arty is to me still an issue all of these 3 example need to be dealt with.

    Many times I still see the penetration values skewed again example: T58 gun 85mm 56-85t whether it be ap of apcr It will bounce more times then pen on the sides of a KV-1s I have had my shot to bounce 5 times in a row the first 2 were ap and then I loaded apcr they to bounced .

    The second milestone I look forward to is the larger maps so If you want me to continue please let me know now if I am wasting my time. when and how long.

    It's a great game I do enjoy playing with the younger guys, I would like to play more than I do in CWs but the time that these events begin are to late for me, majority of the time they begin around 9:30 est which I do live in.

    Game modes and maps, for these modes need some work making separate maps for type of game mode, this would be more beneficial not to make game modes from the active ones you currently have . Historical etc

    Weather effects, that would be a milestone a real game changer,night battles and no I don't approve of having lighted tanks just a full moon would do for me or late evenings or early sun rise.

    I also believe that the expense or credits you pay for apcr's are too expense especially for those that choose not to have a premium account.just consider that.
    There was a time u mentioned the speed of the Tiger and Tiger 2 being adjusted to its historical speed as of yet u have not done so

    Tiger 38 km/h (24 mph) in game is 30, Tiger 2 Maximum, road: 41.5 km/h, Sustained, road: 38 km/h in game is 28 kn/h big difference.

    I like to see arty prohibited from entering urban Matches, if they are to be in those types then make 2 different sizes of maps 1 for the tankers and then another that will be larger to include arty.

    Current maps Mines this map has gone thru several changes along with others of course but to make this map a larger map would be nice I view this map as a urban map in certain ways just something to consider.

    Return the other maps in rotation what we have now is that its getting boring sometimes I played on Ensk 5 times in a row :(

    I want this game to succeed in NA the little extras that they do on Friday nites is great and hopefully events similar to this will continue. All servers should have these types of events.

    Now my final suggestion: Test servers for each of us, NA EU And now SEA , when I am able to get onto the RU test server the latency is extremely high 150-200ms NA I usually run around 35-50ms on The NA I want the NA server to grow but I feel that MM in its current state if the issue with most players I see them in chat how they disapprove, by having test server you can send out invites to other MMO players hoping that some of them will stay I really believe this would in your and our best interest.

    Thanks for allowing me to share my thoughts, may the next 2 years be even better!!!

  26. Specials are very nice, gj.
    Hangar: terrible. It makes unnecessary load on graphic card. As European I would expect Austrian, Hungarian, etc. flags in hangar, and would not expect e.g. the Czech flag shouldnt be 5 times, American, Brzilian, etc flags are non-European flags, etc.
    So try to not neglect ppl, would not bring unnecessary harrasment.

    1. Yup, these hangars were meant to be shared between EU and NA.

  27. One of the best moments was the introduction of 2-player platoon for standard accounts, before that it was nearly impossible to get into a battle with your friends - pressing "Battle!" at the same time was a hopeless attempt and if it did work, the other guy ended up in the enemy team :)

  28. For me the bigest thing was american T34 finally becoming a premium tank! I would not be around if not that. Thank you!
    I remember all the shi*storms when that was delayed over and over again. You even had to close this blog because of the angry mob demanding T34.

  29. I wonder why not all the flags have been represented there. There are a lot of European countries which are not represented. We got a lot of non-eu flags instead. I'm pretty sure players communities from the countries whose flags were not displayed are not that happy at all. Since we have all contributed together at getting the game here why aren't all countries' players equally represented, appreciated and celebrated. That's not fair, kind, correct and most of all decent.
    Think about this...

    1. Good question.

      And one, that will not get answered.

    2. Guys were creating the hangars that would suit both EU and NA - since the anniversary is for both. Prolly, it'd be better to create separate versions.

  30. Biggest plusses of the last 2 years:

    Redo of the US heavy line and the addition of the E-series ending World of Soviet Tanks.

    New Render. It's so pretty AND I get better FPS!


    Massively improved after battle report.

    Tightened MM spread.

    New fire extinguishers. Being able to put out fires meant I could play my original German lines from beta again!

    There have however been some missteps along the way:

    Turning the sniper PzIV into a run and gun derper. Seriously, what?!

    Some of the map changes, original Komarin and Pagorki are still the best versions of those maps IMO. (Though I have hope for the new Komarin, the first revision would have been a big improvement if it hadn't had the tank traps.)

    HE nerfs were needed, but they went too far. There's almost no point in loading it even in tanks with guns intended to shoot that as the primary ammo. This is especially evident on the poor low tier tanks forced to fight KV-1s.

    Premium shells for credits was a good move, if just to stop the bitching, but a rebalance is still needed with it. In the protection vs mobility balance, mobility is clearly superior now with that change.

    The upcoming nerf of fire extinguishers. I have the feeling I’ll be parking my Germans again. :(

  31. So, Happy Birthday WG!

    The event we have now is super dope, i appreciate it, as do all i know.

    Regarding the development in the last two years, some things were great,
    others are still seriously lacking, as we all know. I have written already most about it.

    Lets say the MM change was the best thing for the game so far.
    So, that is a simple balancing act that made the game better, not a technical nor a contentwise improvement. I think thats important to notice!

    And as i said, further reduction of the tier gap will improve the fairness of matches a lot more. I hope you bring that on the table sometime. Its just not fun to play as a low tier against tanks two tiers above you. Or as a tier 7 scout in a tier 10 game. Something should be done about this!

    0.8.0 was the 2nd best thing. Great update, and i hope you guys have still more like this in the pipe down the road (HAVOK, Weather, or WoT 2.0), cause a games needs updates like this to grow and become a better experience.

    The third best thing are the regular tree updates, that make the game more diverse, and give a lot of options to choose from.
    All in all, i think you guys do a great job there.

    The forth best thing are the tournaments that recently come frequent for different tiers. I really enjoy them a lot, and the last one was the first that was well managed!

    For other changes (like prem ammo), there are both down,- and upsides.

    When i would have to say the things you need to improve in the next 2 years to become a better game:

    1.) Arty hardcap. I heard this idea was abandoned by the devs recently.
    I hope this was not the last word, after you guys see that not much changes with the artypatch.

    2.) Tier reduction as mentioned. Can only make the game better.
    And troll platoon removal. That they are still possible is a joke.

    3.) More maps. Lots of it. And for each mode, there should be several specific. I think WG should hire some decent map designers! Diversity is very important to keep the game interesting and less boring.

    4.) Better balance between tanks. You aint there yet.

    Keep up the good work, and hopefully someday it will be a game, the majority enjoys most of the time!

  32. Well you can stick that chinese tree in SerBs ekhm, something (along with half of fantasy US TD tree, VK72 and other ultrapaperpanzers, flawed balance, shots for zero, non-copetetive CW's).

    1. Despite obvious flaws game is very addictive, I guess that way its catches me for almost two and half year. But trough that time game flaws became more visible to me and WGs stuborness to do nothing with it convince me to leave this game for good in near future. Sorry guys but I cannot wait longer when you resolve T10 issue, or resolve OP howitzers, or balance french TDs (3% above rest for more than half a year!) and arty properly.

  33. Overlord I think you should have mentioned 6.4 separately. Its small changes to consumables made the game WAY more friendlier to free players than it was in Beta and in the release weeks.

    Anyway, Wot has become a game that I loved and hated over the last 2.5 years. Right now I'm at OK terms with it... as long as you don't change anything with the Panther, which is very fun to drive with its historical gun and the Ausf. J turret.

    1. I never could enjoy the regular Panther as it looked hideous when upgraded with the Schmalturm and L/100 gun, and I'd get alot of abuse for preferring historical especially when in tier 9 battles. Sad really, I would've kept it alongside the Panther-M10.

  34. My most memorable moment was my first Ace tanker badge (on PzIII).

    What keeps me playing for 16k battles? - Many historical tanks to unlock. Some interesting and obscure prototypes. (And a few nasty fake ones ... )

    Hangar is overloaded with flags. But I do not dislike it. Special is ok, but I prefer crew xp multiplication much mor.

  35. I love WoT. I have been playing it since the closed beta. Not much maybe, usually 6-8 hours a week. But: My forum account still wont show my beta tester status, instead im just a player in the forums. When i was in closed beta, my forum account didn't work at all. Not before the release. I complained some admins about it, they replied and told me to contact support, so i did, but they never replied :/ Still, an awesome game. I've never got bored with it, always new tanks to research, always some grinding to do.

  36. Dear Overlord

    All the fixes for all the complaints can be addressed with three things .

    1st. More players per side with the same cap on arty. This will allow the arty players to still have a good time and allow tankers to not fell like they are bein singled out.

    2nd larger maps with more approaches and choke points . As it stands now you just look forward and there the enemy is. This also will help with the arty complaints.

    3rd. Make tier ten tanks free to repair. You hav to do something to make tier tens more playable profit wise.

    As for the game itself it is still great and I am looking forward to upcoming content. More maps and I mean a lot more will keep this game always new and fresh. I would be willing to bet if you doubled the amount of maps you would double participation.

    1. 3rd. Make tier ten tanks free to repair. You hav to do something to make tier tens more playable profit wise.

      You must be kidding. We do need to limit the usage of tier 10s somehow. That's the essence of the game economy.

  37. one small request..

    can we sea have the same as NA/EU of the type 62 for sale in our coming 1st Anniversary pls (>_<)

  38. Overlord.: Just one question. How is that possible that since the 8.3 and 8.4 ups came out it seems like that the premium tanks at higher like mine KV5 and Su-122-44 on tier VIII and VII seems that the premium tank tier cap just not seem to work. Example in the past 2month I only get to go in games like 2 time that where I am actualy competitive. On the rest 95% of the games I get to go in tier like IX to X with KV5 and up to tier IX with the SU.

    These tanks do not have any tier cap now? or whats going on? The complete MM is just making strange things these days.

    Even with normal tanks.

    1. There were no MMing changes to those tanks. You are likely to be unlucky.

  39. 1). One of the most memorable moments was after i bought the Type-59 and paying on it half the Lowe price, i realized that it actually makes more credits than the Lowe and it's much more fun to play.
    2). The garage graphics on 2nd anniversary is by far better than the In Battle graphics.(my Video card was hotter while in garage than during battle with everything maxed out)
    3). We are looking forward for a good Match Maker, but off course you wont change it because of your undisclosed 50% win ratio algorithm...or random, whatever you may call it.

  40. Hey Overlord,

    My favorite updates of the year have to be the new renderer and physics. I have a good PC which can handle the game on maxed settings and it looks amazing. Physics on the other hand really enhanced the gameplay.

    The specials are fun and very generous (especially the x5 XP) and keep me playing for much longer than I should be :P. The Hangars are a nice little gimmick but not a must-have; especially when they put a huge strain on our PCs.

    1.) I'd love to see a function to increase clan size. 100 Players seems to be a rather harsh limit, especially when it comes to intense fighting on the world map. Let us increase it to 200 for 10k gold for example. I'm sure a lot of clans would appreciate it.

    2.) Also some kind of build-in tournament support would be great and a welcome addition to the game since I find this part the most lacking at the moment.

    3.) I've come to notice that one of the core decision points of future updates seem to be keeping the game as hack-free as possible. Please keep it this way, it's one of the reasons I love this game so much and seems to be overlooked by a lot of people.


    1. 2 & 3 - definitely, that's what we are going to do.

      1 - will consider this while implementing integration of CWs between the projects

  41. I like to add this: The damage penalty really needs to change, Why should I pay for someone else stupidness.Ever since you have added this into the game we pay for someone else stupidness. If I am in arty, I target the using the T round is out they go and ram that target and guess what I pay for their stupidness. I have had a player to run into the back of my IS7 and guess what I pay for that damage he had no business whatsoever in running into me. Examples after examples can be provided by other players as-well you need to change this policy.
    Thx You

  42. I just enjoy the tactical thinking, trying to improve my own gameplay and making the most of it no mather what the MM is. I actually liked the old MM it gave a bigger challange, tought players to think about tactics etc.

    What I would like to add/change.

    1. Bigger maps. 3x3km or 5x5km. This will also let the germans shine a bit more. (les russian bias talk)

    2. Rebalancing all tanks. There are some older tanks that arent on par with the newer ones any more. I think this needs to be fixed. Not really a reason to nerf the new ones just buff the old ones slightly. And also remember to take a look at all the premium tanks.

    3. Change vehicle sorting option. Add a selection per tier option. Maybe overhaul the whole thing.

    4. Change the garage layout, make it possible for a premium player to select one out of multiple designs.

    5. Add historical/mission mode. Other goals like escort or reach "location x" just to give some examples. (would work better with bigger maps)

    6. Add a hardcore mode. No outlines around tanks, Minimap that only shows that enemy tank is spotted in sector B4(as example) Let scouts guide arty and make them responsible for the spotting. (scoutings giving direction and estemated speed)No aim correct. Tracked means immobilized for a long time... No quick repairs. Camo just means watching closely if you can see a tank move or not.
    - Of course the xp and credits earned for this mode are supposed to be a bit higher than standard mode.

    Thnx for the lovely game. I really enjoy it and keep up the great work.

    Kind regards


    1. And increase xp earned for td's

      I know they have the potential to do high amounts of damage, but this is pretty hard. You don't have as much HP as meds and heavies so mistakes are punished really hard.

      TD's are highly situational so I think they deserve higher amounts of xp on par with the other tanks. Since your risks are higher as well.

      Also most maps aren't fit for camping td's that can hide without taking hits. Most of the time if you want to influence the game you need to be (close to) the front.

      Kind regards


  43. Unfortunatly in the meantime, WG turned on greed for €, by making tanks earn less credits, and forcing players to buy premium tanks. Also by making critical hits with no damage, makes you spend even more credits.
    I have no doubt WG has more money then ever, but this things are so iritating, that people are moving to play similiar games. This will be especially evident when there will be more games on the market like Heros & Generals, WarThunder...

    1. Not true, we didn't nerf profitability of tanks. Players can have less credits now because they spend more on prem ammo and camos.

      If someone moves away from our games, it's definitely not the monetization side of things.

    2. Why do you lie!? You have official news, where it is written you have lowered credit income of some tanks (Object 704, SPG-s...). Shooting tank with low HP and having him left on ~1-5% of HP (tank that should be dead from 1 hit), which makes you spend another shell (that costs credits) and if he shots you, you have to pay also more repair costs, and he has to pay more credits for shells (as he should be dead before the last shot)

  44. Hi
    i am always angry if i played good and lose the game. I think a fair solution for earn XP and credits
    will be, if you earn it for your performence like now, but with no win or lose multiplikator.

  45. Hi overlord,

    on topic: thx for the great game and two and a half years of tanking

    off topic:
    (beware of spelling errors)

    "OverlordFebruary 27, 2013 at 11:06 PM
    Suggestions thread? Why not. We had a hatred thread earlier and it worked out good."

    so I will just hijack this here and post my suggestions, maybe there will be a new suggestion thread (or there is and somebody can point me to it) and I can repost it there

    my post is too long, so check it out at pastebin: http://pastebin.com/hs0Wbsi5

    tldr: some suggestions/ideas, and then something about mods I use and why they should get implemented

    great game, keep up the good work

  46. Hi Overlord,

    Are there any chances to export the following stats to make the efficiency calculation easier and more accurate? After all, WoT is a game about win rate and efficiency.

    Detection Damage (so far efficiency formula resorted to spotting, but detection damage is far more important to judge a good scout)
    Damaged but not killed tanks (you mentioned above that it is already in WOWP)
    Normalized exp (i.e. without premium / event bonuses. It is important since not all damages are the same.)


  47. I find the discussions regarding skill based match making interesting in that it sounds like the "elite" players only want to play with "elite" players. To me this is silly. It is like saying I am a Special Forces member and I want to battle only with other Special Forces members. What people don't realize is that usually the Special Forces is battling second class opponents. Also, Special Forces usually are teamed up with second class soldiers when they go into battle and their job is to "carry" the team.

    I think that I am an average player and there are times that I perform like an elite player. There are also times that I perform like a noob. When I am on a bad team (like my current streak), I don't sweat it. I know that sooner or later, I will be on the good team again trying to show that I can carry my weight for them.

    And, even though I think this is silly, perhaps the solution could be a premium match maker where players have to pay a fee to play and must have a specific efficiency or other rating to choose that battle mode. Most of us average people would stay away and any future complaining by the "elites" could be directing to the pay-to-play battle mode.

  48. My favorite change was the match-making spread being reduced. During the old match-making spreads, my tanks were mainly tier II to tier VI. I found that my tier V and VI tanks were frequently seeing tier VIII tank battles (some tier IX) as I usually play late at night (2300-0030 hours) when there are not as many high tier tanks to battle each other and they are put into lower tier matches. This definently was affecting my performance as I was rarely in top tier in the matches. Also, my computer was only handling a FPS of 12-to-18. So, I sucked and didn't want to progress to higher tiers.

    With the match-maker change, my performance has improved; plus, a new computer with an average of 55 FPS doesn't hurt (which allowed me to learn to aim). And, I just bought my first tier X (M48 Patton).

    1. Just interesting with the wait for the odd premium tanks, managed to get the Type-62 and KV-5 but there are still a good amount of tanks that I have to wait for. :/

      MTLS-1G14,M6A2E1,PzKpfw 38H735 (f), PzKpfw II Ausf. J, PzKpfw B2 740 (f), PzKpfw IV Hydraulic, PzKpfw V-IV, A-32, KV-220,SU-85I, and of course the Type-59.

      It is too bad that half of these are unavailable on the NA server. :/

  49. Hi, I see you have still replying to comments even after 5 days from your original post. Thank you for the care and respect this shows to us fans.

    WOT has a gigantic fan base around the world and I find one of the great compliments is that there are so many complaints and winges. People dont complain if they dont care. Infact with the level of vitriol sometimes shown and the intensity of opinions shown you have very many, dedicated and even obsessed players out there(if i get caught up to much my wife bans me from tanks for a week).
    I first had a go at WOT when it was first available, and everything was in Russian. I loved the look of it but understood nothing and as it was still developing I decided to wait. I came back to look 12 months ago and have so much fun that I wish I did not drop out before. It is fun... It is alive and continualy develops... It has great communities with enthusiastic and vocal players and developers who sometimes talk to each other... lastly - one day you will implement the Australian Sentinal tanks that the US killed off before they were fully birthed.


    My fee for the endorsment can be in gold or good luck with the MM.

  50. Hello!
    Well I have a few ideeas of what you guys should introduce/change:
    1.A game client for linux distros.Reason: i think there are linux users too that play WoT and also on every game that was available both on linux distros and Win I noticed the linux version always performed 40% better.
    2.More reasons to be t10.I mean seriously even competitions use t8.WHY??
    3.Match reports should be checked more often or introduce them into a tribune system of banning(Similar to the LoL tribune)

    1. Oh and 4.Try to make the tank sizes seem more realistic.E.G. T-44 seems the same size as IS-7 only that IS-7 is a bit longer.

  51. Just an idea: how about to make the exp (x2 /each day) up to exp(x3)--> just for players that had been offline for more than 3 days and exp(x5)--> just for players that had been offline for more than 7 days. would help those people who cant play during the week or just on sundays to keep up with those who can play every day.
    ... just an idea

    1. And 2x credit for first win could be good too for tier9-10 owners, who hasn't premium.

    2. They WANT you to play every day (the more you play, the bigger chance you buy gold/premium/etc.). If you want to progress fast, you either invest time or money. so in your case, if you want to keep up with the daily players, better cough up some gold to do so.

      What, in your opinion, could their reason be to stimulate players not going online for a couple of days?

    3. ok i get it. =P
      so is7 commin soon... (...2015) ^^

  52. What to comment, this game sucked me for over 2y. Before WoT i played ocassionally 2-3 games just not to be bored of the same one over again. When I started to play wot it is only wot. Wish you well, keep doin good job, avoid to much greediness and youll be just fine (same your customers).
    I hope you dont mind that I will take advantage of this occasion and I would like to ask about PL tanks. There was some hype about them and now it is very quiet. Everybody knows that polish players are among the most numerous in EU so there are potential lot of future prem PL tank buyers. So what is the status of PL (EU) tree? Is it possible to release at least prem PL tank?

    ps. i noticed you are using ver names 8.5 instead of 0.8.5. Is the reason that you are ashamed of its beta stage or smthing else?

    Again Congratz and gl&hf

  53. I'm 41 and have been playing WoT for two years. I don't play anything else now. I've found my game - just wish we had internet and faster chips so I could have been playing this all along ! It's a really wonderful development. Wish there were more maps though, and plenty of competitions where you don't have to have a clan to participate in.

    Well done on a great idea.