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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

[WoT] Are you an oldfag of WoT?

Taken from RU livejournal community, translated, and slightly modified.

You are oldfag of WoT, if:
  • played WoT even before closed beta started for EU and NA
  • remember single EU&NA forums and client, EU&NA migration and server-split
  • remember when only English localization was available
  • remember the recess of closed beta
  • remember what rush across the Malinovka field-of-death is
  • know how to block the path in Himmelsdorf
  • saw original Pagorki map
  • saw/used non-nerfed SPGs
  • know how to play KV-2 with derp gun
  • know how to kill Maus when 2nd top tank is tier 8
  • know how to tie the game on the old Erlenberg
  • remember teleports
  • remember massive lag spikes when
  • remember when T-44 was the best MT, and S-51 - best SPG 
  • saw T-54 "dev edition"
  • saw non-pitted Karelia
  • remember good olg Komarin camping
  • remember 1st Championship WoT Closed beta
  • remember the launch of global map
    blocked Maus in a group of tier 2-3 light tanks
  • remeber the DOG
  • remember when tracks were repaired separately
    remember "when is the wipe/reset?" questions in chats and on forums
  • first hours since release when gift and pre-order tanks couldn't penetrate each other
Feel free to add. :)


  1. -When you failed, creating your account on EU after beta testing in NA, losing your M4A2E4 in the process !

  2. Eh, you forgot about:
    a)There was only 2 tier 10 tanks...
    b)When IS4 (T9) was better than IS7 (T10)
    c)When T-54 still couldn't be killed, after thousends of nerf's...
    d)When t44 was exploding after taking one hit...
    e)Fastest tank in-game was A20
    f)Arty wasn't destroying the game
    g)150g per day!!
    h)Premium tanks were crap.
    i)When a friend failed with choosing a server after split...
    j)Obj212 armor (and gun mantlet.)...
    k)KV+PZ IV ruled the game on T5
    l)Nothing had more dmg per shoot than ISU152 (750)
    m)There was less 0dmg shoots!!!

    1. well, some of those were mentioned, some - not good enough to make it.

    2. n)When being hunted in StuGIII by three IS4s was not a MM glitch.

      Maybe not generic to be mentioned, but brings back memories. Was my first battle in StuG, and those beasts made me running all over the map. Somehow my 106 mm penetration and 110 dmg did not scare them, nor did I trust my glorious 50mm of front armor.....

  3. Remembering when ISU-152 was the games most deadly TD and ruled the fields

  4. Remember when the matchmaker only knew two types of battles: tier 1-2 and everything else

  5. Remembering the battles fought in the first days after the official start...
    "Look... M4A2E4s are everywhere..." :D

    1. Like this, you mean? ;)


    2. And dont forget my lovely A-32.

    3. how about the M6A2E1 and Pz V/IV

  6. My game folder is still called "world of tanks closed beta".


  7. Remember, when...

    -The Spottingsystem make Maus invisibel on 150m in Himmelsdorf
    -Facing +3/4 Tier with a Stock-Tank
    -the KV-3 was a (OP)-Monster
    -Komarin was the first "Aussault/Encounter"-Map
    -The Loader from M3 Lee didnt get killed, when somebody shot in the Turret (Where are the second Loader for the 75mm? :P)

  8. Oh yeah miss my closed beta T-44 aka ruler of everything :-)

  9. I you remember:

    - the few days of x5 mayhem before the end of beta
    - the Panther 2 as a T9 tank
    - the T23

    Then you sir should stop :P

  10. ...If you remember the days where the armor on your Jagdtiger meant something and you could hold the road in Himmelsdorf with it.

  11. - Remember when This Blog Contained Lots of Information and updated Frequently..

    1. Sadly enough this one is also part of the list :(

    2. Sorry Overlord your blog has kind of gone down hill since you first started, not sure of the reasons, maybe your just busy with other things now.
      At least some other blogs have sprung up since then that offer some good info.

    3. And that's good that we have multiple sources right now. Regional teams (EU, NA, and others) and doing a good job on the communication side of things. I had to kinda step down - there are lots of important things to do. I do believe many of you still find some pieces of useful info over here.

    4. you mean SilentStalker for eu regional team right?

  12. -Remember when you were with the KV and ended with T9 tanks
    -Remember when every tier 5 ended with t8 tanks and t6 with t9.
    -Start for German mediums on VK3001(P) and get patched and have to start over with PZ III/IV
    -Not that many rage quitters,bad players

  13. remember when playing with friends and the only way to drop in the same match and hopefully in same team was to: 3,2,1 simultaneously press BATTLE!

  14. - Leveling a T3 tank against anything else..!
    I have given up on soo much T3s just because they werent able to penetrate a T6-8, which you met quite commonly in CB.

    - Having a Maus facing 2 Tiger 2s and a bunch of T7.

    -still remember how the fear-factor was of the Ferdi in those battles.

    also remember those idiotic Tactics "we" played.
    Malinovka Field of Death rush was a totally normal behaviour. ^^

    btw still have some old screens:

    - garage back in CB
    - Karelia
    - the "very first" Inscription
    - BALANCE! - (nothing changed here)

    - Teamkillers were also present... btw. can i still report him?

    Was lots of fun! And it went more smoothly... gold was rare.

    1. oh sth. i forgot:

      We needed actually to STAY and WAIT in battle to get XP. Remember that?

  15. Remember when:
    - T-28 was the king of tier 4
    - T-30 was tier 10 heavy tank
    - Hype for the "upcoming" French tanks
    - Everyone feared the T95
    - People thought the Ratte would be in game
    - Tier 6 heavies fought tier 10 tanks
    - Tier 4 scouts scouted in tier 9 battles
    - IS tanks were gods

  16. Remember when JT was only tier 9 TD!
    Remember when Hummel was top tier German arty!
    Remember when there where only two nations!
    Remember when US had no TD's

    ...and much more, tnx for loving memories WG :)

  17. Remember when there was no KV-1 or KV-2, only KV

  18. remember
    T30 was ht,
    ferdinand td's front armo was untouchable,
    is4 was better than is7,
    panther ii was tier9

  19. Remember when
    -The M26 was a tier 9
    -Wargaming said there would NEVER be tier 10 TDs and Medium Tanks
    -Karelia was hated
    -Patches were 3 months apart
    -Russian bias extisted

  20. Remember when
    - WoT was actually a fun game to play

    GuntherPrien (EU)

  21. um. the IS 3 has huge texture overlapping at mantlet. i dunno which gun it is, but the "hatch/plate" on top of the mantlet goes into the mantlet. always nice to remove texture bugs. and maybe fix the light on UFP on e 75. since you removed the texture bug on it (gun going through light) the gun depression got nerfed to prevent it. really annoying.btw, have to give you credits for changing the chat. always annoying when you were writing and the battle started.

  22. When a Tier 1 could set the VK4502P on fire by shooting through the driver viewport.

    I do miss the dog though .....

  23. change the title please... fag in the UK is a reference to a gay man

    1. Well, that's the current trend. No one should be offended.

    2. its the internet :3 homosexual people will know when its just joking around or serious :3

      Source: im homosexual xD

  24. I remember many things from the closed beta until now, but the most important thing i remember is that i actually had FUN playing this game, even if we had only random gameplay back then. Unfortunately things like the MM (was partially improved), the RNG and especially the rewarding system (i hope someday you'll understand how stupid is to "reward" only the wining team in a random game for something that doesn't exists called "teamplay") killed the pleasure i had playing WOT. I know you want the players to spend time in this game (not only money), but i don't think i need to waste hours just to make the double on some tanks. Fix the reward system in randoms and make it more player orientated, complaints about zombies and emo (suicidal tankers) type of players will disappear, also no more abusive language in chat, ping spam for the lemmings to see the open flank, team damage on really bad players, less quit rages, a low frustration level for the normal player. Just my 2 cents...

  25. I'll never forget my first game in my first tier 3(Pz III A) during Russian CBT. Mostly because it was a tier 10 battle... and not being able to out run a IS-7 driving in reverse...

  26. Ovi, why do You ask players if they are Fags ? :D

    Yeaaaaah I remember all of that. And a LOT more ;)

  27. Remember when:
    -Typ59 was in the Techtree, and half teams are Typs
    -P4 had a turret (now its just a top to save from the rain^^)
    -Prem ammo was for Gold and E100 was more or less useless
    -German tanks had no gearbox in front
    -Arty-trees end at Tier8...no, aah, sorry, looked in the future ;)

  28. The promise of a second german TD line

  29. How about the "cheating" 704 gun traverse? :)

  30. Remember when WOT had NO intructions or tutorials on how to play?

    1. I'm glad it has now, and I think EVERYONE should be forced to play it at least once.

  31. I remember everything except the first point.
    And I loved my Bison for money making...until the 16th of December 2010(yes I still remember that particular patch-day).

  32. Drove a T-54 in beta and could 1v2 two Maus tanks cus it was SO OP

    Bounced like hell.

    * Played IS-4 at Tier 9 (and owned with it)
    * Used dead tanks to block chokes (like the bridges mentioned above)
    * Killed Maus with three T-43s using HE and the power of prayer

    1. * Made more credits with T-34 than any other tank xD

  33. -When every HE shot took 5% hit points, damaged a couple modules and killed a crew member.

    -When you got your daily double at the first battle, no matter whether victory or not.

    -When Hummel printed money.

  34. Remember the time there wasn't any MM?

  35. - Cannot get over the removal from rotation of map Komarin

    - Remember the time when arty easily do 10+ frags

  36. Remember when object 704 was the most powerfull Top tier?

  37. remember when:
    -KV1 is so fucking awesome bcoz of the derp and that it can go thru the komarin barricade
    -T30 is an OP heavy
    -having the m2 med's howitzer will give you t3 domination at 15 rpm
    -autoloaders dont have mags
    -T1 is better than ms1 or loltraktor

  38. Remember when the Marder II was the best TD ever, and how it could one on one a KV? I do... It needs a Pity buff these days...

  39. Remember when Tiger was total crap and every hit caused the death of crew members and/or module damage
    Remember when KT's gun mantlet was bugged so that everything whent passed it?
    Remember M6A2E1 track damage bug?

  40. Remember killing IS-4's with derp KV?
    Remember the grind on T34 for the 120 mm gun?

  41. when youre wot client is still called, World_of_tanks_closed_beta.exe.

  42. When heavy tanks played on Province..move and your dead!!!!

  43. When A20 speed was to get to one of the bridges on Komarin to block the passage of the enemy team.

    When playing T1 heavy and seeing the outline of KV meant a very quick game

    When playing T1 heavy, getting into M6 and going "so, basically it's just a pink T1?"

    When smashing a maus to 20% hp with the 90mm gun on the T34

    When the T34 could only use the 90mm gun as stock at tier 9....