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Thursday, September 27, 2012

[WoT] So How Do You Like It?

Major 8.0 update has already hit both EU and US servers (in reverse order), and it's time to ask for some first impressions. So how do you like it? What are the pros and cons?

Enjoying new physics, keep staring at new visuals, discovering new UI, test-driving new tanks, share your thoughts and emotions.

This update is a result of continuous hard work of the whole tank team and, hopefully, this result is to your liking. :)

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On a serious note, I'm open on your suggestions. Will make a post on it soon. :)

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  1. all good except for pzIV and Marder nerf(second nerf in 2 patches for marder)

    1. Marder has been OP for quite some time. It's low tier, that's why it didn't attract attention.

    2. it might have been OP, but I had it and therefore I'm fine with it being OP xD what tank should I retrain my veteran marder crew to?

    3. Save them for the second TD line (which will be extending off the Marder II).

    4. Any low tier tank with 100% crew (+secondaries) and full equipment driven by an experienced player is OP though. What Marder had going for it was the view range which coupled with binoculars made a bit of a mockery of the spotting system.

      Tetrarch places very high in win ratio charts, but it's not really more effective than say BT-2.

      As for Marder crew, Stug should be pretty good now with the added penetration on L/70. Just need to pick up an extra loader.

    5. The update would be rather good. I put it as bad, though, because it apparently hasn´t been finished after testing before release. Performance issues like heavy fps drops indicate that. And considering the fact that WG stated to have eSports as one of their focuses, it is quite bad to release an update that heavily affects playability over an unknown period of time.
      GTX580, i7@2.9GHz, 16GB RAM ... should be enough. Yet it is unplayable with new and old renderer, min and max settings, new and old drivers. Thats a nogo, imho.

  2. not bad but my fps cannot go over 30 and thats with the lowest graphics :S with normal it wont go over 20... and i dont have a very bad pc

    1. Reboot your PC after the installation. That should work, at least it did for me.

    2. Also upgrade your graphic driver, if you haven't done for some time.

    3. Even with lowest graphics setting make sure improved graphics is off if your having fps issues.

  3. Awesome update all around! The improvements to the sounds, graphics, and environment really beefed up an already great game. Being a stat geek, the new post battle screen is also a welcome addition. Oh, and the Matilda Black Prince is fun as hell. :)

    The only change that I don't like is the across the board nerf to arty repair costs. Artillery were already painful to play in pubs at those tiers, and now it's all but a waste to play those in anything but CW now.

    At any rate, awesome job guys!

  4. So far the physics and post battle reports are absolutely a huge improvement to the game. One the down side my FPS has really suffered and I'm playing on low settings to bring it up. So I'm not enjoying the new graphics. :(

    1. I actually bumped my settings up to get rid of the fps issue. Kinda weird solution, but believe it or not, bumping up the graphics improved the performance over the low settings.. Don't ask me how that happens. :P

    2. well, I started at maximum settings and stepped it down from there. Medium was still no good, only low was nice and smooth. I'm going to try turning off improved graphics tonight and bump everything else up and see what I get. Shame tho, the videos I've seen look amazing. I hope this gets fixed.

  5. The new tech tree is a shame. It's quite unintuitive (the only horizontally organized and scrolling menu in the entire game!! It has no X icon to let you know how to leave it, and feels pointlessly wide even on my 1920x1080 monitor. Perhaps if the developers made the space between the icons shorter horizontally it would feel better. Right now it feels pointlessly stretched for the sake of being stretched.

    1. I totally agree. Considering what a great job they did with the battle recap it feels like they have two UI developers, one who has a solid idea of what makes UIs work well, effective use of screen realestate, minimal clicks to get to desired content etc and one developer who's fresh out of college and has no idea what is going on.

    2. I really liked the old tech tree. The new one feels very different from the look and feel of rest of the game. The colors feel almost 8 bit and makes me feel like I'm looking at an old Nintendo game. I also wish the items showed how much XP you were short like they used to.

    3. Agree, the new tech tree totally sux. U should change or go back to old one asap...

    4. i do agree. the new tech tree gives me headaches and its unnecessarily difficult to use. would really appreciate if we had the option to revet back to the old one

    5. Completely agree here...took me ages to even try and understand the new tech tree...and trying to work it out for each component of a tank is so hard...can't we go back to how it was?

    6. Agree with you guys, old Tech Tree is much more intuitive... The new one gets me lost every time

    7. Agree,

      new tree is completely illegible. It's hard to figure out what is revealed and what is not.

      Bring back the vertical arrangement.

    8. I cant agree more. I really miss the option we had to show the remaining xp or money for that matter needed to unlock/buy the next tank. I dont like the new tech tree with its sideways scrolling also.

  6. This is my laptop btw:


    No reason why I shouldn't be able to run high settings with +30 fps. Right now maximum settings bring me to 5-15 fps. In 7.5 maximum settings gave me 45-60 fps.

    1. The problem may be you're running game on a laptop, though I understand where you're coming from. Here are 3 sites you may want to check out, if you haven't already, that may help you.
      NOTE: Use Google Chrome for easy translation of last 2 sites.
      1)Game Booster: http://www.iobit.com/gamebooster.html
      2)WoT Tweaker: http://mirtankov.net/soft/3395-wot-tweaker.html
      3)Millbarge's Slow PC Pack: http://www.curse.com/wot-mods/worldoftanks/millbarges

      While Wargamming NA does not consider these above 'MODs' to be against the rules, you will be informed to remove all MODs when submitting a ticket for help, as they have no hand in their production and thus no control over any MOD's affect on gameplay.

    2. EDIT: My apologies, the 3rd site given above is not foreign.

    3. I know it does not help but I get 70 fps on max settings... :)

  7. Most of what I have seen is great! One thing I think can be improved are the color of the buttons on the research/tech tree page.

    The diagonal grey bars on the green buttons are too subtle and some (especially new players) may get confused by it. Maybe putting in a another color or adding red accents may make it clearer. Also unlike before, there I saw no "easy way" to see how much more XP I needed to get to the research a particular tech/tank unlike the old tool tips. If there is a similar functionality, on the new tech tree, I did not see it, so the devs should make it a bit more noticeable I guess.

    Overall this is one of the best patches to date! (and I've been playing since open beta) Good Job WG! :)

  8. I think the changes all in all are great, especially the physics. The gun sounds annoy me a little. All the tank's guns sound identical and weak, but some SPG and TD guns sound better than before. I think more time needed to be spent on this aspect. Also a few maps, especially the desert maps have too high of a bloom setting which causes the colors to be washed out.

    But the addition of the suspension sounds and terrain sounds are great, the UI changes are also nice as well with the added preset commands. The physics have also created new gameplay and some hilarious comedy.

    I had a T-50-2 come up behind my Hummel and he went over the hill too fast and flew past my arty and broke his track allowing me to turn aim and blow him up point blank. I don't think it was very realistic and may want to be looked at, but it was hilarious and it's kinda fun to repeat similar feats of flight in my T-50-2, BT2, and T2 LT.

    1. Gun sounds will be tuned in further updates, some of them can do a lot better indeed.

    2. Hi, will engine and track sounds also be tuned ? Since there is a big improvement in sounds, I don't use audio mods anymore, but engines are too discreet in comparison.

  9. Awesome graphics and visuals, but the tech tree is a little weird, I have a hard time telling how much xp I have together between the experience gained on that tank and free experience. I used to see them one on top of the other, but now one is on the current tank graphic and the other is in the prospective next upgrade graphic, haven't seen them together.

  10. took away everthing the Patton 3 had going for it over the other t10 meds, now it doesn't have the dpm or the accuracy, and with already not having a great top speed coupled with no armor what is the point? It was one of my favorites to play now, not so much... everything else is great

  11. Fix the Tech Tree! I hate how you can't see how much exp you need to get a tank!

    1. this is the only thing i hate about the new tech tree, i want to see how much exp i have left to go. i want to see those little details you have taken from us!!!

    2. Why can't they like darken the upgrade when you don't have enough xp and when you do its bright showing you that you can get the upgrade

  12. Love it, I'm already through the PzIV, so the nerf didn't affect me much. ARL39 still needs a tweek with the suspension, come on even the previous starter gun for the last tank can't be mounted on it, but I see what you did there, make us farm exp on other tanks than use gold to convert it to free exp... Scout tanks are now fun as hell, love the physics and the freedom to go where ever I want with some restrictions. The reworked maps are nice, getting rid of the steep hills was a good idea.

  13. I'm running the new graphics all the way up, with just a hint less performance than before. It's generally manageable and the update is a success.

    There are two things that really disappoint me tho'. The new tech tree is crap. I don't know who finds it useful and why you opted for it. If there are people out there who like it, please give us the option to switch between the two.

    The second thing I find annoying is the fact that the gameplay seems to have slowed down. Zipping around in a Tetrach used to be dizzying now it's not so impressive. (ping always less than 80 and fps above 50 so that's certainly not the issue).

  14. very,very good, tnx wargaming I am enjoying very much...

  15. I just want to say that if the only modification that 8.0 brought was the new gun sound effects it would be worth it. Nothing is more satisfying than firing a round in my E-100. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooommmmmmmmmm.......

  16. Hell yeah!!! A huge round of standing ovation and CONGRATULATIONS to the WOT team. Awesome achievement! The gameplay rocks!! You guys did it :D

    65th Halbert Division

  17. The update is overall very nice. Really like the new looks and feels of the modified maps. Its like playing a new map all together with a familiar touch!

    The physics are amazing.

    Love the new stats at the end of the battle! Havent tried the replays, but i would assume they are there too.

    I like the new tech tree (altho it seems most dont). The only thing that is missing now, is the amount of XP and Credits you need to buy the next tank. That was in 7.x but its gone now. That sould return as it was before, the popup info when your mouse is over a tank in the tree that you dont have researched yet.

    Keep up the good work!

  18. 8.0 brought me less FPS. On 7.5 I used to play with 21-25 fps, pretty good to play, now even with wot tweaker, compressed textures by Ahumex, I can't get over 15 fps, being stuck in between 13-15. I remember SerB saying in an interview that the new graphics won't affect old PC/Laptops. Well my fps went down the drain, the game is not so playable for me now. 8.0 not cool.

  19. Ok. It's nice to have a major improvement to game, but you still managed to fail so badly that i'm not gonna play this game anymore.

    reasons? oh there is few.
    1. Removed old and perfect PzIV. That new PzIV is just plain horrible. No gun, no turret. and that's it. can't hit anything with this piece of s--t gun.
    2. Ping. keeps on raising on every update. after beta it was 50-70ms. After 7.2 it was 70-90ms. Now it's 100-160ms. And it's horrible. It's so hard to hit anything that's moving.
    3. Encounter and assault. took tab off and still getting those annoying modes.
    4. Penetration without damage. i don't say anything else about this.
    5. HE ammo is useless. At beta it was usable.
    6. new tech tree. those spaces between tanks are wayt too big. and why not to make it like in window and now full screen.
    7. engine sounds. well. they keeps disappearing like shadows also.

    ok. that's all. see you after next patch. Right now i got no reason to play. please. pretty please. bring that old PzIV back.

  20. Sorry Ovi, but this ammount of bugs afer 4! phases of testing is just not acceptable...and realy sound are still terrible...

    1. Comparing to the amount of work done, the bug rate is actually acceptable. We have also done some comparison to previous versions. However it's true that a number of annoying ones are still in place.

  21. I've only played one battle so far, but I liked what I saw. The new graphics engine makes everything look a bit more crisp and bright. I didn't notice any fps drop, using the same settings, but I still have to install all the mods I was using before... icons, hud... I might let xvm go.
    The horizontal tech tree looks strange. Takes too much horizontal space! I guess it'll grow on us, eventually.
    There's one detail I found missing on the individual tank's tech trees: xp points. I have no way of knowing how many xp (non-free) points I have available for that particular tank. I'm hoarding free xp and this way I keep having to go to the garage to find out how much xp that tank has. Inconvenient, don't you think?

  22. pretty darn good update! Now please un-bork more of the french tanks you borked in earlier patches! (lights/heavies)

  23. Is there anyway to improve my fps as it used to be. Since the update, my fps is just 10-15 on new rendered maps, 15-20 on old maps (before update it was normally 30-40 fps)
    I've upgraded graphic card's driver

  24. All efforts put into this patch, the good content, the physics, UI changes, new tanks nullified by the optimization. Since the first time we heard about it, we heard claims about how the new renderer was supposed to improve performances for some computers, and keep the same performances for others while also improving the general image quality.

    Turns out that in the end some computers that had already potential to run properly 7.5 but didn't now can, and most of the others have now fps issues, either in sniper mode or not. Without even considering laptops that were supposed to meet a new "light and laptop friendly" renderer. I went from 50 average fps and medium settings with the old 7.5 to 25 fps if i am lucky with the lowest settings using both the new and the old renderer. Without even mentioning that the "new-old" renderer doesn't even have the same visual quality of the 7.5 one, since it's limited on the details (like shadows or other options) that you were able to activate before.

    In short, all those issues don't let me properly enjoy the rest of the content.

    1. I got barely GTX560 and it runs 60-70FPS with literally everything to the max.

    2. I can't but be happy for you, but don't think that i am the only one having issues. I am sure there are enough people not having problems with it, but also enough people for WG to consider there is something that still need more work

      This pool also tells a lot


  25. There seem to be no more warnings for using Free XP pool when buying sth. It just asks whether to spend the asked sum of XP in general, and that's it, no matter if you have enough normal XP or have to eat you FreeXP savings.

    Also I need this feature ( I wonder why it hasn't been thought of yet): RMB on allied tank => try to match its speed.

    I play in platoon and I find myself constantly distracted switching autospeed levels, or "pumping gas", so I can stay behind my friend in heavy and not lag behind when too slow nor hit his "ass" when too fast. This really should be in the game, the cruising levels are nice, but have nowhere near as much impact as 3-5 tanks moving at the same speed in a column exactly behind each other and the heavy on the point shielding with his large body everybody behind him.

    This should be executed exactly like Focus Aim, the difference being that you mouseover allied tank, instead of enemy.

    The tank that cannot go as fast as the one he wants to SpeedMatch, should just go full speed.

    Why I don't post in in the forums? Cause I'm not a talkative person, and the suggestion forums require me to spam 50 messages in general discussion before I can suggest anything (seems that the idea is that people who talk a lot have great ideas to suggest.............. ).

  26. Overall 8.0 update is the best update so far. But as You may know - "better is enemy of good" ("Лучшее - враг хорошего" ;) )


    1. Horizontal tech tree - visually better but people have to scroll to see whole research path. For me, horizontal view is a bit confusing.

    2. Improved graphics - for me quality of new improved graphics is less important than its smoothness. Every now and then tankers suffer from those fps drops in sniper mode. It is still not fixed.

    3. Sounds - more realistic doesn't mean better. Impact of the arty's shell is too quiet and bugged - I can't hear it when there are some other sounds playing at that moment.

    4. PzIV - it was my favourite tank to this day... I do understand turret/gun nerf but at least you could give that pz4 premium to pz4 owners. You have given brand new tier 8 tank (worth a lot of gold) to t34 owners and nothing to old pz4 owners. Why??? Too many of them?

    5. High tier arty repair costs - it will not fix 5 arties per side problem...

    Good changes:

    1. Physics - no more immovable tanks! Realistic turning! Etc. Best change in this game so far :)

    2. Overall buffs to german/usa guns - I like the idea of high velocity, high penetration german guns vs good elevation usa guns vs high alpha dmg ussr guns :)

    3. Detailed battle stats in garage - brilliant! At last I can check who was good/bad or compare my battle performance with others.

    4. Normalisation changes - forcing people to learn where to shoot = awesome idea. Now we need nice shooting guides with coloured models from Wargaming :)

    5. Map changes - keep them coming! Still we need some adjustments to several encounter/assault maps.

    Still need fixing:

    1. Chat system - Let us whisper to friends playing games.

    2. Get rid of that "5 sec pause between search/add/invite" rule. I can't add people to my ignore list too fast cause game thinks that I spam those server queries -.-

    3. Give me possibility to add more than 255 names to my friend/ignore list.

    4. 0 dmg shots. Enough said. There are times when I lose a game because of that ;(

    5. 'Ivitation to platoon' needs reworking. I play this game for 1,5yr now and still can't get used to it. Make it similar to other games when You can just click RMB on player's nickname and choose something like "invite to party".

    All in all You guys did awesome job with 8.0 - now I'll wait for British tree. :)

    See You on the battlefield.

    1. "4. PzIV - it was my favourite tank to this day... I do understand turret/gun nerf but at least you could give that pz4 premium to pz4 owners. You have given brand new tier 8 tank (worth a lot of gold) to t34 owners and nothing to old pz4 owners. Why??? Too many of them?"

      Probably. It WAS the 2nd most played tank in the game behind the KV-1. That and it doesn't have the extra factor of officially replacing the whole tank (even if in reality it's an entirely different creature with these changes).

  27. Really nice update. The game feels new yet still familiar.
    As others have said, I've been having weird ping rates since 7.5. My ping is usually around 30-40 but I've been getting regular spikes of 200-400 for a split second with has made play a little choppy. We'll see if it continues in 8.0.
    Thank you.

    Benjyman Pritchett
    aka Badmonkey59

  28. It looks like two important features where removed from the tech tree/research screen.

    1. You can't even see how much xp you have while on the researh screen.

    2. Placing your mouse over an unresearched module doesn't show you how much xp you still need to unlock it. So back to the roots, playing with a calculator :D

    I don't see a reason why that shoould have been removed...

  29. The best update so far.

    I would like only to add that engine sounds are still nowhere near good.
    Another thing is that on maps Highway and South Coast I still got strange "pockets" of bad FPS with my ATI card(dropping even to 17 FPS!). All other maps are between 50 - 120 FPS with highest settings.
    And last, most maps are too bright, but this can be countered by lowering gamma, so it is not such a big issue as some say IMHO.

    Apart from this I can say very good work, I can't stress enough how good it is and better than all previous updates.
    Physics adds so much realism and makes you feel you are driving that actual tank you see on the screen. Thank you.

  30. Other than my client closing to desktop 5 times in a row on the map "Mines" it was amazing. I love the new game mechs and will now further dominate in the no longer underpowered Tiger I. Also, the Marder was never OP, so it didn't need a nerf. The panzer IV was never OP, it didn't either. If you want OP, look at the T-82, M8A1, KV-1, KV-1S, KV-3, and IS. Kinda stupid to nerf the tier III German TD, when other tier III TDs are just as good if not better,

    1. I agree, the KV-1S gun is far to powerful for its tier.
      all of the ones on the list are OP. the marder II did not deserve 2 let alone 1 patch nerf. and the Pz IV is useless. Trust me I have tried to enjoy it, its trash now.

      And another thing... why was the Pz III top turret armor reduced. that makes 0 sense. the armor before was the historical armor. just change it back.

  31. Pros:
    - Physics and new renderer
    - Option to deselect encounter and assault
    - Option to deselect encounter and assault
    - Option to deselect encounter and assault

    - New gun sound need fine tuning
    - New track sounds are similar to sound of castanets
    - Still FPS drop in sniper mode
    - Tracers are missing

  32. Goods
    *Graphics look very crisp.
    *Physics add a very interesting dynamic was shocked when my T-50 slid the first time in a turn.
    *I like the new gun sounds.
    *I really like the new battle reports!
    *As a PzIV driver that didn't get around to earning the second turret before the patch I like the changes to the shorter 75mm. I can actually penetrate other tanks reliably now.

    *Tech Tree isn't intuitive going left to right. Maybe it's a cultural thing but I think most folks found the top to bottom much easier to read.
    *The Tech Tree is ugly. The graphics are sub par compared to the old ones.
    *No way to know how much take specific XP I have when looking at the tech tree. Because the screen is full screen now I can't see it in the hangar either. I also don't know how far away I am from the next tank.
    *I wish the battle report broke down how much XP is awarded from each line item. ie I light up 3 tanks = Y xp.
    *The new lighting is too bright on many maps.
    *The 0 damage penetrating shots are horrible.

    1. The XP you have on the tank is on that tank's icon in the tech tree. It's definately a lot harder to see than having it by itself up in the corner was.

      Given that there is still plenty of open space up in that corner, I don't know why they didn't just leave it there.

  33. Hi Ovi. When are you planing to write about Mr. Doyles answeres to our questions?


  34. Hi overlord! I have some problem with one new achievment!

    "Patrol Duty: Help your team damage at least 6 enemy vehicles by highlighting them. If two or more players have equal amount of enemy vehicles highlighted and destroyed, or if two or more players highlight the same vehicle, the achievement is granted to the player who has earned more XP in the battle."

    I spotted 12! Damaged by team 10! and i cant achiev this medal.... WHY? WTF?

  35. Howdy Folks

    Freeze up hell is what I am going through with the Update. Game is Overloading My CPU fps 0 ping pegged at 999 battle after battle then three four battles with no serious problems then Freeze up again. I have been in game since the start of closed Beta and Have seen this before with other upgrades. Memory leaks from poor code that needs a good debug. Get the Debug crew to Work.

    Nihtwaco out for Now

  36. Option of choosing game mode is great and long awaited but why it doesn't work for platoons? FFS!

  37. One bad thing and many good. The new render is really tough on "M" series nvidia cards because they use the CPU to boost their weaker GPU which mean they need a true multicore game to produce good graphics.
    Apart from that, its an amazing patch. Physics is awesome, I do like the new camo system (even though its a bit expensive) and its great to be able to put your national flag on the side of your favorite tanks and even the sounds are good now, much better than on the test server.
    All in all I will give the patch a score of 9 out of 10.

  38. I cant see the shell leave to gun. ( i have smoke . gun flash turned off ). before you could see the shell and tracer. now only explosion where it lands.

    very low engine sounds/ track sounds (have them on 100%)
    I had no problem on the test server. no mods

    still too bright on some maps + too much fog

  39. Liking 0.8.0, looking forward to 0.8.1 more though. :)

    As for your blog, I voted good, but I felt like it could have been updated more, more so now that you've left the EU forums for WOT. I did vote that back when you hadn't wrote anything for a week. Just want to know what's happening with one of my favourite games. That's all.

  40. Almost forgot. my cpu temp and cooling fans skyrocket while i am in the garage. cools down again during battle ???

    1. Without some sort of fps cap or vertical sync enabled, your fps may skyrocket while in garage compared to the actual matches. This may cause disproportionate work load on your cpu and thus overheating.

      Personally I wish they'd just implement a fps cap while in garage because I don't see anyone missing the 200 fps there. Meanwhile try vertical sync in graphics settings and see if the possible mouse lag or less fluid graphics don't bother you.

  41. A lot of work is still to be done on your side Wargaming!!! I really love playing now on my desktop with all maxed out as usual, but the 8.0 is a bad news for my laptop(i5-2450 - 3Ghz, nvidia GT540M 2Gb VRAM, 8Gb DDR3@1333mhz) as the auto detect settings are on LOW and i get 10-20 fps on Maximum. ...and as u can see it's not a bad laptop at all, which i bought it 3 months ago just to be able to play WOT away from home. In 7.5 i was playing with over 70 fps on medium settings.

    So, please put your horses to work and optimize this patch for MEDIUM PC/LAPTOPS. I admit u did a good job for the LOW PCs, but i think that's why you forgot about mainstream ones.
    I really expect another patch before the brits, with all the fixes.
    The tech tree is bullshit! ...please fix the issue with EXP.

  42. Absolutely love the new update, Tinny gun sounds (I lowered my treble in Audio Mgr) and all.

  43. i cant play it anymore. everytime i try and go into battle it crashes regardless of what i do.

  44. I hope that guy responsible for new Tech Tree will be fired.

  45. New tech tree is the only thing that needs getting used to. And no, I don't like seeing premium tanks in my tech tree. Please, but them at the end or somewhere down. Out of my way. I have my premium, I don't want others stuffed in my face.

    Detailed report after battle IS THE GOD DAMN BEST THING EVER.
    No really. This is good. Best thing. ever.
    new physics is also cool. I like it.

    Overall GOOD JOB. Please, kill all those ignorant bastards who whine too much. Yes there might be small problems, but I thinks players should enjoy all the good before they start whining too much. There will be always problems for some people.

    anyway, wishing luck.

    And will rise a cup for WG now.

  46. I absolutely HATE what was done to my Mk IV. That shorter gun has no power or accuracy and has made what used to be my favorite sniping vehicle my least favorite vehicle. I *wish* I would have know how horrible that shorter gun was BEFORE I remounted the rammer and gun laying drive. The least WoT could do is compensate those of us that had Mk IV's with a Schmalturm and long gun with some thing comparable.

    I run on an i7 laptop with 8G and have not experienced any FPS or lag issues, but I wouldn't expect to with that machine. I expected the changes in physics to be more noticeable but I haven't really noticed them apart from watching a team mate drive his Panther off a cliff. That was pretty entertaining. :-) I was able to use my Tiger to push a wreck into a vertical position so it provided cover like being behind a rock from enemy artillery. That was kind of cool. Come to think of it, I took a screen shot of that. For the most part, I like everything except the nasty nerfing of my beloved Mk IV!

    1. pzIV is actually quite good still. You just have to play it completely different, and I recommend using the 105mm derp gun

  47. Patch is great.

    I love new afterbattle statistics. Sad that we get them so late.

    Thats great that finally I do not have to play with random teammates assault and encounter (these function should be given together with new mods).

    But there is one thing that I hate. It is new techtree. For me it is much worse then the old one.

  48. Hey Ovi one Question perhaps..
    In Patch 7.0 and 8.0 its all About Overhaul Patch Right, Any plan for patch 9.0??
    Sorry for if im asking This too Soon

  49. The E-100 buff is awesome. Now if I could just penetrate all tier 9+ tanks, that would be awesome.

  50. The swinging in the sniper mode is really annoying. I hope that someone will hack it to add option to turn the swinging off like swinging after shot.

    After 2 years A-20 gets buff yay now it will be useful 2nd T-50-2.

    1. How about ticking "disable vibration in sniper mode" in settings?

    2. I know about that, so you should compare swinging with "disable vibration in sniper mode" between 0.7.5 and 0.8.0.

    3. Not sure what to say to that, I have no swinging after firing in either version. The setting was set to default in the patch so you need to reset it.

      And actually it's "enable vibration" and you need to untick it now that I looked.

  51. GIVE ME BRITISH TANKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. I'm liking the physics. It might cause some balance issues that need to be addressed with faster tanks breaking apart running over railroad tracks and the like. Overall though it removes a lot of annoying problems like being stuck on seemingly flat ground and gives more freedom of movement. And speed, I like the speed when running downhill.

    The new renderer is certainly an improvement, but you seriously need to get your designers to lay off the bloom. It was all the rage a few years back, but now it's just eye bleedingly annoying.

    New UI is a bit of a mixed bag. After battle report includes a lot of useful information, but there's an unnecessary amount of supposed eye candy to clutter things up. Including premium tanks in the tech tree is useful, but the actual tech tree is awkward. Overall change of UI looks is no better or worse than the previous one, but it brought a bunch of small glitches like being unable to resize some windows as the grippable corner is hidden under a button.

    So I like the patch, but there's a bunch of small issues there that don't really have a reason to exist. Looking forward to the British tanks and hoping you'll manage to avoid the OP->nerf cycle you repeated with O263 again.

  53. - New graphic is pretty slow on my laptop, more like not playable (so much about statement that it will be faster)
    - Physic is a good improvement, even if i yet couldn't jump with my T-50
    - I expect next version to have tank spoilers and custom track rims? (looks like you're going to this direction)

  54. Physics are really nice, stil it will be a while before everyone knows the way around them. And is able to get every advantage out of them.
    Every Battle is more or less a little learning curve. Since its all different now.

  55. Hello Overlord,one question( off topic :D):
    it's possible that on each particular event on every friday to put an image art at hd resolution??? these pictures on every special are amazing and need to put on high res.
    Thanks! :)

  56. Dear overlord,

    What happened to tracers in sniper mode?

  57. -Tech tree is impractical, especially without showing how much XP you need for the next tank/module.
    -Scrolling over a tank in the garage list doesn't show the selling price and that annoys me.
    -There is a bug with arty sounds; when I fire a shot with my M12 and immediately switch back to 3rd person view the sound of a shot is like hundreds of thunders are around you, and it continues for some time. Damages your ears. Overall, sounds are good, but there are still things to work on.
    -Getting stuck on a things I shouldn't; like small piles of rubbish.
    -Red line on the end of maps is sometimes very hard to see, e.g. Westfield
    -Having an FPS drop in sniper mode while too many vegetation is in front, didn't have it on a test server (4th test)

    I like the new PzIV :D played it on the test and didn't like it. Was planing to sell it but didn't know what to do with my highly skilled crew. But now I think it's still the best t5 medium in game, even better than before. Great job on that one.

  58. Pros:
    - Physics
    - Battle report
    - Icons for tanks being on fire, etc. Very nice.
    - Option for deselecting encounter, assault. Finally :)
    - New tanks!
    - Where did my 'T'-command go? :-P (yes I am lazy now!)

    - Lower performance than expected (nvidia 560ti, driver version 304.79)
    - Some maps are too bright, you cant even see arty tracers. El Halluf for example.
    - Tech UI, while I dont mind the horizontal part, I do mind the scrolling. Especially on 1920x1080 resolution. (its wide enough as it is).
    - Minor bugs, as always, but we expect those.

  59. The best update so far !

    New render
    New TDs

    Optimalization (I expected higher performance on better graphics)
    FPS drop in sniper mode (I hope there will be a hotfix soon)

    Q: Since you bought the Bigworld engine, will you add multicore support somehow ? :)

    Thanks and keep up the great work

  60. In short. Nice GFX nice physics and nice new steel.
    Very bad new tech trees. Terrible. Seriously on scale 1-10 it would get 1. Harder to read. Still not possible to see xp neeeded for modules which are already researched (why you deleted it from final release?).
    I understand that you can now show premium tanks in tree but please bring old layout back

  61. Hi,

    Pros: many, many things;

    Cons: to much light on battlefield, ever present light fog (maybe to cut the complaints of historical innacuracy about german capability to hit from afar), tech tree display and data, glorification of premium account on after battle report.

    Overall: great patch.


  62. I agree with don_banan.
    New tech tree is harder to read, vertical is better. It's why it's a tree. Wargaming doesn't have to change everything to show it's a big update. In some aspects, you are already near perfection.

    I need more time for feedback on others changes.

    1. I have to concur with don_banan and Nakatja. I find the teach tree and research screens very difficult to read now. I greatly preferred the 7.5 vertical tech tree with tooltip information.

      I do like seeing what is mounted on the vehicle in the research screen.

      I also like the gun sounds, and changes to terrain, as well as the new physics.

      I think the new assault and encounter missions add some variety to the game, and present new challenges to players. I also understand many players don't like new challenges, but that's the rub.

      Overall, I give a 9/10 rating to the patch, but a 2/10 rating to tech tree changes.

  63. Very good update:
    - graphics update - 8/10 (visually its astounding, lacks in optimalisation)
    - gameplay 9/10 (despite that physics creates new gamestyle it's impact on tactics is small)
    - tech tree 7/10 (missing amount of xp needed to research)
    - new vehicles 7/10 (some tanks needs rebalancing - huge firepower vs great armor vs rotating)
    One thing is still broken since 7.5 - capping area on El-Haluf - one side got advantage in shape of covering rock.

  64. fix the fps issue thats all i need, 7.5 i run high settings 40 to 70 fps but now? medium settings only run at 20 to 40 sometimes cannot go up 40... wew

  65. This comment has been removed by the author.

  66. Dear OverLord

    Buff of E100 is good but reloading it take too long. One ding or mist and enemy eat you. Average dmg on battle is 2k. Play Typ59 i do more ;/

    If you do not have an idea for e100 and you fear it will be overpowered when u buff gun pen.
    Consider the possibility of removing him from the game or make it a premium tank or put another tank for it (leopart 1).

  67. This is a great update overall as I have not had a CTD like patch 7.5 did to me entering a battle, but a few nice features were dropped from the UI that should be reconcidered.

    1. The integration of the WoT calculator in the tech tree has been lost along with the amount of XP or Credits needed to complete the purchase of an upgrade. A XP health bar effect behind unresearched items could work, a green colour for example representing locked XP with a gold colour to represent Free XP with a red border that becomes green when a module can be researched. When the module is researched the module colours reset and silver can be used to represent the current amount of credits the user has to purchase an object.

    We have always lost view of the total XP earned on a tank from the top right information block whenever we go to the research tree but including it only in the small text label space by the tank icon does not allow quick estimation of the total XP you have available to us.

    2. The summary information does not give a quick credit profit or loss summary for the last tank battle like the old condensed battle report suggested.

    3. We have lost rapid access to the whole tech tree whenever you choose to research from the current vehicle button but not from the research tree tab, linking back to the garage but not allowing us to link to any nation tree tab is an oversight that should be fixed.

    4. The addition of premium tanks would have been too crowded on the vertical tech tree of the old format but better scaling is needed to make it viewable on high resolution monitors.

    5. Persistent messages in the chat log would be a boon for times when 4 double line messages are received within secons of each other.

  68. just bad i could run 7.5 on medium and some at high settings
    now for 8.0 i have to install mods and turn everything down on minimum to get a rate off 20fps (and no its not a stable 20fps with alot off drops to 7-8fps
    i also reinstalled it download the entire qlient and upgraded the grapiqsccard

    plz overlord iff you read this help me out

    1. Just switch it back to the "Standard" graphics.

    2. well that sucks, I've got same FPS now as before...

    3. also reading on the forums that alot off people have the same problem (gues what all have Nvidea cards so fix it wargaming)

  69. So after some more play:

    - sound are sometimes missing, or even mixed
    - graphics are not helping at all with lower end PCs
    - tech tree is ok, BUT you realy need to put the the Display of REMAINING XP, not just how much a tank/item costs

  70. There is one thing that really amazed me!?! How the f... could you even add MORE assault maps to the game when platoons cannot avoid them?!?!?!

    If you platoon 90 to 95% of your fights are now assaults or encounters because the WAST majority of players have ticked them off and the only people forced to play that idiotic game modes are the ones trying to play with friends.

    It is a study in stupidity WG!

  71. I was playing on the test servers a lot, so I knew what was coming. All in all it is a very good patch - great graphics, physics and stats. On the other hand there are some issues...
    1) Tech tree - Players were comlaining about it on the test server, now they continue. It is very easy to get completely lost in it. There are things that should be done differently:
    - It should be vertical, like the old one.
    - When you buy better module it shouldn't be showing the price of the worse ones. This creates a feeling you still have to research it. The price button can be there, but not in a catchy color like it is now.
    - It should show XP on the specific tank.

    2) ESC now closes chat windows first, then others (tech tree, research tree etc.). Well, it shouldn't, it should be in reverse order, chat windows last. It is very annoying to have to open chat windows again and again...

    3) Pretty often connection problems...

    4) Support not responding so far

    5) Still no update of wiki challanges

    6) Platoon playing is a pain in the ass now. As a lot of players quit playing Assault most of the platoon games are Assauts. Yesterday at least 50% of our games were assaults. That is extremely annoyng. I know, it should be fixed with the next patch, but...

    7) Shadows or texture problems are common - usually when you switch to arty mode for the first time in a battle or right after the battle starts. It dissapearts after a second or two.

  72. Anyone experiencing lags during game?
    I was playing in a platoon the last 2 days, and both of us had below 100ms ping and game was sort of lagging. Shots disappearing, time fast forwards. Before 8.0 we hadn't got this issue.

    New graphics are awesome! Love it. Physics also great fun!:)

    Tech tree is a mess. Everything is grey, only little green or red at the bottom. Not good, needs more colors! Too much vertical! Please make at least the individual tank's tech tree horizontal. There weren't that much items in them to justify the new vertical look!

    New after battle details screen is great! Good Job with that!:)

    1. You really should learn what is vertical and what is horizontal.

    2. Ah yeah sorry, meant Horisontal...

  73. Oh, and it seems the game forgets the settings. If i set no grass in sniper mode it works for the first time. But when i start the game next time even thou the check box is uncheked in settings i see grass in sniper mode, so i have to recheck apply and then uncheck it to see no grass in sniper mode. It can be similar to other settings too.

  74. Please do something about the many arty in high tier games.Dont allow more than 3 arty per team.

    1. How about repair costs as high as that of T10 tanks?

    2. Implemented with 8.0
      Tier 7+8 SPGs have very high repar cost and they are not money makers any more.

  75. Overlord.
    you have done something fundamentally wrong in your game.
    The American tanks should be like the russian tanks are now...
    all the American guns from calibra 76.2mm and up should have pen 800mm (for 76.2 while 90 mm should have pen 1200mm) and base damage should be 8000 (FOR REAL) at 76.2 mm... The Soviet guns should have pen 12mm MAX (as russian guns are inferior as we all know) at 100mm guns and 13 mm at 107mm. The 122 mm gun however has some tremendous power, and should be able to do some serious damage and penetration, it is know to blow a turret from a tank. But until a tank reaches that lvl of calibre, all russian guns should be considered inferior.
    I hope you will make the game more enjoyable for us all by actually balancing the game for once, instead of powercreeping the russian tanks. In other words, a good game for us who care about how the world is, german and US tanks, oneshoting inferior russian design tanks, while russian tanks suffer from no care of crew, less than standard maintenance, CAP RUSSIAN CREW quality at 60% (due to disregard of crew comfortability). This comes from a KV and IS8 and IS4 tank user. I just feel that the russian tanks I own aren't representing the way russia is supposed to be. Please take steps so that the game becomes more enjoyable for us all.

  76. Well, after playing 8.0 on the beta, and the release, I think you guys nailed it.

    Everything I wanted to see and more, and finally a buff for my E-100. Made my day.

  77. Hi Overlord,

    I am extremely disappointed as you did not report to DEVs that ATI HD 7xxx is not playable on 8.0 and it went into final 8.0.

    On maps: Highway, South Coast we have 2 FPS (although it says 10FPS).
    Mines is also 15FPS. I think it has to do something with water.
    There are multiple threads in forum, everyone on 7xxx series has the same issue.

    These maps should be removed from cycle until the issue is resolved.

  78. Can we have a chat history in the next patch maybe? Lie when i hit enter I'll see the last X message.

  79. Fix the log in error when people get stuck with "Synchronizing modules and consumables"

  80. Please do something and fast with "Synchronizing modules and consumables" error. You shud also answer to players who are talking about this promplem at forum. I have buy one week premium account today because it's my holiday and i'm not happy with this error.

  81. I agree with all about tech tree, its a complete mess abd hard to figure out.
    Also this mass arty teams, 4-7 arty on each side ruins the game play 100%.
    I have no problem waiting 30 secs more with arty to get into game if it keeps arty balanced!!!

  82. Dear Overlord,

    I wonder Why you chose the engine you did
    I would've chosen the Unreal3 Engine
    Please explain :D
    Unreal 3 Engine has EXCELLENT graphics and Physics and you can easily make suspensions :)

    1. This engine in comparision to others was cheap as dirt and probably they couldn't afford any better...and now as you can see there is no need to change it becouse so many people can live with that as well as with scruffiness of devs unfortunately...so they can invest in planes etc.

  83. Hi overlord,

    8.0 is an excellent update for the game, but i would like :
    - Less expensive camo, 3*250 is far too expensive.
    - A MM with no more than 3 or 4 arty for each team.
    - Forbid please silly platoon, for exemple a T10 with a T1, it's ruining the game for the rest of the team.


  84. Hi,
    i have a new problem that i never had before, my mouse stop working (like my turret stuck in a position) for a sec or two, but not just in the battle but in the menu as well, however the mouse works perfectly out from the game

  85. Hi Overlord
    Here are my impressions of the 8.0, late but better than never right?

    1) Graphics, I've chosen the standard render, but got more fps so Im able to ad some effects and eye candy. GOOD
    2) Physics, I was little skeptic after the first test server but its AWESOME now! T-50 drifting the corners is hilarious. Just in the streets around Himmelsdorf center, even big tanks cant go over some small rubble.
    3) Sounds, NICE! having E100 firing next to you realy have u feel the power and makes u know that u r not in this alone (Even though the gun is pretty useless xD).
    4) Pzkpfw IV, what else so say than finally!
    5) Reworked maps look much better!
    6) New after battle stats, GJ!

    1) Still getting assault/defend mode after filtering that out. (single random)
    2) Getting even more of them when platooned, even if all memebers filtered that out. This is the worst thing. It feels like:
    "Here play that TEAM COOP dependent game, It's all about teamwork etc... but suddenly.. OH! You want to play platton? (mostly the only team work in randoms) OK! but lets give you the mode you both don't want(aka screw your platoon/teamwork effort)"

    This is realy my only realy negative point about the 8.0, otherwise GJ WG guys and thank you :o)


  86. You (WG) have done good physics in the game, but it's not very clear why you don't want to do a full tank model. I mean the tank model hasn't "real" gun.
    Very strange, so much to pay attention to rollers, etc., but at the same time to ignore an element such as a gun. The "real" model of the gun will change a gameplay, as it done by physics.
    It is advisable to do so, that would be a collision with the wall, the gun did not break, but just stay tank. The gun must crit only when hit by a shell.