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Friday, September 28, 2012

[ALL] Speak Up!

Based on the poll results posted here there are some 60% of those who definitely now that the blog can be improved somehow. So, now it's turn to give your input on what can be done to increase the value of this resource in your eyes, what topics should be covered and, most importantly, how. :) Precious readers, speak up!

Any suggestions are welcome!


  1. Write more often :D
    Cover future tanks and less promotion oriented stuff. I would totally want to hear about 2nd line of German TD and French HT. Also what is going to happen with Sturmtiger. Some inside studio photo tours would be nice too.
    BTW. When will you show us answers concerning German and Soviet tanks?

    1. Yeah, think 5 posts a week should be the right schedule. :)

      As for leaking the info on new tanks and stuff, there are two problems:

      1. I don't work on WoT directly any longer, so it's far more complicated now

      2. Official leaks have been mostly "transferred" (if I may put it that way) to forums, so that the info is located on official resource at least

  2. Hi,

    I remember times when i followed this blog more faithfully than wot forum or wot main page, and this was because:
    - i would get information about specials and events sooner;
    - i would get some inside information (tech trees change) (well) in advance.

    After all people come here to get information, bring that kind of info back and i will be happy with it (again).


    1. If You are Busy for Updating this Blog, hired Some Assistant Perhaps?

    2. It's personal, so would like to keep it to myself. :)

    3. Can you then point us to a real (someone directly involved on wot) wot blog please?

    4. Not sure there are such blogs, even on RU side, though there a few devs are pretty active on forums.

  3. I want to see some vids of Overlord playing!

    1. Hm, not a problem. Tho I need to shortlist the best ones :)

  4. Maybe Chieftain Hatch (NA) and All of Article from RU Server (translated to English first of course) brings up here

  5. I voted the blog is Good .
    but i would vote Excellent if i will find here some about :
    1) News about the development and the tools you are using in the game development ( yes i am talking about the game engine , HLSL shaders , C++ codes , modeling , performance news , future of the development , making pools to let you know if players want or don't some new sub-projects you are focusing on , and the most important is some infos about the server side (matchmaking logistics , penetration calculations , spotting etc ..

    2) Detailed news about the tank's statistics , i mean , some % about win ratio and penetration or average traveling and speed , etc ...

    3) Some interesting true facts about the games ...

    I know i have many demands , but if you will bring them all , this blog will be my home page .

    ________off topic________

    BRITISH TANKS !!!!!!!!!!
    NOW NOW !!! BRING EM ALL !!!
    and -
    cant years understand how to import . success to export , but not to import the new edited models back ..

    1. This. Esp the first point. It can rly usefull to ppl who wanna do some modifications to the game and to us who want a rly close look at what we r playing.

    2. @ David Diamond

      Brits are right behind the corner now. :)

      As for your feedback on the blog, thanks. I have a couple of similar ideas, most likely will post smth of that kind if future.

    3. Overlord , Thank you so much !

  6. Did Mr. Doyle answered to the questions from "Get Expert Opinion" thread?

    1. I will post that as soon as the material is finished, remember that too.

  7. Average day of Overlord working at WG! A nice report would be nice, with either photos or not ;)

    1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPfj3l1ZE6I&feature=player_embedded

      As u can see they all just play around all time:D

      BTW Overlord... I forgot: SOme info about the wrk on the engine would be awesome too. Maybe not every little step. But if it reaches a new stat it would be interesting. Also 0.8.0 brought up the solution to the "the gun climbs up walls when peek-a-booing" issue. It was sayed once this couldn't be fixed. Now it is(which is rly great). Was it a problem with the eninge too?
      Such things for example.

    2. That's the EU office :) Not the one I work in, actually.

      Yes, that "the gun climbs up walls when peek-a-booing" issue was related to engine, our guys were able to overcome it working in coop with BW team.

    3. I know... but you want this too... I know it:D

      It's good to see the money was spent well on BW so far.. I'm curious for the future development.

  8. in old days it showed us more of the future.. work in progress stuff months before release.. thoughts of features that were never implemented and stuff.. i liked that.. felt like we are part of the development process.. even when some ppl were raging about stuff.. they always are..

    let us see some brits.. show us sneak peaks.. :/

  9. world of battleships pre alpha ingamescreens or some info about tech trees and stuff would make me rating it excellent ;)

    1. Will come up with smth similar soon. :) Not exactly what you requested but still pretty close.

  10. I would say 3 Posts a week are good, 5 would be excellent - i prefer reading this over the forums because its more clear and structurized. So even when its only possible to quickly cover most recent and important forum topics would be good for me!
    Anyways i voted for good because i think you're doing a fine job with the blog, just excellent is something so hard to reach :)

    Keep up the good work and thanks for doing it ovie!

    1. Oh and i agree on the other posters: sneak peaks, alpha infos etc are always nice to look at!
      And i am more into the game less into the historical facts, but they are still interesting if presented short and well!

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  12. Well it would be nice if we could get REAL infos, without the PR crap, but thats just a dream, all in all You are still my favourite WG worker, so just keep the infos comming ;)

    (oh btw, something about Britts, pretty pls :D )

  13. Well some schedule would be great i.e. mondays WoT, fridays WoB rest of days Wow :)

    1. plss tell me that you misspelled there? You are not trying to get WoW to infect this forum to???

  14. I would like to get more intel about WoT game balance. Stuff like why devs keep adding hitpoints to the E-100 when obviously it makes the E-100 better, but doesn't change it's role to anything usefull in CW as well as the E-100 hitpoint buffs keeps pushing into MAUS territory...

    All these balance decissions matters a lot to people even though lots of people dont have any objectivity. But maybe SerB just takes decissions without involving anyone?

  15. Write as much as you can! Any subject, any length just bring your sense of humor into it!

    Preferred content? Any tidbit about British tanks to appease the masses, but personally, I'd like to have any kind of general idea of just HOW we will play WoBS...

  16. 8.0 was a really good idea. Physics was an interesting addition, but more importantly and more overlooked was the game engine optimization.

    Now, for me, the game engine optimization is a bit hit and miss. On some maps I get, say, a 25% FPS boost. On other maps, particularly those with lots of trees I get lots of weird graphical errors and a substantial FPS decrease.

    It sounds like this is the experience of a lot of players. There are many bug reports, and I have noticed a little more game instability than before.

    However, just because 8.0 was not perfectly polished, doesn't mean it's a bad idea. If Wargaming is going to double down and stick with this game engine, then it's a good idea to tweak it to get the best out of it.

    I think that needs to be remembered; just because it didn't work the first time doesn't mean it's a bad idea.

  17. Overlord,

    There is a big problem with WoT right now that I thought I should mention. Tank companies is a very fun game mode for players who want to work as a team. But no one ever plays it. Why? Because it requires premium to create a tank company.

    Premium users get premium to grind through public matches which start and end quickly for maximum credits and exp. Waiting around in a lobby gathering a good team is about as far away from what they want as possible.

    Its a fun game mode to play, and removing this restriction would let more players enjoy it. Just thought I should bring this up.


  18. Hi overlord! I have some problem with one new achievment!

    "Patrol Duty: Help your team damage at least 6 enemy vehicles by highlighting them. If two or more players have equal amount of enemy vehicles highlighted and destroyed, or if two or more players highlight the same vehicle, the achievement is granted to the player who has earned more XP in the battle."

    I spotted 12! Damaged by team 10! and i cant achiev this medal.... WHY? WTF?

    and pls watch this: http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/157099-patrol-duty-medal-bugged/page__p__2875952__hl__+patrol%20+duty#entry2875952

    This medal is bugged????

  19. Since You're not going to give us any "leaked" info about each game, maybe instead You could give us some goodies about rejected ideas? Some kind of sign for us to see that You guys are working there on selecting the very best option to put into the game.

    And of course to avoid rage also a reason why this and that was actualy rejected by the team, so that ppl know what the decision was based on.

    Another thing is that small "detail" that I would be glad to see here: MIX Your posts, so that we don't get WoT week, later one post of WoWp ... what i would like to see here would be a nice mix of WoT, WoWp, WoBs, so that we don't get two in a row about the same game. I am playing both WoT and WoWp (1st since closed Beta, and the other from closed Alpha :D), and more or less I'm interested in both as much.

    Last thing is some teasers, so that we get a clue of some modeling of future tanks. We do know what will be added since there were initial tech trees presented, so if we want we will see how a tank looked like years ago from photos ... showing us some early models would not be a spoilers ince these machines are already known. It's just a matter of presenting their in-game version.

    Now someting different:


    - Since we have some new options - could we please add some more detail to the marker options menu? So we could set tank icons and health brs to SEMI TRANSPARENT?

    - Could You giys make some MAP options? Maybe like changing from "type icons" (light/med/TD/heavy) to tank icons like on the list? Or meybe only DOTS for tanks that have different colors based on tank type? I am playing on a 22 inch monitor, and have my map semi transparent, and it is REALLY BIG (it physicaly is like 12x12 CM on my screen), so there is enough room to fit in various sets of icons ETC.

    - "commander view" would be awesone as well .... so You have view almost like the sniper view but not from "the tip of Your barrel", but from the commanders turrret so You can see part of Your turret and the gun as well. That would really be a nice "middle point" between full sniper view and arcade.

    Can You make a separate settings for special effects? So i can have separate "check boxes" for separate effects? What would be AWESOME to set on or off is (with separaete settings for SNIPER/ARTY/Arcade modes):
    - Engine smoke
    - Tracers
    - Ground hitting "explosions"
    - Water hitting "explosions"
    - Gun firing flash
    - Bouncing bullets visibility
    - Particle effects

    1. In Addition , Delete traces in Arty mod . because its just like a cheat . its not fair .

  20. Maybe just saying some ideas for the future as in what changes will be with arty, any further changes on the pan European tree, will light tanks have a longer line ever, has anyone been talking about that one guys suggestion on the forums about switching servers or another's German tech tree?

  21. "Synchronizing equipment and consumables"

    Too much time to wait in login screen with this message , Too many threads about it in forums ..
    And there is no way to fix it .

    I think you forgot some bug in Patch 8.0 ...

  22. Hello Overlord do you who is the guy behind EU servers?because this week all are going bad.the log in not work anytime!today is worst from yesterday,"synchronizing equipment and consumables" and stay like this forever!
    what happend there,in WG office from France?these guys is playing too much or download too many torrents and they forget the servers? whats going on there???
    check this guys please,they dont do their work very well!thanks

    1. There were temporary technical issues, nothing critical, but still unpleasant.

    2. Okay. R u using GoDaddy Hosting?

  23. US servers are down too. Probably a massive DoS attack. Russian servers seem unaffected.

  24. Overlord , maybe in the new patch of the British tanks . u should move the Tetrarch from the Russian nation to the British nation ? i mean , its annoying to see this tank as "Russian power" .. if u know what i mean ..

  25. You are a drama queen.
    Act like an employee.

    In case your dramatization, that happened not so long ago, is PR guided then you should be fired, along with those who thought of that brilliant idea.

    This position needs to serve as a direct, missing, link between CUSTOMERS (not your buddies or enemies) and game makers/developers/everyone else included. That means a professional link, not sharing excursion photos and videos talking about how hard it is to make a game.

    Considering your financial reports, WG is doing extremely well. For a company like that to blatantly discriminate 2/3 of their customer base is ridiculous. Yes i am talking about the gap between your RU and EU/US service. In light of that, your position makes me giggle.

    Where is the technical info this blog should bring to a random customer? This is not a weekly dinner recipe site.

    Why didn't you take your time to give us a precise answer to burning questions. Servers down, forum down, FPS issues, login issues, everyone is quiet. Why are you staying quiet? Internet down in whole northern hemisphere? Sun flare?

    Indie non-profit developers have better technical approach then you do, extremely shameful. And don't you dare saying your customer base is hundreds of times larger, because this blog proves just how small WG actually is.

    I could ask a hundred questions, right now, none of which you could reply. Maybe because you are lacking knowledge, but mostly because you are told not to.

    When the company policy changes, you can come back and ask us that question: "What should be improved". As long as you are providing us with nothing, nothing can be improved.

    1. Like reallly do you have nothing better to do?

    2. Sentinel,

      nice rage post. I'm impressed.

    3. Overlord , I do not want to disappoint you , but Indeed , few of his words are true in my opinion . I am really sorry to tell you that ,

      The only things which really could convince WG to handle some issues are statistics and other major facts .

      But at least it's not only about WG .

    4. WG is probably the only gaming company I really hate. I don't even know why. It seems like the company is actively listening to the community and then not doing what the community wants. It's the small things, like not explaining game mechanics, not making camo values public. Not giving out info only helps things like the Soviet bias conspiracy grow.

      WoT is doing well at the moment (I've invested hundreds of dollars in the game myself). It's a great way to kill time, but that's about it. The developers are clearly treating WoT like a cash cow for WoWP and WoBS instead of rewarding WoT customers. Seriously, how many people are working on WoT out of the total 800? Not like you'll tell me anyway, even if you do read this.

    5. Sentinel: +1
      OverLord: You might not like it however Sentinel got valid points.

  26. Hi Overlord, my ideas:
    1. More posts, about 3 in 2 days, or like.
    2. More insider info about game developing (technical stuff too), with photos and anecdotes.
    3. More rumors (early warnings) about changes, events, plans for the future (I know this is hard, because the gamers will be angry in case of delays, plan changes).
    4. Maybe make a blog where not only you write, but for example the "Chieftain" guy, and some "tank experts" (ex. Doyle, and that tall guy), and some other folks from WoWp, WoBs (WoWs?).


  27. Ideas for the next patch from me:

    1) I dislike the fact that you can filter encounter and assault away, but its here and it works okish, however i would suggest to move the filter options to the garage, so that its easier to turn them on/off.

    2) Ingame chat, when you send a message to everyone, after 0.8, it stays "global". Before it went back to team only. I cant find a way to disable/change this, and its very annoying.

    3) The techtree has become worse. The old one looked pretty and simple, and looked like something from WWII. This new one looks too modern, and having it sideways instead of vertical is bad.

  28. I suggest you use some labels/tags visualization, so we can crawl your blog by topics more as chronologicaly only. Tag cloud would be great.

  29. One more thing...and I'm not that person that thinks the whole Russian bias and German hate is 100% true...but the Germans really haven't had any love since the second heavy line came out...