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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

[WoWP] Meet the Dev Team

WoWP developer Persha Studia, located in Kiev (Ukraine), currently comprises around 150 people involved in the project. Of course, the Minsk HQ side (WoT dev) provide any necessary support and assistance, the development is Kiev-based. Let's take a look at wheres and whos.

The new office does look more like a bank or some kind of financial institution. :)

However, it's not the building but people that matter.

Lead game designer Ivan Kulbich holds a game design meeting with his team.

Oleg Gotynyan is WoWP development director with extensive experience in both software development and game industry. This guy has got tremendous organizational skills.

Some photos of the team:

Going through references:

Coding hard :)

What game is he developing? o_O

THE mighty QA. Bugs won't come through. :)

Also check out latest Q&As on both: EU and US sides.

PS. Latest poll results (votes / %):
Tier 10 meds and tank destroyers in WoT?

Yeah! Bring them in!  - 1915 (75%)
There is no place for them in game  - 449 (17%) 
I don't know / don't care - 202 (8%)   

The new poll is up. 


  1. Great photos but, Overlord, when you post your promised information about future of Clan Wars?

  2. Looks like he's working on World of Infantry.

  3. Or Infantry for WOT, we need our coxial machinguns

    (M3 Lee has 4 them) *trollface*

    Nice Photos

  4. Hi Overlord, is the 7.5 PTS coming this mid or late july?

  5. How about a new engine for WoT now that you have a new office and so many new developers? It was saied there will be multicore support. That was in beta.
    Go on and improve the game finally!

    1. the game is still in beta

    2. WoT will stay single core untill the day WoT is shutdown. They built WoT on an outdated engine (bigworld), we can ask, whine, cry & wish all we want for multi core support but it won't happen due to old game engine and WG just don't give a damn.

    3. When it comes to full multi-core support, two issues pop up:
      1) BW engine is not owned by WG and is not being worked on directly.

      2) Middle-ware technology - Umbra, which is used in WoT to cut part of the scene doesn't not allow us to enable right multi-core.

      We are working on the issue, but our possibilities here are somewhat limited.

    4. Does that mean WoWP doesn't have multi-core support either? That's kinda a deal breaker really.

      Any plans to change engines - I mean, come on, a six year old could have told you that the future was multi-core computers.

    5. @Moloch: That's what I think too. Maybe they didn't really expect WoT to be a success and took a cheap engine to minimize the costs for the experiment.:D

      @ Overlord: I wonder there was no plan to fit the game for another engine and stuff later.
      I mean: Did they rly think a game can stay with a cheap engine all time?:D

    6. BW, while may not be up-to-date from the visual POV, offers tremendous network and server features, allowing high CCUs and multi-cluster support.

      As far as WoWP as concerned, we don't use Umbra there, thus real multi-threading is possible.

  6. pretty women... world of infantry!!!!!!!! 11B for life right here, if you need a technical adviser for us infantryman.

  7. Many thanks Overlord for introducing the WoWP Dev team. Cheers mate!

  8. So...are guy changing random battles in 7.5? Early patch notes do not address this.

    1. Making the new game modes optional!

      Allowing players to select the modes that they wish to play


    2. Thanks for the response.

      Hoping it was sooner, but at least we know now

  9. So Ovi...give us the solution...is he devoloping a new "World of ..."

  10. Hi Overlord!

    My question goes a bit to the future but... when you'll be developing more gamemodes for WoT or WoWP, can we expect very early PUBLIC testing instead or along with the super testers? SerB himself said that random players are too incompetent to use tactics in these modes so I think you should be tweaking them to fit the random nature of these players instead of coordinative play of supertesters.

    1. And for example if that was done with our current game modes you would never have to waste your time developing Escort as it would be instantly obvious it doesn't fit :)

    2. Unpredictability and lack of tactical wisdom are attributes of standard battle, and these can be regarded as advantages. For more tactics one should try companies or at least platoons.

  11. Hi!

    Question regarding german fighter techtree in WoWP:

    Why did u put the 261 at t8 and the Bf109 TL into t9, when the Bf109 TL never left the drawing board and was canceled? I mean the Ta 152 even saw combat and would make a good t8 fighter imo. That way the 262 "Schwalbe" could go into t9 and the HG III keeps its place at t10. Resulting in more logical progression.



    P.S.: WoT ClanWars any infos coming from your side in the future?

    1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ta_152

    2. Know about TA-152, we will have another branches of German aircraft.

  12. Great post

    Nice Team,

    Hope you will work on Water Tanks

  13. In my opinion , WoWP is NOT hot and NOT fun like WoT , and will NEVER be .
    And will always be an marginal game compared to WoT about count of players and about fun .
    And i really dont understand why people so enthusiastic to see WoWP development team ..
    Instead of working faster and expand the WoT team , WG expands another team for WoWP , and spending money and resources for them . shame ..
    WoT is more important now , for all , and you should expand WoT team and Finish the game to v1.0.0 , and only then , expand another team to work on additional game like WoWP and WoBS .

    I hope u understand me right .

    1. They have stated numerous times that absolutely NO resources are being lost in the making of the other games.

      In fact, you should be INSANELY glad wot isn't shrinking its wot dev team. WoT is clearly a success, it's not like they NEED to push all that hard to get more content out the door.

      And how would you know WoWP stinks? or for that matter, that it NEVER WILL? it is NOT the same game, it's much faster paced, more actiony, and appeals to a different playstyle. The oly similarity are the graphics, the WW2, and the way exp/money works. (their most proven technique)

    2. There is a LOT of issues that WG need to solve about WoT before starting a new project like WoWP .
      The Physics , Matchmaking , Camping , Player's Choice (maps and mods) , and Visibility are not so perfect .
      The game need some serious rework on those things .
      And again , WG have no time , resources and money to spend on other games , because WoT is not even 1.0.0 !! and have a lot of issues to solve (part of them i listed) .

      I remember the game that was a closed beta version , and the game that we see now compared to game that was 2 years ago , is not really different and have the same issues like MM and Physics , Camping , Game mods , Players don't have a choice which game mod to play and which map , and still we do NOT have exactly any new game mods ..
      it is just the same thing but different positions and different team rule . One attack the other defends .. meh , I was looking for something completely different , but still the same . And WoWP also has the same macro , two teams , short battles , annoying dependency with your team , but different micro for instance you cant camp and the gameplay is different .

      Conclusions :
      WoT is NOT successful project , but i really love this game , and it need some really serious rework .

      WoWP is marginal project for now , and WG make a big mistake about focusing on it's development .

    3. I think it's just a matter of preference. You don't like WoWP: fine with you, but there are people who do like it. I agree that WoT still needs to be worked on but this is why it's still developed. I think that if more people worked on WoT it would cause a huge mess (I don't know how good the management is in WG but the more people work at one project the more communication issues would pop up I imagine)

      Offtopic: I'd like to thank the WoT team for reducing the MM spread. Many others and I love the change :)
      Keep up the good work.

  14. Hello Ovi,
    I saw Updated WOT Tech Tree
    i noticed in German TT that Ferdinand separated from TD's line
    so i suggested that, instead of leaving Ferdinand Alone, why don't make a new Line?
    Tier 9 would be Jagdtiger Porsche Series, and with a luck, tier 10 would be Jagdmaus
    SerB said it will be 4 German TD's Line is that correct?

  15. SerB said that there is enough German TD's to make 3-4 lines. Not that WG will make 4 lines :)

    1. Why not ? if they can , they will add even 10 new lines with the time .

    2. Ferdinand (zero line) could be make another Line..
      Ferdinand -> Jagdtiger (porsche) tier 0 -> Jagdmaus tier 10 (in my opinion)

  16. hmmm. nice girls you have in your office. Now i know why youre working so slowly

  17. this blog used to be interesting ...

    1. true... not even 20% of the fellowers are interested in wowp, as you can see on the questions asked.

    2. I'ts Because he's too busy to update this blog, well i understand he's working on 3 World Of Series.. and can't denied its interesting as used to be when he's no longer updated since 7.1 patch.. well good news is, he is back

  18. Mr.Overlord In 7.5 tier 9 medium tank wont be end game tank, do you plan to reduce cost of repair for T IX meds ?

  19. Off topic :
    6,000,000 Visitors !!!
    lets drink some whiskey

  20. Maybe you should pay those guys from Q&A more. Dont underestimate their value in your final product :)

  21. OK, guy with feet up on table needs to get them off and get to work on the physics, fat bastard slouched in chair (looks like hes slipping under table) need to sit up, drink red-bull and get to work on physics. We all know the chicks dont do anything, meh.

  22. I wouldn't get your hopes up about WoWP being as successful as WoT, let alone surpassing it. Game has critical issues.


    Riddle me this Overlord:
    How much do you guys hate Germany? You've been the laughing stock of gaming communities that don't even play WoT, yet know of it's proven bias and slant.

    Here's another prime example:
    The E50M is 300-500 less damage per minute than it's other tier 10 mediums, the t62 and patton. Why exactly is this considering it doesn't have the virtues to make up for this? I mean, it only has accuracy on it's side while the others are faster in ROF and aim times. Not to mention it's not like the tank itself doesn't have it's weakspots with terrible handling, camo, view range, and armor compared to the others.

    What will it take for you guys to stop with this nonsense German hatred?

    How is this supposed to be taken seriously as a competitive game when you pull this stuff? Getting really sick of it man.

    1. so what are you saying exactly ? that the e50m is under powered ? i got a little lost reading your comment.

    2. Honestly, unless you're a non-English speaker I don't see how it's hard to follow:

      The purposely lowered the RoF, reducing the DPM of this gun, thus lowering it's effectiveness of this tank. You'll lose in a battle with the others up close, they can still hit you at range no issue as well in a sniping battle since they're accurate enough.

      Yes, the E50M is underpowered, the worst of the T10 meds. This tank will not be allowed usage in Clan Wars, and it'll be the only one not used in them. And that's unfair.

      And all because these developers openly admitted they have an ax to grind with the Germans, who were all "liars" according to their lead devs, who also said they will never-ever respect any of their technical achievements.

      I would love to hear how this tank is fairly balanced Overlord. Right now it won't be used in CWs. I know I was told I couldn't use it, and others said their clans said the same exact thing.

      It's not fair. At this point, it's disgusting.

    3. I agree with you , and i listed some issues in my long comment , and the E50M/E50/75/German-Tree case is just a Belorussian-Deep-Emotions-About-Germany-in-1944 .. i think they are just didn't forgot those times and does some revenge against Germany (?) yeah that's sounds funny , but they are Russian developers , so what can you expect ? only to show how the story WAS in a caricature of their hatred , WAR-GAMING , WE ARE JUST PLAYERS not Wehrmacht soldiers , do not share with us your retard historical-based Germnay-hatred emotions , and moreover , some players like me just LOVE German tanks , maybe because of how they look , maybe because its just GERMAN ?! , so why we need to be SCREWED because of WG's Belorussian/CCCP historical emotions from 1945 ?(!)

      For instance , German developers were never do thing like that , all tech-trees were really balanced , and not every patch Russian tree nerfed .

      and yeah , WoWP will not successful until WoT will be balanced , because players dont want to play another game with a Germany-Hatred .

  23. nice, but now go and push out a hotfix for the crashing problem.

  24. OL, what are your plans to keep the Germans down in this game like you have in WoT? As your development team has shown it does not care one bit about competitive balance, as the Germans always get the vine-end of the potato, the E50M is nerfed well below the DPM of the other T10 med tanks and not made up else where, the JPZ E100 was recently beat down like Rodney King in Test 2 when it was balanced as is. You guys "buffed" the E100, in which your devs threw in a bigger nerf than the buffs by lowering it's RoF.

    Your developers have gone onto record saying they don't respect the Germans, and would use much worse language to depict how they really feel about them but they couldn't because their position. Another of your devs called all Germans liars/tricksters.

  25. Hi Overlord,

    Gotta ask you this man: the Romanian warplanes IAR-80 and 81 will be added to WoWP sometimes, like ever? They fought on Romanian, Russian, Hungarian and Czech fronts with great success.



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