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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

[ALL] WG at E3

Didn't manage to visit E3 this year, however got some pics from the team.

The current show was the 17th.

WG booth was among the biggest ones, comrising a small cinema, 2 gaming zones (World of Tanks and World of Warplanes), VIP zone, and a few press / meeting rooms.

Visitors had a chance to either experience the power of tank battles or the drive of aerial combat. Or both. :)

And even win some prizes from the dev team. )

This bird (P-51 mustang) is only 25% smaller than the real one.

E3 girls.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Wow!! what a beautiful.... planes :)

  3. Hot Gi....planes u have there B)

  4. its true that you are thinking in buff E-100? Its true that you are going to put a 170mm which only use HE for this tank?

    Are you going to nerf patton, in the statistics it is very superior to other mediums?
    And what about T-54 and E-50 this mediums figure underpower in statistics?

  5. Nice girls.

    And one question. Is there a chance for overal nerf of penetration to bring back old beta times where armor had some use? I lost a feeling of playing a tank game, its more like slower CS when almost everythink penetrates everything regulary.

    1. That would have to go with a serious rebalancing of arty and light-armored tanks. Other than that, that would be cool... We might even see some maneuvering that does not involve cover and corners. After all, we are supposed to be driving "heavy armor"...

    2. Hmmm, I must be playing some other World of Tanks. Armor still has use. Still the best penetrating gun is BL-10. And currently high pen cannons are better only by less then 10 mm then S-70 from IS-7 or old IS-4. Of course I am talking about normal ammo, not gold shells.

  6. E3 is not about games, its about good looking scantily clad women.
    TL;DR More pictures of booth babes & less non-booth babe stuff.

  7. Hey Ovi! :)

    Some rumors say that germany will even get 3-4 td lines..how much can you confirm already?

    Dont forget! Patton Rulz! :D

    1. Thats not rumors. It is potential number of German TD's lines which can be built from known vehicles and blueprints. This number was stated by SerB (boss of WG devs) and later confirmed by Ovi. But they both didn't say that they will make so many lines. So far, sure is only second line and I wouldn't expect third one fast, because many nations have their tech trees in poorer shape then Germans.

  8. I wish I could ride in one of those....
    I mean the plane... *pokerface*

  9. With all due respect OL:


    Game modes = crap
    Removed team alter volume = crap
    0% CRITS, still everywhere = crap

    Seriously. I've spent a year playing this game and a good chuck of cash: this is the first time I've seriously considering quitting.

    Why the hell did you not listen to the feedback regarding the game modes?

    I don't know why WG wants to shoot themselves in the foot...

    1. with the 0 crits is totally true, i think the modes are very good but if we have lemmings we can expect all idiot think that their are german TDs in defense mode ;)

    2. Mods are not bad, but only for tank companies were are company commanders and people can use some tactics. In randoms this mods are bad idea, it is necessary to have more teamplay to play then corectly which is impossible in randoms. Also many people don't know what to do in them.

      But I am starting to understand this poor teamplay in randoms. Yesterday I found out that some player gave his account to his 4,5 y old son and he had there for example Obj. 704. Such young kid in 704 is a big problem for his team. And there is no chance that he will anyhow cooperate with team. Most funny is that father was punished for it. Son sold all his tanks...

  10. Overlord, can we get those girls in our hangars in WoWP? ;) (or at least some pin-up girl poster on walls)

    1. Would it still qualify for Teen from ESRB I wonder. :)

  11. Bigger pics with girls???

  12. Overlord, when your entry about Clan Wars future?

  13. Videos of the E3 Stream at WG's booth Featuring mainly WoT.

    Playlist with Videos #1-11:

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