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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

[WoWP] Questions and Answers. Session 1.

Questions and answers session for World of Warplanes. The user questions (italics)  were gathered on EU and NA official forums. The answers (bold) are brief and concise to save your time. If something needs clarification, ask in comments.

Here we go:

Will you have vehicle/nation specific crew/weapon/engine sounds or the generics ones like in WoT?

The sounds will mostly be similar to WoT, however in WoWP we are planning to pay special attention to national crew voice-overs (each nation will get its own voice-over) and soundtrack to make it really catchy and matching the game style.

I was just wondering how the CBT will start. Do we get an e-mail or will we have to keep watch to the WowP portal.

The announcement will be loud enough so as those who are insterested don't miss it. Of course it will be mentioned on the portal, but not only there.

Having flown other prominant flight sims, such as FSX and the succesful IL-2 series, and also holder of a pilot's licence in real life, I am interested to know how many feature's you are planning to include in game. For example will we be able to use airbrakes to give us an advantage in dogfights? Airbrakes are also essential for the ground attack aircraft that are on your tech tree. Can we use flaps to decrease the turning circle and allow us to fly slower + more lift? Also will the game have true to life physics, or will it be another game where the plane's auto-right and automatically turn and bank when you move the stick?

We are not exactly doing a sim, that's why WoWP will be more of a genre mixture. Both landing and take-off are not considered vital for the intended gameplay. Currently we are not planning to include air brakes. As for flaps control it's already in the game and functioning. Flight model is going to be rather complex allowing aerobatics, stalling and such stuff, however we really want that in-game players fight vs players not vs their own aircraft or ground.

What about perks for crew in wowp ? If warplane like Me109 C1 have 4x MG17 and 2x 20mm cannon, its possible to switch between ?  like LPM-MG PPM-Cannon

Crew progression is going to be more advanced in WoWP in comparison to what we have got in WoT, containing greater rpg elements. Mostly because of the comparatively tiny crews in WoWP. Yes, it will be possible to switch between the two.

When talking about the adding of the British tree, you tend to stress it will be soon, more so than you did with the French and WoT. Does this mean we probably won't have to wait as long as we did for the French to be added in WoT?

Yes exactly, it's quite safe to say that Brits in WoWP (the initial line) will arrive earlier than French tanks it WoT.

Considering that dogfights were much more dependent on skill than tank battles, how will this affect the matchmaking? I mean, even the tier 1 fighters could take down an advanced WW2 plane with enough skill.

Indeed the influence of skill level will be higher than in WoT by all means, we are planning to smooth over the rough spots tuning the matchmaking.

You've stated that light bombers will be added, now these bombers needed fighter support because they couldn't defend themselves very well. This means we will need alot of teamwork to actually play these roles and judging by the WoT community, these people have never even heard of teamwork and don't have a clue how to do anything other than hide or go forward. Do you have any plans to force these people into actually working as a team? Perhaps a hefty bonus for taking out fighters that are firing at your bombers?

That's actually the reason why bombers were not chosen as a separate class in WoWP. As well as ground attack aircraft those will need to focus mainly on ground targets and require certain support from the team. From our side we would encourage team play by clear designated class roles, clear and concise UI, and advanced tutorial.

I just wondering about the difference game types, al i have heard (read) about it sound intresting but just thinking how it will be when i load up my heavy assult plane with bombs/canones and was hoping that it would be an ground assult map but no it was an plane escort mission i ended up with.
we got the posibilities to pick each fight?

We are planning a couple of game modes for release, most likely that would include some sort of escort with significant PvE element and aerial deathmatch with both aerial and ground targets.

And for secound when i applied for the alfatest i choosed joystik but it showes that my old dusty stick not working anymore, will that have some thing to say on the outcome to be accepted to GAT?

Not at all. We welcome the use of all types of controls.

 will it be a major difrence between the alpha and beta testing or will it be as any other update? I`m not experencd with beta and alpha testing of a game so that is why i am wondering.

In closed beta we will be inviting more players to join than we do now. Of course at that stage we will have far more stuff to try and test as well.

are some planes oversized or undersized in comparison to other planes ?

Intentinally - no.

At the start of the round will we ever have the chance to take off from the runway(like in combat flight simulator 3)?

Currently everyone start up in the air. We would like players to focus on the combat itself.

I wasn't perfectly sure what you meant in an earlier post, when you said something about it being keyboard + mouse only. Did I understand that right, or are you planning support for joysticks and pads? Can't wait to be approved by the way, and please thank the Devs for me, for the awesome job!

Sure thing, they are already supported.

Considering the recent post about the community's artistic side and the fact that the reward is acceptance into GAT, does this mean that any applications to GAT are now no longer being accepted?

We are inviting more and more players in as the alpha testing progress. Plus your application will be still valid for CBT if you are not accepted by then

Is the whole game about WWII-Aircraft or are we going to see more modern planes also?
Our time range is 30-50, so we are starting with basic biplanes and going up to early jets.

Will there be a Cockpit-View or only Third-Person-Perspective or both?

Only the latter.
Can you already estimate how big the Game-Client will be?

Approx the same size as in WoT. Currently it's about 1.5Gb

When you open game for more players? CBT or so...

CBT which start around E3 will be more "public" than global alpha, however both limited access and the NDA will be in place. The game will be fully open during open beta stage - OBT.

WoWP will have AA guns? If they are in game, will be available for players like arti in wot?

Yes, there are AA guns controlled by AI.

Tail-gunner will be controled be AI?


High tier Planes will have misiles (like X-4)?


What type of customization we have in wowp?, example, you can swich diferent machineguns/canons, or/and you can add more or remove machineguns/canons. Example of 4, 190WA4 basic = 4 canons and 2 guns, if you can customize, 4 guns, or only 2 canons and 2 machineguns....

That's not exactly customization. It's upgrading, currently we are working on different setups of upgradable modules for aircraft, which won't be limited to weapons only.

Hey i accidentally entered the Ru site of world of warplanes , and out of curiosity i used google to translate . Turns out hey have a lot more contests wich ... doesnt sound very fair to me .Could we get more contests too ? Also , dont take this as an insult , its just a desperate man begging for alpha acces.

We are inviting approx the same percentage of players in every region. So the number of contests in terms of GAT invitations doesn't really matter.

will there be stalls? (esp.due to low airspeed)  what about plane-ground interactions? Will we crash into the scenery if we're not careful (or if we stall )?

Yes to both. However auto-pilot will be in place to prevent uncontrolled maneuvers from player's side. Of course it will still be quite possible to actually crash.

Are crews going to be visible in the aircraft? In WoT, there are no crew in open vehicles. However, in the teasers, I noticed that aircrew were visible. Will we be able to see our crews?
Yes, the crews are visible both in combat and in hangar.

i was wondering if there are going to be objectives in this game or is it goin to be like WOT where you just start shootin ppl up

Game modes with different objectives are planned, apart from standard deathmatch and shooting ground targets, we are also working on escort mode, where you need to make sure your VIP(lane) survives or destroy the enemy's one.

"Planned" or "in" is the question here, simply because WoT has been running now forever on one mode and it was promised long ago that new modes were coming so "stay patient". So if I were to hear "planned" I'm just going to assume they're not happening any time soon. I would like to see their "planned" content timeline as well.

WoWP will start with at least 2 game modes and advanced combat tutorial. Unlike WoT.

Question: will exist something like a "blinding sun"?

Yes, this effect is planned.

will you restrict the tiers of planes fighting each a little bit more then in WoT. I would love to be in Dog fights with only tier 5 planes, rather then battles with planes from tier 4-9. Especially if I'm the Tier 4 plane. I know the waits would grow, but still. I'm imagining the tier 10 planes almost never being bothered by the lower tiers.

The MM spreads most likely will be tighter than it WoT now, however tier 5 only battles are not exactly the pattern we are aiming at.

Will the all planes be able to gain the same heights? I've been wiki'n the planes and noticed the different ceiling levels. Will a tier 1 plane be able to reach the same in game height as a tier 10 plane?

No, we are capping the max heights artificially for the sake of gameplay. In general fights will take place on a lower heights than they did historically so as to enable taking advantage of landscape and fighting ground targets.

If Sim, can you stall out. does weight vs power effect climb rate/angle. On A scale of 1 - 10 (1 ace combat - 10 L-2 Sturmovik ) .. where would it land ?

Stalling is in place, however deadly maneuvers are prevented by auto-pilot. Weight vs power effect climb rate/angle will also be added. Closer to arcade than to sim. You can't control air-fuel mixture.

A lot of people are going to play this game and I wanted to ask if there is any sort of plane customization being implemented. I ask this because a lot of pilots in WWII had custom symbols or emblems on there planes usually self chosen ones and it would be a really cool way to see what people come up with on their planes.
We are planning to implement advanced customization tools to the game. E.g. the camo system is already in. Each plane will get a set of unique camos, unlike WoT where camos are mapped/tiled for all vehicles of a particular nation.

Are there any plans to Introduce Compatibility with Linux platforms Given the growing popularity and use of platforms like Ubuntu?

Official Linux support is not planned in the foreseeable future.

1. Will there be a fuel limit or just no fuel at all?
2. Is there going to be mid-air crashes or not?
3. Will there be any mountains or hills you can crash into or land on?

1. No fuel limit just like in WoT.
2. Yes, sure thing. Ramming FTW!

3. Many mountains, hills, towers, etc to crash into. :)

1. Since there will be no stall from maneuvering how realistic the world physics will be?
2. What the max altitude a plane can climb?
3. Will the bombers have rear gunner protection?
4. Will the planes have gas or ammo or even better the pilot him self weak areas?
5. Will there be female pilots?(For the USSR mostly since historically there were many women soldiers and pilots)
6. Well the skies are different from the ground and there are not many places to hide, what about the visibility? Can i spot a plane in an open sky up to 1000 - 2000 meters?
7. What about pilots skills and perks?

1. Flight model is going to be quite complex allowing aerobatics and preventing player from commiting deadly maneuvers.
2. It will be different for different tiers/groups of tiers. There would be an artificial cap to keep fights closer to the ground, so as to enable players to take advantage of landscape and fight ground targets.
3. Some ground attack planes already have it.
4. Yes, each plane will get its own weakspots, realistic armouring is already in place. Pilots are currently exluded from the hitbloxes for gameplay reasons.
5. Possibly.
6. Yes, enemy can be spotted being a few kilometers away.
7. Since planes obviously have smaller crews than tanks, we will pay special attention to crew progression devising a lot of skills and perks some of which will progress simultaneously.

If your question is not on the list, you can ask in comments to this post or in the respective Q&A thread - EU or NA


  1. Dear Overlord,

    Will the Crew ever show up on WOT open tanks? or will the tanks fire themselves magically as it already does?

    1. Not planning to display crews in WoT, since that may affect the ratings (like ESRB).

  2. Dear Overlord,

    When will the Tank Physics be released since I feel that the sooner it is released the Better. Many players (Myself Included) are looking to Tank physics is it possible to have a Tank physic Patch? like . or something

    Also are there any schedules on events for certain tanks so that we as players may prepare for these events before they happen?

    1. Physics will impact the current gameplay greatly, thus we have to test everything thoroughly and carefully. Its not the change that can be rushed with.

  3. Dear Overlord, I appreciate your taking the time to address my Linux concerns though I am some what disappointed with the result, I hope you guys keep up the good work. Also I would Appreciate a Tank Physics update as well so keep us posted as always!

  4. "however we really want that in-game players fight vs players not vs their own aircraft or ground."

    In some planes after last 3 patches I have now hard fight with them and ground. Unfortunately they belong to my favourite type of planes :). Tactic I used before those patches is now almost suicidal.

  5. Dear Overlord,

    Regarding the initial British tree, would there be any possibility of a sneak peek? The aircraft of said tree are the subject of a lot of speculation, although my interest is whether you'llbe including the Typhoon/Tempest in the line, and more importantly the Wooden Wonder (aka Mosquito).

    Aside from WoWP, when will the revised Russian TD line be occuring? Since the much earlier tech tree post of it, i've found myself looking forward to driving an Uralmash.
    Oh, hope to see you on the battlefield again.


  6. Hi Overlord,

    would you mind giving us some general ideas that you have regarding the crew? Will it involve a ground crew or will we see different ways to specialize the pilot or gunner when existing? In which ways could these work?

    1. We are focusing on aerial crews, both pilot and gunner(s). Tree-like skill progressionsuits our concept.

    2. Thanks for the reply, sounds good. I find the crew skills to be a motivating factor in WoT and believe they can be a huge factor in WoWP, when you develop a better connection to the single pilot. The first gameplay videos look really promising, checking my e-mail daily to see if I got into global alpha

  7. Dear Overlord, will pretty much all of WoWP maps be converted WOT maps so we can fly over the battlefields we already know and see them from a new perspective?

    1. 2 of the current 3 maps in WoWP are made on the basis of actual WoT maps. However aerial maps are some 13-15 times bigger, so we are combining several tank maps into one. Still WoWP will get its own unque maps, that are not present in WoT.

    2. Wow this is excellent news and does this mean you are now in a position to start making WOT maps that are 13-15 times bigger than the current WOT maps?

    3. Not exactly. WoT maps have got terrain of higher detail, thus they cant be made of the same size as in WoT.

    4. so which map is harbor than ? XD

  8. Everything i hear about WoWp is "better than WoT", "more advanced than WoT", "unlike WoT", "learned from WoT and will be better"...
    Have you really dumped WoT?
    If things go so fast and smooth in WoWp cant it be done with WoT also?
    I know there are different teams working, but the core of these games is the same and im feeling its turned more toward WoWp because its a new project while WoT is already out there, roughly the same as last year and can stay like that for another while.

    1. Not at all. Long live wot! Not planning to abandon it, on the contrary the dev team for wot is conatantly growing and the plans are really huge. WoT is a good standard of qualoty for all our future games, and of course the Kiev team is determined at least to repeat the success of wot or preferable to surpass it.

    2. What ya mean with "the plans are really huge"? Pls explain :)

    3. Then perhaps let's boost on some serious content instead of constantly adding new tanks? I know it helps with your money income but players are already noticing that you are focusing too much on tanks rather than other things. Besides, I think you should revise the older tanks before adding new ones (especially German tanks, they have very low penetration guns compared to all nations now...)

    4. Grabarz, it had been many times written that new models of tanks are made by different people then game modes, MM and so on.

      Also, I prefer to see more tanks, because I am alrady waiting more then one year for Nashorn and Sturer Emil. I also would like to see European tree with (I hope so) some Polish tanks much sonner then in 2015.

    5. There are different teams that are working on new content: maps, vehicles, MMing, new features, interface, render and graphics etc.

      Each team is working with its own pace, and overlap is not always huge.
      Apart from the really huge plans on expanding the current tech trees and adding new ones, we also have new physics, new render, and new game modes in development.

    6. Thanx for replying. Glad to hear that, but i still think, in the future, you should try to express the differences between the games maybe using other comparison methods because its not fair to put one in a better light by saying the other is bad, or was bad at the same stage of development.

      Keep up the good work!

    7. Szturmi, I look forward to different tanks (especially Polish tanks) as well. I won't question WG company organisation as it's something I'm not supposed to care about, although the vast majority looks more forward to content rather than tanks (which are obviously one of the most commonly added thing recently). Proof: http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/108366-enough-with-the-tanks-already-its-time-for-the-important-stuff You don't have to answer me, I just wanted to point it out.

  9. Overlord do you maintain contact with WoB's development team?
    How is that project coming along and can we expect to see a global alpha sometime next year or is it in such a stage that its too hard to say when will it be ready for testing?
    WoWP sounds interesting and its nice to hear that the team is learning from WoT. Keep up the good work.

  10. Hi Overlord.
    you said that you are inviting more people after each update.
    1 how can i know when you have updates (I want to know when it is useless to spamm f5 on my email)
    2 how often do the updates come?
    3 how many people are you inviting after each update?

  11. Hey Overlord. I'm sure you answered this question before but since I don't remember and I am curious: Will your games ever reach Steam? If no, is it possible for you to tell why? I know that Steam wants money but I think you would profit too and more players means matchmaker is happier :P

    1. No, currently we are neither working with steam nor planning to do so in the foreseeable future.

  12. Hey Overlord,

    Has the idea of implementing landing after a battle for extra credits and/or experience (if successful) still in the works, or has it been decided not to implement this feature?

    1. At this stage neither takeoff nor landing is planned. We are focusing on the aerial gameplay.

  13. I'd like to compain why this have been posted one day before the end of the event??

    Forum link: http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/105542-the-world-of-tanks-video-story-contest/page__view__findpost__p__1835113
    #27th comment on the Video Story contest
    " Elixu

    Spanish Community Coordinator

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    Posted 25 April 2012 - 02:21 PM
    Hi all,

    If you want to use music for the background of the video please use World of Tanks ingame music or trailer music – you can also use music released under creative commons license
    Please note that submissions violating this rule cannot be taken into account for winning a price."

    I recreated my video with World of Tanks music today, because I SAW IT TODAY. I wrote to Supercharge and this is the answer I got:


    English Community Manager

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    Sent Today, 04:40 PM

    Many thanks for the post. I have checked it with my colleagues and unfortunately we can't add this video link to your response as the contest submission deadline ended yesterday.
    We are not able to extend the deadline. I'm very sorry.

    The Wargaming Community Team."

  14. Why not let more players in alpha testing, when I hear from colleagues that are on the server has two dozen players. And they have to wait very long to play games. It is not clear what we then test if people can not play and test. I guess the goal is to have several parties and that people are tested, rather than having to settle for half an hour, that aircraft would play, that can be played at all parties. Thank you.

    Sorry google translater.

  15. The revised tech trees are in 2 days, 1 year old, and some errors start to happear on what your plans are and what really is on the trees. Do u think you could release an updated version of those tech trees? Thanks.

  16. Since i havent got any answer on this neither on the forum nor on your previously blogpage ill just repost my question:


    Would be nice if you could take your time to answer this question since there are many topics already in the EU forum, even some started by RU players who thought deffs might listen to the EU community.

    So the question is: Will you upgrade Maus and E-100 Armour to give them back their place in future Clanwars? With the all new US and sovjet 400mm pen Gold guns the Maus cant rely on her armor as she could before. And since gold ammo is used in CW by anyone the balance is about to rape german tanks...so what concerns the community will there be an improvement ov german t10 heavys?

    1. please overlord answer :)


      i just wrote a comment on previous post of your blog, then i want to know if its ok and you read comments on older post or we should just make a coment on new post only

      Good job!!

  17. Overlord when are you gonna allow people change cluster on Alpha testing of WoWP?!?!

    1. You need to apply on the required server, unfortunately there is no other option at the time.

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. WoWP is going to be fail...people are not going to want to fly with a junky physics engine.

    Also having crew "skills" with a dog fighting game is just ridiculous, so is the plan going to be the more you play the more you can defy the laws of physics?

    I am super skeptical that this game is going to be anything less then garbage.

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