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Friday, November 25, 2011

November 19 - November 25 Poll Results

7572 players voted for their favourite tank class in World of Tanks.

The vote results showed a fierce competition between medium tanks (34% of votes) and heavy tanks (36%). Other class appeared to be far less popular: tank destroyers got 18%, self-propelled guns - 7%.
Light tanks are the least popular according to the poll results getting tiny 5%.

As always a new poll is up. It is dedicated to the public test of 7.0 and its upcoming release.


  1. I missed this, but I woulda have voted Medium Tanks.

  2. PRe release 7 is ok but your premium system is not correct. We should pay for i.e. A month but we really enjoy only a few hours at day, the premium time should be start and stop when you are logged in

  3. So since arty got this score... can you replace it with commander tanks ? :D

  4. I agree with Lostrego. Premium account should match the time you really play.

  5. One question remains: Why? What is it about the different classes that produced the results of this vote? How could you work that into a poll?

    For myself, I like all but the lights as they, for the most part, become cannon fodder to everything else in higher tier battles.

    Arty is notoriously unpredictable as to where the shot will land, which is probably what accounts for its percentage, but is also understandable because that's the way it is.

    TD? I like mine, I can't even guess what it is rated so low (even with the one I have being almost as slow as dirt - a T28).

  6. I'm not surprised that lights come in so low, apart from low tier (1-3) battles they are very little fun to play in general. I think this poll shows that games need to be balanced differently unless the spotting/hiding mechanics are changed significantly

  7. Of course this doesn't show an order of rank. For instance, I voted Medium because, well, TDs and Lights are too easy to get killed and too difficult to play in comparison. Yet, I'd say I enjoy those two both more than playing heavy tanks.

  8. Its hard play a light tank you only spot targets to arty, when you have tier 6 and higher tanks is better play a médium tank, you can run and have a better gun.
    And about arty i cant understand some maps with arty, like himmelsdorf, ruinberg. And cant understand some match with 6 artys. What supouse o should have to do, run or hide my head on the sand?
    So obviously my vote is for heavys and médium and third place to anti tank

  9. I love light tank battles. Unfortunately you have to stay in tier 3 down to play with other lights or you get put into heavy tank battles. There isn't as much camping in light tier battles. They are fun, fast and the game is exciting unlike the slow camping manner of heavy tank battle. And yes, I do have tier 9 tanks, mediums etc. Plus remember, you have to start somewhere. It was fun moving up the lower tiers and getting new tanks.

  10. Lights are a blast to play, when they are not being forced to be scouts. Here are a few options to fix the issue, not exclusive and could work in combination or all 3 at once.

    Make a new class of tank - the (wait for it) Scout. The Leo, VK2801, T-50, T-50-2 and Chaffee (ya'll would need to add a tier 4 american scout) would get current matchmaker. Other lights would get matchmaking similar to a medium of same tier. Face it, the A-20 is not a scout, it is a failed medium prototype.

    Give players an option to opt a tank in, or out, of the scout "class" for matchmaking. Heck, you could probably sell that option for gold.

    Do not assign tier 4 and 5 lights into high tier battles WHEN THERE IS NO ARTY! Link the matchmaking of the tier 4 and 5's with the presence of arty. I would rather wait 4 to 5 times as long for matchmaking in my Leo or VK to avoid being in a high tier match that is artyless. At least if there is arty I have a mission.

    As far as the off topic comments above about premium... What?

    It, Premium, it's a subscription, it's not an in-game Tchotchke that grants bonus exp for a limited time (those types of things are usually measured in hours, not days/months). What subscription based game goes by logged in time for billing? It's a free to play game, it's not free to run for WG.

  11. i think i only must pay for gaming time. Or have año option to start and stop premium time deciding previously which battle is premium. If i buy a month and suddenly i cant play for a week, im loosing all this expensive time

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. And if you have a WoW account? And you pay for a year, do you get to stop paying when you decide to go on vacation for a week?

    Shit, I have to sleep and go to work, why am I being charged for that time?

    Same goes for my cable TV and my internet. Why am I being billed for time I'm not actually using this is a travesty! /s

    You are paying for a subscription, it doesn't matter if you use it or not, you've payed for it and that's that.

  14. Lostrego, if you play a subscription game you pay for the full month too every month, without a start stop of this function.
    The pricing of the premium account is in par with those games, so there is absolute no reason why it should be different.
    And the developers need to make money too, to make the game better and feed their families.

  15. In games like travian, im totally agree whit you, cos that game never stops. But not in Wot.

  16. 7.0 is "ok"

    Everything else is great but the gigantic HE nerf ruins the patch.

  17. Good - for the nice graphic update

  18. Please make option for repair both track. For 2x more consumables even...

  19. Overlord, do you think 7.1 will manage to make it this year?

  20. Watch Overlord group together the OK, Good, and Excellent votes (currently 77%) and claim most of the community liked it, lol.

    I voted OK because I was not happy with the some of the changes to the UI, as well as the never-ending story with the horns. Overall, the patch is for the better, I think.

  21. for high tier matches. the advantages of light tanks are not near as useful as thier tiering structure would suggest. they are easily spottable and easily killed. while tier 5 light tanks do have strength. it is not enough for a tier 10 battle. i suggest maybe making them have a higher than 500m spotting range with 50% visibility while stationary and not firing. give it a setup time or do a special use item that they have to train. an observation kit or something like that. i could elaborate on the concept if you guys find it a good idea.

  22. Q: Overlord, do you think 7.1 will manage to make it this year?

    A: If no serious problems with 7.0 pop up unexpectedly, 7.1 will make it this year.

  23. Q: Watch Overlord group together the OK, Good, and Excellent votes (currently 77%) and claim most of the community liked it, lol.

    A: Hey, but it's correct. Even 79! )))

  24. Q: Did you do anything with the T34 ? I used to penetrate the E75 in the lower glacius 1 times on 5, now it's 1 times on 10 !

  25. overall 7.0 is good i still think matchmaking needs to be fixed though... a tier 4 scout in a tier 8-9-10 match and guess what u have no arty on your team thus you scout without a purpose and dont have the guns to do anything about it

  26. Q: What is left, that takes so long to process and-or balance or style before 7.0 release? And I am guessing you/we will use a couple of weeks on test server to balance the french tanks aswell, how soon after 7.0 release do you expect the 7.1 test to be up?

  27. ///\\\
    Aki said...

    7.0 is "ok"

    Everything else is great but the gigantic HE nerf ruins the patch.
    November 25, 2011 9:10 PM

    Why do you think they waited until a huge graphics update to unleash the HE nerf? The Developers knew it'd go over like a brick, so they waited until they had a patch that everyone would love to introduce it with. That way everyone would think "Well, the HE and Konisch nerfs suck donkey balls, but the new minimap and the improved graphics are sooo great. I guess this is an okay update." You see, by wrapping the crap in a sweet coating, they got you to accept it. If they had just dropped the HE and Konisch nerfs with no other major updates, there would be a huge backlash. But by putting it with major updates and saying "do you like this update as a whole or don't you?" they're forcing you to accept the nerfs because they've got you believing you can't have the improved graphics and minimap without the HE nerf.

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. I think you are on a right path with tanks like the T50-2. If two of these work together and get in behind enemy lines they can really cause chaos. It's really fun to play like this, but in my opinion we need higher tiers of light tanks as well. Being fast and annoying would be great in the really high tiers.

  30. looks like OK is most common result in new poll. but i am sure if there will be opinion - BETTER THAN NOTHING - then it will gets more than 70% votes :-)

  31. Actually I guess those who are hurt by the huge HE nerf wouldn't think of this update as of BETTER THAN NOTHING...

    Yes, all the effects are cool and new additions, but come on. Either change the HE back how it was or change matchmaker so tiers 5 wont be thrown with 8 and such, because it's going to make grinding those tanks impossible.

    Myself I voted OK because I liked most of new features but if HE makes grinding impossible I'm sure a lot of players will quit so whatever

  32. nerfing HE is plainly nuts, as HE is mostly used by tanks who cant damage enemy , such as tank at the bottom of table.
    Top tank will nearly never use HE in fight unless enemy he is hitting has few HP left and want to make sure there is not "we just ding them".

    even tho most of my tanks are high end tree, what can one panz4 do to t95? maybe take 30hp with HE, but with nerf will it be 20??
    I think that HE granates should be buffed (only for tanks and TD not arty ), so that players can chose from AP and HE but not as a last resort :/
    With that move in wide tier spread battles like tier 5-9 you will create suiciders on mass scale :/
    tho hope i m wrong there

  33. need to add, i complitly forgot about great troll guns (lbig caliber), that use HE and dont realy need any buff, but small caliber bit of buff would be welcome

  34. How was HE nerfed, exactly?

  35. A: Hey, but it's correct. Even 79! )))
    This is the way you did polls in the Soviet Union but you can't fool us. It's a five digit scale so the middle is neither pro or con no matter what the label says. The rating should be
    So in reality more than one third doesn't see the patch positive or negative or the positive aspects are negated by nerfs.
    One quarter would even live without that patch.
    The largest group is positive towards the patch but only with 37% this isn't an overwhleming majority.

  36. We are thinking of certain adjustments that can reduce the negative impact of HE damage brought by the new mechanics. E.g. reduce armor absorption coefficient

  37. D..
    I disagree with you , as i voted OK, but to me ok means more "good" than "I dont care or dont give fk", and I m not from Soviet Union, but from Ireland and you must be some Redneck or just plain racist ?

  38. Top,
    you'd better be reading and understanding what I wrote.
    Then go back to the Internet and read something about polls and how to manipulate them. Then you'd understand the joke I made.
    Before pulling the race card you should read the definition of race and apply it to this context - see the mismatch?

  39. D..
    Sorry if i muissunderstood you, as many people are going on about "russian devs, russian game, russan tanks = best) and players who actualy know how to play, they also know that russian tanks are not the best , maybe some in some way, but not the way its made it looks like whining boots..
    So when you read "This is the way you did polls in the Soviet Union but you can't fool us."
    how does it sound to you?
    to me bit nazzi or rasistic, or simple rednecks way of thinking.
    Othervise i do understand your message in post.

  40. It's no surprise that scout tanks don't fare well in the polls. Apart from they neeeding more skill being the primary targets/target markers, scout tree is so small that theres not much rewards in playing them.
    Raising the scout tiers to 7 with the french is a good start. But in order to really make them bloom, scout class really needs to be a full separate tree, not just a road to the bigger tanks.

  41. HE nerf is plain ridiculous.
    I have tier-9 tanks, I don't really mind much, but this way, you devs are scaring even more new players, and that was the reason you guys reduced the price of tier2-4 tanks right?

    By the way, Lostrego is completely right, of course this wouldn't benefit your business model at all, still you could implement it with a sightly rise of the premium account price.

    It is kind of funny hear all those comments from angry rascists americans, bet they all got their sub-par T30 destroyed.
    Just for you to know, devs aren't neither russian nor russian nationalists. Anyone saying that Byelorussians are russian nationalists of course hasn't done his history homework right, but as the state of American education, I'm not surprised.

  42. ///\\\
    Overlord said...
    We are thinking of certain adjustments that can reduce the negative impact of HE damage brought by the new mechanics. E.g. reduce armor absorption coefficient

    You wouldn't have to do that if you didn't alter HE in the first place. You're basically making work for yourself. Instead of changing things to give yourself more work, why don't you focus on fixing the problems that already exist? Hell, some of us would like new game features. Instead of doing "make work" with the HE thing, why don't you work on bringing out new things in the game?

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