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Monday, November 21, 2011

Targeted Feedback on 7.0 Update

Public test of 7.0 has been available for some time. So here I would like you to post your feedback regarding the following points:

1. Horn feature
2. Camos

Here share your sorts on overall quality, colour themes, pricing etc
3. Interface changes
Minimap improvements, warning windows, equipment indicator, etc
4. Gameplay and mechanics
5. New visual effects

You can also share your thoughts on any other changes and features you consider important. Browse full patch notes of 7.0.

Vote on horns here!


  1. Hello :)

    Well... Horns make me sick eprsonnally. It's funny but no longer than 30 seconds. This is a serious game, isn't it?
    Camos: Big shame to advantage people who PAY by bringing them permanent camos with an ingame camo bonus... Also shame that they are not historically accurate.
    Interface: Minimap is now VERY pleasant tu use. Good job on it!
    New visual effects: Nice job on that too!

  2. 1. Horn feature:
    Please remove, it may be abused by some people.

    2. Camos:
    Quality and quantity of German camos is moderate, add a "Zimmerit" effect for the German camos if possible. The "spots" of the tricolor German camos are a little bit oversized.

    3. Interface changes:
    Good improvements, only the emphasis of destroyed tanks in Battle View is too low.

    4. Gameplay:
    HE shells do too little damage now. The IS-7 front armor is too strong and can nearly only be penetrated by gold shells.

    5. New Effects:
    Good improvements, nothing to criticize.

  3. 1) I personally am against horns - although they didn't bother me as much as expected so i can live with it as gag feature

    2) They look good - one major downpoint for me is that they are "overwritten" instead of unlocked. I want to be able to switch between unlocked camos i have paid for depending on my mood (and not pay again to overwrite it)
    Price of 100 Gold seems "ok" - some skins cost 200 Gold and more though and i think thats just too much..

    3) Interface overhaul looks good and plays well - however the tank list in the UI doesnt remember the settings and always starts fully expanded (which is too large for my screen) setting it every time to small is cumbersome!
    I also second FrankyK's point - the destroyed tanks in the UI are too hard to tell!

    4) The angled armor seems way more bouncy than before - intended i think - and it needs some adapting to old tactics, i personally like that!
    HE shells seemed to do no damage at all at the moment - is there a bug?

    5) I like the new explosions and it looks a bit crisper overall - not a big improvement imho but noticeable and well done.

  4. 1. Horns ruin the immersion into the game. They have no place in this game, this is not a traffic simulator but a tank warfare game.

    2. I'm all for giving a chance for people who don't want to mod the game to have some nice skins on their tanks for gold or credits, but only if they don't give gameplay advantage. Don't turn this game into more pay-to-win, gold ammo is already too powerful.

    3. Zoomable minimap = great.

    4. You need to fix: Matchmaking (limit amount of arty severely, balance scouts better), Balance (arty too random and powerful), damage mechanics (too much non-track 0-damage criticals), sighting (new tracers don't appear to change much)

    However, it is nice that tier 8 companies have tier 6 arty max, and tier 6 companies have tier 4 arty max, I was afraid you'll only go -1 and that would have ruined them. Now just limit light tanks too, please.

    5. Appear to be nice, but I'll have to turn shot smoke off anyway to see where the shot goes.

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  6. i like the Horn
    Camos price is expensive and i don't know what camos job

  7. 1) Horns are ok.
    2) Camos are to expensive. And really - they look like crap! For 450 Gold (2€) I expect a skin that is really good fitted to the tank and not just a blanket thrown over. The (only) good thing is that the gameplay is more colored.
    3) I love it! This is excaclty what was needed!
    4) Anything changed? Ok, my Patton is a dead duck now. Perhaps b/c everyone on a testserver is playing with gold ammunition, perhaps becaise it's really made of paper. ;)
    5) I love the dust and the smoke when a gun fires! Visual effects are really good!
    6) possilbe that you improved the code? My FPS are much more on the testserver!

    Overall: Nice update - Can't wait to play it on the normal servers!

  8. Also i cant damage E-100 with my is-7
    T30 gun take alot from IS-7 HP

  9. 1.Horns - it has a limit/cooldown so it's ok to me.

    2.Camos - the camos of the germans are bad compared to the other country's camos. I'm quite disappointed. Maybe for the germans, the scale of the camos on some tanks are too large. Scaling them down to make the dots look a little bit smaller could probably fix it. Also I somehow don't agree as to how these camos are priced. Quite expensive.

    3.Interface - No problems here, aside from the fact that it's quite hard to distinguish operational and destroyed tanks in the list. I love the new features, namely the new map markers, zooming of minimap and many more. It would be good if we had the health bar shown even if we don't press ALT though. Also maybe showing the amount of damage dealt would be great!

    4.Gameplay and mechanics - I think that the new AP normalization is quite close to the real thing already. I like it. The new mechanic of the HE shell is great and makes a lot of sense! Probably some issues would be from the armor values of the tanks themselves. I hope you expound on what was specifically changed or added in the tanks listed in the changelog.

    5.New visual effects - I absolutely love the new effects! It makes the game more intense! Also the capture sirens are a great addition! It really adds to the war atmosphere. Although it would be great if we can tone down the volume of the siren to our liking.

    I'm excited to see how well I can play the game now. In 6.7 I get nasty frame rate drops, in the test server I get almost none. Although I still get some frame rate drops but I bet it's all because of the ping I have from the server. Looking forward to playing the official one :)

  10. Hello Overlord.

    The client in russian make me unable to give you a feedback of this patch.

    I don't have many problems with the usual buttons and menus because we all remember em, but indeed with the new ones!

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  12. Feedbacks

    1. Horn feature :
    I like horns. I think there is no reason to remove it from the game. If anybody can use it so make people annoy, then raise the gold price over 100.
    2. Camos :
    I don't like new camos. I like the idea - customizing your vehicle! but new pattons seems awkward. I recommend make better patton in next time cuz there is not enough time for new ones.
    3. Interface changes :
    I love them. But would you make new indicator like put arrow to disply attack directions?
    4. Gameplay and mechanics
    Well. Actually I can't feel anything new now cuz Russian server is too far to feel subtle changes.
    5. New visual effects
    I love new effects. And client optimization is awesome. I can't wait release of new patch.

    Some questions

    Q1: How can I test 'Clan emblem' function in test server? do you have any kinds of idea about how to apply it in Test server althou there is no support for clans.

    Q2: Will you apply more diverse skin overlays in the future? only 8 kinds and it seems few.

    Q3: Will Pz4 hydro & SU-85I be get by winning some 'specials'? That means only minor winners can own these special tanks?

  13. 1. Horns ruin the game and are completely useless. Even 12 year old children don't want a tank with horns. Which hippie had the idea of putting horns on a tank?

    2. Camo prices are okay. Wouldn't spend money on them if they become obsolete after introduction of adaptive camo though. Quality is very poor. Come on Wargaming there are brilliant skins in the community for a long time know. Why didn't you make a contest and let the community vote which skins to add. Winners would get gold as reward. You'd make a lot more money in the end.

    3. Well done.

    4. Rethink buffing sloped armor.

    5. Great. Enhancing performance is always good. Hope you can make the next step to a newer engine with multi core support, too. The engine is already outdated and by the end of next year you'll have to come up with something better.

  14. 1: Horns are sick. Put them only on the game if anyone can put off the sound of these

    2: German Camos are terrible. Very poor quality of all camos. Look at wotbase.de or some other sites, there are well looking camos.

    3: Interface changes are ok. Cannot try all because don´t know russian language.

    4: IS-7 front ist too strong now. HE doesn´t have any effect at the most tanks.... Bug?

    5: Visual effects are well done.

  15. As for the horns. Put them in game, but give us the possibility to disable their sounds at all.

  16. 1. Horn feature
    Horns are ok, but the only one availiable sounds very unrealistic, i don't like it.

    2. Camos
    The Camo thing is a great idea but they are too expensive and they look like crap. Come on, look at the skins of mod pages or ask the guys to copy them, they look much better. And where is the Zimmerit for germans? I want realistic skins, not that. and please, give us a possibility to add turret numbers like they had in ww2
    ah, and maybe put in a small notification how big the camo bonus is with the current camo

    3. Interface changes
    looks great, nice job. but make them save the last setting so that we don't have adjust it every start of battle

    4. Gameplay and mechanics
    because of the russian client i have to use i didn't play so much but i like the idea of weaker HE shells. it is only more realistic.
    and please put in an arty limitation.

    5. New visual effects
    nice idea and some look great but on my pc they have some problems and are flickering all the time, what is anoying. í will turn them off due to better vision of my shots.
    would be nice if there is a chance to get a camo-display in battle, which shows if you are covered by a bush or not, just a small icon that shows if you are hidden or not. it is so annoying standing in a bush but you are not sure if covered by it or not.

    all in all a good patch but with a chance to be made even better if you listen to the community ; )

  17. 1. Useless and unnecessary. Drop them, IMHO

    2. They are way too expensive, quality is only decent (which makes the price even more absurd). It's a joke that buying new camo completely destroys the old one. And where is adaptive camo?
    Also, if the camo has any in-game effect, it should be given in the description.

    3. Very good. Over-target marker mods don't seem to work though, but I guess this will be sorted out in the future. Otherwise, good job.

    4. Sloped armor seems a bit too strong now, and also I get the impression that HE ammo was very heavily nerfed. Very bad decision, which I hope will be changed - with the matchmaker as it is, many tanks can only rely on HE ammo if they want to do any damage at all. Also, there are amny fun guns which can only use HE (German 105 L28, for example) or HE is the only logical choice (Russian 152mm on KW-2 and SU-152, German short 75mm on PzIII and IV).

    5. Very nice, not so GPU-heavy as the old ones, which is a blessing for my old laptop. Too bad there is still no multi-core support...

    On another note, I consider it an insult to all non-Russian players that you were too lazy to translate the client, forcing everyone to play in Russian. Makes me wonder whether you actually care about feedback from other servers, since most people can't read Cyryllic and therefore don't even understand new options.

  18. 1. Horns
    I aprove it, if there will be mute option for this.
    2. Camos
    I aprove, i waited for it 1 year, lol.
    3. Interface changes
    If changes are good changes, its should be implemented in game.
    4. Gameplay and mechanics
    its good improvement, should be added.
    5. New visual effects
    Yeah, better efect, with more FPS is also welcome !

  19. 1: horn? please remove it

    2: Camos are too expansive and the russian are better than german

    3: Interface is ok

    4: I haven't play a lot but really too Type59 doesn't permit to play. They are better than other heavy premium tank.

    5: very well about visual effects

  20. 1. Horn feature - l like this, lower price,

    2. Camos - more historical themes, lower price, the ability to automatically change related to the choice of maps,

    3. Interface changes - back bar to capture the base, minimap is ok,

    4. Gameplay and mechanics - aligned with the work of multi-core processors, and Sli/Crossfire card, make better balance (I do not like to see 6 Chinese and 10 or more arty in second team ), damage mechanics (in many battles I have 0 dmg),

    5. New visual effects - very nice

    - sorry for my bad english

  21. The improvement in FPS I get is by far the best part of this patch.

    I also like the WW1 camouflage US tanks can get. Screw concealment, I need a red,white, and blue paint job!

  22. 1. 25 Gold for a Horn is TOOOO MUCH. And it is not really needed.

    2. Camos: They are terrible. Like Kantiran said.Go to WOTBASE.de Cammos made by Users are more Detaild..
    Shame on you guys to take Gold for Permanent skin.
    Between 200 - 400 Gold is really to much...And 240000 or more credits is also to much for a non permanent skin.
    Every Player needs Gold to Change XP into Free XP , Premium Account , Crew Training or transfering Gold into Credits to buy Tank...
    Please not that Way Guys...It`s a nice Idea to do skins...But most of the Players use they own skins.
    My Idea is..Cammos for XP...
    Tier 1 - 4 between 200 - 500
    Tier 5 - 8 between 500 - 1000
    Tier 9 - 10 between 1000 - 1500
    Premiumtanks: 1 for free when buying Premium Tank.....
    But im sure you Guys will handle that.

    3. Visual Effects. AWESOMEEEEEEE Good Job on that..

    4. Interface and Minimap. As i said before " AWESOMMMEEEEE" Good Job to.

    5. Sound Effects. I Love the Siren when the Enemy caps our Base...Really nice Idea...Really Good Job.

    WELL DONE ON PATCH 7.0 Keep up the Good Work..
    Only on what you guys have to work is on that cammo thing..

  23. 1. Horns. Meh. I mean sure, add them, you already wasted the time developing them but you better spend more time upgrading the ignore function to include them.

    2. Camo. Meh. Kinda a fail, Very Monet, looks good from a distance, but up close.... eeew. Very nice seeing tanks with different skins on, but frankly you can do better. Paired with an "ignore skin" option to impose on a player a better way would be to just allow custom skins. That way if I am morally offended by the pink anime skin over there, I can turn it off. If you can't, or won't, do custom skins from the community, do them your self. The little square patch overlay camo looks bad up close. And, make it an unlock, not gonna spend gold on something I can never change (without renaming .dds files anyway). Better add an ignore camo option as well, you know people are just gonna mod the _CM.DDS files anyway to mask out the entire tank from the camo, just give them the option.

    3. Interface Yeah! Looks nice, be easier to test if it was in ENGLISH! Tried moving the files over from retail in LC_MESSAGES and it made my capture status bars go away. And as above, more contrast between live tanks and dead ones on the list.

    4. Gameplay and mechanics still need work. Arty needs to be more accurate, faster firing and aiming and less less damage (like the same as it's tier). Tracks... not really much to tracks, lots of empty space. Damage needs to be applied to the tank. Tracks need to treated like an internal crit, still have hitpoints to deplete before they go, but the the tank should also take damage (unless it would have missed the tank, but most shots wouldn't). Tracks are used commonly as a shield which is just a crock. Map size and view range need to go up, a lot.

    Multicore. Multicore. Multicore. Bigworld supports it, why don't you?

    5. New visual effects - Very Cool! Love it! And, didn't impact performance that I noticed. Need to crash some buildings at same time I'm firing in sniper mode, but so far so good, and they look great. Now, what you need to do is make that muzzle flash independent of a tanks visibility (aside from the penalty for firing, leave that, or better yet - increase it). Hey look, that bush over there just exploded. Might be someone there... hmmmm.

  24. What have you done to HE shells?! They are near useless now. They make 152mm KV, 105mm M4 and 105mm VK28 completely obsolete. It makes all HE shells nearly completely useless.

    It will be very difficult for you (WG) to defend itself from accusations you are only doing this to force people to use gold ammo in every single match or leave game.

    Please revert all HE changes completely. HE has already been nerfed several times; its good as it is and not many people were complaining.

  25. 1. Horn feature
    -Is can be very useful when a tank blocking the way !

    2. Camos
    -They cost too much, and many of then look like plastic tank. Specially German tanks.

    3. Interface changes
    -Very nice off all. But the capture flag sound is very annoying!

    4. Gameplay and mechanics
    -THERE IS TO MUCH HIT-0-DAMAGE BUGS! I shoot a IS-4 about 4 times on the side with my T30. 0 damage at all. Is to expensive and annoying with a so big cannon.

    5. New visual effects
    -Super nice, i really like the smoke. Is could be nice with much bigger and realistic explosion from arty.

  26. 1. Horn feature- Totaly useless , please remove it and forget about this dumb idea.
    2. Camos- 1 out of 10 skins look nice. The other 9 are utterly terrible. Just look at the camos made by community, they look much better. Very disapointed in camos. Also the price is totaly unreasonable...250-500 gold for a bad looking camo? no way... if it was realy good looking then MAYBE, but still the price is too high both in gold and credits.

    3. Interface changes- 10/10... I applaud you guys for that. all the interface changes are SUPER...the minimap is awesome, basicaly everything. nice!

    4. Gameplay and mechanics- not sure about this one, IS7 needed an upgrade, good job on that, i think HE shots are more reasonable now. Good job overall. p.s. The sounds are awesome!!!
    5. New visual effects- 10/10! Everything looks stuning! seriously, good job WG team!

  27. 1) I think perfect, no need of changes
    2) Camo looks great and it help to variability of game, but i thinks the costs are too much high
    3) I like it and its helpfull, only that sirene is quite anoying but needed
    4) E-75 is now quite op thanks to changes in firing - too much dings even with he, and dings against low tiers with (for example) t30 is bad too
    5) effect are great, it comes with more fps, but sometimes it drop my fps to terible values (1-4) - it can be problem with my gpu - geforce gt330m 1024mb

  28. 1. Horn is horrible, remove it no matter what.

    2. Camos should cost CREDITS not GOLD (you sneaky developers ruin the game after all) as beeing a nice visual improovement wich should be used by EVERYONE !
    Also, you should develop better looking camos, maybe historically accurate, huh ?

    3. Interface is better, nothing to criticise. Minimap is lovely.

    4. Gameplay and mechanics - Well you can't really have a concludent test in both versions. We still have ghost shells, impenetrable tanks, or annoying critical hits and dings with null damage.

    5. Graphics are fine. Grats for this part.

    Best of luck !

  29. [repeat from my comment on Overlords previous post]

    Overlord, I've noticed some bug IMO, why I was trying to check in-game reporting on test server. Ctrl and RMB where working only on enemy team and on a few (I think five) strongest tanks in my team. It didn't worked on most tanks in my team. I was checking it many times. Always the same result.

    Many things in 7.0 are great. Minimap is much more useful, notification about binoculars and camnet is really great, new maps are very fine, this horn which is tested is OK and completely not annoying, but:

    Camouflage is too expensive. 250 k credits for 7 days in case of E50 for example is just crazy. I would understand this prices if there would be some bonus in invisibility but there is none. This prices are especially strange if compared with camnet price (100 k and I have it forever). I would like them cheaper (IMO 10 times cheaper) because tanks with this skins looks really awesome!

    Great idea with sound alarm in case of friendly base cap. But i don't see a point in alarm in case of enemy base cap. And this sound is quite annoying. Please if you want to keep it make it milder.

    Smoke from guns fire is sometimes so intensive that I often lost visibility in sniper mode, I have seen only white fog. Sometimes I had to stop shooting afraid that I will hit teammate. This problem is most annoying in case of faster guns (10 shots per minute or more), or when they are two tanks close to each other. It is of course very realistic and maybe even intended but makes some problems.

    It looks that people are getting teamkiller status a little to easy. And I agree with Hypernaut comment above.

  30. Q: Multicore. Multicore. Multicore. Bigworld supports it, why don't you?

    A: No. It still doesn't.

  31. On second note: I also thing the credit prices for camo is too high - but then you couldnt sell it perma for gold i suppose..
    Tricky - one thing though: if you keep it too expensive people will just revert to custom skins and ignore the feature totally. Please keep this in mind!

  32. I didn't run test 7.0 and have neither objective or subjective opinion, but I think there is a goof with assigned key 'H'.

    Namely, there are people who use ergonomic keyboard (you know, the one divided on the half). When I have left hand on ASDW/Shift/Ctrl/Alt/Tab and right on mouse, H is unreachable by both hands. That can be changed in game interface to something else, right?

  33. 1. Horn feature

    Waste of time. Most likely to be an abused feature or ignored by the players you'd most likely want to get the attention of - ie those people utterly lacking situational awareness and doing something stupid like blocking other tanks in. It would be the first option I would be turning off in the settings menu if the option existed.

    2. Camos

    Like the concept though I would halve the price of non-adaptive schemes. It would be MUCH better though if historically accurate colours and schemes were used however. The German schemes in particular are rather poor.

    3. Interface changes

    Great improvement. I'd love it though if there was an 'experience needed' calculator in the tech tree to assist with 'wish listing'. This in turn would encourage people to accrue transferable xp which may encourage the purchase of gold.

    I'd also love for an ability to auto-queue or assemble tank companies. I.e a player selects a tank they want to use in a company. The server then automatically assembles a team that fills the available points within each tier range. i.e 8 to 10, 6 to 8, 4 to 6, etc.

    A stat specifying mantle armour for each tank needs to be included. The T30 is a case in point. A basic scan of it with its revised tanks seems to indicate that its received a large nerf - which it hasn't. To the uneducated this may discourage people to aim for particular tanks.

    4. Gameplay

    It's getting stale. A lack of game modes will be the death of this game and even rabid addicts like myself and some in my clan are now exploring gaming alternatives. Put simply, if new modes aren't added soon I can see myself abandoning the game. New maps are great but due to the random map rotation they rarely pop up as the 'new' maps increasingly represent a smaller proportion of the maps currently in rotation. 2 new maps at the start represented a 20% boost in variety. These days its closer to a 5-10% boost in variety.

    A simple fix may be to add a new mode to existing maps. Simple create a mode that has a single flag equidistant between present spawn locations. First to capture the flag wins.

    The MTLS also needs some work since it has a hard time damaging its own tier (even with Gold ammo or HE) - let alone those above it. I realise that the introduction of the recent scout tanks means that they need to be weighted higher however it seems (on the test server anyway) that this is also happening to the MTLS. Put simply, it doesn't have the speed, agility or view range to be a useful scout tank and its utterly ineffective in its obvious role as a counter-scout tank due to its inability to effectively damage them. Which is a shame since I absolutely loved the concept and would have gone out of my way to buy whatever special I needed to ensure I had it in my garage. More armour penetration would actually make it relevent. At the moment though it is poor - even against its own tier.

    The changes to sloped armour also seem to be having a much greater impact that advertised and certain tanks (most Russians) seem to be a LOT harder to damage than previously.

    5. New visual effects

    A big improvement. Love the new firing effects. Would love to see a blast wave expanding in the dust kicked up by arty though. More dynamic vehicle destruction graphics (ammo cooking off, wrecks strewn apart, bits flying off, turrets popping etc)

    All up though if I could choose to have only 2 changes to the game though it would be:

    A. A clan wars expansion that saw battles in the Oceanic timezone's 'primetime'

    B. New game modes.

  34. 1. Horn feature
    I have no idea why anyone wants to implement them. As if anyone on a real battlefield would care about horns. Only real application is to annoy your own team.

    2. Camos
    Pretty disappointed the way they are now. Some look okay and most look better than a stock tank in my opinion, but they are way to expensive, you have to re-buy every pattern when you change to another etc. Also they are not adaptive. If you paint your tank in snow or desert camo you will look like a complete idiot on every city or woodland map. The community did a really great job with tank skins so far, it would have been a far better idea to just implement a feature that allows for more than one skin on a tank, based on the map setting (desert, city, wood, marsh) and let the user choose what skin he wants for each setting.
    As it is now it feels like a pretty clumsy way to get money for nothing out of my pocket.

    3. Interface changes
    The minimap changes are great.
    The change to the indicators above the tank with the background shadow for better readability are not so great because they block your view.
    The introduction of a repeating soundfile for the indication of a basecap are annoying. I don't want to hear alarm for a minute. We have a visual indicator, that's more then enough.

    4. Gameplay and mechanics
    Changes to existing tanks are great. Making the T-44 a more competitive tank is great. I haven't played around with the new slope mechanics to much, I guess they are a buff to tanks like the IS-3?
    All in all nice tweaks, but it is a bit dissappointing that no really big new features made it into this patch like the new tank crew skills.

    5. New visual effects
    I like the birds. A bit more eye candy like that would be nice, perhaps smoke and burning wrecks or more animals.

  35. I have one question how to resize the minimap?
    For the base capture sound should be in every 10 sec or 15 sec,maybe a voice says our base is beeing captured.The air raid siren is anoyying.

  36. 1. Horn feature - dont really see them adding anything to gameplay and are likely to be abused.
    2. Camos - i quite like the look, but I think its *very* immersion breaking to have winter cammo in deserts etc. I would change it so you can buy multiple cammos and keep them, and they get selected per map automatically, so people will buy multiple to get the game to feel authentic (I got sand river once with half the team using desert cammo and it looked amazing!). I think the gold price is too high if you dont get to keep your purchase for later and you will feel cheated when a new cammo gets added that you like. Also I hope yo will skip the cammos that give inherent cammo bonus. its not needed, ppl will pay for the customizability I think if you let them keep their old purcheses per tank.
    3. Interface changes - lots of really nice stuff but the alarm for capping I think could sound only once, perhaps another at 50% but otherwise its not needed.
    4. Gameplay and mechanics - T-44 now feels pretty competitive with a little more engine power and accurate gun. very much needed. The new premiums will need tweaking to bring them in line if you want them to be useful, particularly the Pz4 Hydro which either needs to be put in tier 4 with a hp reduction (I prefer this), or get some more armor or better gun. The new american premium with dual machineguns got put into a tier 9 battle for me, but maybe thats just the test server MM, other than not being able to damage stuff it seemed cool.
    5. New visual effects - really good again, I have no lag problems now and the new explosions etc look great.

  37. Overlord, can I ask you what is the reason beneath the nerfs for both AP and HE shells?

    Thank you in advance for your honest answer.

  38. Quick question: How much disk space is needed to install the test client?

    The installer is on a secondary partiton (D:) and I got about 8.6 GB free, and its still telling me I dont have enough free disk space. (I got only 1.6 GB free on the primary partition, C:) Getting 7-zip, CRC error.

    And will the final update be this clumsy too?

  39. horns :i think te´hey are verry usefull espacialay bcause the enemy cant here them (atleats by my they never reacted yet) and u can signal a teammate if he is in the way(only neg thing is that the horn that is put in sounds a bit silly for a tank).

    camos: are great but a bit oversized and a bit ugly (atleast the most).By the russians i think the camo is way to weak(u barely see the camo) and where is the adaptive camo u promised us .

    interface : all in all ok the only a bit disturbing thing is the garage masseges. i cant find the mesage what u got out of the round.

    gameplay and mechaniks: they are just brilliant!! ! i first needed to get used to the new aiming and detecting system but its really just brilliant.

    new vissual effects: i like them the most . i loved it when i first time shot and missed how the dirt justed flyed around ^^. the only thing i miss is when u hit a lower tier tank or any tank with a tank or arty (espacialy those with big guns )that the enemy tank doesnt fly appart when destroyed (just imagine a loltraktor getting hit by t92 ^^)

  40. Camos - well thanks to the very high prices, I can return to downloading awesome high detailed individual skins I can download to make MY game look good FREE. Because of this though, greedy WG Will probably make downloaded skins impossible.
    Horns - I was aleady for them but they should be a free core part of the game not yet another rip off PER TANK.
    That is all

  41. Horn - if possible make it less than 5 meters radius from our own tank or cancel it permanently

    Camo - some are nice and some are OK.more choice of color will be appreciate...however the cost is too expensive,200-400gold is laughable.

    Interface - i like the new minimap..others are OK,not very important

    personally the best feature in 7.0 is the introduction of LB-1 to T-44.it gives me hope to grind that tanks..

  42. 1 Well I think it's useless, but atleast you can't spam with them.

    2 Camo's are nice but I dislike most of them, especialy the Soviet Arctic Camo. There are a few that I like, for instance the German Arctic. Prices for a month should be lower in my opinion.

    3 Interface is great, nothing to complain about there! The siren when you'r team is capturing is kind of pointless, but I can live with it :)

    4 Gameplay is great. I tested the IS-7 and it will still get penetrated by a S-70 from the front, so I think it's balanced (It does bounce alot but it's a Tier 10 after all)

    5 I love all the new effects! And my FPS seems to have improved, much more stable. Great job there.

  43. I think ALMOST all the changes are positive, I can even deal with the horns if they are limited, but why nerf HE ammo even more? You just introduced a Tier V light that uses it almost exclusively (VK2801) and now you remove its main attractive factor. Granted this is all experience from me using the 105mm HE so I can't comment on how it works with arty but someway needs to be found around this as you are removing a lot of tanks ability to even hurt higher tier tanks even slightly.

    Keep up the good work :)

  44. Overlord said...
    Q: Multicore. Multicore. Multicore. Bigworld supports it, why don't you?

    A: No. It still doesn't.
    November 21, 2011 1:42 PM

    Q: Is Bigworld 2.0 not out yet?

  45. 1. Horn feature
    - as for me, I don't mind too much, since I do not use them. Although some people complained that there is horn press limit ;) It is up to you guys to decide.

    2. Camos
    - Nice new implementation in game. There should be more different designs for these. They are maybe to expensive for gold(try lowering it a half if there is possibility), but for credits it is OK for me.
    There is missing one thing though, where is that "Adaptive Camo" you were talking about?
    And is there no bonus for these custom skins(like 2-5% more hiding or similar)?

    3. Interface changes
    - It all looks good now, much better to be honest, but, why is there no settings for default in game gui. It nerves me every time I go into battle to press Ctrl+Tab to hid that big player lists. Also, there is no advance option for Minimap, good thing would be if you could make a shortcut to disable minimap, or make it full window etc. and also scaling is not presented, although alfa blend works fine.
    Also make some more options for reticle (seconds countdown for bullet load time etc.) and maybe possibility for players to choose what they want to see above tanks (HP in numbers or proc, nick, clan, tank, tier etc.)

    4. Gameplay and mechanics
    - There seems that many things are fixed, as far I could see for this little time I played Open 7.0 Test Server. Although I heard a lot of people complaining that most tanks are not balanced and some are OP, hope you will hear their prayers and fix that ;)
    Also you could make wind affect bullet flight (for SPG). And shell traces could be introduced more, although I thin I saw some improvements in that field, or am I mistaken.

    5. New visual effects
    - They are good, but sometimes they are too intensive. Make more random effects, make some weather effects etc.

    Cheers and keep up the good work...

  46. 1. Horns - I thought it would be worse, as for me you can leave them

    2. Camos - these look ok, I hope that there will be more in the future :)

    3. Interface - minimap - AWSOME, finally i won't have to install any mods for that, the regular minimap looks tiny on 1920x1080 :P all other changes seem to be ok too, cant wait to see them in some othar language than russian :)

    4. Did not play much yet, so i do not have opinion yet - I like arty tracers tough:)

    5. Effects are great, no more FPS spikes as well, good job on optimization (finally :P)

  47. 8<-----------
    Q: Multicore. Multicore. Multicore. Bigworld supports it, why don't you?

    A: No. It still doesn't.

    AFAIK version 1 which WOT is using doesn't support it and probably never will but V2 does. So you'll have to switch some day although you rather milk this cow until it turns into a dead horse.

  48. Q: Is Bigworld 2.0 not out yet?

    A: It's a sort of marketing ad. They don't support it in fact. Unfortunately.

  49. I realy do not understand, in a free to play game, why people get benefit on the battlefield, if they pay for it.
    I mean the camo system, if I do not want to buy the premium camou, i will be detected sooner from an other tank wich has the camo?

    If you have a premium tank, it earns more credit, but has no real advantages in battles... it is acceptable for me.
    Gold ammo is used mostly in CW... where you can earn gold, so it is OK for me too.

    But this "goldcamo" is like buyin a legal cheat.

  50. We can't enable multi-core support at the moment.

  51. do you even need multicore? CPU hasnt seemed to be a problem for me at all

  52. Does any of this feed back really make a difference? I've not seen it previously. You seem to waste your time on pointless stuff and have priorities all wrong.

    The number one priority should have been new game modes not horns, camo and graphics changes which are just fluff really. I guess you future may need these server changes but again if you have a falling audience you won't need it.

  53. Q: Does any of this feed back really make a difference? I've not seen it previously. You seem to waste your time on pointless stuff and have priorities all wrong.

    A: It's up to. If you think it's pointless, don't post. Thanks.

  54. Q: do you even need multicore? CPU hasnt seemed to be a problem for me at all

    A: Yes, we need it. I think it's rather safe to say it will released in 2012.

  55. 1. Horn feature
    Much needed. Many young players can not drive at all...

    2. Camos
    quality - I play on slow computer so for me its OK.
    colour themes - need more themes
    pricing - should be available at the lowest sms price

    5. New visual effects
    In sniper wiew shots animation shows the left side of the center of the screen!

  56. you guys ruin it with HE shells change..., remember you dont have perfect matchmaking and if i will be low i CANT do nothing to high tanks with HE i could even little dmg but now nothing this is FAIL or you way to force ppl to buy premium ammo...

  57. 1. total waste of resources that could've gone anywhere else

    2. most of them a ugly
    looks like a job 1/2 way done when you compare them with those created by the community
    pricing? way to hi

    3. new mini-map and all about it is good
    new over target markers of tanks in battle need a lot of readjusting, take a look at the user created OvTM

    4. decreasing of HE penetration is the right way to go
    many of us requested it from quite a long time ago
    HE spam is ez mode

    5. nice but not really needed, also AP hits create an explosion on impact!? why?
    can't distinguish AP from HE tracers anymore
    tracers from smaller caliber AP rounds are almost impossible to see
    thumbs up for the ability to turn of all effects in sniper mode

  58. Q: 3. new mini-map and all about it is good
    new over target markers of tanks in battle need a lot of readjusting, take a look at the user created OvTM

    A: Yes, this mod is rather popular we are thinking of officially supporting it.

  59. 1. Useful, can be spammed like pinging, but it isn't, so no problem for me.
    2. They are rather cookie-cutter, nothing exciting, seen much metter user-made skins. More-than-3-coloured skins should be there, too. Pricing - as for gold, it is OK, maybe a bit too high, but I think you would want users to use the skins actually and credit prices are far too high for that.
    3. Great all the way.
    4. T-44 became a bit OP, would recommand lowering its RoF with LB-1 a bit, new premiums are okayish, new hitboxes seem to work very well, pike-nosed tanks seem to be a bit stronger.
    5. Beautiful, but not enough of them. Performance is better now, too.

  60. 1. Horn feature
    Horns are perfectly fine now. The cooldown makes them unable to be spammed which fixes the biggest problem they had.

    2. Camos
    The two-color German camos are pretty ugly to my eye. Rest are nice and will bring diversity to the game.

    3. Interface changes
    All good.

    4. Gameplay and mechanics
    HE nerf makes lower tiers even more unable to hurt tanks above their tier. Seriously throws off the balance. This is bad. High tiers will be able to curbstomp smaller tanks even easier than before.

    5. New visual effects
    Better than before and less laggy.

  61. 1. Horn Feature
    I've only noticed a horn used once. It surprised me when I heard it because I'd been playing for two days and had not until then. They shouldn't really cost gold - horns sound like something every tank should have, just to be able to warn other nearby players about ramming and such. (That's why I heard this one horn - it stopped me from colliding with an IS-7.) The problem is abuse. There are all sorts of ways around it. Right now though, horns aren't attractive enough to make people scramble to pay 25 gold to use them three times.

    2. Camos
    American tanks didn't seem to have much variety visually. Germans seemed to be the most colorful. I didn't notice many USSR skins. They're nice. They're a little expensive for me, especially the one week variety. Unless you have premium and/or a premium tank, that's a lot of credits most people won't waste when they know they need to be grinding to 2 million for that next upper tier. I only make about 100k a week, for example, as I'm non-premium and I have no premium tank other than the Hotchkiss. There's no way I can afford camo. Point being, the "non-gold" version of camo still requires gold.

    3. Interface Changes
    All good. Many of the features are things I complained about not having when I first started playing. My only complaint out of the whole bunch would be that flag capture noises are annoying and will become enraging over time, once players get sick of hearing those sirens EVERY GAME. The fully resolved noise is cute, but if you make small adjustments while aiming a lot, the continuous clicking noise can wear on your mind. It should only play once every five seconds, or something. I think it needs some silence after the effect.

    4. Gameplay and Mechanics
    All the tanks with slope, I've definitely noticed having benefited from normalization. I bought and used a Type 59 for example. I've played a 54 for months now, and I've never been able to bounce so many rounds. You have to know HOW to angle yourself, but it's very effective. By contrast, my T95 feels as bad as ever. Shells still easily pierce its face with relative ease, and it still takes a lot of HE damage. Speaking of HE, it seems to do far, far less damage to certain tanks now. I'm talking a loss of about 10-15% damage.

    5. New Visual Effects
    I haven't noticed, honestly. The first match, I saw an shell hit the ground and it made me remember it was supposed to look different. After that, I really didn't think about it, nor have I noticed any changes.

    Overall, a good update. My main concern is shell normalization. It's difficult to test, especially when players can imagine everything going wrong or right. Most of my tanks have no slope and no armor at all for their tier, so I can't notice much change. The T34 for example, seems even worse than it was before.

  62. 1. Horn feature
    Cool. Can become usefull occasionally.

    2. Camos
    quality: You can do better.

    colour themes: The historical ones are not very accurate. (speaking about the German ones here.) Ambush cammo was not the most common one you know.

    pricing: Hard to say. If gold means adaptive cammo then it would be okay. But gold just to not having pay credits is lame.

    3. Interface changes
    Minimap improvements:
    adding transparency was good, but should also be an option for the Vehicle Condition Panel, and everything else on the screen, really.

    warning windows: not sure what you mean here.

    equipment indicator:
    good to see what stuff you have on the tank. Cammo net or not? sometimes you forget what is aboard.
    But it adds clutter to the screen, which is less good for immersion.
    So an option to turn them on/off, chose transparency and screen location, would be nice.

    4. Gameplay and mechanics

    When one don't notice them it shows you are getting closer to perfection.
    Good job!

    5. New visual effects

    Very good!

  63. can you make horn selectable some people can close it menu some people can use it in game its not to be hard i think....

  64. 1 Horns: Train horns please, thanks.

    2 Camo: The prices for these things are way too high, it's only for cosmetics. You might've just reversed the prices for the Camouflage net equipment and make it visible as well.

    3 Interface: Awesome.

    4 Gameplay & mechanics: Even less tier spread is what everyone is waiting for. Don't wait 6 years to fix something like Blizard did with the level spreads in the battlegrounds.

    5 New visual effects: Awesome, but the explosion effects on tanks by AP rounds needs to be more visible & slightly less color strong.

  65. 1. Horn feature
    2. Camos
    Not fun as i thought before... Nothing worth its cost.
    3. Interface changes
    4. Gameplay and mechanics
    5. New visual effects

  66. question : i still don't understand how does these camos work, i mean does it affect vehicle's camouflage or it's just a painting on the tank???

  67. 1.horn-fail it's like ship and for golds
    2. good to look not to buy expensive for credits both gold for nothing I can change it in directory of game
    5.It's russian language and I have a problem with set graphics but nice explosions.

    good patch! :)
    when the M103 will arrive?

  68. Q: question : i still don't understand how does these camos work, i mean does it affect vehicle's camouflage or it's just a painting on the tank???

    A: Camos don't have any effect on performance at the moment.

  69. 1. Horn feature - Oof. Gone please. Same with the base-capping siren
    2. Camos
    Quality is fine, pricing is a bit nuts. Needs a way to switch between camos already bought. Needs an omni-camo for random matches since we don't have map-vetoing yet
    3. Interface changes - Feels good, minimap needs a sizing option though. Still going to use a minimap mod unless it gets bigger.
    4. Gameplay and mechanics - It feels different man. I can't explain it really, it just doesn't feel like I'm really playing the same game, in a bit of a bad way. Shooting doesn't feel right, the new sound effects also sorta ruin the feeling.
    5. New visual effects - No complaints

  70. Will Weeks wrote
    "minimap needs a sizing option though. Still going to use a minimap mod unless it gets bigger."

    While in test battle press =


  71. 1. The horns make my ears bleed...

    2. It is to expensive for what u get. I expected more, especially for the germans, i expected the german anti magnetic tank mine clay :(

    3. I like most of it, but i do not like the capping sounds. and the cap bar does not seem to work anymore on my end :(

    4. I see u still like to burn e100's, and wtf is up with the armor of the t30? it needed a boost not a nerf :(

    5. I like the new effects, but they glitch on my end and i dont know why. i have recorded it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uF5E12xxJkY
    im using win7 x64 and a xfx radeon hd 6950 graphics card, it runs bf3 @ max but in this video i had the settings on medium.

  72. make dead tanks DEAD! so that dead people can't click and spam on minimap! pls

  73. 1) Horn feature - kind of pointless, not necessary for the game and sometimes annoying

    2) Camos - very nice i really do like most of the camos. but the textures on the german tanks look pretty low res so maybe you can increase the resolution? plus i think its a tad bit expensive especially for the triple tone camos. maybe lower the prices by ~10-50 gold?

    3) Interface changes - very nice i like it, no complaints there. i hope its compatible with some markers and overlay mods out there.

    4) Gameplay and mechanics - very nice and much appreciated, especially the buff for the T-44 and the Is-7. thanks =) [now if only the IS-7 accelerated faster and the T-44 had ~5 more pene id be set for life :D] great new maps too!

    5) New visual effect - very very well done. i really like the new effects. they seem to increase my computer performance too! i get no more lag when arty splashes or when theres alot of smoke on screen. really enjoying it!

  74. After trying the beta sometimes I will not use any more money for WoT. I played over 7500 games and liked the American Tanks. Now T30 (Tier 10!!!!) could be killed bey Tier 1 Tanks by shooting in the back, only 19mm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every US Med ist stronger in the back. And IS-7 will be buffed......... No more words for things like these!

  75. Kantiran

    First, it was already wrote that this 19 mm is mistake (which for reasonable people was obvious). Secondly, I think you should wait for final version of 7.0 before leaving game.

  76. We tried it in the beta in a trainingsroom. MS-1 can really shoot my T30.....

  77. Q: We tried it in the beta in a trainingsroom. MS-1 can really shoot my T30.....

    A: And of course you often encounter this situation in battle, do you?

  78. Lower rear plate of T30 is 19mm indeed, it is so in 6.7 and we are not changing it in 7.0. The upper rear plate is 51mm.

  79. Only real complaint is the horns atm.

    I love that HE has been nerfed a bit and the camo wasn't the end of the world i thought it would be :)

    Like the bump's my Tiger, VK3601 and other tanks got.

  80. This comment has been removed by the author.

  81. Overlord said...
    (Q: We tried it in the beta in a trainingsroom. MS-1 can really shoot my T30.....

    A: And of course you often encounter this situation in battle, do you? )

    No disrespect, but i think your missing hes point.
    If a tier10 can get dammaged on its hull by everything in the game, how is it anything worth ?

    Its like making peaple play in a glass house with stone shoes on there feet, telling them not to scratch the floor. A tier10 shouldnt be penned by a tier1, nor a tier5, nor a tier 7 using ap rounds, Hell i would bounce off maus or E100 and sometimes IS7 with my Tier 7 and 8 US Heavy tanks.

  82. "A: Yes, this mod is rather popular we are thinking of officially supporting it. "

    ^Please do this, I can imagine a time where you don't have to install this mod but it's built into the game and you can customize it in the game settings. Would be a great improvement to the game. Maybe a topic for a future poll, whether you should integrate some of the communities most popular mods into the game officially?

    As for test feedback:

    1. Don't care about horns, whether they stay or go is fine.

    2. The camos aren't very good, but it's a start. I don't think it should give the user an advantage though, if that's what you're planning.

    3. Interface is great, but I've noticed sometimes the settings for the players names/tanks at the sides sometimes gets reset to the biggest settings if you start the game right as the countdown finishes or sometimes afterwards. Couldn't figure out how to change the minimap but any customization to that is a positive feature.

    4. The only thing I noticed is that HE now does no damage a lot more often than before. There was one point where I shot 5 HE rounds at a Type 59 in an attempt to stop him from capping and the cap only reset on the 5th shot. Maybe it was just terrible luck though.

    5. Very nice. My main server is modded to the point where barely any effects happen (no gun smoke, fire, shell effects, etc) and I'm getting roughly the same FPS on the test server without disabling all those things. So I don't know what you did with the effects to make them a lot lighter on my PC, but an amazing improvement there.

  83. @ Overlord: Rune E says it. The russian tanks will be buffed and the american tanks will be nerved. The only litte advantage of T30 and T34 were their turrets. Now it will be nerved. T30 hull is like paper, compared with his pendants Maus, E-100 and last, but not least, IS-7. IS-7 always was a hard opponent, now the changes to destroy it are VERY small.
    And look in the technical datas of T30: in 6.7 it is at 51mm rear. In 7.0 it is 19mm!!!!! Screenshots are no problem.
    I liked this game, but this is not what I understand under balance.

  84. Q1: what have you changed on T30 hitbox?

    Q2: why have you chnged the US heavys to show the tinnest armor stat?

  85. 1. Horn feature

    -Yes they canbe spammed but there sorta limited use, but honestly there are some people out there that need to learn to drive or dive outside of sniper mode, these really help reduce collisions with faster vehicles. Vedict-Keep

    2. Camos

    -They are nice, but a white tank in a desert map.... all camos should be terrain based or only apply if they fit the terrain. pricing seems good, but i could't tell if there were any cloaking effects added or i couldn't tell which camo's blended with terrain. Verdict- overall good idea maybe some brush up

    3. Interface changes
    -OMG the WOT gods have smiled upon me, mainly minimap! this is best thing to change, the illumination of targeting designation, as well as resizing is great! the different team displays are nice, but please let users select defaults or set default to how they currently are shown. Verdict- awesome just fix team displays

    4. Gameplay and mechanics

    -DON'T nerf or buff anything, well amybe t54 a wee bit, but everything seems to have been taken too far, the T30 is getting TD-ified way before its even a td enough said. My opinion to make the t30 a td, nerf its hp, traverse and turret traverse, its gun is still worse than a bl10 and well for a td a turret isn't all that useful and its still the uber glass cannon. The E100, had its "light bar" on top, that was the only way some tanks could hurt it, so lets make it invulnerable hmm..... the kv-5 still has its R2D2 knob left so that equal tiers can hurt it soo.... T29 ears, i guess so but same point as e100 but you can actually hurt it if you are a smaller tank so that's okay. Verdict- Disappointed dont change anything, id rather have slightly op t54's than the other changes

    5. New visual effects

    More fire in Arty HE rounds, craters that stay would be nice, other than that. bravo, because who doesn't like some nice explosions :)

  86. What are you planning with IS? When I will have it in my garage during the revision what will happen to it? Just disappear or will it get some special status? I know I bothered you with this Q in previous blogpost but I really need to know it. Thnx again Overlord for answer.

  87. I've said this multiple times before, but I'm gonna say it again since it obviously isn't sinking in: If you insist on placing horns in the game, in spite of an obvious overwhelming majority of players who oppose it, you'd best include an option to disable it.

    I WILL STOP PLAYING (AND THUS PAYING FOR) THIS GAME IF I AM FORCED TO LISTEN TO HORNS. And I can assure you I am not alone; see above comments.

    I listen to, among other things, Wagnerian opera while playing WoT. Why on God's green Earth would you think I'd tolerate hearing some juvenile delinquent leaning on an annoying horn over and over?

    Remove it or give the option to mute it.

  88. 1. Horns have been implemented in a very good way. With small honking radius and anti-spam block they can be used for their original purpouse and not for annoying your teammates. Although I'd rather not hear any ridiculous horn sounds in game. The ship siren sound is fitting tank environment nicely.

    2. Some camos are better than the rest, but overall they're OK, regarding looks (however german cheetah-skin camos are hilarious). Pricing seems a little too high, if it were decreased by a 2x or 1,5x factor, I'd have no objections regarding price.

    3. Map improvements can really change tactical aspect of battles. AFAIK this addition is really appreciated among players. Equipment indicators, let's hope so, will put an end to questions on forum like "if my gunner yawns, does Camo Net still work?".

    4. Thanks to optimalization we can enjoy much smoother gameplay. Regarding mechanics- I've noticed that Tiger(H) takes A LOT less module damage. I guess that was the purpose of reworking hit boxes. Kinda disappointing fact is lowering the efficiency of HE rounds. Many tanks that relied on howizers will be severely affected by those changes.

    5. New visuals are great. They gave this game some fresh air.

  89. 1. horns on tanks: acceptable as they are. Base sirens - please give us the option to turn them off.

    2. Camos - too expensive from my point of view, but otherwise I dont care.

    3. Interface - I dont like the different modes of displaying teams. I had to set it again every battle, make it possible to set it in the options so that it stays the same all the time. Minimap stuff is great, other I dont know.

    4. Havent spent enough time there to be able to say.

    5. New effects are very nice, and most importantly FPS do not go down to 4 or so when shooting in sniper mode which is really great!

    6. Please try to work on loading and installation times if it is possible. It took quite some time to install the test version (because it has a ton of really small files rather than less bigger files). Im pretty sure you know that working with small files is slow. And when I run the game, the first few maps take extremely long to load on my notebook, sometimes I get into the battle 30 seconds after it started.

  90. 1. Horn feature: (NO, No No. Absolutly NO)they make my head hurt.

    2. Camos: I like them, the german once needs some with forrest camo netting tho, since atm those arent there.

    3. Interface changes
    Minimap improvements, warning windows, equipment indicator, etc:
    I cant judge thease things yet due to Russian writing and a lot of stuff that i cant see how to do/get up and running due to only Russian text on test server (plz make it in english for all peaple to understand). i am from scandinavia and we dont understand russian at all. All tho i like the sound when someone are capping, thats nice.

    4. Gameplay and mechanics:
    Armor on IS7/IS3 should not be this strong, and it looks like E100 has gotten buffed a bit as well. i dont like this, also i Dislike the new sidebars that shows tanks in game/on each team.

    5. New visual effects
    They are okey, but i found manny bugs, some smoke effects hang over an area after a gun is fired there, it looks stupid and they tend to blink/flash or what not, sometimes. = buggy/broken. Imo it still needs some work/polishing on this part.

  91. 1. Horn - not necessary for game and often annoying. Vote for OFF!!!

    2. Camos - I see that many complain about the camouflage, but for me they are OK. There are different tastes, so it will not appeal same design to all. I would like to camouflage still get more importance in the hiding. To add more percentage point of invisibility tank.

    3. Interface changes
    a) Minimap improvements.....Great!!!
    b) Warning windows.....Great!!!
    c) Equipment indicator.....Great!!!

    4. Gameplay and mechanics - I haven't noticed some changes, honestly.

    5. New visual effects - Beautiful!! Performance is better now.

  92. 1. Horn feature
    Kill it, kill it with fire ... please

    2. Camos
    Overall quality: Poor, is a multitude of better made visually more appealing player made versions available for free.
    Colour themes: Poor
    Pricing: Unless they are something more than cosmetic even 1g is to much seeing as you can get the same effect for free via player made channels. Also the fact they can be easily bypassed means they don't even overwrite player implemented skins such as hitbox ones. One of the biggest reasons to use this feature was that is was supposed to force players to see your tank in the skin you selected but a simple file modification renders your gold brought skin to not even show.

    3. Interface changes
    Minimap improvements: Good
    Warning windows: Don't see the need for a warning siren when your team is capping.
    Equipment indicator: This is great love this.
    Comments: Would like to see an option to have server rectile permanently on.

    4. Gameplay and mechanics
    Normalization seems to have favoured sloped tanks a bit to much, case in point IS7 is now an armoured god with high mobility with no downsides. Changes to HE/HEAT have impacted the E100 150mm in a bad way, even more issues with bounces than before. Firing this gun is now a lottery with and without gold rounds.

    5. New visual effects
    Good was nice to have smoke and gun flashes back on as prior could affect framerate far to much.

  93. @Mko:

    3. You don't have to set it in every battle. Just wait till the countdown hits 00:00, the team bars will resize.


    On a completely different note: Would it be possible to reconsider VK4502 Ausf. A guns choice, and switch 105mm L/52 with 88mm L/100? As in this thread -> http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/65801-vk4502a-with-88-cm-kwk-46-l100/

  94. Wish the camos would override the client side skins. Don't want someone using a hitbox skin on my tank. I wouldn't mind playing gold for that. But what is the point of having the camo that cost gold is client side and looks like crap.

    Come on WOT you can do better than that.

  95. @ Kantiran

    You are extremely histeric whiner. Its boring man. There was no changes in armor thickness. Read about T30 in comments to previous Overlord's post. And for future, please, more reading less whining. Thats boring.

    @ Paolo

    IS will be still IS and you will have it still in your garage.

    @ Rune E
    You wrote "A tier10 shouldnt be penned by a tier1, nor a tier5, nor a tier 7 using ap rounds"

    Are you jocking??? Many tier 7 tanks can penetrate all 10 tier heavys. For example I killed IS7 with T29 shooting AP in front (normal ammo). You can do it also with Tiger, Tiger P, Panther, Jagdpanther, T25. Side and rear armor you can penetrate with many more tanks.

  96. @wp: read what i write. i´ve enought different tanks from all countrys, so that i CAN say what fact is.
    And T30 is the weakest T10, without nerving. I´m not the only one. And that´s no whining but fact for me not to spend more money for a game which is so unbalanced.

  97. Will Wargaming be providing full tank information soon? The game was in beta for a year and has been live for 6 months and tank data is still incomplete.

    1) Customers currently need to guess which part of the tank has what armor value, instead of it being listed. This means when displayed values are changed in patches, people overreact. Please provide a diagram, in game, for each tank showing all various tank armor values.

    2) Not all armor is equal in strength. 100mm of Russian armor does not equal 100mm of German armor. Please list the steel homogenization values in-game so users can make a proper assessment of their tank's armor capability.

    3) Not all tanks have the same invisibility factor. Please list this value in-game so users do not need to guess what the tank's actual value is.

    The North American server audience values transparency.

  98. @ Kantiran
    You wrote that US heavies armor will be now nerfed, which is not true. And the changes u see on test server were already explained. You are overreacting.

  99. Horns
    Don't think that they'll add anything to the game

    Some are pretty ugly (German tricolor) and non adapative camo makes it even worse (snow camo in the desert?). And they are way too expensive. But I heard you want to add more benefits to premium accounts. So how about free camo for them? I think extended visual individualisation would be a good argument for a premium account.

    UI changes
    The additional team overview modes may be useful to some players. But the game doesn't save the last mode, you have to switch it again every battle. And the old overview cut the names off after 6 characters, the new overview cuts them off in the middle of a character, doesn't look good.
    There are 5 tank classes in the game, why does the team overview only show one color for 3 classes of tanks (light/med/heavy)?
    The new overtarget markers are plain horrible. I use this UI mod http://games.nicolasprof.com/wot-mods/overtargetmarkers and I'll never ever go back to target markers, that don't display the name of the hostile tank all the time and that don't show the total hp and inflicted damage.
    The icons for the camouflage net and the telescope are great, now you only need to add the information of other equipment to the tank statistics (so that eg equipping a shell rammer will increase the displayed rate of fire) and it would be perfect.
    I like the siren sound during base capture. But it shouldn't replace the progress bar, you should have both, the bar and the siren.

    Other things
    Increased fine for team damage. That would be good, if the system was working. Currently it seems entirely random who gets fined and who not. I had for example a match where a T50 crashed will full speed in the rear end of my Ferdinand and I had to pay him 3k credits compensation for his lack of driving skills. Or I shot with my SPG at a target 300m away and hit a tank of our team 150m in front of me. I couldn't have known, that he was in the line of fire, because he was not in the map section I was watching and I had the pay all the credits I got for the match. And now this gets doubled?

    And one more thing: I've deactivated the post mortem effect in the options and when I exit the test client and start the normal client the post mortem effect is turned back on. Is there a reason for this?

  100. I second Veinless. All tank parameters are potentially vital.

  101. @WP

    WP said...
    @ Kantiran

    You are extremely histeric whiner. Its boring man. There was no changes in armor thickness. Read about T30 in comments to previous Overlord's post. And for future, please, more reading less whining. Thats boring.

    @ Paolo

    IS will be still IS and you will have it still in your garage.

    @ Rune E
    You wrote "A tier10 shouldnt be penned by a tier1, nor a tier5, nor a tier 7 using ap rounds"

    Are you jocking??? Many tier 7 tanks can penetrate all 10 tier heavys. For example I killed IS7 with T29 shooting AP in front (normal ammo). You can do it also with Tiger, Tiger P, Panther, Jagdpanther, T25. Side and rear armor you can penetrate with many more tanks.

    I know all this, But my POINT IS, IT SHOULDNT BE Posible. from the front with a tier7 to pen a tier10 with AP shells, this is why HE exist, + what use are armor if you cant use it for anything at all. This isnt just referred to as with the T30, with all tier10, just like a tier5 shouldnt be able to pen a tier8 from the front. I am always talking front hits/stuff here, what pisses me off is that while i can bounce with my T30 gun on the rear of a maus, a fucking tier1 Light tank can pen my T30 from the rear, (DO YOU SEE MY POINT) ?

  102. "Overlord said...
    Q: We tried it in the beta in a trainingsroom. MS-1 can really shoot my T30.....

    A: And of course you often encounter this situation in battle, do you?
    November 21, 2011 6:59 PM"

    Sorry Overlord, but the point is for all practical purposes in-game, T30 is vulnerable to any tank it can be matched in a game against, where other Tier 10s need worry only about Tier8+ Heavy/TD and Tier9 Medium, especially frontally. I would go so far as to say that the Tier 6 heavies pose as much threat to T30, as T30 does to other Tier 10s, which is silly and imbalanced.

    Part of the issue is that matchmaker just assumes Tier 10 Heavys are equal, which leads to imbalanced matches with, say, 2 T30 on one side vs 2 E-100 / Maus on the other. Because they are deemed pretty much equal, you don't even get a better overall "team" to balance it, so the side with the T30s is at a real disadvantage. One side gets armour + firepower, one side gets only firepower.

  103. 1. Seem fine to me. It would be a shame to see a feature get cut because of "no fun allowed" attitude from some community members.
    2. I'm missing a 3 day option, would come in handy for low tiers. Pricing in credits seems a bit steep, and I find American 3 color patterns rather bland. Soviet and American camos look natural, German ones are a whole different story. Unpainted armor joints stand out too much, also the patterns look too blurry. Patterns on heavy tank guns (tier IX 10.5cm and onward) are oversized. All in all it's pretty hard to find a pattern that looks satisfying on a German tank.
    3. After over 7 thousand battles warning windows seem kinda useless, but i'm sure others will find them useful. Interface changes are great overall.
    4. Tanks seem to climb hills more realisticly, I liked that. Didn't have a chance to test HE mechanics on low tier guns against equal tier opponents yet. I wish arty tracers were visible from a wider arc, but hey, at least they're back.
    5. Less laggy and more visually pleasing.

  104. Overlord, You and everyone else at Wargaming agree's that the T30 is the weakest tier 10 heavy, and yet you keep nerfing it?? Even beyond its IRL specs....

  105. 1. Horn feature : I like it. Does no harm
    2. Camos: Like it overall, however the german camos are terribly done. Real amature work, colors are off, too washed out and missing important schemes.
    3. Interface changes: Just fine.
    4. Gameplay and mechanics: No comment.
    5. New visual effects: Ok

  106. @ Rune E

    In my opinion VII tier tanks have full right to have chance to pen X tier tanks. And you forget that it is very difficult

    @ Rune E and Inphinity

    You forget that this is how US projected T29/T30/T34 line. Its not devs invention to give this tanks such bad hull armor. Weak hull but very strong turret - it was idea of US enginers.

    @ Overlord

    I think you should publish statistics of IX and X tier tanks win ratios, kills, and damages. This whinings will never end without such data accesible to people. I know that they are all quite well balanced only because I played with them all.

  107. 1. Horn feature

    Breaks the immersion and I personally find them annoying. NO horns for me.

    2. Camos

    I like the idea. Too expensive.

    3. Interface changes

    Good Job.
    4. Gameplay and mechanics

    Good job.

    5. New visual effects

    Look great, no impact on my systems performance. Great work.

  108. Umm I just got the IS-7 could you buff it more? Pretty please :D

    Good job btw. The patch will be awesome.

  109. "Paired with an "ignore skin" option to impose on a player a better way would be to just allow custom skins."

    Ignore skin would keep the player made skins side alive. This doesn't mean ignore the function like additional cam effect. Meaning if someone has spent the gold on a skin which adds cam to the tank then it still has the effect, I just don't get to see it.

  110. 1. They are a bit obnoxious. Can't really see any reason for them to exist.
    2. Camo is nowhere near as good as some of the user created schemes. Pricing also needs to be lower especially since they don't actually do anything apart from looks.
    3. These are great, especially the equipment indicators. Expanded team list is a bit annoying but at least it remembers your last used setting.
    4. Decreased normalisation seems to be having more effect than expected. Very hard to pen some tanks now. Could possibly be due to my test ping from Australia (500 ms).
    5. Look great, especially the lingering smoke. Maybe reduce the explosion size for low caliber shells.

    Side note on test: Could the test server be hosted in Europe next time please? Should be better average pings for everyone.

  111. 1. Horn feature: Stupid, lose it
    2. Camos: Too expensive for what it does (nothing) Needs a toggle switch.
    3. Interface changes: No Opinion
    4. Gameplay and mechanics: Are you trying to make the game suck? Because the HE mechanics have completely ruined many of the fun tanks. Sherman, Hetzer, VK 2801. All are fun BECAUSE of the HE. Give us a HE unable to do damage through armor, and you take away the great equalizer for Low Tier tanks against High-Tier tanks.
    5. New visual effects: As long as you remember that some of us have crappy computers and make sure we can still run the game, These are fine. Right now my computer can't handle Fisherman's Bay. That's just unacceptable.

  112. There seems to be a problem with the computer freezing up when I try to take a screen shot.

    Its a random issue,sometimes it works,and sometimes it crashes.

  113. Overlord, I'm planning on buying gold soon and I like the SU-85I. Will the SU-85I and/or PzIV Hydro be available in a promotional package (along with some gold) and if so how soon would that be?

  114. Comments so far from Test Server:

    1) Allow to enable/disable horn sounds.

    2) PLEASE allow to enable/disable/control sound of base capture, I'm playing at night sometimes and this really wakes up everyone!

    3) Luckily camo has no boost to tank visibility, otherwise with it's current cost you'd make it into a 'pay to win' game!

    4) I like the graphics and effects, mini-map looks amazing now!!

    5) New HE physics are bugged I think... shot an IS-3 - 5 times at his side, 4 more times his rear , using HE shells while driving the PZ IV Hydro for a total of 0 (zero) damage. Surly this is not correct.
    Same happen several more times, HE should do less DMG and that's OK, but not 0 DMG every single time.

    6) Make it remember my choice when sorting tank lists in game.

  115. haha;

    hi all said...

    Also i cant damage E-100 with my is-7
    T30 gun take alot from IS-7 HP
    November 21, 2011 12:10 PM

    A fellah desperatly trying to draw attention to the IS-7 needing a buff??? (after testing it~ play it right, and its fine!)


    1) Everyone pointing out horns is such a bad idea, haven't checked them out yet. Since it cannot be abused (cus of timer) and it can draw attention to someone standing in your way, when backing up etc... its all good, Keep Horns!

    2) Camos are great, some may seem very thin, but its ment to be camouflage, and not a red sportscar... so thumbs up! Prices for a week are very good, and for those with some gold left, why not spend it on a tank you aint gonna sell, it AINT expensive! (<conlusion)

    3) The new interface overall, is Very good. 5/5
    Especially liked the new way to see who is in your platoon, and the markers on the map. AND all the new notifications. =)

    4) (partly a answer against Daniel^)
    Since there is a option to turn off, perhaps annoying sounds like friendly and enemy base capture, job well done (GUI on volume settings). Anyways i find them handy, and it adds to the game! 5/5

    5) The new visual effects are in one word, and final to this Comment: *Stunning!*

  116. 1) Only found one horn sound and it didn't strike me as being particularly interesting I'm afraid. I really don't think this feature is going to have much practical benefit so would probably be better suited to being a boys toy, however in that case you will need to upload some comedy sounds like The General Lee horn from Dukes of Hazard but I really don't think those sounds will suit this game and to be honest I don't really see you offering those options anyway so all in all I think this is a bit of a dead duck before it even gets going.

    2) Love the camo's and I admit I was surprised to see the prices, I thought they would be much more expensive so that was a nice surprise. I still think you guys are missing a trick here though because I think if you have an official camo skin installed then your tank should not have a red outline around it when the enemy are targeting you, that way they would also have a practical benefit rather than just a aesthetic one.

    3) Again I also love the new interface/HUD. It's so much easier to instantly see where you are on the minimap now that you have a huge green cone protruding from the front of your tank. The Camo and binocular icons that at first I wasn't sure what they were are an awesome addition to let you know when they are in use and also the new help and targeting displays on the minimap I think will lead to much more immersion in the battles because now when people ask for help or give instructions you will actually be able to act on what they are telling you. I also like the new team icons at the edges of the screen showing you the tier of tanks on yours and the enemy's team however they seem a little big to me and take up too much of the HUD so I would like to see these made slightly less intrusive if possible.

    4) Ok my single favourite part of the update, the base capture sirens -this is an awesome idea and whoever came up with it and the choice of sounds should be given a weeks paid holiday as a reward, it instantly grabs your attention and gives a feeling of seriousness to the battles, plus I don't know why but this sound seems to echo around my whole surround sound system and just brings the battles to life.

    5) This is more low key but I did notice some of the new effects such as a shell bouncing off a tank in a shower of sparks and some new models of destroyed tanks, I look forward to more additions in this area.

    Conclusion: I love this patch and I think it's a great step forward for WOT, now what I really want to see is new game modes added especially the garage battles mode, once we get these I think the game is really going to be up there with the best of them.

  117. A bug;

    When you buy a new tank, and want to retrain your old crew to that new tank, the game sometimes goes into a infinite loop which causes you to have to shut it down. (Alt+F4 is simple enough)

    The Loop, seems to be loading and loading data from the crew members window, even though that is/should be done in matter of 0-2 seconds, i let it run for 20 minutes, before restarting the game.

    I did try again later, and it worked, *dunno* if it has something to do with double xp /(10x, 2x)??\. anyways, just saying.

  118. 1.
    i dont care, the "horn" that warns about base capture is fucking annoying though, sounds like the warning for an nuklear attack.
    the camos look good in general. i love some of the americans. my only problem is that you still see the gray base color of german vehicles which shouldn´t be there for higher tiers.
    also i don´t like the 3-color camos for german tanks, but thats just my opinion.
    pricing is ok for me.
    i hope you add more camos with future patches though, maybe a few historically correct ones for each vehicle specific?
    good. really good.
    can´t say much about it because i hate playing on the test server more than 1-2 games with the new tanks.
    very good.

  119. 1) Horns:
    Fine as-is, assuming I understand their functionality correctly. Three honks and a ~20-25 second wait? Sounds perfectly fine to me.
    (Frankly I think a lot of people are blowing up for no reason over horns)

    2) Camos
    Very nice addition, applaud WG.net for adding them. I do think the prices for the timed versions (that cost credits) are a bit high though, considering they have no gameplay effect and at higher tiers can cost as much or more than equipment such as a rammer.
    I would like to see more variation though, some of them are quite bland. The Russians also seem to be missing some of the more colorful fall/autumn camos that the German's and Americans have. It would also be nice to be able to get a mono-color scheme, which you can use to say, paint your tank plain arctic white or desert tan without any patterning.

    3) Interface Changes
    Great on all counts! Love the minimap scaling, and the little changes and additions to everything else are all wonderful. No complaints here.

    4) Gameplay and Mechanics
    Always good to hear you guys are updating the game with more accurate penetration modeling and such, and I'm very excited that you've given the T-44 the LB-1 AND a new engine! That in and of itself is much appreciated.

    5) New visuals
    Fantastic job, probably my second favorite part of the update. Love how a lot more smoke lingers on the battlefield, and it doesn't even reduce my framerate because the game is only CPU-bound for me. Heck, I would say the update has improved performance if anything. Great job here.

    Overall, a really good update. Bravo fellas, and don't mind the haters too much.

  120. 1. No horns please.
    2. The German cammo looks over weathered while the us and ussr cammo look spot on.
    3. It would be nice if the player sheet side bars would start where ever they were last set. I constantly found myself adjusting them at game start. I have a lot of tanks and was hoping there would be a better way to go through them - maybe a page at a time button(s)?
    4. I miss the capture bars and find the air raid sirens very annoying and unnecessary. I am busy listening for incoming shells, tank engines, and looking for scenery to fall - I don't need a distracting siren going off.

    I also look forward to the in-match reporting system. I could have used it today when someone rammed into me then started shooting at me for no reason other than I was in its way and it was afraid of getting shot. Instead of going around me it opted that throwing a 2 year old tantrum was suitable. Which brings me to a request for any ignored players to be assigned to opposite teams for the next match.

    Another matchmaker request would be for swarms to be broken up - it is not fun to take on packs of t59's, kv-5's, lowe's, tiger ii's, etc. if there are 6 t59's looking for a match, 3 a side would do nicely.

    5. The gun flash is really odd looking from sniper view - the smoke gets a weird orange spot in the middle that just lingers there. Aside from that the gun looks good.

  121. Overlord said...
    Q: Is Bigworld 2.0 not out yet?

    A: It's a sort of marketing ad. They don't support it in fact. Unfortunately.
    November 21, 2011 3:18 PM

    Well, darn those marketing guys for lying, so much for truth in advertising... oh wait.

    Cool, thanks for the info, be glad to see it when it shows up, my other 3 cores want to play also.

  122. BattleBacon said...


    4. I miss the capture bars - (snip)

    Did you replace the LC_Textures with your retail copy? Cause otherwise they are there. Check here for details about a temporary fix - http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/65810-temporary-english-fix-v2/

  123. Horns: Don't know, since it's all in Russian, and I haven't seen anyone else using them.

    Camo: I'm loving it for the variety it brings to the game, even if I haven't noticed any real game play affect. One problem I have with it though is that it seems like while the Russian camo has many distinct looks, German camo is either desert or ambush pattern, and US camo is equally bland. I don't know if there's anyway to add more schemes, but the US and Germany really need some help in the looks department.

  124. Best update so far:-)
    1. No horns please and Cap sounds are also irritating. Also enemy cap sound is same as authorities here use to warn(and test play)general hazards so its bit confusing.
    2. Camos add nice color to game. No functional purpose. Bizarre to have desert camo in winter map and vice versa.
    3. Interface is good. Semitransparency could be toned a bit to better see destroyed. HAve to use tab view currently.
    4. Gameplay is better. More bounces with MTs. But IS7 and T54 fronts are now even tougher competitors. 0% critical hits are not really critical.
    5. Super, super, super. Smokes bring new element to close fights. You have wait smoke disappear before you can aim.

  125. Overlord Please answer:
    "Q: question : i still don't understand how does these camos work, i mean does it affect vehicle's camouflage or it's just a painting on the tank???

    A: Camos don't have any effect on performance at the moment."

    Q: at the moment? there is no single thing in this game which you have to purchase over and over for high prices (ammo and repair are not high prices).
    If you make camo give REAL advantage and price it very high (any ammount above like 5k-10k/week is too high).

    It will become 'Pay-to-Win' as you'll need more than ever to work your ass off if you are not a premium member.

    Essentially turning this game into the Battlefield Play4Free, which is a CRAP of game and the only award it'll ever win is the biggest flop.

    PLEASE don't turn WoT into this!!

  126. I only played one match on the test server, the ping was just too high to get real gameplay tests. With that in mind here are my thoughts.

    1: Horns. I didn't hear any.

    2: The interface was good, it should make it clear that there is no in game effect though. I like that there isn't a pay2win option, good work. Having to rebuy the gold ones if you switch back and forth is not good though.

    3: The new interface was nice, the minimap in particular was much more useful.

    4: I didn't get to test this but if you really did nerf HE please revert the change. There are several tanks that only have useful HE rounds. My favourite Hetzer for example. Then theres the importance of using HE on tanks that greatly overmatch you. Without that the large MM spreads will be extremely painful.

    5: The new visuals were really noticable, the game world looked much better. Especially when I went back to the live serve I noticed how much nicer 7.0 looks.

  127. Dear Overlord,

    Don't you even plan to release all premium tanks? There are many which we are not able to buy...But many of us would like. Why? Why are you enemy of your own money? :)
    Please release the Pz IV Hydro, M4A2E4, M6A2E1, PzKpfw V-IV, SU-85I and all others.
    I would like to buy them. :)

  128. 1. Horn feature:
    Didnt notice the horns since I'm too focused in battle.
    2. Camos
    Cammo is good adds a LOT of variety to battles but IMHO the price is too high for nothing but visual effects.
    3. Interface changes
    Interface is much improved over the last, I like the targeting function that calls out the target on the minimap.
    4. Gameplay and mechanics.

    HE does not do good damage, US 105mm DERP does like max 5% on T59. Old values were better. PLEASE REBUFF HE to previous values or WG will hear a lot of people complaining.

    The normalization decrease is so good to sloped armor, I bounced so many shots on my IS7 that it aint even funny and yes most of them were from another is7 and a Maus. Overall I like the normalization increase because it increases my survivability against enemy fire.

    5. New visual effects
    Make me feel like I really am in the middle of a war plus there is little slowdown. Very good!

  129. I will try to be shorter than overlord when he replay :P

    1. horns
    They dont interest me but not bother ether, and if you put volume bar in settings/sounds, so we can set it up the way we like or to switch it off would be nice and usefull.

    2. camos
    Again, from what i understand they are just for visual so they are not nessesery to have so i dont think i will spend some money on that, tho i might get for last tanks in its tech tree like t30, t95, is7 ...
    Advice here, please dont give any bonus for cammos, as players who cant afford gold will be at dissadvantage, and who has a gold he might get it anyway, like i might for my top tanks.

    3. Interface changes
    As many people have said, its good, mini-map is much better made, start of battle and tank tiers displayed next to names, all ads bit of options for players to pick what suit them the best.
    Cap-base alarm is usefull but annoying couse it goes beeping for ever, maybe again to make it 3 bips and if enemy is still in cap just show indicator bar, also diferend sound should be implemented for caping freindly from enemy base.
    (i dont know was it a bug but when any base is caped i didnt see indicator bar)
    target spoted alarms are realy good idea.

    4. Gameplay and mechanics.
    I tried to check out and use smaler tanks , mostly premium, but got frustraded couse with panz-hydro i was always at bottom couse lot of players was using t59s or other tier 8ts.
    Anyway while best gun for hydro in panz4 can damage other tanks in EU-server, even if they are tier8s, when you know where to hit, here on test i couldnt do any damage, switching to HE had no results , i have screenshot from end of game, i fired (hit) about 50 HE rounds in to KV-5, with totall damage under 100hp.
    HE ammo is anyway not in use so much as AP unless its DERP gun, so you should actyaly buff tank and TD-s HE rounds but dont touch arty and DERP guns.

    5. New visual effects
    Much more colorfull, maybe even cartoonish but realy enjoyable.
    That said i have no problem with curent visuals, exept explosions.
    Please make option sto switch off light form fiering gun or smoke as when in sniper mode that can drop FPS like rock, on weaker comps.
    In my 11k games and 7k deaths at least 15% is due to game loss of FPS when shot by someone and cant move or see couse FPS go from 50 to 1-2/sec if in max zoom :/

    Overall, nice improvement but also hope that some stuff will just stay on test server.
    It would be nice if you have special match making sistem for test, so that players how tanks are realy performing.
    I was interested in buying few premium tanks (i dont need them for credits, i have lowe for that), so i joined to test server to check them out.
    Couse of MM there i was always at bottom and i have them all good few games, and based on that i had problem penatrating with AP , and HE simple did nothing, only smaller tank that can qualify for me would be SU-85i and i was realy interested in hydro and few other small pemiums :/
    Main problem with them is , they are not making more credits than other tier5 tanks and that can be simple atributed to realy weak guns on them witch strugle against other tanks in same tier, please consider improving that small tanks a bit so that they can be similar in power with not premium tanks.
    premium tanks tier5 and under
    -not credit makers
    -have lots of HP but bad bad guns
    -strugle at killing tank in its own tier
    -cost real money but of no benefits in game
    so i think this tanks deserve bit of attention and to be bit more than colectors item :/

  130. Please return "Return to hangar" button of escape menu to where it was before 7.0! I keep clicking into Settings all the time! ((

    I have tried BT-SV and after a minute wait got into a 1x1 battle with tier 3 german tank. Guess this will not happen on real server...

  131. 1. Horn - never noticed them in battle truth to be told, so not as annoying as I've expected them to be. They annoying thing is that I have to buy each horn for each tank, and if I remove horn, I have to buy it again later, even if for the same tank. It should be made like equipment or consumables, so I can buy it (even if for a higher price) but be able to shift them through tanks (even if for additional removal fee like for equipment).
    2. Camos - They are like transparent skin put over original skins. The effect doesn't look so well, and it's painfully visible on german tanks. Also camo patterns that barely resemble historical ones. They really could use some improving and/or community input. Also temp. camos seems to be very overpriced for a thing with no bonus to camo. If we pay 500k for a equipment such as rammer or tool kit, for the same/a bit smaller price camos should also be bought forever if priced like that.

    3. Interface changes - Very good. Scalable minimap is a nice touch. Can't really tell what is being reported by the crew (my russian is rusty like hell), but I'm certain it will prove helpfull.

    4. Gameplay and mechanics - Well, some tanks are now more bouncier than the others (everyone knows what I imply by that ^_^). Capture siren's are good, maybe now they will encourage those noobies to reset the cap meter instead of camping around. Need separate mute/volume option for them though.

    5. New visual effects - Seeing large FPS improvement even if game still supports only single core. New effects look awesome, sometimes battle is so hot, the smoke adds extra cool feel to it.

    Overall: Camo and horn buying and using needs improvement. Temp camo prices require vast reduction, IMO. UI and graphics improvement and optimalizations are very welcome.

    PS. If french tanks don't make the cut in 2011, at least give us M103 and T34 prem this year as an xmas gift. Because overstressing of how much people are waiting for this is never enough.

  132. Also Q; Why not make KV-1 KV-2 split already ? I mean you've basically got both tanks done and ingame already, so why not split them now and let the players enjoy one additional free slot ?

  133. 1. Hate that horns idea, but hey... If they have limited use per battle so I can stand it... But you should really get an option to turn them off (same with capp sounds).

    2. Camos on this update was something I was really looking for. But what I saw... Hmmm. Dont lie to yourselves, quality sucks (especially German), too low res. Some historicaly accurate camos on each tank will be much better! And please, add the adaptable camos as you promised!!! Its ruining the serious feeling of this game when you can see desert/arctic camo on some grassy map for example... And the biggest shock for me are prices! So much overpriced. I though that it will be only for credits and it will stay forever till I change it again. Maybe adaptive camo for gold, but much much cheaper. Also, why I cant buy more camos on 1 tank and change it as I want later?!? Why I we must rebuy it? Sorry, but thats looks stupid to me...

    3. Nice minimap upgrade, like it! I cant complain on this... ;-)

    4. Dont nerf HE shells! As someones said before, some tanks become unplayable after this... And about "bouncing armor" changes, IS-7, E-75, E-100 and even Tiger II weak spots are so bouncy now, even under good angle when shooting with T95s best gun! On the other hand, that new gun on T-44 is fine but little OP with fire rate... You should decrease it pls.

    5. My FPS increased a little, with much nicer effects! Well done here, keep it up ;-)

  134. Whoever came out with the Horns idea needs to be put in a room and listen to the tank horns for 1 hour.

    I am sure he/she/group will enjoy it.

  135. 1. Horn feature

    Not tried it, not encountered it, pretty sure it is a superfluous addition.

    2. Camos
    Here share your sorts on overall quality, colour themes, pricing etc

    I like the camo, although I was under the impression that the gold camo would be adaptable to each environment (Ie. a snow camo for arctic maps, a desert camo for desert maps etc.) it disappointed me to see that this is not the case, also, I thought that they would contribute to the camo-value, now I think they are like horns, superfluous.

    3. Interface changes
    Minimap improvements, warning windows, equipment indicator, etc

    I like this, to me it seems that the game is more mature now.

    4. Gameplay and mechanics

    Not noticed too many drastic changes except for the HE-change. Frankly it will destroy quite a number of tanks, for example the SU152, how are you going to upgrade that if you hardly damage anything?

    5. New visual effects

    Seems smoother than the old version, although I play 0.6.7 with some effects removed (particularly when shooting as it lagged me out) I don't think I will need to do that for this version which is a big pro.

  136. Gameplay & Mechanics
    So you removed practically the most "fun to play" tank from the game. By nerfing the conical gun of the VK3601 this tank has no value at all. First you make it a heavy tank which means it will get bigger opponents and then you remove its best gun. Because in this new configuration this gun is not useful anymore. Did you consider that one of the best players worldwide (a member of WARGAMING and currently rated number 2 in your hall of fame) made more than 1500 fights with this tank & gun ? Did you remember that you yourself recommended that tank and gun in an interview? You played it yourself! It was a sure moneymaker for you, one shot costs 5 gold , so you don´t want to earn money anymore? Please reconsider! The new conical gun for the tiger has not the same precision! You stated "Tiger" will get Conical Gun as it is!! That is certainly not true!

  137. 1: Not necessary for the game, and some people going to annoy others with it. But sometimes could be useful

    2: Totally useless, expensive and bad looking!!!

    3: Awesome

    4: I tried to hop into the water... stuck halfways down could come back. Mechanics not perfect

    5: Legen wait for it


  138. 1 - Horn - Pathetic - shoot the person who thought of this..

    2 - camo - Nice addition but way too expensive

    3 - Interface changes - Big improvement, Like it

    4 - Game Play,Mechanics - Likes the HE Nerf (learn to aim noobs)
    IS7 :-) ME LOVE U LONG TIME. US Heavies STILL need sorting 34 + 30 suck donkey balls

    Match maker still sucks - still seeing this heavie vs medium carry on - i know it's the test server but seeing 9 type 59's on one side is taking the pee
    Type 59 is still op - needs armor nerf - would like to see it ballanced like the Lowe

    5 - Visual Affects - Love it - awesome job

    Is it true that on the EU forums it's posted that 7.1 patch will be pushed bk to 2012 ?
    if so you suck

  139. 1. Horn no comment

    2. Camo - WAY WAY WAY to expensive. I would have to pay over 14.000 Gold for all my tanks.

    3. Interface good

    The rest looks good so far!

  140. You really need to fix this spotting issue I was in my TD behind a bush full cammo and cammo on not moving or firing and I get spotted while a T20 on the run was not seen till he was 5 feet from the last tank.

  141. Q: 3. new mini-map and all about it is good
    new over target markers of tanks in battle need a lot of readjusting, take a look at the user created OvTM

    A: Yes, this mod is rather popular we are thinking of officially supporting it.

    I like that you think about supporting it. What about contour mods? I use Aslain's mod and it's much more helpful (colors, names and tiers) than the ingame contours.

  142. LOVE love love the HE Nerf, there's a point to aiming again :)

  143. 1) Horns: Awful, stupid idea. Almost as bad as the Segway. Please at least let us disable the sound.

    2. Camos: Seem decent, but really disappointed that "adaptive" isn't in yet.

    3. Interface changes: Positive on all counts. Though I wish there were more subtle options to the minimap - ideally to have larger icons option, but not a larger map.

    4. Gameplay and mechanics: Good from what I've seen, though some of the new premium tanks are really in need of tweaking/balancing.

    5. New visual effects: Good all around.

    I wish there were a way to test the CW stuff, fog of war, tank locking, etc.

  144. HE nerfing is just no. HE wasn't reliably lethal enough aside from light targets that were going to get thrashed either way.

    The American Light, can't remember its name at the moment, really needs to be in Battletiers 4-8, rather then getting into games with Tier 8 games where it can't do shit.

  145. 1. Horn, after not liking the idea, I have agreed it is kinda cool in game. It was implemented very well, and is non-invasive at all! thank you!

    2. Camo - WAY TOO EXPENSIVE!!!! Please do not make this game "Pay or Go Away!" It would cost me approx 8000 gold to outfit my 21 tanks with top camo. :-(

    3. Interface, seems better. I'll wait til I see it in English, though

    4. Visual Effects FANTASTIC! better framerates and better grpahics, what's to hate?!?!

  146. I actually just renamed the lc folder to lc something.ru, copied the lc english folder in, and switch back and forth. I don't recall seeing the capture bars in the crylic, either, but since most battles were 90% premie's capture wasn't an option..

  147. Don't dare to nerf Patton again Overlord. Don't dare to do that again ever.

  148. It's not a matter of "Learning 2 Aim Noobs LOL" when it comes to HE, it's a matter of being able to damage higher Tier tanks reliably. Not all of us have Tier 9/10 tanks that can penetrate a mountain with their guns. Some of us are stuck in Mid-tier tanks with REALLY crappy tier spreads. tier spreads that mean that our tier 6 tanks get thrown into tier 10 matches. For us with that unhappy existence, HE rounds are the only way to reliably damage High Tier tanks. And sure, for you it's a matter of "Learn 2 aim at weakspots lol," but for most of us NORMAL people we need to keep at a distance to keep from being insta-killed by Tier 10s. And being at 300 meters means most of us NORMAL people can only reliably aim at the entire tank, and not at individual weak-points. The HE nerf harms Low Tier tanks more than the current HE rules harm High Tier tanks. Face it, HE allows mid-tier tanks to damage high-tier tanks. The damage is often negligible, but it is damage. This nerf takes away a mid-tier tank's ability to damage high-tier tanks. And without the ability to damage things their AP guns can't penetrate, the lack of consistent HE damage will skew the game even more heavily in favor of the higher tiers.

  149. The best patch from April,IS-7 finally deserve to call it a tier 10 heavy tank,not a medium like it was...
    As for the Americans,it's inevitable to wait the swap of tier 9 and tier 10,looking forward to see T-34 a premium tank :P,but for me it was a loooot of fun playing with T-34 and T-30 :)

    Horns sounds nice,camo's looks good,but not on all tanks,and the siren for capping is hillarious and funny sound :)

    It's more fun now,all in all,i've almost quit playing cause i got bored with nothing happening,but now it's a different story ;)

    Good luck guys,and try to be even better,see ya on the battlefield ;)!

  150. MINI BOLO, Very well said. Even though I have tier 8s and 9s I remember how bad it was when I was the little guy. I agree.

  151. 1. Horn feature
    I'm not impressed. But don't mind it.
    2. Camos
    Here share your sorts on overall quality, colour themes, pricing etc
    Colour - fine
    Themes - fine
    Quality - needs some work, seams visible
    Pricing - way out of line
    Ease of use - great
    3. Interface changes
    Minimap improvements, warning windows, equipment indicator, etc
    4. Gameplay and mechanics
    I bounced even more shots than in 6.7, and with the OTM mod not working, it greatly detracts from gameplay
    5. New visual effects

    I couldn't test out everything because many of the options are not in English, so I don't know what they do, and my Russian is extremely rusty (had it in high school nearly 40 years ago).

  152. RE: the HE Nerf... Hopped in my KV/152 to see what was up, ended up in a battle with multiple tier 9's. Yanno, the ones where so many KV players whine and bitch and ragequit. Had a blast. If is hadn't been for a d**k move by a Obj704 blocking my retreat I would have maybe even survived the battle and gotten more, as it was (converted down for double and test server's 10x exp) it was the highest exp I'd ever gotten. ON any tank. Tearing big chunks off of a Type 59, Tiger II, IS-3 and a Patton with every hit. Didn't see the nerf.


    VK3601 conical - return it immidiatly to it's current retail stats and give the Tiger the same accuracy. Except for making it a heavy, I second netwulf's comments above on November 22, 2011 2:18 PM

  153. Thank God for small miracles!I really enjoyed HE nerf!

  154. so you say you have taken down the regular game instead of the TEST server game? cuz i cant play it :)

    23.11.2011 @10.07 CET+1

  155. PLEASE KEEP HORNS IN THE GAME!! Just make a feature to mute them, so people who don't like them, can just mute them, and others can use them. This makes it great for everyone.

  156. 1. Horn feature
    i tryied and was ok, i makw fun with it and automatically forgot about it at 1 minute of game start :P (we need a option in sound settings to adjust just horn volume by its own without change any other volume.

    2. Camos
    Here share your sorts on overall quality, colour themes, pricing etc

    the quality was average, colour themes should be more in cuantity, i have no problem with price, but. it should be lower price for lower tier is too much expensive for low tiers.
    the cammos you already unlock should be in your depot, not the replace thing, that was not good

    btw i didnt know for sure some things because was all in russian, i speak castillian/spanish and english, but i cant speak russian.

    3. Interface changes
    Minimap improvements, warning windows, equipment indicator, etc
    minimap its cool :) equipment indicator too. but. i can't tell more till you make the interface on spanish or at least in english.

    BTW: i hate to switch the (sides scoreboards in game (by pressing Ctrl+Tab, every single battle, the game should remember your choise.

    4. Gameplay and mechanics
    since every single one was playing with gold rounds i dont for sure in that area but i think i will do test of that area next time join test server

    BTW you need to change the Capturing flag sound system, when someone get in and out and in and out of the circle the sound should NOT RESTART every single time, the sound should be lowered when someone get off the capture zone, and if re enter make it progresive louder and lowder and when they are killed or get outside the capture zone, progresive lowered till disapear. and not cut and start the sound from zero every single time someone get into the capture zone.

    Tank company:
    i wasnt able to play at tank companys cause i cant read russian and i there where all russian tank companys, (i wasnt at home when the WG team played tank companys, but i see that as a great move, please do WG tank company again, when test game client is translated to spanish or english

    5. New visual effects
    i see nice visuals but, the problem again was the language, i wasnt allowed to play around with video settings acuse i dont understand russian, i have to wait till spanish or at least english translation its on the game client

    i didnt use unoficial workaround translation, (i didnt copy any files from live 6.7 client) because i know that give some errors in functionality. like selling tanks and other things.

    i repeat cause of the language problem, i wasnt allowed to realy "play" with game options/settings, then i was with LOWER FPS than 6.7

    BTW: PLZ Remove the "_US" TAG at the end of our nicknames, and replace it with "_NA", beacause isnt US server its NA server (and use same idea change US to NA, in every thing you made and wirte about the server, half of the players of NA server are from US but the other half ARENT

    i understand you need to add something beause there is some player with the same nicknames in diferent servers, and i know isnt a big deal for you to read US instead of NA, and some maybe even thing that US and NA are the same, but not, isnt the same.1 is a country and the other its a sub-continent

    i will give my updated feedback again when i can use the 7.0 test server in castillian/spanish or at least in english

    Sorry about my english skills, i know my write english isnt good

  157. BTW i used tanks from low tier to tier X and when i used my e-100 with 150 mm cannon, i was forced to play with gold and even with gold i get too much bounce (and that with a 300mm+ penetration shell was too much bounce/not penetrations)
    i know the idea was to lower the amount of penetrating shots but i think the result of the change was way too extreme + new hitbox at the same time (make me to bounce/not penetrate some shot that was NO WAY to not penentrate with old hitbox.)

    BTW, look at this suggestion, its something very usefull and needed
    and the bonus its about that looks like should be very easy for you to develop, dont keep us without this option please


  158. 1) Horn - Waste of time.

    2) Camos - Not that good compared with player made ones. Also as it has been mentioned before they are too expensive for lower teirs - it's sometimes cost's more than the whole tank is worth.

    3) Mini-map - not bad, but needs some improvement as in the 6.7 patch you can see a line as to where your turret is aiming. Which doesn't appear in the 7 test server patch. Warning windows, etc - can't comment on as I don't speak or read Russian. Please localise it for the test server as many people who want to play on it are put off because of the language barrier.

    4) Bouncing shots too many times again. Now lower teir tanks against upper teirs will not be able to damage even with HE loaded, so they will just bail straight away - and now with the quitting feature will be penalised for it (kinda not fair there).

    5) New visual effects - don't like as I like to see where my shot goes. Also this will again slow down low spec machines because of the visuals. They look nice but serve no purpose.

  159. Please don't un-nerf HE ammo. People in this game need to stop relying on derp guns and learn to aim. I keep hearing about the "horrible matchmaker" putting you in games where you can't hurt anything and need HE. They must be playing a different game than me. I personally almost never use HE because there is no tank that does no have weak spots you can exploit with good aim. HE the way it currently is is completely unrealistic. People should not be rewarded for being dumb enough to shoot a tank in its front armor/turret.

  160. "HE the way it currently is is completely unrealistic" In reality, when you take a 100mm+ HE shell and you haven't at least 200mm armor all your crewmembers are dead... And it isn't the case in WoT. I might add that the "aim better nubs" thing is kind of fun too, because :
    -1 your accuracy with low tiers guns don't allow you to aim the pilot sight at 500 meters.
    -2 when you are closer and actually hit theses kind of spots, all you have most of the time is a :" critical hit" = 0 damage, zero, not a scratch...
    -3 with most of HE guns, they have terrible accuracy, but at least they are zeroing MUCH less than AP shells. Doing 5% on a tiger with german 105mm from hetzer isn't a shame, the tiger can OS you soo...

  161. So, Rufi000000, are we to take your opinion as "I don't use HE, so no one should?" Because that's exactly what it sounds like you're saying. Having HE the way it is now gives this game a bit of variety. And, let me remind you, this game currently has almost no variety. So if that little bit of variety means that you have to suffer 2.5% damage hits from HE users... Well, that's what Spall Liners are for.

  162. Feedback
    - i _don't like_ the alarm sound while base is captured instead of the progress bar.
    - In the 30-60 seconds before match starts there are stats show for players + tanks (left + right side of screen). The detail (selectable) should be remembered ALSO for the initial waiting phase!
    - I don't like the black, half transparent background behind text of the above mentioned stats. It makes the whole screen look bad and too dark.

  163. No, Mini, that's not what I said at all. But a quick glance at your stats was exactly what I expected to see from someone that so quickly jumps to the defense of HE. My master gunner is the same as your sharpshooter. Congrats on your terrific aim. Bet you just can't stand that you're unable to mount a derp on your last two german tanks eh?

  164. And the elitest shows his true colors. If someone disagrees with him he'll try and find a way to discredit that person. Instead of debating HE like an adult, Rufi goes looking at statistics as a way to discredit the horrible people who refuse to admit that Rufi is a superior being who is always right.

  165. ^This is completely true, ad hominem attacks to avoid arguing are definitely the most annoying thing. And this especially when it comes from a player who have played with a Löwe the most... But I understand now why are you saying that HE shells should be useless... Oh, by the way, I have slightly higher average XP per Battle and still have less victory percentage, does that means that I'm a pro and you are a noob? I don't think so...

  166. I completely agree with Rufi. Noobs should not be rewarded for not aiming and shooting mindlessly with HE. Why dont I have any problem with AP ammo and many of you do? we play the same game dont we?
    The only time i load HE is if i see a Maus ~200 meters away (if im in a tank under Tier8). ANY tank can be damaged with AP if you start aiming. So in conclusion: HE nerf is the best thing ever!! Noob players will have to learn to aim and forget autotarget! YAY!

    Ironz EU

  167. 1. Horn feature - I'm kind of neutral about it at the moment.

    2. Camos - I'd like more flavors of them, especially for the American ones.
    since my client for the test server is all in Russian, I have no idea what the difference between the two kinds of camo are.

    3. Interface changes
    Only thing I've noticed is an enhanced view angle on the minimap that I liked a lot. The rest, perhaps I don't recognize cause my client's in Russian.

    4. Gameplay and mechanics
    noticed a difference in tank movement or sounds or both, very nice. noticed a slight change in AP penetration, great.

    5. New visual effects
    those are awesome. looks much more realistic, smoke is amazing and I even feel much less smoke-lags.

    The much anticipated tier limited tank company feature is pretty much useless because of the lack of voice coms, so we will only know if it works when it comes out officially, I guess.

  168. Elitist? Ha right. Is that what you call everyone that is better than you at something? Jog on. I made my point about HE. Just because you didn't agree and attacked me doesn't make me the jerk for responding to your attack with evidence. And the Lowe comment discredits your buddy severely. If you kindly take a glance at the other tanks I have you'll see that a Lowe is a nice thing to have if I don't want to run premium all the time. Learn to shoot and learn to argue.

  169. I really hope horns are kept in the game. I need one on almost every match. Also, why was the horn poll on the EU forums and not the NA forums? You don't even get to consider how NA feels about them.

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