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Friday, October 14, 2011

October 6 - October 14 Poll Results

8981 (!) players took part in the recent poll expressing their opinion on matchmaking in World of Tanks.

The question appeared to be quite controversial and community votes were divided. Thus, 60% of the voters think that matchmaking is either poor or bad, while 40% reckon it is average+.

As announced earlier, matchmaking system is one of the current focuses. General overhaul is planned for 2012, minor improvements will come this year (smart matchmaking).

Smart matchmaking system takes into account the number of battles played on this particular vehicle. So to put it simple, your battle tier spread will depend on the number of battles played using the vehicle ranging from minimum tier possible for lets say first 10 battles to full tier spread starting with say 50 battles.

As always new weekly poll is up. Prior to voting, please visit http://worldoftanks.com/


  1. Still bad matchmaking :/ so still 6 months of bad matchups.. Atleast stock tanks wont be matched insanley high from game 1.

  2. Lol you need over 150 battles to get top gun on a tier 9. Like 50+ on a lower

  3. > Thus, 60% of the voters think that matchmaking is either poor or bad, while 40% reckon it is average+

    sounds a whole lot better than

    > Thus, 90% of the voters think that matchmaking is average-, while 10% reckon it is either good or excellent.

  4. What the frack?

    So with this new 'smart matchmaking', do I end up in tier10 matches always with my Löwe that has 600+ matches?

  5. Overlord, why is it Russian tanks only at the backround on the US community portal? :>

  6. This seems like a roughly good idea to be honest, although it may need some tweaking per individual tank (IE, some tanks become better quicker), and there may be some issues regarding playbase knowledge and complaints from it. My suggestion would be to base it less on battles played and more on EXP earned, and then provide the player with an aide so they know their battle tier spread is getting bigger.

    Will you post an idea of what the minimum would be? Is the maximum going to be the current spreads?

  7. Q: What's a "tiet"? ^.^

    A: "Tiet" was a type. Fixed.

  8. Q: So with this new 'smart matchmaking', do I end up in tier10 matches always with my Löwe that has 600+ matches?

    A: No, starting with N battles, your Lowe will have its full battle tier spread enabled.

  9. Q: Overlord, why is it Russian tanks only at the backround on the US community portal? :>

    A: Ha! Good point, think we will fix it.

  10. @d3MMoNuL: I didnt know Overlord knows Dutch...a tiet is a breast ;-)

  11. most estimations of the matchmaking balance are made before the match has even started. the list of tanks in play doesn't provide enough information on the balance as the system takes into account individual module configurations. if I got 10 gold every time someone said "we lose" at the match beginning and our side ends up winning in a "non-consentual intercourse" manner, I wouldn't need to spend any money on this game.

  12. Amazing news about the Smart Matchmaking system, im glad you are willing to improve it.

  13. The problem in matchmaking system is not that people get to difficult battles with stock tanks.

    The problem is, for example, 6 artillery with couple of T-50-2, and no light tanks in the opposite team (this is 99% win)
    Another problem is artillery that uses platoons

  14. Yeah....all of you know, its all about composing the result. So the result is: 90% of people said its average, or below average. most people who didnt pressed worst/bad did it bcos they believe matchmaking system even exists.

  15. Soon comes 0.70 test right? RIGHT? Good.

  16. Why don't just reduce the tier difference in match making??

  17. Personally I don't think this will help much... There is nothing worse than stock first few tanks in your team... :P
    Q: So now with "smart" matchmaking system, when we buy new tank we will have easier games, and we will feel guilty cause we can't contribute as much as it's expected? Or we should focus on killing low tiers, so we could just get a kill, or make some dmg?
    "Improvements" never ends... -.-

  18. The battle tier system has never functioned poorly or with fault. If I am in a tank and am placed in a battle that is at the upper range for my vehicle, I play my vehicle in that battle accordingly. That is a polite way to say that you guys that have been grousing for over a year about the matchmaking system a plainly wrong and not assessing each of your vehicles strengths and weaknesses correctly.

    The main issue with people and how they observe their world is this: those occasions that spark the most emotion (OMG! I'm in a BT-7! Why am I in the battle with all these KV's?! I HATE the DEVS!) will create the strongest longest lasting impression. Those of you that continue to complain about this issue are not objectively marking down each of your battles, the other tanks in the battle, grouping those other tanks by tiers and analyzing the data over the course a statistically calculated sample size of battles. Have I done that, no, because I observe this matter emotionless and understand that it is working as intended and perfectly.

    If I wasn't forced to be polite in this open forum, I'd tell you how I really feel about your constant complaining about a system that works perfectly, but your mother's wouldn't like the way I was speaking to you.

  19. For myself i like the actual MM, but the smart matchmaking will be a good improvement, will help to upgrade a tank and to learn how to play it.

  20. The new US portal looks cooler but it is worse than the original design. It is far harder to find information through that new design than the original which is bad imo.

    But alas it is something WoT devs are guilty of needlessly tinkering with things that don't need fixing eg voices.

    The old site I could just look down the list of information for the link. The new site I'd have to click through menu's until I found what I wanted means its a bad site.

    But the majority of people are seduced by cool looking graphics so don't think of the need for functionality over form.

  21. 50 battles for max tier spread?

    After 50 battles i have hardly even upgraded my gun on Tier 8.

  22. Actually after 50 battles i think i had upgraded tracks and thats it.

  23. Also as for the 'smart' matchmaker, I think thats a very bad idea as well.

    As I understand it, if I've played 500 battles on say a lowe. I will always be thrown into super-high end battles or have a hefty weighting towards doing so.

    That isn't the problem with the matchmaker and will create MORE problems. Yes MORE!!! I can't say that enough MORE!!

    The problem with the matchmaker is the types of tanks it puts together. I've had battles with 8 tier 7+ arty on maps. I've had battles where one team gets 5 tier 9 while the other team gets 2, and gets a couple of tier 6s instead of tier 5's (wow). Or one team gets all heavies while the other side gets all mediums.

    The problem with those examples are they aren't 'rare' moments they are the norm. Meddling with cute fixes will just make it worse.

    So my Question would be:
    Q: You do understand the matchmaker needs fundamental changes and not cute changes like this that will make it worse and will not fix the core issues?

  24. No, no and NO .. I want to be matched against same tier tanks only, nothing more and nothing less.. how hard is it to understand??? I don't want smart matching or whatever crap you are planning to do, I want to simply play against tanks of the same tier!!!!!!!

  25. I have the best idea ever! They can make an expansion called World of Tanks ARENAS ZOMG! Only one type of tank and everyone is equal. They can pew pew and lolaround the map together (yes map, singular).

  26. Match Maker cant do skill. There is nothing wrong with the MM. Even the changes listed above will mean having to wait more before getting into a match. Have seen many randoms where the under gunned side won. The MM will never be able to account for skill.

  27. That doesn't look a good initiative to solve the problem to me. Problem is not being experienced enough, it's getting tanks 3 or even 4 tier(!) above you. I for one, would be ready to wait a bit to get a more balanced MM. If i get an instantaneous battle i'm sure to lose, it is NOT a good feature.

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. "Smart matchmaking system takes into account the number of battles played on this particular vehicle. So to put it simple, your battle tier spread will depend on the number of battles played"

    Whaaaaaaat? so this means i cant farm noobs with my pz4 anymore jsut because i have more than 600 battles???

  30. hahahhahhhaha "smart".

    It doesn't matter if you have 5 battles in a tank or 500.
    Your tank doesn't magically get better at killing stuff that's way over your tier.

  31. Thultarn, you said it best. Skill is the main issue on this matter.

    I also play NSF World. There are many kinds of cars and many kinds of mods for those cars. No two cars have the same build. I am a complete noob a the game and even in my spiffy souped up sportscar, I can rarely place first against drivers in lesser vehicles. They have the skill and I don't. I am learning and reading (Reading Comprehension FTW) to be a better intarwebz race car driver.

    In World of Tanks, I am not a noob. Skill is what separates those in World of Tanks that do not complain about the matchmaker and those that do--plain and simple. The first thing I tell anyone in my clan that complains about one of the game mechanic issues is to read the Battle Mechanics section of the World of Tanks wiki. It usually shuts them up. If that doesn't do it, I tell them, "Less QQ; MOAR Pew Pew".

  32. "Those of you that continue to complain about this issue are not objectively marking down each of your battles, the other tanks in the battle, grouping those other tanks by tiers and analyzing the data over the course a statistically calculated sample size of battles."-steve

    @steve: Actually I have been recording battle level using the handy-dandy Match Maker Matrix and not only has it given me a greater appreciation for the complexity of the match making system, but it's given me a fairly good idea of where the problems are. (Admittedly my data is not statistically sound because I have not collected enough of it yet)

    Problem 1: I've recorded 30 battles my tier IV light tank (M5) has participated in. The average battle level (NOT tank tier) is 8.6. The level spread goes from 4 to 10. I have never seen a level 4 battle; I've seen 5 level 10 battles. As the average suggests, I'm most often in either level 8 or 9 battles. This is not a good enough mix; as a result, playing the M5 is not fun I would be more willing to accept the huge 7 level spread if I had a 1-in-7 chance of getting into a level 4 battle, but so far I have a zero percent chance of getting into a level 4 battle. (I realize I need a few hundred more battles to smooth out the data here)

    Problem 2: Too many Lowes and Type 59s skew the battle levels and force too many tier 5-7 tanks into level 9-10 battles.

    As my data grows, I'll notice more areas in need of improvement.

  33. For those of you not smart enough to understand the smart matchmaking system, hopefully I can help: Your battle-hardened 500+ Lowe will not see a difference, apart from the fact the tanks you are fighting with and against will no longer be as stock as they once were. So yes, you might actually be faced with a challenge from time to time, as you bully your way to the enemy cap point.

    I think it's a great idea.

  34. @Overlord

    Last week you posted on forum when asked about details for upcoming tiered company battles:

    "Guess, we will just release the exact rules applied to each submode to cover this and similar questions. Probably next week."

    Q: Not to sound impatient, but will we get it this week or do we have to wait a little more? :)


  35. Fumigator! I love you! You are the very first individual I know on either side of the issue that is actively collecting data from which to form an opinion. If you take a 3% confidence level and plop in a Population of about 10000 battles, you might come up with a nice sample size that you can say is representative of the Population.

    I agree that the Premium tanks throw a wrench in to things because of their inherent strength over vehicles in their tiers. The most blatant offender is the Hotchkiss. Pound for pound, that is the most devastating tank in the game.

    My ingame handle is Paulus. I'm Div Com of CB3. Let me know how your research goes.

  36. If i am to understand correctly
    I start playing a T54 with zero battle experience
    For the first 10 Battles, i a matched on the lowest tier spread possible for that tank

    After 50 battles, the matchmaker will continue to find battles for me as the matchmaker currently does now.

  37. I agree with a "smart" matchmaking system, however I think it is way simpler than what is being described here. The match makers should NEVER have more than a 3 tier spread, total. That means, if I'm running a tier 5 tank, I should NEVER run against anything lower than a tier 4 or higher than a tier 6. The only exception to this is arty that I'm running against. Those should be shifted -1 in tier (tier 3 to 5 for the same battle).

    I know that tanks with 500 games to their name might have a better crew and better upgrades, it still doesn't change the fact that those tanks should NEVER be running against tanks 5 tiers higher than itself.

    Although I also agree that using your skill and working as a team (which 90% of players fail to do) is your best asset, it is completely unfair to start a match with drastically unbalanced tiers. I don't care how good you are, a Leopard is NEVER going to damage a Maus. And don't tell me "Leo is a scout tank" because you can use almost ANY tank as a scout, if you have the skill to sit still & not shoot at anything (I dare you). YOU CANNOT do a same-to-same skill assessment if the playing field is spread so far apart. It's the same as driving a formula one race car. If your cars are only allowed to have a certain range of horsepower, handling characteristics, and so on... The only variable left is the actual skill of the drivers because the playing field is as close to equal as possible when you started. Why is this any different?

    When your break this down to the simplest form, we're really just talking about simple math. And that's exactly how any human made match making system works anyway. A tank is assigned a "skill value" based on points of data collected about that tank. What match maker currently fails to do (if it even exists right now) is put a cap on the levels that are allowed to battle each other (all data points accounted for).

    Fix that fundamental issue and this game will truly become a game of skill matching, not just match making.

  38. Honestly I think MM was better before monday.

    Whatever happened this week has lead to superstacking the same tank multiple times in the same team, while giving the other team 0.

    us server

  39. for me the main problems with the MM are:

    1) unbalanced artillery, exemple:
    a team with 2 higher tier arty and the other team with 3 arty from lower tiers. it might sound balanced but it's not. the 1 more shell raining over your head make a huge difference.

    2)unbalanced numbers of heavies and mediums in the battle, exemple:
    something that happens a lot, 3 kv's in one team and 2 Pzkw IV and 2 M4 in the other team. those medium have to be excelent in their matches to overcome the difference, something that hardly happen in the game. it happens a lot too with panters, pattons, etc.

    3) unbalanced numbers of scouts:
    sometimes a team have no scout and the other have 2 or 3. or even worse, a team have no scout, the other team have 3, and no arty in the match.

    4)compare a TD with a heavy:
    it happens quite often, put a Jgtiger against a IS-4 for example, the TD can win the duel, but only in excelent conditions, good hiding spot, no arty on him, some luck, etc.

    i think the best improvement to the matchmaking is:
    put the same number of heavys, meds, scouts, artys, tds etc in the same team. if a team have 3 heavys, the other team must have 3 heavys too, same for the others. they dont have to be the same tank, or even tier, but the same role.

  40. Heh, I had a feeling Overlord would try phrase the results in the most glowing terms possible. This isn't an issue that's dividing the community; this is an issue the community clearly feels very strongly negatively about.

    A more accurate way to display the results are in numbers who either think the system is good or bad, Average responses which represent no strong feelings in either direction are neutral responses and can be removed. Once this is done you end up with 11% of the responses saying the Matchmaker is good, versus 61% saying it is bad. Pretty clear where the weight of responses are.

    An even more smashing way of putting it is that 89% of respondents think the matchmaker is Not Good.

    I don’t see how there is any debate on whether or not the Matchmaker needs serious improvement. This is a core feature used in every battle played in the game outside of Clan Wars, it sets the stage for the experience to follow. This is something that should be done well enough that more than 11% of the players are really happy with it. And it should definitely be done well enough that you don’t have over half of your players actively disliking it.

  41. What happened to the gold/free xp/premium counter from the old own profile part of players in the community portal? I miss that.

    Also, no matter how it gets spun in the administration, the dead horse which is MM will continue to be beaten, until serious action is taken. Course, as that's been going on for months, that shouldn't be a surprise.

  42. Q: Overlord, why is it Russian tanks only at the backround on the US community portal? :>

    A: Ha! Good point, think we will fix it.

    Why EU portal have only bad looking background?

    Even china WoT have a cool background. EVEN!

  43. @David, apparently you haven't read the battle mechanics. You can not scout with almost any tank. There are specific tanks that maintain their spotting ability whether they are on the move or stationary.

    The trick to all of this has already been clearly stated: players need to read and comprehend the battle mechanics, they need to assess their vehicles correctly and teams need to work together.

    For you gamers that feel that everything needs to be even and fair, you listened to your grade school teachers too much. The world isn't fair and everyone and everything isn't equal. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. If that still bugs you, there are arena games out there for you where everyone is equal.

  44. Please publish the matchmaking value of all individual tanks.

  45. We are IMHO getting back to the point, where heavies should be matched with heavies etc. Why? Playstyle. Heavy tanks just go and shoot (cum grano salis ofc) - but mediums have to actually move in packs and flank, otherwise they'll get chewed up. Typically, while M4 can destroy a KV theoretically without too much difficulty, practically it has to have the right gun, it has to close in and it has to attack the hull. That's a lot of conditions, especially when the KV can oneshot it with the trollgun. As much as I'd like to assume that people in mediums will play appropriately to their tank, they always never do, some tools rush the heavies head on etc. - and it's not really just them who pays the price, everyone else on their team loses too. So, please - match heavies with heavies at least.

  46. Hay overlord, how would it be to not just limit the tier spread?
    also lower the spread always to be able to play just with tanks tier 5&6 or tier 7&8 in a battle?

    Artytanks could be handled like they are 2 tiers higher.

    would give us the possibility to have more tanks which can actually fight against other tanks... what does a kv1s do vs a tier10 tank?

  47. Lol... talk about skewing the statistics.

    One way to see it is that 10% of the players are happy with matchmaking, 30% are content with matchmaking and 60% are unhappy with matchmaking

    Then again I'd say that the people who consider it average wouldn't complain if the matchmaking got better, so its probably more 90% would like to see matchmaking improved while 10% are happy with it the way it is.

    Smart matchmaking = The worse luck your having with a tank the worse it will get? =P

  48. 1. Number of arties in teams should be limited. 4 or more arties (especially from 6-8 tiers) is just crazy and such battles sucks.

    2. It is terrible that sometimes top tanks in one team are 4 heavies and second team has 4 mediums. I have seen matches where enemy had in top 4 KV and we had against them 2 PZIV and 2 PZIII/IV.

    3. Some tanks have to big spread. For example Sherman Jumbo has so weak guns that it is almost totally useless against 8 and 9 tier tanks. I had evening with almost only such battles. In every battle i was attacked by Type, Lowe, IS4, E75 and so on. With 128 mm pen and 115 damage I was so dangerous... After something like that you starts thinking about living this game. So limit tiers spread for such undergunned tanks, or do something to prevent such series. I can always change tanks cose I have many 8,9 or 10 tiers, but people who just started to play and are grinding their first line can get angry and leave WoT.

  49. Notet this --> The matchmaking must take into account the average exp of each player for his/her tank. This is most important for the high tiers in each battle. Let's say each team has two IS4's. All four IS4's has 150 battles each. The first team IS4's have an average exp of 1050 and 950. The second team 550 and 700 exp. A exp difference this large will usually decide the random battle (!!). The IS4's are that powerful in random battles. A players average exp with a tank take into account the skill of the player, upgrades and more.

  50. This idea about "smart matchmaking system" isn't smart at all.. it is seriously dumb, to be honest.

    Someone will use his converted free experience and will drive around in fully equipped tank and will be matched against stock tanks, just because he doesnt have a specific number of battles played on one tank.

    On the other hand - underperforming noobs that are just rushing and dying all the time, gathering 200-400 experience per battle with their high tiered tanks will be matched against people that have a high amount of battles played just because they like the tank or are grinding credits with it...

    It will screw the balance even more..

  51. Can be depending on how your view about MM is as well. It can be exciting and challenging to have odds against us, that's what "fighting spirit" is as well. But it is pretty common to whine and complain about everything that doesn't go "our" way always...LOL..remember it is a game enjoy it.

  52. There is only two things wrong with the matchmaker in its current form:

    1. It will assign up to 18 artys in a match.
    2. It will assign all meds or TDs to one side.

    Q:How loong does 600 russian developers need to fix this?

  53. @Runeruler First off, I have never seen or heard of 18 arty in one fight. That doesn't mean it hasn't happened. I have seen some with 14 and that could be said to be bad. However, any business effort must try to keep all of their customers happy. If there are a lot of arty queued up, those customers require a game JUST AS MUCH AS YOU DO. If there aren't enough tanks left to pepper the arty that is left in queue, they have to be placed in a battle. Yes, I said HAVE to because the game and the company's business directive is larger than you and anyone else who would whine about this particular aspect of matchmaking without thinking through the entire issue before putting your thoughts down. These arty heavy match ups that occur occasionally is a non-issue. Now, let's move on.

    Too many TD's on one side...hmmmm. That means they have to play defensively and YOU have to play cautiously. If you can't figure that one out, you have not progressed beyond novice in your ability. Issue dead; let's move on.

    The only thing wrong with the matchmaker is its inability to place skilled players against skilled players and noobs against noobs.


  55. Q: Not to sound impatient, but will we get it this week or do we have to wait a little more? :)

    A: Peliminary tiers for companies: 4/45, 6/60, 8/90, 10/150.

  56. Q: Why EU portal have only bad looking background?

    A: Dont you like the King Tiger in the front? I like it!

  57. grrrr, you are not right, MM is quite good, he needs only some improvements

    And proposition of improvement, which Overlord showed us here, is in my opinion very good. It wil be very helpful for people in many stock tanks (for example VK3001P, maybe the worst stock in this game). But it would be great if system was able to recognise people who improved tanks with free XP before first battle, and don't use this limitations for them (I quite often collect free XP to have elite or almost elite tank from first battle).

    Of course there always will be someone not satisfied. TBH, I would like to have always all enemies 2-3 tiers lower then my tank ;)

  58. Overlord said...
    Q: Not to sound impatient, but will we get it this week or do we have to wait a little more? :)

    A: Peliminary tiers for companies: 4/45, 6/60, 8/90, 10/150.
    October 16, 2011 11:25 AM

    wat this means?

  59. The format is pretty much the same used for the Ural Steel tournements. The first number is the max tier allowed in the battle and the second number is how many total tier 'points' you can have.

    For example, the current option is 10/150. Max tier tank allowed is 10, and with 150 points allowed that means you can have a team of 15 of them. (The average CW team comes in a bit under 150 due to using a couple mediums and SPGs which top out at tier 9 and 8.)

    By contrast the 6/60 option means the max tier allowed in the match is 6, and if you did a team of all tier 6 tanks you'd only be able to bring 10 to the fight as that would be 60 points worth, 6x10. If you want to field a full 15 tank team in this division, you'll have to bring some tanks below the max tier allowed to make the points stretch. Since you can't just fill a team with max tier tanks these lower divisions should have much more varied teams than are seen in the current CW where they are pretty much cookie-cutter.

  60. @Blizzard36

    "For example, the current option is 10/150."

    This is for CW teams, for company battles the current (and only) option is 10/90.

  61. The matchmaking system is fine as it is. A spread of tiers and light/med/hvy/td/spg keeps the variety good. Sometimes you are the weakest tank around by far - that's fine! Be bait, lead the enemy into a trap. Or at worst, find the big bad tank destroyer for the team by getting shot to bits.

    Stop whining!

  62. Match making isn't fine if you haven't noticed. Weight wise matching up nothing but mediums against a team of heavies doesn't make much sense.

    In all honesty, would it not be better to have it so each time the matchmakeing system is drumming up a match, it chooses a preset 'Slot Design' where it has slots based on Class and Tier? I dunno, I'm just conjecturing at this point.

  63. @Magos Teams of mediums, if played correctly, can wipe out a team of heavies. It still comes back to learning how to play your vehicle. Nothing new here.

  64. First: I do NOT care if a am matched up ageinst stronger Tier enemies, that's how things should be. This post is about uneven tier spread.

    Hi overlord, I made a lot of screenshots these days and I uploaded some of them. Some with really bad inbalance, some with minor issues. In some of them has my team supposedly better tanks(they did not always win), in some the other team. I would just want to know some infos why the stuff happens. And if it is wanted or not.
    Sometimes the Platoon seem to mess things up really badly(and Tier 5 Platoons r coming :() and sometimes Mediums (especially Tier 8 mediums) seem to be responsible for uneven tier spread.


  65. PS: I know that these few screenshots have no statistic value.

    PPS: I just hate to see tanks of different Tiers in the same line.

  66. @ WP: Use the trollgun in Jumbosherman. USE HE! The tank is absoluteley wonderful. If matched up against high tiers: Go second row + hull down. U r able to damage everything with He and you'll do ~170dmg per shot with 105mm Howitzer. Flank the enemy Heavies and be a pain in the arse. Hide and shoot. An enemy E-75 will not be able to battle a IS-4 if u do 170dmg every cupple of seconds. Miniderp is great for bigtrololo on Jumbosherman.


    Go derp - go suber troll

  67. Will IS-4 keep S-70 after move in Tier X?
    If not is any posibillty to get BL-10 on it?

  68. One thing I don't like about the matchmaker is how it stacks vehicles in one team. For example, there are 3 E-75 in the match and they almost always are in the same team. I've seen things like 6 PzIV on one side and none on the other. IMHO the 30 vehicles selected for the game should be spread more or less evenly between teams in case of multile copies of the same tank (in the above example - 3 PzIV for one team and 3 for the other).

  69. @ General_Jack_T_Ripper

    I know, but in many situtions i can make more damage with 76 mm due to huge difference in RoF, and I hate such unprecise guns like 105. It is usefull only in short range fights.

  70. If your intent is to leave the tier structure the same in the reworked MM, then it too will be a failure. That's one of the roots of the problem.

  71. @WP: I did hate them too. BUT: Try it. Try it like 10-20 matches.

  72. @ General_Jack_T_Ripper
    Tried, and maybe stay with it for longer. Doing 50 prc damage to Jagdpanther with one shot was funny :D.

    And surprise, 2 snipers in dozen of battles ;)


  73. US-Server getting new MM on next server restart in a few hours and .eu????

  74. I will digress for a moment here...

    From reading all your posts you're obviously a proponent of inconsistency and, for some reason, are under the impression that this is more than just a game and a product that a company sells. What people are doing here is voicing their opinions (not yours) on what they think needs to be improved in this game (not what needs to be improved about Steve). I noticed that you chime in once in a while to flame people because they don't play like you think they should be playing. Case in point, you're outnumbered so there is some weight in that fact.

    That being said, I have read the battle mechanics inside & out. I understand what is written in those pages. I also understand that I have personally used non-scout tanks to scout and have succeeded at it. Was it my skill at that did that? I seriously doubt it. It was some code in a program on a server that allowed me to do what I was doing. And in contrast, it is that same code in a program on a server that doesn't and shouldn't allow certain things to happen. Now, if you're a software (game) developer and would like to share some intricate details of how this works at a coding level, please enlighten us all....

    I fully understand that this game cannot be equal all the time. The human variable (me AND YOU) are unpredictable data points. But, there is nothing wrong with the developers giving EVERY player as flat a playing field as possible within their ranks. It's how anything and EVERYTHING competitive is done. There is absolutely no point in competing (yes, pubs are competitions, not just clans and companies) when your skill and teamwork isn't what determines the outcome. If that's not how you think competitions should be handled, then you should probably write your own game that no one will play.

    As for me and lots of my friends, I enjoy playing games when I have the spare time. I am not asking the developers to make this game easy but only to make it more even. I have stopped putting money into this game and will most likely start moving to other things. If Wargaming.net sees nothing wrong with that, then they are in the wrong business.

    Hopefully Overlord (or whoever) has seen my opinion (its just an opinion) and might put some of it to action. If not, it's fine with me as I have no vested interest in this game.

    I will no longer digress into this conversation. That is all...

  75. Really really simple - 3 tier spread max.

    A tier 5 should only meet tiers 4-6, not mostly tier 6-9 + some scouts. A tier 6 should only meet tiers 5-7 not mostly tier 7-10.

    A game where you can't damage 3/4 of the enemy team by more then 1% a shot from any angle and they can one shot you is no fun.

  76. Hopefully the fixed going in next server reset will address some of these concerns.

    I have noticed there has been tweaking of some of the Premium tanks, Matilda, Ram-2 and a few others. My Ram-II has consistently drawn tier 7-8 fights, this is a noticeable change as it used to draw consistently tier 5-6 fights. The Matilda just started a few days back drawing consistent tier 7 battles. I still plug away with em, just now I know they will often be in fights where they are entirely support roll only. I have also noticed the Type 59 in a number of battles where it by far out tiers most adversaries on the map. This is not cool at all, on that note still seeing T-50-2's and T-50 as the top tier of the match. These tanks were designed to combat tanks of much higher tiers and are devastating in even or lower tier matches.

    Would be nice in the end for the MM to match within a range based on tank class [artillery, scout, td or tank]. I think there should be a separate pre-mm stage to match making though, all modules should be added up and averaged out. The mean of the modules then becomes the tanks new tier and entered into the mm for que up. This way better equipped machines aren't treated as the same as stock machines. It would also effect the premiums as they would be middle for the tiers more often than not.

    I agree the H38 is over powered for tier 2, no argument there.

  77. TD's should be +/- 2 tier's
    Artillery should be +/- 3 tier's
    Scouts should be +/1 2 tier's
    Normal Tanks should be +/- 1 tier

    Tanks tier should be the average rounded up of modules actively in use. Tighter tier matches would lead to more balanced fights. It would also point out or illustrate which tanks are overpowered for there tier range. If a tank statically wins more than any other in the same tier, it should be looked at and investigated to see why it holds the lead. Things like xp to unlock, credit cost, module's research able and hard-coded stat's all can contribute to a tank becoming overbalanced.

  78. Skill is the unknown in any objective look at a tank. It can be, set aside, if enough data is collected to show the average winnings of the tank type. Thus removing skill from the conversation about a tanks status as under or over powered for its tier.

  79. I wonder if we are talking about the same PzKpfw 38H735(f). Last time I drove the thing, it gets wrecked by loltraktors (relatively close range, mind you). Hardly as good as it was, so I hardly consider it over-powered. Over-rated by MM: yes, but not OP. Everything at its tier can kill it easily.

    As for the MM, I gave it an average rating. It works, but nearly as often as it has been stated. My personal thoughts as to how to balance the Random Battles would be the narrow the tier spread, as many above have suggested. Oh, and this, "Oh the tier 4 tank has a tier 6 gun, so it has tier 6 weight" type is, IMHO, crap. Said t4 can still get most likely 1-shotted be even a stock t6. I know, I know, "L2P your tank right, noob." I here that a load as well, almost like they are the absolute best WoT player ever. Other people know how to aim and shoot as well as the next player. Enough deaths happen to 'lucky' shots (ie. 1 shotting a T-54 with a VK-3601(H)) The tier, I thought there was a 'set' thing, and, understandably, higer tier tanks get higher tier fights. I can handle t6 in fights with t9. Not a problem. The tier 6 has a decent chance to actually do something even if it was left alone to fight a tier 9. But tier 4 in a tier 9 fight? Come on. That's a little beyond any expected challenge. If the lowest tier can not honestly do anything to the top tier, I doubt they should be in the same battle. Just spotting when no one is shooting at what your spotting does nothing. I have played most of the light tanks in this game to date, and I have fun avoiding the big tanks and lending my eyes to the team, but, most cases, I will die in vain, without the ability to even cause a crit to the enemy heavies I always seem to find, while my team eats up the only other tanks I could of done something to. I have tier 10's and I find it a bit insulting that I see tier 5's (unplatooned). They are 1 shot, lack-of-skill-to-kill targets at tier 10. At that level of the game, I would love to be challenged by people in roughly equal tier that have a good chance to actually destroy me.

    There's more, but, I leave them for a different time, if called for.

    Hroden, signing out.

  80. "Driblle said: ...A game where you can't damage 3/4 of the enemy team by more then 1% a shot from any angle and they can one shot you is no fun."

    This is they key. When you sit in a t6 tank and you have to face against t9 tanks thats not fun at all. They can 1 or 2 shot you till if you hit them you hit them around 1-5% hp.

  81. '60% of the voters think that matchmaking is either poor or bad, while 40% reckon it is average+.'
    You are either trying to piss everyone off or you get dumber and dumber every week there at WG. 40% people voted average plus? Yes, thats correct, tho you would be right to mention that 35% of them voted its average, the other 5% voted good, very good. Besides classifying average as a good thing with a game of that standard is just DUMB. Average is Not Good Enough.
    Not that it matters, but you really do every single thing to suck our money and piss us off. And those riddiculous camos... You lot are JOKES if you think im going to pay real money for that.

  82. 'There is only two things wrong with the matchmaker in its current form:

    1. It will assign up to 18 artys in a match.
    2. It will assign all meds or TDs to one side.

    Q:How loong does 600 russian developers need to fix this?' Props for that, and where the fuck is the answer?

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