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Monday, October 17, 2011

EU Online Record

Following the example of RU side, the EU server reached first serious record on October 16, 2011 showing CCU (concurrent users) of 52.969 players.

Thanks everyone and waiting for 100.000!


  1. Ooooohhhh... Renault FT-17.

    -NA server, Deathskyz

  2. That tank is ugly as hell - But I think it'e because of the camo?

  3. You guys need to get on Steam so the NA can have more people on it.

  4. and you guys are talking about the tank...

    Everyone here always go on about how the US is best, well c'mon peeps, don't let the Euro's beat us at a numbers game!

    Awesome work brothers in arms, just wishing it would take off as well here also. Salute!

  5. Ye but look at server numbers at other times. I've watched it drop below 5,000! Hurry up and sort things out please before everyone just get's fed up of your nakered spotting system, rediculous balance, critical hit's with no damage, "looks like that went right through" with no damage. Personally I want an option to de-select map's I don't like, would happily que for a bit for it.

  6. When will the reply thread for "You Ask, We Reply: Upcoming Tanks" be up on the NA forum? Hopefully I will get answers to my queries

  7. Nah, the reason is because it's french.

  8. And overlord's blog reach the 3rd mililon views;-)


  9. As far as my memory goes, the Renault FT-17 was the base design from which the Russian T-18 was built (also known as the MS-1).

    There was indeed a lot of people online the weekend. Proudly one of the them.

  10. Q: And overlord's blog reach the 3rd mililon views;-)

    A: Yup, just noticed that. :)

  11. yeah, i finaly could trade my VK3600H for a Tiger this weekend :D

  12. show us some horn sound! meep meep

  13. Ok.jpg


  14. Come up with a pay card for buying gold please

  15. There's no hopes for them to expand at this point in NA. It's over. Their poor actions and lack of other needed actions did this game in, it'll never expand exponentially at this point in NA. Battlefield 3 is out next week which is a superior overall game in basically every facet, MW3 for others in Nov, and SWTOR in Dec. WG made their bed blowing off NA, and now they have to lay in it.

    At this point, they have to work on their actions and treatment of NA players and just cross their fingers that their reputation doesn't carry over with them into WoWP and WoBS, or they're going to miss out on one of the largest, free-spending gaming networks in the world again.

  16. As it were, when is the Panzer II Ausf J coming out? I didn't see it on the 'To-Do list' and figuring that list is malleable as it is, I figured it'd be easy enough to slip one little premium light tank in, more so since at demonstration accounts in the booths you guys have, you happen to have it available.

    I mean, it has to be fun to use a Panzer II with 80mm of front armor. It'll out preform the Hotchkiss in Tier II, if it does come out at that tier.

    What can I say? I love the little tanks.

  17. @william
    There is a pay card for World of Tanks gold, its called Ultimate Game Cards. Get them from CVS or Gamestop

  18. Its not like BF3, MW3 or TOR are direct competition for WoT. They are completelly different games. Also WoT is totally free to play.

    I played BF3 beta, its NOTHING like WoT.

    Iam going to play TOR, and its nothing like WoT again.

  19. What will be reward for us? Some gold gathering instead of free exp will be good :p

  20. Q: What will be reward for us? Some gold gathering instead of free exp will be good :p

    A: Sure thing. As soon as you beat RU server. :)

  21. Q: Its not like BF3, MW3 or TOR are direct competition for WoT. They are completelly different games. Also WoT is totally free to play.

    A: Exactly. BF3 is not our direct competitor.

  22. More people are going to be focusing on the real AAA games this fall. There's no arguing that. I'm not in a different case. I follow WoT's updates, but I have yet to reinstall the game on this PC since reformatting. If someone is "that" into an arcade tank shooter experience, then sure they may go with WoT. But for most gamers who play a variety of games, and AAA games at that, WoT will not see an influx of these players to increase it's player base, it's not going to happen the way WG flubbed how they managed their NA community and support.

    It won't be direct competition, but they are indirectly at competition for your game time, and gaming money, like it or not. Not to mention that the immersion of the tank battles in BF3 is just unmatched, with so much enticing your senses, many would fine it more appealing anyways. The audio, visuals, and feel of the tank combat there is just an overwhelming experience that many would love.

  23. BF3 may not be a "direct" competitor. But is one None the less!

    "Also WoT is totally free to play."

    Then give me my $100 back!!! :P

  24. Overlord you are VERY Naive if you think the player base of this game is not extremely close to that of BF3 and the like. I for one am only not play BF3 because the cut steam out to pad their own pockets.

  25. Everyone else was kind enough not to point this out, but if RU server has seen over 130k online at one time, and the EU server has seen 50k (give or take) then clearly the NA server is not as much of a high-priority. you satisfy your player base (especially when you have 2 million) before you go out looking for new players. NA would be the "new players". *waits on the heat of the flamers*


  26. Anything going to be done about credits or lack thereof while playing Tier 8+ tanks?

    If not I won't be playing this game much longer, yes I have 340 days of premium left but ALL of the fun of the game is rapidly leaving due to the fact that on average I spend around 18k for repairs, ammo, repair kit (thanks arty) and then b/c of random matchmaking end up on the losing team most of the time on my hvy's and only make back around 8k, thus losing 10k for around 200-300 xp.

    So the FUN factor is gone now its just a slap in the face because even with premium account not able to break even let alone make any money to be able to buy the next tank in the line.

    I feel as a premium member if you are not going to adjust credits then they should get half off repairs and ammo for being premium account holders, I have spent more in my Preimium account membership than what it takes to buy over 3 lowes (old price) and basically 2 now! And they make way more money on a f2p account its just not right.

    Don't get me wrong its been a fun game in the past but this has really burned me I am ready to just quick even trying because trying is futile.

    I just wish there was another tank game already out in the gaming world, but at least I can count on the fact that another comany is bound sooner or later to come around and offer there own tank game.........

  27. There is another tank game out Skeleton, or I should say another game with tanks, BF3. It only has 2 MBTs (which are up-gradable), so it doesn't have the vast selection of tanks like WoT, nor the detailed target box, but it's atmosphere, visuals, feel, and especially audio has already provided me the most incredible OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS moments ever in any tank in any game. You feel the gun fire, you feel the RPG's/enemy shells/air-to-ground missiles hitting you, and you feel like you're driving these tanks due to said visuals, feel, and audio. The intensity is unmatched.

    I was ruined because after playing it, it's hard to look at WoT again. WoT looks like a N64/PS1 game next to it (not quite 8-bit/16-bit bad lol). And it's audio is possible the best ever in any game, period.

  28. Overlord, since half? part of russian belongs to EU we won.

    So give us gold now! :)

  29. on the coat tails of skeleton I will say. This is the Only... ONLY game I have ever heard of or played that EVER punishs you for reaching the end tier of content.

    "Congrats you got a tier 10, no go play your tier 5 more or give us 50 dollars for a tier 8 so you can actually play it."

  30. Gotta admit, BF3 and TOR aren't direct competitors, but they are with no lack of certainty going to siphon most if not all of my playtime from WoT. They are the major players for a huge chunk of the current playerbase in North America.

    Much though I love WoT, if BF3 is as good as promised, etc...it's a tough market for the American gamer's heart. And we're too inconstant to ever be expected to stick with one game without addictive gameplay that is a reward in itself. WoT has that, but only in fits and starts.

  31. i hate to say it but as said before they have cred lose in higher tiers to keep people playing more than just tier 8,9,10

  32. i for one like having a wide tier spread to play
    its sad most NA players are spoiled brats who either want it exactly there way or they wanna have no part in it this is proven exactly from the numbers on EU and RU i had awsome balance on ru with so many on at one time

  33. I'm using a premium account and only lose credits when driving Tier X. Below that it's very rarely happening to have a minus outcome and I'm only playing random battles.

  34. оверлорд лучше скажи когда ориентировочно ожидать тест сервер с 7,0.

  35. @skeleton
    [i]Anything going to be done about credits or lack thereof while playing Tier 8+ tanks?[/i]

    If you are not managing to get credits on Tier 8 and Tier 9 tanks when you're playing with a premium account, then that is basicly your own fault, not of the game.

    I'm not a great player, and so far i have not a very great win ratio when it comes to Tier 9 and some of the Tier 8 tanks (mostly under 50%). BUT i DO make a profit with them all.

    Not a great one, and not in every game, but still an average over 5000 on Tier 9. As far as i can see the only Tier that will pretty much always cost credits is Tier 10, (not that i own or even aspiring to own any Tier 10), but i'm sure a good player still can make credits here.

  36. Ovi:
    Nice idea to beat RU server, but this is not real. So no reward. Never mind, WoT is funny without reward, but with is more funniest :p

  37. Maybe Devs should implement dificulty settings for some players who would like to have it easier, maybe in settings to click box and duble their HP, or gun damage, and for one who want it piss easy, to make their tank indestructible :P

    I m premium user, spent so far bit over 150E and have no problem with that as game is fun.
    I also have friends who didnt spend any money and still have tier10 tanks , its bit harder for them but still its fun.
    There is many games out there in some way better in some way not, its something that only individual can decide, for me this is uniqe game, BF3 is i would say just alright and i dont think is similar to this in any way.
    Devs are doing good job and constantly improving game so at least here i can always look forward to something new.

    O and as its said post before with premium only leazy players cant break even with tier8-9 tanks, and personaly i m also making small ammounts of money with them.
    With Devs making t34 premium tank they will give chance to all players to have tank for money making witch is nice gest to all players who cant afford premium acc or tank.
    Thats a big big plus in my eys.

    Congrats overlord on 3 000 000 viewers :)

  38. I have seen 2000 players several times recently and i suspect the trend is negative rather then positive.

    As soon as the greed is getting apparent to people they leave, and i think the demographics for this game is limited.

    Its a fantastic consept, but note delivered upon.

    After a year its still very much a beta game.

    Every patch has been a major disappointment so far, more often then not they have broken parts that had to be repaired in the subsequent patch.

    There is no reason to expect 7.0 to change this trend.

    But we are allowed to hope.

  39. Is server gonna handle with 100,000 users?

  40. i think WOT wood be a major hit if it was done like a game on Play Station 1 named *Panzer Front* it was the 100% realistic game ever made

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