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Thursday, October 13, 2011

CZ/SK Forums on EU

Přátelé a příznivci World of Tanks,
na základě Vašich dotazů a přání byla zřízena nová sekce tohoto fóra, zaměřená na třetí největší ne-Anglickou populaci na Evropském serveru. Doufáme, že se nová sekce stane často využívaným místem výměny názorů a informací a že poslouží k lepší komunikaci mezi Českými a Slovenskými hráči.
Novou sekci naleznete zde: link

Dear friends and fans of World of Tanks,
based on your questions and popular demand, a new section of World of Tanks Forum was founded. It aims at third largest non-English player community on the EU server. We hope that the section will help to promote communication between Czech and Slovakian players and that it'll become a frequently used meeting place and information and opinion exchange.
New section can be found here: link


  1. pls overlord give us turkish forum we open thread and ask them but your mod didnt help us

  2. Overlord, I'm czech and I'm stuck on the NA server, please, will there ever be a possibility of full account transfer?

  3. Q: Overlord, I'm czech and I'm stuck on the NA server, please, will there ever be a possibility of full account transfer?

    A: Yes, it is planned for future. We are developing this sort of functionality.

  4. Hey Overlord, i am from Serbia and i have trouble purchasing gold via credit card, will there be an sms pay option for us here in the near future?

  5. Niech ktoś kurwa zrobi forum po polsku!

  6. am slovak and i like idea of cz/sk WOT forum
    slováci do toho :D

  7. One of the first MMOs that have, and acknowledge, big cz/sk playebase.

  8. Czechoslovakia why did they Split?
    Czech & Slovakia together again?
    Czechoslovakia Tanks kicks Germany Tanks!
    Hetzer gonna Hetz!

  9. What is the first and second largest non-english community in WOT?

  10. Thanks ovi, nice job :).

    Masquevale: it is because we still understand our leangue vice versa, it is very similar. And whole word still take us like a czechoslovakia, not czech and slovak

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