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Friday, May 13, 2011

World of Tanks and Steam?

Everybody knows what Steam is, huh? It is a platform for digital distribution and communications (kind of a social network).

It allows you to find someone to play with, meet up with friends, see when your friends are online or playing games and join the same games together, connect with groups of similar interests, host and join chats, matches, and tournaments. Learn more about Steam.

There are over 1.000 games available and over 30.000.000 active user accounts on Steam.

Steam also has community featurees like forums and chats available in any game. What are swings and roundabouts of Steam for you? Should World of Tanks be available on it? Your ideas and thoughts are welcome here.

Unofficial WOT group on Steam.

Note. The previous post on WOT and Steam dated May 12 and the most recent comments on any of the older posts dissappeared because of technical issues with blogger.com.


  1. I wholeheartedly agree that Steam would benefit WoT greatly. I don't agree that Steam should be required for WoT, as that would alienate so many people that (for some odd reason or another) hate Steam.

    I would be very happy to see World of Tanks offered / advertised on Steam, because of how much more publicity it would receive. The features of Steam would also be beneficial with voice chat, auto updates and what not. I already play WoT through Steam unofficially, so it'd be nice to see official support. Go for it!

  2. Bad Idea, why would I pay for another program just to play this game? And why would WoT, wish to give up control of the servers? it maybe "cheaper" for the right now to have Steam host it, but you will lose in the long run. If WoT retains control and ownership of the servers then it's all yours. Steam is going to want their $$, and as the game grows it will make the "un-hooking" next to impossible.
    It would be a shame and a loss to see this happen.
    I would hope the Owners/Developers think long and hard before giving up control/autonomy and the real possibility of being able to do the proper thing for the Game and it's continued growth.
    You have made your way doing it "your" please continue too.
    Tyrson {AE-AC}

  3. I have to agree with Chewie 100%. It would likely help WoTs overall and increase the userbase substantially. Win/Win scenario in my eyes.

  4. @Tyrson - Steam is free. There is no paying for another program.

  5. Because a large portion of the North American PC gaming market already uses Steam, I think official support would lead to a significant increase in NA players but not without issues.

    In terms of cost I would imagine WoT would put Steam in a difficult position, considering that it is a free game. Steam obtains a portion of the sales cost, which would not be possible if it was distributed for free. If Steam ever agreed to provide WoT, they would likely only sell the proposed "boxed" edition.

    That being said, I'm not an expert on Steam's business model or practices.

    @Tyrson - In addition to what KCTitan said, Steam is a digital distributor, they don't force companies to use Steam servers as hosts.

  6. Putting ANYTHING on Steam makes money. Millions and millions of people have and use Steam, myself included. If WoT devs want to make more money, then having Steam assist in the distribution of the game would certainly help achieve that end. If you can get it on their featured games list, it would expose the game to millions of potential players.

  7. I completely agree with Chewie: Steam would be AMAZING for this game. You really need to put it on steam, no question about it. But some people have an irrational hatred of Steam, mostly stemming from the fact that when the service was first released years ago it was terrible. So requiring Steam might cause a lot of people to complain and you might lose some customers. So you should both have it on Steam and allow others to download a non-Steam version from your site, while encouraging people to use the Steam version.

    I used to be one of those people who hated Steam, but now I have seen the light and love Steam. I dont think there is anything else you could do that would increase the player base as fast as getting it on steam and getting it featured on the front page.

  8. Hi Ovi, your blog crashed somehow and a lot comments got lost. I guess bad back up :) I personally care less about steam. If it's helping the game fine. 12k players on the N/A server on peak time is not a lot.

    I would like to ask a general question regarding an older blog and forums. I would like to get a general order and maybe time frame for the future patches.

    Patch 6.4 - this week RU server and a week later N/A and EU server.
    End Mai
    Patch 6.5 - 2 new maps? Only? Or also new game modes. Clan wars beta. 4 weeks later. End June
    Patch 6.6 - new American TD line and Patton medium added. 4 weeks later.
    End July
    Patch 6.7 - German medium line changed. Maybe German heavy line changed with Russian tree. 4 weeks later. End of August.
    Patch 6.8 - French tree added and clan wars go life. 4 weeks later. End of September.
    I made this up. Patch numbers etc. But is this kinda the order or maybe time frame? It would be great if we would get some info, I know I'm impatient. Thx

  9. Q: Hi Ovi, your blog crashed somehow and a lot comments got lost. I guess bad back up :)

    A: Yup, bad luck.

    As for update questions, ready to speak only of 6.4 and CWs. The both will be released in May. The patch itself will go live next week.

    Please, back to the topic. )

  10. Thx, just a try to get more info :)

  11. Optional is the way to go I think. Which was the most prevalent opinion before blog crash ;)

    There are pepz who love steam and allready semi-using it.
    But allso pepz who will not have steam anywhere near their HD. Even if it means not playing WoT :(

    So if its not optional. forcing steam down pepz throats might make you lose more than gain.

  12. if people want to use steam ok. But don't make Steam a requirement for World of Tanks. I hate Steam and i hate to register game withs steam accounts just to play them. In addition way to many accounts get hacked and if you lose your account you don't just lose one game account but a lot of games.

  13. If you happen to have enough manpower to properly support steam and its features. Thats great!

    But the thing is, I dont think steam will just accept you in when you're a free2play game.

    Steam or no steam, does not matter to me. It should matter to you on the other hand, Steam got a very powerful marketing machine right there.

    WoT need all the marketing it can get, seriously.

  14. If you merge to Steam keep an independent version of WoT.I don't want to run a third party software to play WoT.

  15. For many gamers, steam/valve is a trusted storefront. Its something we are all comfortable using while playspan is not. Beyond that, and a larger audience, I don't know what steam would have to offer a microtransaction game.

  16. Only thing I do not like about Steam is that it always updates everytime you get into Steam; takes time to start playing a game.

    I hate steam. I once brought a game for $100 and found steam, which you had to have to play it,so bad that i stopped using the game after 3 usages.
    Please don't do this to me with W.o.T

  18. Steam may or may not be a good method to distribute WoT. But, I'm wary of doing so, because there is always the temptation to make WoT Steam-only, and this is something I would definitely hate. I'd rather see WoT independent.

  19. I think that Steam would certainly enlarge your NA market. Years ago I hated the program, but now I find it to be pretty convenient, and have bought a number of game through it. I'm with most other people here though, in that I don't know how you would get Steam to distribute it; I don't remember ever seeing a f2p game on there before.

  20. No to steam for me too please care for the no

  21. As long as I don't have to install Steam to run the game I don't care what you do or who you partner with.

  22. Otto-matic ReiffelMay 14, 2011 at 2:34 PM

    Having the game available through Steam, but not requiring Steam, would be a great idea.
    If you want a bunch more players get in touch with the TF2 team - play 50 games of WoT and get a hat :P

  23. Hi Overlord,

    Must admit that I have used steam for years, wouldnt worry me if it was mandatory, I link all my non steam games through it anyway (inc WoT)

    Curious what kind of things you guys have to do to validate enough so you can do it via steam?

    Thinking of doing gold purchase through steam?

    All the best


  24. No one need Steam!

  25. For people who already use Steam, it would be very easy to install and play WoT from Steam :).

  26. Steam is the last pease of shit. I didn't installed steam and in the Futur i will NOT install Steam. If World of Tanks will be use Steam, I kick World of Tanks form my HDD and will never play this game again.

  27. I never really understood the hatred against Steam. Imo its a great program with little to no problems.

  28. It's slow to load, with all it's bloatware, adverts, and useless messages.

  29. Blogger really is having some problems, this is the fourth time I've written this post.

    I'll keep it short this time. I don't like steam because it's very aggressive and demands that you play it's way. You have to use the same username in every game, you have to see the same friends in ever game and you have to patch a game before playing whether it's essential or not.

    I've no objection to doing whatever is required to let others, who can live with it's restrictions, use it with World of Tanks as long as it's not going to be required for the game and has minimal impact on the rest of us.

    Also, if you're going to put introductory gold packages for new accounts or similar on steam then they should be made available on other Digital Distribution networks like GamersGate and Impulse.

  30. "I've no objection to doing whatever is required to let others, who can live with it's restrictions, use it with World of Tanks as long as it's not going to be required for the game and has minimal impact on the rest of us."

    I absolutely agree with that.

  31. Excellent idea. Would sync buying gold with already established accounts and make playing with teammates much easier.

  32. Steam is the stupidest draconian big brother piece of crap ever conceived imo. Could very well be worse than Apple's IOS scam. Except Apple doesn't prevent you from using their phone if you hack it (yet, they have tried). If you misbehave on Steam you risk losing games worth hundreds of dollars possibly. Hence it's the worst program ever. Real gamers should be ashamed of using it.

  33. Please do not utilize Steam for World of tanks. There is a significant percentage of players who do not agree with Steam's business practices or who have had problems with them.

    If you do decide to use Steam, I can speak only for myself. As a player who has followed loyally through Beta and now into my second month of Premium play, I intend to keep giving you all money into the forseeable future. But if World of Tanks becomes Steam dependent, I will walk away from the game and uninstall it from my computer, and I will not play it again, ever. That's how serious I am about this. No game, no matter how good it is, is worth the "cost" of having to use Steam.

    If you need to do digital distribution, and I could see doing that for sure, use Direct2Drive or some alternative service please.

  34. U can have World of tanks on steam for those that have steam and the rest of u idots that dont know about steam dont have to use steam and it would be nice to have some more players to.

  35. I must admit I'm not a fan of Steam, it seems like a dark part of the internet dominated by capitalism not the founding principles of freedom. Apart from that I wouldn't mind, it would certainly put WoT on the map.

  36. "Steam is the stupidest draconian big brother piece of crap ever conceived imo. Could very well be worse than Apple's IOS scam. Except Apple doesn't prevent you from using their phone if you hack it (yet, they have tried)..."

    Can you elaborate perhaps? What is wroing with it exactly?

  37. There is nothing wrong with steam, its just people that are against everything that has the slightest touch of commercial profit.

  38. From a bussiness point of view opening a new market does make sense.However the company must take a hard look at the cost ratio of what % the payment to steam will be and the length of the contract vs how many new player base it might add with this service over time.I would guess with the 4 servers Wg has now around 200K player base range.But the member base for the U.S. market is over 15k online at peak. The big question WG must ask is why is the U.S market so low compared to the other.One of the main reason i think is due to the view of the games tends to be bias to russian and geman line is fine the way it is.To increase player base much more has to be done to correct this issue along with custmer service of releasing patch`s sooner to the market.

  39. Q: One of the main reason i think is due to the view of the games tends to be bias to russian and geman line is fine the way it is.

    A: Don't think this is a major reason actually.

    Q: To increase player base much more has to be done to correct this issue along with custmer service of releasing patch`s sooner to the market.

    A: Agree here. There is much to be done in this area.

  40. Overlord said...
    A: Don't think this is a major reason actually.

    Guess the point i was trying to make is the perception right or wrong is the view of players that the balance is off on some Nation tank lines. We all know no comany has the intent to design a toon or vechile to be a under preformer.However when you look at poster on the forums that complain about a issue.There is much larger % that view the issue the same way but will not post or air there concerns in any form of public media. So the big question is how does one change the perception? Will this increase the overall player base maybe but there is no way to be sure?. However one of major selling points for any product is for the players to believe that any company is fair and equal.As for player who in all games flock to what they view as FOTM that will never change. Gl in your choice of using stream i hope either way WOT will grow and last a long time. Peace

  41. An example of Steam failure.

    If you buy T-72 Balkans on Fire game via Steam you do not get the configuration file that is essential to tune up graphics a etc. this file is present in any CD version of the game.

    Steam did not advertise such missing file (you get half decent graphics out of a videogame) in their game version and their replies were inconsistent with all players who bought this game via Steam.

    Some random reference of this problem Steam never cared about:



  42. How will the automated ban system work for teamkilling? I ask this because many times I have seen someone end up with a teamkill because a crappy player drives in front of their line of fire, or a teammate rams an enemy that an Arty has fired upon. If a player is automatically banned every time they kill or accidentally kill a teammate then that immediatly puts said team down 2 tanks off the bat.

  43. Steam would be excellent for promotion of this game. I say go for it.

  44. NOPE NEVER OVER STEAM! I have Steam but WoT its better without Steam!

  45. I really don't like the idea...Yes, the userbase would grow, but I already see it coming that we have to pay for any additional content that will be patched in in the future. Wanna play those 2 new maps? 3,- €. Wanna have those new tanks in-game? 5,-€. No, thanks.

  46. "Gl in your choice of using stream i hope either way WOT will grow and last a long time. Peace "

    Thank you.

  47. Q: How will the automated ban system work for teamkilling?

    A: You can read here: http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/32543-team-kill-autosystem/

  48. TeamInfidel,

    no, we are not going to sell any additional content serarately. The current F2P model is to remain.

  49. Anonymous said:

    There is nothing wrong with steam, its just people that are against everything that has the slightest touch of commercial profit.

    I've nothing against Wargamming.net or Steam making a profit, its the steam software I have issue with

  50. Dont care for steam much.

    But I have a question about camo values, are they fixed for german TD"s, specially for Jagdpanther?

  51. Overlord, is there gonna be a bonus exp and money for people who decide to let the shaking on ?

    It's not fair that noobs who take it out get the same of the professionals who wants it more difficult.

  52. Q: Overlord, is there gonna be a bonus exp and money for people who decide to let the shaking on ?

    A: Of course no. It's kinda obvious.

  53. Overlord could you please post a detailed thread on exactly what WoT going to Steam entails?

  54. Most people that hate steam don´t ever used it, but heared from a friend of a friend that it is crappy.

    I dont have any problems with steam so far, used it for years.

    WoT need to have the latest version to play, so it does not matter that steam it updates automatically.

    And about account security, with the new system guard your account is only in danger if people know your account name + pw + the registered email account name and pw.

  55. steam is utter crap, bugs all the time, crashes and a lot of bugs, also don't forget about Steam's VAC (Valve Approve Cheating/ers)...

  56. Have nothing against Steam (accept these anoying updates). But do the WoT really need this? Theres so many options to pay for WoT now, so? Dont go for their 'credit cards database' its not worth of it - imo. You can do this better on your own.
    Its better to invest some time for internet Store with gadgets (for eg. t-shirts, mugs, militaries) or additional ads in TV or YT. :p


  57. Steam is brilliant, no bugs what so ever I have noticed, and I've used it for years.
    70% of PC game sales are over steam now so be silly of wargaming to ignore it. Also silly of people to say they would not play a game if its on steam as its probably the best way for a developer to make money.

  58. if (wot == steamOnly)
    return meNoPlayinAnyMore;

  59. I own 95 games on steam, got most of them through the amazing Sales (whole THQ collection for 50e? yes please) I also know how to turn off automatic updates, play games and download new ones/updates at the same time and most importantly PLAY GAMES IN OFFLINE MODE, because im not just some hater

    Steam has 30m users and 3m active everyday for a reason, it has done wonderfull things for the PC market and currently has 70% of the digital download markets (estimated by D2D and gamersgate[find your own source]) And come on, read up on who Gabe Newell is, he is easily one of the msot trusted independent ceo's out there, yay for steam!

  60. Here are a couple of quotes that I think will decide the issue:

    "Steam Support cannot remove the ban on your account"

    "The details of the ban will not be provided"

    "Your account may still be used to play single-player games and multiplayer games on unsecured servers"

    "You can not transfer your games to a different account"

    Who'd be stupid enough to put all his apples in one basket? Big brother is watching ...

  61. Steam smells!
    Buying Games about Steam isnt a argument.
    I never buy a game throu Steam.
    You want a bigger Lobby and meet up Friends?
    Use X-Fire its the same and better.

    So what could be a reason to use Steam?

    Also ive learned do DL and instal patches alone,and the best thing when i want it,so again no reason for Steam.
    Look at all the problems wich Steam made look at CoD,a lot of People who tried it hate Steam now,because Steam has abolutly no Support,BotMails are standart .

    I never buyed a Game with Steam,and i never would buy a Game with this crappy Software,if WoT needs Steam in the Future i deinstal WoT forever.
    Maybe you will win some new Players,but be shure you lost a lot of to.
    Steam is like cancer nobody needs it,but if there is existent its a slow dead!

  62. just check official steam forums for all the topics how it is bugged , crashing , hanging at a lot of things and so on..

  63. PR, good PR is everything.

  64. I agree that Steam will benefit from WOT, I DO NOT agree that WOT will benefit from Steam.

    Use the steam to advertise if you want and sell, but keep the game as it is.

  65. "Most people that hate steam don´t ever used it, but heared from a friend of a friend that it is crappy."

    Please don't speak for others. I've used Steam since Half-Life 2, and its okay, but I still wouldn't want WoT added to it.

  66. Kieme, that is up to the publisher/dev to fix with the tools steam provide anlong with the platform.

    The tools are there, the publishers set the prices and fix

  67. It is a good idea that way ... even Mac user can play World Of Tanks as long as it is free it is fine OverLord !!

  68. I know from experience that with games that are bought and downloaded through steam you have to use the steam version of any patch released. As opposed to a boxed game where you can use the dev's patch from the game website.

  69. Please port it to Steam. The current notification and in-game chat is inconvenient.

  70. If WoT requires Steam to play I simply wont play it, if not, than I really dont care what other ppl install on their comps, but steam wont appear on my computer ever.

  71. You do not need to release it on Steam, I have never seen a free MMO really strive on Steam. If someone wants to run the game from steam they can add WoT to the steam app through add a custom game.

    I see no benefits from using steam, you can use it to advertise, but other than that I do not see any benefits.

  72. to all those that say they dont know a f2p game on steam
    check out alien swar and get 3 friends pretty nice stuff

  73. Please don't make steam a requirement for playing WoT!!!

    I had some bad experience with this thing and I don't like it. Which means I won't use it again.


  74. I want WoT on steam because I want to see how many hours I have played it for! Lol, too many. .. Seriously I like steam, I like patching taken care of for me, I love the sales etc, I used to pirate games, now I buy ALL my games through steam because it's easy, reliable and cheap. WoT will grow a big user base on steam and this will give the game greater longevity. bring it on!

  75. Steam brought me to stop playing my loved COD. Horrible connection problems, no server choice etc. Since then - when it´s Steam: I´m out.
    I don´t support something like that in any way. Furthermore: In my opinion (and I´m in Games since PONG) Steams will ruin the future of gaming, so if WoT runs only on Steam: bye bye

  76. If you put this game on steam it will be easier to get my friends to join this game.

    off topic: I would really like to buy a kv-220 lot of people say they suck but i still want one because i plan to own all the kv tanks and the more premium ones you add the more money you will get from me

    also is there a forum to make suggestions because i have a few like the t-28e could make a good premium tank

  77. when we can expect wot on steam?

  78. Hi,

    I have added WoT manually to Steam. Then, I can easily Shift-tab to get mye friends list up and going. Also, voice chat is best in Steam.

    Another nice effect of Steam, is that is's screenshot function works fine on manually added games.

    WoT works on Steam today, so if people want to try it out, just add it manually. Then, when updates comes along, you have to open the client to download, since that does not work through Steam on manually added games.

  79. I already, sort of, use WoT on steam. I added the launcher as a non-steam game. That way I can still SHIFT-TAB to get the steam overlay to chat with friends, and all that sort of steam goodness. STEAM FTW! I would love seeing STEAM and WoT together!

  80. If these are to steam can be used to advertise more about the game, but the important thing is that word of tanks remain free to play. As for steam games are almost all paid makes me think that wot about to become, and I'm very sorry. I am willing to pay the premium, but not to pay to play!

  81. I am a hardcore gamer. I play multiple games.

    I was connected with my friends through MSN/ICQ/IRC before steam came out.
    I use Ventrilo/Teamspeak/Mumble to join my friends and talk. And we have a better sound quality than Steam.

    Steam does not bring anything to me. Actually, it's more of an annoyance:
    It uses part of my computer ressources
    It uses part of my connection/bandwith
    It prevents me from playing my game because there's a patch to download. (granted, that's irrelevant to WoT)
    When my connection is down, he's unable to check for updates, and prevents me from playing offline game! (WTF seriously.)
    It's often crashing, or has terrible troubles to update itself.
    It's spamming me with advertisement.

    I don't mind that you would adapt WoT on steam, but if you force me to use steam, or install it on my computer, I quit this game.

  82. steam has an increasing number of Free to play games.

    i have few problems with steam
    but i wouldn't like to see the end of WOT's own launcher.

    i'd advise that you sell a variety of packages
    through steam
    but don't buy into steam as a provider of voice chat or hosting.
    it's best left as an online shop.

  83. Steam plz! I'm lazy and likely won't play WoT until it's a one click install on Steam. Too many other games to play that are one click away in my library :\

  84. I disagree. Having seen how steam started i refuse to use it. If you will force people to use steam to play WOT, thats at last one costumer lost for you.

  85. I won't mind seeing WoT coming to steam as it is, since I launch WoT via Steam at the moment anyway. If you keep the launcher(like many games do on steam) it will be the best of both worlds because people will still be able to download it via worldoftanks.com if they don't want to use steam (plus it will split the download charge for servers when comes big updates).

    Also, you probably won't face the problem that have little little developers on steam, witch is not being able to push rapid updates on your own, because your updates are spaced and stable, and you never rollback them as far as I know.

    I really think WoT has became a title that is mature enough to be on Steam, the only problem you will eventually face is being victim of your success, the amount of new players could potentially cause lag issues.

    Plus, coming to Steam could encourage old players(post 7.0) to come back and enjoy the fancy new graphics and physics.

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