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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Victory in Europe Day. Congratulations and Gifts [FINISHED]

The end of World War II brought us into a new era of peace, with Victory in Europe day we pay tribute to those who struggled for a better future and the happiness we share today.

Within World of Tanks the holiday spirit was also felt. Wargaming.net has presented all tankers with  
  • 5 Extra Combat Rations (for Soviet tanks);
  • 5 Cases of Cola (for American tanks);
  • 5 Chocolates (for German tanks).
The gifts can be found in your depot.

Current status for EU server: finished.
Current status for US server: finished.
Note: only players registered prior to the start of scheduled maintenance on the respective server (May 8) are to get the bonus stuff.


  1. Thank you for the gifts. :-)

  2. Wow. Nice ;) Any MMO needs cool events to be more interesting. Good thing that WoT is going the right way ;)

    Looks like I kinda predicted in previous entry comments that we'll get free consumables xD Or maybe you followed my suggestion? ;D Anyway, thanks.

  3. Overlord,
    Thank you for this weekend.
    Happy VE Day!

  4. Very Thx ! ;)

  5. Thx. Very nice!

  6. Hi Ovi, enjoying this week end very much, thx to the team.

  7. Tnx.This is some sweet week end :D

  8. thank you very much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Honestly.. Ive already sold them.. Still struggling to get all the credits for tanks at low level. And the cash made a great contribution ^^

  10. The event lasts until the 10th when the servers go down for maintenance? So early in the morning of the 10th we still get the 5x XP bonus?

  11. Q: The event lasts until the 10th when the servers go down for maintenance? So early in the morning of the 10th we still get the 5x XP bonus?

    A: Yes, until the scheduled maintenance. 5 am UTC for EU, 11 am UTC for US.

  12. ...finaly i could feed my crews, they have forgoten what food tastes like:-)

  13. Thanks from Czech Republic ;) We are fighting with germany right now (hockey) ;)

  14. i heard today is your birthday (or maybe yesterday... i'm a bit drunk and confused :S)... anyway in case it's true... happy birthday :D

  15. Happy Birthday Overload

  16. You have heard it right. Thanks a lot, guys. :)

  17. Happy B-day!

    Have some Cola and Chocolate.
    Plus whatever Russian tankers were eating during WW2.

  18. any insight on the server maintenence? ;) the coveted 6.4 patch? So i cannot still pickup my 5x daily dubbles before the normal time that the server "changes" days? (i think i got confused with time zoning

    S dniom roždenija!

    (i think i got the translation right, well character formatting but... long live the t34!)

  19. Happy Birthday Overlord :)

    I would send you a 'cola' if I had the option.
    Hope your day went well.

    Take care,