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Friday, March 25, 2011

Release Prices for Gold

1. Only designated gold packages will be available (5 per server), ie it won't be possible to purchase custom sum of gold.

2. Gold packages will provide progressive discounts. The larger the package, the cheaper the gold in it.

3. The Gold available per 1EUR - 215-300 (depending on the package for EU server),  per 1GBP - 252-353 (depending on the package for EU server), per 1 USD - 179-250 (depending on the package for US server).


  1. I see what u did there :P

  2. Anonymous,

    shh! don't tell anyone. :)

  3. Hum, a bit expensive at this time, don't you think? I'll spend 10 EUR first and the we'll see how the game develops in the next few months,

  4. It seems to you to be correct that in the European servant exist I begin the month premium 10E of quota? In the servant Russians the month does it cost 7,50E because we the Europeans have to pay mas expensivly for the same product? And it raises they us try it to sell as if it was an offer? For that they take us as idiots?. It looks like to me an injustice that we have to pay 10$=10E when in the reality 10E it are 13$ at the rate of current currency. Because the Europeans we have to pay 3$ mas expensivly what in rusia and in ee.uu are 10$, can someone explain it to me with intelligent reasons of because us estan stealing in our own face?.

    A greeting from Spain

  5. I have to be an idiot... couldn't understand one sentence from post above...

  6. Retards gotta understand the Europe pay extra BECAUSE of VAT taxes.
    Or some other taxes that exist ONLY in Europe .
    Is it fault of wargaming ??? F**** no
    Retards always gona whine.
    Cry me a river children

  7. considering you can buy gold on the RU server at a flat rate, in varying amounts, i'm not really happy with the pricing for US/EU

  8. Overlord,

    I see some a small step towards better pricing. This is really the way to go. Looks like Wargaming did some thinking overnight and I hope this will continue for benefit of both sides - players and Wargaming.
    Would you say that there is a possibility that even bigger gold packages (with higher discount rate) might be introduced? IMHO 30k gold is package for roughly 4 months enjoyable level of gaming.

  9. if wargaming tries to fool me on european server with overpayed costs in EUR, I will pay in GBP.
    the prices they offer in GBP correspond approximately the prices they have on US-server.
    so don´t let me stop you ...

  10. 30 000 gold cost me 1/3 of my monthly paycheck . This isn't exactly fair. My payment is not the same as the payment in countries like U.K. or Germany.

  11. Wargaming will lose a lot of players in EU, because of that prices.But i doubt they care about that.

  12. I hate it to be the devils advocate, but you don't need gold to play this game. Yes it takes longer. But don't forget it's the tough games who makes you keep playing not the easy ones. If you are aiming for clan wars that's a different story, though. Ovi I'm curious about the sizes of the packages. Thx

  13. I'll use my name...

    Hi Overlord,

    Why the different pricing levels between NA/EU and the RU server? 179 a $1 got gold? really?

    How do you think that info will be received once it's in wider distribution? That 2 markets are being charged more than the "home" market. I thought you all wanted to move past the impression of a bias and instead you are making it a reality. 2 things that would be an out for you on this.

    1 announce the RU server is also going to a similar priceing package.


    2 go oops, 5 set packages? we didn't mean that. 250 gold a $1. Buy $1, buy $1000, all the same rate.

    If there is a flat rate per transaction cost to you for us to buy gold, then please let us know that as well. Other wise it just looks like the NA/EU markets are getting hosed.

  14. Again, what about fluctuating currencies, damn do really want to make everyday a calculation of how unfair. What if the $ is getting stronger? Or the £ weaker or one day we speak all Chinese. The only people I understand are the ones from eastern Europe. Who really have low incomes. But plz don't come with slight differences between $ and €. I have to say and it might be different with you above, the biggest penny pinchers are the wealthy ones. That's my life lesson and I worked in a lot different places and countries. So with every player complaining coming from a western country, I really don't care. If someone loses a 1/3 of his income that's a plight not you penny pinching rich guys.

  15. I have a question for the N/A server. The beta is coming to an end and more players signing up I have lately more lagging and crashes. I had never a crash before (kicked out of the game). Could it be the update 6.3.9? I would highly recommend nod checking this I believe when this game goes life you'll have much more players. Thx

  16. Anonymous,

    the figures in GBP were bugged, uploaded the correct image.

  17. Great, so US players won't be able to purchase a month of premium without overpaying.

  18. hi Overlord, I'm from Europe.

    2500g for a month of premium is not enough to play comfortably the game. (You need to convert Xp, credits, or other small stuff)
    Currently, we get 250g in-game on a daily basis, which feels appropriate.
    however, 250g daily = 7500g monthly = 30€ monthly.

    This is way too expensive for that kind of game.
    With such a price, I won't ever try to use gold ammo, gold consumables, gold.... anything. And I will be very limited.

    I feels like you're asking for a bit too much, I'm not sure I want to play the game any-more.

  19. Time to cancel the preorder.......

    Advantage Eastern EU seems to BIAS!

  20. I agree with previous posters about the flat rate for gold, and THE fact you can select a custom amount!


  21. Wow, clearly no economists working with WoT pricing. Cut the prices in half and see that amount of players that pay for gold more than doubles. I have played the beta for a month now (but had the account so long that I had 15k gold when I started playing) and even after receiving 250 gold daily I have managed to spend all my gold in a month. So to play the game the way I like it (I don't even use consumables or convert gold to silver) I would need about 10k gold each month...way too much for me and probably for everyone else when compared to other MMO's. Sure you can play the game for free, but it isn't any fun as you just keep thinking how much you are losing for not being able to buy enough gold.

  22. now for all big pockets: they will have a big benefit. they will have the monthly premium acc plus extra gold to exchange free XP and can shot gold ammo!
    all who have a small pocket: u all ( i include) will loose every match instead of shot by gold ammo from fiend. u must play a tier6 (or lover tank) two month or longer for playing a tier 10 tank for 2 matches. instead of get shot by a gold ammo user! IF we ever manages to earn one tier 9/ 10 tank before we give up with the game!
    i say WOW wargaming! thats big buisness! u can also choose your company name to KALASHNIKOV or BAE Systems or for the US SMITH & WESSON!

  23. gg guys, Im from europe and will use russian version. There i can get 5500gold for 15.52 euro.
    Wheres taxes now eh? EU got screwed over as always by most MMOs

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. IMO the problem is that you can't play a tier 7 or higher without a premium account, repairs are just too expensive. And that's a deal breaker.

  26. just a suggestion but dont you think that giving 3500 gold for 10 Euros will be at least a bit fair?? i mean if i spend 2500 gold on 1 month premium this means i need to spend another 7 euros to buy 1500 gold pieces to convert exp from premium tanks and to use gold rounds and stuff.. so i am already looking at 17 euros every month as a minimum amount... this makes me think if its worth paying that much every month or not.. seriously the prices need to be reconsidered as after a tier 7 tank you cannot play without premium

  27. i'm just curious, why do we not have a flat rate for gold like the RU server?

  28. I thinks that a lot of people reacts just like they should.

    1 - the game isn't finished yet.

    2 - there are some real power balance issues in game within the nations. So 80% of the server population will play just for 1 nation => we will get all bored, really fast. . .

    3 - too much "stuff" is linked to the gold (XP conversion, silver conversion, ..) sometimes it affects the game balance and equity (Gold Shells)

    4 - your "Pre-Orders” aren’t really balanced (i don’t know if the word Equity means something to the distributor??!!)


    XX.XXX Golds +1 tank (without possible upgrades) + 1 “free” slot - I suppose that it is for the tank you will receive anyway)

    A = Pre-order for 38€ =12.500 gold 12.500/38 = 328,94 Gold/1€
    B = Pre-order for 56€ = 18.700 gold 18.700/56 = 333,92 Gold/1€
    C = Pre-order for 75€ = 25.000 gold 25.000/75 = 333,33 Gold/1€

    As you can observe there isn't any “progressive” discount. When you get from B to C it cost even more!! WTF? Moreover the gap is even greater when you compare the USD prices! (see below)

    A = Pre-order for 45USD =12.500 gold 12.500/45 = 277,77 Gold/1USD
    B = Pre-order for 67USD = 18.700 gold 18.700/67 = 279,10 Gold/1USD
    C = Pre-order for 90USD = 25.000 gold 25.000/90 = 277,77 Gold/1USD

    Now lets have a look at the “normal” rates that are posted at the beginning of this threat.

    1.500/6,95€ = 215,82 gold/1€
    2.500/9,95€ = 251,25 gold/1€ = 1 months premium account
    5.500/19,95€ = 275,68 gold/1€ = 2 months premium account
    14.500/49,95€ = 290,29 gold/1€ = 5 months premium account
    30.000/99,95€ = 300,15 gold/1€ = 12 months premium account

    Conclusion? We will got some discount with the pre-order package, thats for sure, but they are unbalanced and we can’t say it is a “progressive” discount as it should be.

    I don’t know if there is any economist/marketeer working for Wargaming but I have some real doubts about it. Because what they are doing with the pricing is pretty amazing and counter-productive.

  29. BorisCZ,

    progressive discount applies to the release prices, not to pre-orders.

    The rest is your personal opinion, I won't argue with.

  30. Frankly, as much as I've enjoyed playing WoT in the last 6 months, finally having the OPTION to pay the developers is long overdue. I salute all your efforts!

    On another note, I've not found it definitively stated (and I searched for over an hour now) what the cost of a monthly premium account is going to be... I'm assuming it will stay as it is now, at 2500 gold?

  31. I like this game, but Wargaming.net really put their foot into their mouth with that pricing.
    It should be the same flat rate as the RU server, 10 bucks for 2500gold. 14,95 for 3000K gold is 200 gold for a dollar, not a good deal.
    Forcing the player to fork a hundred bucks to get the same rate of 1/250 is pure greed.

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. Hi. A few comments from a beta tester, who has been around since the beginning here in Europe.

    I believe that the amounts being charged for gold purchase everywhere are horrendous. I mean, I can buy TWO quite good new top of the charts games for about the same price as the heavy tank package here. Then I have two big-world quite different games with a lot of features and an immense amount of variety, vs. enough gold to get a few good things for a while and one questionable slow-moving heavy tank. Soon that gold will be gone (I have been in beta since the beginning, so I know how fast that gold can be chewed up).

    This is a fantastic game, but for those prices, it has lost its lustre for me completely.
    Too bad. Really too bad that there seem to be some very money-hungry extortionists connected to this otherwise great adventure.

  34. i agree the price are not well balance for us, but the game is well made beside the spotting system

    but i will be supporting the game development of this game in investing

    but i do hope you guy do change the price a little lower

    coz if guys like me that can pur cash out of the wazoo will be board to hell with people that cant even be in the same level

  35. This is exactly why they have been giving us that amount of gold. so we could get used to it strictly go old marketing.
    any way find a price rate per 1 gold and let the people choose how much gold they want to buy. and see the income climb and keep the most off you're players. instead off loosing them all because you are greedy

  36. Hmm, suddenly those pre-order packages are starting to look mighty nice right now.

  37. Kj, how was that insulting?

    Back to topic. OL, if one server gets gold cheaper that other, how can clan wars be fair between servers?

  38. Thought of another option for ya'll, though it will mess up the way you did preorders (will need to just give 35% more or so). Keep the 5 separate packages if there is some logistic reason for it. Make the $6.95 one the $1 for 250 rate, then progressively better till the $99.95 one. If you like the ~28% swing, then the $99.95 one should get 34882 or so.

    Would also like to hear your opinion re price differences and clan wars.

  39. To Kj: at least he didn't insulted me or deleted the post :) => PR works good, now they have to improve their pricing policy.

    To Overlord : yeah, that's indeed my opinion but I think (according to the posts I have read) it's a bit a general opinion too. Anyway , I love the game and I will buy the gold for It, even with the actual pricing.

    The potential consumers (as me) are just sceptic about actual quality/price ratio ! You should definitely work on a solution !!

    If the game will be considerably improved in 1 month from the 12 april you will retain 90% of the first consumers. On the other hand, if the consumers don't notice any improve, well you can be pretty sure that 50% of them will leave.

    Furthermore, you should keep in mind, that a very satisfied costumer means viral marketing that's why we can say 1=2 but on the other side, if he is very unsatisfied its 1=-10 on potential consumers!

    In addition to that, it's harder to "recapture" an unsatisfied consumer ! You can ask other MMO's distributors and they will agree that this ratio is pretty low.

    I understand that there are a lot of costs that must be covered so let's say that the actual pricing has its reason to be, but PLZ tell your boss that your company shouldn't forget about the quality (especially on the short term=1 month).


  40. Wow, what did you smoke at WN office? oO

    Once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away, during the closed beta test of a game named "World of Tanks" ...
    "You'll pay same as russia"
    "and that is?"
    "something like 10$ for 2500G"
    "and will you use 1€ = 1$?"
    "No we wont"

    Well ... i'm disapointed, really :(
    Allods ruined itself due to expensive prices. They're quite dead now, but in mother Russia.
    Same will happen to WoT? Too sad :(

  41. I must say Alexandre is right.
    The same happens with HIS (Europe) at the moment. HIS-US prospers with good service and well-ballenced prices, in Europe it goes down because the management is greedy, the prices are much higher than in USA and the service is bad. MANY PLAYERS left HIS and switched to HIS-US and WOT in reasonable hope of better gameplay and ballanced prices.
    A good game is worth to be payed and I know, my friends and I are willing to pay. But why
    should we pay more EURs for goods and services than others do on servers in US or RU?
    If there will be no harmonization, what should people restain to switch to US or RU servers?
    Look at HIS, we are flexible!
    Income in Germany, Netherlands, France or Great Britain is quite good, but what about people from european countries with lower income? They will switch first, others will follow...
    I am not angry with my money and I will give it to people I trust most, and these are not people where I have the dimp feeling they are greedy !

  42. Ok, to all rich western Europeans, isn't it fair that Russia pays a little less. Compare standard of living and income you will see that Russians pay the most. The difference between $ and € can change. Currencies are fluctuating. Now to the prices, no they are not cheap. But I like it this way because not a lot people will use gold ammo. If it would be cheap everybody would use it. So for people who don't won't to pay the price should be even higher. Most of you complainers are the ones who want to use golden ammo. Cheap cheaters. Plz wargaming make it more expensive. you can play tier seven without premium account. I did that with the German tree, so with the Russian, I'm assuming it's up to tier 8. So stop whining. And if got shot by someone in the game with gold ammo I know it's one of your whiners above, who wants to get the advantage cheap. Losers

  43. I was hoping the games would be $ 5 per month. With all the options available in gold, I probably spend more than $ 15 per month. Now I'll only pay my prenium account, I'll get used to playing without all your options and when my tanks will be searched. I'll just stops paying for that I would never use the other options you suggest.

    *Sorry for my bad english*

  44. The prices for this offer are too high!
    I can't make the price politic but I mean 1/3 less will be ok.

    And than: The game is still not bug free.
    Still always the tanks blocked at the red line as some other points on the maps.

    The balancing system is not correct and it is a shame when a VK4502 will be destroyed by two hits of an IS-7 or an Object 704 when the VK4502 need 4 or 5 shots to destroy a Tiger II.

    This game is still not ready for the release.

    When I should pay for this game please without such failures.

  45. No Sir - not cheap but ballanced !

    No one in our clan use gold-ammo in normal fights, the one who can fight and win without gold-ammo is even better than a player who can win only with gold-ammo. That is not the crucial point, point is the contrast USD <-> EUR.
    I know about currencies, but the difference for payment seems too high now, > 25% !!
    so all Europeans are losers inherently :(

  46. Zynga made Miollions of $ because people could by a lot of items in various games for little money.

    If wargames cut prices by 50%, e.g. garage for 125 Gold I would probably spend twice as much real money as I would at current prices.

    Two things they have to balance:
    Server load and the ammount of Money I spend until quit p(l)aying at all.

    If the games is too cheap I might buy my way through all tech trees too fast. At current pricings and more tech trees to come this is far from happening.

    With me grinding though the tiers I will spend a lot of time playing games without having fun but creating server load. Chances are I will be bored until quiting.

    Would they lower prices I might have the chance to get through to all existing tech trees without losing interest thus spending more real money.

    By creating more techtrees or other new features I will even stay longer and spend more money.

    WOT is the first counter strike with tanks, but probably not the last...

  47. Considering the gold price for 1 month of WoT cost about the same as 1 month of WoW I am happy (since I am bored with WoW atm) :) And IMO WoT is more than ready for release. Very stable and very little bugs (that I care about).

  48. to much i will pay £8 pm for a finished game but not the price you ask for a unfinished game with bugs ill not even play low tanks for free with this many bugs.

  49. This is unfair for European players as usual. Cmon guys fix that prices so to have the apropriate USD/EU rate. I cant find a reason to extra-pay for a prem account as european compared to american players. Its because I live in Europe??? This is rediculous.

  50. Europe has financial problems guys! Wake up!
    Unless you think that you're the only MMO around...
    Drop the prices please!

  51. This is a great game and ive been playing since August.But i agree that these prices are very expensive.plz reconfigure ...

  52. great game but i agree for the prices.very expensive....

  53. Pricing should be identical for all.
    Specially when you are futuring Servers' Clan Wars.

    Income has nothing to do with that. Ok, some EU countries are richer than others, so what are you doing here? Screwing the rest?

    Remember, you have so many issues to solve, specially BALANCE in game as you are favouring russian tank tree which is gonna lead to STAGNATION and BOREDOM pretty soon, and now THIS?!?!?!

    I've already bought my pre-order package as I like the game and all ... BUT if I don't see IMPROVEMENT, BALANCE & GOOD PRICES sorry, but it will be another game in my gaming belt.

    With so many games going live the last months and mony more to come, how much time do you think mr Overlord is going to take till I find something to my taste???

    I strongly suggest you read the complaints here and fix things soon as the countdown has already started for W.o.T. believe it or not.

    I really hope you and your team have the wisdom and common sense to listen the community ...

    Good luck

  54. Anonymous,

    EU VAT, which is 15%, is included into prices for EU server.

  55. Anonymous,

    you don't have to use gold in CW. It's not obligatory.

  56. Hi Ovi, since the injustice is now discussed in about 37 posts I would like to change matter. The pre orders even though well prized are not working properly I used pay pal and it was accepted by pay pal, but your service rejected it. Now I have several positive emails from pay pal because I retried. My other question would be to the ingame premium tank Lowe specs and costs. Can I would like to pre order gold since the pre orders so cheap, accordingly. Thx

  57. Anonymous,

    indeed we are having some issues with pre-orders currently. We have already contacted playspan and waiting for their reply.

  58. oh nice, 1$=1e
    i forgot something?

  59. I've seen you guys mention eve-online as a reference, also their world system etc.

    Eve-online per month = 14$, and that is exactly 14$ for EU too if you decide to pay in $. That's a month worth of game time, everything else in that game is bought via ISK which is free to earn through game.

    Now after six months of game time, you have a battleship which is more than able to grind out 350mil ISK and buy you a Game Time Card. In other words it becomes a free to play game.

    Here we get a months worth of premium for 9.95eur, and that's it. Ammo, consumables etc. Not included in price nor available for purchase via silver.

    7500gold per month, available during beta is great. It allows for balanced game-play and mere enjoyment without worrying too much about silver, premium account, xp... Paying 25ish eur a month for game enjoyment a month is steep even outside Eastern Europe...

    Now back too Eve-online. I've tried justifying costs of this game based on server expenses or what not, but the fact is Eve server holds 40 000 people in a single universe, and I honestly doubt that their server costs are cheaper than holding 360active games and around 14 000players actually online at peek hours(I'm taking an average of EU server). Maybe as a reference in numbers, quakelive also holds countless games active at any given point in a day for 4$/month you can turn off adds and create your own servers.

    I really love what you did with this game, it's fun to play and overall a fantastic experience. Simply overpriced.

  60. Overlord said...


    you don't have to use gold in CW. It's not obligatory.

    True. But if you admit that other server can buy gold cheaper than other, don't you think it is not completely fair? (btw, I already bought all 3 preorders so I'm already in ;)

  61. I think the best option 350 gold for 1 euro, 1 EUR is almost equal to 1.5 USD
    250 * 1.5 about 350 gold

  62. Overlord,
    I totally agree with Anonymous comparing WoT with Eve Online. This pricing is a false economy and it makes WoT the most expensive MMORPG on the market.

  63. Maybe the moderators should stay and play allong.What do you thinking with this prices?

  64. Thomas BaerentsenMarch 29, 2011 at 4:24 PM

    I honestly don't care what prices are in other parts of the world. I understand the comments, but my own main concern is that I feel I get my moneys worth.

    And I think I will. I just bought the heavy pre-order, and I am looking forward to start this game for real.

    I have my limit at around 25$ per month - That won't change regardless of the prices in Russia and US.

  65. I have my limit at a 100$ a month. And at the beginning of every match I will fire 10 golden bullets in the air as a salute. 150 mm rounds. See yah, hopefully through my golden barrel. Like I said before make it more expensive. It's better for long play fun. Only a few rich kids will use golden ammo, and that makes the game actually fair. Plz, don't make this game a cheap one. Your game is good enough, if you sell too low....That's why quality is always more expensive. Thx great game. And watch out for a guy shooting ten salutes.

  66. Hi Ovi, will there be an announcement when the official game start is? The exact hour? Like you did with pre order? Also plz some specs of the ingame premium tanks. I really might considering pre ordering gold, if I know their specs.Thx.

  67. I found totally nonesense comparing this game to EvE online.

    Just thinking that: "you get a battleship, you earn ingame money, you get a tot a month and it becomes free to play..." is totally out of mind.

    In EvE online you can quite easily lose anything you got, that game is not FtP, not PtP, it is "work to play", much much worse.

  68. Anonymous,

    the exact release hour will be announced a bit later. We might need to deploy one more patch until then.

  69. I don`t play the soviet tanks so I will not be spending any money on this game anytime soon.

  70. Will that patch solve the issue with the ' ghost bullets' ? It really is annoying especially with the slow reloading higher tier tanks. And bullet costs at around a 1000cr. Thx

  71. I agree the German tree has a lot disadvantages to the Russian tree. I will play and I hope the announced changes to the German tree will happen. Because the so called German sniper is with the limited view range of 500m not really existing. So I'm hoping for larger maps soon. That differences to view ranges can be applied. I see the point at small maps it would be to great of an advantage for German tanks. So I'm willing to pay. But I'll expect development. Frequent little steps, but with quality. And I will stay. Thx for game that has a lot to offer.

  72. The game, quite frankly is overpriced. Especially given that in North America we have to pay $15 a month to get enough gold for premium.

    $15 a month is the price that premium MMOs charge per month. Eve, WoW, EQ2, etc, etc. Hell, when the Old Republic comes out, it will be $15 a month.

    Your game is fun, but it isn't even on the same level. You really need to allow Americans to buy 2500 for $10.

  73. Also must agree this game is overpriced for the content provided. And I'm sorry rosey promises of "it will get better down the road, we has plans!" Doesn't in any way justify paying so much for a team deathmatch with shitty spotting mechanics and even worse game balancer. Canceling my pre-order as we speak

  74. Funny thing is, people that purchase the first wave of anything in any free to play game get ripped off. Than six months maybe a year passes and nobody is giving in money anymore, cause they simply don;t give a damn.

    Than CEO and Management decide to cut the prices for 50% or even 60% for limited time only every two to three months.

    So I'm gonna wait for you guys to do that, than probably purchase 30 000 gold for 30-50eur.

    If you by some miracle manage to survive with this prices, touche, I'll just play for free :)

    In other words 50e per yer of game time is more than enough, Even EA thinks so.

  75. TXFire4305, RCAC, CommandingMarch 31, 2011 at 10:16 AM


    Wargaming's leadership needs to seriously consider the effect of the set prices in the NA/EU markets. I know players will always complain about the price, but you better get it right the first time because American gamers don't give many things a second chance, they simply move on to the next thing coming out.

    If Wargaming is going after the quick money, try to gain a lot of monetary benefit in a short time, you will lose and lose big. Gamers out here are looking for something to play for more than a couple months. Some of the founding members of out clan played Navyfield for SIX years. Think about that. Would you rather have quick money now, or good steady income for years to come?

    Wargaming needs to seriously consider tailoring the NA/EU versions to the markets they perform in not the RU server example?

  76. Release a game in NA and EU, but make the in-game tanks(high tier)from those regions underpowered compared to their soviet counterparts.
    In soviet Russia this is good business.

  77. Weird, thought I had commented... Getting senile.

    Hey, you had previously posted info above re: the cost of the packages.

    Why was that removed? Are ya'll changing to the flat rate?

  78. a handful of maps and endless grind for those prices.. thanks, but no thanks

  79. Wayyyyy too expensive.... They could get alot more money if they made it reasonable. I for one will not be paying $45 for the cheapest package.

  80. Less money over more time would make paying for this game appealing to me. This current system turns me off from the whole game... I have lost my excitement.

  81. well well, first of all I want to add to the navyfield comment...yes I've been playing NavyField for over 6 years and spent probably over 2500-3000$ just on that game because I like it,I'm ready to spend for that game cause I see a balance and every nation can compete with others...but ive been playing WOT since like august past year and I've seen very little changes,playing a battle where 50-70% of players are playing soviet tanks shows alot,no it's not cause russian tanks may look better or the color seems to be more attractive(we all know why ;) )The game is about to go open and asks people to pay since there is no way to enjoy the game the way you would want without paying for it since rep costs are growing skyhigh with T7+.Jagdtiger camo+armor still not fixed...most german tanks still nerfed into oblivion(devs historical balance?)US tanks r no match against soviets...I dont want to go US/GER to be able to do same by tearing my a** appart for what a soviet tank player can do just by clicking around.Balance the game,listen to player's feedbacks and don't just accept what is only acceptable in your eyes.Earn the money you want...Don't turn this game in a boring grindparty where only one nation has something to say

  82. best comment ever !
    I like this game, I feel up to spend money and I want to play it for a long time with fun, so listen what he says and don´t ruin the game by unbalancing.

  83. I play eve online
    and I play WoT
    I like both, but as someone said before, Eve is free to play after 6 months if you grind for 5 hours a month to pay for time with ingame currency...
    I paid 10€ per month for my eve account(s) anyway.
    I am not going to pay more than that for a game offering far less possibilities.
    i will go for a preorder, as 25k gold for 75€ translates to 8months of time + some for bunks and garages, so roughly 10€.
    But after that, if prices have not come down considerably, its just a no go on premium.

  84. Agree with last Anomynous comments above. I pay for medium package 45€ to encourage devs and because I enjoy playing this game in beta. But based on gold consumption just to swap Premium xp + garage slots, I will not add any extra € if the price per month does not drop (or required amount of gold is lowered). Price over 5/6 € per month is not an option for me and has never been for any game by the way. I stopped to play Everquest 2 because of that. Freedom to play is key, price is another.
    But I do not worry too much for futur for a good reason. We get nice battle ONLY if enough player are on server. Bad balance, price or bad gameplay experience and even free player will leave, decreasing at the same time the ingame experience for remaining players and so on. At some point, company will have to propose huge rebate (As Steam do several times per year). I never pay full price on Steam. only 5 or 10€ max for a good game. And I have plenty... Should they stay with game at 40€... My game list would be close to empty. Never forget that WE are making the price of the game by giving away or not giving away our money !

  85. Your rates suck. You went $10 being able to buy a month of premium, to very much not. You have my preorder which I can't seem to get cancelled (because Ultimatepay also sucks). So you have that chunk of my change but at the rates you posted you won't get a penny more. This game is about 50% overpriced and will suffer low player base for that error.

  86. Prices will drop after many players have abandoned it. As stated above, these players will probably not return as it is tougher to recapture old disgruntled customers.

    So, lower gold in a less populated game. Defeats the object a little.

    Learn from the Pirates of the Burning Seas and SOE farce ;)

  87. In my opinion theres no discount because:
    Euroepean players are charged 15 VAT tax even if their country is not in EU. So basicly you get 10% dicount and you end payinh 5% more than US and Russian players !

  88. My country is outside of EU so I don't pay VAT.
    Yay for being a free country!


  90. bring me my gold i have payed for it but never got it -.-

  91. Being from Australia I'm experiencing very high PING rates which make the tanks difficult to control so I can't see myself paying for a service where I can't get a decent product. And I agree with most of the other players, too expensive anyway.

  92. Thanks so much for this! I haven't been this moved by a blog for a long time! You’ve got it, whatever that means in blogging. Anyway, You are definitely someone that has something to say that people need to hear. Keep up the good work. Keep on inspiring the people!

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  93. maybe a compromise would be to give all players a token amount of gold a day, say 25 or something, this would satiate the greed of many players and also allow new players to see the advantage of having gold and in the long run making you more monies?

  94. o my god guys raging like hell if u dont wanna spend money, DONT! ITS THAT SIMPLE
    you dont NEED the prems and gold shells u can get by without and i own an is4 with s70 a s51 a su152 a a t34-85, so i would know. if u can spend the money, GREAT DO IT if u cant like me or feel it isnt worth it, then dont. Personally, i dont buy gold because i cant afford it but the price doesntn really turn me off from the game because the devs need cash for beer and their families, as well as to run the server and continue develepoting the game to make it more enjoyable. In fact im buying some gold for christmas as a present to myself and the devs. I agree the prices could be lowered, but its a game and gold isnt necesary, and its a NEW game still going through develepment, with 2 OTHER games also being developed. Without gold, how else woul they get $$$ to create 2 new good looking future games for US gamers? Tehy COULD have stopped at WOT and some of us would be happy, but with others such as I, looking for more MMOs that take a nice amount of time to finish. I hate it when i pay a lot for games and no new games are made or its to short or something, but WOT isnt one of those game so everyone stop trolling Overlord's blog with this garbage. If gold is a necesity to you, eat the price and if you cant afford it, get by without it and stop complaining.
    Also thanks for the people kindly suggesting ideas and giving naive trolls the information they should seek b4 they post.

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