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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Game Maps in High Resolution

Check out the album here. Might be useful for clan leaders.


  1. I notice that these maps are flipped vertically. Any reason for this ? :)

  2. Are these maps all accurate? Himmilsdorf seems to have the start areas backwards in relation to the hill & railroad tracks. The church side has the railroad on the right and hill on the left, which is backwards from in game.

  3. All maps are flipped as mentioned above and on top of that Ruinberg has some funky stuff going on, all the objects on the outer rim have a huge black border around them while all the objects in the city look like they've had those borders and then they were removed. Kinda like bad photoshopping.

  4. Will there be any newer maps?

  5. and murovanka doesn't work, u can see half of image

  6. Erlenberg, Mines, Mountain Pass, Westfield, Arctic Planes, Redfield, Ensk... All these maps missing. Any way to get them in HQ? Thx.

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