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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Start of World of Tanks Open beta

The launch of WOT open beta is scheduled for January 27. Early next week we are planning to finalize a new build for Chinese version and fully focus on international open beta.

WOT is doing away with invite system. One won't need invite keys to join the game anymore. Apart from massive PR campaign switch from closed beta to open beta is going to be unnoticeable for the majority.

And there will be NO softwipe. )


  1. tbh we dont need a softwipe or a hardwipe, the increased gold will allow abit of variety, they need to look more at the balancing imo at the moment as Rus tanks are still a little over powered by all accounts

    Thanks for the new blog Over :)

  2. Hello Overlord,

    thanks for this blog.

    Now my question: Can you please make pictures of the new tanks for the release (E-100..)?
    Or they do not exist now?

  3. Tobi,

    they are not ready. There is nothing to reveal.