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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

[WoT] 0.8.6 Hits EU

Major 0.8.6 update has just hit EU and it's time for first-hand feedback on it (NA guys, sorry for the release delay this time).

  • tier 10 arty branches
  • economy changes including switch to free-2-win and credit income boost
  • exp income boost for TDs and SPGs 
  • game mechanics changes (HEAT, spall liner, camos, accuracy, shell normalization, pen reduction, damage and pen range, velocity reduction for arty shells)  
  • dynamic camera
  • new Korean-style map
  • new birds added to Ruinberg and Lakeville
And how is overall performance after 0.8.6?


  1. "xp income boost for SPGs"

    Whith S-51 you got 1shoot/min and dispersion is incredible... That's not a boost, that's the same as before, but worse cause of reloading time.

    "dynamic camera"

    I didn't see this, what does that means ?

    1. Check the options, that's a camera for sniper mode.

    2. the dynamic camera I feel get "stuck" sometimes, especially when I play fast tanks. Might just need some getting used to though, so will give it a little more time.

  2. I cant change the camera shake anymore if I am hit or shoot. = Nausea.

    Arty sux now. too much nerv on all ends. Thats evil.

    Derp guns nerved. Sux

    Reaosn: you listen too much to whiners.

    1. that's the point now a big ****storm will come up

    2. Teut, turn off dynamic camera in options.

      Derp guns nerf is good move. Those guns are good enough with only HE shells. I was playing with derp Sherman Jumbo in times when HEAT were for gold only, so I was using only HE. Tank wasn't UP at all :).

      And some tanks with derp guns became OP thanks to HEAT shells. I have seenstats of guys who had 48-50 win ratios in all tanks and suddenly more then 60 win ratio in M4, PzIV or Hetzer.

  3. oh wow, I'm actually impressed you named 0.8.6 correctly

    1. We need to celebrate 1.0 properly, right? 10.0 won't do such buzz.

    2. too bad the rest aren't on same page

  4. Replies
    1. Because my Bat 155 feels like a t92 on some maps :( So I it only will stay for Cw purposes in my garage

    2. Because this is the worst patch ever. You ruined mediums with tier 10 tank (they are crap, only Bat playable). Scouts lost their role. Than you made T10 TD's with 450mm penetrations. And now you ruined arty. Nerf is not even. You made fast shooting arties (French) useless with no dmg and same other speccs like all the others arties.

      Then you added something like auto aim? If I want to play tanks on console I would buy one.

      In patch notes every tank gain credits earning buff, in game all earning lesser.

      So yes, this patch is crap!

    3. from a player who does not like to play arty: I absolutely love 8.6, had so much fun last night, can't wait to play again tonight

      To toxic: all points you bring up, I disagree with:
      -Tier 10 mediums are fantastic and well balanced, tried them all on testserver. And I play my M48 patton on liveserver. It is amazing.
      -A good scout DEFINITELY has a role. If you have a good scout on your team, he can turn the game in your favor.
      -Tier 10 td's I dont know much about, except I know I have to be careful until it has been spotted, then go to the other side of map...
      -Auto-aim is useless for a good player, it does not hit weakspots. Might be useful if you are in a fast tanks shooting i 3rd person.

      I'm starting to wonder if you even played this game beyond tier 5-6 ?

      So yes, the patch is not crap!

    4. You have M48 and say mediums are good? M48 Patton isn't medium at all. Big, armorless and slow tank. I have Bat, T-54, M48, E-50, Indian, T69 and T-34-1 and only Bat is actually a med tank in this (spouse to be) arcade game. T-62 here and there but also slow.

      Good scout (and I have them all) is useless cuz there is noone to shoot his open targets (arty can't hit them anymore) and Bat is way better scout than them all.

      TD's (have T110E3, T30 and lot of T5-7 other TD's) have guns with 400-450mm penetrations... point and shoot any tank in game... Big and armored tanks like Maus, E-100, IS-4 lost their roll in game. Anyone can pen them easily.

      I have GWE, Obj.212, Lor.155 51 and M41 arties. Playable just GWE and Obj.212. Lor. and all the others french arties are useless.

      Also have IS-7, IS-4 and T110E5, so I'm not arty only player or never played game beyond T5-6. toxicm in game nick.

      On other hand, many of you "Arty is OP" whiners are questionable.

    5. I agree the speed and armor on the m48 is lacking, but the gun, gun depression, mobility and view distance is excellent, and it just seems to suit my playstyle

      As for the 8.6 update nerfing the arty, Wargaming saw something had to be done, and they showed they have the Balls to do it. Now only time and stats will show if they did too much, and if they did, they will do more balancing

    6. M48 is piece of shit. Worst tierX med. Clan wars prove it best. After arrival of Leopard, M48 is now totaly useless. Big, armorless, slow, terrible turret. Leopard is MUCH more agile, much better gun (accuracy, speed, position in turret), the same gun depretion. You will not loose HPs with such significant speed coz your size, agility, camo (with Leo).
      M48's wiew range is 410 vs 400 (other tierX meds), but you're paying that with terrible tumor on your turret, so you are even higher. Your cammo atributes ....
      One more note. After 0.8.6 M48's turret is even worse. Don't know why and how's that possible, every single shot to armor is penetration (except mantlet), even from low-pen. guns and with absolutly amazing angles (no autobounce at all).
      Every other tierX med is now better. Much better.
      If WG would like to reintroduce M48 to CW, it needs to add it SPEED as lots of heavies & TDs are much faster (IS-8, IS-7, FCM, Fochs, Objects, ...) !!! and the turret needs to start bounce at least something. That + Tumor off (400m WR is enough) and we can consider to use M48 again.
      That's MHO

  5. i havent played enough to have a solid opinion yet, however from the numbers armour is looking already a lot better! :) (will restart playing with my heavys now) About the arty, not sure yet as the MM gives arty now same tier oponents.
    Performance: My fps was very nice on that one battle i played so far, but then again mines isnt the heavyest map.

  6. For reasonable feedback we need 1-2 weeks at least. Now SPG's appear in battles quite often because all test the changes so it is hard to say if there is less SPG and what is the effect of their MM changes.

    So far I can say that I do not understand why WG automatically bought for my T110 and M103 around 30 HE shells. Next time IMO it will be better to set automate for AP shells only, cause for example I use very few HE shells, and probably never even shot so many from these tanks :). At the same time all use AP in huge numbers so it is not a problem to have them bought by automate.

    Oh and yet one thing. In after battle stats in team list there is information about "Spotted damage" , while it is now not only spotted, but also after detracking, so IMO it would be better to change this name, to not to confuse players :).

  7. SPG's were nerfed not on one variable, not on two, but on more than three. Thats not how you balance games.

    My GwPanther is slower, aims slower, fire rate reduced, accuracy reduced, damage reduced.

    Guess what, its a pile of sh&%$ now.

    I need to rebalance all tanks, retrain a lot, i.e. I have many tanks for nothing now in my portfolio. I am a paying user whos very annoyed by this as I watsed time, money and effort.

    1. you should wait before you sell your tanks, if they have been nerfed too much, they might fix it in next patch. It has happened before

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. I must say this patch is great. My Ferdinand was never more accurate. The accuracy buff for German guns is so brutal it's almost unfair, I am ammoracking vehicles over the entire El Halluf.

    Also, for some reason, the game runs MUCH more smoothly for me (steady 50FPS, had 30-40FPS in 0.8.5), so no complaints.

    Well, maybe one. The dynamic camera seems to "stick" to dead tanks, stones and generally any obstacles. I turned that off practically immediately (no big deal for TD's, but for mediums it might cause more problems).

    1. seems like only happy people are German tree players with no arty. Unfortunately I don't have those..

    2. I agree with you Davis. The game runs now very, very smooth. Before this patch I had some serious performance issues.

      The new Korean map is epic. It feels very complex and asymmetrical. One of the best maps your map designers did, if you ask me.

      The other changes feel quite good for me to. Have to test them further before I judge about it.

    3. Good that your performance is better now.

  10. Arty party have moved to lower tiers ! ! ! ! ! !
    Hardly anyone is playing t10 arty - IT SUCKS.

    I have all 4 tier10 arty and have beeen regurarly playing CW with arty, but no more. Arty is so useless now in hm.. *arcade* gameplay you could have simply removed it from the game. Even camping randoms are somewhat fast for new arty.
    I will sell all except GWE100, still has some potential for CW with gold ammo.
    I advised all my clanmates to sell arty, and they took my advice.
    You just killed arty, but what really upsets me is that you sold ammo I bought for half price last special and now you want me to rebuy it at 3x the cost ...
    I have never tought I will even consider abandoning WOT, but now that you just wiped your ass with my arty ...

    As things go for tanks ... noob influence is strong, lots of noobs on higher tiers with just HORRIBLE effi, and less effective premium shells...
    lots of t10 tanks finish battle with less than 500 damage - for me playing with those ppl is a problem.

    As I said sooner, dynamic camera and new sounds just suck, nothing in particaular - they just suck

    Now arty has same MM as tanks and that is just ridiculous, I played battles with more t5 arty than t5 tanks ( t5 arty also sucks, don't think I'm saying it's op - but it's just parasiting MM as it's useless )

    This is by far the worst update - you killed a class and filled MM with parasites - people grinding arty tying to find some hope

    1. Selling tier 10s was obviously not a good idea.

  11. Oh and one more thing: I get nVidia crashes often still. This is very bad.

  12. Why Is it the US server always gets the update last?? Even the SEA server has it, War thunder ground forces is looking better and better to me and i'm a beta tester in wot, getting tired of always being last in updates :(

    1. In past you were always before EU.., you probably didnt play then..

    2. Yup, for a long time EU was last.

      Look at it this way, if you're getting the patch last, then you get bug fixes first. Its happened before that the RU server was broken by a massive bug, but the EU and NA servers got the patch rolled out with a fix.
      While the RU server had to wait.

    3. Sorry for the delay - really had some difficulties this time.

  13. I am really lovin it, from the sounds to the new russian camo's to the arty nerfs and the gun accuracy buff. It's all good. :)

    1. agree with you

      also, the nerf to the tier 4-6 derp/howitzer guns was much needed, they were overpowered

  14. Soooooooo, we're nerfing arty income again? AGAIN?!?!? WHY!!?!??!?!

  15. Just a first glimpse after a few battles...

    New Accuracy seems to be the best thing ever happened to this game. I always hated those wierd shots at the edge of the aiming circle, now i feel like good aiming is awarded. less RNG, more Skill awarding---> awesome
    My Löwe feels almost a little bit OP with that insane Accuracy.(dont tell that SerB please;))
    Well, it surely needs some time to see if or how much this will effect the vehicle balance if tanks supposed to be inaccurate are getting snipers. i personally doubt that, we'll see...

    The whole Arty matter: honestly i didnt see alot of them (which already is a good thing), playing 3 T10 battles in a row without a single 5vs 5 arty party is so great. Those Artys i had in battle were very divergent in their results, so i think the Arty rebalance ( i dont think its a real nerf) may also reward skill much more than before.
    Getting a fair compromise in the whole Arty matter is a turning point for this game, maybe u did it with 8.6.

    Dynamic Camera, well... for now im not sure if i will keep it enabled. Jimbos crosshair mode disabled the weird shaking after shooting i couldnt stand for a minute, but... maybe its just a thing we need to get used too.
    Although the imrpovement for shooting while driving is nice

    The new Sounds initially scared the Hell out of me:)

    one thing annoys me and i dont really know hows this is related to a single aspect of 8.6.
    I have the feeling my reticle seems to stick on tanks or gets pulled to them in some cases. feels a little bit like autoaiming....

  16. Overlord

    I have a good idea.
    May be better option is change the spall liner, than too much nerf art.
    For example it could absorb all direct hit, not just spash damage ?
    The idea is to give player choice, if they wants that his tank was tougher to HE or not too be.

    In this way, give players a choice, but when u nerf all art u forced them to love YOU(ht Players) or hate YOU(art Players) and so around you will to please everyone too the end of the world.

    1. Arty is expected to primarily counter heavies, which suggested is unlikely to achieve.

  17. Dear Overlord, is there an option for compensating me for a lot time & effort "EXPing" 310000 EXP (or how much exactly it was) for getting now completely useless OBJ261? (several months of premium). I'm sorry I dont usually whine, or uselessly complain, but this is too much and I'm too angry, and emotive.. :(

    I always (past 2 years) described wargaming as developer who has everything in control and never issue an untested, unbalanced release, that would damage previous version of a product. I will never do so again. Now you are 3/4 way of becoming BLIZZ-LIKE, and please dont do ridiculous, stupid mistakes with only goal they had = $.

    Is it possible to discuss things private please?

    1. First of, I suggest that you play a bit more trying to get used to how things work now. And don't sell the arty for now.

    2. I find that the Object 261 is still really awesome. I've very much enjoyed it post-0.8.6. You may want to give it some more time, or to re-evaluate your playstyle, because what it does and how it does it have changed somewhat.

  18. Why didn't WG convert XP earned on the Priest to free XP as they used to do before when doing changes in the tech tree?
    Now I have 26500XP on the Priest for no use! And only 44XP on the M37 wich mean that I have to start all over again to get the M41. Sure it's not that much XP as it was before, but still I have to buy the M37 and train the crew all over again :(

    But the thing that really bugs me is the 26500XP that's just sitting there :(

  19. I personally feel the changes are ok. The nerf on high tier arty is deserved. They were ruining too many high tier games.

    My GWPanther seems ok now, getting 2000 dmg on most battles so its not that bad(its not 4k but still ok). Haven't tried the changes to HEAT yet. As for the guys crying about their S-51 being slow to reload, Stop whining, you can one shot E-75, a minute a shot is too much.

    E-75 feels great now, especially that SH Spall Liner. It feels like a heavy again, 400 dmg (down from 600-800 avg) from arty is much better thank you.

    I feel like you overdid the accuracy a little, it no longer poses a challenge, 10% might have been closer to the mark. Even the KV-1S can snipe at 300-400m now.

    As for the sounds, while a little strange they are much more pleasant to listen to. Previous sounds irritated me, and often I disabled the sound entirely and played music instead, now they are OK.

    For the rest of the whiners, grow a pair and get used to them.

    1. BS, i don't believe you ever played arty. 2k dmg on GWP now, 4k before... LOL! Average dmg on GWP before 0.8.6 was ~1100dmg per mach, best average dmg on single account was ~2000. Now you can count half of before.

      So plz, I know you are the one of whiners how arty was OP, but in reality you are just so bad at tanks.

    2. I am talking about a game in which I do good at, meaning best games, not average.
      Its not about arty being OP. I never said that, nor i think that. The problem with arty was there was too many of them in high tier battles, and when i say they ruin games, i mean for everyone, arties included. In a game like that everyone cowers, no one tries bold dashes to flank enemy or disturb their defensive lines. After about 3 minutes in the game, what is left ingame usually is 5 arties and 3-4 tanks. And that is a stalemate again.
      5 arties = boring game. That is my opinion.

    3. Too many arty in high tier pubs, AGREED. Limit it to 3 per side, problem solved. That's how you fix it. You don't nerf arty into irrelevance.

      8.6 is a VERY BAD business decision on the part of WG. It doesn't fix any of the problems, it just pisses people off and makes the hand wringing, arty hating, neophytes jizz their collective pants because they "think" that arty DESERVES this.

      Note how I stated that, DESERVES!!!! not NEEDS!!!

  20. I would really want to know how much arty have been sold in first 24hrs since 8.6 on RU and later EU

    Never before i felt more satisfied on a WoT patch like now.
    For once my expectation were met:
    - epic gun accuracy (now knowing weakspots and angles really matters)
    - no more that many arty ruining top tier games
    - the stone fences are no longer stopping your tank at full speed
    - new extended battle statistics (with modules hit, total damage dealt, etc) are plain awesome

    The only thing just a little annoying is that - because of that dynamic camera - the game became a little more arcadish, but meh... i'll get past that!

    GJ, WG!

  22. As a mostly medium player, I have never enjoyed this game as much as I do now.

    The frustration at repeatedly missing shots which had very little right to do so is gone. The 88 gun on my DB (I called it DB for over a year and I'll call it the DB now) is suddenly much more useful. I no longer rage at how expensive each missed shot is.

    Even the little things, different gun noises or crew responses make the game feel a little bit more fresh.

    There are many things added or changed in this update that could probably fill up 2 or 3. Unfortunately (?) I don't notice them much as currently I can't help but marvel at being able to hit what I'm aiming at.

    Great patch. Thank you WG.

  23. This is the worst patch since I started playing WoT. The gameplay of arty has been dumbed down, while not resolving the alpha damage problem. I played Lorraine 151 today and the following happened:
    - my average damage went down
    - I shot fewer shots than before
    - I killed more tanks on average than before.

    Why did I kill more tanks than before? Because of the MM change. Now I get against me soft little tanks that I easily one shot.

    So the result of the patch is the following:
    - playing arty is much more boring than before
    - the problem of arty one-shotting and alpha damage is not resolved.

    What a great way to fail in rebalancing the game, truly impressive.

    1. Yup, low tier arty has seen an advantageous change to their tiers which balances out the nerfs, while top tier arty has just been nerfed into uselessness.

    2. And I wouldn't call the alpha damage a problem. If you actually look at how high alpha guns perform the chance of a devastating his DOES NOT balance out the problems with accuracy and load time. If you want proof of this look statistics for all top tier arty and the JP-100 and 215b 183. Of the 30 top tier vehicles all six of those are consistently in the bottom 10. They have never broken higher than 11th from bottom in weekly battle statistics. My point here is, high alpha needs to be balanced with slow reload OR poor accuracy, not slow reload AND poor accuracy. Together those two effects compound into a rolling failtrain of suck.

      Seriously, play the t92 some. 40 second reload pre 8.6, you only really get to fire about 6 shots per game, half of those don't even come close, 2 of them will splash for about 200 damage MAYBE up to 500(a single e-75 shot does more but he doesn't have to wait 40 seconds to do it again). Not all the time but once in a blue moon that last shot will hit and do about 1k damage. That's a whole game, and 15k credits of ammo, for maybe, MAYBE, 1500 damage. That's worth around 33k credits on a win, but if the t92 dies(which only takes one or two from most tanks, and it happens a lot now days because of tier 10 mediums) it has a 32k repair bill, so you have that 32k repair bill and the 15k credits in ammo, plus any consumables you may have used. That means your average win brings you in 33k credits, but costs your 45k plus.

    3. Coldt, say it Su-26 owners ;). It was made totally useless, no accuracy and even no alfa. I do not like SPG's, but Su-26 was treated really badly. The new top gun rarely hits and when it hits it rarely do any reasonable damage. I think it would be better to leave him 122 mm gun, but nerf RoF and aiming. Or in case of such weak gun, make it at least more precise.

      The problem with SPG is that their guns are so OP that to balance them WG had to make them unplayable. Su-8 is great example here. Much too powerful gun for its tier, so accuracy and aiming are horrible. And still when it hits you or splash you it very often ruins you battle.

      But for players, who like me use only tanks and TD's and do not like arty parties, this situation is great :)

    4. Then why nerf the economy? It's all out of spite, there's no reason to it, it's spite. WG hates arty. WG devs are pissed off when every once in a while when they're on a roll an arty drops a shell on them. It's just that, a reaction to the emotion of it for WG.

      What about MY EMOTION!?!?!? HOW THE F&@* DO YOU THINK I FEEL?!?!!?


      I've been through 1.5 years of sucking it up, dealing with the nerfs and soldiering through. I'm done sucking it up. It's personal now.

    5. Don't take it personal. 0.8.6 stats will reveal the true picture.

  24. Hooray, more paper tanks. At a glance, the only tank to see service and combat is the German Mk VI (e). Still no historical tanks in sight.

    1. Small to medium caliber guns sound like airsoft guns as of 8.6. I still miss how they sounded back in 7.5.

  25. Arty reconfigure - bad. Now I have 79k exp on elite M40/43.

    Arty nerf - mixed opinion. Gw panter with 30s reload is not the best, but 261 feels fine.

    New crew sounds feels weird as always, but I like critical hit info.

    New hit sounds are not the best. Some of them are good, others are not. I would prefer having new and old hit sounds together mixed.

    Most of the mods not working - usual.

    More detailed post battle statistics - good.

    1. On arty exp - you had a chance to grind it before the update.

  26. For me even with the dynamic camera off the reticle sticks to things. It feels like aim assist and it sucks!

  27. The economy changes are great. Hope that more people will play higher tiers now. XP-Boost for TDs is also a great thing.

    The changes in accuracy are kind of a double edged sword. on the one hand it is nice for skilled people who don't want to get trolled by rng. on the other hand some tanks that used to be balanced because they were inacurate seem to be very strong. the shots i'm pulling off in my ISU or SU-100Y are just incredible. i'm kinda worried that this game will turn into a big campfest when it is not neccessary to get close to the enemy anymore.

  28. I like the new sounds. Ba-donk! That's a ricochet all right. The gun sounds are much more realistic.

    Can't say I've noticed a big change in arty apart from the aim circle starting off really massive. I'm still hitting things and getting kills. Moving targets are a little harder to hit - you have to adjust the lead a bit a more because of the longer flight time, but all in all I like the new world order.

    Oh and thank you for the 300K credits I got by re-equipping all my arties with their top guns and selling the basic ones. :)

  29. Quick post:

    - arty problem was not solved, just made more frustrating for those who enjoy playing support classes.

    - accuracy buffs are good, same for profit increases and such.

    - I don't see the reason of reducing pen on t10 heavies when everything else still pens it. Pass for TDs, that lack a turret and their strong point should be indeed the gun, why would you ever keep such high penetration values on meds? They already have decent mobility, generous health, awesome dpm, they can point and shoot right away(because if a t10 med player is unable to penetrate a t10 tank with a 270mm pen gun, the issue is between the keyboard and the chair). I really don't understand it.

  30. Worst communicated patch evar.

    I found my GWPanther unplayable. But heres the thing:
    All equipment was unmounted. So I had to remount
    I had to mount new modules (which were present by default) to upgrade from stock.

    Now its back to maybe 80% of the original, but this thing should have been told more clearly to users.

    But an Arty now shoots like 8 times per game, misses 4, 2 near misses, 2 hits. The XP you do is minimal.

    1. Hmmm, I somehow knew about all this changes and dismounts a few weeks ago.

      And if you do not like current arty, don't play it. Nerf is so brutal, because too many people played with SPG. WG intention is to limit amount of SPG's in battles.

    2. Then I speak for every arty player when I say F%@% WG then. Fix it, make it work well, then if people keep complaining tell them to suck it up, working as intended. As is on 8.5 arty is too ineffective. If you tankers can't deal with underpowered low dpm glass cannons then you you need to uninstall and stop playing, instead of being little babies and whining to your daddies on the forums and making someone's game miserable out of spite.

    3. So you think that WG nerfed SPG's cause people where whining? Lol. Sure. SerB listening to whiners. ROTFL! This is SerB's reaction after reading your comment ;) http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-AwiVjQJjsco/Uazzt4WS--I/AAAAAAAABNk/PIIAnx2mFxA/s1600/SerB_zps25ae12cb.png

      They nerfed SPG's because there was too many of them specially in top tiers. This is why they didn't lowered alpha (which would made arty hits less painful, but left them quite funny to play), but made them so hard and frustrating to use. And today SerB revelaed in some way WG's expectations of nerf effects. From Silentstalkers RU Q&A - "SerB also states that a lot less people than previously will level up the arty branches after 0.8.6 – and that’s a good thing" and "- SerB talking about the arty-is-underpowered whiners: “Right now, the arty noobs will be flushed out. After that happens, there will be whine that arty is OP again.”" So as you see SerB clearly wants less players grinding SPG's.

    4. If WG wants to limit the ammount of SPG's in a battle then they should actually... idunno... LIMIT THE AMMOUNT OF SPG'S IN A BATTLE! If people want to play the single most unique vehicle type in the game they should be able to. They should just have to wait to get into a game. Don't make the game's most unique vehicles unplayable, that's just bad business.

      And I DO take it personal that he'd call me a whiner for saying arty is underpowered when we BOTH have the f%$#ing statistics. He knows better.

      Top tier arty is the lowest scoring top tier vehicle type. If arty is OP it would be at the top, but it's at the bottom.

    5. The situation with the number of SPGs pre 8.6 was abnormal and needed fixing. Artificial limitations wouldn't have done it properly. Stretching out SPGs to 10 tiers required this rebalancing, yet again we need a longer period of time to assess the changes. First hand feedback is overemotional.

    6. It's not overemotional. Arty wasn't statistically overpowered. Tier 7 and 8 arties had lesser dmg per match than all of the others T9 and T10 tanks. OK, you wanted 10 tiers to reduce their numbers in matches, but why nerf it so much? What is the point of having T10 vehicle, witch is suppose to be dmg dealer, that can't make 1000 dmg per match on average?

      It would be much better option to limit their numbers on 3 per side with currently 10 tiers spread and with same performance like before 0.8.6 patch.

    7. Stretching out SPGs to 10 tiers did not require any nerfs to arty stats. Arty stats could easily have stayed the same as they were and intermediate arties with intermediate stats introduced to fill in the tiers. You of course know this.
      The reason arties were nerfed is that WG and some players were unhappy with them, and the WG people responsible for designing arties had a massive brain fart moment on what to do with them. Noone in the WG realized that the proposed arty changes make arties dumber while not resolving the real arty problem, and therefore we have 8.6.
      Ideally, the person who proposed the very wrong arty stats for 8.6 will stop working in this particular area because they have demonstrated lack of creativity, vision and understanding of the game.

  31. I applaud a great effort in terms of gold shell balancing, it is very nice at tier X now that you can somewhat rely on your armor as opposed to 400mm pen HEATs penetrating everything. The lower tiers still need some work on those though.

    Regarding artillery, I do not like the way they have been re-worked. There are several reasons for this.

    1: The most boring part of arty = reload. I doubt even support players enjoy waiting for more than 30 sec for doing something. For Bat 155, the 2 minutes of waiting time can be a killer for any patient player.

    2: Their alpha DMG isn't decreased (but I applaud the rework on spall liner as superheavies now truly have a reason to use it), so even though it is much rarer now, the 1 shot kill randomness is still there.

    3: While their xp to dmg parameters are increased, their inaccuracy and inconsistent dmg makes this fairly random especially considering many maps are somewhat arty unfriendly.

    4: Their DPM/HP are now abyssmal compared to any tank that could've taken their spot. I understand the notion that to get global range, one needs drawbacks, but while the arties of 8.5 were extremely frustrating, I wouldn't call them overpowered by any means as a tank can easily deal huge amounts of dmg.

    I have a few suggestions to maybe rework them a little bit.

    Reduce alpha and pen, but massively increase splash and rate of fire.

    In my opinion, what angered players were the SPGs massive accurate alpha on their tanks, as taking a shot easily meant 40-60% or even 100% HP gone. This made them nukers instead of support weapons.

    Reducing alpha and increasing rate of fire along with splash would ensure that players would have much more of a map presence and more actively fit the "support" role, as splash helps at tracking/disabling enemies whereas the reduction in alpha and pen makes them less of a lucky strike weapon. Higher rate of fire would also mean players are less bored while waiting.

    A more weird suggestion would to be allowing arty shells to temporarily disable enemy gun for 5-7 sec. In WWI and in many cases in WWII, artillery barrages were used in the wake of an offensive in order to prevent devastating defensive fire. If arties are allowed to do something like this, it would make camping/waiting at corners etc way more viable to attack.

    All in all, good work! I'll make my promised cash contribution next week.


  32. Overlord can you please tell me something about PvE or skill based MM? Because this game is not about if you are good/skilled player but how many idiot you have in team. I see lots of tactics like 4 HT hidden in the corner of a map, rushing artys, TD camping 8 min in a base... Actually I do not like to play random batlles any more... but i like the game.

    1. Not working on any serious PvE stuff right now. Skill-based MM can potentially be available for eSports / tournaments mode, need to clarify if it is still on track though. There have been some heated discussions of WoT plans.

  33. I'm seriously confused by the M7 Priest and M37 switch.

    1. It was to do with the fact that the M37 is a later vehicle than the M37, despite the fact that the m7 priest was fitted with the most capable fast firing 105mm artillery piece the U.S. has ever produced. And, unlike in the game where it has a 10 second reload, in real life it was 4 seconds. That 105mm is a machine gun of a howitzer.

    2. And don't forget the better armor!

      All of which adds up to reasons to leave it at tier 4. Sure it's an earlier vehicle, but it's better. The tiers are supposed to represent capability not chronology right? Sure later vehicles are usually the better ones, but that doesn't mean they always are.

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. I miss separate options for blask camera shake ... now it's only dynamic or not, but what I would like to see is dynamic, but without the blast shake, so it's both stabilised, but still not completely chaotic.

    1. Try "effects when in snipermode" OFF, in the graphic settings.

      Did it for me.

  36. I’m rather confident that the arty-player base will decrease now with 8.6. Although I don’t think arty was nerfed hard at all.

    First, because of the nerfed aim time, playing arty successfully now needs at least a bit more skill. (pre-aim, predict victim’s movement, map knowledge,…) Many unskilled and whining players will hopefully quit playing it now. Or at least they’ll play it less often, because they are frustrated.

    On the other hand skilled players (who regrettably often play only for their own stats) will probably also quit. I know many good players, who play arty only for on reason. Boosting their WN7 rating, which is mainly composed of average dmg/battle in relation to average tier level and frags.
    (e.g. Tier V Hummel could easily reach 1k dmg/battle, while a ‘normal’ Tier V med/heavy could not! [except M4, PzIV derps^^])
    Have seen many players now, who lost about 30-70 WN7 rating. Muhaha, Schadenfreude! ;)

    What do you guys think …?

    1. Anyone quitting because of that in particular?

    2. Actually, yes, me. I played around 50% of my battles in arty, and I would have played more if I didn't have to grind normal tanks to be useful for my clan. I am staying away as long as the arties are not rebalanced to something that makes sense (I would be happiest if the arties became high skill ceiling vehicles, and not the dumbed down random number generator alpha terminators like now).

    3. I did grind the GW Panther in time for the patch, tried it post-8.6 for a couple of games, and shelved it (and all other SPGs I might have thought about) until things are re-balanced. I seriously miss the ability to do effective counterbattery (which *all* nerfs of 0.8.6 work against), and the aim time basically makes me sit and watch my aim circle wander all over the screen while potential targets either vanish again or are killed by teammates. Overnerf.

  37. Like the patch a lot overall.

    1.)Better hitting. Love it.
    Best feature of the patch.
    2.)Like the sounds.
    3.)Cool new map.


    Big technical problems for many players.

    Other things:

    Most arty is well balanced in high tier as far as i saw it. Except the shell travel time, it seems overnerfed to me. Played my B-C Arty, 212A, M12 and G.W. E100. Most were well playable, but far from as good as before, which is fine. 212A is a pain in the ass, but since i got it right in the night before the patch i cant tell if that was the case in 0.8.5 too.

    I would say arty was OP before, and now its just mediocre. It can fill out its role for CW and Company. It went down the scale and will be used less than before. It`s just a tactical tool now, instead of the big killer.

    You can still have fun in randoms, but its not possible to own as hard as before.
    Its a significant nerf.
    Damage is lower, but still okay overall.

    When people get used to it, i doubt it that artys will be played much less than now because of the matchmaking.
    It will rather be played more eventually, after people adapted to the changes.
    Considering the matchmaking its still fun to oneshot things.

    Regarding technical problems:

    A few guildies have many problems with redcreens, crosshair not aiming properly and a few other things with camera/view. I dont understand, why this wasnt fixed before the patch went out. Some are pretty pissed.

  38. I have been playing since beta and in my opinion this is best patch.

    Overall accuracy buff is great. Lot of times I got angry because of bad, trolling RNG. But no more! Now skill of players is more important than before. Step in right direction! My clanmates agree with me:)

  39. Got extremely annoyed that a whole shotload of gold shells for my VK3601 was sold for creds - that pile has been with me since before goldshots for creds (I leveled up the VK on the Konish - stocked up on 50% off shells for gold) - that pile has been with me a LOONG time.

    Next time please add a choise to to sell.... I really hate it when the stockpile I thought I had is gone (105s and the konish this time as far as I have been able to find this time)

    What next? Automatic conversion of all gold on the account to creds?

    That silly move made me so angry I could not be bothered to play. So no useful info on the tech side.

    1. Agreed, I'm going to be going through the same thing when the patch hits the US server. I've never purchased Premium ammo with credits, but all I'm going to be getting when they autosell them is credits. I'd much rather have my gold back thankyou, I could use it to free up XP or buy camo.

      I understand why they're selling off the ammo, and I'm ok with that. I'm not so ok with having my gold converted to credits whether I want the credits or not.

    2. I agree that this was a very bad move from WG.
      Having RL money forced to go into the normal game economy is the wrong way. And it gives reason for distrust towards future decisions.

      I think WG should openly state that this was a fault, and that it will never happen again. Next time just dont sell anything, not caring if its buffed or nerfed or the price changed, if it could be bought by gold. I think you would have returned them the gold, if its technically possible. But if you cant do it, then dont force gold into credits.

      I know a few people who bought huge amounts of goldammo when it was half priced before the credit change. Many hundreds or over thousand shells. Estimate what these players think of WG now.

    3. File a support ticket and wait for their answer.

  40. 8.6 is truly big step forward,arty balance which is most appreciated,''improved'' armor ,dynamic camera,better accuracy, all positive!

    except 2 things: new sound,engine sounds fine,but incoming hits sound like someone is hitting trash can with baseball bat, not like a 150 mm cannon that has just made a 10 inch hole in your tank

    MM : MM is little drunk, 1 team got 4 t10,other got 3, 1 team got 7 TDs other 0,and that fail with arty on 1 side, tank on other, o my !

    all in all big step forward,but fix this small issues pls

    1. You mean arty "nerfing to within an inch of its life"

      This is not balancing, it's stat murder.

      Arty was UNDERPOWERED before, high potential damage doesn't mean jack shit you can't hit anything.

    2. Hahahaha.... arty underpowered. Please. Do you even have a tier 10? If so - random pubs before this patch were pointless. Anything slow got nuked from orbit, over and over by arty hiding in the back. Playing become pointless. My entire clan - the second one formed in the original beta - quit playing as a result. This patch might bring us back.

    3. You obviously know nothing. I have 6 tier 10's, 1 arty, 1td, and 4 heavies, and I'm correct. I have the statistical data from WG's own servers to back up my well thought out oppinion. You only have emotion rage as your basis.

      As I've said, if you can't handle a couple of slow reloading glass tanks that occasionally hit something about once a game, then you're a bad player. The purpose of arty is to punish stupidity. If you find yourself getting killed over and over and over by arty and you're not in a Maus or a T95, then you're a bad player who's being punished, simple as that. And yes, as an E-100 driver I like the buffs to the superheavy spall liner. Ram me now mother f%$#er.

  41. Best patch in a long time. Arty and accuracy changes are both awesome, and the armor buffs too.

  42. Love the new patch. Seen arty dominate games. New map great.

    Once again russian server gets an awsome special. EU gets shit.

    1. This special was a test one to see the reaction and impact on game balance. The latter was very doubtful

    2. Then every player should have benefited from the test, or you should have done this on the test server. no?

      Fairness. its just not there.

      Your stepchild

    3. Supposing it did more harm than good - would be stupid to spread this around the regions. If we are one the same page.

    4. Yes, but you should take into account, that a "test" which lets the players massively benefit on live servers, and is only done on russian servers, cause anger on the other servers.

      Every dedicated player wants to take part in such sort of event.

      Why didnt you do it on the testserver anyway?

  43. - tier 10 arty branches = bugged match maker,
    - economy changes including switch to free-2-win and credit income boost = so poor that most can't really even feel it,
    - exp income boost for TDs and SPGs = WG for 2 years claimed that TDs and SPGs have no exp penalty... and now it's removed... How can we trust anything you guys say?
    - game mechanics changes (HEAT, spall liner, camos, accuracy, shell normalization, pen reduction, damage and pen range, velocity reduction for arty shells) = not to mention removed tracers because someone managed to hack them but somehow I can't see WG bragging about that,
    - dynamic camera = bugged as hell,
    - new Korean-style map = Played it 2 times so far, not enough to judge,
    - new birds added to Ruinberg and Lakeville = Huh WG calm down, we don't want to turn WoT into simulator right?

    Only 1 good thing about 0.8.6 update = ASSISTANCE EXP/CREDITS YEAAAH!

    1. Tracers weren't removed. They work fine on EU 8.6. Proves you haven't even played the patch and are whining about stuff you know nothing about.

    2. Tracers have been temporary turned off:

      Removed all tracers from unspotted enemy vehicles, except for SPG tracers
      The area of the SPG aiming mode, in which tracer fire of non-spotted SPGs could be seen, has been reduced.


      Don't talk about shit you have no clue about son.

    3. We are working on tracers at this very time.

      Good that you loved everything we did here.

  44. Hi Overlord,

    I was very hesitant being happy about this patch with the the better accuracy, but in the same turn nerfed bush camo in the end being a nerf for TD's and a good buff for arties, because they wouldn't run out of targets.

    With the camo almost restored I can say that this patch plays in the same awesome league like the patch that reduced the MM fom +/- 3 to +/- 2.

    So a big thumbs up!

    Actually loved it so much on the test servers that I quit playing the game until the patch finally went live. Played WoWP instead and have more than 1K games now ^^

  45. Excellent:
    +players finally learn the value of arty on the team - tell my personal thanks to your team for this one, "Wargaming: play and learn about the value of friendship";
    +artillery still discourages camping and slugfests;

    -since pen is nerfed grinding high-tiers is a pain, so I end up shooting HE with my ST-I. I do not think this is what WG had on mind when introducing apcr nerfs.
    -reload times on arty are pretty long... I would consider reducing dmg and loading times, otherwise it's just 40s => miss => 40s => miss... :( Unless one hits of course.

    1. EDIT: My ST-I has the 2nd gun on it.

    2. Why not 1min => near miss => 1min => hit

      Seriously, the best way to keep arty viable is to KEEP the high damage, IMPROVE the accuracy, but INCREASE the reload time. In any case, no matter what the stats are, an arty player is there to punish the stupid. If arty does well against your team then that means there was a whole lot of stupid.

  46. Hello,

    Excellent update, great job!
    Now, the meds and lights moving are no longer one-shooted by arty, they are more playable. The heavies can now move and leave their hiding place. The TD have now a best usefulness, and arties still have a good accuracy and they are more important in battle because they are less numerous.
    The best accuracy of guns make the game interesting, before I didn't like it, now it's enjoying. The skill of the players, on light/med/heavies/arty is very more important now, I am best with all of the vehicle than before (even arty!).

    And the other changes are pleasant too.

    Thanks, keep up the good work!

    1. Skill is important? really with guns they way they are all skill in aiming has been took away. its now point and click, what has became more important is alpha damage and less important is accuracy of guns.

    2. You are wrong. We can now target the weak spots. Previously, when we targeted a weak spot, the shell often go away from the center of the reticle. It was very frustrating to play, the only way to win was to circle a tank to shoot its flank and its rear. Heavies tanks and TDs were very annoying to play and useless, the arties and mediums/lights enjoyed to shoot them. Me the first. Now, all the vehicles are pleasant to play.

    3. Top tier mediums were already over-performing every other tank class. Grats on having them made EVEN BETTER.

      Look at where arty is now. Mediums, you're next.

    4. Gorbrot, alpha damage is NOTHING in this game. Every high alpha gun carrying vehicle in this game performs poorly. All arty are bottom rung with the JP 100 and 215 183. Alpha damage is meaningless, it just makes you a target. What DOES keep the enemy at bay, however,is a fast firing gun with good pen that can poke at them, high damage or not, just to remind them that they aren't safe, which is exactly why high tier mediums outperform every other class of vehicle.

    5. Coldt,

      heard meds have been debuffed in 0.8.6 because of all the mechanics changes, no?

    6. They haven't been debuffed, more heavies have been made more effective enough to make them better off than they were when compared to mediums, since they don't have to worry as much about arty nailing them when they have to turn to bounce shots from and give fire against a marauding medium.

      You still overnerfed arty, and now since they're tiered correctly it's easier to see just how bad off arty is.

    7. What you SHOULD do to rebalance arty is pretty simple, make HE splash do 70% less damage to tracks than hull, since hull is a pressure vessel, then basically double arty splash radii.

    8. What you'd basically end up doing is punishing tanks that pack up into cover by doing fairly light damage to them with splash, slowly withering them away if they wait too long to make a move.

      That being said you should increase the sigma at which damage from the impact point is calculated so the high damage is still kept rather tight and centralizer, though that radius should be increases slightly.

    9. So far, the only 2 tanks that find themselves sunk as low as arty are once again the 215b 183 and JP E-100. This time I'm surprised that the JP E-100 is actually higher. I'll check again in a week when I have more numbers but this time it looks like all top tier arty but the Bat Chat 58 are considerably worse than they were, and that's saying a lot since they were already the lowest bars on the latter.

  47. 1. Accuracy - some guns are overbuffed: low tier autocannons are now totally deadly from ANY distance, no point in sniping with anything else...
    For higher tiers, to counter this, you should buff spotting&render distance caps (and, ultimately, bigger maps please :P ) - it won't be OP as most shells lose penetration over distance, substantially at high ranges.

    I would still prefer 3sigma spread with triple ring aiming circle - it would make game much more comprehensible (and more educational), for that you should recalculate gun accuracy parameter as 1sigma. All load (abysmal anyway) is client-side so where's the problem? Triple rings is also an answer for what Storm was worried about mods.

    2. Arty - aiming is horrible, it's up to luck if you get a fair team that can protect you. You rarely are a useful asset for your team. There are battles though, when you troll enemy, but they are very rare. Arty can be top tier and only top tier in their teams, check some ftr comments.

    I pity new players, arty grind will now be both incredibly boring and painful. I'd like to see what this does to esports - waiting for next stream...

    3. Tracking assist - didn't get much of that, maybe in future :) .

    4. Sounds - if you say that they are more realistic, then that's good. Still need to get used to them, but that is not a problem.

    5. On camera - doesn't matter which, but you should force one option for everyone as some can give really "unfair advantage". You forbade defoliants after all (thats an example).

    1. One more thing on tier 1 crew training: what were you guys thinking? Giving 100% free for all tanks on all new accounts just breaks the game.
      It doesn't make you learn anything, only skip this tier a bit faster (as if it makes difference, it's a few battles anyway). It just breaks competitive game for everyone as battles are even a bigger mess than before.
      I agree that new players should be given some impulse to learn the game, but i think it should be ONLY one 100% tier 1 tank for free (and maybe 1 free 75%), so they could what to choose (you can make this by giving free slots only instead of tanks and give free training upon first buy - tanks are free anyway, so they can "buy" them having zero credits). They they could compare what different levels of training give.

    2. Who cares - they will ruin the crew at tier 2...

    3. Most of them surely will - and have even more problems, because 1tier with 100% is borderline OP to 2tier with 50% crew.

      And there's very little you can do now on 1tier, with autocannon having insane accuracy buff and 100% crews for all noobs. No tactical play, just straight rush... So: i do care.

  48. Hello overlord
    i have a question : can you say something about t-43 (soviet tier VII med) ?
    (because i think that tank is a bit nerfed , u know usual stuff like same gun as t-34-85 mobility same or a bit sluggish compared to its predecessor or just ) or you know just you can say the same as the support "play it or leave it"

    1. You mean the T-43, with the 5 second reload and decent damage gun? It consistently scores high because it's an evil little ankle biter. Either you know how to use it and you like it or you don't. You can muscle through it like everyone else has or you can put it down and play a heavy, because that's really how medium tanks at high tiers play. Support gave you good answer.

    2. support gave me nothing
      and this is why this tank not has been changed because of players like you who always saying : "grind that tank trough or leave it there" and then support just says : not enough people complaining about that tank so we dont do anything about it sorry ... ( so yeah thx for cooperation)

    3. No, it's not being changed because out of every tier 7 tank in the game, it's 3rd best scoring. Thnx for not paying attention.

    4. i have paid attention and i think that " decent " damage and that 5 second reload is still okay but when it comes to "snipe" it just s+!t on long range and when i have to support or get some flank im being shot because you know that 75mm of solid iron (or what they made of them) is like butter and you got an ammo rack or just a damage there
      and that 5 second reload is now 10 or more but the tank is not fast enough to overrun or just get the hell out of there you got another shot for the engines greate now you rolling with "decent" 30 km/h downhill and half of your hp is down maybe a crewmember and other things have happened and you know the gun is not enough for good counter attack or anything so you are done 2 more shots and done

      and your "decent gun" compared to others : https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/109509866/tier7meds.png

      (sorry if i made mistake im a human too)

    5. Plenty of people deal with that tank every day. It's not a bad tank, you just have to play it as a high DPM flanker, which it is. In any medium tank with very few exceptions if you're getting shot at you're doing something wrong. That being said, the armor on that thing isn't bad, it can at least reliably bounce tier 5 rounds from the front. All I'm hearing is complaining about getting shot, and I'll state it again. In a medium tank, if you're getting shot you're doing something wrong.

    6. " bounce tier 5 rounds " the new matchmaking makes that quite impossible and yeah getting shot im not affraid of getting shot i just wish that if im getting shot dont be an ammo rack or engine for the first time nearly 7/10 and if im getting shot hmm.. oh when matchmaking puts me in high tier or low tier

      High tier : i have to go ahead and if im not everybody complaining or just everybody dies with me + even a tier 6 can kill me if he shots an ammo rack then i repair it and again im fucked and its very often happen not just with me

      low tier : (around tier9)nice tier 8s and tier9s everybody overruns me and kills me with nearly 4 shot except stocks the engine and ammorack rule is prevails here to i can do anything anywhere anyhow some fast son of a B'+!"h comes around and sees me (you know like amx 13 and other nice guys) or just the arty gets me and anyway im f...d
      support said : dont encounter fast meds ehem FAST MEDS how i cannot encounter them when they encounter me omfg

      stick with heavys : same some fast tank comes like type59 or idk t-44 or something and even if im on the support role im the first who they shot because im the best target

      stick with meds : nope overrun

      anyway i think this tank is not for me but its just a problem
      i cant reach the t-44 and t-54 and these tanks are cool tough
      im happy to hear that the 2.nd rus med line is on the way

    7. Every tank line has 1 or 2 terrible tanks in. For the russian medium line the T-43 is that tank, and even then it's not bad. Try getting a Maus, where you have to go through the 3001P and the Ausf A, then complain. You're complaining about not being able to do well in a tank that isn't really bad to begin with, it's just not amazing. Suck it up and power through it, or don't, but you shouldn't be on here whining to overlord about your menial performance.

    8. And if people are overrunning you, that means you're in the front, which is exactly where you shouldn't be.

  49. Over all is a decent Patch but will agree with some where accuracy has been slightly over done, where you had nations that were made to snipe i.e British are now just pointless, less accurate guns with higher alpha being able to snipe just aswell, and with the news that they are not getting buffed/changed is not good.

    WG already made a complete mess of the British tanks this just compounds the problem. sadly it's not just the British that have felt the brunt of this patch there are also German tanks that have suffered too.

    Hopefully WG will recognise this and make some changes altho I won't hold my breath waiting, as I think this will just be 1 on going problem that will get brushed aside in typical WG fasion.

  50. I just got 690xp with obj261 on 6800 dmg game ?
    That would be close to 1k xp in 8.5, yet in 8.6 tanks with 500 dmg get the same as me with 7k dmg ?
    Where is the increased xp coeficient ?

    replay : http://wotreplays.com/site/230839#south_coast-ramrus-object_261

    1. Probably eaten by lack of tier difference. Obj261 was 8tier and now is 10tier, there is (and always was, for every tank) a hidden coefficient for tier difference between you and your prey. And every arty got silent nerf to that too, as it gets normal MM now.

    2. Yes I've seen that, S51 got 1k xp for 2k dmg in t10 battle I got 570xp for 4,7k dmg

    3. I can confirm that its much much harder now to get XP with arty.

    4. I have been earning 700-900 exp post patch with my arties (tier 8-10)

    5. Mr.SpeedChaser,

      didn't watch the video. Standard account?

    6. You don't have to watch the video to see the team score, batle report is already provided on site.

      In fact I will try to upload all my battles with arty after 8.6 there just to do some math and see how much damage per match differs from prevous stats.
      I had a defeat where I got 2.2k dmg and was the lowest ranking player ( xp wise ) - afk and ppl with 0 dmg got more xp than me.

    7. I checked the stats: 53 batles in 8.6 with 0bj261

      average xp ~370 / ~550 8.5 ???
      average dmg ~2360 / ~2600 8.5

    8. Another weird moment: http://imageshack.us/a/img850/5489/6c4k.jpg

      I'll keep obj261 and GWE100 until you give official stats on 8.6 update, but if nothing is done about credits and xp on t10 arty it's really pointless to keep those credit loosing machines that are out of competitive play

    9. The problem now is, that when you are often high tier and leveling as an arty, enemys have too low hp to make good xp, and are down in tier, so give even less.

      When you are one of the low tiers, its not a problem.

  51. IMHO, you have overdone with the accuracy buff.

  52. *.6 finally put back heavy where heavy deserve to be, on the battlefiled. Its ice to see Maus rolling again. Think at the players who grind all the way to heavy tier 10 and they cant play proper those tanks becouse arty was overpowered. Best Update ever, thank you wargaming. Now f you buff lowe with just a little horsepower, like 50-100 it would be great.

  53. Your argument cuts both ways: everyone who grinded thru the scouts are angry now as they aren't as useful as they used to be

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Spot for Heavy and TD. Heavy and TD can shoot hidden behind a bush, from more than 15 meters, while you spot the ennemies by taking a position in a bush. Don't fire, just look and take XP and credits.

  54. "They dinged us!" seriously Overlord?

    1. Of Course...In my opinion, sounds are really bad on this update...i had to search for non-oficial mods to replace sounds...now t50-2 looks like it's firing from a ship on the other side of the world... :)

  55. Hitting enemy tracks has a sound bug. It says they dinged us when detracking enemy tanks.

  56. can you please start doing something about people "making me friend, shitting on me in private message, then put me on ignore" ???

    something like "friend needs to be confirmed to send private message" ?

    it's really annoying to see after battle

    "you idiot noob, can you please uninstall game and never come again?
    fuck you noob!
    next time i will kill you idiot!

    thank you.
    bye bye!"

    reply? --> player put you on ignore.

    yes - i believe my stats are kinda good, and these "unfiltered, unexpected, trolling messages" are kinda making my game experience - bad.)

    yes - i can't even "officially complain" about him, there is no option.

    yes - i can say to myself "i will ignore him too" - but still, it's really, well .. bad trolling.

    possible solutions:
    1. 2 way friendship
    2. automatic blog message (option)
    3. complain/report (but more work for you, so not good at all)
    4. 24h window to reply. (or 24h not able to ignore after starting conversation)

    i really don't mind trolling in game - i take it as part of match. is good :-)
    but writing private message with option "i shit on you, bye bye!" is one-way conversation.

    I know its just minor, but sure there are more people who have same issues.

    thanks (for any) answer

    1. That will come with Chat 2.0 along with proper friends and contact management.

  57. An idea:
    Create premium artilleries in tier 4/6/8 with features that could satisfy nostalgic players of old artilleries. With features minimizing the side effects on targets (very low ROF and/or very low damage and/or very low penetration value).

    When I see the current polemic of nostalgic users of the atypic gameplay of artillery, I think there is a very good potential of commercial succes of this idea, or in creating an entirely game based on this gameplay. (With artilleries and targets who can both earn XP and credits while shooting or avoiding a hit.)

    Keep up the good work :)

  58. Having played a few hours with the new patch, I cannot help but think it has ruined the game somewhat. I am, by nature, an aggressive player and now I seem to get 2 or 3 shot killed in my heavies. My once excellent T-50-2 now gets 1-shot killed every time.

    Do I need to give it more time to get used to the new mechanics?

    1. Prolly, you are over-aggressive. Truth to tell, I haven't got used to the new mechanics myself yet.

  59. Hi Overstressed,

    first my declaration of interest: despite having two artys (a now tier X and a now tier VII) i'm not an arty player. In the first two days of patch 0.8.6 i've had three tier VIII one shotted by arty, yet i can live with it.

    WG did heard their customers, but only partialy: everybody complained about arty parties but the prefered solution was to cap it three per side, per game, not this barbarity.

    As to the other changes: in my country your game is being anounced on national TV, adding this to consoles, extreme accuracy and the above arty nerf the result is obvious.

    Obviously WG is turning this game into a game for the masses:
    - Every shot hits target;
    - If you're willing to spend and use gold ammo, the above translates to: every shot counts;
    - Arty attrocious nerf is welcomed by every player, even me, one less worry on the battlefield. Three dimensional play off, easy mode on;
    - Bush cammo points nerfed: no newbie likes to have its hp drained out by an unseen enemy. They could quit the game before their estimated revenue would come to WG account.

    Of course WG is a businees and business has to profit, the more the better, i understand and don't have any problem with that.

    And mark my words, next "whine" will be about TDs.


    1. Don't forget to add prem ammo nerf to the list.

      I think we have been a game for masses (except from US) for quite some time already.

    2. I believe you are more inteligent than that and know what i mean...


  60. in previous post i was "whinning about chat".
    now to topic.

    tier 10 arty branches - don't have tier 10. GF is having tier 8 ( lucky her, she got it from tier 6 SU-14 :-) - first was nerf HORRIBLE, max 700dmg per battle, few XP, always dead.
    Then we switched to "use server reticle" - and mirracle happened. Dmg increased to 3k-4k, XP to 600++ ... she states, that only thing needed with arty is LOT of patience. So i believe arty is OK for now :)

    economy changes including switch to free-2-win and credit income boost - LOVE IT! i earn 30k netto with my NEW E-100 :-) even if battle is lost I'm able to earn money :-D

    Anyway, I would like to suggest some "bonus" for potential dmg received. Every match I have around 5k - 14k of this.. would be nice for example to earn 30-50% of shells price. It is contribution to the team win anyway - enemy has to shot on you, and you "soak up" dmg.

    exp income boost for TDs and SPGs - beautiful. And from my perspective nothing like "too much TD" is possible. TD are much different then artillery - they need line of sight to shot, so basically-in theory ALWAYS you can shot back

    game mechanics changes (HEAT, spall liner, camos, accuracy, shell normalization, pen reduction, damage and pen range, velocity reduction for arty shells) -
    amazing! one of best patches ever. Love sniping, love shoting where i need to shot. I don't use mods (skins), still I'm aiming for weakspots and it's great feeling knowing my shot will go, where i need it to go.
    I have spall liner on e-100 and its beautiful :-)
    arty - not really a nerf - point 1, just change of playstyle. And finally I know i can pass with my heavy tank, withou being "shot on first sight" - I know if I'm spotted, i have about 10s to hide/change location. Stil, if somebody is stupid enough to "pik-a-boo from same spot for 2 minutes .. well .. nice to meet you, bye-boom-bye :-)

    armor is finaly armor - i mean c'mooon - those ~200mm HAS TO DO SOMETHING :-)
    on the other hadn, with e-100 i'm still able to shot on another e-100 thnx to aim upgrade. and dish out dmg without gold shells. only ~230 penetration? no problem ... i will give you "head-shot" :-)

    all other thing are making game better ... love it :-)

    dynamic camera - badummmm!!! NICE :-) (same goes for sounds .. kinda like em :-)

    new Korean-style map - again - LOVE IT ... anyway I think its kind of map with high possibility of score like 15-1, 14 -2 etc ... (dunno why , just my observation)

    new birds added to Ruinberg and Lakeville - no idea :-D

    Thank you! for me, this patch is "new blood in veins" - i wanted to quit, now i really enjoy my e-100 and i'm exping to is-4 and is-7 :-)

  61. Greetings Overlord, fellow commander...first of all let me thank you for making a (what used to be) great game.
    Second of all, regarding the 8.6 patch, let me ask you one thing: Why fix something that ain't broken?
    I mean, you guys made the game couple of years ago, it was a huge success & you got couple of 100k users hooked on it and it's gameplay rules, the atmosphere, etc.
    In my country we have saying: ' never change a winning horse '...i'm sure you know what i'm talking about. My main complaint is the 'accuracy buff'(and i'm not talking about Spg's)...you guys somehow managed to turn WoT into an arcade game with historical context, thus making its gameplay tottaly unattractive and uninspiring...
    It became not user friendly, not even kids friendly but babies friendly...Literaly, i can now let my 90 year old grandma play on my account and i'm sure she'd be a pretty good tank commander earning Sniper badges with her glass eye...
    Are you familiar with an online game called ' Navyfield online ' ? I suppose you are, cause that game has lots of simmilarities with WoT (tech trees, ship exp, ship hull, crew exp, etc.).
    For those of you who don't know nothing bout that game, its an online 2D battleships war game produced somewhere around 2004 and the community loved it! The thing is it was a simple game but not too simple, you had to manually aim, you had to manually angle your turrets whilst paying attention to steering your ship.
    Why am i saying this? Well, Navyfield 2 was launched last year and the community hates it! Why? Cause the game became so overly simplified and lost every charm of its gameplay...Yes, the game now has modern graphic system but they decided to cancel manual aiming and now everything is auto-aim :( so the gameplay itself sucks...and again i suppose my grandma would be a pretty good admiral in that game too :)
    What am i trying to say is : Who needs modern graphic, who needs special effects if the gameplay is charming and challenging?
    In my opinion, the whole world seems to be going Dumb&Dumber so when i first encountered WoT i thought: at last here's one game where gameplay is the most important! Yet, you managed to oversimplify WoT too for the reasons only you guys understand...
    Now you have a situation where you are losing thousands of experienced users who really appreciated your work&effort and replacing them with new users who btw only seem to know how to whine ie. the game is too hard, i get killed to soon etc. Well, to all of you whiners out there i suggest to stop complaining and start to work on your gameplay, start to invest some effort into your tanking skills don just sit there and cry...Imagine what would chess nowadays look like if it was just invented...i bet it would be so simple that a "sinking ships" board game would feel more demanding than chess, lol.
    All i'm asking is don't go Dumb&Dumber on us guys...there are still lots of people who enjoy games because of their difficulty and not because of their lack of difficulty. Overlord, can you give a logical explanation of buffing the accuracy of tanks?

  62. My numbers are in!

    The three worst tier 10's in the game ARE!!

    #3 Object 261

    #2 T92

    #1 GW E-100

    Those arty are in desperate need of a buff, along with the JP E-100 and IS-7 which are i the 4th and 5th worst tank spots respectively.

  63. Hi overlord,
    Will premium vehicles be available in silver in future versions?