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Monday, February 18, 2013

[WoT] 8.4 Test - Impressions Post

Your impressions of 8.4 public test, if any? Issues, bugs, feedback, etc.

How do you like the tutorial-thing?

And the poll: So polls ...
  1. Totally love them - 1193 (70%)
  2. Don't care - 388 (22%)
  3. Hate! They are useless - 123 (7%) btw, initially was going to add "I don't participate in polls" option but dumped the idea. Regret it.
As always the new poll is up. 


  1. Issues? Other than the ridiculous attempt at a Stealth Nerf to the E50 and E50-M? Shame on Wargaming.

    Aside from that, the usual. Premium ammo should be removed to truly test the tanks and testing tanks in tiers 5 and lower is impossible just due to the fact everyone is in the high tier tanks.

    Still, overall, bored with 'new' tanks as content. Wouldn't mind an over-haul of the game offering garage battles, historic battles, etc...you know- all the stuff in War Thunder basically.

    1. hey Overlord
      is it possible to fix the Launcher to get connecting player to simple
      1st or 2nd server Queue with number and just wait to get into server?
      cos now for people from EU like me its almost impossible to get even into that queue with numbers.... that is most frustrating atm,and lags also...

    2. Something i realy look forward to is the garage battels, and yes they have a their own versjon of it in WT. Only issue with it in wot that i can se is that the small maps make spawn killing an issue.

      Any hint on the progress for garage battles? Is it a 8.x or is it a x.0 event?

      Also i know you dont want to make special maps for the two 'new' gamemodes ,but i think it can make the battles more ballanced and you would pull in some of the hardcore playes who has disable the new modes.(because the maps would be better for the spesific mode, and new maps always attrachts the high level players.)

    3. No time frame for garage battles at this stage, we are thinking of a totally new concept for them and not ready to announce it just yet.

  2. The main issue is the fact that i cannot enter the puplic test. Always is busy. I have entered only two times one 2 pm and one 8 pm. Second i do not like that you nerf the leopard 2. Tier 6 now, same gun and only 60km. I also do not like that you haven't introduce new game mods and new maps.

    1. Neither mods nor maps were planned for 8.4. Next update will bring at least one new map.

    2. There is NO Leopard 2 (MBT) in WoT. There is a Leopard Scout tank though and I agree that it totally sucks in the tier it has been put in now. It's weaponry, which offcourse isn't supposed to be strong as a scout, is beyond pathetic. Not pleased with the VK2801 nerf either. IF Goldammo for the 105mm is overperforming do something about the ammo, don't completely screwover the whole tank.

      People will keep playing it, offcourse, because of the announcements regarding T7 and T8 scout tanks, but it will surely lose it's beloved status.

      Swamp and Komorin both redone, now that's something I'm looking forward to eagerly.

  3. Most of all, my biggest complaint here is lack of any new content whatsoever. I know that You guys in WG are working hard on getting as much accuracy on tanks as possible, but at this point every added tank feels just like another skin for a LOL character. We alredy have so many tanks with great variety, that these newavhnes don't feel new in any way except their looks. That is bad, and the more tanks You put into the game, the less value is added to the game by each tank.

    What IMO this game needs is new content gameplay wise, like new game modes etc. Some maps designed strictly for PVP would be lovely, that would come along with a proper game mode. ESL could utilise this to provide more "symetrical" gameplay. I think 3v3 or 5v5 skirmish mode on maps sized est. 0.5 x 0.5 of smallest maps currently available would be perfect.

    As to the current patch:
    1. It seems to have lower FPS than the one that is currently live (my current laptop has current gen i5, 8gigs of RAM and GTX 660 with 2gigs of gRAM) , and the difference is from 5 to 10 fps on 1080p.
    2. SU-100Y seems to be a bit too god for its current tier. Add some HP, and it will do great a tier higher.
    3. T10 tank destroyer is great. A bit slower shooting version of T110E4 can at least bring a counterweight to the only turreted T10 destriyer so far. With two turreted T10 TDs there should be at least bigger choice of weapons for CW, but only if You will not nerf it. People will complain that it is OP in the begining, but ultra long reload makes that TD as vounreable as arty when reloading, so You should give ppl at least 2 months to learn that before tweaking it at all, and ignore performance stats fron the first month at the same time.

    1. Guess, you have already heard of our thoughts on promoting esports and competitive play in-game (possible new mode).

    2. I just realised how unclear that PVP part was since the entire game is PVP ;). What i meant is competetive PVP in organised form without any random matchmaking. Maybe a platoon vs. platoon matchmaker would do the trick.

      TBH I did not rally hear any details on how exactly You are going to pull that off, but focusing on more competetive PVP is one idea, that rarely fails ;)

    3. We are thinking of an in-game support for 7/42 mode with skill-based matchmaking, ratings and such stuff.

    4. Sounds nice :)

      Some sort of daily ladder for duels would also be nice, so You get like up to 5 or so random opponents per day. This should take up to 1 hour if You limit these to 7-10 minutrs on a tiny map. That would be a good endgame content for solo players.

    5. Duels would require special maps and are likely to be a kind of entertainment for very few.

    6. you could just use places like himmelsdorf square and malinovka field, just limit the map to a smaller area, it wouldnt have to require a new map

    7. "1. It seems to have lower FPS than the one that is currently live (my current laptop has current gen i5, 8gigs of RAM and GTX 660 with 2gigs of gRAM) , and the difference is from 5 to 10 fps on 1080p."

      The newest nVidia drivers have a problem with WoT it seems, maybe try rolling them back.

    8. Ovi, if You think that duels would be an entertainment for few - make a poll on it, asking if they would like a separate game mode with unique map set just for dueling. IMO not all players need to play all game modes for WoT to stay attractive, and diversity may keep some players that would otherwise quit.

      Thanks, I will try that.

    9. And ad the possibility of spectators to these duels!

    10. Przemysław Majkowski

      We will definitely do some research prior to introduction of major things.

    11. come on, the 7/42 format is popular only because WG showers it's players with gold.
      Especially that 7/42 on those maps we have ends in camping most of the time (end after moving arties 2 tiers up it will be even worse). It's simply stupid format, which only value is that it is easier to organise.

      if you will add new game mode for 7/42 it will be popular - as a mean to train to get gold from esl, not for it's value itself.

      Also it practically duplicates what esl already offers with their A-series (but of course without annoying amount of preparations that is required for esl competition since training rooms in WoT are made very very poorly), while 14 vs 14 is limited practically to clan wars (you can't really appreciate Bump's and oXyde's efforts with tournaments lately)

      You removed most of flexibility from clan wars so now playing clan wars means being stuck with the same opponents over and over, sucking most of fun out of it.
      Companies are boring since playing with similar skilled opponent is a complete rarity and most of the time you pown noobs.

      What I would find interesting would be league like or ladder based long term competition for full teams. SOmething where you can just fight against other teams at your skill level not tied up by politics and strategy, which is more and more restricting with each change to CW you bring.

    12. Full teams are much harder to find. We are going to promote other formats as well.

      As for CWs, I have said enough in the recent posts. We are planning a lot of changes.

    13. Yeah yeah ... CW.
      Many clans are giving up as there are some "old boys" just sitting on provinces for last two years with no way to get rid of them without nukes, so who cares anyway? :D

      But I'm still extremely curious about these competetive elements, as it might be at least some "new quality" in it. As much, as 7v7 is a good format, smaller teams are easier to play just because it's fairly easy to find and train in a 3 to 5 man group, and more or less this can be traid and played on a daily basis. 7v7 is a group that grows large in terms of unexpected "things" that can hapen, and so players will drop out due to "anything". This means less training and less time to actually play scheduled games, since not everybody have time available at any point of the day.

      Some form of small platoon-sized fights that take 5-7 minutes would be something refresing in the game at the moment. Especialy if these were not made in training battles, but had credits and exp flowing anyway.

    14. That's why we need regular wipes and seasons.

    15. You can also make provinces have a capital city of the region, that would have to be taken separately in a battle vs. random mercanaries with also separate chance of uprising. With growing number of tier 10 tanks this would give more points to lock tanks by destruction, that is always a good thing.

      Just assume that owning a province povides all rights except income generation, so You could land and harass other clans with a couple of battles daily, but capital cities that unlock income would make camping with allies all arround just reqiring as much effort.

      A side effect is that AGAIN these clan vs. random battles would provide more endgame content for clanless and solo players, which is what WoT needs desperately at this point.

    16. "Full teams are much harder to find. We are going to promote other formats as well."

      Full teams are hard to find cause there is no real content for them, except clan wars in which good clans have their hands tied more and more with every patch, so they can do less and less so more and more worse and worse clans are able to get into map.
      Comapnies are a joke, tournaments are organised the way that's incredibly offensive for those taking part, all organisation effort goes for 7/42, no wonder there is more such teams. You are already promoting other format and neglecting the full team format.
      Even your e-sports coordinators see that and admit that unless they are talking officialy, they they still try to pretend.

      There was over 600 teams participating in last super 6 cup, more then any go4wot despite lower rewards in super 6. With double the team size, so number of players playing in this 1 super 6 cup was similar to all players who played in go4wot this year. Or more.

      "That's why we need regular wipes and seasons."

      Are you serious?
      Maybe just forbid staying on the map for more then a month then?

      If someone plays for a clan that is too weak to win anything, and whines, he should hear "learn to play noob". He shouldn't be rewarded for his whining.

      So maybe we should change ESL rules, so instead of 400, 250, 200, 150 and 4x100 euro there will be 140 teams rewarded with 10 euro?
      So people will stop whining that RED, PANDA and OM win everything?

      And what will wipes accomplish? Weak clans will be out of the map after a weak or two and will start whining, that "old boys" kicked them out of the map and they have to wait 2 months to next wipe. What then?
      You will change wipes frequency to 1 month?
      Then to 2 weeks?

      Until the clans that can play CW well will decide "screw it to hell" and weak clans finally will think they are good?

      How you can listen to people who see the clan wars as "old boys who sit in capital provinces covered around with alies" when those "old boys" in prime time 20 are the clans that fight most on the whole server and are wining the most. (in prime time 18 it may be a different story, but that is the issue WG don't want to acknowledge).

      We play 3 to 5 games every day and we would be playing more, if not the limit of 6 stack's per clan (with 50 percent win ratio you cannot play more then 4 battles per day even if moving stacks on map would not be an issue).
      How do you want to multiply it?
      What sense doe it make to play organised team against random team?

      We (greys) were out of the map, regrouped and took everything back fighting against much more clan then we had. Not because being on the map is so advanteogus and poor clans out of the map are harmed, but because we are simply better then those whiners who are out of the map.
      So regular wipes will not change the final outcome except short recapturing period. And recapturing europe after wipe again and again will get boring.

      While some of ideas brought to CW are interesting, whenever I see a comment from WG guy WHY they are doing something it seems like he doesn't have a slightest idea about the clan wars except looking at the map once a week or two and listening only to those clans that are too weak to get on the map.
      Do people who create all new stuff for Clan Wars ever lead the succesful alliance and know how the clan wars really work?
      I have all reasons to doubt that. And believe me, even clan leaders of solitary on/off the map clans have very limited understanding of Clan Wars.

      Przemysław Majkowski is right in the way, that people unable to find/organise a clan that will be able to compete in Clan Wars need to have another endgame offer.
      CW shouldn't be cut down so everyone will have the same from them, the same way like not everyone will be able to win rewards in a tournament.
      So invent sth else, not screw what was working.

    17. http://cdn.memegenerator.net/instances/400x/31933220.jpg

      But on the other hand I can not say Gorzki is wrong. WoW is so succesful because there are different kinds of endgame there aimed ad different groups. They have arenas, they have battlegrounds, raids and heroic dungeons, and that is FOUR kinds of completely different endgame modes. The same with EVE online (man, that one will never die I guess), as You can be a part of corporation, a trader, a fighter, or You can just get involved in politics.

      I guess that "normal" multiplayer games live long live only because of mods, as it increases the "endgame" where the original product ran out of ideas.

      And I really do wish You guys succeed to stay on the market at least as long as WoW or Eve, so we can celebrate 10 years anniversary on 3rd or 4th edition of rendering and graphics engine and patch 27.3.0 :D

    18. nice pic

      it's annoying enough when people who have no idea about CW try to argue with me (and if you know anyhitng about EU server CW you will recognize my name - although you will probably not like me :D) and only show their ignorance, but when WG employees join them in saying stuff that makes no sense and is in fact opposite to the reality I'm absolutely terrified (and idea "PATO is too week to land, lets wipe the map, on 460 province there will be one were 10 clans of pato will be the only applicants" is bad).

      WoT success comes from the fact that even bot or afker will win more often then 1 out of 3 games so weak people don't leave this game en masse allowing average players to feel good.

      That's why the comeptition oriented community often jokes that random battles are PvE with bots that can talk and exist also outside of the internet, companies are coop where you play with friends against bots and only tournaments and CW are the only PvP.

      And in PVP is impossible for everyone to win. Simple as that.
      CW is not a place for endgame for solo players nor really weak players. WG needs to imagine sth different for them, not to constantly improve their chances in CW.

  4. issue: VK2801 overperforms because of goldammo, instead of nerfing the gold ammo causing this problem, you nerf the tank, whilst also moving it up a tier, why? I bet when you rework derp-heat, you'll not buff vk along with it too.

  5. Testserver is too full to enter it. So I have had no chance to try anything yet.

    1. Unlucky. It can be hard to get there indeed.

  6. Haven't tested tutorial yet, so about other things.

    I am a little sad that recently I mainly complain, but we just get another branch, which is composed from vehicles that were not used in any war (maybe those TD on Universal Carrier hull was used, but I haven't checked it). Worst thing for me personally is huge amount of TD's that were never even build as prototypes. I have nothing against prototypes, blueprints or even E-50M-like invented tanks, but only when they are used to fill empty places among historical vehicles. When whole line is composed from blueprints and prototypes I do not see point of making such line. There where 2 UK TD's I was waiting most - Achilles and Archer, both are not included in that branch. Slightly less I waited for Tortoise - wasn't interested in playing it, but should be in game.

    I am also not convinced that it is good idea to put in tier V TD with such insane armor. KV with his 75 mm armor demands some skill and luck to penetrate him in most of tier V tanks. And here we have vehicle with 200 mm front and 100 mm sides and rear. Are you going to made people to use premium ammo? Do you have idea what will feel fresh players trying to fight with such TD? Rage factor will surely increase and probably more people will leave game in tiers 3-5, when they meet such impenetrable fortress, because they decide that game is stupid.

    Even decent player in Crusader or M7 will have huge problems. Crusader need around 6 penetrations with his 110 mm penetration gun (dmg 75), while he can penetrate only weakspot on roof (small, hard to hit, specially when TD driver has some ecperience), 100 mm side and rear will demand lucky and precise shots to penetrate.

    And those TD was a blueprint in late 1943. What is it doing in tier V? German tanks mass produced in 1942 are tier VII. There could be easily second TD on Universal Carrier hull and one those insane armored Tortoise less (but IMO such armore TD in tier VI is also bad idea).

    I think it was a mistake to make 2 lines of TD's in US tree (which ended with many invented vehicles and three different machines from one never build T110). One, more historical tree, would be much better. Now the same will be with UK, which had less TD's then US, so there will be even more blueprints or even half-invented vehicles. And as we hear there can be second line of French TD's, which is terrible idea IMO, because even first line has no mass produced vehicles.

    Sorry Overlord, I really have nothing against WG, rather do not whine, but recent updates slowly kill my love to WoT. After seeing British TD's I started more impatiently waiting for tanks in War Thunder. I wouldn't wait for them if there were historical random battles in WoT, where I could play without meeting strange never build vehicles. Then I wouldn't care that your game is changing into World of Protypes and Blueprints, cause I would have this what I want. Now, I think, that War Thunder will be faster in offering me battles in more historical environment. And - as I already wrote - I stopped spending money on WoT. Why shell I buy anything if probably I will leave in a few months/year. I also stopped grinding new vehicles. What for invest so much time for XP-ing and buying tanks that I will probably left.

    That sad for me, cause I do not have other issues with WoT (maybe apart from brainless players) and I like it. Graphics is ok for me, performance too (great imporvement here since release!), have no issues with spotting, I accept most cases of zero dmg penetrations and so on. I do not cry that some my tanks are nerfed. But with every month it is for me harder to accept that I still can't play only with and against historical tanks that were really used in wars. It is for me most awaited feature since I started to play.

    1. Indeed. Though I can't say that agree here. AT-series has got its place in game just like most of top tier German, American, Soviet, and especially French tanks that have seen no or little no service and/or combat use.

      If you take a closer look, I'm sure you are good at warfare history, you will see how limited was RL usage of tanks with most of the nations having only several highly reliable and popular models. Not dozens. With our numbers (200+ tanks), we don't plan to maintain 100% authenticity, borders have been watered down.

    2. but there is too much td's in proportion to number of available heavies and mediums

  7. The biggest thing that irks me is that the Pz I doesn't have the armament it's most famous for, which would be a second 7.93mm machine gun that matches the static one.

    I understand that it's an anti-personell weapon that would have positively abysmal penetration values, but considering the potential DPM of having two machine guns firing (which looks to be possible considering that the MTLS-1G14 works on the same dual armament concept) at 650 rounds per minute per gun with 25 ammo per clip, I would say that the horrid penetration values, if anything, balance it out to be capable of being mounted on a Tier II.

    And besides that, the dual machine guns are the Pz I's signature weapon! And quite frankly, after my experience with the Pz I C., I don't care if I never so much as damage a track in the Pz I with its dual machine guns: I would be having too much fun with its rounds per minute to care :D

    1. about that - wouldnt it be possible to sell machine gun ammo in batch of 3 or 5 (if 5 shells are fired with each click of LMB)?
      That way the cost of premium machine gun ammo could be more logical.

      because shells have to be worth at least 1 gold, premium ammo has to cost at least 400 credits per shot.

      t110e5 ammo costs 4000/1060 = 3.77 times more
      t32 premium ammo costs 4800/1000 = 4.8 times more
      m22 locust ammo costs 800/35 = 22.85 times more
      t1 cunningham ammo (20 mm) costs 400/2 = 200 times more

      let's look at t1 guns:
      37 mm semiautomatic browning offers 39 penetration and 30 damage for 60 creds and 63 penetration and 30 damage for 400 creds
      200 mm Hispano_Suiza offers 30 penetration and 12 damage for 2 creds and 43 penetration and 12 damage for 400.

      Selling ammo for hispano suiza in batches of 3 (you can't fire less then 3 anyway) would allow to reduce their price to 400 gold per 3, which would make it more economically balanced in comparison to 37 mm gun.

  8. Quick question, is the Tortoise's Armour a bug?


  9. Wtf are you trying to do there with german scouts (VK 2801 + 1602))It is just one big fail imo.

    Problem with 2801 was HEAT on that derp gun and not the tank itself. Now you nerf it to the ground while it still sees t10 fights with overall worse stats especially topspeed and acceleration ... .

    And the VK 1601 isnt off much better ... that armament is still a joke and the MK103 is overall even worse than that horrible short 5cm.

    A comment on that E50(M) stunt you tried to pull off?

  10. Two suggestions: could I hear your views OL?

    1. Balanced MM: The MM place 5 good, 5 average and 5 below average players on each team or similar.
    Together with equal amount of tank types this will make more interesting battles for all.
    Also suggest to have scouts / light tanks for both sides in games with arty.

    2. Period battles:
    Post WW2

    What we got now is mixed battles only...

    3. Player garage displays
    All the players tanks to be displayed with camo and emblems.
    Statistics available (optional) together with medals, crew skills.
    An option to upload great video replays that can be viewed would be awesome.

    I'm 100% certain that these suggestions would bring new life to WoT if implemented.

    1. Sigh...we've been waiting for new stuff for ages (historic and garage battles). New modes (assault and encounter) were all that have been implemented. I'd say we're more likely to see another company provide what we want before WG does but I guess that's up to them. It could just be a case of a company getting much bigger than they planned and losing sight of their vision- what with aquiring new companies, etc. they might be too busy ;)

      The other problem, of course, is that I have no idea what the RU customers like or want and since that is their biggest market it will likley drive their decisions.

    2. Skill-based MM-ing will work only for ranked battles - eg 7/42 mode.

      As for historical battles, we dont think they are suitable for random. They should contain some nicely developed PVE element. That requires time.

    3. Why not for randoms to? What's the problem?? All I see it's just plain no, but why not? Pro's will play with pro's, average with average and noobs with noobs! I don't see any problem.

    4. Because ordinary player shouldn't be punished for its skill, getting the hardest possible competition in every battle.

    5. that's utter bullshit.
      skill based matchmaking assumes getting opposing team equal to mine (me included)
      Now I get sometimes laughable excuse of competition and wining such battle gives no satisfaction at all, sometimes it gives me really hardest possible competition - with 3 platoons of 60+ win ratio players which I have to stop with 38 WR E-100 and bunch of noobs I am the only 1 with 50+ win ratio.
      Such battles bring only frustration.

      good games are those where 2 teams fight and both have chance to win till almost the very end. That's why we pester you about skill based matchamking.
      Series of victories or defeats where you can't change the result of the battle, which are decided in starting few minutes are no fun.

      I know there will be no skill based matchmaking, because you don't want it. Because you need to cater to the feelings of those who pay. Because frustration of hooked up players give you more money then satisfaction.
      But please, if you are trying to justify such decision, refrain yourself from such stupid arguments like this one.

    6. Ordinary players will play with ordinary players, they don't get punished for anything, with current MM the good players get punished, losing with 5+ kills and loads of damage 'cause he got brain dead team mates.

      I want to be able to play with and against players of my level so I can rely on my team and not just hope they won't just sit there doing nothing to help.

      I'm also tiered of doing the work for those ordinary players, they play the game, they should learn how to play and take care of they're own or stay out, piggy back ride good players for wins!

    7. @Andrei

      I agree with you 100%!

      I feel the same way, i want ranked/league play, i want to play,grind and evolve with and against good (same skill as me) palyers, i want, no, i need to know that i can relay on my team.

      I'm so sick of carrying the whole team alone, and i'm so sick of my newbie team mates that charge in and die, i'm sick of seeing half of my team getting razed in the first minutes, i'm sick of getting in top 3 players every game and lose under the condition that i'm one of the middle-bottom tank... :(

      This is NOT cool WG, NOT cool!

    8. 2 different thing we advocate.
      I see no problem with noobs playing with the pros in one battle.
      They need to learn somehow.

      However what i am against is noobs playing against pros.

      If I have stats above average, I am ok, the 14 other players from my team will be balanced with 14 players from opposing team and I will be balanced with another player with win ratio similar to mine.

      Yes, i am punished a bit for being better, because this 1 guy on the opponents team will be better and better every time I will increase my WR.
      And yes, all win ratio will be flattened a bit - but it's already flattened to 40-60 range, so it may as well be flattened to 45-55.

    9. @overlord

      dude .. man .. dude!
      you have absolutely no idea how a skill based MM works do you?
      getting a low skill player in a match with better players than him, as is currently with WoT's MM, is apparently punishing
      more punishing than putting the same player against with a team composes of players of same skill and against a team of same skill

      what the fuck!?!?!

    10. Dear Overlord,

      when I say I want skill based MM I mean I want good players on both teams, not all in one team and the other one gets just 1-3 good players.


      I played it once, it was well done. Plz make it available not only for fresh starters, this and coming tutorials about arty and so should be mandatory for all players at least once. Like that every player should get a basic training how this game works.

    11. I sow the DICE video with WG CEO! At least stop laying to us about... "punishing low skilled players", and tell the truth, that you don't want your precious MM to go nuts. The guy clearly said there, that one of the key features of WoT is the fast battle. You press battle and in 1 sec you're in one. With a league system it will take longer (10 sec).

      But this way, us, the players that want to improve and winning is fun for us, not just driving a tank around (I could install a single player tank game for that) is torment to see all those... unskilled players that don't want to get better!

      And the tutorial is garbage! Telling them how to drive around and use auto-aim... Not what we need. Simplify the game if you think a more complex tutorial will drive the "unskilled (lazy)" away. Make it just point and click like CoD.

    12. if it would be impossible to adjust matchmaking for players skill or if it will mean much longer waiting times, then it is a justfied reason to drop the skill based matchmaking.

      but empty phrases of "punishing players for their skill" or "putting player into heaviest possible fight" are blatantly false and make WG employees look stupid or like they are telling lies on purpose.

      For tiers 9-10 all vehicles (td, ht, mt) have same balance weight. What's the problem after the 30 players is chosen to divide players into 2 teams taking their WR into acount?
      So if there are 2 weak players and 2 good players on top tiers to put them 1 good and 1 bad in each team, not 2 good ones on one side and 2 bad ones on the other?

      For all other players the balanced battle will be more fun then easy wipe / utter defeat.

    13. Zmeul,

      No idea at all. Enlighten me pls.

    14. @I sow the DICE video with WG CEO! At least stop laying to us about... "punishing low skilled players", and tell the truth, that you don't want your precious MM to go nuts. The guy clearly said there, that one of the key features of WoT is the fast battle. You press battle and in 1 sec you're in one. With a league system it will take longer (10 sec)@

      not the case, even now in WoT you can wait in queue for 15-30 seconds in some cases, even when 100k+ players are online - that's because of additional MM requirements that were put in place.

    15. enlighten you? you have the internet at your finger tips dude .. go fetch!
      google is your friend, just search ELO based match making system in games, or similar
      read up on Legue of Legends match maker, it has a wiki and nice details on how it works, here link:


    16. Nothing new, your W/R ration will always tend to 50% giving you tough competition, WoT is generally less competitive game than LoL. That's kind of MM is not an inherent part of our design philosophy.

    17. >facepalm<
      that's all you got?!
      no point in discussing this skill based MM with you since you're like a wall

    18. Nothing that I haven't heard of previously -> no reason for change of opinion. A feature that is welcome for a minority doesn't have to be in-game only for that very reason.

    19. So getting better at this games makes a weird one?!

    20. having more fun is no valid reason?

      its just no fun when all the red barons are piled up on one side and the other team rofl-stomps them to oblivion and back in 3min, combine that with fail platoons aka tier 4 scout and some normal tier 1-4 vehicle in a tier 8 dominated battle.

      That is no fun!

      Make it a selectable game mode and people can choose to wait and have fair distribution of players and tiers or just some random and fast match making.
      Just improve the platoon window with information on the tier, class, and possible battle tiers, so casual players have it easier to form platoons that can have some influence on a battle, oh wait that could result in more fun for them....

  11. Any plans to improve the Service Record screen? It's still just a giant-unsortable-list-of-tanks, and a real pain to navigate for those of us who've been playing for a while. Sorting options at least as good as those in the Assistant app would be good. Alternatively/additionally, it would be nice if the player could pick one or two of the stats from that screen and display them right with the tank in the garage and/or bottom screen tank strip.

    1. Yeah, well, you'll have to settle with XVM addon for now. It adds sortable Service Record screen with its version for 8.4.

    2. I use Locastans translation of a statistics mod:


      Overlord take a look at that collection that is how it is done...

    3. These are all already part of XVM (well, in testing phase currently, until 8.4 ships), if you're using that.

    4. I use XVM but I only use the stable version, Locastan had it earlier on the EU server, so I quote him

  12. Like:
    - New British TD's look pretty interesting to play. The Tortoise was pretty fun to play in test, looks to be my next TD grind. The T10 TD's very arty-like damage is well compensated by a very shit reload time, thus I don't believe it will be OP. Besides, circling it in my ELC or T-50-2 should be fun ;).
    - The new German tanks also look pretty fun to play; the machine gun use especially. I can't take a tank seriously when it can fire 250 rpm, I'm too busy getting behind my enemy and unloading/trolling XD
    - The new "Potential damage recieved" stat is very nice, though I'd like to know if it takes into account near misses or just pen/no-damage and bounces. The Luchs is also well balanced at T4, which is a good thing. The new gun should be dangerous to other light tanks. Map reworkings also look really nice

    - Obviously, the VK2801 nerf. I understand why the devs felt it necessary, but the tank is really underpowered to begin with. Nerfing its agility makes it even harder to play well than originally. I'm just dreading the potential T-50 and T-50-2 nerfs, if they ever come ... Question here: The new T7,8 light/scout German tanks, are they planned for 8.5 or a later update?
    - The tutorial, while it will be very useful to people (especially those new to the game) seems very incomplete. I guess this is less of a dislike and more of a "waiting on what else you plan to do with it ..." kind of thing. Either way, its a good driving tutorial. Question though: Will there be a reward like back in the day (a premium exclusive tank) for completing it?

    1. Potential damage received counts non-penetrating hits & ricochets.

    2. "Nerfing its agility makes it even harder to play well than originally. I'm just dreading the potential T-50 and T-50-2 nerfs, if they ever come ... "

      Man i don't know if u are new to this game but they NERF realu hard t-50-2 with new physics patch ! traverse tracks speed is lowest from tier 5 and even tier 4 light scouts... shit

  13. I think right now, if you cut out the "germans are always nerfed" whining, the "where are my tanks", "where is multicore/graphic improvements", the only thing that comes out as bad on the test server is really that, 16k players, or whatever that is, it's too low, i am sure that you have enough resources to make a better server, hell, i am sure that even just 40k max players and a working queue would do it.

    Which brings us back to the good old issue, the queue. As usual, there are two queues, one let you in, one makes pointless attempts to connect. You need to get rid of that, and just leave the one that assign a queue number to each client (funny thing about it, this time i got into a 16k one, i had to wait, but i was HAPPY of doing so, because i was certain i would get in)

  14. 2nd german and french medium line

    cant wait

  15. Let's see, more anti-German bs, more power creep, and more new tanks that aren't really necessary. Par for the course.

    1. There should be smth anti-german in every update.

    2. lol
      I suggest that German tanks cannot carry "Repair Kits" anymore as the tracks cannot carry the weight ;-)

    3. Make a "potato in the exhaust" module for german tanks (only for gold). PPL will love their engine power cut in half ! :D

  16. Voted for something else, quoting myself from the SEA forums:

    Bigger maps.

    I'm tired of the same close combat playstyle on every map.
    We've been promised bigger maps since beta, that was 2 years ago, it's nice that they're redoing old maps,
    and they've added a good number of new maps, but the 1km² feels as small as the BF1942 map Battleaxe.

    It's not like we don't know that it's in developement, but it's frustrating not hearing anything about it at all.
    Heck I remember when there was atleast a tiny bit of intel about the brainstorming on 3km² or 5km² maps with 30 vs 30 or 40 vs 40 battles.

    I want to see this game evolving after 2 years of slowly crawling forward like a wounded grunt,
    but except for the introduction of physics nothing big has happened... in 2 years.

    Bigger maps would bring so much fresh air into the game.
    The typical 3-5 ways to victory would become much more nummerous and will intervene with each other at times.
    Instead of only having east, middle, west as choices there would be 5 paths east, 3 mid, 6 west. (For example)

    With bigger maps teamplay would become more important, heck it would be vital to read the chat and talk to other players,
    and that is what we all want right?
    Better teamplay and interaction with your mates.

    The radio and view range would become much more important.
    Artillery support can only reach you if you got the latest radio upgrade, artillery itself would need to reposition more often to keep in
    contact with the frontlines!
    View range is already a vital factor, but entering the mid valley that is in itself 1km² without binocs or atleast coated optics?
    Better have a scout nearby, otherwise it'll be a blind flight.

    All in all logistics and strategy will become more important, so will the roles of the different tank classes!
    Heavies already have a hard time to switch flanks in order to support a weakening flank, with bigger maps
    it would become downright impossible to switch flanks in time!
    Instead you would need to take up position behind the weakening line and tell them to fall back, thus leading the enemies into your
    line of fire!
    Foreseeing enemy tactics and the right amount of tanks on and in between flanks would be vital.

    Medium tanks would be needed to scout, flank and quickly change flanks for support, while heavies supported by tds and arty hold the line.
    Entering a valley?
    Better get a scout in that valley before the last thing you see are a couple of muzzleflashes and the suddenly appearing tankdestroyers.
    The tankdestroyers would have to rely on their camo... is it worth shooting the scout, doesn't look like he has spotted the tds yet...
    Let him pass in hope that the enemy's main tanks will fall into the trap?
    6th sense could suddenly decide matches and not only give you a faint warning before getting shelled.

    German heavies are useless?
    Say that again after two Maus and a Jagdpanzer E-100 hold the far eastern flank for 5 minutes until help arrives.
    While an relief unit consisting of russian, french, and american heavies flanked the enemy, coming in
    just in time to support the slowly loosing german tanks.
    Good thing they were stationed in between the mid and east.

    Arty the inmobile object at your base that is used to rain death on your enemies?
    Scratch that, arties that stay at base won't even be in firing range, not to talk about radio range!
    Better get those big guns into a better position.

    1. Addition to part I:

      Tankdestroyers will have to set ambushes to take down as many enemies as possible, while quickly relocating to new positions.
      Yet you can't shoot everything that drives by your ambush, a single med comes in sight? *bäm*
      Congratulations, you've been spotted, let's see how you like the shells of the 7 heavy tanks that were behind it.
      Oh, by the way your shot also revealed the positions of the other 3 tds to your left/right.

      Bigger maps are what I really want to see in the game.
      They would add so much more depth to the game and I have only scratched some of the basic things that wouldchange on bigger maps.
      Heck I can't even imagine all the changes big maps would bring.

  17. My biggest concern with the new update is the new tier 10 brit td , it's not about the gun it's about the ammo, that HESH round is totally OP in my eyes on such a platform ,maybe on any platform.

    Let's say it goes live like this, beyond the 1000 rage threads that are gonna appear on the forums that thing will probably get a 60% if not more winrate as most "good" players will go for it.( you might say that happens with any tank that is somewhat good and it evens out after a while at 50% or so, but given the ammo type it's just point and BOOM you just can't play bad in this)

    I don't know what can be done about this but its release in this manner is problematic to say the least for game ballance.

  18. I would like to see CW as a high priority, we have plenty of tanks.
    A working end game is what keep me playing, currently riots is broken.
    1 clan can not have more then 5 provinces before you start to have problems with 4 matches at the same time and 7+ matches the same evning.
    In our clan every one do not play every day so we can not field 4 teams, 3 teams happend but is not normal. People got a life out side WoT. Also late matches because of riots is a problem some people need to go to bed since they have work the next day.
    We still like the strategy and actual long term war, it's what keep us playing. With out CW many would leave WoT. I know some clans that still have problems fielding 1 team 4-5 days after CW came back. One of those clans could field 4 teams every night, now they are down to 2 teams just because CW break of 2 weeks.

    1. CW is becoming a high priority these days. Unfortunately it hasn't been so up until now.

    2. considering last updates to CW I'm afraid I should be worried with that announcement, not happy about it.

      The recent changes sometimes bring something good, but it always is a byproduct that was not expected by developers.
      Any time I see WG employees advocating any changes in CW they use all the wrong arguments.

      Like with revolts, that were supposed to bring more dynamic action to clan wars, when in fact they practically stopped or at least greatly reduced any wars on the map.
      There is more clans on the map, because you need more stacks to protect your territories, but those clans fight less.
      Clans that were up to now loosing in semi-final, sometimes final of the tournament are now reularly fighting with the owner (because they are spread among more landing tournaments) what leads to more one-sided boring games.

      And I never seen any wargaming employee understanding this criticism and consequences of last additions to cw.

  19. Here you get my five cent's...

    * Stop making new tank lines and nations. All the good stuff is already there.
    * Start focusing on the gaming experience. 1 New maps! And maps for armoured warfare, no gigantic hill, valley, ridge, river and without choke points! Think prokarovka,steppe but bigger.
    2. Do something about the AFKers in randoms. How fun is it when your toptier is AFK? Or mby 3 or 4 of your teammates are afk'ing from their workcomputer. Kinda sucks doesn't it.
    3. Did I mention make better maps!
    4. Do something about the user interface. 3d models of all tanks with complete armourstats etc, more info about everything in game. You cant even tell if a tank has an autoloader or not when looking at the ingame information. Just rework it.
    5. Some new game mods that does not require more teamwork(like assault)mby 5 vs 5, 30 vs 30, just do something...


  20. Hi Overlord,

    I don't care how many people scream, that they don't want more tanks,
    I want them ^^ I'm a tankoholic and right now I'm waiting the most for
    the 2nd German TD tree. The British TD tree is awesome! I will get every single one and plan to add them to the exactly 140 tanks I already have.

    Regarding the poll, my second choice after the German TD's are the Japanese tanks, you had me with mobile coast defence fortresses!!! ^^

    I'm definitely looking forward to the O-I series!

  21. I unlocked most of the german, french, Soviet, USA, tank lines. Have 30+ tank in garage. Also half way on the UK and China tree.

    I just moving very slowly with the new UK, and China tech trees because I lost interest in grinding more tanks. Maybe I play one battle in a week with tanks I need to grind xp on but not more.

    Game starting to get boring (18k battle), even after I did a 1 month break from the game. I don't play CW and Company Battles, these are even more boring then the random games.

    Adding more tanks is now no "update" for me. New tanks are just new until for the first time you need to figure out how to kill them. Even if I want a tank because it looks good I don't have the will to go and grind for them. Also it is most likely to get nerfed when I got there.

    So I mostly stick to some tier5-6-7 tanks. But those gets boring as well.

    Game need new maps, and something new that makes you want to play the game after you unlocked the tanks you want.
    I mean I had a goal after I reached tanks I wanted. It was to get a crew with five skill.

    It was incredibly slow and I can't even imagen to get the 6th skill with them.
    Also I got no real benefits from reaching the 5th skill.

    Game needs something new and fresh. I starting to lose interest in it.

  22. SU-100Y has way, way too much power for a tier 6 tank. Even though its other characteristics aren't great (huge and poorly armored) just the alpha alone unbalances it. I would rather see it moved to tier 7 and adjusted accordingly, and lose the gold AP rounds that do more damage.

    If the SU-100Y goes live with the stats it has now, you can expect that the servers will be flooded with them considering they only cost a mere 3250 gold and are op as hell. It's like a KV-1S on crack. (Which, by the way, is still overpowered. Drop the 122 and give it the 100 D10-T; that'd fix everything that's wrong with the 1S right now.)
    Pz. I Ausf. C is great fun, lovely tank. Would like to see the Pz. I get a machinegun option. Would also like to see the Leopard get a gun upgrade to one of the 75mms.

    AT 2's improved ventilation and spall liner equipments are the heavy tank versions (class 3 vents/large spall) and thus extremely expensive... why? I mean, it essentially is a heavy tank without a turret but that seems a bit extreme considering the gun selection isn't what I'd call intimidating. Class 2 vents and medium spall liner would be more appropriate.

    32pdr gun is a bit odd in the tech tree. It is the top gun for only one tank (Churchill GC), and by the time the main line brit TD tree gets it (with the AT 15 at tier 8) it's been outclassed by the 20pdr which anyone with a brain is going to have unlocked on their AT 7 beforehand, and so it becomes a sort of dead weight - something that people only unlock because they have to, if they skipped the CGC.
    Maybe make the 32pdr the stock gun for the AT 15 instead of the 17pdr?

    Overall, a lovely set of new tanks with only one true problem child. :)

    1. Oh, and you should doublecheck the scale of the Alecto. It's got a wider and larger trackbase than the Tetrarch which it's based on, so I'm curious if it's scaled improperly.

    2. it's based on the tetrarch's successor, the harry hopkins IIRC

  23. Haven't been able to get a game on there since it's always full. The one time I did was just after a server crash and the battles weren't working.

    From what I have read mostly, gun depression nerfs bad and Tortoise armour bugs bad. Those are apparently getting fixed though so all good.

    As for the poll question, 2nd German TD line, only 18 months overdue.

  24. Are you planning on doing anything to the IS-7 overlord?, the plethora of (power creeped) Tier 10 you introduced have mostly obsolesced it in any competitive form of play.
    Plus the nerf to the lower hull on 8.0 has completely killed it, barely any gun bounces an IS7 frontally thanks to the HUGE lower hull size, when it should be the other way around with the normalization changes

  25. How stable is the test with NVIDIA GeForce 314.07 WHQL Drivers?

    1. According to the Russian feedback, it's stable

  26. I'm not a big fan of the extreme alpha guns that keep getting added. I'm sure I'll be even less of a fan of the Sturmtiger if it gets implemented.

    The slower gameplay and need to know about armour mechanics is what sets this game apart from pretty much anything else available. Driving around a corner and getting one shot by an equal tier opponent is a lot like the many CoD games where you'd get one shot by a shotgun in that situation.

    The VK2801 nerf is really unfathomable. It now sees less of the big artillery, which is bad because its a scout so arty is in its favour. Its also slower. Yet the only problem with it is that HEAT is OP. Why not fix HEAT instead of messing with the tank?

    I can understand if you plan on putting all of the current dedicated scounts into a more normal T6 position with the upcoming high tier lights. But that really needs to be communicated to the playerbase beforehand. And prefereably the T7 and 8 tanks should go into the same patch.

    Since ranked MM is my pet issue: The ranked mode needs to be high priority. E-sports is a good way to gain profile and attract competitive (and probably more likely to spend money) players. But the current in game modes are not very competitive. Clan wars is only certain times, Companies take a lot of effort for few matches and are not super competitive since any team can face any. Randoms are flat out uncompetitive.

    If the competitive newbies show up right now they're likely to be put off by the lack of competition in most (ie random) matches.

  27. Hello, OL and others! My biggest problem with the latest test server is capacity. At any time during the day it's full. I only managed to enter the test server at night. Someone already suggested, separate the EU/NA from the RU server.

    Now, about the content of the new patch. You can imagine that the first tank I tried was the brit tier 10 TD. I'm not impressed with it and what is really not cool is that it only has 12 projectiles, so I can't kill an entire team on my own with it.

    I also tried the tier 9 Turtle and guess what... it's exactly the same gamestyle as the american T95. The rest of the british TDs did not interest me since they are just slow (and I don't enjoy slow tanks).

    I can't understand people that say they don't want new tanks. The new content is what keeps people grinding and paying. This is the Free-to-Play concept. New modes, they say... Last time WG introduced new modes wasn't so cool. I deactivated those modes as soon as I had the option. I do agree, however that new maps are needed. Right now, the game is lacking city maps and winter maps so introducing some of those would be nice. You can do it like this: at every new patch, apart from the tanks and whatever else you put in, make one or two new maps and one or two reworked maps. That way, you also add new content and keep updating the old content to the new standards.

    1. Oh, I forgot. As for the poll; I voted for a European mixed Tech Tree since I've been working on a fan-made once on the WoT forums. But seeing you making this poll, makes me ask myself the question if your devs even started to work on a new nation tree or they are deciding now which one to make. Anyway, I know that whatever they decided we won't be seeing the new tree this year. This is the order of new content (in my opinion):
      1. British TD line (March)
      2. German 2nd Meds line (April)
      3. French 2nd Meds line (June)
      4. Russian 2nd Meds line (July)
      5. German 2nd TD line (September)
      6. British Arty (October)
      7. Chinese TD line (November)
      8. French 2nd Heavy line (December)
      9. Mixed European Tree - Heavy and Med lines (Q1 2014)
      10. Chinese arty line (Q1 2014)
      11. Japanese Tree (2014)

    2. You forgot about stretching SPG lines to 10 tiers.

    3. Doesn't seem right, the spaces are too tight. My estimate would be:

      1) British TD line - Feb/March - either 1st Mar week, or the last days of Feb
      2) Tier 10 Artillery (perhaps combined with British arty) - May
      3) German medium branch - July
      4) German TD branch - September/October
      5) Japanese tree December/Q1 2014


      Anything beyond that is very hazy, but as far as I know, 2nd Soviet med line is not planned for 2013 and neither is the French med and heavy branch, German TD branch ETA is totally unknown (my guess would be September), Japanese tree will come before EU tree (very late 2013 or Q1 2014), EU tree is perhaps late 2014

    4. Allow at least 1.5 months for each tank line.

      As for public test server capacity, we don't plan to extend. It's enough to serve the purpose of test server.

    5. Fair enough...

      I think that the tier 10 arties will come combined with the 2nd german medium line at the end of April.

      BTW, the poll on the WoT Site is very similar to this one and I voted for new maps there. I already stated my opinion concerning this issue. More city and winter maps. And a dream that won't be real very soon: night battles!

    6. I would quit this game if updates schedule would look like that. As much as I appreciate new tanks and new lines of vicles, they do not bring ny real value to the game any more. Yeah, it IS fun to have more tanks to grind if You are not bored of it yet, and it makes battlefiels look geat in terms of variety and the fact, that there can be a battle without two tanks of the same type, but ...

      On the other hand if You would play over 14 000 battles in Your "lifetime", like I did since beta (and a couple K IN the beta itself as well), You would pray for something different from new tanks.

      What I would like to see in the chedule is sth like that:

      1. 2-3 reworked maps, 1-2 new ones, some visual details etc.
      2. New tanks.
      3. Different kinds of maps introduced (not square shaped at least?), some "sidegrades" for Your tanks.
      4. Some new tanks.
      5. 30v30 game mode with dedicated bigger maps and new game mechanic, 7v7 competetive battles with proper game mode.
      6. A couple of new tanks.
      7. Customisableank exterior (moveable boxes, shovels, spare track parts etc.), maybe some sort of reward system for medals we collect.
      8. Some new tanks again.
      9. New maps, cammos, new consumables (we can hope, right?), some built in interfacecustomisation.
      10. New tanks ... again.

      Why? Because for many people out there a patch with vehicles in if if not much of a patch at all, an does not bring anything fun whatsoever. If You are not a crazy guy that grinds 11 tank branches at the same time, but focuses on one or two for a moment, You will most likely not start the new content anyway till You finish what You have started, so the effect is ... "oooh, great, now i'm even further behind everyone else".

      Besides ... what You proposed here Mao, sets new med lines in three patches, but I'd ratner see a big 9.0 with three new med lines, a fast med-oriented map, and some minor things in it. It's just more convenient that way, and You do not have to patch Your game a trotilion times, but just once.

    7. It's not my proposal, it's what is being done since WG started releasing patches. They are adding one or two lines at a time. Maps and other improvements were not in discussion since I was only refearing to the vehicles in that list. Usualy, a WG patch looks like this (if you didn't figured it out in your 14k+ games and beta time):

      Tanks line + Other stuff (1 or 2 new/reworked maps; modification of X line by adding/removing something; some premium vehicles; some performance improvements)

      Oh and, I'd like to talk about the "ohhh, great, now I'm even further behind everyone else". This is not a race, no one forces you to have all the tanks. You have the option to test new content during test servers. There, you can decide if you want to grind a line or not; like I did now. I discovered that the British TDs are not good for my playstyle so I won't grind them. On the other hand I had some very nice games with the FV4202 and I'm thinking to re-start grinding on the british medium line.

      And btw, I'm grinding AMX 50 120, IS-2, WZ-131, T-34-1, Ferdinand, SU-100, M12, Lor. 155 50 (and I have lots of other researched and yet to be bought tanks but I paused the grind). I really don't understand why people complain about new vehicles. You said it yourself that they offer diversity. The only thing I agree with those that complain is that new maps are needed but let them continue to add vehicles as well.

      @Frank Davies: Why do you think Japanese tree will come before the European one? Did you read anything on this matter or is just an assumption?

    8. You got me wrong. I do not have a problem with gringing new lines and "beeing behind" exactly because of these 14 battles. I can afford locking two vehicles a day, and still have a couple of vehicles to choose for CW. The problem is with new players that only managed to grind their first or second tier 10 ... with every new patch tactics change, and suddenly a tank they have as their CW machine is not prefered any more in tactics. These people are my concern here!

      As for the diversity. please remember that with the variety of vehicles we have now, each new tank is no longer unique. It would ne unique when we had 3 nations with limited trees, but now ... it's just a matter of learning new weak spots, and after You do that, You don't get any difference in any other form or way.

      Guys working on tank models could as well get transfered to make buildings compose of more than 11 polygons, and more advanced destruction of such. How much more would possibility of making NEW routes on Ruinberg do for this game than just another tank that is different only by shape of its 3D model ...

  28. Test 8.4... I like it so far. Of course the choice of British TD's is questionable (turreted branch seems a bit more attractive), but that's okay I guess. As for the light tanks, I love them, I'll definitely play all 3 of the new LT's.

    The poll, hmm... well, I voted for separate national trees, but the truth is, I think most people simply don't care. Perhaps it could be enlightening to make a poll for those who care, with "EU tree: do you want a) separate smaller trees (even though some might not get all the branches all the way) b) one big supertree" (I made such a poll at my blog anyway, just to try it out).

    1. @ Frank Davis
      For me the turretless TD's are way more interesting,
      the turreted, aside from the Achilles, wich will pretty much feel like an upgraded Wolverine, the Avenger and similar TD's might just feel like a slight variation, of the regular British tanks. The new British Pillboxes tree feels more genuine. I'm only surprised, that the tier 10 has a rotating
      turret, I was expecting the Chieftain TD.

      And the Tourtoise was just a must for me!!! ^^

    2. Well, guess the Jagdchieftain was too modern... and as for the turreted branch, well, Wolverine and Jackson are one of the vehicles I am doing great with, so I guess that explains a lot. They simply sit with me (Hellcat doesn't, funnily enough). Ah well, I'll give it a shot.

    3. The Hellcat just tempts you too much with it's speed ;)

      You realize too late, that you are right in front of the enemy...alone ^^

      Like and have all three of them in my garage and I don't care that none of the names were used by the troops, I just like Jackson better than Slugger ^^ T30 is one of my all time favourite tanks btw. I'm not against turreted TD's, I just want the British turretless ones first, despite the missing Archer.

  29. Some comments about the tutorial.

    Its nice to see that a tutorial finally came to the game, but it needs a second, "How to play as a team" tutorial.
    I would be nice if players could learn how to work as a team, ex: learn how to flank an enemy force, the use of cover, and finally, patience. Patience not to go out and play "hero" and get killed, but learn how to let enemy expose themselves instead of exposing yourself.
    Tutorial that makes the player choose the right strategy to a given situation.

    1. This tutorial aims at newcomers and teaches the basics. Sure thing, it doesn't cover everything.

    2. Seconded. A guide to the role of tank types and playstyles in the game would (one hopes) go a long way towards seeing fewer derp heavies and Shermans "sniping" from the back while the impatient guy trying out a JT8.8 is pushing the front line.

      Having a general set of guidelines introduced at the beginning (e.g. heavies push, mediums flank and support heavies, lights scout, TDs snipe and cover, arty fire from across the map) would give people a place to start when they reach a new type of tank (I see a lot of arty play purely as TDs in low tiers, and a lot of base-camping heavies, especially at tier V), and prevent a lot of bad habits from forming that negatively affect later tiers. Basic strategies and tips (how camo/spotting works, how to scout effectively without suiciding into a base) would be an additional bonus. Not everyone would follow it, of course, but I think it would help new (and some older) players a lot.

    3. give all players option to play tutorial, not only newcomers. I would like to do that just out of curiosity. What's the harm in that?

  30. Positive:
    + More tanks always fun
    + Removed two boring maps

    - E50 story, nuff said
    - VK2801 nerf. Really stupid approach to a problem related to all "derp" guns not this tank in particular. It may be enhanced on the VK2801 due to it's matchmaking making it score high xp missions. Other than that it is not a VK2801 issue. Many people play around with Hetzer, M4, Stug, Pz4, Kv-2 etc etc. Anything with a high alpha HE gun with a high penetration gold ammo is subject to this. Very illogical choice to choose to nerf a single tanks characteristics instead of adressing the real problem.
    - Leo moved to tier5 without any compensation, especially in the gun department. It's painful enough to play in tier4.
    - No arty change. I know several who stopped playing due to almost always facing 5 arty's when they play tierX matches since the cap. Others just stopped playing tierX and whats the point to grind a tree then...
    It's boring with arties ruining every tierX game.

    +/- New Russian tier 6 TD. Fun to play but not on the recieving end. :)
    Was it really necessary to add another OP tier 6 russian?

    1. E50 change is A BUG! It won't go live.

    2. @Overlord "E50 change is A BUG! It won't go live."

      It will but as so-called ninja nerf.

    3. No idea what you are talking about.

    4. I think the problem here is, that other devs in the Q/A thread said this change was intentional to fix some clipping issue.

      I don't understand the whole thing at all, but since it's not going to be in the release version everything should be fine.

    5. @Overlord "No idea what you are talking about."

      I bet you know. I'm talking about an intentional change to the parameters of the tank but not listed in official changes between versions and not showed in technical datas sections in game. Ask Type59 drivers they got plenty of stories about how characteristics of their tanks had changed without official patches.

    6. Gotta love conspiracy theories...

      Here guys, here's something for you to confirm your fears:

    7. This must be an older version, Frank :D

      In the latest builds there most likely is also "Toggle track beak on every bump", and "Make every shot bounce depite of armor values". :P

    8. Aye, we are using more advanced tools for that! :)

    9. @Frank Davis "Gotta love conspiracy theories..."

      Well issue with resized KT's frontal transmition says it all, without curious gamer noone should know that they change it, after shitstorm they admitted they were messing with it. Thats say all about WGs attitude towards players. Gratefully "game worst than farmville" is coming.

    10. Normally you dont see the size of internal modules do you?

    11. @Overlord "Normally you dont see the size of internal modules do you?"

      Yup, and you can mess with it not informing us about it, same as with camo values.

  31. New maps and tanks are good. I love new tanks.
    My suggestion:
    British TD (March)
    Germen 2 TD + Med line (May)
    British arty + tier 9 10 arty (July)
    French and Russian 2 Med line (September)
    Chinese TD + arty (November)
    Mixed EU tree (January 2014)
    Garage/historical battles + French 2 Hev line (March 2014)
    Japanese tree (April/May)

    1. if this plan adopt many will stop playing wot and will start war thunder game all in one tanks - planes - battleships. They are making one 100% historic world war 2 game. Here we are waiting since beta historical mode. Stop adding tanks. We have enough. We want new game mods and change to gameplay. i have 2 tier 10 and i have played only 100 battles with both of them

    2. @bogi1995

      Yup, same here. I'm really tired of new tanks, tired of unballanced vehicles, tired of waiting for new modes. I've got four T10 and I have more fun with additional modes in War Thunder than with all these T10 tanks (arty arty everyhere, not mentioning that playing in it without rewards is pointless). I have resigned from paying for premium account in November bored with M48, instead, I spend my money (more than 200 euros in 4 months - count it - 4 months of premium and at least two premium tanks) on add-ons to Train Simulator. You want my money back? Do something good with game!

  32. @ Overlord: "The E50 change is a bug...".

    Please don't insult us. It may have been a mistake, but it isn't a bug. It was an intential change to the gun depression. A bug is something that happens unintentionally and/or is unnoticed in the game due to coding errors, etc.

    1. Bug is any error, ie anything that is not supposed to be in the game/product. And that's the case.

    2. No, it's not the case. The gun depression nerf was going to be implemented under the table, not in the patch notes, until people went into an uproar over it. Because of things like this, WG is easily one of the worst game companies I've ever seen, and will never see another dime from me.

    3. Patch notes are finalized only upon live release. On test server any changes can be tested, including those not announced.

  33. Arty is a bug then... especially the high amount of them in high tier battles. I am not even driving my tier X tanks because of them. Makes me really happy for spending all those hours for tier X tanks. Nice reward at the end of the road.

    1. OL knows about it, but they wont reduce arty per match.

  34. My impression of 8.4 test:

    Still waiting for a needed buff for the SU-101 and lorraine!

    and the british td´s are only meh, because you only get slow, weak armored, very big pieces of trash!

    And since the implementation of the physics, it feels like you only want to implement new tanks but forget to balance the old ones! That is why the game gets more and more imbalanced!

    1. ow and for my taste the arty nerfs u implemented in 8.3 are why to soft! they totally failed to reduce the amount of arty!

      What u have to nerf is the damage done by artys, because it cant be, that a arty can deal 5k damage without risking its live but a normal tank has to risk his live to be able to do one hit!

  35. About the 8.4 test Tortoise - I am a bit confused: it has quite a weak armor (or more specifically, a huge weakspot on one of its sides). Storm wrote that it's intentional and it's compensated by high HP pool, but some people claim he was being ironic and that the Tortoise is scheduled for an armor buff (and the weakspot is a bug). How is it really?

    1. Armour groups on Tortoise are messed up - half of its front hull is 38mm. Guys will see to it and fix the bugs.

  36. I logged in few hours after test announcement was up on EU portal, played a battle with new t10 destroyer and oneshoted enemy destroyer, immediately exited battle and get in another one with GWtype and oneshoted fv215td ...
    conclusion - still no reason to play anything other than GWtype in tier 10 battles ( I have 4 tier10 tanks in garage but I will never play them in random battles, not even obj268 with all heat ammo- rather will collect x2 with GWtype while waiting locked tanks - even if you increase repair cost to 1million credits )

    I used to be eliting entire branch while grinding for t10, now that's gone too - I just want to get it over quickly

    For me cancer that is eating this game is the following situation I see too often:
    1) countdown - not that there ever was any attempt to make a strategy but SIEMA is gone too, all you see now are some XVM comments or "Lowe noob", fu*k MM etc...
    2) battle has started - everybody rushes to take first covered camper position
    3) everybody is now camping = you die where you camp ...camper(dead):" noob team"

    If there would be a patch that would change situation into:
    1) countown - we make a qucik strategy so that everybody know where we attack/defend and who has arty support priority
    2) battle starts - everyone now knows the plan and can position himself/herself to be of use
    3) play as a team - win or loose you had fun, it was gg not noob team, and tactics would be mastered faster
    ; It would bring a smile to my face

    Sadly it will never happen and no matter how many tanks you add gameplay experience will not change - improve or degrade - because communication between players will not change

    German tanks were superior on the battlefield because they communicated and teams that communicate are superior in WOT - It's that simple yet people rarely try
    So far I've seen several videos created by WG where it is explained that countdown is supposed be used to make a plan , SerB himself said that

    On another note what happend to gameplay mechanics videos ?

    1. Everything is good apart from the "German tanks were superior on the battlefield because they communicated and teams that communicate are superior in WOT" thing. You really need to abandon all myths.

      As for "countdown is supposed be used to make a plan" there was some discussion of how to improve the situation, but it hasn't been finalized and is not in development yet.

    2. And you need to abandon all the russian propaganda. German tanks were indeed much superior to their counterparts because of the radio and proper communication...and of course the design superiority of their tanks. Anyway thank you for showing german tech-tree fans again that you hate them by giving the british such a far more superior td than the germans have. Now Jagdpanzer e100 becomes useless and joins maus and e100 in the useless-category.

    3. Me? You must be kidding cos i don't do any propaganda. Design superiority of a particular country is nothing but an exaggeration, each major country contributed a lot to global tank development, having its own pros and cons.

    4. silviu, pks use Your brsin more often! Let me give You a hint ;)

      Check german tanks from each year of the war, and DO NOT compare it with the same tier ... compare it with tanks from the same historical period, and check their tier difference. German tanks ARE superior, just balanced by proper tiering in the game.

      And before You reply, just go and do what I just suggested. ;)

    5. I wasn't talking about that you got me wrong. I'm very passionate when it comes to tanks i like to read a lot of information about them etc. Don't try to teach me history please.;)P.S: I use my brain often enough to notice how much of an arrogant prick you are;)

    6. That was a point, not historical argument and it is not a myth - good communication is essential in cooperation, and you can't win if you dont work with your team, but becasue it would be impractical to chat while battle is raging, countdown is great opportunity to make a plan that can use all tanks your team has!!! Rest is just tactics; quick messages, information of enemy tanks, tagging and working with arty, and sacrificing when needed( nothing special as you probably already know, just how you imagined the game to be played I presume )

      Will you make more gameplay mechanichs videos, I belive some players can profit from them (yes/maybe ) ?

      You maybe play on russian server and I don't know if russian server has similar situation, so i don't know if you fully understad what I am saying but I really want to know what were your( and WG ) toughts when designing this game, because I refuse to belive it was designed for camping and 1v29 style of battles

      I will just repeat my conclusion from 8.4 test
      *conclusion - still no reason to play anything other than GWtype in tier 10 battles*
      and I see nothing on horizon that will change that

    7. Aaaw, thank You for appreciating my attitud man, that's so nice of You :)

      Please tell me how am I wrong? You are complaining about immaginary propaganda (btw, they are not russian), and German tank inferiority (in game), but when I suggest You checking these tanks by generation and historical period (that I am right to do, because there is a DECADE between them), all I get in return is getting called an arrogant prick.

      I do admit, that I couldn't care less about You feelungs, but here it does not mater in terms of game we need to discuss, and game only.

      To stay on topic:
      DPM of e-100 and FV 215b is more or less the same, and if You are using it right (the tank) alpha damage makes no difference. At the same time You get a brit TD that is reloading so long, that 1v1 it could get circled arround by a rock, and still loose. So. now tell me... why is that german TD so bad again? Because i don't think that all german destroyers are crewed with arrogant pricks, that refuse to cooperate just for the sake of it ;)

    8. Ask people about clan wars related to german tanks, and you will know what i am talking about. I called you arrogant prick because you said:"use your brain more often" and that's not nice.You acted like you are a kind of tank guru or something...we all know that german tanks underperform.That's a fact. The reason why some people still manage to do good battles with them is because some german tankers are very experienced and really have some skill for this game. But in general speaking, those tanks really underperform, everybody knows that but few of them are speaking, so i decided to speak my thoughts here, maybe overlord would understand that the community want those tanks finally balanced( and by balance i don't mean nerf, like the usual balance to german tanks )

    9. Ok, maybe You deserve a little apology and I'm just having a bad day.

      But still I think that german tanks are pretty fine as they are now. Maybe Maus is a bit underpowered in terms of firepower since its armor is no longer that much of a problem since introduction of tier 10 TDs, but our tactics utilise E-100 for almost all maps we play on, and Maus for at least half of them. These tanks are very meaty, and placed well are beasts in defence and general "stopping".

      Other tanks are not as unique as german tanks and can more or less replace one another. We can switch T110E5 / IS7 / IS4 / "113" to play the same role. IS4 are a bit less prefered, but they are still doing pretty fine. The same with med tanks. Quite recently we got E4 that can sometimes replace E-100 i the "stompy stopper" role, but that's not quite it, and there is no real replacement here.

      The only tank we should REALLY complain about in CW is AMX50B that is never used, since now if You need a "clip guy" (like for scout interception), You choose tne american anyway, as that tank has just more reasonable armor.

    10. Communication in randoms on EU-Server? roflmao! A trillion different languages, no real common language like on the other servers. 30 sec will never be enough to form a battle plan, who should give the orders? That bright red tier X driver?

    11. Still I love "kto PL?" at the beginning of every other battle. :)

    12. Haha :-D
      I am Polish, and I also just want to kill every single kid typing these thigs in the chat at the battle beginning. I don't care for a TK every once in a while if only this makes the match less annoying foe everybody :-D.

      On the other handthe only thing that is more annoying is when "their" language has some kund of special characters that just hurt my brain when I try to figure out WTF did they just say ...

    13. its called siema hack, the team with more Siema at start auto-looses ;)

      just kidding

  37. Leaving that aside you still can't deny that in this game the german tier 10 tanks are pretty useless, especially in clan wars.( Just tell me a german tank that is used a lot in clan wars )And don't tell me i am a whiner, i am just telling you what do most people talk about on forums when it comes to german tanks. That is the reason why i stopped regularly play the game. I only do the doubles nowadays. I am really looking forward to the leopard1 and the next german td line...but i have a feeling that they will be crap, traditionally for wargaming when it comes to german tanks.

  38. I am a player since beta and i can tell you that in beta the game was better than it is today. I loved this game so much this was pretty much my favorite game for a long time. I have friends that played this game since alpha, invested huge amounts of money, and stopped playing this game because of what wargaming did to german tanks. I believe that you have lost many seasoned players because such actions. I know that you still are going to make lots of money, but for the sake of fun and for all those players that played this game for a long time and loved german tanks...do something to them so they will be usefull in clan wars. I only see is7 and is4's there. No more maus like in beta, or other such tanks.

  39. i mostly hope polish techtree would appear as fast as possible

  40. I think most things are great... I do think that some overall changes must be made.... please get rid of premium ammo for credits this just ruins the game and puts people in small quick firing tanks or tanks with derp guns so unbalanced it is not a good situation... I cant remember the last shell that bounced on any of my tanks... they just go through... also tanks that were massively overpowered before like the SU100 and the IS and KV1S tend to pen and destroy all they meet, which makes the whole balancing issue a complete farce.
    My last major issue is you have to do something to stop platoon idiots from being able to take part in a battle where one chooses a T8 tank and the other a T1 or T2 tank... this is lunacy and they do it for fun to annoy people as you have already lost a tank before you start in that scenario.

    Rank Over... roll out 3.4 ASAP :)

    1. Don't think prem ammo for credits ruins the game. The feature provides more opportunities to get hold of prem ammo for all players. Will be seeing to derp guns individually.

    2. I think prem ammo itself is a bit ruining for the game. Prem ammo offers a big advantage to high DPM tanks while giving no similar advantage to armored low DPM tanks. Before people could spam it, at least in randoms people would retort to HE shells if the enemy tanks aren't showing any clear weakspots, it dealt about 1/3 of the damage, but that's the price you have to pay for engaging enemies in advantageous positions. With gold shells, it negates much such play and angling advantages. Of course, heavily armored tanks like Maus can use prem shells as well, but for its low DPM output, it can't use the shells nearly as effective as say T110E5.

  41. ETA for the second soviet medium tank line?

  42. Selected something else in the poll.

    More tanks? Meh. Plenty enough as it is. Personally I would focus on other areas than more tanks. Larger maps, new maps, auto-destruct of all artillery :) (YMMV etc)

    What I'd love was the introduction of relatively flat, open maps, where you can manouver. And these maps were N/A for arty. Get them into rotation, so you only get them ever so often, but when you do it's all tanks, and nor spaceguns.

    Another thing I miss is lowering of the arty cap. Playing T10 is useless - always 5 big-ass arties. The game degenerate into frantic scrambles for arty cover, and there is little to no focus on actually getting anywhere. Very often this leads to 1 tank and arties being left at the end....

    Also arty of this era was not drones with laser-guided missiles - they were area weapons. Remove god-mode and introduce area fire by use of minimap. Increase ROF so they can shoot barrages.

    Also modify MM to have a better Light vs Arty ratio. Now it seems there are either lights of arties. 10 lights and 5 arties to a team would be ideal setup... Would be fun for everyone - especially those of us in meds and heavies :)

    The arties ruin the game in top tier games - T8+, but especially T10. I have only got T9s so far, and do not plan on getting the T10 - at least not in heavies! If the arties need target practice, go start a training room and do not ruing the game for the rest of us ;)

    1. Totally agree with the arties part. Yes, they were AREA weapon, and they should be destroyed/disabled by ONE light tank hit. Not 2-3 hits from a tier 10 gun. Ridiculous. They were the less armored/defended weapons. Most of them can be disabled by handguns.
      Most of the arties in NOWADAYS need 1-2 minutes for the first shot, after STOP movement...
      Arty ruins the game in high tiers.

    2. Why don't I get into those ruined battles ? ( Should play more prolly

    3. I disagree with barrages. It adds an extreme amount of randomness into the gameplay. It also makes artillery gameplay way less... interesting. Who would want to drive a tank that simply clicks on squares on the minimap? I'd rather suggest decrease the damage, increase the area of effect, and reward them for module damages (tracking, destroying enemy gun etc is just as much help as sheer damage). It would encourage tanks to play more aggressively instead of constantly hiding behind cover because 2 arty shells spells doom for you. The HE pen of arty are also very random, and nothing is more frustrating than an arty shell luckily hit you directly on the cupola or rear top hull, because quite frankly, that's so extremely luck dependant that it feels like you got cheated. A lucky shot from a tank, like hitting the cupola at 400m, is frustrating, but somewhat acceptable as the effect isn't that overwhelming, but a lucky hit from an arty is somewhat unbearable. It has gone to the point where I actually angle my 50B towards enemy arty positions at all times regardless of where enemy tanks are, because even if I leave my hull vulnerable, at least I can be somewhat safe from a 1 shot kill from enemy arty.

    4. Why don't I get into those ruined battles ?

      Thats a thing a lot of peoples are asking themselfes.
      Seems so obvious that this is a problem in pubs.
      Play an tier 8 arty for yourself and see what happens, cause they are even more likely to get in those games.

    5. Tosh!

      I agree TOTALLY with Butterball! he hit the nail on the head big style, and yes I do have high tier arty!

      I have always hated the arty aspect, the fact that they can move and fire without falling over :P or deploying the back shovel / digging in is just fantasy... they couldnt do that! They certainly couldnt fire on the move or turn the tank and fire, they did not have satellite guidance and fired using map coordinates, and was almost unheard of in WWII that arty killed tanks... most tanks in WWII were destroyed by aircraft or tank to tank or infantry... in fact there are stories if infantry sheltering in tanks during arty barrages!
      WG has the whole arty concept wrong... yes they were tracked vehicles, but that was only so they could stay with a mechanised division in places where trucks and normal arty could not go easily and to offer the crews some protection from counter barrage.

      The whole arty concept needs rethinking or at the very least a cap of NO MORE than 2 arties per battle and if someone selects arty and has to wait to enter a battle so be it! I am sick and tired of entering games where there are 5 top arties who are responsible for 90% of that teams kills.

      I am also sick and tired or the 1 hit 1 kill crap that the artes have over and over again and no it isnt a rare thing it happens all the time. I also hate the way they turn and nail you head on against your heaviest armour... it ruins this game in no uncertain terms!

      Rant over

  43. Dear OL,

    You mentioned the problem of player retention (losing players at lower tiers).

    Don't you think that with the current rebalance of german scouts you will lose even more players? (From t3 to t5 all scouts are stuck with the same completely useless autocanon, old guns stay unchanged, etc)... Luchs and Leopard will be an even more horrible grind.

    1. No, I don't think so. The reasons are definitely deeper than performance of a particular vehicle.

    2. @Overlord

      Putting one obvious reason - steep learning curve - I can recognise some factors that may be a reason for losing players at low tiers:

      - too wide battletiers - being constatly putted in T3 tank into battles against T5 tanks (KVs, derp Shermans or PzIVs!) can discourage everyone,
      - OP arty at lower tiers, on each tier you must fight with some real hand-of-the-god killer - T57, SU26 (i saw guy who got 10k kills in 3k battles in it), Grille... - even experienced player as I can go rage, not mentioning new players,
      - camping maps at the beginning i.e. Kampinowka or Province - new players earns bad habits and in more dynamic maps they quits.
      - not proper balanced tanks on different branches - especially howitzers at low tiers (T18 anyone?).
      - unclear rules concerning types of tanks - light tanks should be splitted from scouts tanks.

      Remember, only one game gives you money now and when game is barely playable at low tiers (arty!) and high tiers (arty! boredom)it means something is wrong with game design and it means that if new game appears with better mechanic playerbase will shrinken. Don't be arrogant! (so it means that you must sack SerB cause his time and his ideas are outdated).

    3. reason for this is simple... this is where most new players reside... this is where the tactic of the 'Lemming Train' is discovered and people learn bad habbits and most cant wait to get to better tanks to get away from the noobs only to discover that those noobs have brought the same lemming and non map reading tactics with them.... I hope you cover map tatcics and anti noobism \ lemmingism in your tutorial ;)

  44. Dear Overlord
    I and many others are still waiting for a server transfer.
    It is taking far too long and its just not fair.
    We dont get the possibility to make gold through clan wars and many events and tournaments due to the time zone difference.
    Furthermore there are still not many tank companies running, especially absolutes, in our time zone.
    First time I asked for a server transfer was about a year and a half ago.
    Now I have almost 15k battles under my belt and I own about 10 tier X tanks and other top tiers. I bought premium for more than a year until recently because I just got tired of it.
    There is a very very long thread on the NA forums requesting a server transfer and a Clan requesting it too but its just being ignored and we get no real news on it.
    The technical support service tells me there will be no possibility of transfer and you Overlord said some time ago that its being in the works.
    Can wargaming at least pretend to care and give us some information on it, some period of when it could happen?
    I want to be able to earn gold through clan wars and events just as all the other players.
    Thank you in advance and greetings from Germany,

    yours faithfully


  45. Can we expect 8.4 to go live next week ?

  46. Regarding the poll above, I'd like to see more historical tanks in the game. IMHO, priority should be on tanks which saw service and action, not prototypes or blueprint tanks. Many months have passed and I still can't believe that tanks like the Marder III (the Sd.Kfz. 139 variant being my favourite), Sherman Firefly and Type 95 Ha-Go do not exist in WoT, which is very disappointing. Please don't take so long to introduce them!

  47. Is armor homogenisation factor still in the game?

    1. i wonder if this is relevant, given the fact that the known armor homogenisation factors wich u presumably got from wotdb are very outdated (tought from beta?)

  48. I'm having a little thing I'm looking forward...
    I have some tanks I equipe with changeable stuff, some with all 3 spots (Camo, Repair, Binocs) and after I played them it takes sooooo long to unequipe ;)
    Can you add a button with: "Unequipe all changeable Equipements"

    Would be my day! ;)

  49. "Your impressions of 8.4 public test, if any? Issues, bugs, feedback, etc"

    Bug: World of Tank's test server 8.4 has a nasty game client freeze, which spans across to directly effect a computer OS.

    If this game client bug is NOT FIXED, I will be forced to quit playing the World of Tanks. After 30+ game client caused computer freeze ups, it's simply not worth my hassle to deal with this problem. Wargaming's bug induced computer freezes have caused my enjoyable its game to flee.

    This bug **only** occur when WoT's client is running. No other 3rd party software is running. It doesn't matter if a tank in the Garage or in Battle, the gaming client will random cause a complete computer system freeze up. No windows OS command functions will operate (eg. ALT+TAB; ALT+CTRL+DEL), when WoT client FUBAR's the OS. Animation stops. Music goes into a cycle, which after a long while will stop playing. This forces an User to push a manual hard re-boot button, to restart the computer completely.

    It's not a Nvidia video graphic card driver issue, because this bug never occurred before WoT's 8.3 patch, when using low graphics settings. The only thing that's changed in the World of Tanks client.

    It's not a Res_Mod folder cause issue either, as the game client on the Test Server & the current 8.3 patch will freeze up a computer even when zero mods installed.

    Thus far WoT Support Service has been useless at fixing this nasty bug in WoT's game client. Overlord do you have any working solutions?

  50. How , mate, how can you nerf vk2801 more.
    i just wanna **************

  51. PLEASE add the S103 Tank Destroyer!!! It's just an amazing tank. And yes... DONT NERF THE VK2801!!