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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

[WoT] Korean Style

As a continuation of the WoT cartoon topic sharing these nice guides for new players published on the recently launched Korean portal. Most likely they haven't spread so far.

You can find more here:



  1. hey Ovi,
    I just Read patch note 8.2 on this web

    first thing i wondered is this note
    - Range rendering (settings / graphics / rendering distance) is increased at minimum settings from 400 to 600 meters, the maximum from 1000 to 1400 meters.

    so are we going to have bigger Map or 30 vs 30 Battle mode?
    and will it be change of fire range as well?

    1. Yup like underpost said - it's only change in rendering distance, I've got in set on max and I know that on large maps I can't see terrain from one corner to another.

    2. plasot,

      yes, correct - that's done for the current maps.

  2. No, I thnk it's jst a settng change.
    I have a low Power PC and had to put my settings down to "minimum", but his did mean that I could spot with a good tank and Binocs at 500m, but it than wouldn't be displayed, its just a yellow wall behind which is nothing XD
    This was unplayable... understandable...
    So I had to change to the next step... which was a bit too high for my system in full view at big maps.
    So... with this change, they just throw out useless settings which are unplayable and increase them to stats which are more common! ;)

  3. Aaah, now I expect a Korean premium tank in store soon :)

  4. Love those illustrated guides. I hope someone can translate them.

    I found it funny that they used the Tiger I as the "end goal" tank, which is pretty indicative of how most starting players think.

    Not sure how they managed to angle the Tiger to bounce the IS shell though. That would require a 60° angling of the front (174mm effective armour), at which point your side hull would only be at 30° (90mm effective armour).

  5. I have learned Hangol last year , but not Korean itself . Unfortunately .

  6. so this is official in korea? why cant we have awesome illustrated tutorials too? people learn easier with pictures. (even the wehrmacht did it with the tiger fibel)

    1. Will consider smth similar for other regions, hope, it will work out.

  7. How can i turn on korean language in my client?

    1. You need Korean launcher, I guess.

    2. On that, how do we get English launcher for RU client? Or can we?


    3. No, you can't. RU is the only supported language by both client and launcher in CIS regions.

    4. you could copy the res/text of a english/korean client to res/mods/8.1/text i think that could work at least for ingame