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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

[WoT] Doyle, Kubinka, and Much More. Part 2: Museums

This post is the continuation of Doyle, Kubinka, and Much More series started here and contains some visual materials gathered in Kubinka tank museum and Great Patriotic War museum. Let's start.


Although Kubinka is extremely rich in Soviet tanks, German hangar is almost equally popular, that's no surprise, because the selection of vehicles is wide, and Soviet tanks can be seen not only in this museum of course.

Some of the exhibits are already in game...

Like this Ferdi.

While some are still not

Like this 8.8cm Waffentrager

Or this Nashorn

Or both assult SPGs with huuuge guns (Brummbaer and Sturmtiger)

That thing should fire prem ammo only!

Maus got rebranded. Just look at its rear.

Don't even count on this one! It's not a tank at all. :)

They knew from the very beginning it was meant to be premium!!! (Type 59)

According to Doyle, Hotchkiss didn't perform well and wasn't a pedobear in RL.

The two heavy tier 10 brothers. IS-7 and IS-4.

Flowers to the LEGEND. T-34.

Low profile, 125mm rocket-launcher. Object 775, anyone?

Based on T-26 flawethrowing tank of 1938 - OT 130.

And more tanks for gold!

True scientists never stop working, regardless of conditions. Doyle and Pasholok.

Why was KT used as a background here? Nerfing based on newly discovered data by Doyle? Nope! We will save them for some other German vehicles, poor KT can be safe now. The thing is that it's the very same KT used in Doyle's Panzer Tracts, the photo in the book dates to the 40-ies, we have traced the vehicle by the serial number .

And of course the photo in front of Maus, featured in Doyle's Panzer Tracts 6-3. He created it based on the blueprints, now he is near the vehicle itself.

Finally the whole facility is fully at our disposal.

Time to have a closer look at what we've got. And we've got a VK3001-based 128mm equipped tank destroyer. Hm, any place for it in game?

This T-34-85 is a movie star. It took part in a couple of movies.

What are they doing with this tiny-poor-MS-1-thingy? You will find out in the next post...

Great Patriotic War museum

Small collections of Japanese vehicles.

Type 97 Shinhoto Chi-ha (medium)

Type 4 Ke-nu (assault light tank)

This one has been recently brought from Kuril Islands and is patiently waiting for its turn to be restored.

Just like this one in the backyard. Remainings of Ka-mi. 

This SU-100 is in ambush, guarding the museum.

Zis-115, obviously not a tank, but is still curoius. This is a 7-ton government limo, Stalin used one of those.

Armour thickness and interior design do look impressive. Current Russian cars are much worse. :)

This thing is unique. 10.5cm leFH 18-4 auf Geschutzwagen Lr. S. (f) Alkett. Only 10 or 12 of those were built, and this is they only survivor.

To be continued...


  1. Stunning, I love your remarks overlord.

  2. nice pictures! hats off to the tankers that served in these!

  3. When are we going to get that Zis-115 in the game?

    Thanks for the report, good pics and makes me wish I visited the place when I were in Moscow.

    1. Yeah, ZiS-115 with Stalin in it. Escort VIP mode. :)

  4. Hi, after visiting this museum do you have any intentions to implement new tanks?
    By example :

    1 - VK3001 TD, (that gun is huge)

    2 - Object 775, yep, i checked on wikipedia and it was made in 1964, but, leopard 1 and Amx 30 are from the same period so it could be implemented. This object could be a TD, something like the ELC...anyway i really hope you will put this tank in game..

    3 - Object 279. I found this tank on wikipedia, the time period is good enough (1959), and the tank is pretty awesome. Could be a T10 heavy tank.

    Also, more pics with tanks that are not implemented yet please

    1. Will see. :)

      The 775-thing is beyond our timeline for sure.

    2. VK 3001 (H) chassis with the L/61 is the Sturer Emil. Most likely it will come in the second TD line.

      As for the other pictures. I can see the Lorraine Schlepper as Premium SPG :). http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/703-eu-questions-answers/page__st__8960#entry2770460

      But awesome and many thanks for the pictures of the japanese vehicles :)

    3. the tracked arty gun how do you classify a tank it has armour and a gun and tracks thts a tank?

  5. Oh, one more thing (can't find any edit options, sorry)

    What is that Agrimotor in wot?

  6. the 128 mm gunned TD is already planned, as the Sturer Emil



  7. It has tracks, armour and a gun. It's a tank.

  8. Dear Overlord, that Sturer Emil (12,8cm) looks badass.. omg

    TD lovers will probably love it, even
    if it will have
    - bad mobility
    - bad dpm
    - bad (worst) armor
    - bad camo

    Guessing the stats we might see in the game for the gun:

    12.8 cm K.40 L/61
    128 Calibre (mm)
    4.0 Rate of Fire (rounds/min)
    260/320/70 Average Pentration (mm)
    450/450/530 Average Damage
    0.35 Accuracy at 100m (m)
    3.3 Aiming time (sec)
    6200 Weight (kg)

    I already hate to get shot by this thing.
    Any stats known already Overlord?

    1. Wikipedia: This gun could traverse 7° to each side, elevate 10° and depress 15°

  9. even in kubinka there is something with german tanks... notice the dust laid on most german tanks while the soviet tanks are mostly shiny and well cleaned :D

    1. dont you know how bad germans were at maintaining their vehicles? dont you remember how our glorios workers made a T-34 up n running after it took moar tan 80 hits from tigers n panthers ,and then still crawled to the next base?! (or as it the other way around?!)

    2. All of them are dusty actually. Though the thickness of dust might be different.

  10. Great meeting indeed, with additional few persons (like Zaloga or sadly gone Magnuski) it would be really, really meaningful meeting of fine autors. Also great pics Ovi, I hoping to see rest of it really soon (with your comments ofc).

  11. Those japanese tanks made me purr like a cat.

  12. The Maus' fuel tank! OMG they removed it. :(

  13. Overlord,

    Why didn't you take a picture of the glorious Jagdtiger? ;(

    1. Hm, actually I did. I can put in the next post.

  14. How tall is Mr. Doyle? It will help us get an impression from those close up pics.


  15. Atleast this time there where no cracks...

  16. now on a serious note,I hope you did take some detailed photos of object 279, im quite sure it is simply too good to be implemented in world of tanks but i would like to see a photo taken by you of it.... it is one of the tanks that most fascinates me.

    1. aderito you ahve to remember russian game russian byas they will add it but wont add one of the massive german arty cannons because that would be unfair..............

  17. http://wot-news.com/main/post/09182012/2
    gah cant wait :D

  18. How does one get the title of "tank expert?" because I would really like to go down this path...

    1. study something like Mechanical Engineering, maybe study history afterwards.
      after that you can write articles, books and so on. after 20 years of publishing, you will be known as an expert if your published stuff had good quality and improved or changed the view on the topic in circle of experts.

      good luck :)

    2. And preferably work only with primary sources, not using materials of "so-called" pseudo-researches.

    3. Great News...so penetration buff for the german guns to a physical explainable level is comming?

  19. 8.8cm Waffentrager I hear this will be the new tier 8 I hope it gets a bigger gun, and to me and doesn't seem to have any Armour, what can we hope with this td?

  20. Can't understand the Russian mentality regarding the Kubinka Museum.

    Here they are sitting on a treasure regarding rare tanks were in some cases they have the only know remaining one in the world and they place them in a barn with metal roof...

    F**k if the same collection was in England, Germany or some other nation we would have a museum were you actually could enjoy the show, walk around the tanks and have some freedom to move closer.

    Here ?? You have a guard that follows you around if you ain't a Russian citizen who cant't a single word of English and are only concerned in how long you will need to go there and how mutch money he will get as a tip for his services..

    So plese Putin try to do something possitiv about your history and start to be fiendly to turist, u need them more than we need you

    1. On a more positive note, Kubinka is no longer a military object like it used to be. Now things are somewhat easier.

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  23. it looks like IS-4 is taller and bigger than IS-7, how about in game sizes? thanks

    1. Both are of the same height, ~2.5 meters, while IS-7 is approx 70-80cm longer.

  24. awesome photography, these tanks are so stunning.
    Colin hanks