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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

[WoT] Questions and Answers. Session 1.

Questions and answers session for World of Tanks. The user questions (italics) were gathered on EU  official forums. The answers (bold) are brief and concise to save your time. If something needs clarification, you can ask in comments.

a question.. you will create a factions mode!? example: usa tanks versus German tanks, or Russian versus France etc. thanks

That's called historical battles in our interpretation. However not all the combinations will be possible. Only those that took place in RL. 

When will you (Wargaming) realize that the Match-maker is not WORKING AS INTENDED, but that it actually does need some work?
Also, when are these long awaited new game modes planned for release? DO NOT SAY "Soon" - you said that ages ago. 

1. The new MM system is currently in the works, it's really a difficult and time-consuming task, thus the new system has to be really working smoothly before we can release it.
2. Two new game modes are planned for 7.x series. 

Have you decided on a general "theme" for British tanks yet? US tanks are mobile and comfortable
German tanks have accurate guns/good armour and burn like empty crisp packets Russians Have good armour/Gun power French tanks have autoloader's and high penetration guns
British tanks have...?

Difficult to say at this stage, since the we haven't done any kind of tuning yet. My personal expectation is that they will balanced all around, sort of jacks of all trades. However this wouldn't apply to each particular vehicle of course.  

Q: Any plans for the future patches to remove the nerf which occured to the French tanks? Tier 8 and up? Mostly the Batchat?
Q2: Why a tier 9 French med has the same top gun as the Lorraine 40t? Could it get atleast a better aim time or rld time to blance it out coz fo the tier difference? Since I can understand alot of ppl did cry about the Lorraine or AMX being op when having such a gun on that tier, but at the same time it is terribly underperforming against Tier 10 tanks.

1. Currently there are no such plans, the adjustments that took place in 7.2 were needed indeed. Stat-wise most of the top-tier French tanks are on par with their counterparts.
2. As a BatChat driver, I'm fine with its current performance. In general tier 9 meds, being closely balanced, enjoy slightly overrated performance. BatChat win ratio according to 7.3 data from RU side is the highest of all tier 9 meds.

Seriously, this is a post from a "guy" that feels threatened in his IS-7, fearing that he will no longer be able to noob around in his easymode tank, bouncing off every shell the E-100 have to offer. But ok, i bite the troll. IS-7 have more penetration, better frontal armor with virtually no weakspots, vehicle is smaller, more agile and faster than E-100. So besides having a tiny bit more HP, and ability to ram other tanks, what does the E-100 really have to offer, that justifies a player buying it over the IS-7? To my question: When are E-100 going to be buffed, and what changes are being considered? 

As of early 7.3 data, E-100 performs (48.2% win ratio, 458 exp) in line with 50B and IS-7, being slightly worse than IS-4 (48.3% and 465 exp respectively) and T-110 which is in the lead. With this gap of E-100 not being dramatic, presently we are not considering any changes to it.  

Do you acknowledge that team balance and matchmaking are terribly broken and will take steps to fix it sooner rather than later? Or as far as you're concerned all is good on this front and won't do anything? By "terribly broken" I mean that I can actually guess the winner team as soon as I see the setup in most matches. 

No, I don't.  

Q: Can there in future be some kind of achievment added for the most usefull tank in a LOST game? Damage dealt and/or base capture/defense wise.

After a brief thinking, I do like it. Really. Will consider it for WoWP at least. :) 

Does the new MM takse into account the winratio of a player whem making teams?

No, it doesn't. 

Heard that the Type 59 is once again available, on the Russian cluster. Any comments on that (or was it just a rumor)? Will it be added back on the European one as well?

This tank is not going to be returned to the in-game Stores in the foreseeable future. It can only be available during various special offers. 

Q: Are we getting clan logos in this patch?

Yes, they are enabled. Finally. 

Q: Why are the developers so keen on implementing the tanks historical weaknesses, but not their historical strenghts? And dont say its balance issues becouse the balancing in this game could be done ten times better tbh.

Of course it can be. On top of that, the balance is probably one of the very few things, everyone has its own special/unique attitude to, thinking that
their opinion is right, while everything else, including impersonal data, makes no sense. However I do admit that the overall balance is improving in the long run. With each influx of new vehicles (and we add them every update) we sort of undermining the current status quo or shaking it at least which requires some time to settle things down. And the ongoing revision of the tech trees only complicates the process.  

Q. Does this mean that the Japanese tech tree will be delayed and not here this year as estimated?

I would say that the chance of arrival of Japanese tanks this year is rather low. However, there will be other delicious tanks. Probably, for some players, they will appear even more delicious than the whole Japanese tree.  

is the maus/e100 equal to the other T10 tanks of the other nations now? in my oppinion its not, we dont have anny benefits with the slow big tanks now, with all the hi penetrations guns that have come in the latest paches. is there going to be some increace in the performance of the german T10s ? and do you know when the second gun on the maus e100 will be enabeled?

Currently only T110 stands out from tier 10 crowd, the rest are quite close to one another in terms of performance.


  1. Hello, Overlord!

    There was some information about "linear experience growth" for skills training.

    Is it planned in the nearest future?

    1. This is still under consideration for possible implementation. The final decision hasn't been taken yet.

    2. Are you considering just a change from an exponential to a lineal experience growth curve, or at the same time a reduction of the total amount of experience required for skills from 4th. and beyond?

      You know, you need half of your life to grind 5 or 6 skills...

    3. i for one sincerely hope it is changed.
      keep up the good work Ovi :D

  2. Any chance of 'holes' being added to tanks? For instance, if AP pens, then that decal allows any other shell hitting there, to go straight in, ignoring armour. It would be a difficult thing to hit, especially with the small size of the decal and with moving tanks. But, I feel it would add a whole new level of strategy and skill to the game.

  3. Hey, im wondering about how the development of the 'Tank Physics' is coming along?

    1. The work is being done in parallel with other important things. New movement physics will have a great impact on the gameplay thus we should be really 100% sure that it is really ready. Plus all the current maps are to be adjusted for it.

  4. Hi OL, keep up the good work!
    1) are there plans for any particular further UI improvements? i like to see my favorit game more grown up every patch :)
    2) any place were we can see the statiscis of tanks at the current moment? all i saw was what was published somewhere right after 0.71

    1. 1) Yes, there are plans to improve the UI, especially we are focusing on tech trees and store to make research and purchase easier.

      2) You can search for player-gathered stats on the forums, as for the official data we tend not to publish that.

    2. Any plans to improve the stats page on your web, its wery generic. Now i must go into the game to se individual stats on a tank. I would like to be able to do this from the web when i'm not home and sutch. It could be 'protected' by beeing available only when your profile is logged on.

      I dont think Crazytony0 was refering to the 'hiden' stats of the game which can be seen on unofficial sites and mods.

    3. indeed, i did meant the win rates of tanks

  5. I don't know if the matchmaker is "Terribly Broken" but I could probably guess with a high degree certainty who will win a battle before it begins. That shouldn't be possible in a working matchmaker.

    1. not always .. (probably depends on time when you play) but to me it's happening so many times (close to 1:1 ration) that even in a way stronger team, we still loose because of the skills/lack of skills in the teams.
      maybe for guys that only do clan wars these things don't apply not sure

      for my part, the only bad thing about matchmaking is that the gap is too big, having T4 tanks (not scout) against T6 and sometimes even T7 makes no sense .. same goes for T7 fighting T10 .. especially these days, when more people have higher tier tanks

    2. MM also doesn't recognize that T9 TD does not equal a T9 Medium or T9 Heavy. Now I can admit that each of these tanks are more valuable depending on a map, but it's hardly fair to give a team 2 JagdTigers vs 2 IS4s on certain maps. The results become predictable due to the lack of maneuverability on the JTs (for example).

  6. @overlord "With this gap of E-100 not being dramatic, presently we are not considering any changes to it."

    I will remind you that next time when you rebalance soviets due 0.5% gap between other nations armor.
    I'm really dissapointed, 10 mm buff for lower plate would be very helpful, now even T8 tanks can penetrate it from a distance cause weakspot is a three times bigger than analogical on is4, try something like that on is7 or is4.

  7. Can we get the option to manually setup our line of tanks in the garage? Or at least sort it by tier?

    1. You can set "Primary" tanks and they sort to the left side.

    2. Which is crap if you have a lot of tanks.

  8. @overlord
    And now something new (sorry for my whinning)

    On this picture (http://worldoftanks.ru/dcont/fb/uncommon_images/ver_7_3_684_280.jpg) IS8 got very interesting camo, can we expect this pattern in next patch? In my opinion this particular pattern fits perfectly to is8 :) (i can imagine that kind of is8 stationing on CCCP - Mongolian border)

    1. We will be adding new camos on a regular basis, approx every other update.

    2. As you add more camos will there be an option to have more than one camo and switch/rotate them? Its cind of bad to loose 200g when you publish new camos that looks mutch greater than the old ones.
      Also when you sell a tank with a camo is it lost or will it reappare if the tank is rebought, since you dont get any compansation for the camo when selling a tank?

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. OL, if it comes down to buffing the other tier 10's or nerfing the T110E5, I'd rather the 'other' tier 10's were buffed!
    I'm currently very pleased to have solid tier 9/10 US tanks atm!

  10. Any plans to up gun the Leopard/M5 to make it more on par with light tanks of other tiers? Currently the amx12t and the t-50 can pen most +2 higher tier tanks, including heavies while the leo and m5 might be able to ding a track or two. When constantly shoved into tier 10 battles as scouts, at least the ability to find use after scouting would be nice.

  11. To my mind, the terms of each battle are set by the heavies present... which might amount to as many as 12 of the 15!
    I'd really like to see a more realistic battle where heavies claim only 1 or two slots and mediums/TDs are the huge preponderance.
    MM ignores the historic reliance on large numbers of mediums. Consequently, traveling around in a T34/Sherman/PzIV is largely to provide a target for the big guys.

  12. First, Welcome back to blogging Overlord. I appreciate your efforts and realize you took a lot of crap from commentors that you didn't deserve.

    Now, the bad.... :)

    When you say....

    "Q: Can there in future be some kind of achievment added for the most usefull tank in a LOST game? Damage dealt and/or base capture/defense wise.

    After a brief thinking, I do like it. Really. Will consider it for WoWP at least."

    ....it really makes me worry that a lot of Wargaming's resources are being directed toward new games to the detriment of WoT. I've been playing, and paying, since beta and really do like the game. I am, however, with a lot of long-term players in wanting new game modes and an MM fix. I see that WoP will be getting new game modes, and it seems you have learned a lot from WoT in that regard.

    Please don't forget about us because some of us aren't interested in the new games and more money from me depends on the longevity of WoT.


    1. There is really nothing to worry about, we have got 3 studious each working on its own game. Minsk team that is working on WoT is naturally the biggest one and is constantly increasing in size, thus the developement speed of WoT is not expected to be any lower than it is now.

  13. Summary: nothing is changing, T110E5 is getting nerfed. Looking forward to physics though, hopefully this summer.

  14. Hi, Overlord

    I have two questions
    1) Will there be in future tank replacement where replaced tank will become premium like t34?
    2) Can you give us a hint what is tank content of 7.5 update? If it's not german TDs or british tanks than only thing left is ussr mediums and TDs right?

    1. 1) Not planning such revisions in the foreseeable future.

      2) It's 100% classified. Sorry. :) But I'm sure you will love it.

  15. Hi Overlord,

    I want to thank you for all the amazing work you are doing on WOT. There seems to be so many complaints and whining going on it must be a little discouraging, but just know there is a silent majority that really like what you are doing. Like you said everyone has their own opinion, but overall this is the most entertaining game I have found to date. I just wanted you to know!

    David (hllwyh)

    1. Gata second that. I've been playing since mid beta, and I love this game. More than anything this game revolves around skill, you either have it or you don't. I like it that way. True some tanks have it harder than others, but that's real life too. You just have to find a tank that works for your playing style and see how it fits into the overall picture. Overall the MM is fine. Great job, on a Great game.

  16. Are you kiddin me? I was saying there is no russian bias in discusion for long time...now i regret it. You keep buffing other nations and nerfing germans...
    Whats the point of german armor when enemies have guns that make penetration you easyer for them than its penetrating them for you?
    Whats the ponit of accuracy if you cant pent their armor?
    And i wont even talk about "new german tier 9 medium" that isnt even medium.

  17. I still want an e50 8.8 cm L100 gun buff. More pen please?

  18. Hello, Overlord!

    I was wondering if you are still considering making some very minor changes to the armor of German tanks such as the Jagdtiger.


  19. Dear Overlord,

    While I think statistically your right about french tanks for now I believe in the long run your wrong. The thing with the french tanks is about now all the average joes are getting the tanks. I'm probably in the 70-80% of drivers and could of had the tank about a month a go. But the average idiot drivers are now getting them. You will see the french stats continue to go down as more and more crappy drivers get them, showing that they need to be buffed.

  20. Hi overlord,

    I see lots of the questions about tank balance, and in almost all of your responses, you quote the win rate of the tank as your metric for determining balance. My question is this: what other metrics do you use for determining "balance?" I know its very subjective in nature, and I can appreciate that it's probably one of the most difficult things for you guys as developers to do (as you'll always have people raging at you for BALANCE FAIL!!11!). I just was curious how else you determined what's balanced. Do you only look at overall win-rate or do you specifically look at clan wars win-rates and participation too? Also, I see you use the stats from the Russian server to balance things. Do you look at the US or EU servers from time to time as well, and do the stats seem to correspond pretty closely?

    My personal opinion is that overall win rate is not the best indicator of a tank being balanced. It might be the best you have to work with, as I don't know what else you use, but from my personal experience (and that of several other people who's opinions I trust), the E-100 is not up to snuff with the other tier 10s, at least from a clan wars perspective. The tank simply has too many large weak spots in it's armor when being shot at with tier 10 guns. What would you say are the advantages of the E-100? True, it has a gun with huge alpha, but that alpha is extremely unreliable due the the low penetration, poor accuracy, long aim time, and slow reload. The gun balances itself out. Why does the E-100 also have to suffer from having the worst armor and second largest profile (i.e. target size) and second worst speed of any of the tier 10s? It's true that the E-100 does have lots of place that eat shells with zero-damage penetrating hits, but that lower glacis plate just gets annihilated by anything with any kind of penetration, even if it's well angled. Now, the win rate of this tank might be fine in random battles, as its low pen and accuracy for a tier 10 gun is less important, and its poor armor for a tier 10 is also mitigated by being shot at by lower tier guns. Also, IMO, the average skill of a person in random battles is much lower than of those in clan wars. So maybe those reasons can contribute to the E-100's win rate being in line with other tier 10s, but IMO that doesn't make it balanced. You don't need to address these points about the E-100 if you don't want, but I'd love to hear more about my questions in the first paragraph :) Thanks OL!

    Anyways, those are just my opinions of the E-100.

    1. I'll second that on the current effectiveness on the E-100 in game. Clan wars it has become the victim, even when you allow for the lower frontal weekness by angling armour, using the terrain etc. The Pen is just plain and simply horrible. I'm not sure in which world, a large calibre shell just bounces (even when using gold rounds) on most enemy armour. I'm sure we've all gone...WTF when a shell bounces off the back of an arty or smaller medium, when it should have annihilated beyond reason.

      There are some very small simple fixes that can implemented by the devs, and looking at numbers alone is not a method which determines how effective a tank is. I often wonder how many devs play pub matches, and clan wars, and take their personal observations back into the war room to thug it out with other game devs, where game mechanics are the topic of debate, rather than how those game mechanics are implemented. It doesn't take a genius to realise that some "balanced" things according to numbers are so the opposite of balanced it aint funny.

      We're not asking for drastic changes, we're seriously asking for a eyes honest look into balance and the realisation that numbers do not determine the tank.

    2. While I sincerely respect your opinions, I still have to say that figures, being impresonal, are a solid indicator of balance. Win ration and avg experience per battle tend to be the 2 parameters that determine the effectiveness of each particular vehicle.

      Based on vehicle usage data from RU clan wars, T110 is now taking the lead with Maus and IS7 slightly behind. E100 and 50B are less popular, however both are in top 10 of course.

    3. Hi OL,

      I mean not to offend you. ("Don't shoot the messenger")

      Lets take this as a track race. When you have 13 top heavy/med/arty and you say that we managed to finish 10th its not a story to tell your children back home.

      we have 6 tier X tanks, 4(yea we know that IS4 will be in top 3 at least now as we count it as a tier X) of are on top of the list and last two manage to finish
      9th and 10th is not a place for tier x tanks. that already is a cap between the tank performance. We can clearly see how much its being used.

      The point that E100 and 50B have managed to climb into "clan wars top 10" used list is because of tank freeze. Without the freeze they could barely get into top 20. No1 would pick E100 over IS7 or T110 when there are free places in Clan war.

      Its not an argument that it is balance as people are forced to use them now in Clan wars. Victory % counts also a bit light as its a team game and there are 14 other tanks that support you and battles are random so it is perfectly normal that it will be ~49% as it all comes to math.

      When you compare tanks 1v1 you will see what tank might have a greater impact to the game and in 1v1 E-100 really under performs as a attack tank it should be.

      Don't really see why War Gaming does not want to work with player to make this game more balanced.
      Most of the games are still balanced with gamers advice. Some members of the staff I find very unprofessional at War Gaming as even insulting against community.

      Anyways thanks for being here OL (like a priest at the church you can go too) and standing our "unprofessional" and "historically not accurate" opinions.

  21. ovi when the new mm is finished will it be just a server side change? (wont need its own separate update and could be enabled between patches)

  22. Could we please have an option to remove the clan logos? I think it spoils the look of the tanks.

    Also will there any more perks in the future?

    Due to lag I sometimes get the bug when i'm on low health and where i get the sound that i've fired but in fact I'm already dead, a "dieing breath" perk that gives u a faction of a second after death to fire (no turret movement) would be cool.

    1. i hope u are not asking for martydom in ur next post :p
      new perks and skills have been anounced my OL, but i personaly think this will take at least 4 months, and most likely not eaven this year

    2. New perks and skills?

      After the introduction of the 22 new skills in 7.x series, we are not planning any new ones in the near future.

  23. Hey Overlord, I see a lot of hating in the comments and forum so I just want to say thank you for a great game, your work is appreciated and the work that goes into every patch is excellent, we love new tanks and tree changes and updates. Good on you and Wargaming.

    With regards to matchmaking, I have played League of Legends since beta, MM is hard and its never 100%. Is an elo rating system being considered? May be very hard to implement with the tiered architecture of WoT.

    Anyway, good luck with WoT and good luck with WoWP - keep up the great work.

    1. Thanks!

      We have chosen another path with MM, based on vehicle MM values and restrictions. To assess whether it works out well or not we need to wait until the new MM arrives.

    2. But it would be good, in new MM could account not only tier, vehicle type, but also gun capabilities. Some tanks are decent in terms of armour, mobility, but with mediocre guns (JgPanzer IV anyone?)

      By the way, is IS-8 tank working as intended? For 120mm thick plate with 55 degrees from vertical and 40 lateral (which gives +-208mm effective, normalisation of 8), it barely withstands with Pershing's long 90mm (180mm pen) as seen here

    3. Will check the stat data for IS-8 for a few weeks to make the right assessment on its performance.

  24. over 1 year to not even have one new game mode. guess what after 4000 matches in game 2000 in supertest and 2000 more in PTR . It's very very stale. Add to that a progession system that punish you for advancement to preserve a broken MM. And ghost/rng shell. 12.8 cm boucing on 15mm of armor at zero angle. Means Swtor will be get my $15 til at least " groundbreaking Physx engine" comes til then it just the same game with questions and the exact same lines from Overlord/devs

  25. Hi Overlord,
    I think there is something going badly wrong with the
    analysis of the data.
    The numbers I've got for the win/loss ratings (from the wpt-news.com website) are the following:
    E-100 47,19% IS-7 48,61%
    It looks like they are only 1,42% apart.
    But of course the the E-100 is performing 3,02%
    worse than the IS-7 (if a tank had 50% victories and another 55%, it would be a 10% better performance of the better tank, not just the 5%)
    Still 3%, that sounds quite alright...BUT thats not really the case.

    Unlike other MMO's, where you have some kind of damage meter, to directly compare your performance with others, WoT is a team game and all these victories were a combined effort with 14 other people!
    The individual tanks share is not 100%
    Just being 3% less often a winner in the E-100, than in the IS-7 could easily mean 10% or less performance, if put on a direct comparison.


  26. "I mean that I can actually guess the winner team as soon as I see the setup in most matches."

    He is actually right here, in most matches you can see in advance which team is most likely to win and the end result is the same as the proposition in most matches.

  27. Also, can you please implement a tickbox in the options menu for players to disable clan logos in their client if it's not already there. I do not want my game polluted with spam thanks!

  28. 1, Does Wargaming have any plans to allow customisable UI (moving map, team and damage panels around the screen). I bought an extra monitor and new graphics card just to play WoT in eyefinity mode (3 monitors side by side). The gameplay with three monitors is even more immersive, but keeping tabs on the map, damage and team panel is a nightmare as I have to turn my head through over 150 degrees. Its so difficult that I've gone back to single screen. Please fix.
    2, Can you consider advertising details of your weekly specials a little earlier than the day before (sometimes the news post goes up after the offer has started). I'm fed up of buying expensive tanks just to see them half price a few days later. Call me unlucky but so far this has happened to me on my GW Panther, JagPanther, AMX13, Tiger, and several t4/t5 tanks :(
    3, MM is nearly fine and way better than it was a year ago. Only issue now is that I quite often get stuck in a game with T9&10's when I'm in t5. As far as general balance goes, I think it works OK, and its up to players to adapt their playstyle depending upon their and the enemy team composition.

  29. @Overlord I love how you both confirm AND deny that matchmaker is flawed (answer 2 & answer 6).

    1. It's obviously far from being perfect, but not totally terrible.

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. Hi Overlord,
    Actually I like the E-100 and think the tank itself is perfect.
    Why does the E-100 have this huge gap between the penetration of the Gold and Normal ammo? It's much much larger than for the other tier X vehicles, and the E-100 with Normal ammo has by far the lowest Pen of all the tier X, which is extremely inconvenient considering the long loading time and low accuracy (I wouldn't mind if I could just aim for the weakspots).

    I drive the E-100 a lot and I find that there is NOTHING wrong with it AS LONG as I buy Gold ammo - otherwise I keep getting non-penetrating hits on tier VIII and IXs and that's just ridiculous for a 15cm caliber gun.

    1. I wonder how mucth the frequent gold shells at 50% specials is affecting the recent e-100 outcries, i think a lot of people keep a handfull or so gold shells to deal with the tier x tanks, and with the big lover plate on the e-100 its easy to hit every time.

      I have been penned in lover plate from 60+ degrees side angle on my e-100 which i think is only posible with gold.

      I felt a noticable increase in dings after the last 5x specials, probably because alot of people had spendt their gold shells there. Now its back on. Dont think they gonna stop with the gold shells specials, making a lot of money for them, sad because it directly affects the gameplay.

    2. Well, I don't complain over the E-100 not having enough armour. It's just the difference in armour penetration of his gun, between gold and normal ammo that strikes me as very very odd. It's by far the largest difference of the tier Xs, and it looks like he's intended to be less powerful in public than clan wars, and I don't see the point!

    3. @O55u2

      I complain about armor and gun on E-100. I want armor and penetration buff but i'm pretty sure that we got (if any) only armor buff. Reason? WG can drain cash from frustrated user (sorry guys but you are a fine exemplifaction of it).

  32. With the premium Jagdtiger coming out, what is happening with the standard Jagdtiger? Is this just in preparation for the new German TD line and the details haven't been finalized yet?

    1. The premium JT is just a smaller version of the standard version which sadly will remain unchanged. It doesn't affect any of the tech trees.

    2. The regular JT will stay in the tree where it currently is.

  33. Is it possible for the M-50/M-51 Super Sherman to be put in game (either as Israeli faction or in American prems)?

  34. Hello!

    I'm having a thought here concerning the Tiger (H). While the Tiger were historically superior to it counter part the Sherman and the T-34 it's understandable that it's placed as a tier 7.

    Now with the 0,7,3 patch, The USSR KV-3 is moving up as a tier 7 along with IS. My experience is that the tiger got nothing on the IS/KV-3. It's just pure unballanced.

    The Tiger got paper thin armor able to withstand nothing thrown at it, except maybe tier 4.. The IS and KV-3 on the other part got thick armor and over sized post WWII guns. Wrecking havoc to a tiger in a few shots.

    It seems that you(WG) are buffing the USSR tanks to make a more "balanced" game, but why does the Tiger get nerfed instead? with RoF and DPM going down towards 1900 from the original 2000. With the paper armor it should definately have a better gun for balancing.

    I get the feeling that you(WG) are some what favouring USSR tanks, intended or not they are the most OP tanks in tier 5-7.

    Also, the tiger is something of an icon for WWII tanks. you(WG) are using it on wallpapers and loading screns etc etc. But it's still the most underpowered Tier 7 tank in game. The talks about it being a sniper and bla bla, isn't really the tiger's role.

    The games i've played as top tier in the Tiger, I have to relay on my team to bring the USSR Tier 7 equivalent down enough so I can kill it without getting killed in 4 shots.

    I need aprox. 5-6 shots that do max DMG, that penetrates to kill a KV-3 while a KV-3 needs 3-4 which always penetrade irregardles of angling and positioning ( as long as he hit me, it will penetrade like 90% of the time)

    Even as a Tier-7 heavy I have to fear Tier-5 medium tanks which easily can penetrate almost anywere on the tiger. Front/side/back.

    So either you (WG) should go historicaly (which is done on the tiger but almost no other tank) or buff the tiger to match the KV-3/IS and become a real heavy ( as it is a heavy/medium hybrid at the moment)

    Best Regards


    1. EDIT:
      Got a bit eager and need to edit out that:

      I need 5-6 max dmg shots on KV-3 to kill it. If the KV-3 spots me and turns angled front against me I can't do jack**** about him.

      He keeps bouncing my shots while his penetrats me like a cheese.

      OT. The rest of the tiers are a bit better balanced, but the tiger is really off as a heavy.

    2. @Team Caravelle

      Sorry for obvious but long 8,8 really gives a second life to Tiger. He is still fragile as hell (so far i've got worst stats on it from T7 tanks played by me - Tiger P on par with IS and far beyond that two, Tiger H) but now can really snipe tanks with 203 mm of pen. And I cannot agree with this part about T5 tanks - they rather may penetrate Tiger than penetrate easily.

    3. To add truly personal experience here, I do like Tiger H and have not very poor performance on it, though I'm not a fan of heavies in general (which is obvious from my stats). If you prefer armour to anything else, choose Tiger P.

  35. Hi there Overlord.
    First of all, thank you very much for all the work you and other RL persons put into this game.
    We highly appreciate your work and time!

    This might be a slightly bigger one to implement.
    I was wondering if it would be possible to add a 'i will be going to...' indicator to the pre-start of a random match.

    If every player, during the countdown, would have the possibility, by pressing, lets say, ctrl-LMB, leave a small indicator on the mini-map where he is planing to go.
    These indicators staying on the mini-map until the battle starts, each either having a different colour or number so to allow the identification of the different tanks/players.
    Thereby leaving a overview of the tactical plan of your 'team'

    Not everybody will choose to use this option i am aware of, still i think it could greatly increase the strategic element of the game in random battles. Thus making them even more exciting. You could actually half plan a battle tactic with the other random players.
    It is a half-strategic game after all.
    As is the random battles are exactly that, random.
    Nothing wrong with that in some sense, still if this idea could be implemented it would still be random battles, but at least with the option of a more organised strategic planing.

    In addition i think it will increase the interaction between players, which i always think is desirable in such games.
    Plus a lot of players could learn a lot of tactical playing by such a model.

    What do you think, would the integration of such an option into the game be possible?
    I at least would highly appreciate such an option.

    Greeting from a player that loves tactic's

    1. We are currently thinking how players can actually benefit and sensibly use the time before battle starts. Considering various ideas.

  36. You state that: Currently only T110 stands out from tier 10 crowd, the rest are quite close to one another in terms of performance.

    Does that mean that we will see a nerf on the T110? I have to agree to the ppl claiming that the german heavy line is being outphased, at least thats my experience in CW (Haven't played all maps in CW, so it might be different on certain maps). Anyway, in random battles, im all good. But it concerns me that german tanks rarely gets put to good use in CW, only as a last resort when all IS7s and T110s are freezed.

  37. Hey, Overlord, the main problem with matchmaking on the US server is because the lower population tends to skew battles towards the high and low tiers, right?

    1. Relatively low population is definitely one of the factors, however there are other, internal ones that determine the way MM works.

  38. Quote "" Currently only T110 stands out from tier 10 crowd, the rest are quite close to one another in terms of performance."" Quote end.

    If you are so focused on numbers and statistical data, howcome you fail to see the gap between firepower (pene and ROF) and armor (incl angled&normalization) in german heavies, related to shear facts.

  39. Hi Overlord, few things.

    Firstly, I consider WoT to be an amazing game, both from a mostly stable point of view and with a good fun factor. but that said there are 2 things i wish to comment on.

    You have stated that MM will be updated, and that was my first issue. while i don't want to say it is completely broken, it does seem to be choosing tanks with a dartboard sometimes.

    Sighting system. I refuse to believe its working as intended. i understand and cannot possibly comprehend the huge task of creating a fog of war system for a game this detailed and huge, but there are many issues with stationary tanks in thick cover with over 400 view range before addition of perks/skills and binocs/optics being sighted by a moving target and killed before the enemy becomes visible. You may not see this as malfunctioning, as it usually works properly even if the person dying refuses to believe it, but after all the beta games and now released games i've played, i believe it is indeed bugged/malfunctioning.

    Secondly, I understand rules and regs about being tester in WoWp, but is it wrong of me to say that i believe WoWp to be more stable than WoT? i can understand the difference between content in each, but still.

    Lastly, do you have any indication of WoB alpha dates? I have played several naval sims(navyfield, battlestations series, just to name a few) and I am hugely anticipating this game, both from a tester point of view, and a naval combat nerd.


  40. 1) When the co-axail guns going to work? Game need its!

    2) Are you thinking in re-balance new skills and perks?

    3) Are you thinking to put some extra penn or less aiming time or extra armour or back the "engine bust" consumable in E-50? Becouse this tank need something more, he is a sniper tank with no penn... :/ and a sniper tank with no penn dont do damage...

    4) are you thinking in nerf m103 and T110? When?

    1. The E50 is fine, flank and snipe the sides with it on higher stuff.

      M103 doesn't need a nerf, its not that great, T110 is the one that is apparantly a problem.

    2. its true that M103 dont need nerf, but t110 really yes (it is only a question to know if wargaming are thinking in nerf M103 and T110 or only T100 ;).)

      E-50 is ok? i love this tank and i know that is a flank sniper, but i think a tank who snipe and cant penn sides of IS7/Maus from 500 metres have problems, if this is a tank sniper dont take part in dogfights.

      5) Historical battles will be only the second world war? or also post-war battles with tanks like AMX-13, patton, IS3, Chaffee, T-54, T-44?

  41. Will the german heavy tank 128 (and I guess the ferdi/jt version) be getting any sort of buff now that all other countries have greater or similar accuracy, significantly higher penetration and higher rate of fire? The prolific amount of close to 270 avg pen guns is negating the armour advantage they have, leaving them at a slight disadvantage in my experience. A small accuracy and penetration buff would make things a lot more even in my opinion without being overpowered.

    As a player of every country with most tier 9 tanks, this is the only real imbalance I see as any sort of big issue at the moment, aside from the jagdpanzer 4 having a rougher time with its lower pen gun, overall I think things are pretty well balanced.

    1. Also the M103s turret cheeks should not be as weak as they are from the front with that angle, being penned at range by a kv3 in the turret facing it is pathetic for a tier 9 tank.

      And the KV4 is utterly dreadful, its more like a tier 7 heavy.

  42. really true. But i think german tanks not need better guns in terms of penn (maybe jagdtiger yes) becouse if you put good penn to german make all tanks similar (like the new accuracy of T110 and IS4 :/, this is german accuracy...). The news heavys IS4 and T110 is like a F1 racings, all are the same...

    Maybe german tanks heavys need more RoF, Aiming time, and accuracy. And of course increased their armour and life if i have a maus that the only think can do is take shoots i need can bounce something... Or if i cant bounce nothing i need 3600 of life in a tank that the only think can do is take shoots.

    1. the jagdtiger doesn't need better pen on its top gun at all, just the first 128. They do need higher pen and accuracy, not to the same levels of pen as the other countries, but higher than they are now. If they have more rof they will be too powerful.

    2. maybe true, but maus and e-100 really need some buff in something

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