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Monday, April 2, 2012

[WoT] Feedback on 7.2

Update 7.2 has been out for a few days and it's time to share your feedback with us. New American TD line, revision of American HT line, new crew skills, massive changes in game economy, new UI elements, new maps and some other stuff.

What are your impressions of the new version, what you liked most, what are the main faults, etc. 

Share your feedback in the comments to this post and will reply to the most valuable ones from my point of view.



  1. I haven't really had a chance to play that much I really enjoy the replacement for the T34, the M103. It just seems to have that Tier 9 feel I was missing with the T34. Also the new crew skills definatly add more depth so as of now A+ grade for 7.2.

  2. my FPS seems to drop from its usuall 40 odd down to about 8 quite a lot now, especially when brawling in close.

    Other than that I'm happy with the content.

    1. First advice would be to reinstall the full game from scratch and check your graphic driver for updates.

    2. I also have the same problem, Nvidia 560Ti * 2 in SLI. Turn off SLI and its fine. SLI on = 5fps

    3. not all games support all types of Sli, so it wouldnt be unusuall if it doesnt work, although i wish they would do something about it soon :)

    4. I found a slightly newer driver for my old 9500GT and it has made a small difference, with as many detail and graphics effects turned off as possible i still get drops down to 16fps which is worse than pre patch where I was seeing 25fps at worst.

    5. In the forums, I found this and it made a HUGE difference for me.


    6. That actually helped me a LOT. Thank you very much. Since i don't have a US account i can't thank that moderator in person. If he reads this, thank you kind sir! :)

  3. t110 is still too easily penned, the capula on the top of the tank is retarded huge and can be penned by almost any tier at any distance at any angle... other than that I have no problem with it, fix the broken capula...

    it seems that the tier 10s now make even less money than they used to, I lose 40k - 60k credits when I lose a match in the T110 with premium, and when I play the t110 and win, even if I get 6 kills most matches I do not profit with premium - I've heard others complain about this on other tanks too, esp the 50B, fire 3 clips pay 25k in ammo, die pay another 25k no way to make profit even if winning and every hit penetrated

    1. are you serious? t110 too easily penetrated? excuse me, but it has a 269pen gun with insane rof, its already OP as it is, plus if any tank needs to have its weakspot removed its is-4.

      I have no credit problems with my is-7

    2. I've played both IS-7 and T110 - the IS-7 still fires faster than the T110 and does more dmg on average, and how does the tank being penetrated have anything to do with it's gun? two different issues... it's a t10 tank, it's supposed to have high pen - btw even with that pen it's still hard as hell to hit a E-75 and E-100 frontal, and the IS-7 bounces like a mofo

    3. t110 rate of fire is MUCH higher than is-7's FYI
      t110- 6.45r/m
      is-7- 4.38r/m

    4. Are you serious? With how accurate the T110 is on the move, and how quickly it sights in it should never be standing still long enough for someone to sight in on the cupola. It is a hell of a lot harder to hit than the driver's hatch on the IS-4.

      The thing fires nearly twice as fast as the IS-7 with a reload of under 8 seconds compared to the IS-7s 12 and change, sure it's got less alpha, but it has a much higher DPM with better pen and accuracy.

      It's armor bounces plenty of shots from the front, I am totally in love with the tank.

    5. I've had no problems at all making money with the Tier 10's on a win. Yesterday a decent win was rewarding me with 65K on a premium account, usually clearing 30-40K after repair/ammo.
      On a loss - sure - you can lose 15-20K if you have a really bad round, but I really don't have a problem with the returns on Tier 10 now.

      Whoever said his IS7 fires much faster than the T110 is playing another tank. The fire rate and pen is insane, and the incoming 'bounce from distance' exceeds both the IS7 and E100.

    6. LifeByu - excuse me, its not true!
      T110 has much better RoF than IS-7, that is a fact!
      And T110 is a very good tank - i think.

      About credit earnings: with T110 you cannot earn less than about 15k credit. Repair costs about 26-28k and ammo its on you. Usually for me its 10-16k.
      So in a defeat game i losing 20-25k, but if we win its quite profitable, you can earn 60k credit with ~2000 damage dealt.
      So, do a lot of damage - earn a lot of money :)

    7. Mini I dont think you ever drove the T30, if you had you would know its pen was higher, only with gold ammo does the T110 beat its pen. It has similiar rate of fire as the T30 did when it was a tier 10.

    8. I meant to say the t30 I was tired lol! but still if the tank didnt have the rate of fire it has now it couldnt compete with e-100 or IS-7 and the the 50b would laugh at it after the first shot.
      the capula can't bounce... I've never missed a shot at any distance on the capula, not sure what you are using for guns...
      and up close the armor hull is still squishy

    9. I made 89k with my t110 even took a screen shot. Even died in the fight. Quit KSing people and fight you will make a lot more money.

    10. @Whiteblur, yes the T30 had a higher pen for it's gun, but the T110s is still higher than the IS-7, and the T30 had nowhere near the rate of fire the T110 does, as a tier 10 heavy with a 100% crew vent and rammer it had a 15 and change second reload, the T110's is under 7.85

      pretty sure 15+ and 8 are not similar reload times.

    11. The ROF on T110E5 is only 0.2 sec longer than on a T54 (with a vent and rammer). The DPM I belive is quite simmilar to other T10 HT. The penetration is only 9mm bigger than on Is7. The thing is, it plays more like a med+ than HT, but it is awesome, due to a very strong hull.
      I believe that people can say it is OP to other T10 tanks, but it is not. T30 was just that different to play and the T110 is very refreshing.

      To the earnings, I must say I am a bit surprised that you earn that little. My non-premium friends can easily even the money on it and very often earn a bit. I, on a premium account, earn anything from 60 to 80k of silver. I think the record in our clan is 113000 of silver for one game. So, more damge, less killing off low hp tanks. You have the tool - use it ;)

    12. Of course it is easy to penetrate. In most games out of 10 shots I (with T110) got penetrated 7-9 shots.

      Last game I was driving ARL 44 and face a T110. First shot in bigger R2D2 took him 660 HP. Next shot took him 280. 3rd shot bounced. Give me a bit more HP on ARL 44 and I will kill T110 in any occasion.

      As I see it, it is not technically Tier 10 tank. And I love to see on enemy side 2+ T110. Win guaranteed. Every time. For my team.

  4. hi,
    live oaks is nice map, but province is sh*t.
    new american tanks are OP, u cant even fight them in ur is-7.
    lorraine got nerfed so much that its now completely useless and i even sold mine and i wont be going for batchat because of how lorraine stinks.
    new perks are useless. eagle eye and sixth sense activating after several seconds, i mean, really? why do you even put them in game? they are useless after that time. with sixth sense activating after 3 seconds you dont even need that perk to know you have been spotted because artillery shell will land on you or someone will shoot you!
    overall i am dissapointed with this patch.

    1. while the french tanks were nerfed too hard, they are not crap lol, I still own with mine - also if you fail that bad in your IS-7 right now I just don't know what to say...

      all the T10s do roughly the same damage now, all bounce shells roughly the same, only difference is if you are losing a 1v1 to a t110 you don't know how to aim your bullets - the capula is a guaranteeing penetrating shot

    2. oh and by the way, thanks for moving exit from battle button every patch! its so awesome to go to settings after battle, i always want to tweak something! great job on that! >_>

    3. LifeByu- i didn say all french were crap, i love my amx 50 100 and amx 13 90 even after nerfs, but lorraine is just horrible.
      well if you are >100m away from t110 you cant hit that cupola of yours, you know that, right? and every shot of t110 penetrates is-7 like butter. Also cupola is not 100% guarantee that enemy will receive damage, penetration and critical- yes, but not damage

    4. I still drive my french tanks, especially Lorraine. Performance did go down, but it is still a solid vehicle.

    5. how can u compete with other t8 mediums when ur refire tiem is around 3.84s and reload time is over 50s?! 3.33s was high enough, but 3.84s is just madness

    6. That (without the aggressive tone):
      "oh and by the way, thanks for moving exit from battle button every patch! its so awesome to go to settings after battle, i always want to tweak something! great job on that! >_> "

    7. gotta play more aggressively defensive mate

    8. About skills:
      We tested in the whole weekend with my clanmates and there are a lot of questions!

      First of all the brother in arms perk: wiki, and every official site told us its still working when a crew meber died! But its NOT!!!
      We tested it many times, for e.g. if you lose your loader, loading time become worse, when you heal him its return to the original value!
      So in real its NOT working, try it!!

    9. Does everyone have Brother in Arms 100%? If not it doesn't do anything yet. Perks don't become active until 100% unlike skills.
      Plus it's not Jack of all trades so it's not meant to compensate for an injured/lost crew member.
      What Brother in Arms Perk is meant to do is improve all their skills a certain amount i.e. reload faster, sight in faster, not lose as much speed on soft ground, etc...
      Are you sure you aren't meaning Jack of All Trades? (Commander's Skill/Perk)

    10. Yeah, the French got hit a bit too hard. I mean I am not hating or anything, but WG wanted to e.g. nerf artillery a bit, so they nerfed the he by adding the screens, plus the earnings (which both of the factors are up again;) ) so in the end we got a double nerf, as artillerys earnings are based on he.
      Now with the French tanks, e.g. Batchat we have nerfs on gun dispersion on the move, aiming time, packet reload, and the funny thing is, the lower reload time in the packet gives nothing, as it was already too fast for the aiming time. Nevertheless French tanks additionally have less crew members which I take as additional nerf as the new skills and perks came to play. So we have a bit of a double nerf to a tank that was already not that easy to play (cause the French are fun, but not that easy ;) ).

      Overlord, just a quick note, I thinkg that the Mentor skill is not working correctly. Some of my clanmates suggest that if the skill is not 100% you will get less of experience than you would normally do. At 100% you get the same as you would get without it. So with Mentor below 100% you get a nerf on experience.

    11. @DirtyDogg4: of course I have!
      My ex-T30 crew members have 3 skill, 2 on 100% and 3rd is 80%.
      So yes, BiA is active (the small icons color changed into white from gray) and as I said we tested it a lot: if one of your member die, the perk doesnt work anymore!

      But im waiting an answer from Overlord.

    12. not all perks are useless, the mobility perks just to mention a few are really nice, and eagle-eye has it's uses, however limited, it has uses

      example: close combat, you shot the enemy heavy in a dogfight, you notice his driver is dead. combined with the already slow turret, you can now easily circle him and kill him whilst he tries to hit you, instead of just standing there keeping the tough armour towards him

      with the help of eagle-eye i managed to take down a t9 heavy in my KT, without that perk i wouldnt have made it

      so it is rather useful, in certain situations. but think about it, which perk isnt situational dependant?

    13. @Rezmalac

      [about BiA]

      "if you lose your loader, loading time become worse"

      You've picked a worst possible example ;) Of course that commander and/or loader dying will have an effect on reload time. Did you test it by killing driver, gunner or radio guy?

  5. First, the good: I love the new US map, especially the little depressions in terrain, haven't decided on the Italy one - I wish it were easier to get down the hills.

    Next, I'm still trying to figure out how I feel about the new and moved US tanks, so far I'm pretty happy - aside from the 110s commander cupola, and I wish I didn't have to buy new prem ammo to run with it.

    Disappointed by the HUGE increase in 0 damage critical shots. Its making the game far more luck based than skill. No one likes them, the whole mechanic (though I get the reasoning behind it) is a mistake. It might ruin the game for me, and that's after 18 months of it now. I hope that there's a bug that was introduced that can be fixed, because as of now, I (and a few others who I've known for a long time) are very frustrated with it.

    Lastly, I sure hope you guys open up the CW map by adding more time zones, and I would still like to see tank locking brought to the NA server. Thanks for restarting the blog, and giving us a place to have a voice.

    1. I'm not sure why you feel you have to buy premium ammo with the T110 - the pen is extremely high already. I haven't put a gold round in mine yet and had steel wall, confederate (10 tanks damaged) and sniper yesterday in the same high tier battle.

      I will agree that the 'crit, no damage' shots are REALLY annoying. Spending huge credits per round on tanks like the T95, only to have a 'crit, no dmg' on something stupid like a 2801 or a KV is just broken.

    2. On the other hand, I one shotted a 100% KV in the T34. I heard the "penetration" followed rappidly by the "he's gone find another target." Penned his turret. My guess the crits are now the 1-10 fatal rack hits.

  6. New player here. I love the UI changes and obviously the income increase:P
    I also loved the new maps, they're both quite fun to play. Keep up the good work!
    Not much of useful feedback I fear.

  7. So far i am loving the patch, the New T110 American Tier ten is great, never thought we would use them on day one when clan wars went back online but we did,

    The map Provence requires some getting use to, its small and doesn't have that much space to hide or fight it out, its like a smaller El-Halluf, Would be interesting to see the newer maps get added into clan wars

    Skills are great, It improves on tanks alot and it makes it feel great that they improve them when you have played the tank for a huge number of battles, Personally i also thing the french where edited to much, they are still good tanks but they where ever "OP" the amount of changes them them was not needed

    1. AMEN! to french tanks comment

    2. Exactly, the French tanks were never OP, they had both an advantage and a disatvangate, the high fire rate every 6 shots, yes it might seem "OP" but the 45-50 sec reload that follows makes it a huge disadvantage, although if u manage to cope with this its a very very good tank.. but still not OP. i used to be able to penetrate the rear of an IS-4 with my amx 13 90 but now it only bounces, even if the armor is thin enough to penetrate :/

    3. Yep, as I wrote above and in the official forums before. It was way to early to think about the french nerf, just because the lower skill players demanded it. I mean a lot of v. good to great players got the French tanks in the beginning so naturally the stats were higher than other tanks. Me, personally owning a Batchat, I know how difficult is to play a french tank. Almost no armor (which still bounces AP from time to time) that eats up HE like a fine T-bone steak. Getting a crew member killed was almost as often occurance as on T34-T30, I mean if all of my guys were alive in the end of the battle it was good, but not often. And the modules damage. Now we as little armor as before and a gun, that to shoot and hitting on the move is like playing lotto and wining a main price. Lower reload time in the packet gives nothig, as it was already too fast for the aim time. And now with even longer aim time? Plus the lower crew member count to compare it with respective mediums makes it even harder after the introduction of the new skills. Now when the low to good skill players will get the tank the stats will go down waay down. It would happen without the nerfs, but I think it was easier for the devs to get the players (that screems OP everytime that a new tank is introduced and they do not know how to deal with it) of their back. Just sayin ;) And as an example I would like to give a situation when you play CW on a Mines map. Old batchat after it got to the middle hill would still have to wait for a second or two. The new has to wait for like 5 second before the first shoot. I mean it is kind of funny to see few batchats up on the hill just staring on each other without the possibility to open fire ;)

  8. I always thought the T110E5 was going to be a heavy "Medium" tank but I've been disappointed yet again. It needs to be about 5kmph faster in forward and reverse and about 40 more damage to its alpha damage. Tumor needs to be reworked or removed.
    T34 is horrible, I rarely play it now. T30 is fun now that it appears sometimes in Tier 6-9 battles without a bunch of Tier 10's to destroy me.
    M103 is a joke as well. WG took the heaviest tank ever made and made the tank god's cry.

    1. Oh - I sold the M103 after a few battles. It's probably thrd in my opinion behind IS4, and E75 - and I just couldn't get on with its overall 'meh'ness.

    2. Im disappointed with the speed of the T110, really disapointed with the current load time on the T34. I love my T34 but dont understand why the load speed was nerfed. It also doesnt seem to go as fast as it used to. Honestly, I feel that those of us that ground our way up to the T34, only to have it nerfed to a slow moving, slow loading tier 8 should get some compensation for all the exp and credits we had to use to buy the tank. Why do I feel this way? Because it isnt the tank we purchased. I like the T30, but holy hell, does it move slow, and the loading time, 20 seconds between shots, feels more like an arty. It does damage tho, gotta love that. The accuracy of the cannons on the T110 and M103 disappoints me, as does the fact that they both have the same cannon on them. The T34 and T30 didnt have the same max cannon on them. Overall I like the 7.2 update. So far its crashed zero times on me and my game client has gone non-responsive not once, which 7.0 seemed to do alot. I am still noticing the phantom tanks tho. Like the IS7 that didnt show up until he was 90 feet from me, before he killed me in my T110. He was moving, not parked, so why did he not show up to myself and the E50 next to me until he was on our butts? Stuff like that still needs to be addressed. Like the American map, as for the Itallian map, it kidna feels like El Haluff only with buildings.... but its still good. I am disappointed overall with the armor on the American line of tanks however. None of the higher tier tanks can even go toe to toe with their Soviet or German counterparts and even have a prayer of winning. They are simply toooo soft and damaged way too easily by arty... their armor needs to be stronger to make the game more balanced.

    3. Starzfan31 but you got an compensation. It is called M103.
      The T110 can not be faster as it in HT tree not medium. That would make the tank too good. Besides it accelerates better than IS7. IS7 is only faster if it goes on a good ground or down hill.
      T34 aim time and turret rotation are a bit to slow. The ROF could have been a bit faster as well. But they had to nerf it a bit to fit tier 8.
      I still believe though that Löwe plays better and the anemic T34 is a bit too slow to justify the price.

    4. I enjoy the T34 alot now, it's lower tier slower ROF and still the same armor. I have made a TON of cash off my T34 Heavy TD :P calling it a heavy is just laughable I can't 1v1 any tank in a dogfight, use it like a T28 with a turret. Don't show them your belly and stay at a distance! Never had the T30 so can't say anything. I wish they would fix the camo on the move crap, I don't see how a 40+ ton machine can move at 40-50 km/h within 200 yards and NOT be heard or seen...

  9. I've been enjoying the new US Tank Destroyers, but still being frustrated by the number of 'ghost shells'/0-damage hits, which feels even worse now that you've changed the sounds so that they always say "Penetration!"... Please please pleeeeaaaase fix this, or at least tell us why you can't/haven't fixed it.
    I think the income for the M8A1 needs to be addressed too, because in a good game it somehow only makes a few thousand credits, and in a bad game it even loses(!) credits. I thought this wasn't supposed to happen until around Tier 6? The T49 makes a lot more credits, even when both tanks are using the 57mm gun.
    The new skills are definitely a good addition and can be used to effectively compliment a particular play style.
    The new maps, so far, have been a lot of fun. Province is a little bit of a camp-fest, and it seems to be a bit of a mix between El Halluf and Malinovka. That said, it's still been fun because 1) it's a new map, and 2) I've been playing tank destroyers so camping is excusable :P

  10. Hi Overlord,
    Glad to have your blog back!

    The main problem for me, is that, with the exception of a few skills (sixth sense usw)it's hard to predict the value of them. Clutch Breaking for examle. Will it give me 10% more turning speed, or just 1%? It's important to provide more hard numbers on some of them I think.

    New TD's are great, UI changes are great, with the exception of the removal of the one button repair/heal. Also I would like to have both sirens optional.

    The T34 is a TD. not a heavy tank, thats not a critic ^^ I just played it wrong in the beginning.

    Were there some last minute changes from test 3 to life? The M4 (1945) now got a really good gun depression, couldn't find it in the notes, but I didn't drive it during the three test phases.

    Some German one colour camos got a lot of bright red in there. The multicolour camos are all great (ImHO) but some two colour versions(the desert camo ones)are now pretty red. One looks like I'm saying "I'm the red baron, I have this glowing red camo to tell you I'm not afraid of a fight!".
    Any news, when/if you are going to revamp the camouflage system (pricing and system?).

    So long

    1. A quick search on the forums will tell you everything about the values that players found. Google is your friend.

    2. I do agree that the absence of the exact values can be misleading here.

    3. The exact values should be a part of the game. It allows for speculation good or bad. in less than a month everyone will have a guide built to the exact values. So why not add them.

    4. Even better would be if the tanks stats would change with the crew, skills and modules. I mean that it would have been shown, so we would have a great tool to see, e.g. ok if I choose this that makes my tank that much better. Easier to compare than calculate ;)

  11. Supprimez les artilleries et le jeu ne s'en portera que mieux.

    1. Go to hell.

      And that's coming from a heavy tank driver.

  12. Hi!

    New tanks and skills are great. New maps aren't brilliant, but no problem, we have some worse maps.

    My problem is as always the hits and critical hits with zero damage and missing bullets. I see more of problem above after 7.2

    Please do something with zero criticals. Thanks


  13. T8-T9 lose to many credits now with premium. How are you supposed to progress in this game if you cant turn a profit by playing? Do you not want your player base to reach end game? Or do you just want the masses to buy and use only premium tanks?

    And the XP required for the T28 prototype is ridiculous.... I guess we must all conform and drive russian tanks so it will be the new game WoRT

    1. T8 and T9 will make credits without premium. I played for a long time without premium running mostly 8's and 9's - TDs and heavies - and always make money. It's slow, sure - but as long as you're doing damage, you'll make credits.

  14. The patch has brought some fresh air into the game. Many will comment the t110 is OP, but in reality it's like many other T10 tanks with strengths and weaknesses.

    The new map with the huge valley in the middle is the new campinovka. The USA map feels a little small in size, but quite enjoyable. The furniture inside the buildings when destroyed is a nice touch.

    The skills have definitely made gameplay better. However, once can't help but feel that certain traits were getting nerfed before the patch, and the skills now on offer counteract those nerfs. eg. Type 59 was sluggish as anything, slow, didn't pen. Now that's a different story, it's agile and quick again.

    The gui touches, and overtarget markers as a permanent addition to the game are awesome. I still prefer to mix and match 3rd party reticles to get the feel I want when sniping, or reloading etc.

    A good patch, really looking forward to the russian update.



    1. True story. I still use 3rd party OTM and reticles despite the new official ones.

    2. T59 is about where it was before 7.1, but also the gun seems to bounce a bit more and the reload speed is about 0.2 seconds slower. Add the cammo factor seems to have fallen (easier to spot now) and the tank is fun, but not superman's tank.

    3. I use the new OTM form game. They perform well, just I miss few cosmetic things:
      when a tank is destroyed the marker just disappears without showing the damage dealt (nice to see that artillery hit the guy hard to kill him off).
      It would be easier to play if the enemys health bars would be red not green ;) Other than that it is really well done.

  15. Forgot to mention, it would be good if when you have a skill which increases your view range, or have a module which increases view range, the value displayed on that tank is not indicative of the installed equipment and/or skill.

    In short, if a view range is 400m, and you add optics for 10%, the view range should then read 440m. A simple, realistic representation of what is actually happening. Not a reflection of 'is it really happening'.

  16. Lets see.

    M109, still a little weak, Tank gets a B-. Is easily killed by KVs, most 6s and 7s, which is an issue. The gun is better, so that is a plus.

    M110, Solid tank, not OP, but if I know why the Russian drivers are mad. They can no longer just drive thier IS-4s or IS-7s right up to us and get a garanteed kill with little or no damage like they used to be able to do with the T34 and T30. Once they get over the fact they actually have to try, everything will be OK. As far as the cupola goes, don't sit still people. I have yet to be killed by people shooting the cupola. In fact, I have gotten kills I wouldn't have gotten if they were not fixated on trying to hit it. T110 gets an A.

    T34 as premium. B+. Good but not spectacular.

    T30 as TD. Slow refire rate is annoying, otherwise good. A-

    Crew Skills, A.

    French tanks. C+. But headed in the right direction. They honestly need to be rethought from the ground up. The autoloader idea is not good. They need to be tuned a lot closer to everyone else as far as rate of fire and durability. I am sure the all or nothing approach bothers them almost as much as it bothers us. Almost.

    1. The M103 is awesome! I had the same thoughts about it
      having less than great armor values, but it's way better than the old T34. The turret bounces quite nicely (yes, I saw the video of the T34/85 gettign through it easily)
      In real combat I enjoyed it a lot and bounced a lot on the turret, both shooting at it and getting shot at. The gun is great!

      Just keep your distance.

    2. The autoloader is actually the only thing that makes the french tanks special. Take that away and you might as well delete the whole tech tree again. It would also make them completely historically inaccurate (as far as that goes in WoT anyway).

  17. The new american heavy tank is actually a nice tank with good fighting capabilities. T 30 is where it deserve. The new skills and perks are nice.
    T 34 it's FUBAR, i liked it when it was a tier 9, but now with all those MAJOR nerfs it's just junk.
    All those: we hit them hard, penetration, that's got to hurt without damage are really annoying, i NEVER thought i will say this: bring back the criticals with 0 damage...
    Interface problems: the interface in TC it was fine, now those colours make's my eyes hurt. I remember it was a problem with the exit battle button, you changed the button position with the next patch, now it's the same problem.

    1. I can't tell if "we hit them hard, penetration, that's got to hurt" does damage or not - sometimes I get those and then a few seconds later the target will get a -XXX damage indicator. I can never tell if it was my round just finally doing damage or whether it was a team mate hitting the target. My guess is team mate.

  18. 1. distance marker in arcade an sniper view fades even if actively targeting a tank - WHY?!
    2. map Provence, utter inappropriate for tier 8+ tanks; it's easier to just place the spawn points close
    3. tank freezing is broken; yeah I hate tank freeze, fyi
    4. IS-7 damage model on live server is broken, like it was on test#1

    1. "distance marker in arcade an sniper view fades even if actively targeting a tank"

      Yes, annoying - please fix.

    2. How is tank freezing broken? "I hate it" means something else than "it's broken". Thus far, I like it. It opens up the game and adds some tactical elements to CW and opens the fights to other tanks than the usuals.

    3. "it's broken" as in exactly that; until yesterday tanks destroyed in battle for province were not froze at the end of the battle

  19. I forgot the maps!

    Province: It is like El Halluf, only worse (and I hate El Halluf).
    The problem is that, unlike El Halluf, there is no scout necessary
    to detect almost all enemy tanks on the other side of the map.

    I drove my M4 (1945) with 100% crew and optics into that big building and got a scout medal ^^

    You can't leave the starting point of the map with a slow tank without recieving hits. It's just too damn small. The arties have
    almost no room, so all in all I'm very unhappy with it (like Malinovka it's certainly fun with low tier tanks).

    Life Oaks: Somehow you map designers still don't seem to know that there is arty in the game, please tell them!
    One side has a city of indestructable houses to hide from arty,
    the othe has little bushes. Having the arty cover balanced for both sides is very important, unfortunately some new maps don't care.
    The Karelien map was revamped quite nicely by putting some more boulders on one side. Steppes road side with a hand full of trees is in desperate need for these boulders! ^^

    So the maps are kind of a letdown for me (and I dread to think of the mexico map I saw in a preview).

  20. The T34 - I read a lot of complaints about it on the forum, but it seemed faster and had a higher pen than the Lowe, so I picked it up. The tank fits my play style nicely - a level 2 opportunist. I prefer to hang back behind the more armored higher tier tanks and support or slink forward, and spy for other tanks. I can do both nicely with the T34.

    One thing it can't do and it isn't designed to do is go toe to toe with equal tier tanks or higher. The tank isn't armored, and if you are out numbered, the fire rate is too low.

    The only gripe I have with the T34 is the gun is too jiggly - when I slowly move the gun it immediately resets to about a 2-3 second focus time - even on a gentle pan.

    The new map with the two hills - got to play this 3/15-20 matches - is more of a map where whoever camps the best and has the best spotting tanks wins. Get spotted, poke out a tread, and you can expect 3-4 rounds incoming. A very campy, but not as bad as camprokova as I have fun on the new two hill map.

    I only got the american map once, and had no idea what I was doing. I assumed the small town to the northwest was key for some reason so a squad of lights and lower tier heavies tried to hold it. It didn't work, but the enemy paid for their efforts. I am sure that town is key for victory since it allows for flanking of the row house campers without much threat of being picked off.

    Graphics changes seem to have washed all the colors out compared to 7.1. Some of the cammos are darker looking, the terrain is not as sharp, but the effect is good and doesn't hurt my feelings any.

    One gripe I have is the IS. Before the turret would bounce some rounds, and a turret hit might injure the gunner, loader, or commander, but only like 30% of the time. Right now, a turret penn hit on the IS results in a 100% chance that the tank is ammo racked. The turrent seems more fragile than before the damage model re-work. The kv-1s doesn't seem to have isue with this, just the IS.

  21. The idea of stacking empty slots is bad. I submitted a ticket before seeing that I have 4 vacant slots (or I hope I still have them). In my case, only 3 slots are occupied. It's better to see all of them empty than to force the user to read some small font that he/she may or may not see. It also tells the user that he/she should buy more tanks (and hence spend more), so the decision to stack them was IMHO a bad one from many points of view.

  22. Overall best patch I've seen (been playing since 0.6.5). But there was one thing I would like to get corrected and people on forums are also talking about it and it is the giraffe camo on German tanks. Please bring it back if possible because it was the best looking camo and the only camo I was interested in in previous versions :)

    1. I actually disagree, I like the new one(s) much better, but I think when camos are changed this drastically they should be added instead of replaced so people have a choice. after all more types of camos cant be bad?

    2. Yeah the new ones are also good looking but I would liked to have an option to keep my giraffe camo like you mentioned. Thats not the end of the world for me but hopefully its possible to get that camo back in the future.

  23. The only issues I have are as follows:

    1) They keep messing with the garage button to exit a battle.

    2) They removed names from the overview (pressing alt) and don't tell you how to change it back (in your settings :D )

    3) Province. That map is awful for heavy tank drivers. Well...any tank that is slow. You can't get to the cover because you've been spotted and well...it's game over after roughly 30 seconds into the match. I want World of Tanks with tank maps...not World of Tanks with maps that are as bad as Modern Warfare 3.

    1. I've driven the slowest tank in game on Province, and still had a lot of fun - I actually like the fact it's a nice 'snipefest' that isn't a camp fest... you simply can't hide on it.


    D:< <-----PISSED FACE

  25. * New TDs are really fun and are perfect if you liked the T82 before and wanted more fast TDs (I havent tried anything above Hellcat yet though where they start slowing down)
    * T30 is possibly even better than the T95 for several maps now and is a lot of fun to drive where you can focus on being a support tank as intended and not a damage sponge like tier 10 tanks need to be.
    * M103 requires some mental adjustments to play, its not as good as the T34 was for hull down play, but on the other hand it works much better when it actually needs to take some hits. I'm still thinking it isnt quite up to par with the E-75 and is-4 yet despite its great gun, but I have only played like 20 games or so yet in it so i will reserve judgement (btw I played it on test server and wrote it off as rubbish, I think for tank balance testing you really should limit gold ammo usage because its impossible to judge armor effiency for pub games)
    * T110, not sure its useful for CW yet as its more of a jack of all trades, but its certainly fun even though it has a bit too many frontal weaknesses (lower hull is huge and anyone can pen it, ammo rack is a bit too vulnerable for a t10, and the cupola weakness I'm not sure is really needed (on the other hand its not turning out to be as much of a problem as I foresaw from testing on test server).
    * both the two maps are really fun! the swampy one I cant remember the name of has a lot of interesting battle terrain and Province is just nuts and very different.
    * New skills and perks are all fun and you have to make some tough choices, but please consider your policy on keeping so much gameplay secret from players. % bonuses etc from skills really should be in tooltips and not have to be reverse engineered out. it just makes it less interesting when comparing pros/cons. I work in game development so know that suspension of disbelief is important, but hiding selectable bonuses isnt a good idea. a few of the perks/skills that need buffing to ever be useful: ramming skill needs to do much more since you give up other much more important skills. the intuition skill seems pointless and a bit bugged.

  26. Wretched. I am not a *hardcore* player, and I don't own any tier-8 goldwagons, my highest-tier tanks are t7s- T20, T29 and IS.

    And you've basically screwed me. Most of my tanks now cost significantly more to repair, and make less money. Meanwhile you've boosted the profits of tier 2-4 tanks up to 58% to encourage new suckers to try it out. So what Wargaming is telling me is that I should spend 3-5x more rounds grinding tiers 2-4 again, being someone else's high-tier cannon fodder for every round I want to play at my achieved level.

    I was perfectly OK with spending some money as a casual player for converting experience and occasional premium accounts, but what this patch tells me is that casual players are not welcome, unless they pay to play all the time, or fork over $40-60 for a goldwagon.

    1. I really don't understand. It's easy to make money with T7, especially something like the T29, without a premium account. If you don't want a gold-tank, and do reasonable damage each round, you'll make steady money - easily to tier 8, and less so, but still consistently at tier 9.

    2. I agree, a victory with 3-4 kills usually cost me 5-6k just to cover repairs and ammo. At 2k a round, the T29 105mm keeps my T29 in reserves in favor of the Tiger 1 or IS.

    3. Lol, if you have this much trouble with tier 7's, I'd hate to see your comments further on :P.

  27. I too have lost a lot of fps. To be specific 100 fps.
    I used to be at 120 fps +/-10, but now I have to configure my 4 cores to even get 40-50 fps.

    The rest of the content is fine!
    Even though the french were nerfed way too much. They weren't OP and now they're not even a decent fight against other tier 8 and 9s.

  28. With the new garage stats rework in 7.2 will chocolate/coffee etc... be able to increase the power-to-weight ratio and thus increase acceleration of a tank (e.g. 50Bs power-to-weight ratio is 1200/62.21 = 19.29 w/o any or consumables, but with coffee it becomes 19.29*1.1 = 21.22)? I'll assume that this does not change the value of the engine horse power in the process.

    Oh and since your doing the rework of the garage stats, why not have a value next to them in brackets showing the modified value with the current module/equipment/consumable setup of the tank [i.e. 6.05(7.3) for the T110 w/o the best setup and with]?

  29. Hey Overlord, can you do me a solid and remotely consider fixing the Match Making on the Panzer S35 Somua. You know...that tier 3 German premium that is a captured French tank. Seriously, getting into tier 5 battles is getting a little old when I haven't a frigging hope of penning the tier 5 tanks. The KV (yeah shot him about 35 times...not even a single pen) hell he even ignored me and then blasted everyone else around me. The Panzer 3/4 yeah...no hope there either. Same with the M4 and the Panzer IV.

    Tier 4 is great, I have fun in tier 4 with the Somua. Tier 5 is just a "hey free kill folks."

    1. Yeah tier 2 gun = not even a hope in hell of penning the tier 5 tanks. The MM puts me into Tier 5 constantly...just not even fun.

      Other than that 7.2 is pretty good...still waiting on the new German TDs and the Brits.

  30. I like the new Us tanks, now they're different and not a T29 with a bigger gun. For the T34, the huge nerf on aiming time is way to big imho, but we can get used to, it's a TD and not a Heavy anymore.

    The incrase of zero dmg "Penetration!" hits is getting more annoyying. Lots of ammo are just wasted, and this happens aslo at hitting weakspots.

    A half a year ago it was not an issue at all, i dislike this change, it has no sense at all as it is presented. I we ht a tank where no module or whatsoever is, then ok, but it souhld be a very rare occasin, not every 3rd shot, It's more an isseu for lower tier tanks for me.

  31. I think that changes in US tech tree are great, especially T110 and T30... I like the two new maps per se... Especially Provense. I had some epic games in it in T30 and T110. It would be hell if I was driving my maus in it tho I think...
    My main concern regarding maps is the type of maps that WG is adding of late... Why can't we get at least 1 city map of 5 new added? Only 1 of 5, please... I like city maps the most but now, with city/open map ratio being so low I feel like lottery winner when i see that I will be fighting in a city on a battle loading screen...
    Are there any city maps in development?

    1. they should copy paste himmelsdorf 10 times! we want city maps!

    2. I'm not sure if you are sarcastic but if not, it's glad that I am not the only one to think so :D Himmelsdorf is one of my all time favorite maps :)

  32. I find that all the T110 and the M103 need is 10 degrees of gun depression, which is pretty much standard in the US heavy tree and 15kph reverse. Maus currently reverses much faster. Please don't say historical accuracy on this, you guys created tanks that is more manoeuvrable than motorcycles and gave the IS-4 8 degrees of gun depression which is far from realistic. And as a hybrid, I'm sure it would reverse faster

  33. Hey overlord, glad to have you back mate. :) Now, the 7.2 Impressive. i loved the new SFX as well as the alternative American Sound Pack. :) it's COOL! :) New T9 and T10 is pretty nice. Haven't tried the TD line. T30 conversion is well done. :) Just 1 little complain, the aim down time in the T34 is really horrible. Doesn't work when Type 59s are out there.:P As well as the reverse speed and turret traverse is a bit diminished. Other than that. An excellent patch. :) Thank you. you and your whole team. :)

  34. You know, as much as I thought I'd hate the M103 from testing, it actually is pretty great on the live server. The T110E5 doesn't have the clan war role people want, but hey it might still be useful. Just needs some evaluation. I've heard it may be under par for clan wars, but I don't play them yet so I'm not sure.

    I have noticed more odd damage rolls where tanks are left with 20-70ish HP. That's always a wasted shell.

    The T34 feels alright as a premium. As much as I'd love to say "this stat sucks" or "buff this!" I think the gun is pretty much really well balanced. The vehicle traverse could do with a couple more degrees/sec, but otherwise it's pretty good. Thanks for the free premium!

    I absolutely love the new crew skills. They do not feel OP to fight against, but still improve my enjoyment of the game. I wish "sixth sense" was a bit more acute, or let you know when you were no longer spotted, but it's still really useful. Thank you for changing the brothers in arm perk, it's actually useful now. Unfortunately I didn't hear about the new change, so I may have to respect some crewmen... hehe.

    MM is still broken for some tanks (the poor Pz38nA in particular), and I feel awful obliterating them in one shot because they get revealed whilst scouting and TRYING to make some exp. Sometimes I turn my rear armor and let them make some exp off me.

    As for the new maps, I absolutely adore both of them. Province reminds me of shipyard from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, but as a WoT map. Very very fun.

  35. US TD line

    Hellcat seems a little OP, or my son's playstyle fits greatly to this tank (son loves meds and US hulldown heavies and he joins both playstyles in this TD with great effects).

    T25/2 - has worst gun among T7 TD's but it is not underprerforming, still playing with it seems like huge downgrade after Hellcat.

    US heavies
    M103 is in our opinion finest T9 heavy (which doesn't have to mean that best performing). Even with stock tracks and engine had good mobility. And I think there is some mistake, because it is possible to mount second turret and second gun without better tracks. Also there is one problem with this tank. Turret ring seems much too easy to destroy.

    T34 - I had very harsh opinion about it on testserver, but when there is no gold ammo penning turret all the time and players in meds and lights are much less brave, T34 works much better. Now I understand why it was nerfed so harsh.

    T110 - not played on live server, but noticed that copula can bounce a lot.

    French tanks

    I can't agree with opinions above that autoloaders should be removed


    We like both, especially Province is very funny, it is Malinovka married with El Halluf but altogether IMO better then both of them

    Thanks to bigger number of maps Malinovka and Komarin are becoming less painful, because we meet them rare. But still please improve them, specially Komarin :)

    skills and training
    We need better descriptions. It would be really helpful to now how big are changes in performance thanks to skills :)

    There is probably some issue with Accelerate crew training. Someone posted on forum screenshot from T34 on which accelerated EXP was given (showed by triangle) to the crewmember with most amount of XP. He was the only crewmember trained for T34m rest was from other tank. Unfortunatly I coudn't find now his post on forum...


    OTM could have more options (for example enable to show both tank name and player name "PzIII/Killer")

    Change in Game Menu in battle mode is not too good. Thanks to many battles on testserver I get used to it, but I think many people go not to garage but to settings.

  36. Wargaming,DO NOT nerf the T110. This tank has its strong points and its weak points, but it is balanced.

    You don't have to let the American tanks come in dead last in every category, Please do not nerf the T110.

  37. And this is why in games things that don't need to nerfed get nerfed. Because people don't get how to kill or beat a class go and cry about it. T110 has weak spots ALL over the front and can be AMMO RACKED from the front. If you don't know what spots I am talking about just proves my point.

  38. To partially quote myself from da forumz:

    I was really looking forward to the 1 button heal/repair feature, yet it doesn't work...
    Also, you "ninjainvented" the clan logos a few days back for a few mins, yet they're still not in the game, while they were promised to arrive in 7.0...

    Also, Province is just "lol no thx", and the broken tank freezing is just... "lolwut"...

  39. IT IS ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE! All TDs have been nerfed, I can't enjoy my ISU and Object70 any more because of the awfull accuracy BL10, please revert the changes! I make even less money now!

    1. LOL - the 704 is STUNNING since the patch with clutch braking added. The only accuracy nerf you're seeing is the normalisation of stats - old stats were displayed at 133% crew, new stats are shown at 100% crew. The 704 is better than it ever was - and is a total credit farmer.

  40. New economy makes the Tier 5 and 6 "bread and butter" tanks of all no longer viable. Up to Econ 2.0 those were the tanks of choice for all when it comes to having a fun tank that can also earn money over time.

    And it was good for the game because it helped populate low and mid tier brackets and allow people who are still grinding to keep a bit of sanity and not always be forced into matches with T10 and T9 heavies.

    T34 is a turreted TD now. Mobility, turning and turret traverse are so much lower it can't really be compared to old T34 in any way.

    Maybe it could lose a bit of gun penetration (down to 240-242 maybe?) and some accuracy in return for improved aim time and turret traverse.

  41. I have to say,I am loving the New American heavy tanks(They are well balanced, and they have their major weak spots as do ALL tanks.) and that the T30 is a GREAT TD,but it seems as though the T30 doesn't have the proper amount of camo a TD should have(that's my only complaint about the new tanks). My only other suggestion about these changes is the T34. I understand that,in order to make it a Tier 8 you have to nerf it,but in my opinion it was nerfed a LITTLE TOO hard.As it stands,it already had little to no frontal armor to speak of,but on top of that you have GREATLY reduced the turret traverse speed,track traverse speed,AND the turret traverse speed.I think that is a bit much considering that you have it for sale in the store for $50. Don't get me wrong though,I LOOOVED the T34 before it went premium,because of its rate of fire.So,what I am suggesting is you either re-adjust the turret traverse speed and track traverse speed OR set the rate of fire on the gun to maybe,6RPM rather than 4RPM.I appreciate ALL of the updates and look forward to more tanks.Thanks for all the hardwork,keep it up! I look forward to seeing you all on the battlefield!

  42. in my opinion 7.2 is the best patch that WG released in quite a while. the two maps i have no complaints about and they are both amazing and fun to play (yay for all the destructable houses in live oaks!), much better than the previous two maps (Fjords and Swamps). The T110 is a great and fun tank to play, like a supersized patton, and is also the direct competitor to the AMX50B.the new TD line is fun to play and although im at the hellcat im really enjoying it. for the T30 i have no complaints, since its marked as a TD after all, so the nerfs to turret traverse and HP are ok. for the T34 i think it was nerfed a little too hard especially on the track traverse rate and also the RoF and aim down time (really 3.4 seconds is waaayy to much). And also i think the french were nerfed a bit too hard, with the gun depression, RoF and HP nerfs (personally i think they should either restore their HP and depression or its RoF and Refire rate). overall great patch WG

  43. Maps are good. Same game mode after 4500 matches sucks. MM 2.0 is MM 1.0 just with a team "working hard" on it now. From YAWR 10 or 11 when You the devs enessennce said we punish you for progression disheartened me now the New econ just makes me not play.

    New Tds are just a shine thing of the week. There threaten if a noob a nice easy kill if your skilled or can aim well.It was nice to see IS3 is7 obj702 all get smaller mean while the king tiger got bigger. Just comfirm that Ru tank will always be made better. New tds were very phoned in Every td hads nearly the same tranverse with the same or lower gun option from it fixed hull brother

    Honestly get your shit together. No new games modes in a 1 year. A broken MM that is so old that talking is just view as trolling. 0 damage hits and ghost round are still the bane of everyone. Stop just raping Jane's Afv Guide for rehashed tanks. Fix the core system that have killed your game growth.No cares if the british tanks are the Soup dejour of patch 7.x if we're still Playing an one and half year old game with A match type.
    But hey This is the view an NA player so I know it has No meaning to you guys

  44. I don't know why people are complaining with the new finance model. I made a quite some battles this pass weekend (lost many of them) and I still managed at the end to come out with a nice profit overall, even while running my IS-4, VK4502 my IS-7 and my Maus. Even when not getting kills on a battle I managed to stay on the plus side of the equation. Maybe some peeps still think kills is the most important stuff to get credits instead of damage. Last night I was in a battle on my IS-4 got blown by after only firing two shots on at T110 and still make some cash (not much I must admit round 1.5k)

    I heard that the changes to the T30 are nice, but also that the way to play it must be changed but those that used to have it as a heavy. The M103 will get some getting used to that what I got from my team mantes but they seem to overall love it.

    Match maker seems to be better now,

    There are two things I would change to make this better:

    1.- Penetration with no damage hits: I have a hard time figuring this. How can a shell go thru a tank and do no damage what so ever?

    2.- There should be a visual aid added to the training of the crew. One that will clearly identify a perk (a skill that work only when trained to 100% ) from the regular skills (those that start working right away) I know there is a list out the forums of each one but who has a printed list at hand when doing skill trainig on the crew?

    Overall, I believe the 7.2 released is a great one. The fact that we know get many of hte options we used to have only with mods for the HUD is great. I will only add the HP "flying" notification when damage is done, but I love the new changes; we got lots of choices now.

  45. I noticed that the sound of some guns, like the nice Boom sound of the 12.8 ferdinand gun, has changed.
    Can this please be reverted as it really sounds like a pea shooter now.....

    thank you in advance

  46. Good patch for the most part. Im enjoying the new tanks. But as many have said the zero dmg penetrating shots are ridiculous. Been playing the t34 alot and I getting one almost EVERY game. Its so game breakingly frustrating. It has cost me my lie and quite possibly a game because I shot the front of an s51 and it didn't do anything. Please fix this immediately. But good job on all the new content and its nice to have some explanation on what is going on.

  47. US tanks replacement are great, T34 is (somewhat slow) fun to play and not that MM sensitive with its boomstick. M103 is the best stock tank (after Tier 9 swap) around, I don't have yet T110 so no comment on it. Hellcat can haul his ass FAST, but when it comes to turning... argh.

    Only missing clan logos and working "tankers' voices by nation". Though another "high pen and accuracy" T10 gun IMHO makes Maus and other "fat armoured" tanks somewhat obsolete, also German 12.8 seems to be lagging behind in this arms race. Just a thought.

  48. Crewskills: Great ! Crew becomes more important and it adds kind of "Roleplay" to the Game.
    US Tanks: have none of the new, but now i will go one day for the T110 ! Looks awesome !
    Maps: Province looks nice, but is an awfull camper map, much to small !! I would wish the possibility to "block" some maps i dont like. Not all of course, but lets say: 10% of all maps can be individually blocked by the players. This would give u Devs a good feedback about your maps !
    btw: a tool for Gamers to create maps would be nice too. of course you Devs must check all gamer-maps before some of them would go "Live".

    1. This map was planned as a new sandbox map, ie for beginners using I and II tier tanks (like Malinovka, Mines and Himmelsdorf). This is why Province is so small. But its not camping map like Malinovka. It is funny peek-a-boo map :D

    2. if it was planned for tier I and II Tanks, why is it open to every tier ?

      Maybe it would really be funny to those tanks, but with Tier X, it isnt (to me and everybody i talked about that map).

  49. Possible solution to the 0 damage crits..

    lets imagine tank health is to some degree it's effectiveness rating..

    as 0 damage crits still do tank damage, though it is internal, they should still reflect on overall health because tank effectiveness drops...

    maybe... 10%, 25% or even 50% of module damage done should go to tank damage aswell..

    i dont remember how many hitpoints modules have... 150 or smth in some cases i think?
    light example. enemy tank has 50 HP left... your damage on penetration would be, lets say 300, and it would result in a kill... instead you blow up module .... 150 HP internal damage is inflicted, 0 HP tank damage...enemy tank still stands and kills you instead, even though you blew up something inside them and crippled them further... how is that fair?

    example 2: same situation... but this time we use 25% module to tank damage ratio
    150 hp internal damage.. 150x25% .... 60 damage is inflicted to tank itself - you take out module and it results tank going down aswell- no more unlucky 0 crit survival of enemy

  50. Overall:

    Smooth transition. New tank menus just pops, and has some nice contrasting colors.

    T34 is better then I thought it would be, its more fun then it was at tier 9. Turret Traverse should be increased - especially if you want 12,000G for it.

    Tier 9/10 US tanks are solid. I was pleased to actually bounce shots from an E75 in my M103.

    New Td line...not sure yet. M8a1 has REALLY poor income. And I think the turret traverse on the whole line needs a slight buff. T49 though is great fun. I haven't played my T30 yet - too many bad tier 10 memories.

    New Map 'Province' is utter garbage, worst map in the game now. (sorry, nicest thing I can say about it)

    Oakdale/ville however is fantastic

    Crew Skills are about as game changing as they've always been. I DO like them on a lot of medium tanks. But I find repair is still a better primary skill for all heavy tanks.

    Income: I think you're making a mistake that will lead to players NOT keeping tier 6/7 tanks. Thus making match ups for tier 5 worse.

    Q: Why was the research requirements for the G1B (terrible tier 5 french heavy) increased? Its the least fun tank in the whole game! Why lengthen the displeasure?

    Over all rating on the Patch though: 4/5.

  51. Would have liked to see arty specific skills and perks since most of the ones we got are useless to arty.

  52. I like the subtle changes in the interface. The new tank explosion effects are great too. As for the crew skills - I find them a bit confusing. However I come to realise that the idea is that there is no "bad" skill to pick. Ideally, that is. With the old skill system basically everyone picked repairs first for all tanks, camo first for the TDs and the SPGs, and firefighting was not that useful really, at least not when you're packing a fire extinguisher, which a lot of the people usually are. Now there's a lot more choice and I like that, even though I have a very hard time choosing between skills I cannot properly evaluate due to limited information.
    I was probably one of the few people who actually loved the T34 before this patch. It was a great tank - sure, my average xp was lower than my average xp with either the E-75 or the IS-4, but damn it was fun to drive. The new T34 incarnation is far from that. However I do feel it fits nicely into the tier 8 slot - you sacrifice mobility in order to keep that awesome gun. I think I've made a 105k credits game in the T34, as well as ~1800xp game, which are both good in my book.
    The T30 is awesome in its new role. Granted, I only have like 3 games with the T30 before 7.2, but I didn't like it as a T10 heavy. However now the improved gun makes it much, much more fun.
    The M103 I feel is a bit weaker in comparison to the other T9 heavies. Not that bad, but not necessarily better than the T34 was, at least in my eyes. Great for sniping though.
    The T110 is an awesome tank once realise that you're not a Maus. Hell, you're not even an IS-4. You can take a lot of abuse, sure, but not nearly as much as you think you should be able to as a tier 10 :) Great mobility though, and great gun. Oh, and I've managed to earn credits on a defeat (with premium though), so that's nice. Still, I wouldn't mind a slight buff either to penetration, mobility, or frontal armor. Just one of those would be great I think.

  53. To be honest I'm quiet annoyed by the 0-damage rounds. It tells me "that must hurt", but the opponent tank didn't lose any hitpoints. This is not something that happens once a day, it occurs multiple times in a game. From what I read in forum and ingame chat I'm not alone with this demotivating behaviour.

    1. I think this to be the more dissapointing issue at the moment. Last night I got 4-5 "Enemy hit", "Penetration", "That one went thru" etc. but no HP damage were done in any of them. As I said before I have a hard time visualizing a shell going thru a tank and not do damage.

  54. To sum up this patch:

    1. Game crashes on map load a lot more often, almost once a day now compared to once every few weeks. Sometimes it just exits, sometimes Windows tells it has crashed.
    2. BDR 1GB needs it's matchmaker fixed, a heavy that's worse than Panzer IV or T1 HT but doesn't get the handicapped match pairing.
    3. T34 was nerfed a bit too hard, with the weapon ROF drop, turret rotation speed, agility, power-to-weight ratio drop and aim time drop, the tank is underperforming in many aspects. A slight speed up to the aiming speed, say 0.3 seconds faster would help.
    4. The new American Heavies perform nicely, though M103 could use a little accuracy boost, split the difference to T110.
    5. Fix the ninjanerf you did to Marder II. It can't hit the broadside of a barn these days. I'm getting better results from 105mm howitzers which have an accuracy of 0.55 compared to Marder's 0.46. Marder is supposed to be a long range sniper since it's too weak for close combat, but it can't perform in this role because of the inaccurate gun.
    6. The new American map is nice, but the new Italian map, Province, is one of the worst maps you've ever made. The balance on it is fine, but it always draws out in very long sniping/camping fests, which are not fun. Stop killing the fun.
    7. Fix the old maps as well, such as Komarin and Fjords. Fjords has horrible balance, it's heavily biasing the eastern team. Winning from the western side is usually only possible if the eastern team makes a huge mistake. This is especially important for Company and CW matches.
    8. FPS performance is about the same as it has always been in this game, which is absolutely horrible. Older games manage to look and perform a lot better than this mmorpg game engine garbage you managed to license.
    9. Stop moving the buttons around in every patch!
    10. Fix the tank carousel, there's no point for it to keep scrolling for so long after a slight touch. It needs to be a lot snappier.
    11. Find a way to get rid of the number 1 performance and reliability killer, Flash.
    12. The new camo patterns look as awful as all the old ones, except for that one old german camo that got changed in this patch.
    13. Why only 72km/h top speed for Hellcat?
    14. T30 was nerfed too badly. It is now the softest and slowest tier 9 TD with least DPM as well. Having a rotating turret and slightly more speed than T95 doesn't make it perform any better than T95.

    1. 9. Stop moving the buttons around in every patch!


      Seriously OVI WHY are you doing this?? I understand it is a very simple update but it is VERY frustrating for hardcore players.

  55. Of the French tanks I find Lorraine was the least nerfed. It was hit in all the categories as the others expect for the gun elevation/depression which is had none to being with. It's two top guns are very effective at sniping making the dispersion nerfs matter less. Compare that to AMX 13 90 in higher tier battles with 170mm of penetration, less accuracy and a win ratio that had dropped to the middle of tier 8 mediums even before the nerfs.

    Province is a fun map in low tier tanks. I hate playing it on all my higher tier tanks even if some can be quite effective there. Live Oaks in contrast feels much better.

    M18 Hellcat is a fun tank and I understand the earlier M81A and T49 are also amusing (crossed over from Wolverine myself). Based on a few games on the test server T25/2 doesn't really have any redeeming qualities though.

    Good job with most of the interface changes even if I'll likely continue using a more customizable version of OTM.

  56. Love the new fiery burning wreckage of destroyed tanks!

  57. I find that with the new economy changes playing as TD's (specifically German TD's tier's VI and higher) has become very difficult. Before the patch I could break even at the end of a game even if we lost but now I find that I am losing money in every game even the ones I win. This is taking all the fun away from using TD's as I cannot afford to play them. TD's are the only tanks that are affected by this as far as I can tell as when using heavy tanks I still earn and lose credits as I should.

    I also noticed from the chart you have posted that the highest tier heavy, medium and spg all got a boost in credit income and reduced repair cost in order to make them easier to afford and yet no such reward is given to those who make it to the tier IX Td's.

    I hope that you will look at the economy changes you have made to German TD's and fix the problem soon so I can continue to use my favorite line of tanks.

  58. It is a nice patch overall. There are some things that could be tweaked though. For example the garage UI is a bit confusing and too shiny in my opinion. I have no idea why some vehicle icons are shining(even with daily completed and stuff).

    The next thing is skills and perks. Definetely needs more work at least in the explanation department. Many skills have very little next to none explanation. Lets take BiA for example, there are many post on russian and EU forums about this perk working after the death of a crew member. Some of the devs even said that the "death penalty has been removed" as it is not currently possible to implement it. While Ovi said in this blog that it "SHOULD" work. There is no explanation next to this perk which would say that it stops working after a crew member is knocked out. All in all skill explanation definetely needs more work.

    Nerfs of french are not that bad. I still play my Lorraine and manage to keep the win ratio more than 80% so i thinks everything is rather good in the french dept.

    New americans - awesome. Overgrown Pattons. Both 9 and 10 tiers are fun to play. Definetely some of your better creations recently.

    New TDs- abit overpowered low tiers imho. The T30 is now my favourite TD. Thumbs up to that.

    New economy- I fraid it might bring more and more arties to high tier games. And combined with HE buff it will become even worse over time imho.

    The last thing that realy bothers me is that i seem to miss a couple of features which were introduced in some WG movies. Like Clan logo (I mean realy how hard could that be? :) ), new sounds (I saw a movie where they introduced a notification when you spot an enemy and your team damages it, so you would know u are getting exp for it) where is this? No notification about delay was provided sadly. There are some other missing things which I cannot remember now.

    New maps - very nice in the long run. However I do not like them YET because I do not yet know all tactical advantages/disadvantages of them.

    Some comment of Ovi would realy be apreciated.

    Good patch overall. There is place for improvement though :)

  59. It is great to see that this journal is active again.

    I've noticed that the anti trolling.. sorry, anonymous posting is disabled - this looks to have really improved the quality of postings in general.

    As for the patch,

    I love the UI changes in game and in the garage. The subtle changes, like what tanks i haven't ran today for the 2x bonus, cursor descriptions, adjustable in game icons and info changes above tanks.. the list goes on, I haven't seen anything I don't like. What I would like to see is changes to the garage UI for each individual tank so I can see the changes a particular skill, consumable or item is having on the tank. There are verbose descriptions for researchable upgrades and how they help but everything else is wanting. Unless I google it or specifically search on the forums, a lot of the information is elusive (camo coefficient for example), it should be in game.

    New maps are always awesome. you can see the thought that has gone into the maps in the terrain layout, placement of obstacles, distances, blind spots, flow areas.. everything that effects the play style of a map. Two maps, two styles, i'll have a lot of fun nutting them out.

    I am not a fan of the 0 damage rounds, they are bloody annoying, especially when you get a couple in a row, they still have full health and despite the crits are blasting away my HP. Even better are the ghost rounds, where my perfectly aimed shots seem to be blanks.

    Other than that, bring on 7.3 and welcome back Overlord :)

  60. In my personal opinion.. The 7.2 patch is great with the new tanks, the crew perks and the new UI, all of that is totally great and has made the game look all brand new and shiney! But, the only downpoint i have on the patch is what they have done to some of the Camos... Lets be honest, some of them are completely ruined, like the German Desert camo for example.. i had 4 of my German tanks in this camo, just to have it ruined? It looked great before the patch!

  61. i have some stuff that i am a bit unhappy whit.

    1. the new map Provins i feel is badly designed its really pays off to camp and so a lot off the games ends ind a draw and generally kills interesting game play. i really dont enjoy playing on that map for that reason.
    make it bigger so that its harder to spot the enemy but give the hills a little less cover that will give scouts a chance to be useful on the map and punish campers when they do get spotted and force them to move around the map.

    2. the new TD T30 (loved that you moved it too the TD tree)has become a bit too bad ind the new TD version. i mainly dont agree whit the accuracy neff. its a TD with a LONG reload time so you need to make sure that you hit when you shoot and to do that you need to be really close whits does not suit the TD style game play of hiding that well. the turret rotation neff hampers it a lot when the target get too close but the accuracy force you to go that close and so its makes the T30 a HARD TD to use.
    maybe if the accuracy was 0.35 max 0.37 it will be a more balanced tia 9 TD in line whit the others.

    PS. make the new game modes soon. the game can at times get a bit to similar.
    PPS. sorry for my bad English i know i need to work on it:)

  62. i think the T110 is good balanced, good frontal armour it has weakspots like many tanks so frontaly it isn't OP and the side and back armour are weak though,
    gun is great this is wat makes the tank :) and its speed is decent

    1. T110 is getting the OP rating only cause it is new on the field. Once the people find the weeks spots (just read here and you will find a big one) they will stop complaining about it that much. I guess the E-100 got the same reviews when it came out. Yeah they did nerfed the E100 abit but everyone now knows where to hit him. The same will happen to the T110.

    2. i think they are well balanced if they nerf that t110 ill stop playing everything teir 10 tank is well balanced with eachother well all kno the gun on the turret is a weak spot and someother spot i kno of i think people arent playing the t110e5s right they think its an is-7 thats a brawler and its not u have to play it like a suport heavy or a oversized med and i got 5 kills with it and got mastery badge tank ace already on it

  63. I enjoy many of the new changes I just wish there was more transparency when it comes to things such as crew skills. Often we are forced to pick things randomly because what does exactly "an increase in viewrange" mean ? Does it add a % up to a maximum number. Does it add a set number etc. We simply have no idea of the stats are tanks end up with.

  64. I've Basically Stop Playing now Because i can't make Any money anymore. Playing Low Tier's basically doesn't help my high tier. 1-10K that's barely anything.. I'm done with this game until its increased. Rest of the game is great tho. but the New money system just made me go play something else.

  65. 1-Why high texture is disabled for 32bits systems when most players 32bits sys can afford that texture?
    2-IS-4 frontal armor seriously need to be fixed specially driver view port (may be i spell it wrong i mean just under the gun.
    3-Profit/Loss ratio in this patch may leads to doomsday.

  66. I'm still poking through alot of things, but to this point, I've enjoyed the patch greatly. I've put most of my time on the M8A1 and T34, and have been satisfied with both.

    If I have something I'd like to see dealt with a hair differently, it's the new crew skills. Actually, not so much the skills, but I think you need to be more clear on what skills do, and to what level they do it. The descriptions give rough ideas, but no scale. (For instance, how does Brotherhood in Arms compare to a Vent? It seems to be around half the value, but that's not spelled out). A bit more transparancy on the actual values.

  67. Whenever a new vehicle is spotted my game freezes for a moment. The effect is cumulative so when a bunch are spotted at once, the game will freeze completely for 3 to 5 seconds.

  68. If i may interject my own opinions about the T110. I personally think that its a well balanced tank for its tier. The T110 is seeming op right now but I think thats because there are so many of them out there right now. I dont think they should think about tweaking them for at least 2 months for its stats to normalize after release. The T110 has a lot of quirks working against it but at the same time pluses that balance it out. Compared to the other Tanks of its tier its balanced and against lower tanks its still balance its just this tank is not a TD and such does not play like one. This is actually an American Tank and is acting like a tank but people tactics have to change in order to combat them. As people have changed their tactics for using them already but its the change in counter tactics that always takes a while. If I may suggest, a T110 alone is scary but its easy to take if you get get to its side and rear. If you have more than one friendly with you bring them along to kill one like you would other Tier 10s. Personally I dont think the stats or capabilities really have to change.

    But now the numbers you see of them in pub matches are starting to come down meaning their realistic performance is now going to be seen but the stats still need to normalize. Lets see how it does when there are not more than 3 on one side of the map. T110s aren't really OP when they are not in a pack together. Alone their weaknesses are apparent but when they have a counterpart its much harder to get at them. If I remember correctly we had the same reaction to the E-100 but it never got a nerf because its stats balanced out. Right now there are a lot of T110s lets give them some more time for people to go back to their regularly run tanks.

    One other note without anything this tank isnt much. Please remember a lot of tanks including this one are seeing performance increases because of the new Crew skills. My skills personally are set up for Shooting and having combat on the move.

  69. Instead of new tank give us new BATTLE MODES yes scream it in cap's Tanks we got but same ol same ol gets old. When a game is repetitive people tend not to play it. Lets have something else. Right now you have a lot of content and nothing to do with it.

    In short can we please have more to do in the game than endlessly shoot each other.

  70. I like the t110e5 to be honest its a outstanding tank there dominating clan wars Plz overlord dont nerf the t110e5 just keep it as it is and we should all be find I think alot of people feel the same every teir 10 tank is balanced dont ruin it plz

  71. i agree with McOden nobody complained when the is-7 was overpowered or when the e-100 came out just beacuse you dont know how to hit the t110e5 not even 1 week since its been released doesnt mean there overpowered

    Wargaming/Devs/overlord ,
    Please dont nerf the T110E5 it has its weakspot just like any other tier 10 and strong points just like anyother tier 10 Please keep as it is Please dont make the players who grinded to the t30 be disappoited just to know we got a another weak tank I think i speak for all of the players who grinded for the t30 and now got the t110e5 are pleased with the tank all the Tier 10s are balanced just right we beg you DEVs/Wargaming/Overlord just let us have a fair fight against other tier 10s and you DEVS gave us a fair fight Thank you again!!
    Great Patch Wargaming keep it up !!!
    Greatly appricate it,
    Jeremy455 Of (MFH) Field Commander

  72. T110E5 is ok, could use a slight buff to speed and maneuverability. M103 is absolute rubbish, T34 is over nerfed. French tanks have taken major nerfs yet still have very poor credit earnings, even a good game nets a lesser return than a bad game in a same tier equivalent tank. Crew skills for loaders are poor with no actual skill you can use outside of repair/camo/fire without having it at 100%. BIA affected to much with a crew death, its fine to require all crew members to have it at 100% but for a crew death to also negate this is a bit steep. Perhaps could re-jig it so either it applies like a skill with crew death negating or require it to be 100% but deaths don't remove bonus's for live crew.

  73. Please take a stronger look at earnings versus losses(repairing and reloading the tanks)for the new American Tank Destroyer M8A1. I've run several fights with it after buying it, and EVERY time I lose in it, I lose credits. And when I win with it I almost don't profit. I've tested with all the other tanks in my garage, and this it the only one I lose credits with on a loss. I drive these tanks, M4 Sherman, StuGIII, AMX 12t, KV, M7 Priest, PZK 38t, and the M8A1

    1. Had the same problems in that tank. When I got the T49 its was instantly making 4 to 5 times what the M8a1 was making - something wrong with that one.

  74. The ZERO damage penetrating hits are slowly killing the game together with the fact you refuse refunding the camo you changed people bought with gold.

  75. Hello OL,
    Is WG planning to buff the French again?
    They are really ruined, and don't tell me they are fine the way they are.

    You took the few advantages the French had, quick aiming and quick firing.
    Now they are cannonfodders.

    About the US heavies:
    T110E5, I love it, do not change it!
    M103, even worse than tier 9 T34.
    T34 Prem, Over nerfed, buff it.

  76. Love the new skills and perks, made boring and useless tanks fun and loving.
    love the new maps, specially provinces. its damn hard to cap at that one, and thus gives it a real warfare.
    same with the new US heavy, long wait but man it taste good now!

    i have only one minus (and I could be wrong here). shouldnt we get the same crew exp.\skill lvl on both M103 and T34, same with T110E5 and T30? (as i understand it we should)

    so this is my crew status on the tanks.
    T34: all members have 100%
    M103: started of with 100%

    T110E5: 100%, first skill 100% second skill 88% - on all crew members
    T30: 100%, first skill 0% on 4 crew members(commander, driver, loader, gunner) - 2 crew members have 100%, first skill 100% and second skill 88% (radio and second loader).

    im asking here to get an definite answer, since support didnt help at all to restoring or giving me a final answer if i was right or wrong.

    thank you guys.

    1. Support isn't going to help you. Customer service is NOT there strong point - in fact providing you with a work able solution isn't even with in there abilities.
      Expect a firm but polite: No.

    2. hehe i noticed. unfortunatly, hoped it was just some(alot) of ranting going on within forum and such. but now i first hand learned that lesson.

    3. Everyone I've talking ends up with the same story. No-one believes it until it happens to them :P

      WG has made a good game, but support is losing them customers - WG support has done a good job of convincing me to stop buying gold.

      No worries though - I'm sitting on plenty of premium tanks.

  77. You guys just need to remove the damn cupola from the T110 and it would be a great tank, and also to all the people that are complaining because the T110 is better than an IS7, its not really better than the IS7 its the drivers in the tanks that are better. American tank drivers are just used to being the underdog to the super OP russian tanks, and the IS7 drivers are just spoiled little brats who think they can just roll through everything well guess what your not a good tank driver your just in the OP tank.

  78. I'm more ambivalent about 7.2.
    I like the new TD's and the new gui and effects, the T110 and M103 are more like meh.. don't see quite why you had to switch out the T34 and T30, but its done and I thank you for the 2 extra tanks, which is cool.

    However, my buddy seems to have huge trouble with the game crashing after a battle on the ensk map all the time. He uses winxp, has reinstalled and everything.. hope you can iron out his bug. :)

    Lotsa Löwe love,

    1. I can iron it out,, he is using win xp. Win xp is such an old operating system it prolly doesnt support the version if directX etc that the game requires. Suggest he at least upgrade to Vista, 64bit if possible, so he can add memory.

    2. That makes no sense. If you only crash on ensk and nothing else, that shows the bug is related to ensk, not the OS. Besides, I work as an IT-Techie and I would never wish Vista on even my worst enemy. It had too many flaws in it - either stick to winxp or get win7. Those are the 2 real options.

      If he had random crashes all over the game, I would agree its probably directX or OS related, but since its just ensk, and rarely if ever any other map, my gold coins are on the game code not ending the battle in a good way (timeout while waiting for something while wanting to end battle - crash). Just my thoughts.

    3. I use Windows XP and I have no issues with World of Tanks.

  79. Actually,

    im impressed of the two new tanks, they are fine balanced and fit my US playstyle quite well.

    Sadly, im not feeling good in the T34, which doesnt fit into its role as it should be.. its ways too far away from its original part. The gun is outstanding for its tier, which makes the tank balanced, but it doesnt feel like it was the Tier9 T34.

    Including the OTM into the Game is a good improvement of the Game itself. To make it perfect, you could add a reloading counter.

    Sadly, i also got a negative impact in the last few days. I recognised something like differences in the Weather or more likely differences of daylight. I need to admit that i cant play games when the games is too dark (differences on colour too extreme, tanks too dark, too much dark shadows). It just hurts in my eyes. I wont change the brightness every game. So please try to make the Colours smoother.

    Tanks for the Patch. Keep the work up and dont make the Prem tanks expensive! ;)

  80. One thiing is buggine me and my guys, it is the disappearing rounds. You fire theres the sound and smoke but no shell???. Also the fines for team damaged see to be coming up for hitting enemy tanks when you have inflicted no team damage what so ever. American tanks a lot better the new 103 and 110e5. Having fun with the hellcat at the minute but apart from above bugs seems ok

  81. Apart from the "black ground of death" (btw, any news from that?) so far so good... really enjoying the m8a1 =)

  82. M103: it`s ok, it does not have the best armour but have good aceleration, good agility and awesome gun: exelent accuracy and aiming time, good penn with ap and best penn of the game with gold shells, exelent RoF and good damage per minute

    t110: exelent front armor, the same gun as M103: nerf it a little: RoF nerf, accuracy Nerf or maybe nerf the cuppula its to strong too be a weakspot

    IS serie re-size is a lot in some ones, nerf is-7 in some aspect: side or front armor, or RoF/accuracy/healp points. If you dont really think to make it bigger again.

    French: balance is ok now for top tiers (maybe is a lot for heavys, buff it a little) but some low tiers need an upgrade: D2, amx-38 and amx-40 need an upgrade in Health points or matchmaker sistem, amx-38 and D2 can do nothing against tier 5, the same for amx-40 for tier 7 tanks.

    new skills: some ones are ok but others need a upgrade

    Controlled impact: increase damage by ram to 0,35% per point with out changes in decreased damage to you. Or maybe make work with stationary objetives becouse its very dificult to ram a moving tank. and damage is to little. Really usefull skill

    Situational Awareness: increased it to 0,05% per point of skill, like can you see, is the half of a optics at 100% of skill. Maybe make it can be combined with two radio operators

    Adrenaline Rush: make it active when it

    Deadeye: increase it to 4% or 5% chance

    Designated Target: make it work for arty strategy view mode.

    Wishes and suggestions:

    Co-axial guns, it can be really fun and we need it, and the game too

    Cammo stat: i like to see the cammo of my tanks its usefull to know the tactics of a certain tanks

    Cammo balance: i think a lot of tanks need cammo upgrade like top german tds: jagdpanther, ferdinand and jagdtiger. Some heavy tanks have more cammo than this tds, it is really strange.

    Balance for e-50: it not need a lots of buffs, it only need more penn becouse it is sniper tank, and sniper tank with out penn is a bad sniper, increased AP penn to 240 and APCR penn to 300. Or maybe give back the "Engine power boost" consumable to give some chance to this tank.

    Balance for A-20: this tank really need a Buff in something. but really need balance

  83. Overall one of the best patches mostly due to the subtle changes like over target markers and fire effects.

    Also like how you fixed the US heavy line and improved the IS-7 which needed it.

    However, you the devs screwed up and over nerfed the french tanks. It was a rubbish line to begin with barely made worthwhile thanks to the late tier auto loaders but now the entire line is rubbish.

    Well done devs listening to the noobs whinge about elite players (how else did we get these tanks so quick) owning them.

    Long before the patch id noticed late tier french tanks dominance dropping off considerably as the noobs learnt to deal with them.

    There was no excuse for the nerf because its not like we havent heard the whines before over the lowe, the T-54 and the Type 59 when they were first released.

    Now i expect in about a years time you will fix the french line like you did with the US line.

  84. I think some of the economic reworking is totally unfair. Many of my heavier tanks now earn less and cost more to use. Its hard for me to break even in my T110. Even if i get kills and do well, should my tank get destroyed, I still lose credits.. tons of em. No take should be soo expensive to use in this game, esp the heavies that so many of us have already paid a high price to get to begin with.

  85. As for improving the IS7.. what improvments did it need? It has a big cannon, very good armor, its fast as hell, esp for a heavy tank.. and you all made it even HARDER to kill?? Are you kidding me??? My tier 10 American tanks can barely pen a damn IS4, now the IS7 is almost impossible to kill. Stop adding and adding and adding to tanks that are already overpowered and too fast. Toss some armor and speed to the american and german side, will ya??? The chasis on the m103 and T110 looks pretty similar to the Patton, engines are more powerful, why are they soooo much slower????

  86. when i heard about the new economic system i was very happy but when i actually got in and started to play it i was very frustrated because when i play my E-75 i loose money, even if it is a x2 victory i still will loose around 3-10k and that is only from the repairs. i will normally loose another 2-5k from getting it refitted with ammo. i also have a premium account and still loose money from it. i am not liking the new economic system now

    1. you do know that the daily 2x applies only to experience points?

    2. well that sucks then im always loosing money :(

    3. learning how to play good generally increases money income :)

  87. Game economics are shitty. I was hoping the patch would at least make the T5 scouts worthwhile, but my Chaffee still makes a negative salary, even on a good battle (e.g. two kills, scouted, killed an arty, etc.). Even with premium, all of my grinding tanks (Tier 5 and up) now lose an insane amount of money from repairs and ammo! My trusty Type 59, which used to average about 45K in credits per game, has now dropped to about 20K, and on a losing battle I'm only making 6-8K in profit. It's way worse, I feel, than it was pre-7.2. At this rate I will have to be spending real money just to make fake money. I'm glad that they lowered the amount req. to research higher tier tanks (like the Jagdtiger, which used to be 176K), but once I get it, I KNOW I'm just going to bleed money over and over getting it rearmed and repaired. It's beyond annoying that I spend money on this game, and get nothing positive out of it.

    As for the maps, I don't really have any complaints. The new American TDs are kinda fun. I can't say much for the new crew skills, except that the clutch braking one has done wonders for my Easy 8. I was pissed to see that view ranges on every tank were significantly shortened. 367m on a Ferdinand? It's a tier 8! I had around 367 on the tier 6 Jagdpanzer IV! WTF! Overall, I'm disappointed with this patch because it has drained my interest in playing significantly. Please fix the problems, and soon!

  88. Let me rephrase my last sentence in the 1st paragraph...

    It's beyond annoying that I will now have to spend even more just to keep playing.

  89. I think you get the general consensus that you guys made the profitability of higher tier tanks waaaaaay too low, I really hope that you guys fix this soon, because losing money even when doing relatively well in a round is a serious pain in the a$$, and at this rate I 'll never be able to upgrade to the next tier tank which has made me lose interest in the game almost overnight, I think everyone with higher tier tanks will agree with me! Please change it back!!!!!

    1. I forgot to mention I'm more concerned with the amount of experienced gained now in tier 6 and above, it is much too low, and at this rate it's going to be 2 weeks of grinding before I get to tier 7 tank which just isn't right unless your trying to get people to pay more then good job....

  90. MY IS-7 suck now, is the worse tier 10 by miles... In a friend account I tested the new american tier 10 and IS TOTALLY OP the best sniper, with a ubber penetration, amazing rof, armor, aim time, last time I received more than 40 shoots!!! my IS-7 cant stand against any tier 8 in head on cause they penetrate my lower hull so easy!! if we can angle the tank why the hell we have to be penned all the time? give us a strong armor, most strong in head on, we cant angle the tank!!! so at least give us the posibiliy to bounce the S-70 ammo, or if you gonna give us the tank like it was, give me a insane rof, something like that to compensate the crapp armor

  91. I like the patch contents, the new american tanks are cool, good job.

    But there are a new bug, and not just me. The red screen bug:
    When I entering the sniper mode sometimes the whole screen goes red. I need to restart the game to fix it.

  92. Thanks for the great new game item!

    "penetration" 0 damage! "hits" 0 damage!!

    We will say something clever or rather say nothing: D because if I cross, I'll shoot diagonally into a tank to prevent anything from happening already: DDDDDDDDDDDDDD

    This has greatly increased the gaming experience! The're watching stupid people like that, but you know they live in the West is not morons ...

    See you at the MWO in .....

  93. ...solve immediately the red screen sniper mode bug....

  94. Biggest problem i seen is the Matchmaker, and the game crashes when you load maps still, and i seen a few more ghostshells (aka cant see the tracers at all nor any shots on ground even when i shoot at the ground)

    else, the base hit dammage for 0 dammage.

    also seen the ammo rack is happening much more than before.
    its close to feel one need wet ammo rack on all tanks.

  95. There is a job to do with "back to garage" button.
    Make it simple instead of pressing "back to garage" then "yes", add letter "Y" on "back to garage" button".

    to exit from battle simply press "Esc" > "Y"

  96. T110 seems like a nice vehice. T34 is borderline manageable.

    Patch 7.2 brought tanks warping little bit around sometimes. Never happened to me before.

    New graphics seem to work worse than before. FPS drops here and there on high end machine.

    And a question: When is 7.3 coming? Your new producer role should give you good position to comment on these questions...

  97. MM still doesn't work, non-damage critical hits as often as before. I was waiting for 0.7.2 hoping that WG will do something with that obvious bugs, but right now i'm very disappointed. On friday my premium account expires, and i won't come back to WOT until i hear that WG fixed MM and non-damage criticals.

  98. I believe the us heavy T110 is right now close to perfectly balanced - but not overpowered as some sustain.

    Very good mobility, fast turning, good acceleration. Good front armor and good angles in the design. All these compensate for the low armor (still better than the T30) in sides and rear, and for the weak spots on the turret. I honestly received very few penetrating hits in the turret, below 5, in about 50 battles in T110.
    Very good penetration, good rate of fire, good accuracy, compensate for pretty low damage for a tier 10, and the fact that you have to expose yourself longer when shooting.

    Did have a problem with ammo rack, got it hit in about 4/5 games at first. Installed "wet" ammo rack on tank, not a single game was it damaged again. So wet ammo rack is a must on this tank.

    So americans finally have a proper Tier 10 tank in my opinion, with ups and downs, like every other tier 10 tank in the game, but overall a very good tank.

    I just hope they won't nerf it somehow in the future, because WarGaming did this kind of things before: give players a fine tank, make them go for it, then do some changes and make it unplayable.

    I'm going for CW landing this evening, can't wait to see how the T110 performs.

    1. My guess is WoT has a higher ammo rack probability. Before patch, it was a rare and deliberate event, now tanks that normally were not racked are racked all the time - IS, KV-1S, KV, T29, T34, 3601, etc all seem to get racked 1/10 matches vs 1/100 before. Either the cheat skins got better or the ammo rack probability went a lot higher. The rack may not explode but it sure gets hit a lot easier.

  99. hı ı want to ask ''one questıon'' only one when ıs comıng STUG E-100

  100. Well I played some more last night and suffered a 25% loss rate simply because either my team was out matched or my team couldn't figure out that open ground is bad and if they sit out in it they will die when. Which is terrible.

    Which brought up some issues with the new economy. I can no longer make profit let alone break even with tier 6-7 russian heavies. Namely the KV-1S with the 122mm and the IS with the 122mm. I can win and loose 2-4k simply because the russian guns miss at full sight or hit for 0 damage or consistently misses 75% shots (stuff less than 100m away).

    I can't make a profit with the T29 due to 105mm ammo being so expensive. I can kill 3-4 tanks outright, hit 90% of what I shoot at, and still loose 3-5k on the match. So my T29 is in the reserves. My KV-1S and IS is going to be set to reserves soon, too. All simply because in order to buy upgraded tanks I need to grind a gold tank for 20-30 matches, or grind a tier 5 tank for 50-60 matches.

    The T34 is a fun tank to drive, but since the profit is not what I can make from the FATTER T-59, I am not happy with this "gold" tank. Since I've gotten on my share of unbalanced matches to try the tank out on I find that even my best losses only net 10k at most. I can make 15-20 on my worse losses with my t-59. On my best wins (5 kills, 7-8 damaged) I net only 40-50k in my T34. The T-59 on its good wins (2-3 kills, 5-6 damaged) net 60-80k.

    I know gold tanks aren't supposed to be uber field dominators and with skill should make decent credits, but they are supposed to make credits, hence the only reason to buy one. The T34 doesn't stack up to the income from the T59 which is nearly 1/2 the price.

    The best fix would be to 1/2 the shell price. Currently the shell cost is about the same as a T29's shell cost. Damage costs I can live with because usually damage is due to either poor play on my part or poor play on my teams part, which is all part of the game.

    Of course, my only other gripe is that gold cammo should over-ride any local skins/cammo for all those who view the tank. I bought the cammo to look good.

  101. Love the new maps.
    Love the new premium.

    I would say that with the new skills and perks, it would help if it was clearer which ones were skills and which are perks. I.e. you can tell which ones need 100% and which ones are progressive.

    Also good job on the new graphics for german tanks.

    Although that brings me to my major complaint: updating most of the camo is fine, sure there is some colour changes and I can live with that. BUT - removing the multicolour light disruptive pattern and then replacing it with a different looking zebra pattern really upsets me.

    Permanent camo/items shouldn't be messed with. The patch could either have:

    -Offered a free reset of camo
    -Implemented a way to keep the old camos as well as the new
    -Given gold/credit back to players in order to re-buy the camo they like

    So for all the great things that 7.2 brought, I now am not buying any more gold because the camo issue overshadows the rest of my game experience and customer service's terrible handling of the situation.

    Not criticising you Overlord, you've always been great to the community, but you asked for feedback - so here it is.

    I also loved the new updates to the tank garage (x2 and premium indicators).

  102. Hi,
    I like all the new visual effects, graphics and garage interface upgrades. The new skills are also good as they bring diversity. Just the descriptions should be more thorough. T110 and M103 are fun to play. T34 earns good silver, but aimtime and turret traverse moved it out of the funplay zone. Haven't tried the T30 yet. OTM should be more tweakable. French nerfs are bearable.
    Overall GJ WG!

  103. First off I would like to say I like the new matchmaker for high tiers.
    I've been in battles with 5-7 tier 10's and the rest 9´s with some arty. These battles are really great and I hope it will stay this way as it's not as predictable as the regular tier 7 cannon fodder, tier 8 Type 59's and 3-4 IS4/E75's and one or 2 tier 10's battles we used to have in randoms.

    T34 is great, if you cant appreciate the gameplay you have been training since the T29, then you will never learn.

    The new maps: The american one is great fun with many exciting ways to attack the oposition. The Italian one is fun up to tier 6 but after that it becomes a snoozefest. This is the only map in the game where the aggressor always loose.

    The M103 is a nice addition, the only thing is that the turret ring has either to low module points or a too large hitbox as my turret gets stuck 1-2 times each battle.

    HE buff is great for all tanks but arty should get a nerf as they are to decisive for the outcome of the battle in higher tiers.

    All in all a great patch, sure we need gamemodes more than anything as clanwars are a bit too inaccessible to most of your player base and company wars lack parameters to set up good matchups.

    Whats critical now is to fix these hits without damage. So many times have I sit back at base to take out the scouts with my trusty S70 just to have them get a huge hit explosion all over the tank and they just drive on like nothing ever happened. The worst thing is that it's not a fluke as you have a 50% chance for the same thing to happen next shot that would wipe them out. In my experience it seems to happen more often to small fragile targets then big ones which leads me to belive that invisible server lag is responsible for this. I run a steady 30-40 ping always but maybe it's the old classic FPS lag where people with bad connections have an advantage due to ghosting.

    1. I dont want to dissapoint u m8, but the new MM system did nopt make it into this patch...Therefore you are happy about plain old MM we already had.... makes you think doesnt it?

    2. If I understand the patch notes correcty, some tanks were re-alligned (mostly gold) to limit upper tiers, while some players now have 1-2 free tanks to play with while the american line has a half dozen or so new AT's to play. All of this appears to be skewing the current MM.

  104. New graphic and interface changes are nice. I especially like the new OTM system.

    Not a big fan of going against the new tanks... they all seem OP. I could be wrong... but we'll see when global stats start getting collected.

    The new maps are too small for flankers and scouts to be effective. They're ok maps if you're a heavy or sniper... but since there is no way to choose your map... I often get hosed and have to sit out half the match in my lights/mediums and wait for an opportunity to do something useful. By that time the match may be determined already.

    Most of the economic nerfs I don't like at all. It took a while to find good money-making tanks to grind and now I have to start that process all over again.

    As many people have mentioned, the 0 damage crits are pretty annoying. I guess it's modules absorbing the damage (?) but it's both frustrating that your shot did nothing and you had no way of controlling that. It all seems to be bad luck. Especially when you pound the side of the scout just to see them keep driving on.

  105. Love the T110, pls do not nerf it! finally a good us tank.

    mixed feelings about my batchat, though the gun seems more accurate when on the move, and it turns faster (including all the skills) the gun depression nerf is not funny.

    I believe the Patton needs a acceleration boost, i can live with the low topspeed, aslong as it reaches it faster.
    Its currently the worst tier 9 med.

  106. Nice patch. Skills are great, tanks are nice.

    Regarding those maps I like american one. I really dislike the new one that is so small that limits heavily the options what to do.

    What did you do to matchmaker? It is just plainly wrong when Tier5 armor faces Tier8 and Tier9 armors. I do not mind waiting a bit for good match, but mid-tier armors at the moment are plain pain. Fix it!

  107. And is there any chance we get a company mode back like the old day's? 90 point cap with no tier limit.

    I dont like the current cw style t10 company's (if there even are any)

  108. A really good patch.
    The new Maps are good, new Tanks are balanced (No Underpowered Tank like B1 or AMX 40 in T7 Battles) and the new Crewskills are usefull.

    Only stupid: my M3 Lee get a Nerf XD


  109. i just discovered this game a couple weeks ago, but i noticed the changes right away when i logged in after the patch hit. i like the ui changes like the health percentage over head. the only think i dont like is when im playing with some buddies i cant tell who is who any more. maybe an addon would help me. if anyone knows of any please let me know. i would like the ability to drive off of small clifs too, i heard that is coming in a future patch. over all i think this is a great game. keep up the cool blog, i look forward to reading more.

    1. Go to setings and click on the last tab on the right (Marker if im not mistaken). You can adjust what u see...You can make the name/tank etc always visible or after presing ALT button.

  110. I love it! To move the T30 over to the Tank Destroyer line, and add another line of destroyers to the mix was, IMO, the right decision. Love how the T34 turned out, I was afraid that it would get that miserable 105mm T5E1 cannon, thank the gods that never happened. Sorry for that, by the way. I acted a total ass about it all. I'm in love with my T110E5; it's making my KV-5 jealous! M103, however, needs some improvement in the armor stage. Other than that. . . it's all good.