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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tank Debut Quiz: Results

Let's start with the correct answers:

1. Sir Ernest Swinton (yeah, he is the grandfather of the famous actress) didn't invent Mark I, however he contributed much to the creation of British tank forces and one of the first commanders.

So those who said that he did invent the tank, but pointed out family relationship get 50% of the reward, i.e. 375 gold. In some cases I considered the answer as not complete with no gold given. No complaints accepted. )

2. "Mother" is the correct answer.

3. Ricardo (after Sir Harry Ricardo), famous British engine designer who invented the engine for Mk V.

4. It was German Pz. IV actually. No Soviet bias in WoT.  )
Actually it amazes me that so many chose T-54. Guys, it was added to the game not so long ago.

And the prize winners (I chose 15):

1.      Virking – 750 gold EU
2.      b0Gia – 750 gold EU
3.      Knaster – 1125 gold EU
4.      SycaMore – 750 gold EU
5.      Hotwhells – 1125 gold EU
6.      xero8p – 1125 gold US
7.      Bodasz – 750 gold EU
8.      PCManiac – 750 gold EU
9.      Molen – 1125 gold EU
10.  Vasili1945 – 750 gold EU
11.  kwi4tusz3k – 750 gold EU
12.  VIPER262 – 750 gold US
13.  Someus – 750 gold EU
14.  MMark EU – 1125 gold EU

and special prize for the player - infilTRAITOR from EU server who was first to guess the first tank in World of Tanks. 1875 gold for him.

The prizes will arrive soon. Unfortunately no one managed to give the correct answers all the questions.

See you next time.


  1. Thx man :D
    Bodasz ;]

  2. so we just need copy/paste the answers from other guys and only make it look original and can win gold ? if I only would know that earlier :)

  3. Q: so we just need copy/paste the answers from other guys and only make it look original and can win gold ? if I only would know that earlier :)

    A: Next time will use email. Tho users could still post the replies in comments.

  4. gimme some gold now, or i'm gonna kill this ladybug on my desk! :|

    eu server

    as i can't check it until saturday, i'm gonna take this cute ladybug with me as a hostage. remember, you have only 48 hours. don't call the police, or he (or she?) is gonna die.

  5. w00t! Many thanks. Well done guys,


  6. God damnit i ended up a little bit late but oh well hope i can get a chance next time :]

  7. Thanks! :)


  8. Hey overlord, something about the new update: You have again added new voice overs.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make it possible that tanks of different countries can use different voice overs. PLEASE

    I would use the crazy american voice over you added in 6.4(?) for american tanks.
    Zen I would need an angry German speaker to make ze new crazy and angry voice overs for ze german panzerwaffe.
    The brits could also be hilarious. "Bloody hell we've been hit!" "Good sir, that one penetrated the enemy."
    You are adding French tanks too. \o/ "help we ave been it! Better turn around and ide!"

    PLEEAAASE! U do not even have to make the voicovers, once you the ability is there, fans will make them on their own. Please add it and make it simple to change.

  9. Overlord,
    Please update the indevelopment part of the website imediatly, and for craps sake, put the M103 on it please, your customers are tired of being screwed over by you all.

  10. General_Jack_T_Ripper,

    this is already in plans. See - http://overlord-wot.blogspot.com/2011/09/2012-mystery-revealed.html

  11. Thank you for the shiny, Mr. Oli ^^

  12. Overlord

    "Speudo Virking" is not my nickname.

    This is just "Virking".

    I want to say speudo is Virking.

  13. Thank you Overlord i checked my account.

    This good.


  14. Hmm base on the number of EU winners, I guess the event happened while most of the NA population was asleep =(

  15. hy Overlord i mistake my name, it is kwi4tusz3k no kwi4tuszek... I was nervous. If u can check my ip or nick in WoT. Nobody has nick kwi4tuszek...

    sory for problem

  16. Q: I want to say speudo is Virking.

    A: Corrected.

    Q: hy Overlord i mistake my name, it is kwi4tusz3k no kwi4tuszek... I was nervous. If u can check my ip or nick in WoT. Nobody has nick kwi4tuszek...

    A: Corrected.

  17. thx overlord


  18. AOD_VIPER262

    Thanks Overlord :)
    and thanks for fixing the E-Series

  19. thanks overlord i was lucky today :D plz post what we are going to see in 6.8 update and some fotos from french tanks thanks

  20. Overlord, sorry for the off-topic here but could you answer this one question? I can't seem to get an answer from developers.

    Q: Why do tier 5 light tanks cost so much XP and so much credits? It makes no sense.


  21. Overlord,
    I'm really loving the M24 Chaffee. Any plans to ever add the M41 Walker Bulldog to the game? If not, why not? I think it would fit into the game pretty well as a tier 6 or 7 light tank.

    -Rognik (US Server)

  22. Answer on 4:

    first 3 tanks..

    second three??

    and next 3??
    M3 Stuart

    again next 3?
    M3 Grant

    Give me chance i can count to tommorow :D

    I want my reward too XD

    hpp720, EU

  23. "Q: Why do tier 5 light tanks cost so much XP and so much credits? It makes no sense."

    Think about it. It is to make this vehicles only attractive to people who really want to scout.
    So many complains about the Tier 4 Scout tanks "why do i have to scout.. etc"
    This time it will be better.

  24. @Overlord: Don't know if you can easily do that but I'd like to see some statistics about the maps. For example how often is a battle result draw, kill or capture? How many medals are earned on them? For example the Wittmann medal is more easier to gain on open maps.

  25. Overlord, Vk2801 is worth nothing at the moment, you have to buff it A LOT.The 10k repair cost is OK for a tier 7 heavy tank, and NONSENSE for a tier 5 light tank.

  26. What a big failure this quiz. It's so easy to see which guys just copy pasted the answers of someone else. Some didnt even change the errors like missing spaces etc. You should not reward this.

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