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Saturday, March 12, 2011

World of Tanks v.0.6.4 Preliminary Patch Notes

World of Tanks v.0.6.4 preliminary patch notes:

• Added new vehicles: premium heavy Lowe and KV-5, intermediate KV-13 and Pz38NA, tier 8 SPGs: Object 261, GW-E serie, T-92.
• Full redesign of Maus collision model using “skirt” type of armor.
• Fixed hit boxes for IS-7, JagdPanther.
• Added new maps – Mountain Pass and Prairies.
• Visual redesign of Pagorki map.
• Gameplay redesign of Komarin map: reduced number of bushes near the bridges, added extra buildings on the central island for cover.
• Added extra checkpoints on tank models for more accurate visibility checks.
• Changed effect for credit and gold first aid kits, repair kits and fire extinguishers:
Credit repair kit will fix 1 chosen damaged module until the end of battle. Gold will repair all currently damaged modules until the end of battle.
You can put both repair kits on the same tank together.
First aid kits work similar to repair kits.
Credit fire extinguisher will extinguish fire immediately after you manually activate it – by pressing its button ingame.
Gold fire extinguisher will automatically extinguish fire 0.5 seconds after tank catches fire and will reduce chance of catching fire by 10%.
• Changed damage mechanics for tracks. You can damage tracks if you hit the leading or the rearmost wheel of the tank. It will be much more difficult to detrack it by hitting middle part of the tank.
• Reworked vehicle movement system – stucking at vertical surfaces and map borders is nearly completely eliminated. Reduced chance of stucking in terrain objects.
• Added first version of moving wrecks of destroyed vehicles.
• Fixed bug with SPG Object 212 gun mantlet that was able to absorb shells without losing durability.
• Fixed damage mechanics of certain open-topped SPGs during light collisions with other vehicles.
• Added an option to demount non-demountable equipment (like Rammer or Coated Optics) for 10 Gold.
• Added an option to transfer in-game gold to another player. For additional control of transfer special billing password is being used.
• Added an option to block voice messages from the player in battle and in hangar.
• Added an option to turn-off tank shaking during shooting/moving/stopping/being hit in sniper mode. Default setting is shaking on.
• Added an option to remove tracks prints.
• Added an option to turn off smoke and dust off the tank tracks.
• Added detailed options for voice chat: selection of audio device, voice test and other options.
• Fixed bug with client freeze when joining company/platoon in case of voice ports being blocked.
• Added new tab Clan for Contacts window, including the list of clan members.
• Added visual diplay of “speaking players” in Training Room, Platoon and Company, Map Loading screen.
• Added additional star icon on the tank that did not gain double experience for the current day.
• Minimap remade into flash like the other interface . Added icons for different tank types. Added colored icons of different colours for tanks in player’s platoon.
• Added additional markers above tanks in player’s platoon.
• Added additional statistics window displayed when player’s tank is destroyed.
• Fixed great amount of rendering bugs, improved efficiency of high-quality dynamic shadows.
• Added protection from client-side change of color, brightness and display time for tracer effects.

Planned for v.0.6.4, but currenty in development:

• Reworking visibility/camouflage of all vehicles and guns.
• Lowered memory usage. Fixing Red Textures bug on PC with big amount of RAM (> 2 GB).
• Specific balance weight for 9th tier Medium tanks.
• Fixing discrepancy between sniper and arcade crosshairs in case vehicle is positioned on a slope.
• New post-battle statistics.

Note 1. The list of changes is not full.
Note 2. v.0.6.4 is very likely to be the release version.

ETA - to be announced.


  1. Hmm, alright.
    It's good to know that you're still working on it.

    Yet, once again, there are many complaints about the T-54 and even tho' " Specific balance weight for 9th tier Medium tanks" is in your patch notes, you should consider on changing the whole concept of the T-54...or at least listen to the players.

    Your post is, as always, much apprechiated. Keep us updated and thanks.

    (Account: Hypnotoad | EU)

  2. lol the T54 is tough, but I killed one with the stug 1 on 1 he was at 100%. I couldnt believe it myself. I had the 105 mm gun, we were face hugging. The biggest irony i got the sniper award.

    But in genral it sounds good to me, I'm looking forward to the release.


  3. Awww, I don't want release. I am happy that I can play without paying.
    I hate pay(A LOT) to win/enjoy games.

  4. Two concerns really
    1st "Added an option to turn-off tank shaking during shooting/moving/stopping/being hit in sniper mode."
    People who are smart enough to turn this off will have an advantage in shooting those(in snipe mode) who do not know about this feature then?

    "Added first version of moving wrecks of destroyed vehicles."
    Does this mean destroyed tanks at velocity will continue to roll on a few seconds or two before coming to a stop?

  5. Thats what im calling a REAL PATCH :D
    It can be easy a full version - go for it!


  6. That sounds really great!
    Good job so far.

    Only one little thing... I hope it would be released BEFOR the wipe and would it be possible to test the premium Tier 8 tanks ingame?

    I'm thinking about buying a box, but dont know which tank to take and a test would be great for this!

  7. Anonymous,

    1. Yes, that would be a certain advantage for those who would disable "shaking" effect.

    2. This feature will allow to push wrecks of destroyed vehicles using your own tank, i.e. Maus will be able to push destroyed KV that blocked it.

  8. But KV can't push destroyed maus right? :D
    That will be weird.

  9. All this sounds great! Hope these promises can be delivered.

  10. sounds like finally all the really important changes are coming into play - hopefully they pan out as you announce them - can't wait to experience them first hand!

    One remark though:
    the special Treatment of T9 mediums is nice but it won't change the remarkable superiority of the T54, so PLEASE listen to the players, testers and community and nerf this tank at least a bit - with the new detracking mechanics the T54 will be even more unstoppable then before!!! (that's why they tested in the first place, right? Also: you want to make a game FOR the players and not impose unplayable game feature on them them, right?)

    will the promised changes of the front hull armor for the Ferdinand and Jagdtiger be included?


    ,,Maus will be able to push destroyed KV that blocked it,,
    and 2x tigers can be able to push destroyed KV too??

  12. I personally want to see american TDs that will make or break the game for me after all the american hvy tank nerfs

  13. H1N,

    regarding Ferdinand, no changes were neither planned nor announced.

    regarding Jagdtiger, its gun mantlet will be fixed.

  14. Fane,

    the exact "pushing" ability will depend on weights on both objects and vehicle speed.

  15. Can you push a maus?
    I don't see how will you do it ;)
    And don't say: "a maus can move another maus" it can barely move itself.

  16. yaron,

    another Maus will be able to do it. Regarding others, I doubt.

  17. It's funny how you don't answer questions about the T54

  18. http://giray.republika.pl/polish.jpg

    polish tanks minitree

  19. Very nice - cant wait to see the changes in game :D

  20. hey, cant see maus hit mud flap issue being fixed, will this be part of the patch?

  21. In my opinion, we can forget about polish tanks minitree. Still we don't know about change of T-54...

  22. marmist85,

    what's so special about T-54?

  23. bjarte_andersend,

    yes, it will be included to the patch.

  24. T54 is the horror, you always bounce, its damn fast, in future (after patch) untrackable and has a mighty gun...
    If the T54 is a good driver, it would always win against an IS7, is this the point it should be working?
    I see that many matches with 5-7 T54 in one team against 5-7 tier 9 heavies and the t54 are always winning!
    It might be the problem that in random games the heavies are not working that good together and random t54 usualy form a raiding group that would rule the game!
    So its not at all a problem about the T54 i know, it's also a problem about making random teams that dont work together!
    But... in a game that usually works randomly, I think this fact should also play a role... So... make the T54 more trackable and less bouncing...

  25. Overlord,

    Can you give us some information about the Pz38 NA? Thank you.

  26. i think the T-54 isnt that op :O after the last patch the T-54 dies rly fast and 1 T-54 alone is crap playing w/ freinds w/ T-54 is strong but also not that op.

    If u nerf the T-54 down because everyone is crying it's not even a Tier 9 anymore

    T-54 Op -> Players crying -> T-54 nerf -> Pershing Op -> Crying -> nerf and so on ...

    Just learn to kill a T-54 w/ heavys and artys and be happy.

    Edit: Balance is the word not Op ;) max. 3 T-54 per match = No Prob


  27. Anonymous,

    stats of the tanks from v.0.6.4 will be posted in the upcoming Newsletters and here, on the blog.

  28. Ryu83,

    can't say I totally agree with you, in my VK4502 I usually don't have any issues with fightin T-54 1vs1. The problem is that T-54 don't walk alone usually, but with some buddies. :)

  29. can't say I totally agree with you, in my VK4502 I usually don't have any issues with fightin T-54 1vs1. The problem is that T-54 don't walk alone usually, but with some buddies. :)


  30. Lol somebody got really mad, you don't have to play. Nothing in live will be perfect. You will always find people or player who want other changers. It's not only one opinion that counts. Russian tanks are better so live with it and adapt how you play. If it's no fun stop playing. Now I'm an impatient type too, but for me this is one of the best games I ever played and it's not finished. Wait for the release and how the updates will be implemented. If you go through the forums you see tons of wishes. Some of them are contradicting, how you gonna solve this with one patch? So don't get mad and be patient, some of the maps require this too....

  31. I'm courious about the fact that you can turn off shaking of the tank. I personally agree this change is not desirable, but I'm interested to know why this will be implemented. What was the reason. Thx

  32. Just a little story about the T54, we had yesterday a battle with 5 of them against us. So what happens our team played tight defense. We were lucky and pretty quick it was 5-0 they damaged some of us but they didn't get the air. It's actually the challenge that I like and I know tons of other players too. War isn't fair nor predictable. So long

  33. Keep up the good work, overlord and dev's. I'm actually thinking this game will probably released end of April. Just one moth later.

  34. Anonymous,

    currently "shaking" can be turned off client-side by means of some "modification", that's why it either should be removed or made optional.

  35. Anonymous,

    I'm sure we will make it in April.

  36. So, if I say we "magically" are at April now & the beta is still in beta, are you going to post pone it again, or will Wargaming just release it & take the "hits" until the game is finished?

    I do know the beta now is on about 80%/90% completion.

  37. I just want to see a release for the american TDs because atm they really need some love, or even a hvy tank rework because in all honesty the t29,t34,and t30 are the exact same tank but with a different gun and armor to match thier tier, they don't have much if any variety

  38. I would like to see that shaking is not optional, it makes the game more realistic. Everyone will turn it off, incl me. But the game loses some of it's unpredictable aspects. I see the point of not releasing too early, but there is a lot players out there who would like to grind there "own" tanks. My part I would like to start now. For the American market I would suggest finish the TDs. I'm European living in America and some will see that as a big let down. But I know a lot American beta tester who also want to start now. Again it's hard to please everyone. I would wait for a month more, to make my friends happy, that want to see the TD line finished with quality. Thx

  39. Sturmtiger_304,

    see the latest blog post.

  40. Oh, sorry. :<

    I think I'll hold my mouth shutted for now. Awesome work by the way.

  41. May i ask when u plan to get workin on the german E series? will they arrive later this year? Do we have any information regarding this? Thank u!

  42. Hi Overlord, are there any plans to have more consumable slots available? And also more module slots maybe for baby tanks?

  43. Lol I ment heavy tanks, that was auto correction.

  44. What about ingame skins by WOT. And official German tank crew voices. I like the American ones, but I would like to get the difference when I enter the different tanks. Last not least the Russian ones too. It's a beautiful language. Don't need to hide it.

  45. The skins could add to camo value. Work around are the different maps. So if you get a skin pack it has to change with the maps, at least 3 vers. Winter, desert and green. Thx

  46. Another idea, in open vehicles mainly SPG's have some crew in them. Really great would be in 3rd person view the commander is looking out of the hatch. It would help a little also with the proportion of the tanks. It can be simple, doesn't have to be too fancy.

  47. Lol another idea, in 3rd person view the commander is looking out of the hatch adds to visibility bonus but it increases the risk of getting injured.

  48. Driver looking out of hatch adds to manouverbilty, but increases the risk of injuries. Your game has endless opportunities. Great game

  49. My impressions and feelings about this game are various. I'm very happy about the fact that all tanks are mixed. I fight with Americans, Germans and Russians. Racism is rarerly therefor happening. I'm impressed as a russian developer team how lovely detailed you did the German tanks and made the Maus alive, ironically what the Nazis couldn't do. Especially with the knowledge of history how badly russia suffered. You basicly made in much better way my childhood dream come true. You started something that can stay interesting for a very long time. There is one thing that would be importent for my impression to keep this going for a while. The maps are great up to the slower medium tanks, tier6. After that the fast mediums or the heavies need space to maneuver, to build up tactics etc. I heard in some discussions that's already mentioned but your current engine is not capable of doing so. A lot possibilities start to open.

  50. When I saw westfield, I felt you used the elevation trick to make that map larger very smart. And other maps have a lot unused area so you still have some space for further development. Tanks would show on larger maps their different qualities much more. Less important than map size is the number of tanks in battle, that gets really more interesting once the maps are larger.

  51. bjarte_andersend,

    the work on E-series is in progress, it will be added prior to French tree. My estimation would be summer.

  52. Anonymous,

    extra slots neither for consumables nor for equipment are planned currently.

  53. Anonymous,

    all crews will speak their mother tongue. One day. :)

  54. A Platoon of 3 Players is very small,can it set up to 6-8 Players? (Sorry for my bad english,its school-english,many Years ago, i am 44 Years old)

  55. Still no release date for patch 6.4?
    In a video that a saw yesterday with the Director of Wargaming
    He said that Clan Wars will be release in a month.
    Therefore, patch 6.4 would have to be release soon.. if not... clan wars will be delayed and Americans TD too.
    Am I right?

  56. Would love an update on the 0.6.4 patch such as when...

    I hate drawing comparisons with World of Warcraft, but the information systems and messages to players is sooooo much more effective. I wish WoT would pay notice..

    Plus, this game stil feels like beta with its update. Seems like the game has been rushed through is the numbers indicate. Though one started with 1.01 on a newly released game...the other numbers indicate beta Im afraid.

    Other that that, COOL GAME!

  57. In general russian tanks of what i encountered are overpowered and i don't know why.Did you wyn any support form the russian gouverment or form the state at all.What is the meaning of this "trend" to favour the country you are serving in a GAME.I'll give you a small example which was very clear in ww2 but which it seems that bit back the germans. The Tiger 1 and VK3002DB which are tier7 tanks came in service in 1942 . Wi th the exception of the t20 medium tank,the t29(american heavy),the IS and the T43 were all produced either in prototype form or in real ready for combat state starting 1943 and '44.Since these last 3 tanks were produced in mind with the soul purpose to out armor,gun and outmanouver the tiger,but they didn't even get to meet eachother on the battlefield.I mean what is all this **** favouring the russians...?The Tiger 2(king tiger) which is in tier 8 was made in 1944 same year with t29 and with the IS.While the t43 came out as a prototype in '43 but was replaced with the t34 with a t43 turret.I am very dissapointed that a game with so much beauty and potaential can have such issues of balance.I get you can satisfy all,but the standard way to place tanks by tier is the historical order they came out,which is clearly not respected in the game

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