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Friday, March 11, 2011

EU and US Supertest

In the coming weeks an International Supertest server will be set up. The Supertest is a special server that all updates must go to before being officially released, as a final quality check. This server provides the developers with information that can be used to improve the upcoming update before release, including bug fixes and balancing issues, and improve the overall quality of future updates.

What this means for players:
  • An opportunity to test new features and content before it is released officially. This includes new vehicles, maps, game modes, and much more.
  • An opportunity to have greater and more pointed influence upon the development of the game by tracking bugs and pointing failures of game mechanics.
  • An opportunity to increase the level and quality of communication between players and the World of Tanks development team.
Players interested in the participating in the Supertest are encouraged to watch for updates on the forums for instructions on how to join.

First stage of Supertest recruitment will be dedicated to Language Supertest and is going to start in a few days.


  1. Will you post info here as well?

  2. DATUM!!!! :P I need know :(

  3. An opportunity to increase the level and quality of communication between players and the World of Tanks development team.

    better late than never i guess


  4. Great news

    Where is registration Supertest links?
    Please answer .very thank You

  5. Yes I'm in, I guess I'm already hooked. By the way when is the pre release arriving

  6. nice will be signing up for this as soon as I can.

  7. Nooooooooo! Ovi, you pushed the release date back! I wish your account department would be a little harder on you devs. I want to grind my own tanks. I'm addicted and impatient. Ok I'm over it, it's a great, thx you guys.

  8. So Ovi, question? When the release is pushed back, do you include update 6.4 in that release? It would make sense, you have the American TDs ready. New maps and premium tanks. Prob a better incentive for the beta community to pre order. I'm saying that playing the German tree.

  9. I will pre order, would be great if we could learn about the possibilities. What tier is actually the panzer V/IV. I would like to have it in both packages available.

  10. Hey Overlord, maybe you can open a pre order blog. There probably tons of questions and maybe some useful suggestions.

  11. Well, i dont know how to take that ...
    Does this mean the whole last year of closed test was useless? Does it mean there was no communication between players and devs? Does this mean CB testers had no luck to have a foot in game development?

    Yes, it finally does ...
    It's one year the testers point failures of game mecanics: spg, camo system, invisibility super power. And things do work as intended, or are pushed to later. Sure it seems more important to release the game first, and maybe look surprised when everybody will point devs on those failures (you sure guys? well, sorry, we didnt know ...)
    opportunity to increase communication level? Well, Overlord, you're the only one that ever tried to communicate with players. Not sure thaat will change either :)

    All my sadness about all that in the pocket, releasing a test server is good. But i got a question: what about gold/premium/exp and credits ratios on this server?

    I'm sorry to sound a bit harsh. But i feel like having lost 1 year testing WoT during the CB. I dont know how this new test server could help ...

  12. I totally agree with you Alexandre, it really says alot about this "Closed Beta" and it sounds like the super test wont be open to everyone which is a shame, it should be open for anyone to freely join who has an active game account.

  13. hmmm I can't discover any advantage of a new test server with a more limited tester base - although I admire the willingness to improve communication because sofar it leaves very much to be desired - also please consider, listening alone doesn't suffice if all the advice, suggestions and (valid) complaints are ignored by the developer

    Anyways I am looking forward to any improvements... ASAP ;D

  14. Anonymous #1,

    very likely v.0.6.4 will be included in release, but US TDs are planned for the next update, v.0.7.

  15. Anonymous #2,

    Pz. V/IV is going to be tier 6 medium.

  16. Anonymous #3,

    sure, will make a separate post on pre-orders, but a bit later, when they are finalized.

  17. Alexandre,

    too cut long story short:

    1) the main purpose of supertest is pre-release testing, i.e. rough balancing, it's not the same thing as CBT, the participation is going to be VERY limited.

    2) I won't be in charge of neither EU nor US supertest, other guys from our team will manage them and communicate with players.

  18. Would love to be a part of it!

  19. Very nice, thank you for setting it up (or at least letting us know about it).

    Look forward to those forum instructions.

  20. thanks for your answeres, for me the game works fine. since the update i dont have any red landscape anymore. i'm not sure if this was intended. lag seems a little better too, but it might just my wishful thinking, that the release date can stay with me, lol. I wish the game good luck on the NA server and i hope it will be successful. Thanks

  21. 1)can we play in supertest with all tanks???
    2)will be some tanks unlecked???
    3)will be in supertest US TDs???
    PLS answer a want to test some tanks before hardwipe :( ----> (IS3,IS4,T54........)
    Thanks for answer/read my comment :)

  22. Fane,

    1) yes, but supertest is more like a job, not like a play :)
    2) exp, credits, and gold are not a problem for ST-server
    3) US TDs will make it to ST-server prior to any other server, all I can say atm

  23. Hey Overlord u got some specs 4 these Us Td`s ? greetz

  24. So, if it's more like a job, how are we paid?
    Free gold?

  25. How to join Supertest.please answer
    Thank You

  26. I would be interested in joining super test so any Info would be very welcome
    I could be of use because i speack multiple languages like german french...

  27. Is this so called supertest server actually real or is it just to hype up everybody? I mean its over 1 week until launch and yet we still havent used it yet.

  28. Hi overlord how to join in supertest server .. I from to Colombia and sound nice