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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

EU Server Was Successfully Updated to v.

EU server maintenance is over.

Download v. patch (293 Mb):

HTTP: Download.
Torrent: Download.


  1. Where are the tanks where the premium and artillery which is why the hints are in English rather than Polish

  2. Its only a "little" Patch, not the whole new content patch ;) But in this Patch are many things changed... Most importatnt Thing at the Moment is: Westfield :D

    Thank yaaa Wargaming.net !!

  3. how to get new cars? what does it mean by obtained in box version and/or pre-order packages.

  4. checker333,

    it's a minor content update indeed. v.0.6.4 patch will bring more substantial changes.

  5. Anonymous,

    follow the updates on the website and you won't miss any details on pre-order offers.

  6. Hey!

    Installing causes a critical Problem... why?

  7. Hey Overlord,
    can you give a rough ETA about v.0.6.4?
    like this month, next or even later?
    and will it fix the maus, since the armor on the mudguards and the lower hull hasn't been changed

  8. DaKrieger,

    my rough estimation for v.0.6.4 would be April.
    Yes it will include fix for Maus armor.

  9. But than will be no one to test it (after the wipe...), oh is it allowed to say *test it* in a game where people are paying for the game?