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Monday, February 28, 2011

Full patch notes of v.

World of Tanks Open Beta v. - v. patch notes:

- Added new map Westfield.

- Added interface for clan battles ("Special battles" under "Battle!" button).
- Removed New Year attributes from maps and hangars. 
- Added premium tanks (box and pre-order): PzII J (German tier 3 light tank), BT-SV (Soviet tier 3 light tank), M6A2E1 (American tier 8 heavy tank).
These vehicles won’t be available in Store, and can be obtained in box version and/or pre-order packages.

- Recalculated static lights on some maps.
- Fixed certain cases of shells flying outside the aim circle.
- Fixed certain cases of disappearing shells.
- Fixed certain cases of SPG aim getting outside the map in sniper mode
- Fixed bug of autoaim sticking to destroyed tank.
- Fixed too intense SPG aim shaking after being damaged in sniper mode.
- Fixed rare case of voice chat activation button failure.
- Fixed rare case of game crash during voice chat usage.
- Fixed wrong water simulation at high options on certain computer configurations.
- Hotkeys [ and ] are unbound from "fire" and "autoaim" commands.
- Fixed mistiming of "the battle starts in" counter for different players. 
- Map loading mechanism reworked to fix rare case of game crash in training battles.
- Fixed problem with missing textures of wrecked T-28 model.

- Fixed long names of HE shells in Service window.
- Fixed wrong representation of hotkeys bindings in Options.
- Fixed possibility of entering game menu during map loading.
- Fixed client freezing during Company Search.
- Fixed discrepancy of turret traverse speed between turret specs window and the corresponding tech tree.
- Fixed bug in searching for a contact with less than 4 symbols in its name.
- Clarified conditions getting certain awards.
- Fixed condition for getting Billotte’s award.
- Fixed copyright year at intro screen and EULA.
- Removed turret for GW-Panther, M12, M40/M43, and Object 704 from the store.
- Removed unupgradable modules of top tier tanks from the store.
- Removed test gun "128mm_testgun" from shells description.
- Recompiled sounds output library.
- Fixed map pictures and team lists during map loading.
- Fixed hill climbing at Sand River map.
- Fixed water submersing at Malinovka map.
- "Special battle" choice is blocked if player does not have any events planned.
- Changed certain graphics options that could lead to increased performance on certain PC configurations.

Balance and tank parameters changes:

- Chance of fire for diesel engines set to 15%, for gasoline engines - to 20%. If the initial value for -certain models was lower than the values above, it remains as it is.
- Rebalanced premium vehicles: Valentine and Matilda.
- Adjusted match-making parameters for Valentine and Matilda.
- Added extra battle tier between the existing tiers 3 and 4.

- V-2-44, V-2-54, V-55U, and V-2-54IS engines: chance of fire on impact increased by 2%.
- Т-26, T-46: increased reverse speed, durability increased by 10 Hit Points.
- Т-28: increased reverse speed, increased rate of fire for 57mm ZiS-4 gun.
- Т-34: increased rate of fire for 57mm ZiS-4 gun.
- BТ-2, BТ-7: increased reverse speed.
- T-43: increased rate of fire for 100mm D10T gun.
- T-54: repair cost increased by 15%, hull height increased by 10 cm, increased chance of being spotted after firing 100 mm D-54 cannon, decreased tracks armor by 5 mm, track repair time increased by 10%.
- KV-3: slightly increased passability.
- KV-1S: slightly increased passability.
- IS-7: repair cost increased by 5%.
- ISU-152: repair cost increased by 8%, increased weight limit for top suspension. 
- Shell 203 mm F-625D: increased cost by 4%.
- Shell 203 mm G-620: increased cost by 4%.
- SU-14: dispersion increased during movement and turret traverse, rate of fire decreased by 5% for 152mm gun, rate of fire decreased by 3% for 203mm.
- Object 212: doubled repair cost, reduced guns armor.

- LTraktor: durability increased by 10 Hit Points.
- PzII: increased reverse speed, durability increased by 5 Hit Points.
- PzII Luchs: increased reverse speed, durability increased by 10 Hit Points.
- Pz35(t), Pz38(t): increased reverse speed, durability increased by 10 Hit Points.
- PzIII/IV: increased reverse speed, durability increased by 20 Hit Points.
- PzIII: durability increased by 10 Hit Points.
- PzIIIA: increased reverse speed, durability increased by 20 Hit Points.
- VK3001H: durability increased by 20 Hit Points.
- S35 739(f): tank tier decreased from 4 to 3, durability decreased by 20 Hit Points, decreased passability for normal terrain by 10%.
- 38H 735(f), Pz IV, and VK1602: increased reverse speed.
- Grille: fixed turret name. 
- 15 cm sFH18 L/30 gun (top Hummel): range of fire decreased by 15%, increased trajectory curve.
- 15 cm sFH36 L/43 gun (top GW-Panther): increased shell velocity, increased trajectory curve.
- 17 cm K72Sf gun: rate of fire decreased by 20%, damage increased from 1100 to 1400.
- Hetzer: added new 220 HP engine, traverse speed decreased, decreased passability for normal and bad terrain by 15%.
- StuGIII: increased weight limit for second suspension, tier decreased by 1 for balancing in random battles.
- JagdPanther: increased armor for 88mm Pak 43 L/71 gun.
- Ferdinand: increased reloading time for 128mm Pak 44 L/55 gun by 0.29 s.
- Better durability for guns: 7.5 cm KwK42 L/70, 7.5 cm KwK45 L/100, 8.8 cm KwK43 L/71, 10.5 cm KwK45 L/52 Ausf. B.
- Ferdinand: increased reloading time for 128mm Pak 44 L/55 gun by 0.29 s.
- 12.8 cm Kwk44 L/55 (VK 4502 B, Maus): decreased reloading time by 0.21 s.

Panther II changes:
- Decreased size.
- 7.5 cm KwK42 L/70 gun dispersion radius decreased by 7%.
- 7.5 сmKwK42 L/100 gun dispersion radius decreased by 4%.
- 10.5 cm KwK45 L/52 Ausf B top gun: gun dispersion radius decreased by 7%, dispersion during turret movement decreased by 14%, shell velocity increased by 20%.
- top engine Maybach HL 234P50: reduced chance of fire by 5%, increased durability by 12.5%.
- increased weight limit for basic suspension in order to allow mounting second turret.
- ammo rack durability increased by 8%.
- repair cost reduced by 6%.

- T30: repair cost increased by 10%. 
- T29 decreased rate of fire for 105 mm T5E1 gun.
- 120mm Gun T53 gun: rate of fire increased by 5%. 
- 90mm AT Gun M3 gun: price increased from 110550 to 127300 credits. 
- QF 6 pounder Mk III gun: decreased penetration by 5 and 10 mm for AP and APCR shells respectively.
- M3 Stuart, M5 Stuart, T2 lt: increased reverse speed, adjusted shaking effect after firing.
- T2 Med, M2 lt, M2 med, M3 Lee, M4 Sherman: increased reverse speed
- Ram2: engine changed to less powerful Wright Continental R-975C (440 HP), increased reverse speed, increased passability.
- M12: decreased horizontal aiming angle.
- T14: tier decreased by 1 for balancing in random battles, increased passability.
- T1 heavy: increased passability.
- Т23: repair costs increased by 30%.


  1. No balancing of the T29 wich is almost impossible to hit. Almost every shell bounces off...

    No fix of SPG accuracy.

    Patch fail

  2. Maus mud flaps? will this be adressed in this patch?

  3. So... any plans for companies for lower tiers?

  4. bjarte_andersend,

    this will be addressed in v.0.6.4

  5. Anonymous,

    companies for lower tiers are currently not planned. Some kind of divisions for company battles will be introduced later, but the minimum of 60 points is likely to remain.

  6. what about the promised fixes for the fail front hull armor of Ferdinand and JagdTiger?

  7. Patch is FAIL

    SPGs are useless now. Su26 once was the best SPG in the game, now its worst. Precision is at best ridiculous. I have better chance of hitting the target if I move the center of the cross-hair of the target and expecting (almost always) that the SPG will miss.

    I have crew on 100% and I have been playing with Su26 from the beginning of the closed beta. Now, it just sits in the garage.

  8. Hello there. Keep up the good work, so far the stuff are improving. A few questions/suggestions although:
    - limit the number of t-54s that can join any side (blue team or red team). For the moment whatever team has more than 4 pieces is a certain winner...
    - damage issue. With S-51 shooting direct fire at a side of T34 damages between 30-50%. The same thing (position, shot, shell) against a t-54 is doing barely 25-30% if i`m lucky. Something sounds wrong in my head.
    - teamkill issue. Can we have a clear option in forum or external link that enables in 3-4 easy steps to make a formal complaint proofed with screenshots? Seems to me that a lot of people are taking liberties based on the hardwipe coming.
    - any changes in the final release (ETA)?... when is time to spend all of our gold? End of March? Pre-orders will start this month? Have my card ready...
    Thanks for your time and good luck! You got me hooked with your game, coming from BF2.

  9. dead_man_walkingMarch 1, 2011 at 8:25 AM


    Any details on when the torrent for the patch will be available? It's not in the client downloads section :(



  10. Overlord, give us an option to predownload the patch, prior of the server will be available. We can sve a lot of time. Thanks!

  11. Anonymous,

    new mantlet mechanics will be introduced in v.0.6.4

  12. Robert,

    1) there is no need to limit the number of T-54s artificially. That won't be a major problem after v.0.6.4 patch when match-making values for top tier vehicles are adjusted.

    2) report all violations at support.worldoftanks.com (or .eu), we are planning to introduce an automated system that will help us cope with the issue.

    3) yes, end of March currently

  13. dead_man_walking,

    will be seeding the update via launcher a bit later today, I recommend using this option.

  14. Akrablak
    What abaut add tech tree for creew? now we hawe boring exp on creew (100%) max, and after we get 100% we hawe some extra stuff but it start from begun,to meke 100% and set another. Idea is somting like that, ater we get amount points of exp. we will hawe set train gunner to use heavy cannon, not only unlock on tech tree of tank, we need train gunner too.The seme on engines, commander to use better turet ect.

  15. Marcin:
    that would work out great for germans, who have 3engines on almoast all tanks, and cannot upgrade anything before suspension is upgraded. this will be a big bummer for german tanks.

  16. bjarte_andersend:
    I think add more from RPG on creew will refresh game and add more realistic. Overlord need to download Navy Field and teke the best idea from that game to meke more options in WoT.Copy ideas from another game is not somting wrong (if work perfect and players love it).But this is not place for this conversation.

    New patch repeir most of problems, we geting closer to the final game, we all need work not only use bad words in game: "ohh i hit 3 time critical and enemy tank dont get damage" we need write on forum if tomting will hapend to enyone.

  17. patch installed 28% and then comes-critical error. I can 0638 not install.

  18. ok, here is my question, Is they're ANY info on the boxed copys? Im interested, but i can't find ANY info on them. :(