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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pre-release Notes

With the release approaching there is an urgent need to make up for a certain information deficiency. This thread is an attempt to cover top 10 most important points, issues, plans.

1. Release: Hardwipe and Prices For Gold

These dates are still considered to be rough, but should give batter understanding of projected time-lines.


  • Pre-orders launch: February 20-25
  • Release date: March 10-15. Hardwipe confirmed.

Note! The exact dates will be announced on the websites. ETA's will be updated as we near the respective events.

The exact prices for gold are to be announced. There are some organizational issues that are to be sorted out first.

US server:
  • set in US dollars

EU server:
  • set in Euros

1USD=1EUR rate won't be in use, overall prices will be practically the same for both servers.

Note! Available payment systems and other related details are to be announced.

Pre-order packages will be available approx two weeks before the game goes live. All in all there will be 3 options to choose from, each one contains certain amount of gold with discount and a premium vehicle (A-32, Pz. V/IV, M6A2E1).

Pre-order stuff can be added to existing account.

2. Release Version and the Upcoming Major Update

Projected release version - v.0.6.3.x. It will be based on v. and contain 1 pre-order tank M6A2E1 that is currently missing.

Major update v.0.6.4 - preliminary patch notes:

  • New vehicles:
    - 3 tier 8 SPGs: Object 261, Geschutzwagen-E, T92.
    - 2 premium tanks: Lowe and KV-5.
    - 2 tanks from full tress: Pz38 NA, KV-13.
  • Maps:
    - 2 brand new maps.
    - Completely redesigned Pagorki map.
    - Reworked Komarin map.
  • New movement system that is supposed to remove about 70-80% of stuck cases.
  • Fixed hit boxes for several tanks.
  • [Possibly] Reworked gun mantlets for Tiger II, VK4502, Ferdinand, Jagdtiger.
  • Added gold transfers between clan members.
  • Reworked detracking system. See new detracking mechanics section.
  • [Possibly] Reworked special graphic effects that is supposed to fix multiple fps drops.
  • Reworked the mechanics of credit and gold repair kits, fire extinguishers, first aid kits. Details to be announced.
  • Added advanced settings for voice chat and reworked some interfaces.
  • Added mute player function for voice chat.
  • Added individual adjustments of match-making value for each tank. Tanks of the same tier and type can be assigned with different values.
  • [Possibly] Added tier for company battle mode with limitations on max vehicle tier and/or overall tier of the company.
  • [Possibly] Fixed several cases of memory leak.
  • Reworked outlines of bases to reflect the actual radius more accurately.

Note 1! ETA to be announced.
Note 2! The update comes after the release.
Note 3! US TDs will be added with the update that comes after v.0.6.4.
Note 4! French tanks will be added after US TDs.

3. Visibility and Spotting Mechanics

Visibility and spotting system are being worked on. Below are some details.

  • Overall performance if the system will be optimized so as to consume less server resources
  • The rate of visibility checks will see significant increase (approx 3-5 times more frequent)
  • The number of "hard points" (special spots are verified during visibility checks and located on the vehicles) will be increased several times. That is supposed to make visibility mechanics more accurate and credible when determining sight between tanks.
  • The number of visibility "sight lines" each vehicle emits is going to be increased several times. Small objects (posts, stones, bushes etc) won't affect visibility mechanics the way they do it now, their influence is to be reduced.
  • "Camo" or visibility values are going to be reconsidered to reflect actual vehicle size and engine specs. Currently there is some mismatching, especially with German vehicles.
  • "Post-firing" visibility will be systematized and redesigned according to gun specs
  • ETA is to be announced.

4. Revision of Tech Trees

Currently we are considering possible revision of existing tech trees. The work is still in progress and there is no ETA for changes to arrive.

US tech tree, to a high extent, can be revised in the light of community feedback here.

5. Match-making System

The way match-making system performs currently is explained here (Dev breakdown with chart) and here (FAQ).

Plans for future:

  • Overall match-making will be improving steadily, this kind of work goes non-stop
  • Match-making spread for the majority of the vehicles is not planned to be decreased
  • Most of improvements will be done by means of changing match-making value ("weight") of the vehicles, that enables us to adjust the probability of getting into battles of a particular tier without changing actual match-making spread
  • It will be possible to assign unique match-making value to each individual tank (currently assigned according to tier and type, i.e. all tier 8 heavies have the same value)
  • Several adjustments will be made when tier 8 SPGs (soon) and tier 5 light tanks (not soon) are added
  • Match-making value for tier 9 medium tanks is to be increased that will bring them in battles of higher tiers
  • No match-making system for company battles
  • Company battles are going to be divided into several sub modes: according to overall tier of a company, limited to min/max tier of vehicles in it, faction-based company battles
  • Most probably overall tier division for companies will correspond to current battle leagues

6. Clan Wars

International clan wars beta will start in a few months after the release.

Non-exhaustive list of features for clan wars currently in development:

  • New territories on global map.
  • Special in-game maps for most important historical provinces.
  • Fog of war in special battles. Neither team is aware of its opponent's roster.
  • Reconnaissance.
  • Engineering structures in controlled provinces: bunkers, automated (bot-guided) weapon emplacements, mine fields etc.
  • Call for artillery- and air-strike covering the whole square.
  • New battle formats. One base per map, bigger teams.
  • Political features: diplomacy and alliances, super-capitals, revolts.
  • Volunteers functionality (replacement for mercenaries).
  • Nomad clans.

7. German Vehicles

Having re-assessed statistics on vehicles performance and following vigorous community feedback, including but not limited to topics here and here, some changes are going to be made to German vehicles.

1. Fixed hit-box for Maus (example)
  • Fixed issue with lower front hull armor plate and "mudguards" (see "armor-schielding" below)
  • 8 additional armor groups for gun and mantlet that can be assigned with separate parameters.
  • Added "armor-shielding" mechanics for mantlet and possibly front hull. "Armor-shielding" decreases actual penetration power of the shell, allowing shell to go further with reduced penetration ability.
  • Reworked mantled to reflect non-homogenous armor, gun hole in the mantlet and areas where mantlet armor overlaps with front turret armor.
  • ETA - v.0.6.4.x update

Note! Tiger II, VK4502, Ferdinand, Jagdtiger might be reworked in the same way, when the performance of "fixed" Maus is assessed.

2. Reconsidered and systematized visibility values for tanks and especially TDs.

ETA - v.0.6.4.x update

3. Adjustments to max speed values of Tiger and Tiger II are under consideration.

8. SPGs and Balance

  • Current SPGs mechanics is working as intended. The role artillery carries out in battle coincides with projected designations
  • No major changes are planned
  • Implementation of tier 8 SPGs is not going to cause significant rebalancing of lower tier units

9. New Game Modes

  • Several new game modes are in development
  • Assault mode - one team is to defend the base, the other one is to capture it
  • Domination mode - there is one base in the center of the map and both teams are to capture it
  • Current maps will be reworked and adjusted to suit new game modes
  • At this time - no ETAs

10. New Detracking Mechanics

The size of front and rear trucks/wheels for each particular vehicle will be specified in %.

I.e. suspension/tracks will consist of 3 major parts:

- front (approx 15-20% of its length)
- middle
- rear (approx 15-20%)

Hits for each part are to be calculated separately:
Hitting the front and rear parts will detrack the vehicle the way it works currently, ie the damage done to leading wheel or idler.
The middle part will have more hit points and reduced chance to be damaged.

The above is supposed to reduce the effectiveness of plain firing at tracks. One will need to aim accurately to detrack the opponent (damage either front or rear wheel/truck)



  1. Uhm...I hate that "possibly" next to reworking the mantlet of the vk4502....is it so difficult ?

    Well, thanks for the T-54 anyway. I knew I had to ignore the Panther 2...74% win and that tank is pure win. But watch out for this, cause at the release, IS4s and T-54 will take 70% of all the people's goals.

    I mean, Soviet tree will.

  2. Question about Domination mode :
    1. Is they will be the same like random match in term of team setup ?
    2. and there are plan so that attacking force will not be slaughtered by if other team decide to camp ?
    And what tier is M6A2E1 ?

  3. Question about annual premium: We get the pz V/IV as it was the russian pre order? I hope it will be the V/IV not that very ugly Tower height M6A2E1.

  4. Din,

    1. Yes, for random teams.
    2. Do you mean camping in general? Or?
    Likely that tier 7.

  5. overlord,
    at question 2 yes i do mean camping because since everyone knew where to go and will camp to pick off the enemy that want to cap or become stalemate.

    M6A2E1 is basically a t29 (sort of) turret with 105 on a M6 so i imagine it will be look powerful and ugly :P

  6. It doesn't look so bad

  7. I couldn't be more disappointed to read that US players aren't going to get a taste of Clan Wars until the Summer.

  8. I'm stunned to find out that no only won't the US get to test Clan Wars during beta, but we won't even get to touch it for many months after the RU players have gotten to play it. Terrible decision folks.

  9. We will get hardwipe about few weeks anyway while RU already months after hardwipe and i sure you wont dont play clan wars with loltractors do we :/.

  10. Hi, what does Pre-order package mean?
    When I buy it in Feb will I have a hardwipe then?
    i.e. can I start leveling before the official release?
    Or will my pre-order account only get a premium tank and my complete acc will be wiped like everyones' else acc in March?
    I don't see the advantage of an pre-order acc so far.

  11. samyjunky,

    pre-order stuff is not meant to be wiped, all bonuses will be activated after release giving you gold and a premium tank.

  12. Could we get the specs of M6A2E1 so i could decide what pre order package i take?

  13. Has the pre-order been opened up for the N/A server yet?