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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Currently in Development

Preliminary patch notes of v.0.6.4 are available:

New vehicles:
- 3 tier 8 SPGs: Object 261, Geschutzwagen-E, T92.
- 2 premium tanks: Lowe and KV-5.
- 2 tanks from full tress: Pz38 NA, KV-13.
- 2 brand new maps.
- Completely redesigned Pagorki map.
- Reworked Komarin map.
New movement system that is supposed to remove about 70-80% of stuck cases.
Fixed hit boxes for serveral tanks (Maus, Jagdpanther, IS-7).
[Possibly] Reworked gun mantlets for Tiger II, VK4502, Ferdinand, Jagdtiger.
Added gold transfers between players.
Reworked detracking system. See new detracking mechanics section.
[Possibly] Reworked special graphic effects that is supposed to fix multiple fps drops.
Reworked the mechanics of credit and gold repair kits, fire extinguishers, first aid kits. Details to be announced.
Added advanced settings for voice chat and reworked some interfaces.
Added mute player function for voice chat.
Added individual adjustments of match-making value for each tank. Tanks of the same tier and type can be assigned with different values.
[Possibly] Added battle tiers for company mode with limitations on max vehicle tier and/or overall tier of the company.
[Possibly] Fixed serveral cases of memory leak.
Reworked outlines of bases to reflect the actual radius more accurately.

These are alpha notes, subject to change. The list is not full.
ETA - approx 2 months. 


  1. 2 months?!
    can't you make 3-4 small patches and update the game every weeks?

  2. Elias,

    unfortunately, no. After the substitution has been made (T25), all TDs are to go through rebalancing and internal testing once again. They will be added with "post-0.6.4" update.

  3. yaron,

    small patch is being finalized currently. 0.6.4 is a major update.

  4. So this patch is going to be added after the game release? If release is going to be at first part of March, this update is going to be ready for April

  5. From what i see here i will play russian tanks after relese . It appears that you have made an ambition from not improve german tanks .
    Well u will see a world full of russian tanks after relese .
    Good night

  6. Ok, so no USA TDs. And timeline of this patch means, that release will be after April?

  7. Ryszard,

    the release is scheduled for March.

  8. "ETA - approx 2 months." ? nouuuuuu

    What about clan wars ?

  9. Any updates on the ETA for the patch?