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Sunday, April 8, 2018

Toilet Bomb, part II

Last weeks article was posted on its normal day, which was also Aprils fools day. It was a bit of an odd tale about a pilot strapping a broken toilet to his plane and bombing the Vietnamese with it.

Last year I did an Aprils fools day post inventing a steam tank for the British Home Guard. Did I do the same this year, is this a confession about inventing some odd story about ap ilot risking life and limb to drop a toilet on the enemy?

Nope, it was all true. The poorly faked pictures were there to throw you off the scent and make you believe it was a fake. There are a number of pictures surrounding this incident, but all are on the carrier's deck before the mission was flown. There is even some video footage.

And the video:

As was said in the article there was footage recorded during the mission as well. However to date no one has been able to locate a copy, so it is likely destroyed.

Also I did a guest article for another website, over at Tanks-Encyclopedia they needed an Aprils fools joke, which I wrote.

We're back to normal next week with a proper article.

Image credits:
www.midwaysailor.com and www.theaviationgeekclub.com

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