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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

[WoTB] ASAP Video for Blitz

New ASAP video for Blitz dedicated to 1.3 update.

And answering some of the questions to it.

Q. What about British tank line? :(
A. Will come later this year after we add Maus branch for Germans.

Q. When will we see the android version of it...
A. Android is now at beta testing stage on RU region. Release date is not set now and will depend on testing results. Just make sure you've got a solid device, not smth outdated.

Q. When will the 1.3 update be ready?
A. The update is now undergoing Apple review. Should be ready soon.

Q. When do we get camos?
A. They are in plans for future updates in 2015.

Q. When we get french tech tree?
A. Still not decided regarding balancing of high tier autoloader tanks with no armour. Blitz gameplay is different from PC version, and the absence of armour may be crucial. We gonna add Brits first.

Q. When wot blitz is coming to samsung devices?
A. Samsung devices are the ones with high-to-highest priority for Android. See above. 


  1. Android :D is coming then? Do you think it will be out by the end of the month? If there aren't and major bugs? or before Christmas?

    1. Hopefully before the end of the year :)

    2. woho, our time is coming ;) thanks for the fast reply :)

  2. Is testing available only on ru server? If not how should I apply on eu?

    1. There should be a tread on eu forums, ask mods/admins.

  3. When is the testing going to start in the USA for android?

  4. Can you shed any light on the friends list bug that causes players to not see who is online unless someone logs in after them? It is particularly annoying to players that prefer to platoon.

  5. Is there going to be a version for Samsung high-end devices? There is this list:

    My tablet is on the list, but it is NOT allowed to download and install in the Google Play store ... why? I am using Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 Edition) tablet that has one of the best specs on the market, and for some reason SM-P605 is not good enough for WG? :(