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Friday, August 15, 2014

[WoTB] First Major Update for Blitz

Update 1.2 for World of Tanks Blitz has been submitted for Apple's review, meaning the release date is within 2 weeks from now. 

Below are the update notes:
  • Added new desert map - Oasis Palms (two more maps are coming in 1.3)
  • Tier VI-VIII vehicles are added in tech trees - SU-100Y, Dicker Max, Panther M10, Lowe, T34. All of them can be purchased for gold.
  • Added quick auto aim control that enables/disables auto aim (aiming assistance) directly in batle. Works independently for arcade and sniper modes. Very convenient thing, using it myself.
  • Added display for discounted shop items during specials
  • Added new notifications for garage header. The most important of those are battle results and gifts. E.g. if you left the battle for garage, you will see the popping header with the results.
  • Added automated chat censoring.
  • Added ability to share battle results on Facebook.
  • Added new sound effects: engines, transmissions, breaking objects, enemy tanks on fire, etc
Balance and gameplay
  • Increased net credit income (income minus expenses) for premium tanks: Lowe +20%, T34 +22%, Dicker Max 19%
  • Decreased battle tiers for tier III and IV vehicles, and T2 Light to +/-1. It means that all tanks up to tier IV can only meet vehicles one tier below and above. Being unplatooned ofc.
  • Decreased prices for equipment.
    • tier 1: 20000->1500, 40000->3000
    • tier 2: 30000->5000, 60000->10000
    • tier 3: 40000->12500, 80000->25000 
    • tier 4: 50000->35000, 100000->70000
    • tier 5: 75000->60000, 150000->120000
    • tier 6: 100000->90000, 200000->180000
  • Decreased prices for consumables.
    • tier 1: 1000->500 (only 3 basic consumables now available)
    • tier 2: 1000->750, 3000->1500, 5000->2100
    • tier 3: 1500->1000, 4000->2000, 7000->2800
    • tier 4: 1500->1250, 4000->2500, 7000->3500
    • tier 5: 2000->1500, 5000->3000, 9000->4200
    • tier 6: 2500->1750, 6000->3500, 11000->4900
    • tier 7: 3000->2000, 7000->4000, 13000->5600
    • tier 8: 3500->2250, 8000->4500, 15000->6300
    • tier 9: 4000->2500, 9000->5000, 17000->7000
    • tier 10: 5000->3000, 10000->6000, 20000->8400
  • Increased experience to get 100% crew skill.
    • tier 1: - 
    • tier 2: 2000->2700 
    • tier 3: 5000->7600
    • tier 4: 14000->18300
    • tier 5: 27000->36000
    • tier 6: 50000->83000
    • tier 7: 81000->139000
    • tier 8: 125000->250000
    • tier 9: 173000->455000
    • tier 10: 240000->540000
  • Rebalanced tier I-III automatic guns. Decreased cassette damage and reduced reload time to maintain DPMs.
  • Reworked battle tutorial: added reaslistic grass, animated trees, changed tanks. In future updates these visual improvements will be available for all maps.
  • Previously researched modules are now mounted automatically for newly purchased vehicles. 
  • Battle results for 10 battles are now saved on mobile device and available even after the game restarts.
  • Changed condition for Patrol Duty achievement: 4->3 vehicles.
  • Updated interface graphics for shell icons, menu icons (left-side panel), vehicle specs icons in upgrades screen, directional arrow in sniper mode, etc
  • Updated some interface elements for Retina resolution.
  • Improved layout for chat interface on iPhone.
  • Fixed incorrect marker for destroyed T40 tank.
  • Fixed textrures for Ferdinand tank.
  • Fixed bug with unpredictable behaviour of auto-aim assist when the reticle would switch from stationary target to another passing enemy tank
  • Volume level setting is now saved after the game restarts.
  • Fixed bug with synchronization that would bring back the login screen
  • Fixed description for Hunter and The Lion of Sinai achievements. Removed vehicles that are not in the game yet.
  • Fixed icon for Raseiniai Heroes' Medal.
  • Fixed bug when renamed player couldn't enter chat.
  • Game now works in background mode for up to 3 minutes (connection to server is kept, you can minimize the app now). 
  • Optimization for texture quality on iPad 2, iPad Mini, iPhone 4S. The game should be more stable on those devices and crash less. 
  • Fixed multiple crashes.


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  2. Hi Overlord!

    I dont play Blitz so I just skimmed over the patch notes, but one point caught my eye:

    "Previously researched modules are now mounted automatically for newly purchased vehicles."

    Assuming Blitz works like WoT, when it comes to credits, XP and research, this change might have unwanted results. Example from WoT, just concentrating on the guns here:

    - I have the VK4501A researched including all its modules (short 10.5cm)
    - now I research the KingTiger coming from the Tiger (8.8 L71)
    - buy the KingTiger

    What happens now is that instead of buying the KT stock with 8.8 L71 (cheaper), I ll get the KT with all kind of modules preinstalled incl the short 10.5cm gun (more expensive), which will have a higher price I assume. Now imagine I have a few thousand free XP and after buying the tank use them to unlock the long 10.5 cm gun for the KT.
    In the end I ll have to pay the higher price for the short 10.5cm gun I dont even want to mount on the tank, instead of just getting the stock KT and using free for unlocking and mounting modules I want. So I d waste credits with that change.

    You should rethink how to handle that mechanic in my opinion.



    1. In Blitz modules don't require credits, you just research them for XP and that's it.

      Thanks for taking time to write this.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. ah ok - didnt know that. Just assumed that it would work like WoT and WoWP.

  3. This is great news!
    Will already purchased equipment (still mounted) be eligible for refund?

    1. Nope. Price change is not that significant, especially on higher tiers.

    2. I guess that the effort to calculate apply a refund would be prohibitive, let's just rejoice in that it will be cheaper in the future!

  4. Minimizing for 3 minutes without getting kicked out will make my life a lot easier as I am easily distracted!

    When it comes to the increased XP needed, will this potentially make a previously 100% tank go to e.g. 90%?

    1. Nope. If you reached 100%, it will stay there.

  5. Wow lots of new things, Any news on Android? :)

    1. Yup, there will be news on android by the end of the month. Getting close.

  6. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My Android Loves hearing that ;)

  7. Ok first , tier spread is to much for tier seven as far as I can tell , can't do much at all unless the back their tanks up to my stock tiger and don't fire back. If a tank can't return damage then what is the point. I will give this about another month and then remove it from my phone. Good game , just bad mechanics as far as stock tank play and tier spread.

    1. Stock tanks are supposed not to perform particularly well.

      As for tier spread, this is for diversity reasons. Especially providing that we don't have that many tanks now.

  8. Hi Overlord, good day. I am a player from Asia server. I have some material about my appeal to the customers support. Can I drop you an email to explain the whole story ?