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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Hot in Tobruk

Well the event is over, and much fun was had. The ratio of British to Germans was about 4:1, so it was rather fast getting in as Germans, and the British Cruisers. When I tried my Matilda it took over three minutes. So let that be a lesson, if there's a huge number of one side, go play the other team!

The highlights were a huge medium tank battle in the sand dunes when the British team got no Matilda's on our side.
Equally after about 40 minutes of playing I decided to dust off my Panzer II again...
Well nuts.

I was surprised that the Vickers MKVIC light tank was missing from the British line up. I was looking forward to that.

Still was fun chatting to you all. I look forward to seeing you next week.


  1. I'm more surpised that there are still no Italians tanks in the game.

  2. Played for 90 mins,didn't see any of you, Had massive fun seal clubbing in my Pz III though :)

  3. Hi Listy,
    I got there a bit late(3/4 hour), but was in one game with you and Jedi. we were playing German tanks, but my pz111A was brand new with a 50% crew, as my EU account is new (less than 200 games)so I did not help a lot. Will be better set up next week. I noticed your ping and fps in the screen shot posted. interesting, mine from rural NSW (dont think I could be further away from the server) was 340 ping and 45 fps. still playable at that despite the complaints I see on the forums when ping gets above 40 or 50 and people blame it for their losses, I am not a good player on NA server but on EU have been able to get a 52% win rate and 1.23 kill/death rate.

    till next week

  4. Every time there seems to be an OP tank in this case the Matilda , people will play that tank that`s why it took so long to get in a battle in a british tank , no problem for me i enjoyed my Pz III and Stug III B even more. We need more events like this to make people play historical battles more. It was fun playing with you :)