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Friday, May 16, 2014

[WoTB] Minor 1.0.1 Update

We have finished work on minor 1.0.1 update for World of Tanks Blitz which is now available for iOS devices in Nordics (Finland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland).

The update contains a few bug fixes and stability improvements aimed to get rid of some nasty crashes, including the one with platoon. Version 1.0.1 will still be available in the near future only for Nordics, not worldwide. Work on 1.1 update is on.

This weekend we are also doing first special with X2 gold for the same old price and X3 experience which can be earned 3 times per day - starting with CEST 2am, 10am, 6pm. Jump in!

WoT Blitz > Ice Hockey World Championship 2014


  1. I would love nothing more than to "Jump in".... Any closer to revealing the NA launch date? If you say soon im likely gonna throw my phone....

    1. 1.0.1 update brings as closer, but we need a more substantial update for worldwide release.

    2. Wow... As much as I like yall I'm going to give tanktastic a try. This wait is getting to be too long.

  2. Our Scandinavian friends will be able to sealclub for weeks once the rest of us finally gets access to the game...

    1. Got a couple of tier 10s already

    2. There is only 1 Tier 10, 3 (4 including the Tier 10) Tier 9's (Including me) on the EU Server right now. The person with Tier 10 has also reached Tier 8 on another line

    3. I think there are two already - however I haven't checked that stats, so may be you are right.

    4. They use Gold!!! (Not saying I won't)

  3. Overlord, what if you have used the method of switching App Stores then switched back? Will you have to reinstall game by switching? Or can we update if we switch again?

    Is the update even out yet?

    1. If you switch back to your store you won't be able to update automatically, but the game will still run until the update is out.

      1.0.1 update is due (most likely) this week. It contains crash fixes.

    2. Is the update out yet? I haven't had any auto updates, and I've been on the Iceland store for a week, waiting. I have been crashing more than ever, especially when I load in to battles

  4. Greetings Overload, I have a request regarding World of Tanks features and one particular feature that is pointedly missing from this game. In other on line games, there is always a Clan/Group Notice feature that allows leaders/officers to send out notices to get in touch with their members about important news they need to be informed of going for that date, when they log into the game. I made a post on the WoT forums, but I really wanted to reach out to one of the games developers to have a look at this. It would be a viable and valuable tool for all clan officers and something I was very surprised that WoT had not implemented yet into the game. Could I please get some feed back from you regarding this overlooked game feature? Thanks -- Ravyen, Deputy Commander of Clan FOE, World of Tanks gamer. Link on WoT Forums: http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/359853-clan-group-notice-features-in-game/

    1. Such a thing was planned for quite some time. However it has always been about priorities and taking into account CWs development pace, this feature is still there

    2. Thank you for your reply. Its good to know this has been planned for. Sometimes its the little things that keep people happy. I hope to see this feature one day soon, implemented into the game. Keep up the excellent work.

  5. Overlord, I must say, the new MM patch is awful for Tier 9+. I've waited for around 20 minutes in total now trying to get a game, and I haven't even been in one yet.

    Maybe you should restrict the fix to anything lower than Tier 7, but in high tiers it's absolutely awful.
    It needs to be fixed again

    1. And also, there are only 2 other Tier 10's on the EU Server, so getting a battle will be hard since they are hardly ever online. Since I can't do 3 vs 1's against Tier 8's anymore, it's gonna be near impossible.

      I can't just be relying on these other Tier 10's to be online so that I can play. I can't drop to lower tiers, because I have nothing other than Tier 7 and Tier 9.

    2. I will be briefly explain what and why we changed.

      The older MMer had much softer requirements when building teams, namely:
      1. There was no limit on minimum team size
      2. MMing requirements were gradually lowered, ie the longer the wait - the softer the requirements for the teams.
      3. There was 2-minute timeout after which the MMer would create ANY theoretically possible battle for the given tank, i.e. it could be 1 tier 8 vs 1 tier 10, etc

      As a result of this, battles like these were fairly possible:

      What we did was to make the MMing requirements a bit tougher.
      1. Now there is a minimum size of the team (should be 3)
      2. The MMing requirements are lowered at slower pace, ie longer wait times are possible
      3. There is no 2-minute timeout. Instead of this, the total wait can be up to 5 minutes. If no battles is found until then, the vehicle is returned to garage.

      All in all these changes are aimed at making overall MMing system fair for the majority of players, not only fun for a few high-tiers while the rest are frustrated.

      We will be working on MMing and doing some more experiments in future. Generally, the more players we have, the better it will work. After global release there should be enough players at all tiers most of the time.

    3. Ah, I see. I thought that by "Equal and Even" it meant that all the tiers had on all teams had to be the same and an equal match up to actually be able to make a battle. So, you said that the rules for MM are lowered at a slower pace, what time exactly does this happen?

      And instead why not just make the Timeout at around 5+ minutes, then most rules are disregarded? It means that you have really waited a long time and then is should be appropriate to throw anyone in the appropriate tiers into a game as long as it isn't 1 on 1 or something

      I know it isn't going to be fun for the one on the receiving side of this, but for a 5 minute wait, I think its a bit fair

      Offtopic question:
      I noticed that your game version looks graphically better than mine (iPad Mini), is it Retina Display?

    4. @So, you said that the rules for MM are lowered at a slower pace, what time exactly does this happen?@

      Don't remember exactly, need to check. About 60 and 120 seconds.

      @And instead why not just make the Timeout at around 5+ minutes, then most rules are disregarded?@

      Again 1 tier 10 vs 1 tier 8 wouldn't be fun at all. Even for tier 10 if it happens often. No challenge is no fun.

      @I noticed that your game version looks graphically better than mine (iPad Mini), is it Retina Display?@

      Yup, it's iPad Air.

  6. ..... NA is still waiting.....