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Thursday, March 6, 2014

[WoWP] Update 1.2

Major update 1.2 for World of Warplanes is now live.

The key features are:

  • replays (finally)
  • battle missions 
  • advanced post-battle statistics
  • physics and balancing changes
  • interface improvements 
Any feedback? 


  1. Its a good step forward! There is still much that needs to be improved though, most of it centering around the matchmaker.

  2. I will definitely give it a go on the weekend, the change i am looking for most however may seem strange: improved ground damage for fighters and heavy fighters, i hope this will introduce some greater tactic variety :)
    Also thanks for the heads up, i would have missed (the rather huge) patch in time for the weekend...

  3. No SEA server and no roaming = still so laggy that I'm not going to be playing.

    1. Yeah, I'd like to know if there's going to be a SEA server opening, I'd like to try it out... a bit frustrated with the other game atm.


  4. I enjoy reading your blog and the questions both posed and answered here Overlord but seldom post.I had to break my silence on this one though.

    The latest update for WoWp defiantly seems to have some much needed aspects brought to the game but I fear that it is just a case of too little and too late for the NA server.I just came from the game and here at 10:17 pm EST on a Friday night.There are barely 1100 people playing.Wait time for a game is beyond ridiculous for some tiers.When you do get a game it is not a full one many times or lopsided to the point that MM seemed to just dump people in a game to get one going regardless of the tier spread.

    While I think the game has a lot of potential...I fear that the mistakes that have been made in the roll out for the NA server(the canceled event that shall not be named) and seemingly blatant incompetence of the NA staff(Pearl Harbor event!!) for WoWp may have poisoned the proverbial well.People hear about the reputation of the game and simply do not give it a chance or they try it and the sparse population combined with the +2-2 MM frustrates them beyond belief to the point that they quit never coming back.The much awaited cross-over traffic from the WoT population never happened because of many of the previously mentioned issues.

    I am a fan of WG since coming in for Closed Beta in WoT...but I am seeing that WoWp might be a DOA game.If WG wants to do something to salvage this game it is going to have to be bold,drastic and radical.

    1. I'm somewhat sorry for not being able to most more frequently - have been busy with the project recently. We are nearing WoT Blitz closed beta and release, most of the work has been done by now.

      Thanks for your feedback. I do agree that the road for WoWP has been bumpy. On a dev side, we are totally aware of all persistent issues. Since, hopefully, the game still has a long future, we will be continuously improving things.

      As for major shake-up, I think it might be one of the options. The question is what change is really needed.

    2. We/I all appreciate your efforts but someone has to think out of the box and do something large to get more people in the game.You can make as many "changes/updates" as possible but due to the reputation that has been established most players will simply not give it a chance.

      Some ideas to salvage the NA server might be..

      Step 1-fire the entire NA staff and get some new people in.Their little "click" has driven away most of the alpha/closed beta testers and their continued malfeasance(can't get a date right for a event,cancelling a event without notice,forgetting to even host a event until 2 days after it and saying "whoops") only drives away more people every day(hence we have dropped from a little over 1300 peak players to now barely 1100 and falling).

      Step 2-go back to looking at the big offers that were promised and then yanked before the roll out so as to get some traffic going between WoT players and WoWp(read as "ready made consumers").These guys brushed it off due to the open beta fiascoes on the NA server and left to go play the dreaded "other game".Maybe even break the third ceiling and allow credits to be used between the two games(like gold and free xp).

      Step 3-advertising..more than a paltry commercial here or there on the military channel.

    3. "The question is what change is really needed."
      It'd help a great deal if WG would stop treating WoT and WoWP equally. It's like Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2142 being treated exactly the same (which they didn't - even though the concept, nature and game is exactly the same, as Spaceships simply attract different people than Helicopters jets and tanks do) or Hirez treating Smite and their other games the same, because its the same publisher.
      Please finally accept WoWP is a different game by nature and act accordingly. WoWP is a competitive, skill-based game to a much further extent than WoT. WoWP also suffers a lót more than WoT in regards of mods like XVM equivalents. Entire teams allow themselves to be clubbed because they tunnelvision on bringing down that single good opponent in the enemy team, abandoning every form of cooperation and spacial awareness to achieve that fact - usually to no avail as they make themselves such easy prey for all enemies in the process.
      I understand that WG wants to do everything the same with every game but it just doesn't work like that. Different games require different community management because they attract a totally different type of players. Stop seeing the skill element in WoWP as a curse and start embracing it as a gift, market and develop accordingly, strike a deal with ESL for weekly exposure and soon it'll be growing in numbers. Perhaps not the playerbase you look for, but at least you'll have the numbers worthy of the name playerbase.
      I must admit I was perplexed when WG sounds surprised in interviews that WoT players don't stick to WoWP at all, and even more so when they try to label the game as inaccessible as the problem or too hard to learn. Too hard to learn for WoT players yes because unlike in WoT you dó have to have at least a basic understanding of how the game is to be able to perform at all, unlike in WoT.

  5. Since 1.2 was released, whenever I launch WoWp, it minimises to desktop when it reaches the log-in screen. A tiny bug, and I only see it once per session, but still, it's new with 1.2.

  6. Honestly, this should have been the release Version of WoWP. Now, lots of players won't come back to the game which is sad.

  7. Agree a little to late we tried our best to tell you back in July, but someone else knew more than the player base. I don't fault the NA staff it those above them that r making the decisions. The biggest fear I have now is that the same game design will be incorporated into WOWS. You cant design and air war like WOT they are 2 different types of games. I could list a lot of bad decisions but all you have to do is review the forums May-Sept.

    1. WOWS is totally different from design perspective. Personally, I don't have any major concerns on it.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. I fault the NA stuff for bullocksing up more than a few specials and being outright dismissive of concerns from the NA community.They bail and scamper like rats as soon as Friday hits when traffic(as pathetic as it is)is the highest during the weekend when issues will arise.Their method to address anything is hoping the form letter from support("dear tanker") will make the person with a problem forget any issue that arises by Monday when they return like a reset blank slate("IT"S GROUNDHOG DAY!!").

      Granted there has been a mix up in NA leadership again but is just rearranging deck chairs on a troubled ship rather than bringing in a ship wright(new blood) to regain the trust lost by the community.The same old half-hearted people are back(the pearl harbor cut and paste boy himself) with new titles saying the same old tired lines "we are looking into it..things will get better just give it time".

      That ship sailed a long time ago for many people...and it is a damned shame for this game.The NA server is Rocking out with a might 1100 people on Friday near 7pm EST.Might be a banner weekend and hit 1300 by Sunday. :(

      I sure hope WOWS is handled much better while WoWp serves as a hard lesson learned...because as Meatloaf sang.."2 out of 3 ain't bad".

  8. I gave it a try just now.
    I must say performance increased which is nice - game looks and plays good.
    The ingame voice notifications are nice and helpfull ( much better than the old sound alert ).
    Hangar is not laggy.
    Mission interface is full of pictures ( like that ).

    Everything looks great, but... still no clan war.
    I'd say this patch came too late. This should have been 1.0
    WoWp is a thing of the past for me. I'd rather wait for WoWs than hope CW might come to WoWp soon.

    1. CWs have been delayed, which is sad, due to "sudden" change of design. According to initial plans, this functionality should have been in place by now.

    2. I am not of the opinion that CW would really make much of an impact at this point on the NA server at least.With the population numbers there barely 4 or 5 clans would be able to form.

    3. I think the idea is that if ai rpower gives an advantage in CW then the really competitive clans will take up the game. It could give the population boost especially at the higher tiers.

    4. Yup, it might. But it's roof of the house, while we are still building/changing foundation and walls.

  9. I'm still enjoying WoWP immensely, enough to have powered my way to Tier 9. M

    This is probably the best patch yet and it seems like the EU server is doing better then the NA, so I'm not so worried about the future, numbers seem to be going up in the EU.

    As others have said, 1.2 should have been the release, since we had months of bad FPS, CTD, slow-loads and awful UI, but at least it's been playable. Release was not as big a disaster as Mechwarrior Online's at least, but I'm hoping WoWS will demonstrate a few lessons learned, since that's the game I wanted to play to begin with.

    My biggest problem in WoWP is that there's still a bug with the joystick controls; Sometimes, almost purely at random, the game will respond to a button press on the joystick with the 'default' control instead of the one I have assigned, eg. I'm closing in for a shot, hit Button 7 on my joystick and instead of the Sniper view as I defined, I get the fullscreen map, miss my shot, possibly crash into someone. Have to hit escape twice to get the normal view back. Very annoying.

    1. The beta has been too long for WOWP as it was. We couldn't make it any longer than that.

      Never heard of such an issue. Have you tried filling out support ticket?

    2. Nobody here complained about the beta time frame as far as I m aware. It has always been the state of the game.

    3. The Beta had indeed been quite long, I just worry that some first impressions were made worse then they could have been and we're still seeing the effect on player numbers.

      I haven't made a fuss about the joystick issue on the forums or in support because I haven't tested with another stick yet. Not sure why I mentioned it here.

      As it happens, the stick I was using is 13 years old and the x axis just gave out (a moment of silence for the instrument of destruction.) I've ordered a new joystick. If I still get the issue then, I'll make a point of raising it.

  10. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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