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Thursday, February 13, 2014

[WoT] Feedback on Live 0.8.11

How do you like the recent update for World of Tanks? Precisely:

1. FOV changes
2. Any issues with aiming/reticle especially while leading targets?
3. National battles aka "Confronation"? Balanced? Fun to play?

Everything else also counts. Share your thoughts.

FOV issue is going to be fixed. Most likely will reverse to the previous one and make FOV adjustments in the settings. 


  1. Didn't notice any FOV changes tbh

    Confrontation..yeah..played 2 times and deactivated it then..."Fun to play?" Sure. It's always great to see 11 WT E-100 and some small things on germanys side and 10 Foch 155 on French side...REALLY GREAT AND FUNNY ( ' . ')

    1. Played on test only? Those setups are quite rare on live server...

    2. Played on live server myself a couple of matches. Battles were quite diverse.

    3. try british on T8...half of the team will be at-15 (6-9)..i play couple battles with 12-13 and one AT-15 only too =)

    4. Still on my Comet and don't have any tier 8 from Brits :) I will tho

    5. Overlord, is there any hope for the british 20-pdr guns to get cheaper ammo?
      I wait for that now since i got my first tier 8 brit... Using the 20-pdr is so bloody expansive.
      I just made a quick price comparison between different Tier 8 Tanks/guns and while all the other tanks have a slow firing high damage gun with high price and a fast firing gun with low damage and low price, the 20-pdr AP Ammo cost roughly 3 times as much as the other ones.

      And btw. Comet is EPIC... I love mine....

    6. I'm not sure on Brit 20-pdr AP precisely, but I think that credit ammo prices are to be rebalanced one day. Right now discrepancies are compensated with repairs, credit income, etc

    7. "Right now discrepancies are compensated with repairs, credit income, etc".
      Sadly i don't really see that on the brits. To make a profit, starting with tier 8, dying is not allowed. Not even taking to much damage and making a butt-ton of damage. It's not rare to have ammo cost as high as repair costs and ultimately get a loss after battle, up to -30K. But for now, i hope your right and that i can get past the 20-pdr asap.

  2. 1. FOV changes
    - Didn't notice it, but I play mostly faster stuff. 1920x1080 too, so I am not sure if anything changed drastically for that screen size.

    2. Any issues with aiming/reticle especially while leading targets?
    - Not really. I had some issues snapping targets while moving, but I guess it was more due to the current microlagging issue than to anything else...

    3. National battles aka "Confronation"? Balanced? Fun to play?
    - Pretty nice so far, I'd say. Some tiers have a bit of an issue (like high Brit tiers missing a dedicated scout role), but it isn't horrible.

  3. I don't like confrontation, because of some discrepancy in nations balance. Depending on battle tier , some nations do have a clear advantage because many ppl playing the OP vehicles.

    Is laggy like hell. Untill 8.11 I used a mod who enable the simultaneous server and local reticle. They used to be pretty much on sync, server side one a bit behind when moving but still moving smooth. After 8.11 update the mod don't work anymore. Playing with server side reticle the reticle move jerky like hell (big jumps/steps)...cant shot anything at distance if it doesn't stay still. With local reticle it does move smooth but it shots totally random direction. I`ll take a brake from WoT because instead of having fun on the little spare time I have, after 8.11 is totally the opposite way...it drives me crazy :)

    1. EU server? Have had some lagging issues myself. Working on it.

      So which nations/tiers are OP?

  4. 1. FOV changes

    Not really noticed

    2. Any issues with aiming/reticle especially while leading targets?

    Yes. Changed for the worse but not sure how. Seem to be missing a lot of "easy" shots.

    3. National battles aka "Confronation"? Balanced? Fun to play?

    Balanced? Not sure. Fun? Yes

  5. I hate this patch as much as I liked the previous one. This is the worst patch in ages. Not sure what you guys did with it, but it's terrible.

    - insane lags on EU server (you know it's really bad when WG EU actually admits it's bad)
    - microfreezes for no apparent reason (the game just stops for a split second, very annoying)
    - you being damaged effect is somehow less visible, not sure what changed
    - FOV is fine for me, but something changed with the sniper POV, the shells in sniper view seem to originate from anywhere but the center of the reticle
    - national battles are just terribly balanced: either you roflstomp the enemy 15:0, or you get roflstomped. In addition, they produce really weird setups (13 x ISU-152 vs 13 x German TD's).
    - the battles load twice as long for me for no apparent reason whatsoever

    1. Yup, there are some performance issues. Have played a few battles earlier today.

      The games has never been catering for cross nation balance, so it was sort of expected.

  6. I like the patch a lot, however the lags, stutters and cramped FOV really bugs me out - I think I could get used to the FOV if I really had to, but the adjustment time really felt wrong and compressed and I dont like it. Almost as bad as the login screen not being able to remember what server I joined last. It's an extra click every time (how about a remember server choice box?)

    Confrontation is a fun thing, however the MM has a habit of fielding lots of the same tank type and a team of Pz IV isn't very strong about hordes of Kv-1... MM need to create more versatile confrontation teams please

    The only problems I have leading targets are ghost shells - on the launch date I had tons of shots getting lost from either packet loss or lag/minifreeze. Today the day after looks much better however it's not peak time yet.

    I really like the new aiming reticles, however why can we not have a white or black dot with penetration marker like J1mbos instead of a green/red one? And why not a bigger aiming circle instead of the very smal one implemented? I love more reticlesbut why hold back on options when you are already working with it? (I cannot belive making an aiming reticle is so damn hard for professional dev teams). It's like the devs were thinking lets give them what they want but we insist on giving them our own twist because copying something great is a sign of failure?

    Anyway thank you for asking - Im looking forward to playing tier X and testing TD balance while waiting for stable EU servers. It has been a huge issue since 8.8 and it stinks...

    1. @I really like the new aiming reticles, however why can we not have a white or black dot with penetration marker like J1mbos instead of a green/red one? And why not a bigger aiming circle instead of the very smal one implemented? I love more reticlesbut why hold back on options when you are already working with it? (I cannot belive making an aiming reticle is so damn hard for professional dev teams). It's like the devs were thinking lets give them what they want but we insist on giving them our own twist because copying something great is a sign of failure?@

      It's difficult to cater for everyone, unless you provide a fully functioning editor. Tastes differ.

    2. Yes, ofcourse taste is different - However it seems the only reason WG as a company felt like using resources in this area was because 1 person proved exactly what many, many players wanted... red dot and green dot are both fine options, however I bet a majority of players would prefer a pretty normal white or maybe black dot if you ask them?

      Anyway apart from the lag issues I have been looking forward to this patch and I enjoy it - Next I just like to see more TD balancing and Havok. I really like the game and I enjoy having to use less and less mods to get a comfortable game.

  7. 1. FOV changes

    Not really noticed

    2. Any issues with aiming/reticle especially while leading targets?

    Yes. I use a nvidia 3D vision setup with glasses, and the reticles and markers above tanks are not rendered anymore in stereoscopic mode. I can't use the 3D vision now otherwise it is unplayable (it was ok before 8.11)

    3. National battles aka "Confronation"? Balanced? Fun to play?

    This mode has his balance drawbacks but it is fun. Balancing with a defined number of types of tanks would be a plus, but i guess the MM will be a headache.
    We can switch it off if we don't like it :)

    4. I would add the huge lag on EU servers. A real problem.

  8. 1. I prefer old one, maybe set settings in option with various FOVs?
    2. Works well for me
    3. Fun to play. Unbalanced as hell. Sometimes I get lower amount of X tiers or I get 1 X tier more, but they get 6 more IX tiers (while we have 6 VIII). It sux and that's why I disabled it, sadly.

  9. I dont have an oppinion on the fov changes, it seems ok.
    However, i am having huge trouble with lag in both eu1&2. The game freezes and 2 seconds after that my tank is in different place. Also i play with bigger delay than usual.

    I switched off confrontation and all other modes, only playing normal games. Confrontation MM is severely broken. New changes in redshire map make it even more op for the north spawn. Also i dont like the changes on erlenbeg, it brakes the balance.

  10. 1. FoV change: bad move but very easy to change to the old FoV value. WG should consider make it selectable in future on the Settings tabs. Causes severe issues with reticle alignment.

    2.Aiming/reticle: me and all my friends that platoon with me feel that the reticle moves slower and with a movement not as fluid as before (it seems significantly slower and with jumps, much less precise). Also the alignment of the reticle with the new FoV seems wrong with shells departing not from the center and hitting a lot more on the edges of the aiming circle.

    3. Confrontation mode: As badly implemented as Assault and Encounter modes. It highlights the Nations Tech Trees extreme unbalances and me and all my friends we just disabled it. WG has the data of how many players have it disabled...so they just need to figure out why.

    4. Tier 10 TD´s nerf: Probably the only thing WG got almost right although the nerf of Obj 268 was minor when compared with the nerf of other tier 10 TD´s.

    5. TD camo reduction after firing + vegetation reduction of maps: 2 big nerfs together in just 1 iteration. It seems like 2 different departments were working on TD issues and both got their advice implemented at once. Reveals lack of overall supervision. TD´s play even more defensively now and everyone uses the 500 m drawing box advantage to be out of view of the enemy (707 m on the diagonal).

    6. Lag: Everyday from 17:00 GMT+1 until around 23:00 GMT + 1 (peak time) the lag and the packet loss for EU servers 1 and 2 make the game unplayable. It coincides with great number of players online. When the number of players reduces the ping is good and the lag almost zero although I now notice like micro freezes most of the time.

    7. Vegetation reduction and Scouts: Scouts are almost impossible to play nowadays unless you have a lot of expereince + OP tank + OP crew with 4 or 5 skills/perks at 100%. The vegetation reduction also impacted a lot the Scouts making passive scouting even harder now. Scouts last less time now in the battlefield, the great majority of them die in the first 60 seconds of the battles. Everyone I know that play the game just do not use their scout tanks anymore.

    Best regards,


    1. 3. And what would be a proper implementation for it?

      7. This is going to be addressed, right now scouts rebalancing is being worked on.

    2. 3. Confrontation mode should be between similar tanks. leaving the obvious OP tanks of each nation out of the equation. Also, the teams should be balanced with same fixed number of Heavies, Mediums, TD, Lights and Artillery.

      7. Scouts will only have a chance when WG introduces bigger maps. With the actual size maps they are just canon fodder.

    3. Overlord,

      One thing I do not understand it is why WG does not start again EU super testers program. We have a lot of smart people in EU too, it is not only RU...
      A lot of these mistakes with new patches come from a lack of understanding and communication with the player base.
      If you read the forums and all the sites about WoT you realize (between a lot of crap of course) how much awesome suggestions and ideas are just floating around without Wg taking profit of them.
      Last summer I had the opportunity of telling this personally to Victor Kislyi at the Gamescom 2013 WoT event. From our conversation I realized he is one of the few guys at WG that really believes in the player base capacity to help improving WoT. All the ohter big guys there just can not listen to the player base.

    4. Just another thing:

      WG does not understand why TD´s are so over powered but it is really simple.

      While they do not understand it they keep reducing vegetation, increasing dispersion, reducing camo after firing and other useless things.

      With small maps (1000 x 1000 is small) and no limitation to the mods that increase the zoom every TD can hit a fly on bolt on a hull at 707 mts (maximum drawing distance on the diagonal).

      I think WG needs to seriously address the mods situation. If everyone played with the game standard sniper zoom (not talking about the reticle mods, everyone can use what they like) it would be much harder to hit tanks at long distance, at least hard to hit them in a very specific zone.

      Right now most of TD players (and other tanks with precise guns) use 30x zoom and some use even more than 30x so when they are at max zoom they can aim whatever part of the tank they want. The problem is that a lot of players do not use such a zoom and this difference is really a game breaker.

    5. In my opinion these should be the top WG priorities:

      1. Stop nerfing the tanks except in very obvious extreme situations;
      2. Increase maps size to 2000 x 2000 mts and limit the smaller ones for tier 5 or 6 (to be tested) and below;
      3. Make the zoom standard for everyone;
      4. Increase the drawing distance to the maps edges (no 500 mts limit).

    6. @
      "1. Stop nerfing the tanks except in very obvious extreme situations;"

      Heh, there is no chance to make good MMO game without neverending rebalancing. You do not like that stuff is all the time rebalanced? Don't play MMO's.

      Larger maps and larger drawing distance equals more lags and longer download of battle.

      IMO, your wishes are quite unrealistic.

    7. Dead_Skin_Mask,

      Really? You need to increase your knowledge about the subjects you talk about.

      Right now 2 x 2 km maps are being tested by WG.

      And a similar game has big maps with no limit to drawing distance.

      Once again, learn before commenting.

    8. Actually bigger maps have been tested for quite a while. It's a complex thing that comprises performance and gameplay. I wouldn't say, there is a clear plan for this thing right now.

    9. @1. Stop nerfing the tanks except in very obvious extreme situations;@

      It's called balancing in MMO. :) Don't think we should stop it at this point. At least until we find a better way - no one has done in MMO industry yet, tho

    10. @RedBaron

      Yeah, and those larger maps and drawing distance do not influance performance, not at all, lol. Read Overlord's comment....

      IMO it is you, who should learn before commenting, cause maybe you just use strong PC for which there is no difference, but for thousands of players there is difference, so limiting small maps only to low tiers is unrealistic wish, cause it will be hard to accept for many players that their PC's can't handle maps on higher tiers or that they load much longer into battle and have performence problems all the time.

      As long as huge part of playerbase use quite weak PC's there will be rather no point in introducing larger maps with larger drawing distance. And I suspect (but not sure) that you wish those features, cause you want fights on larger distance. So there comes another huge problem connected with performance - spotting system and as far as I know it consumes huge part of resources during battles.

      So it is not so easy, just to say "Let's make bigger maps". All features have to take into account performance and as you see in last days there are problems even on small maps.

    11. Please, do the exact opposite of what RedBaron is saying. The zoom mod may have some use, but its actually a minor difference, if at all, given that it has no actual effect on accuracy. I choose not to use it for the reason that I find it harder to judge the odds of the shell going where intended. The zoom mod doesnt do anything that playing on a bigger screen at higher resolution does - are you going to ask for those to be banned as well?

      The problem with WoT currently, which this patch barely touched, is the need for huge rebalancing. I just can't be bothered to player tier x battles now, and given the recent problems with everyone playing tier VIII and slowing down the MM, it seems I'm not alone.

      Last year's cynical policy of releasing a new OP tier x every few months means the top tier is completely broken now. There is just way too much firepower on the battlefield. Was reminded in this last night when in a meds wolf pack. Trying out my new STB, I got one shot by an invisible 183, the other two meds were decimated by E3 and Foch. It used to be if you were caught in the open you had a chance of getting to cover unless there were like 5 tanks aiming at you. Now one or two TDs is all it takes. So many battles now are completely one sided: 15-3, 15-4. Its because there is too much firepower - a whole flank can get wiped out in seconds, and then its game over for the team.

      I'm worried that people have got so used to playing Tier X TDs now that WG will have to mega-nerf them to get their numbers down to sensible levels (like 4 per team instead of 8). This is exactly what happened with arty, and now WG are having to over buff them again to get people to play them... and so the cycle repeats.

      WG is reaping what it sowed. Even the lower tiers are spoiled, by tanks like the Rhm B, and the British tier VI arty (met a platoon of 3 of them last night - that was fun - shells coming in every 3 seconds. I wont buy any more premium time until patch 9, and if that doesnt create a balanced game again I'm walking away for a while.

    12. "So many battles now are completely one sided: 15-3, 15-4."

      This is not confirmed statistically. Just perception.

    13. Overlord,

      What I mean is WG needs to address the deep root issues before messing with tank stats. Of course that some tanks need to nerfed or buffed, it is very easy to assess it from all the data WG has.

    14. Assuming we all agree what the "deep roots" are.

    15. I'll take your silence on the rest of my post as some form of agreement. Might Jingles critique of Ground Forces last week was interesting - the one-shot-kill mechanics make it into a massive campfest. Looks awful to me. The problem is, WoT has ended up with a similar problem at Tier X. Half the tanks you come up against now can, solo, kill a scouting med (we don't even need to talk about lights) in a matter of seconds. This is the firepower problem. WG have their work cut out solving it.

  11. 1. I don't really get why change the fov at this moment. old one was fine, and the switch just messes with the brain. everything looks closer and tanks seem slower which is a major Ugh...
    2 and 3. Don't really have an opinion except that I turned off confrontation without even trying it. No interest whatsoever in playing that mode.

    Other than that, there has been major Latency issues in both EU servers, which have rendered the game unplayable to a good standard for the last 3 days, specially on peak hours. WGs ingame messages about it are reassuring, but I just wished the issue would be fixed faster. 8.10 update had major bug issues and this one seems to be even worse, updates are losing quality and I can't really see why.

    Cheers for asking!

  12. 1.- Didn't notice anything at all regarding FOV
    2.- No issues in reticle/aiming. I actually had really good luck leading targets today.
    3.- It's fun to play, but is this actually balanced? http://i.imgur.com/hgpenFI.jpg

    Extra notes: Windstorm kills my fps a bit, maybe not as much as some other map. I'll wait for that optimization.

    1. Yeah, as I expected a few weeks ago, British AT are hard to bit in national battles... And it was against Germans with great, precise guns...

      Balance in game is totally not ready for national battles. I am afraid that it will make some OP vehicles even more popular. Soon people in other tanks will turn it off, and there will be only hordes of KV-1s's, AT's, Foch's, WT E-100's and so on.

  13. Fov change is not gamebreaking at full HD.

    I did notice the server reticle lag. It's quite hard to lead targets because I cannot trust my reticle - It is lagging behind the gun quite bad sometimes. ( I have my gun on the target but my reticle is still behind him which is quite unpleasant for me as I do quite a lot of snapshooting). Makes leading hard because it causes overcorrecting even for close targets.

    I played only a few national battles. Mostly tier8. What I see is that national characteristichs play more part than tanks themselfs. It's more about balancing the tech trees. What I noticed is that russian tanks are blind and have no scouts ( nobody plays scouts ) - komarin is a death trap for russian tanks like KV1S or IS. British get destroyed in a brawl - RU vs UK 15:0, they just lack alpha. French can only hope amx50 players know what they are doing. American tech tree is the only one versatile enough.

  14. Is there a special reason why WG at Minsk ignores the MASSIVE LAGS on the EU servers, whereas the RU7 server, which is also located in Amsterdam works fine?

    Thanks for your chauvinistic company policy, WG. Shame on you! I call this real Russian bias.

    1. You have no idea what you are saying. The issue has been worked on since it was discovered. It's a major thing for the company.

    2. If it is really a major thing for your company, then I hope that:

      1. You solve this problem within the next 24 hours before the weekend.
      2. All EU players get a compensation, at least the players with a premium account.

      So, it's time to turn rhetoric into action.

    3. Uh, nice ultimatum. No one in Minsk will be able to sleep this night... Hahaha,

      Man, relax. It is only computer game.

    4. I fully agree.
      Besides solving the lag/packet loss as soon as possible WG needs to implement a proper compensation system with worthy goodies.

      After all, WG goodies are virtual involving no real expense for the company besides the loss of profit on the short term for not selling them for real money but have in mind that the players also lost game time/premium time in the short term due to the bad server performance.

      Right now WG is passing the image of a greedy company that up until a few days ago never acknowledged the bad EU server performance and only gives scrooge compensations to their faithful player base (like 1 day premium after we lost like 10x more game time due to bad server performance).

      Personally I believe in WG and I really have a lot of respect for the company history since it was a tiny small bunch of people with a vison up to the big company it is now. I think the problem is that along the way the vision was lost and most of WG people concentrates on short term results to show to their bosses.

      Victor Kislyi still has the vision as some other top level people at WG but they are far away from the more operational decisions. I feel that a lot of awesome forum posts are lost on the internal information process due mainly to staff incompetence/lack of understanding/lack of deep game experience (EU forum/web page) and also due to fear of passing too much negative feedback upwards.

      It would be a good idea for WG to implement a straight-to-the-top feedback system where an handful of selected players could send their opinions straight to Victor Kislyi and the top level of WG. I am not talking WG top level reading about 5.000 mails/messages/posts a day but something along the 50-100 distributed by a few different subjects. The contributors selection should be very careful and based on their game knowledge/game experience/analytical capacity/creativity/solutions provided.

      On a different level, I am amazed why WG does not perform monthly polls about several aspects of the game. The EU page/forum polls produced by the staff are so ridiculously biased towards the answers they want to obtain that I give up a long time ago to answer them. This is a basic quality control management tool for every company, assessing the costumer opinion about their product.

      And you know how almost everyone would answer the questionaire? Make it in game when we log in and offer 300 gold to everyone answering it. Simple and cheap.

    5. Dear Redbaron,

      SerB long ago said that game development is not a democracy. You do not make decisions with polls. And from many games that I know WoT has one of the best contacts between players and developers. In many games you have no info from devs and almost no questions about feedback.

    6. Dead_Skin_Mask,

      Obviously you do not know anything about the subject so please keep the trolls for yourself.

    7. @If it is really a major thing for your company, then I hope that:

      1. You solve this problem within the next 24 hours before the weekend.
      2. All EU players get a compensation, at least the players with a premium account.

      So, it's time to turn rhetoric into action.@

      I wish (we all do) it was that easy. When connection issues kick in, it's always complex . Could be backbone ISP side, could be changes in game/packet traffic, and many other things. Any of the potential reason can also be quite difficult to deal with.

    8. Well, the easiest solution from my point of view would be moving the EU1 server (and only EU1, not RU3) back to Munich. This would solve the problems for most EU players. The EU server in Munich worked great since 2011.

      As for compensation: WG should really give us some goodies as a redress for our


    9. @RedBaron

      Hahahaha, man you are so funny. Someone whose ideas are in many cases strongly unrealistic tells me that I have no idea about subject, hahahahahaha. Oh, if you do not like so much situations, when someone has other opinion then you, then do not even start discussions. :)

      Such polls were proposed many times in WoT history. I have already wrote you, what SerB said about them once ago. I can also add that he said once that 99 prc. of feedback/suggestions are useless (cause stupid, unrealistic, irrevelant or devs already know that or plan).

    10. FrankyK,

      traffic volume have increased X-fold since 2011 and situation is now different. The traffic gets huge spikes after each update overloading some/many networks and ISPs. Sometimes it's difficult to find out on which side the issue is on.

    11. Overlord,

      Many of us play othe MMO's besides WOT. And we do not have problems with the other games. In my case I play 2 other MMO's and they have wonderful connections all the time, only WoT has issues.

      So I am pretty sure the present connection issues are on WoT servers side. My computer and ISP work wonderfully in the other games.

    12. Dead_Skin_Mask,

      You keep quoting SerB like he is God. Please keep your religious convictions to yourself.
      WG knows exactly all the issues WoT has. Their problem is trying to address them without having a big impact in their income (this includes contracting staff of better quality but better paid). To give you an example, the EU WoT website/forum is poorly run and WG knows it but they prefer to maintain the actual staff.

    13. Is Telia.net over there as well??

    14. @RedBaron

      I quoted you SerB, to show you what one of the most important people in WG thinks about polls and feedback.

      And if WoT knows exactly issues, then what for those polls and feedback? You contradict yourself :).

    15. RedBaron,

      that's a pretty wide-spread issue, certain traffic channels/routes can be overloaded. Other services can work pretty good at the same time.
      Still no guarantee that's the current issue.

  15. FOV - looks weird on 16:9, 21:9
    The old one was far much better. - not trying to be rude, but this was one of the few things nobody ever complained about... yet you have to change it...

    What I've noticed however, is ground resistance change - every tank feels so sluggish..
    On some vehicles it's not just the feel, they are slower. I couldnt reach 25km/h on E100 on flat ruinberg, concrete surface. Yet I know it used to drive cca 30+km/h
    Sherman E8 - hardly reaches 40.
    ELC AMX feels like medium tank.
    Hopefully its a bug, because its killing the fun. Trying to play aggressively but the tanks barely move... every second ingame is like "comon you piece of junk, turn, move!"

  16. Hi,

    1. FOV changes
    With 1920*1080, I did'nt notice it.

    2. Any issues with aiming/reticle especially while leading targets?
    A lot because of lag. Game lag like hell... it's like play during a download... Serverside reticle is activated so I see it jump from a side to the other side everytime, almost impossible to ajsut shot fast (6-8 sec of aiming instead 2-3). Then lag is also bad on tank movement. Finally, I notice a lot of strange shots. Sometimes I take shot from nowhere (for exemple, I took a shot from right when there is the limit of the map at my right and all my teammates and enemies are at my left). I also notice a lot of bouce/no penetration, even on very poor armored ennemies.

    3. National battles aka "Confronation"? Balanced? Fun to play?
    It's far that be balanced. Fun, yes because it's not an usual team setup. I think taht need a +/-4 MM spreading to have more various vehicles and so more balanced battle.

  17. 1: Haven't noticed anything different. (16:10 - 1920x1080)

    2: A lot of issues. Server reticle chops around with a ~1000ms delay between each jump. Had to turn it off. Resulting in a lot of shots going outside the aim-circle because the server doesn't know I'm fully aimed in. Ping to EU1/EU2 is ~30ms while this is going on.

    3: It can be balanced with certain tanks, but I feel like it's pretty unbalanced at certain tiers (tier6, 8, 9 and 10)

  18. in my opinion, 8.11 is the worst patch ever! the game feels like a NEW game! all feel sluggish and like there is a huuuge delay on everything, it lags soo much! playing a heavy tank feels like palying a T95. If you shoot at an enemy the shells fly very weird ect.! I really want 8.10 back, all was fine! I will not play this game anymore until all issues are solved!

  19. 1. FOV changes
    Changed back to pre 8.11, in avatarinputhandler.
    I felt my tanks felt slower, an illusion maybe but I prefer the settings as they were. (Cant have blur on either just to add another element of confusion.

    2. Any issues with aiming/reticle especially while leading targets?
    I have had issues with trailing shots but more importantly the issue from a sudden spike in play from nowhere or a delay in a shot being fired

    3. National battles aka "Confrontation"? Balanced? Fun to play?
    Turned off this game mode maybe I will try it in the future.

  20. Please don't release OP tanks and then Nerf them over a year later, it real winds players up.
    Its not right when players have spent real money.

    1. Don't grind toward newly released OP tanks :)

      And more seriously, balance is not so easy to achieve as it seems (IMO in WoT is even quite OK, I have seen games which were totally loosing any balance after some major expansion and finetuning them back took months). MMO games are balanced all the time, so no point in demending from devs to stop changing stats. They have to do it. Not long ago in one of most popular MMO's huge part of players demanded from devs to buff NPC cause player characters became much too powerful and were easily exterminating all mobs.

      And if you have problems that your vehicles are nerfed, then you should watch unofficial stats with tanks win ratios. It usually shows in advance where will nerfs come, so you can avoid such vehicles.

      I can also add that you agreed for nerfing all content that you use, when you accepted EULA. If you don't like it, don't spend real money :) And tbh WG is quite honest in that case. We could sell SP when it was changed quite much. But it was special case cause it is premium tank.

    2. Its still wrong any way you wrap it up,
      EULA,just cuz you agreed to it does not make it right,
      They keep baiting and switching again and again.
      How many times have they pulled the bait and switch.

    3. To be fair, they didn't make this mistake with the Japanese tree. Pretty balanced, possibly even underpowered in some ways. Hopefully a sign of future behaviour.

    4. @bruce cole

      Any proff that it is intentional? Cause in last 3 years I have seen many lines that had no OP tanks during release. And if someone rush some line only because just after release some tanks are OP, then it is his mistake and his problem. Reasonable players know that every stuff can be just after release not properly balanced and some changes in next months are possible. It happens in all games I know. Cause there is no chance to balance everything without any mistakes during betas and tests. I have never seen dev team doing such miracle.

    5. @leeder,thats why you dont see many jap tanks,just alot of french and German TD's.It upsets the balance of the game also having OP tanks,look at arty you would think they would of learnt from the impact it had on the game and for how long.

    6. I can assure you that any mistake (and bad balancing in a mistake) has never been intentional. We have got a really complex system in here with ~300 tanks, which want to keep both unique and balanced. It's a hard task.

    7. Sorry Overload, but you must think we're idiots if you expect us to buy that. WG has a long history of releasing clearly OP tanks. Dead Skin is completely missing the point saying "dont grind for them if you dont like them". I don't have a WT E100 for that reason, but I still have to play against 2 or 3 of them in most games. It affects all of us, whether we play along with grinding them or not.

      The BatChat should have taught WG all it needed to know about how high firepower could unbalance a tank. Just when they finally patched it to a balanced tank, they brought out the T57, the Foch, the E3, the 268 and then the piece de la resistance - the WT. If after all those tanks, WG genuinely thought the WT wouldnt be unbalanced then they are utterly incompetent.

      And if the mistakes were genuine why does it take 6months + to actually do something? Decent statistical analysis of the tank's performance compared to the stats of those using it should show within a month whether a tank needs fixing (hell this is what the test should do). Its almost like WG are waiting until those that grinded have had a decent return on their time investment, before doing what they know needed to be done all along.

    8. Sorry, I think it's your spelling that kills any inclination to give full reply.
      Keeping a complex system is a difficult task, there is a room for mistakes. In most of the cases 2 update cycles - at least 3 months are needed to do the balancing changes, because initially the data is pretty much screwed up by pioneers. Sometimes, the reason for delay is different - our dev pace (it can be rather slow), priorities conflict (new over old), etc

      You are free to believe in what you want to. Conspiracy theories are always more attractive.

    9. @Overlord If you believe this that it takes 2-3 months to do balancing changes then why don't you test them before releasing them. It incredible that you release them and put hardship on the player base without even testing the balances?

    10. WOT has come along way and grown very fast so much so it must be hard to keep up. I do understand this.
      All said and done its my most played game and the game I spend the most dosh on. I would have thought you would get better and more efficient at balancing introduced lines of tanks. Which does not seem to be the case some times. I think its something which needs addressing and hope you take this on board.
      I do feel that you are starting to listen to the community more and this is a good thing and worth its weight in wot gold.

    11. @Smintar
      They are tested many times before release. But internal tests, supertests and - first of all - testserver are not live server. They can't mimic live server with thousands of players with different skill, tactics, they can't reliable recreate how people will use that vehicles and how other people wil react.

      Also, many of those OP tanks where even more OP during tests. French tanks in first iteration of testserver were insanly powerful. After release they were already much weaker, but they had to be nerfed once more.

      And fast changes after release are not so easy to do. In first weeks new tanks of top levels are mainly in hands of very good players, so there is a big chance that nerfing them using first stats will end in overnerfing. Another factor which makes first stats not so reliable is that in some cases people can't effectively fight against new vehicles (dont know their weakspots, strong sides and so on) and it takes time to learn how to kill them.

      There were situations, when just after release tanks had nice win ratio stats and a few months later they became average without any nerfes. There were also situations of quite fast nerfs and a few months later WG had to buff vehicle.

      Balancing is not as simple as many players think, specially in MMO's.

    12. Smintar,

      basically what Dead_Skin_Mask said.

      There are a few balancing iterations invloved:
      - dev team
      - supertest
      - public test
      - live server

      Unfortunately, in some of the cases the required testing sample is only available at the last stage. Especially when it comes to unique vehicles with actual character, not yet another tank.

    13. @ Overload

      Seriously? There are 227 words in my post, I can see one typo (pardon my French), and you use that to dismiss what I wrote? Weak.

      If I was into conspiracies I'd think you were trying to distract from my actual argument.

      Simple question, if we accept your argument that the (in)balancing was all accidental:

      How many Tier Xs that came out last year need nerfing?
      How many Tier Xs that came out last year need buffing?

      You're shown you're good at languages, how about at maths?

    14. @ battles_atlas
      Can you tell me who is Overload? I don't know such guy.

    15. Hes the brother of circuit breaker and is a twinkie just like yourself.

    16. Your the one taking the piss out of is spelling, that's very adult of you,
      You like dishing it out but you cant take it.

    17. I showed him, what Overlord didn't like in his "spelling". And he made that "mistake" already twice. Most propably intentionally. Cultural person takes care to not to make mistake in someones name (nickname).

      So keep your namecalling for yourself, cause it is very childish.

    18. You was being sarcastic,
      dont think you can fool anybody with that serb wannabe act.

  21. Found this blog through FTR just to comment on confrontation battles. FOV is fine. No complaints.

    Confrontation battle is the best mode ever. I wish there was a way to just play that mode. I have been trying to get conf battles with French tanks without success. I disabled encounter and assault. Standard battles are boring. BORING. I want to only play confrontation battles. Actually this gives me a good reason to grind the British tech tree. British tanks work very well in team work. I took out my KV1 for a try. I didn't get confrontation and got a boring standard battle. I just commit suicide. I'm a paying customer. I don't want to waste my time playing a game mode I don't want. I;m ready to pay 1 GOLD in order to get confrontation battles.

    I tried to get confrontation battle with A Panther scout without success. Same with French scout line. By the way the A Panther is a super good tank. I love it. I have good success in it.
    I don't care if Confrontation is not balanced it is FUN! On the other hand, the MM sometimes matches 8 top tiers vs 6 top tiers. It makes a huge difference and THAT is unfair balance. Difference in balance in tech means the team has to use brains cells and use the tank tech strengths.

    1. Thanks for the feedback.

      For random matches we ensure equal balancing only for top 5 vehicles. For the rest of the teams the requirements are softer.

  22. 1: FoV now SUCKS big time. It badly needs to be player adjustable.
    I have noticed improved fps on my semi slow ultrabook, cept in sniper mode tho.

    2: Dont know havnt noticed any (All tho i am getting some odd ping/lag spikes on EU server, seems server related + earlyer today the server was down, and we lost prem time due to this.

    3. National battles aka "Confronation"? Balanced? Fun to play?
    Ballance: time will tell (i fear not, it will be tier OP for certain nations)
    But so far, Yes, its very fun to play.

    4: I think most things are good, i like the map redo, and confrontation + TD nerfs, BUT theres plenty of stuff to fix still, esp the random server lags, and it seems that you still have some isues/bugs with object/walls being in the way for the shells/aim, even when it looks like its not.(bug/isue seems a few patches old by now).

  23. Hello.

    "2. Any issues with aiming/reticle especially while leading targets?"

    Besides the lag/stutter that's been reported by the others, for me the reticle gets twitchy and sticky in sniper mode, when I'm targeting a tank.

    When I go in sniper mode and I am not aiming at a tank, there is a drop in fps (between 10 and 15), but the reticle moves pretty smoothly.

    Thank you.

  24. I started playing after two days because there was no FOV mod earlier and I had a massive eyestrain and motion sickness without that. WHY did You do that? Using console FoV standard for a PC game when the monitor is NOT as far away from the player as in case of consoles?! That is a BAD idea!

    Almost every modern game that has first person or third person mode has FOV slider as a standard. This is because PC gamers have very much NON constand setup. Some have big screens, others have smaller screens, some sit very close to their screen (like 40cm) others a bit further away (up to 1m). Every setup is different and to give a natural feel You need to make it adjustable so that Your brain does not get messed up with lack of periferal vision. If You are siting very close to a big screen (a typical PC setup) You not only need Your screen to cover part of Your periferal vision by the fisheye effect, but You also have to make this adjustable SEPARAELY for vertical and horizontal FOV as there are many different configs there ... starting from a 4:3, going through 16:10 and 16:9 and ending up with a multiscreen setups that need up to 180 degree of hoizontal FOV.

    Another thing is that with big screens with high FOV that are set to cover Your periferal vision should get one more option that comes along with high FOV. UNLOCKING interface that allows You to move Your player lists, maps and damage panel from the edge of the screen more towrds the middle. Of course this is less of an issue, but sinde You do nothave 100% sharp vision of Your periferal vision, You probably will want to have Your interface where You can read it.

    This is what makes PC gaming so much better from console gaming. You can adjust the game to feel comfortable and fit Your preferences. Denying users this option is like saying "WE DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR COMFORT" - that is not acceptable in odern games and as long as FOV was reasonably wider, most pleople did not realise that this is one of the elements that determine their comfort of play.

    Except that ...
    I love the new game mode, that is a breat of fresh air in WoT, but I think that MM should be adjusted to make it stretch ALWAYS on 3 vehicle tiers so that there is a bit more variety in the game that way. At the moment it tends to make teams composed of 3-4 types of vehicles. With usual 4-5 vehicles in each tier available that is an expected result) forcing it to "take" at least 2 or 3 tiers into the battle makes the selection of tanks available up to 15-18 per nation instead of 5-7.

    Removal of killcam = instant love :D
    New map? = still waiting to have a look at it ... no luck so far
    T-54 model changes are something I like as well :)

  25. FOV is a pain, I don't like it. Tanks closer slows down the feeling of speed. Even my Cromwell feels sluggish now.

    No problems with lag. No problems with reticles.

    Confrontation is... non-existant. I've had it enabled since the patch and done over 100 battles since then. only a couple in Japanese and Chinese and whenever platooned, always to allow confrontation to appear.

    I've not had one single confrontation battle. The game mode is a lie. It doesn't exist. This point itself has really really disappointed me.

    1. No sooner had I posted this, I got 5 national battles in a row. Hmm. I like them lots! They may not be balanced, but that doesn't matter, its fun to fight as part of a nation - particularly your actual nation in real life. Confrontation = Thumbs up from me.

  26. 1. FOV changes
    What's FOV? :P
    2. Any issues with aiming/reticle especially while leading targets?
    No issues... mods ftw!
    3. National battles aka "Confronation"? Balanced? Fun to play?
    National battles are fun. I like them and unlike the other two game modes I decided to let this one active. I hope China and Japan will take part in this battle mode soon.

    What bugs me about this update:
    1. So, the mastery badges are now given more than once but there's no tracking system for them. I can't know how many times I got Ace Tanker on my IS-7. It would be nice to count those badges.
    2. Getting shot doesn't "feel" so dramatic anymore... Sometimes I don't even notice that my HP goes down. Something has been changed here and I don't think it was necessary.
    3. The EU servers are lagging like hell.

    1. Confrontation balance: http://s5.postimg.org/59ps0rj6v/shot_311.jpg
      Battle played in the middle of the day so don't pull some "was late at night" argument.

    2. There is a bug related to mastery badges. We are working on it.

    3. I agree with Mao. I often get those match up lately.

      I would prefer waiting a little more or make the games 12v12 like in World of Warplanes.

  27. Yo Overlord
    1: For whatever reason WG changed the FOV high end pc users are hit. reducing field of view to a narrow degree has a well documented impact on human eyes. so 1920-1080p resolutions took a big hit and thank god a quick community mod fix came out early. instead of reducing it, make ppl choose their fov. not that hard.

    2: BIG issues even when the server is stable the aiming is stuttering alot even tho my FPS is above 150. The server stability is a different discussion, but these micro-lags and aims stuttering is making the game unplayable for me. I can play but i cant preform to my best and that makes it unplayable for me.

    3: Confrontation? well cool idea. Balanced? no way and it will probably never be. but assault and encounter isnt either. But WG doesnt make you play em since you can turn em off, which tells us that they are giving us the freedom and are caring about the consumer which is rare for companys these days. 1 up WG!

    1. Well. The possibility to turn off mods were not always in that game. It took lot of negative feedback to make WG to introduce that feature :). But it was one of the best changes in game for sure.

    2. You kinda make it sound like players were forced to play assault and encounter for years before the option to turn them off was implemented - while in reality it was just one patch. ;)

    3. @Trent
      No. It was 2 patches :). Modes were added in 7.4, later was 7.5 and ability to turn off was added in 8.0 3 months later and after many whines :) And players (me among them) were demanding it already during tests of 7.4.

  28. MM for T8 tanks didn't get one tiny bit better. There are still almost as many T8 tanks waiting as all other tiers combined and whenever I select a T8 vehicle if still have to wait up to two minutes for a match.

    That's just lousy.

    1. EU1 http://imageshack.com/a/img855/6091/zqdr.png
      EU2: http://imageshack.com/a/img577/20/rr5d.png

      Not that much of a difference.

  29. Instead of WG dealing with the queue as is they try force it into a tier spread situation that creates the wait times... then tosses us into more T10 fights to try and fix it... when all along it's the relative queue sizes that are the problem. Any idiot could tell you to just pop more at tier battles for the tiers with the largest queues.... Or does your desire to make us fight T10 with our T8's battle after battle over ride your common sense?

    1. You do not really understand how the MM works and what WG did by removing battle tier 12.

    2. You really don't understand that on RU3 right now there are 1600 T8's in the queue and 27 T10's and it's taking 1-3 minutes for battles to pop. The problem wasn't battle tier 12 but not addressing the glut of any one tier in the queue!

    3. The same issue with the IS6 event and T6. 1300-1600 T6's sitting there and less than 50 tanks at all other tiers. MM sitting there not creating same tiered battles resulting in wait times in excess of 2 minutes... The only solution when one tier is this over stocked is to pop same tier battles! It's common sense!

    4. So what I'm saying is that MM needs to look at the current queue. Realize that there's a massive imbalance then start popping battles to deal with it....

    5. Such solution wasn't introduced because it would be - according to devs - making the game too easy for tier 8 tanks (many battles only agains tier 8). The problem was that there wasn't enough higher tier tanks for battles with tier VIII.

      Deleting battle tier 12 caused that there is more tier X tanks to put in battles with tier VIII, so tier VIII tanks wait shorter for the bigger brothers.

    6. @So what I'm saying is that MM needs to look at the current queue. Realize that there's a massive imbalance then start popping battles to deal with it....@

      It is doing so already. Retrospectively.

  30. 1. I can't stand new FOV at all. I have been playing since 2010 and got used to old one. Now I am confused all the time - not fun. Please revert back asap.
    2. Hard to say, EU servers are quite laggy now so I don't know whether problems are caused by lags or patch.
    3. I turned if off after seeing team consisting of 10 WT auf E100, 4 E100, Leopard.
    I have to say that high amount of WTFE100 in one team can just obliterate enemy quite fast.
    Maybe I will try it again the future (after you rebalance X tier more)

    BTW: why old, big thread with Q&A (done by you long time ago) was made invisible to normal players on EU forums?

    1. No idea, to be honest. They (EU guys) might be doing some restructuring on the forums.

  31. 1.) The FOV change was horrible. I fixed it with a mod as soon as I could. (you should be able to chose this yourself)
    2.) I have had some strange jumping (lagg?) when aiming in zoomed in mode. My friend had problems with his aim pointing in another direction then his gun. (That was probably addon related though).
    3.) National battles was fun, but does not seem balanced in random battles. I have not lost one single battle so far when playing in russian tanks. (Havnt played national battles with any other tanks than russian).

    Regarding other things:
    The nerf of some TDs was to much, for example the Obj. 268 became really bad. If nerfs happen that much, the crew training should be reset so that you can chose new skills to compensate for what is lost.
    The change of the maps seem good so far, I like it, except for highway. The camping on highway got addressed in the wrong way. What should have been done was to add more bushes in the middle of the map, so that lighttanks can get and scout the camping people easier without getting shot.
    Nerfing camping should be done by helping light tanks, not by removing bushes (and in that way options for those who will camp anyway).
    Highway will be fixed when the draw distance will become a circle IF there will be bushes for lighttanks to spot from.
    The game in general seems to take more from my computer (that is a bit old) and stuff laggs more. I get higher FPS on average, but the FPS drops very much like spikes now and then. (On almost all maps)

    Question: Why do WG nerf everything hitting you that you cant see (Arty/TDs), when the problem is not that those tanks are overpowered, but rather that there are not enough light tanks spotting and it is to hard to scout since the maps arn't built for scouting? Wouldnt it be better to add some small bushes in the middle of fields, make more light tanks in the game and give some sort of income bonus or whatever for scouting well in a light tank, so that people start finding the hidden tanks instead?

    1. It's one of the balancing priorities to make LTs viable again. Without screwing up the other classes.

    2. i beg to disagree. Light tanks are very useful. however they are useful only when half the players are already dead. by that time most scout have already commit suicide.

      I have been playing derp A Panther with amazing success when I force myself to NOT DIE in the first 5 minutes.

    3. @mordan

      In many battles I dreamed about having a good scout in last minutes of battle. Cause then they are really useful, not in the beginning. Wise player you are, Kudos :)

    4. Light tanks would be VERY viable with their current speed and camouflage values if they just received a normal MatchMaking and tier X heavy,medium and TD tanks losing 10-20 viewrange...

    5. Overlord: But why then screw up artys and TDs?
      1.) For example you nerfed the object 268 through the ground. (Clearly to much)
      2.) You try to make it hard to snipe on the new maps by blocking sniping positions (like you did in the south end of North-west. I thought TDs were supposed to snipe, but now the maps only let you go close combat, so meds/heavies gets even better.
      3.) You make Artys very boring to play and with the RNG they now dont depend on skill at all.

      Nerfs should be done when needed, but overnerfing is not the answer. In the same way that nerfing TDs is not the answer to the camping problem. (Other tanks camp aswell)

      Artys and TDs should still be fun to play. That includes not needing to go in close combat with a TD, since the map is designed in that way.
      If the camping problem needs a solution, make something that can COUNTER it instead!
      Artys could counter TDs, lights could counter artys by attacking them, and TDs by scouting them. That is not the case anymore because you broke the balance of the game and you have gone on doing so (since the arty nerf).

      Make positions on the maps where it is easy to snipe from (most randoms will go there). Also make some place where you easily can spot those tanks close by so that lights can go and spot.
      Reverse the nerfs you have done (except for maybe some stuff like the WT-E100 nerf that was needed)

      In the future, do smaller nerfs and not to every tank of a class at the same time.

  32. we need
    4slots equipement for tierX tanks
    3slots equipement for tierVIII-IX tanks
    2slots equipement for tierV-VII tanks
    1slots equipement for tierI-IV tanks
    we dont need sealclubbers

    1. Your idea would not work very well.

      I seal club in my Tier 2, 4,5 and 6 SPGs and I need all 3 of my slots.

  33. There are some bad micro-lagging and server delays and its not my internet nor my internet provider.
    Its in fact become worse in 8.11 then it was in 8.10.

    Its stupid and silly that WG cannot fix their servers to run properly.
    The game ran butter-smooth in 8.5 but ever since 8.8 its been laggy and some minor server delays and basically just gotten worse and worse with every patch.

    Maybe its time to upgrade to SSD harddrives instead of using 2500RPM HDD from 1995 in the servers.

  34. FOV change does actually matter. Not only it's uncomfortable, but all the tanks feel sluggish now (yeah, try driving in sniper mode, slow motion enabled). And as Silent said far above, huge lags are present on both EU servers, which makes the game unplayable since.its not world of teleporting tanks...

  35. FOV changes: not impacted much.
    National battles: not so good, because too many people play tanks that are too hard to play, or they perceive them as OP, thereby failing to PWN. I like the idea very much, but coordinating people in randoms to act like a team (French tanks for example) is like talking to chipmunks.

    Nerfs are not a big problem, they can be handled by good players. It's irrational, why WT auf E wasn't nerfed and is still very tough opponent, even played by bad players. Proof is in the method of OP-assesment from RU forums.

    Big deal is the quality of patch itself. Every new version brings big problems for quality of service itself and if Gaijin decides to release Ground Forces together with major WoT patch, that will be similar screwup to 8.11, they may receive larger playerbase, than I think they should.

  36. Hello there. I truly hope u read what I have to say. 8.11 patch brought a really nice FPS increase for me. Average was 27-8, now its 35. That is really nice about this patch. However, the lag is killing my biggest efforts to play it. It is truly unplayable. The other thing im experiencing, and I've notices few oter ppl on the forum with the same problem, is the sharp FPS drop when hitting shift, for sniper mode. After I hit shift, FPS drop from 35 to 12 even, stay like that for 2-3 sec, and then they rise back up and go to 40-ish FPS. That is the second problem which is affecting my gameplay really hard. in 8.10 patch, I had the issue of FPS dropped for all the usual reasons of high graphics, but in this patch the problem seems to be gone, however, the sniper mode drop occurred. Its not my PC or mods - I dont use any and the PC handles heavier games really good without any problems. Its really this patch that is making those problems.

    As for National Battles, I have found them to be really good. Especially if one finds himself in a weaker tank team (not weaker players, but weaker in terms of armor and guns) and for me, they turned out really good, even when in losing team. Its fun for me.

    FOV - I havent noticed because I dont pay attention to too many details.

    Hope you read it and maybe give me some kind of feedback. Cheers.

  37. 3. National battles aka "Confronation"? Balanced? Fun to play?

    I honestly don't know... I have yet to get into a National Battles and I have been trying to get in... I have also yet to see the new map in the rotation. Although I did see the new Ruinberg on Fire.

    Maybe it is because I have been playing SPGs the whole time idk... From the USA (West Coast) the lags on Monday and Tuesday did not affect me much but on Wednesday and Thursday I picked up an average of 40-60ms over my "normal" ping of 220-240ms. I can adjust and handle 220ms, but 300ms, in SPGs is unplayable.

    As far as tanks goes I will need to install shadow scope again as ping went from 220 to 400ms and would climb to 500ms when in sniper mode when on min settings for no real reason. =/

    Frame rate is still decently good.

  38. 1. FOV - some of my friends had motion sickness, I don't have such a problem but it seems strange in a way that tank feels a lot slower. I did not use FOV fix myself, but a lot of people I know did.

    2. Did not notice any changes apart from having big problems hitting any moving targets for a few (10 - 20) first battles after the patch, cannot put my finger on it though. Reticule is also jerky, does not move as smooth as it used too (its like it moves with the same speed but the movement is not as fluid), but I maybe it is all due to a lag/packet loss in around Amsterdam hops and on WG servers.

    3. Confrontation battle - did not try it on live server, tried it on the test, did not like it due to people not being capable to think in most cases. Same reason I disabled Attack/Defense mode or whatever it is called, I still play encounter though. Most people are simply not capable to use strengths of a nation or even his own tank and exploit weaknesses of enemy's nation. I know the same goes for random battles, but in Confrontation it is crucial.

    It pis.. it really made me not happy when french autoloaders needed to rush and unload a clips on 2, 3 Russian heavies or TD's but instead they camped and traded shot for shot.

    Some people said Confrontation is not balanced properly,. It is true, some nations are more suited than other for dumb play. some vehicles are OP, that creates some advantages and disadvantages for main player base which makes those battles unbalanced. To balance them IMO there would need to be added some new MM weights for the tanks used only in this mod which would even the nation's discrepancies and maybe even make a hardcap for classes or even types of vehicles. But I guess that would take a lot of time, effort, manpower and money to do.

    From me:
    4. Most of the maps have higher FPS for me (highest settings, 1920x1080).

    5. Tracers were changed, I can see them more clearly now, overall I think it is better, but there are slightly too bright now, just my opinion, love the ricochet effect.

    6. Can't really say why (is it the sound, FOV or some graphical changes) but when getting hit in the middle of a busy engagement it is sometimes really difficult to say if the tank that just shot you bounced, ricocheted or hit you straight in the face. At least for me it makes those split second decisions more difficult.

    Not the best patch overall, but decent, good changes to the maps (Highway might be a bit overbalanced, north spawn might be at a disadvantage now, but time will tell) and TD's. Thank you for your work.

  39. I don't get why so many din't notice the FOV changes. You have less overview now, a fish-eye-effect with high (16:9) resolutions and all tanks feel like they drive at least 20 km/h less. I'm playing WoT for a long time now, old FOV was just fine and i never saw any complains about it from peolple with smaller monitors or older PC's. Why this change was needed? I actually feel punsihed for having better hardware now and correcting it via mods still doesnt't solve the "slow down" and (for me) broken arcade mode aiming.

  40. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  41. How to get banned in 3 seconds.


  42. FOV - Yes I did noticed it, IMHO very bad because I miss a lot of targets now. Maybe I will get used to it by time dont know, for now its worse.
    Reticle - Cant even snipe with Lowe, so its probably worse...
    National battles - turned off this option instantly...tanks should be balanced but you cant balance the whole nation...that is just...not smart

    All in all, dont like this patch as the previous ones

  43. 1. FOV changes
    Did not like it at all so I changed it back.

    2. Any issues with aiming/reticle especially while leading targets?
    Yes. My hit % has dropped by almost 10 % since the patch. It might be also affected by abysmal packet loss on both EU servers.
    3. National battles aka "Confronation"? Balanced? Fun to play?
    It really depends of the tier. I had battle in my tier 6 Churchhill against almost whole team of KV1S's, didn't have a chance. I don't enjoy it too much, but it might give you guys some insight about tanks that need buffing and nerfing.

    I REALLY liked the map changes, more please!

  44. Game is unplayable due to lags. Last 2 days i`m leaving frustrated after few battles!

    Game is torture now , please stop "patching" it and turning it into WOWP (unless you want to see 1000 people online tops).

    1. Didn't quite get your reasoning. We are working on the issue though.

  45. This was the worst patch for me in a long time. You can see that it is, because I actually take my time to go here and write about it.

    1. FOV changes. The new FOV has made me feeling dizzy and naseous. It boggles my mind that I had to go to the forum and look for a Mod to fix a problem, so your game is playable for me, without feeling sick.

    2. National Battles. I kinda saw it coming, that the balance won't work. Also don't know whats up with the setups. It's 80% Td's in almost every battle. I turned it of after 10 Battles, because I don't like that mode for said reasons. I had a game with about 6 x T95 on my team. And 7 Rheinmetall on the other. Ofc we lost big time.

    3. The lags on the server were insane. There were several times when I just logged off and could not play. That sucks, because I have still around 160 premium days and I don't like to see them get wasted, because the server lags and has lagged for almost a week now. I would think that a company as big as you would have enough funds to fix such issues.

    4. Only thing that I liked about this patch were the map changes. Although I played quite a bit and still have to see the new Winstorm map.

    5. Don't like the moneymaking buff on tanks such as T34-3 and 112. 10% is a joke. In game with even e.g. 1000 scout damage, and 3000k normal damage, when I play my Is6, or my Type 59 I make much much more money compared to my 112, or compared to what my friend does with his T34-3.

    6. I still don't see a buff to the AT15A, which makes me sad. The tank is much much worse than tanks on his level, although he has Standard matchmaking. He is argueably even a worse moneymaker.
    Buff it HP to 1300(he is supposed to be tanky. At7 has 1200) and buff his gun, or buff it to 1k HP and give it limited matchmaking, so it only faces tier 7.

  46. The microlag has made 8.11 unplayable for me.

    Basically it only affects gun traverse (including turret traverse) and causes the movement to lag about 1 second behind.

    Thing is, I don't think this is actual lag because PingPlotter indicates no packet loss and normal ping. Furthermore, everything else in-game works fine. Movement does not seem laggy.

    I think this is a bug...

  47. Fix the EU server ASAP please. This is disrespectfully.

  48. The game is not running as smooth as before. Can not put my finger on exactly the problem enough to describe it.

    Confrontation mode? Turned that off as soon as the patch was installed. I might change it back after something is done to cull the number of TDs, however.

  49. The content and map changes are great. However the FOV and elimination of tier 12 mm stink.
    And what is causing the sudden drop in accuracy. Im running a stock game and random misses are getting old.

  50. 1. FOV without any Zoom MOD is too close to vehicle. A little bit back would be better.
    Its either FOV or ground resistance, but ALL tanks appear slow.
    Tried to go scouting and it took ages to get to the known spots.

    2. In peak times the microlags are most hindering when in close combat.
    Often it feels like an extra half-second until shot is released and an extra
    two seconds until the damage is shown.
    Leading is difficult, yesterday 10pm I hit some tanks at a moment
    when they have moved already behind cover. Or it shows this late.

    3. Tried briefly and is seems to be very unbalaced.
    a) Limit any tank appearance to max 4 or 5 in each battle
    b) Define vehicle based pre balanced nation battles.
    Fixed setup. Like 4 of this 5 of that and so on.
    Or varying between 3 to 5 from each vehicle. Cut away the extreme setups.
    Just fill these battles with players in the right vehicle.
    Can get boring, but the skill differences and map rotation can keep it interesting.
    Can give a glimpse of historic battles.

    4. Sorry, but evergreen MM balance still not solved.
    IDEA: Try to implement skill based MM.
    Not driving Unicums vs unicums and likewise, BUT
    distribute skill evenly over teams.
    Can create much more intersting fights.
    IDEA: During MM process create groups of threes (like full platoon) of similar skill and vehicle.
    create teams out of these groups by putting again similar groups on each side.
    Bonus IDEA: This can be used to handle extreme unbalance (troll) platooning.
    Let them wait until they can be matched vs an exact same unbalanced platoon on other team.
    Either long waitung times (it will stop) or no unbalaced teams as both sides have shit platoon.
    Applied only on platoon with not overlapping battle tiers.
    IDEA: MM like now but do a final balancing round by changing few players between team one and two.

    GO on and keep the game thrilling and interesting!


    1. Hello Dimmi2000,

      I agree about 2. point and have to add that game is unplayable during peak hours: from 5pm till 22pm.

      But also I have sad news for you: I have been turned down earlier on points 3 and 4. Overlord and SerB clearly stated earlier that they will allow extreme platoons and team-ups in nation battles claiming it is not OP and every nation has its weakness.

      Regarding (point 4) the skill based MM: They (Overlord, SerB) said that it will not happen because:
      a., the current system is working without any issue - it is perfect for random battles.
      b., it would take too much effort to develop / implement a new system
      c., SerB even LIED that he received no sugestion about any new system which could be a solution. Here I would point out 3 ideas: WN8, WN7, efficiency based on individual tanks
      d., they do not care even about the premium customers' opinion (that the MM is bad/broken), why would they care about f2p players (~80%)

      I would raise statue to anyone implementing other but it is not going to happen unfortunately. Sorry bro.

    2. Hello Norman,

      thanks for your reply.
      I had not expected much, but it saddens me, that there is no reaction.
      Neither to the original answers nor to the (from my view) constructive remarks and ideas.
      I have read many flames and everything on the forums and didn´t like the stupid calling for skill based MM and ladder type leagues.
      But in my eyes the flaw on MM is that without a little consideration on skill the battles get too often too one sided. And this is (very) frustating for the loosers that try to accomplish something and also not really satisfying for the winners. Sometimes in a slow tank on hilly area (and until last patch both were becoming more) you can´t get your share as you are always driving behind the others.
      Nevertheless I would really love to see something like a more even distribution of tanks and skill between teams (or at least for the top 5).
      Maybe 60% tank weight and 40% skill weight. And no team can be on top of both.
      The closer a battle is developing, the more thrilling it becomes for me. And than it didn´t mater much whether you win or loose, because you get the feeling that you could contribute at least something.
      I have absolutely no idea how a MM is setup and how difficult it is to change something, but apart from vehicle balace it is the most crucial part of a game like this.
      Often you lok at the teams during startup and think "what the he...". With a small changing of 2-3 people from left to right the battle would be more balanced and interesting.
      But I share your opinion that this will not happen soon. Maybe never, but I keep the hope.



    3. One thing forgotten.

      Lags were no issue today, even no microlags.
      I just have the feeling that spotting became a little slower. On city maps sometimes when a tank is just crossing the road it is rendered when it passed over.
      Same on hilltops, most people are already in reverse when lit up.


    4. yes. no change today.
      thx for replying, keep up your work and the touch to community.

    5. Nps, I do play (and suffer) there myself.

    6. Hello,

      Found a possible bug.

      Yesterday I bought SU-100M1.
      As it was too heavy for standard tracks I bought the enhanced Christie suspension.
      New load weight maximun 35,42t showed, but still all other equipment was shown "insufficient load capacity".
      Could mount rammer and ventilation though.

      EU2 was fine for me today.


  51. I have tested a lot with what makes it lag like it does now. (Not talking about the server lag and teleporting tanks here)
    It seems that it is mostly when going in to sniper mode.
    Almost every time I go in to sniper mode, it starts to lagg so much that it is unplayable. It feels like it is ~5 FPS.
    This makes going in to sniper mode useless, and thus makes the game almost unplayable.
    This issue is much worse than any balance issue or anything like that. It needs a hotfix now!

  52. Field of View gives one a headache. I needed to find a mod, avatar_input_handler.xml with FOV coding, so to even be able to play this game at all. Not playable without it.
    Packet losses & lag are far more common in-game since this patch 8.11 was released, on both NA servers East & West.

    Tank destroyer nerfs feel overdone, between tiers 3 to 6: TD camo class reduction; less bushes on multiple maps. Get the feeling Wargaming Inc does not know what multiple design teams (balancing, maps, tanks, mode creation, missions et la) with World of Tanks are doing, to create a meta-game.

    Crew to barracks feature induced, is broken & awkward implemented. Simply put the ‘return to crew’ to tank feature does not work, whether for regular & premium tanks. Additionally, why is the “Re-train Crew” option at the very top of the table of options? One doesn’t retrain a crew frequently, yet that’s given the top priority spot. XVM version 5.0.2 was implemented better overall, than WoT’s patch 8.11 version.

    The Mission(s) user interface is awkward and requires more clicks to see what’s available & where one is at. The previous Mission user interface was better.

    In roughly 40 random matches played, I have not seen the new battle mode a single time yet. That’s was the mode turned on, meanwhile Encounter & Assault are turned off.

    Can’t seem to get the graphics settings properly set up since this new patch 8.11 arrived. Presently the colors are too bright and Las Vegas-esque. Patch 8.10 release was fine in this regard. On the other hand similar color issues were present during common test for Patch 8.10.
    Almost every gun sight mod up for my consideration has been ‘broken’ by this new patch, only J1mB0’s is up as far as I know. Do not like the native gun sight options in WoT, so without decent working gun mods I’m not likely to play as frequently as I once have.

    When I took a glance at various tank Mastery ‘Ace’ videos for noobmeter.com or one of the wotreplays sites, I was shocked at the number of individuals who earned an ‘Ace’ while using a sniper zoom mod of: 16x, 18x, 20x, 25x, 30x, 55x. Bluntly put those with a sniper zoom mod are operating at different level of play, than those without it. This sniper zoom mod should skew the XP earning mechanism outcomes significantly too. Honestly curious if Wargaming developers will look over this issue?

    Still not happy about the income nerf to premium tanks found at tier 5, done over six months ago. How was this done? The ammo prices went up significantly. Only the French LeFH arty which who’s HEAT shell penetration was nerfed, and who’s matchmaking battle tier range was narrowed from 4-8 to 5-7, has same credit income level as before. I’ve purchased over 10 premium tanks, and this income nerfing for tier 5 premium tanks still causes to me question *why* I should continue to give money to Wargaming. It feels like a ‘charge-back’ to a given to merchant, and we all know how Wargaming feels about receiving those.

  53. This comment has been removed by the author.

  54. Matchmaking, it’s quite noticeable that when I platoon with one or two 70% w/r individuals, we consistently see a three tier spread, with us on the bottom of our team. It happens so frequently on the NA Server that I’m wary playing with anyone who has a 70% or greater win rate. Simply put the matchmaking system is pushing friends away from friends. If not pushing us, to only play ‘limited matchmaking’ tier vehicles together: tier 2; or our income nerfed premium tanks with a 1 or 2 tier spread.

    The name changing fee of 2500 gold for a ‘new identity’, gives these customers a raw deal in the end. If the said customer, was on anyone friend’s list, the old name is erased however the ‘new’ name is placed on anyone’s ‘friend’s list’ (Example: a CRABS officer who shall remain nameless). Whereas it appears that when Wargaming eliminates an account totally from the server, that customer’s record on a friend’s list, is also erased with no new name replacing it (Example: CosmicZJ on NA server). When one writes Wargaming Support, all one receives is open ended form letters, if one asks about happened to CosmicZJ. On the other hand, if the customer who spent 2500 gold on a ‘new identity’ for privacy purposes, was active on the official World of Tanks forums, that person is screwed. Why? The new identity is ‘replaces’ the old name on the official forums. Why can’t Wargaming Support and Wargaming developers get their act together?

    1. 1. Same tier platoons? It's totally random when it comes to battle tiers distribution, there is no punishing in place.

      2. Not sure, I get it right regarding name change. Can you elaborate a bit?

    2. I think that what he means is the following:
      There may be two reasons for changing the name.
      1.) You just think that your name sucks, and wants to change it.
      2.) You have made a lot of stupid comments on the forum or for some other reason wants to get rid of your old identity. (Maybe you are stalked or whatever).

      In the first case it works as intended (from what I think he is saying), In the second case however, it wont work, since the new name replaces the old name, and the stupid comments made on the forum will still be there, and the people that have added the person (for stalking or whatever reason) will still have him/her on the friendslist and can continue to do whatever to that person.

      What I think he wants is an option to pay the 2500gold for a namechange and at the same time get rid of all the links from his account to the old posts/friendslists.

  55. I also want to agree on the horrible mission interface. The new so called "improved" mission interface is worse than the old one.

    I have to click several times to see the same, that i saw with the old interface.

    Bring back the old mission interface please. It was better in every, and i mean every way!

  56. I have a question, and I would love it if anyone could answer it for me.

    Does the very shape of FoV (square to sphere) have any influence on my FPS?

    The analogy here is - since the length of FoV influences FPS, I think the very imagined shape can influence it, as well.

    So, DOES it influence FPS and HOW, if anyone would care to explain, please.

    1. Yes, generally FOV influences FPS.

      The higher FOV, the more pixels in the scene to render. Higher FOV, lower FPS. How much exactly - depends on the game.

  57. Overlord,

    #1. Regarding battle tier matchmaking spread, samples of +1000 matches have been written up on the NA server before, showing biased against high w/r individuals previously. As opposed to low w/r individual accounts. However the NA moderators frequently locked those forums & then issue RO. Simply appears that Wargaming does not care, nor wants to explain itself in detail.

    #2. Regarding the 'name change', notice anything odd about this individual's account?


    The old players' name is in the http line (e.g. ducboy), not the newly chosen name (e.g. Alg0rithm). That's just one of the screw ups, by Wargaming's developer's. The whole point of a paying $$ for a new name, is to gain a new identity. Yet Wargaming's implement does not get paying customers what they sought out in the first place: a new start.

    This matters for 'clan wars' purposes at a higher level of play, as certain individuals are known to 'call' certain stats on a given map. Whereas if a battle caller spent 2500 gold on a new name, their trying to gain an edge.

    Separately, they're a whole another 'question' of online stalking, and some people really do need a fresh start to get away. If Wargaming chooses not to fix it's implement it can lose customers, and possibly open itself up to legal disputes in various places.

    1. 1. Not sure why they (NA) locked the topics. I can assure you there is no such system in place. MMing is already complex as it is now.

      2. Ok, I get it. thx

  58. Still no official comment on the server lag issue, still no official excuse for our inconvenience.
    Very bad job, WG. Very bad indeed.

  59. The Confrontation mode needs a lot of work. I just got into a battle: UK vs USA. I was with the UK and all our tanks had machine guns or light cannons. The other team had 6 T18s and the rest were A7 combat cars. You can guess how it went.

    Unless you prevent this kind of lopsided battles, then confrontation is out of my menu.

    Don't get me wrong. My first confrontation was UK vs USA as well but this time it was a more sensible line out: Black Princes, Churchills, Cromwells vs T29s, T20s and M4E8s. That was a fun battle.

  60. Confrontation MM working as intended. This my first match ever in this game mode:


    I think it was the last one too.

  61. Overlord,

    Just a quick question:

    Is it not possible for WG to setup a test server with the existing tanks of 8.11 and 2 or 3 of the bigger maps with unlimited drawing range?

    At least WG could get players feedback. I know that WG hates having public test servers because a lot of people play on the test server and do not pay for premium and other perks with real money on the normal servers.

    Make the test server limited to 10 battles daily. But let us test it and provide feedback.


    1. There is [almost] nothing impossible when it comes to programming, however right now there are a few difficulties with that. Including priorities.

  62. Would love to give feedback, but have been unable to play since introduction of the new patch. 110ms+ ping at login, 250 ms+ ping in game, and 30-70% packet losses make my driving look like a badly programmed bot..... Rubberbanding, teleporting - the works.

    Most annoying thing about it all is the complete silence from WG-Eu. I have no problem with techincal difficulties, it happens to everyone, but for the love of set up some soft of interface where the issues are aknowledged and update them as there is new info.

  63. Hello mr Overlord,
    FOV change was quite bad (16:9-26x14 reso) so I changed it back via XML. Reticle seems to work as intended, Ive experience no issues worth reporting. Confrontation is not balanced and you know the reason why - tanks were never designed to be balanced tier wise. Specific tanks (genrally called OP) rule their tiers - KV1s, ISU 152, WT E-100 etc. I turned the game mode off. I only turn it on when I play E25 with my friend. That thing is so OP in tier 7 confrontation battles that its not even funny. But its fun, tons of fun.
    Then there is the obvious packet loss issue. Since you are aware of it and working on I wont touch it any further.
    However, I do agree with one point brought out in these comments. The bad habit of introducing new tank trees, then collecting data and on 99% cases nerfing them when people have finally reached the tier10. May I recommned another design strategy? Release new tanks slightly UP and buff them slightly after you have enough data? I know that might discourage players from grinding them but I consider it a less evil approach than releasing a tank, waiting for people to grind through the tree to to that epic tier 10 and then starting to fck around with it (which means nerfing). Right now it looks like a conspiracy ;)
    Also, my personal opinion, stop introducing burst damage TDs. Really, its not fun. I have WT E100 and while its fun for me, its not fun for the opposing team. The 60 second reload time is not as big as a weakness as you might think, if you are soloing a flank then you are doing it wrong anyway. So I would like to see somesort of rethink and rebalance of WT E100 and FV 183. Its not fun getting oneshot in a tier 10 medium.

    1. FOV is going to be fixed.

      And by all means E-25 is not OP :)

  64. This comment has been removed by the author.

  65. Confrontation is a Joke! 12 T18's (yes that is correct), against an assortment of British Crap in one game. You can guess with 100% certainty the outcome (don’t be daft the Brits didn’t win)!

  66. Yes to aiming issues. When leading a target the reticle is jumpy not smooth. Sometimes leading getting ready for a shot and the target suddenly jumps past where I am aiming, or stops, or starts to move in short hops.

    Tanks feel like they are always moving through mud. First noticed it on my E-25 on the test server. Affects all tanks on the live server.

    The other thing I see is the reticle itself moving randomly. Aiming in sniper mode and all of the sudden it seems like the whole tank jerks. I've looked around to see who ran into me and there is nothing there.

    Lag spikes, bad lag spikes. I was playing a UE 57 on himmelsdorf. I tried to turn and move towards the railroad station. Suddenly was face first in a wall. Looked around and could see 4 other (5 with me) team mates still around the cap either run into walls or into each other. None turning but tracks trying to move.

    Late entry into a battle. I hear the Move Out command while I am still looking at the pre-battle screen. When I enter the battle team mates are already gone or have moved some distance.

    I like the game and play it a lot. Hoping you will get it fixed soon.


  67. Missed these two points:
    Field of View changes, don't like it. Gives me eyestrain.

    Do like confrontation. It is challenging. The teams HAVE to work together to take advantage of their strengths. Germany with DW2s and good TDs versus Churchills and fast light/mediums.

    Slipping in a plug for a different topic. Teaching games for entry, low level, and mid-level players. Sell time, get players to donate time, don't really care. Something to up the basic skills and teamwork would be great.

  68. not sure if anyone has mentioned this, but I've been getting random bounces in the suspension of my tanks during battle. It occurs most often when I start moving from a full stop and even on flat ground my tank will noticeably bounce across the whole length of the running gear (as if it had just dropped off a ledge or crossed rough terrain at speed) it also occurs randomly during battle. Having asked around other people have been having similar issues so you might want to look into it

    1. Replay would help, otherwise it's a waste of time.

  69. I've played quite a large number of games since patch, and still not seen confrontation and the new map only once. Would it be possible to up the % of new/reworked maps for a couple of weeks after patching?

  70. So no answer to the sniper mode FPS drops?
    As it is now, its unplayable.

    1. Its upto FOV. Try decreasing it with this tool: http://ftr.wot-news.com/2014/02/12/8-11-fov-fix/ to 110 horizontal and 78 vertical. Im having trouble with sniper mode drops my self, and still looking for a true answer to this problem.

    2. It has nothing to do with the FOV.
      I have tried without any addons or FOV changing things, and it is there still.. I have also tried with several different FOV settings (editing that file that you posted about) and none of 90, 96, 100, 110, 120 or 130 has any impact on the sniper mode problem that I have.
      It however seem to make a minor FPS change overall, but not anything I can feel any difference in between the different FOVs.

      I have now gotten an addon that is named "MaxFarplane + Sniper low FPS fix v14 for 8.11" and it fixed the problem for me.
      (It is not the fog removal that fixed it, since I have tried with regular MaxFarplane, and other fog removal addons to see if it could be that, so it must be something else that they have done in that addon that fixes it)

      Wargaming really needs to fix this on standard however.. It should not be needed to install addons to run this game!

  71. Hi Overlord, i disabled Confrontation for being Unbalanced.

    Facing the french in high tier is awefull, facing russians while being Germans means sudden death.

  72. This comment has been removed by the author.

  73. The nice thing of this patch are completely overshadowed by the ongoing horrible lag/freeze/recticle samba that we still experience each and every prime time on the single left EU server.

    What adds injury to insult is that the comunity manager issued a statement that blew my b*s*-meter to smithereens. Olympia is the reason?!? Really?

    Then why does it still persists after Olympia is over? Why did no WG Official adress us since then?

    Community Coordinaters without a clue post that it's not WGs fault whne PingPlotter clearly shows that the 200ms ping starts at WGs own router and not somewhere in between. Sure, there have been package loss issues with various providers, but these seem fixed now, still the game is laggy as hell during primetime and even has like 60ms+ in the morning with 5k people playing.

    So what changed? Simple, WG abolished one Server leaving the whole of EU, with 300K players each primetime with only a single server that fakes being two servers.

    But no, X-Box launch for a few thousand players is soo much more important than 300k+ PC players... Sure thing WG.

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