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Thursday, December 19, 2013

[WoWP] First Post-Release Update

First post-launch update for World of Warplanes is now live for EU&NA servers, bringing:

  • Focke-Wulf branch for Germany
  • Two brand new maps - Adriatic & Fortress
  • A set of tier 5 prems - 5 units
  • New achievements (11)

And most importantly balancing (including high-altituide aircraft nerfing) and camera adjustments.
So, how is the gameplay right now?


  1. previous version played quite constantly at 60FPS
    now, out of nowhere my FPS dropped, during the battle, from 60 to 20ish

    1. ah, forgot .... still no battle recording fuction

    2. playing!? one battle is hardly playing
      I just tested it out of curiosity, hell I didn't even know the patch was out, until I read overlord's post

    3. Replays were not planned for this version - 1.2 or later.

    4. battle replay function should've been part of the game ever since ALPHA, if not BETA
      it's a much needed benchmark and analyzing tool for us players/testers

    5. I love replay functions and make much use of that in WoT, but only to create cooler screenshots ^^ Replays are not really that important, especially, if there are bigger problems.

      The good: The new patch actually does a lot to close the gap between BnZ's and TnB planes. I was able to do around 60 damage with the 37mm cannon of my Yak-9 vs. a Me-410 about 1km above me! BnZ's are no longer untouchable if played right
      and that's a good thing.
      The attack planes now are more important because of the changed supremacy system (less reset). I still don't care about them, becasue you can't play them as gunships as effective as in earlier versions. This is just my personal problem, it's a design choice.
      The new German planes are so far okay. I don't like the tier 3 one, but they seem pretty well balanced. I have the tier 5 fully upgraded and about 10k to go to tier 6.

      The camera now finally seems to work much better when playing with the standart
      mouse setting, that's very good.

      The bad: Actually I haven't encountered the crashes when collisions occur. I also
      experienced a fps drop and set the graphic settings a little lower. I expect this to be a temporary problem. So far, it didn't have much impact on my game experience.

      All in all a very good patch!

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  3. zmeul should gtfo and play something he likes.

    I really dig the 1.1 update. The camera takes some getting used to , but I really love how its more snappy and how you get to assign roll controls even if you fly by mouse. Also yay new maps \o/

    1. "zmeul should gtfo and play something he likes. "

      It aint the people who constantly blow sugar in your ass, that make you improve.

    2. Its not about blowin sugar up their ass, its about saying something positive instead of just dousing them with vitriol for their hard work.

    3. you're sucking WG dick and want a reward? i knew it ...

      what's your problem with me? am I making the game look bad? yeah nop .. WarGaming does that by themselves
      WoWp ver 1.0 - shooth FPS rate
      WoWp ver 1.1 - massive drops in FPS rate
      and I'm not the only one reporting this, so yeah .. go figure

    4. Anyone apart from zmeul with FPS drop here?

    5. yeah overlord, it's just me
      OH WAIT ... http://forum.worldofwarplanes.eu/index.php?/topic/23529-11-preformance/

  4. Wow, there are people with so much time to waste that they're playing the "bricks through jelly soup carousel dogfights" game! I am updating it right now, I'll probably play a match or two... some day.

  5. I downloaded the game just to see how it works we all know we have different opinions and experiences with any game It seems like the graphics aren't as good during closed beta they seem so plastic now. I remember that players didn't like the gun sounds and I still don't I have played in 3 tiers so far to mess around and I must say theirs no improvement in sounds of the guns. They sound like washing machines :( Harbor map: I believe nice improvements their and Issue tho for me is no evasive action taken by the ships they seem dead in the water. I still don't like the way ground targets are set up not enough HPs in most cases they r far to easy to take out and not enough xp still. I found that I can shoot down a plane by not hitting them and the spread of the bullets are really wide to wide in fact. My system vid: 7850 2gb I7 3770 3.4 ghz 16gb win 7 I didn't notice the frame rate at this time I usually run in the 90's But so far nothing here that will keep me Ill continue to wot now and then and WT oh they release 8 maps in their last update.

    1. ...but they failed to deliver Ground Forces as promised.

    2. huh?! who failed to deliver what?

  6. Whatever you're doing, I'd put top-priority in releasing a performance hotfix because boy did that get messed up.. Performance halved for me on all maps from 100-140 to 40-80, adriatic is a slideshow, fortress is close to unplayable and gets worse the closer you are to the ground and same goes for harbor rework.. and that with an i5 2500k @ 4,5 ghz, 8gb RAM and 2x AMD HD Radeon 6950 in crossfire generating 4gb video ram on win7 (checked drivers for everything, all up-to-date).
    That is on the lowest possible settings (whilst the game -rightly- advices high or very high settings, which should definately be possible with my rig)

    On the positive side of things, balance changes appear to be a step in the good direction and the game feels a bit more fun now than in previous versions, BnZ is still king though, you just need a bit more patience and planning than before. Also the new maps are beautiful and gameplay wise interesting =)

    1. You seem to have a wrong idea of how CF works regarding VRAM. You dont have suddenly 4GB (2+2) available, that 's a common misconception. CF + SLI work the same in that regard, every GPU is working on a single picture and NOT 2 gpus working on 1 picture together. If the later would be the case one could combine both VRAMS to a single "unit".

      So if you go 4K res and use high MSAA settings, you ll - depending on the game - propably still run into VRAM limitations.

      Thats why the 290X (4GB) has advantages in a few ultra high res scenarios compared to the 780TI (3 GB).



    2. Thanks for clearing that out.. regardless i still should easily be able to play and stream the game at the same time, which I was.. I must say it has never been as unplayable whilst streaming as it is now, it's even worse than in 0.4.0 =(

      I'd also advise to let the 3 clusters of players spawn much farther away from each other to prevent having one team clashing in to the other with the game being over in 2 minutes.. as well as reducing damage across the board =)

    3. Another nasty side-effect from playing with crossfire is that all the data of the in-game UI and HUDS flicker in 2 values and 2 colors (black and white) making it very hard to realise how far away someone is or how quick you go or how high you are etc.

      I'd still say 16gb virtual ram should be more than enough combined with 4.5ghz quad core cpu to run and stream the game without an issue at lowest settings if not medium, and it has been like that for ages =)

      Another desastrous change in this patch was making all arrows the same size and opacity. This was your number one tool for joystick players' situational awareness as we can't just RMB around without a 3rd arm + hand..

  7. Installed patch ... start game -> tutorial (ground strike)? Ok why not .... AND I m already "annoyed". WG you guys really know how to turn away potential new customers.

    I m playing with a Logitech WingMan Extreme. The game recognized it but:

    1) all the time that fucking game resets my zoom level, after the voice from the off is ready talking to me about how I should destroy the groundtargets. So I have to reset my zoom around 5x times during that 4min tutorial. Taking my right hand away from Juystick ... .

    2) First time I played that tutorial I had to manualy delete the already correct controll keys for the various actions (fire guns, rockets, drop bombs, switch view ...) required in the tutorial. It tells me to to Press J5 to fire rockets to continue . I press J5 and nothing happens still stuck. So I go into controlls delete J5 for rockets - apply - reassign J5 to rockets - apply and suddenly it works. And that for every single action ... facepalm.

    What do you think I new player will think of that game after starting it the first time and having to jump through all of these loops, if he even manages to figure out the right approach? Because according to the game everything was set up right - some might even go and buy a new Joystick.

    And I havnt played a single game against and other players yet ... Ovi, Ovi, Ovi

    1. Okay - now I ve played two games in my t5 prem hvy fighter and remember clearly again that the playerbase is totoally retarded - both times I got rammed to death by light fighters.

      Fuck this game and these WoT donkeys with wings.

  8. Return of 50mm for Germans when?

  9. Hello Overlord,

    I just tried WOWP. I have some difficulties with the game. The gameplay is very (too) easy and the graphics are very beautifull (best than War Thunder). But I am disappointed by the low duration of one game and the low firepower of the fighters. I tried USA/Japan fighters tier 1 and 2.
    Do you have some suggestions about a good balanced fighter in low tier?

  10. I personally like this site to have general understanding how planes compare to each other: