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Monday, December 23, 2013

[WoT] Update 0.8.10 Live

How do you like Japanese tanks and improved visuals?

Any other feedback on 8.10 update for World of Tanks which is already live will do as well.


  1. The motion blur is really overdone, even on low settings. Otherwise a fine patch, find most of the new stuff really nice. Fixed medals, some interface stuff (the discounts are VERY handy!), etc. Good patch overall.

    1. One note, though - when changing the colour filters, you can't really see the changes right away and have to jump in and out of the settings. It would be nice to have some preview of it on the screen or something (leaving this to your developers~)

    2. I actually thought the motion blur was done about right...and I have never played a game where I did not immediately turn off motion blur. It's usually a horrible effect that does nothing but distract from gameplay. But I didn't even notice it. Definitely agree on the filters, a preview similar to the one for the reticle would be a nice addition.

    3. Didnt even test motion blure. First thing in garage was restoring my old graphic settings (old render) and disable all these useless nonsense.
      Why should I enable things, that have a negative influence on my game performance?

      Now I ll just have to hunt down that fog-removal-mod again and I might test if I get SSAA working. Nice graphics are fine only as long as they dont have a negative influence on my performance.

      OL - regarding that Developer Partner Program


      Will we get access to:

      1) hidden stats (ingame tanks)?
      2) full access to player performance stats on different tanks beyond what is available via web API, WRs, spotting damage, damage per tank and all that fancy stuff your balancing department as access to?

      I m asking because I m working with the WN-Rating-Projekt


      Happy christmas Overlord

    4. Im not able to tell you how my jap tanks are, because after a fresh D/L of whole the game
      (6gigs) I have no techtree for jap. As near as I can tell I have the update install (w/o any mods) and it runs perfectly! But no jap tech-tree. Got the tier 1 and the X-mas Tank, even used free xp to upgrade to tier 5. All tanks are in game and working as normal. But I LOVE THIS GAME!!!! So its grindin time. Now if I can figure out the new option, in settings for the colors thingy.


  2. The update is sweet and the Japanese tanks drive nicely. But is it impossible to check which tanks are carrying your equipment (e.g. Toolbox) as soon as you've got insufficient credits to afford another one?? In this case it just says "Not enough credits" ...

  3. The Japanese are a lot better in low tiers than the Chinese, can't comment on T5+.

    The mission UI was vastly improved, but there are still things that could be improved further:
    - The mission progress font (the numbers like 12345/50000, etc) is pretty hard to read and should be made bigger
    - There are missions with 100s of valid tanks, noone would check such a list. Instead of listing every single tank in the game for a mission, why not simply say eg "T4-7 heavy" and below all qualifying tanks in your garage?

    The discount display in the client is great. But why are discounts only displayed for stuff you do not own? Someone may want to buy eg a few 100 repair kits while they are cheaper, but as long as you still have some in stock there is no information about the discount.

    Overlord, on FTR it was said that is considered to put an end to pay to win and balance (aka nerf) the damage of gold shells. A let's say 30 % damage reduction on gold shells compared to normal ammo would be a vast balance improvement to the game. Do you have any news on these plans?

    1. I haven't heard of changing damage for prem shells, as for improving/changing balance methodology in future - yup, it's true. There is no fixed plan as of now, we are considering various options.

    2. No fixed plan? Too bad.

      Another thing: courageous ressistance. Wasn't it supposed to get improved with new medals or sth like that? Just had a battle with my T6 tank vs T8. Best damage in my team, 2nd best in the match. That was basically the definition of courageous ressistance. And no xp bonus whatsoever.

      Will those situtions be remedied? Eg by adding a medal for being in Top 3 damage (+spotting) in the match, only available for the losing team?

  4. Great update. I'm just not a fan of the blurring since it lags my game. Turned it off since then. :/

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    1. Did you read the release notes of 8.10?
      If not, read it. If yes, read it again.

  6. Everything including the tanks and the new lighting looks cool except I can't enjoy it because the FPS fluctuates a lot... All the way down to 15-20 fps when it is normall 60-115.
    Using same or lower settings compared to before patch. And I bet those ghost shells are packet losses from the still unresolved network issues currently dominating the game?

  7. I like the graphic improvements, but it still has fps drop issues (stutterings).
    I have a strong pc but had to turn off shadows.

    I noticed the tankwheel in the garage works now properly. Bout time. ;-)

  8. Some FPS issues, but turning off the motion blur seemed to resolve it. I don't like that anyway.

    The lighting changes are nice, it looks cleaner, good patch all round.

    Roll on HD :-)

  9. Second CW Campaign ended 9 days ago and we on EU server still haven't got a VK72.01. NA server got it, even RU (where campaign ended later) got theirs. We hoped that maybe we will get our prize with patch 8.10, but still nothing.

    Oh, but we are getting new, useless medals (from Second Campaign) every day.
    Yesterday WG Office even published article: http://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/cw/second-clan-wars-campaign-final-results/
    in which they stated that players have been awarded with tank. It is not true, as you can see on WoT EU NO ONE have got tank yet.

    WG Paris Office is clearly not working as intended. I wouldn't complain here normally, but that article and fact that staff can't give any predicted schedule on forum (instead they wrote funny jokes about pigeons...) pushed me over the line.

    Please Overlord, help us! You are our only and last hope...

    1. As far as I know NA server got tanks after 3 days of waiting. Their campaign ended same day as our did. RU server got after 2 days I believe? We have been waiting for 9 and still nothing.

      And now we got response by one of national community coordinator: "Plany są takie, żeby wysłać go jeszcze w tym roku, bez poślizgów i nie wiadomo jakich rozjazdów pomiędzy serwerami. Czy to się uda - zobaczymy, ja osobiście trzymam kciuki. "
      In free translation:
      "Plans are to give out tank before New Year, without any delays between servers. Whether it would be possible - we will see. I personally hope for that."

      I am speechless. We really need someone in WG HQ in Minsk to take care about our server and supervise European Office. It is not the first fail, weeks without any serious mistake are rare here.

    2. I got your feedback. Thank you.

  10. They managed to give out VKs , everyone got their 4 minutes ago. Still, this delay (8-9days) and internal communication in Paris Office is terrible.

    Apart from WG EU Office, patch 8.10 is great. In-game discounts and reworked mission interface are very handy and useful. New map will be probably significantly better than Saint Valley or Pearl River (both were mediocre at best). I haven't played Japanese tanks yet, but they look quite pretty and probably (from I read on forums) are not over- nor underpowered.

    1. I second that. The german "happy X-mas" mail went out from WG EU with a massive typo right in the title.

      WG Paris just screams "amateurs" all over the place. The amount of miscommunication, weekly mission bugs and feeble attempts to cover it all up with backedits is just staggering.

      Now they waited 9 days to give out the VK with not a single word on why it does take them so long and on the german board there is already a post where CW-NPC-battles were not counted and, after a ticket was opened, the fix was applied to the WRONG CLAN and then all inquieries were ignored...

  11. Overall I like the update, one thing that is annoying me though is how the crew skill %'s now show the value boosted by stats, commander skill, vents etc. While I understand some people may like this and I can mouse over for the true values, I wish there was at least a toggle for it, so those of us who prefer to see the old % value still could.

  12. the new map is horrible. there's only one way to fight on the new map and its allready boring.
    FPS drop, still having lag spikes, now I have to play with lower graphics settings than before the patch (1gb ram ddr3 video card), hidden mechanics are still present (chance of non-penetrating hit increases after you bring enemy below 10% hp), no historical mode yet (something that the community has asked before). And pls allow players to have their rating/efficiency hidden if they wish so. Some realy don't want to become primary targets for the entire enemy artilery.

    1. @chance of non-penetrating hit increases after you bring enemy below 10% hp@

      there is no such thing

    2. historical mode is in development

  13. Motion Blur took my FRPS down so I turn it off and it looks much and plays much better without it (Rad 7850 2gb) went from 95 to 50. Another Post Card map wasn't needed we need combat maps, maps that utilizes the area for combat not just to be pretty, have you notice how much space was used for scenery . Need buildings to be destructive if I remember right shells do destroy concrete?? and or other buildings. Need a match maker that's smart Check out what Gaijin has done with their MM although its for planes this will be true for their tanks.

  14. tier 8 premium earnings have been nerfed in patch 8.6 why?

    1. So after 8.6 a IS 6 was earning around 23 Credits / Damage
      Before 8.6 IS 6 was earning around 31 Credits / Damage
      Could you please have a look at the following thread where someone has spent many hours running the numbers on many replays.


  15. This is indirectly related to the new update since I'd like to see a small feature added to the game.
    Is it possible to show all the related assignments of the tankers in small tanks?

    For instance: If a tank has got only three people in it so the commander is the gunner and driver and so on, I would like to see a small icon that shows me that the commander is also the gunner.

    The reason for that is rather simple: If one or twi cremen die, it would be usefull to see wether the injured tanker was also the gunner or the driver to make it easier to choose whom to revive.

  16. The fact that crew now goes over 100% is unintuitive, one expects the perks to pop up when reaching 100%, instead it's unclear how much is left to go.

  17. Something needs to be done about MM'ing. Having a Tier 10 map where there's 2+ more Tier 10s on a team is complete crap.....especially when there's a bunch of unicums on one side and a bunch of terribads on the other.

    WG was supposed to have put more processing power towards MM'ing so we got better teams......looks like we were lied to yet again.

    1. Based on the number of reports, looks like the issue exists. Investigating this. No llies.

  18. OL, overall i find 8.10 nice, but it doesn't has anything different from 8.9 really...(i don't care about new tanks), the color filters are good(i'm using deep) and the godrays and lighting enhancements bring more lustre/life to the maps.

    Now, my biggest gripo and concern is the soft object penetration system which is practically the main focus of the patch, yet it's terribly incomplete:
    only works for fences and such, not on WOODEN HOUSES, not even when there's only a SINGLE WOODEN WALL, we whee made to understand that houses WOULD BE penetrable and destroyable with one hit(with enough pen), i have to say i feel terribly cheated and my enjoyment has decreased a ton with this incomplete implementation.
    As it is right now it has very very poor usability in corner cases, soft house full penetration is desired.

    On the map redesigns:
    Karelia: minus, that rock below the donut was completely unnecesary, now every shmuck can drive there untouched and shoot people going up from YOUR side with absolute impunity, karelia didn't need any touching...

    Steppes: this one is a major +, i haven't seen such good map redesign in.. ever, now approaching the low road from the south base is doable without getting disintegrated in the process.

    Also: why aren't you removing redshire, it's the worst most vile map ever, yet you removed PORT which was a completely playable map that didn't had many issues, meanwhile we must suffer this dredge of a map over and over and over again...., what are you thinking?!?!

    1. i forgot another very annoyiung regression: the end battle window used to show ALL the missions you completed (scrolling), now whilst it shows the description of what you won, it only shows ONE mission, how come this major bug got oversighted?, and it seems it choses which mission to show at random...

    2. Redshire is a very difficult, annoying, and campy map, agreed. It isn't unbalanced though. Port was provably unbalanced particularly in CW.

      Also, if you want a really unbalanced map, look at Province in CW - easy to defend, horrible to attack.

  19. new graphic improvements just ruin my game performance...MMOs are tended to be free gameplay and needing low system requriements.İf ı need new graphics then ı would have upgraded my PC and play Rome Total War or something like that.Even ı change the settings it looks like a mud.I want old graphics...

  20. 1. Graphic improvements - I have a little bit old PC so I don't see them. But still - I'm happy I can play WoT and I don't need graphic card and CPU released last week.

    2. Mission & discounts data - excellent solution, I really like it. It's really hard to miss discounts now.

    3. New map - I've reported one bug with replay but overall map has potential to be the one with fiercy battles. I'm quite sure campers will not like it.

    4. Map redesign:
    • Steppes - excellent work, map seems to be more balanced and more demanding from users. Old ways doesn't work and I see players looking to explore new possibilities.
    • Mines - hill is not that important and I think this is major plus. When one team had no quick meds or TDs, it had to loose battle of the hill and in most cases it was loosing whole game.
    • El Halluf - certainly I see more action and less camping, good change.
    • Karelia - I don't think that changes made battle of the hill less important but certainly attack through the middle can be possible on higher tiers.

    5. New penetration rules - well, it seems rules don't work yet. I need to look on it closer.

    6. Japanese line - much better than I thought but to be honest I've grinded to IV tier of light tanks.

    7. Crew skills display - major fail. Seriously this is horrible change and I really have no idea why you made this change. I think even most lazy player is able to calculate displayed skill with displayed vent module and displayed BIA module. Well, I guess even adding commander bonus isn't rocket science and I have no idea why you've made live of some idiots much easier and in the same time most of normal players have to decalculate modules to see if this crewman is close to choosing first skill or perk.

    Right now I'm unable to tell if my crew is close to 100% with just quick look. I need to hover over crewman and find proper data. Of course I can do that but it takes a lot more time and effort than previous quick look. This needs reverting back in next patch because is counterintuitive. If you want to keep it as good solution, give us switch for old method of display basic crew skill.

  21. Overall I like 8.10, however I think it could have been optimized better. I own a fairly powerful gaming rig capable of running most current games at 60fps on max settings, and most of the time I can get 55-65 fps on WOT even after 8.10. However I have been experiencing random and extreme drops in fps rates. It does not last long and can happen at any time with no apparent reason.

  22. I too am dissapointed not being able to shoot through the corners of soft wooden buildings without losing the shell complteley... I thought it was just me having misread everything about this change.

  23. It seems that the Jap's R.otsu is having a FPS dropping bug. It drops significantly when multiple Otsus are moving on the same screen.

  24. Generally not impressed by the new lighting and effects. It's really overdone in some places, like the beach of South Coast, washing out the whole scene. And where it's not, the improvements are barely noticeable, other than in FPS drop. That's not an improvement!

    The new track effects look bad and eat up too much system resources. Seriously, they look cartoonish if you're looking at them from the side or because of how much dust you kick up creeping along at 5kph.

    The changes to UI and info display also immediately popped out, because of being worse not better.

    As mentioned above the new method displaying overall crew effectiveness, with some of the modifiers worked in already, right in the garage just causes confusion when trying to figure out what actual rating the crew is at. All that info was already available if you wanted it in the popup tooltip, and you could just do the math yourself as well. There was no need to change that.

    Changing the terminology for some modules, most noticeably German guns, is continuing your trend of switching names to more historically "accurate" names... regardless of if they're easy to read or differentiate! Seriously, we have 2 Pz.Sfl.IVs, with only a b or c at the end to differentiate them by name. 1 is a turreted SPG, the other a mobile AA gun... that's been shoehorned in as a TD in the game. And then 1 small typo away we have the Sturer Emil, officially the Pz.Sfl.V. You could easily clear that one up by listing it under the nickname, as already done with the Wespe and Hummel, while including the official designation in the description where you currently show the nickname.

    Now you've carried this mess over to other areas! I noticed this first and most obviously when discussing the 2cm guns with a new player for the PzII series of tanks. They used to have the caliber listed, the same as the other guns still do, but now they don't. So it's very hard to tell in a moment which gun is which and which should the player use of the various 2cm autoguns available in a quick conversation. My answer was the L/112, it's the best, but is that the 2cm KwK 30, 2cm KwK 38, or 2cm Flak 38? Well... presumably the 2cm KwK 38 is better than the 30, it's a later gun, but where does the Flak fit in? I had to wait until I was dead and pull it up in an outside database app to see which was which again.

    It’s fine to try make sure you have as much historical info in the game and as accurate as you can, great even! As a military historian myself I’m glad you’re making the effort! But if I’m having a hard time keeping track of which is which without looking at the tech tree when this is supposed to be my field of expertise, even if I admittedly only got my degree a year ago, I feel very sorry for the regular people just trying to play and work out what they’re up against.

    1. And lastly, my biggest gripe, the change to highlighting tanks on the minimap when you’re going through the team list. (Holding Ctl and mousing over the list to highlight where each tank in turn is.) Now it only briefly flashes the tank as you hit it, which makes it very hard to look up, see what tank it is on the team list, and then look back to double check you didn’t actually go too far and end up on a different tank. This used to be obvious because it would stay highlighted if you were on it, if the lighting went away you’d gone too far. Now it goes away no matter what! Lots of time wasted trying to double check what each blip is, usually futilely since the light would turn off so quickly you could never be sure if you were on the right tank or not.

      For the first time I’m seriously thinking about running mods, because this part of your new UI is so bad it’s a clear detriment to my play and performance. There are minimap mods out there that will show what each tank is and even where it was last spotted, but I’d never run them before because all that info was there for you, you just had to run through the team list to gather the info yourself and then remember where they’d been yourself. Now, with this change it takes so long to get things straight you miss half the tanks and have no hope of remembering all their positions. This can be a clear disadvantage late game.

      And while we’re on the topic of mods, when is the improved garage coming? The garage mods are the only other ones I’ve debated, because I dearly need a carousel with the option to sort by tier and premium now that I’m up to 60 tanks. It’s hard to find the tanks I want to play when platooning with friends. Clearly I have options no matter what tier or MM they’re playing, but FINDING them can be difficult. Being able to jump right to a selection from that tier would help, and toggling premium or not for when I’m working on XP or credit grinding to narrow down the list. Setting them as primary only goes so far with 10 lines you’re technically working on, and over 20 premium tanks thanks to sales and gifts.

  25. Graphic update is a clusterfuck in my opinion. I can not currenty, on Radeon 7800, play with similar looking game and same FPS as before, I have to sacrifice looks or FPS, guess which one I rather need.

    Also wiping GFX settings is a BIG NO NO in usability, you really should hire some UX (user experience) people and some people that can optimize graphics engine without killing FPS.

  26. Dito for Graphics. I could easily run the game on max everything before but now I have to turn down most of the options. The result is a WORSE LOOKING game than before.

    The main bumps are Shadows, Water and Foliage. If I turn these down, I am fine (though the game looks awful).

    I have a 2,67 GHz quadcore with two SLI-Nvidia GT 260 system that runs contemporary shooters on nearly max settings without a problem. Hell, WoT even suggests max settings for everything, it just doesn't work well (aimcircle bobbing around, turning fast causing slow down).

  27. So far, I adore the more stable graphics!
    I get stable 40+FPS with max settings, whilst in the previous patches, I had to minimize many effects to get the same results, and still get choppy perf. occasionally!

    My huge problem with the game, is the ridiculousness of tank destroyers, in random battles, especially tier 8+, and the extremely limited tank refund policies.

  28. WG should really consider upgrading the engine to modern standards or ditch it for something that makes proper use of system resources. If the engine doesn't improve the game performance will stagnate behind. My rig runs games like BF4 and Crysis 3 just fine but WoT doesn't run nearly as well even though it looks sub-par when compared to more demanding games.

    Warframe with 64-bit binaries, DX11 and multithreading enable gives me 55FPS+ maxed out and WoT barely manages to deliver 30-40FPS, it'll even drop to 20FPS in some scenes. It's all about optimization and proper use of modern APIs. DX11 is already 3 years old but WG is still living in the last decade. Hell, even War Thunder has a native DX11 renderer that gives a nice 25% boost in FPS. WoT is simply lagging behind in terms of the game engine. Not surprising that the Big World engine still targets DX9 graphics card which have all long been discontinued/put in legacy status.

    An no, the Havok engine won't improve anything since it's meant to handle Physics effects that the primary engine cannot apparently process correctly. Why rely on an external engine when all major commercial engines (Frostbite, CryEngine etc) have incorporated a native Physics system along with multi-core support and DX11? This makes zero sense unless WG is doesn't want to admit that the Big World dated engine is the real problem.

    1. I have the same problem at some points have have even 12 fps

    2. IIRC WG bought the BigWorld engine some months ago. Would make them look stupid to ditch it now. Also it is alot easier to expand things than to build them anew on a totally different system.

      My gripe is that WG takes the wrong path. It should update the engine first to allow multi threading and optimal system usge and THEN do fancier graphics, not the other way round.

    3. Imho they made a terrible choice and they knew that the engine was not up to standards, in fact it was designed for GPUs of the last decade where most of the load/calculation was performed by the processor instead of on the GPU. This is no longer the case but they rather concentrated on the game eye candy instead of focusing on redesigning the old engine to make better use of modern GPUs.

      It's funny because in few months they'll be announcing the Havok engine integration, it's obvious that they are well aware that the BigWorld engine is problematic and it appears that they want to lessen the load on the former engine but offloading some game physics on Havok, further proving that either the built-in Physics/particle system in BG isn't that good or they're too lazy to redesign the damn thing. It's just poor decision making when they could have upgraded the primary engine itself. Workarounds like this saves them time but it'll only be a burden in the long run.

      Sure the gameplay experience is way more important than graphics but having a dated engine and stressing it further with so much graphical load resulted in poor performance as of this patch.

      All those FPS issues/performance woes are 100% engine related, WoT makes inefficient use of processing power, 20-30FPS in such a game is unacceptable when other 'modern' games deliver way better. Optimization might slightly improve performance but they seriously need to upgrade the renderer and make it able to fully utilize the potential of modern computers. We aren't looking at DX9-grade graphic cards anymore.

      It's just so stupid to focus your game technologies on discontinued hardware when the majority of users have at least a dual-core and DX10/11-grade graphics, it's just sad that WG not taking advantage of such potential.

  29. Damn it has been a while since I last posted here anything at all.

    Ok, so on my side what is BAD:
    - There are random freezes of the game for 2-3 seconds
    - WoT does not detect my GTX 660 and tries to run on Intel HD Graphics by default (i am playing on a laptop with two graphic cards, one integrated with the chipset)
    - The "shoot through tanks" bug is still out there
    - The sudden FPS drop now does not occur on tank detection, but it switched to when a tank fires

    On the other hand:
    - Graphics look nicer
    - I gained a couple of FPS
    - AT LAST my crew REAL skill level is displayed ! :D
    - color filters are awesome ... already switched and found my fav :)

    1. Oh ... one more thing

      Because the game gets confused by multi GPU system I am unable to either select any AA in game or force my hardware-sided AA which is bulls**t. Beore there was at least the worst of all AA (FXAA), but at least it was there ... now the game is just completely incapable of doing any form of AA.

  30. Bring on War Thunder tanks I say. This update is a joke, it's murdering fps for a lot of people. Until they can manage multi-core rendering, they really should stop trying to fancy up the graphics. Not that WG ever listen to their customers though.

    1. I'm not quite sure if you know how that works :)

  31. overlord.. why is your match maker soo cruel.., its always place me on a team that can never win... i am no more enjoying the game i love..


    been trying sooo hard and yet i can no longer win any battles

  32. I'm just not happy that ap shells still can't pass trough buildings.
    Walls and cars work ok

  33. I liked the new version as it gave me more fps now Im around 13 fps and can even get up to 21 fps before it was max 16 fps and normaly around 9 fps but on maps with a lot of trees and bushes it will go down to between 3-6 fps very annoying. But Im most excited for WoTB as I was checking your blog and find that my device can have high graphics (400 MHz quad-core Adreno 300 Google Asus Nexus 7 (2013)). Btw I have worst graphics on my computer.

    1. Oops, did'nt check my nexus 7. It's the 2012 version. But I'm pretty sure there is'nt that much difference as it has an nvidia graphic card so I'm pretty sure I can have high graphics on it too, can't I?

  34. HI Overlord,
    Since the new german TDs are in game I have incredible many matches with over 6TDs in both teams on T10,.. So Leopard 1 (also Prot) are now useless, because they are only playable as fast tds (out of sight of the enemy) If I pla Leopard like a Med (like russions could play) I getting mostly oneshot killed by FV or Jagd E100...
    So Maybe a buff in next patch to have a second Turret with spaced armor like Leopard 1A1A1 ?!
    Then Leopards weight will be 1.5 tons higher, but it could also be played mor like a med (hulldown), please reply!